The Swedish Farm Girls

I had had a great two weeks backpacking around Europe,
but seeing how I had gone through my money much faster
than anticipated, it looked like I would have to cut my
trip well short of the month I had planned. However,
just outside of Stockholm, traveling toward Germany,
the train passed through a small farming community and
an idea struck me- if I could find work on a farm for
a week or so, I could make enough to finance the re-
maining week of my trip. On an impulse, as the train
stopped in the town I hopped off.

It was evidently a tight knit little community; when I
spoke with someone who worked at the station about
finding short term work, he thought a moment and said,
“Mrs. Olafsson’s husband passed away a while back. She
owns a dairy farm outside of town and might need help.
Let me phone her and see.” He spoke with her a moment
then handed the phone to me.

I explained that I was an American student backpacking
around Europe and was looking to work for a week or so.

Mrs. Olafsson told me that just she and her two daugh-
ters were working the farm and she said she had some
heavy work that needed to be done, so she would be
happy to have me. The farm was in a rather remote
location so Mrs. Olafsson offered to pick me up at the
train station later in the day.

As I sat on a bench at the train station, a woman in
her forties walked up to me. “You are the young man I
talked to on the phone, ja?”

“Oh, that was me yes. I really appreciate you letting
me work for you. It will help me out a lot.”

“It will help us out a great deal having a strong young
man around the farm. A good looking one, too.”

Mrs. Olafsson was very friendly and outgoing, slightly
plump with short blonde hair and an enormous pair of
breasts under her loose white blouse. Breasts, I spec-
ulated, that if set free from their industrial strength
brassiere would flop past her belly button, but it
dawned on me that if her two young daughters took after
their mother, they would be a sight to see.

And they were. As we bumped along the dirt road leading
to the house I caught sight of them waiting at the
front door. Both in their mid-teens with long shiny
blonde hair and golden tans, dressed for the hot summer
weather in shorts and tee shirts with large firm
breasts jutting out underneath.

“These are my two girls,” Mrs. Olafsson said proudly.
“The taller one is Katherine, who is seventeen, and the
younger one is Inga, who is fifteen. They are very
pretty, ja?”

“They are. Very.” I answered.

As I talked with the three of them at the dinner table
later that evening, Inga and I really seemed to hit it
off. We were both interested in foreign languages, had
read many of the same books, and both liked to play
tennis. Even though she was just fifteen, she seemed
much more mature than her sister, who seemed annoyed
at the attention her little sister was getting. Mrs.
Olafsson got up and said she would be going to bed, and
reminded the girls to take care of the dishes.

Katherine saw her opportunity to get back at her sis-
ter. “Inga, I did the dishes last night, so it is your
turn tonight. Try not to make a racket. I will be
entertaining our guest in the living room.”

She took my arm and led me into the other room, leaving
Inga with the dishes. Katherine and I talked on the
sofa for a while, mostly her telling me how childish
and stupid her little sister was, before I told her I
had better turn in. She had really been smiling at me
and looking me in the eye very flirtatiously. She was
a little bit of a bitch in my opinion, but holy cow,
what tits!

The house still hadn’t cooled down from the very hot
day. I was laying naked on top of the down comforter
on my bed trying to get to sleep when I heard a faint
knock at my door and a whispered voice saying “May I
come in? ” I couldn’t recognize the voice, but I
figured it had to be Katherine.

“Come in,” I whispered. It was very dark and I could
just see the faint outline of her come into the room,
close the door, lift up her nightgown and pull it over
her head. Could it be Inga? It was so dark I just
couldn’t tell.

I was still lying on the bed as she climbed on and got
on top of me, rubbing her hands up and down my chest
and stomach. In the dim light I could just make out her
reaching back to unhook her bra, leaning over me,
when… Splat! A gigantic breast came cascading down,
smacking me in the face, smothering me.

I lifted it off my face with both hands. “Mrs.

“Oh, You are just such a handsome young man I just
could not help myself.” She worked her way back and
started massaging my dick between her two huge tits.

“You like, ja? My husband always enjoyed this. He pas-
sed away over a year ago and I have not been with a
man since. Oh, I have needed this!”

Yes, I was hoping for one of her daughters, but feeling
her squishy, velvety soft tits around my dick, I could-
n’t help but work up a boner.

Mrs. Olafsson could feel my dick quickly hardening be-
tween her tits, and I think it caught her by surprise.
I have a pretty huge dick, a little over eight inches,
and I don’t think she was quite prepared.

“I feel it getting stiff… oh, ja… oh!… OH!… Oh
my goodness! How large does it get?” She let go of her
tits and started stroking the length of my erection
trying to gauge its size in the darkness of the

“You are an enormous young man, aren’t you? And so
stiff! My husband needed me to use my mouth on him for
quite a while to become stiff, but oh! You young boys!
Maybe you like me to use my mouth a bit anyway, ja?”

She was no teenager, but she sure knew her way around
a dick. Running her tongue firmly along the bottom of
my shaft, squishing the head into the back of her
throat and using lots of suction without scraping my
dick with her teeth, it was the best blowjob I had
gotten in my life.

“Oh, I must have this enormous thing in me,” she
gasped, working herself into position on top of me.
She slowly slid down the length of my shaft and started
rocking back and forth to massage her clit, but not
moving enough to make me come.

I couldn’t believe this, it was just so bizarre. I
hadn’t been thinking about anything in particular when
this woman had knocked on my door only a few moments
ago. But now I wanted to get my rocks off in the worst
way. This whole thing was jest so fantastically

“I will make us come together,” She whispered seduc-
tively. “The young girls you are usually with cannot
do this, can they?”

After a few minutes she started moaning and I could
feel her pussy tighten. She then began bouncing herself
up and down on my erection, slowly at first, then more
quickly, her huge milk jugs pounding me in the chest,
then she groaned loudly and her vaginal muscles
tightened suddenly, which caused my dick to start
spewing semen. It was the first time I had come at
exactly the same time as the woman I was with, and the
feeling was incredible. She contracted at the same
moment I spurts, and it seemed to go on for ever. She
was milking me, bizarre!

“Oh, I have needed that for so long,” She gasped, col-
lapsing on top of me. “We will do this every night, ja?
I will see you tomorrow,” She said, kissing me on the
mouth and hopping out of bed to put on her nightgown.
Every night? Bizarre…

Over breakfast the next morning Inga and I resumed our
conversation from last night. She talked about her
plans for college, and told me she was considering
studying in the United States, and I told her if she
chose a university around southern California she
should contact me and I could show her around. She
seemed absolutely thrilled at this offer, but Katherine
was seething over all the attention her little sister
was getting.

After breakfast Mrs. Olafsson showed me the work that
needed to be done around the farm. She asked me to
start with the fences, some of which had planks that
were rotting away. I measured the planks that needed
replacing and gave her a list of the lumber that was
needed. She said she would drive into town to pick it
up while I pulled off the rotten planks.

A little later, passing by a window, I overheard
Katherine and Inga talking. Out of curiosity I stopped
to listen.

“Oh don’t be stupid, Inga, the rest of the chores will
only take a minute. You do them. I want to go swimming
in the creek.”

“Well, all right, but don’t forget what Mama said about
walking to the creek, now there is a man around the
house.” It occurred to me what she was talking about.
The farm was so isolated that during the hot summer
months the girls probably didn’t worry about walking
nude the quarter mile or so from the house to the

“I’ll go swimming any way I want, Inga. I’m no c***d.
And don’t forget to pick some flowers for the dinner

There was a grove of trees running along one side of
the path leading from the house to the creek, so I
sprinted over there so I could hide behind a tree and
check her out.

When she finally came walking along my mouth dropped
open. She was nude except for sandals and a towel
tossed casually over her shoulder. Big, round firm
breasts practically jutting straight out, capped with
light pink silver-dollar sized nipples, a narrow waist
and flat stomach, a light triangle of sparkling blonde
pubic hair, just enough in her hips and butt to balance
out what she had on top and an even, golden tan all
over from her regular skinny dipping.

I couldn’t help myself. I pulled my dick out of my
shorts and began stroking it as she walked by. She was
looking into the woods as she walked by and spotted me
peeking at her from behind a tree.

“Oh! Is that you? Looking at me naked and playing with
your thing? That is very naughty of you-come out right
now or I will tell my mother.” She was trying to cover
herself up with her towel, but not very successfully.

As I came out I tried to cover my erection with my
hands (Once it’s hard, an eight inch dick will not go
back in your pants, no matter how hard you try).

“I’m sorry Katherine. I just happened to see you walk-
ing by…” I gave up trying to hide my dick and let go
of it, letting Katherine see its entire length. I hoped
she wouldn’t freak out.

She looked shocked for just a split second then caught
herself. “That is not so big,” She said, giving a pouty
shrug, “I have seen bigger ones. Why do you like Inga
anyway? She is just a baby.” She lowered her towel,
exposing her spectacular body.

“I know how to do things she has never even heard of,”
She said, walking up to me slowly, then pulling off my
tee shirt, pulling down my shorts and then running her
fingers up and down the length of my erection.

“Do you think I am pretty?” Asked Katherine.

“It wouldn’t be sticking out like this if I didn’t
think so.” She blushed. I took her soft little hand
and wrapped it around my dick and got started stroking
it firmly, looking me in the eye.

“Do you know how to give a guy a blowjob?” I asked.

“Of course I do. I’m no c***d.” She knelt in front of
me, and with a naughty smile on her face slowly and
tentatively engulfed the head of my dick in her mouth.
When she started bobbing her head I could tell she
needed some instruction. She just lightly skimmed her
lips along my shaft and held her tongue away from my
dick. It might have been good enough for the boys in
town, but I’m a little more of a connoisseur.

“Suck as hard as you can, Katherine, like it’s a giant
lollipop. Squish your tongue against it… good… yes,
that’s it.”

I stood there with my feet spread apart, groaning in
pleasure from this beautiful blonde haired girl working
her mouth up and down my long erection, with the warm
sun beating down, and a gentle breeze, when it struck
me- I was standing right out in the open with a naked
seventeen year old girl sucking my dick.

I quickly looked up and down the path and scanned the
surrounding hills, and the coast seemed to be clear.
The farm was so isolated I convinced myself I was safe,
but moments later I heard a gasp. Walking around a
curve in the path, not twenty feet away, was Inga.

Wearing a red and white checked dress, her hair in two
pigtails and carrying a basket full of wildflowers she
had been picking, Inga’s jaw dropped open when she saw
me stuffing my dick in her sister’s mouth. She threw
the basket to the ground and ran back to the house.

“Inga, wait,” I called, but Katherine grabbed my wrist
and held me back. I looked down at her, and with my big
erection crammed in her mouth, she began laughing. She
pulled her mouth away from my dick.

“Now she will never talk to you again,” She laughed.
Katherine had set the whole thing up. She knew I was
outside the window when she told Inga she was going
skinny dipping, knew I would be waiting in the trees
to see her, and knew eventually Inga would come along
the path to pick flowers.

“You bitch,” I growled, “You knew that Inga and I were

“And now you will never see each other again. I am
glad.” As she stood up in front of me I slapped her
across the face and grabbed her wrist, twisting it
hard behind her back.

She doubled over in pain. “Ow! Let go of me!” With her
bent over I moved in behind her, holding both her
wrists. She looked over her shoulder and saw where I
was aiming my dick.

“No, please! I am saving that! Don’t!”

“You’ll pay for what you did, you little bitch,” I
said, placing the head of my dick against her pussy,
then simultaneously pulling her back toward me by her
wrists and thrusting my throbbing penis forward, for-
cing myself in her. It took quite a bit of pushing,
but finally Katherine was fully impaled on my long
erection, her butt cheeks jiggling with every forward

“Don’t! Stop! You are too big-It hurts!”

“Maybe now you know what it feels like, Katherine.”
Bent over in front of me, run through with my dick,
she writhed and wiggled around as I pumped my big
erection into her as hard as I could. When I felt
myself coming I grabbed her long shiny blonde hair
and yanked her around, facing me, and f****d her to
her knees. I grabbed my dick and after a few seconds
of stroking , coated Katherine’s pretty face with
thick sticky wads of cum.

“You bastard,” She hissed, through a face covered in
my semen, some of which was dripping onto her tits. I
grabbed my clothes and took off looking for Inga.

I found her sitting behind the barn, in tears. “How
could you? You know how cruel she is to me-I thought
you liked me.”

“I do Inga, very much. It’s just that… guys are
different than girls. They can do it with someone they
don’t really like. I know it hurt you and I wish to
god I hadn’t done it. I feel so stupid.”

Her face was buried in her hands and she wouldn’t talk
anymore, so I left, hoping I could talk to her later.
As I walked toward the house I saw Mrs. Olafsson driv-
ing up, and then saw Katherine storm out of the house
toward her.

“Mother!” She screeched, “I was walking to the creek
and he attacked me!” She rubbed her eyes and tried to
feign tears. “He just jumped on me and made me do
terrible things!”

“Is this true?” She asked incredulously.

“No… No it isn’t… I didn’t do anything to her,” I

“Liar!” Screamed Katherine. While I was trying to
figure out how to work my way out of this, Inga came
walking out from behind the barn.

“Mama, I saw the whole thing happen. He didn’t do any-
thing, Katherine went up to him and said she wanted to
go to bed with him. He said, no, you are too young. She
got very angry and said she would get him into trouble
for this.”

Katherine was so furious she could hardly speak.

“I should have known it was something like that,” Mrs.
Olafsson said, grabbing Katherine by the back of the
shirt and leading her to the house. “You will be
punished for this, you little tramp.”

When we were alone I said to Inga, “I don’t know what
to say…”

“It’s all right. I think I understand. It feels good
for the man, and he doesn’t really have to like the
girl he is with.”

“But listen, Inga, it’s a hundred times, a thousand
times better if you care for the girl you’re with.” I
took her hand in mine.

“I will forgive you if you promise not to go near
Katherine again.”

“Inga, you can feed me to the cows if I ever go near
her again. I really felt we could have something to-
gether from the first time I met you and I must have
been crazy to risk that over someone like Katherine.”
She smiled broadly and gave me a kiss on the cheek,
and then ran into the house.

Later that evening, giving Mrs. Olafsson her nightly
dicking, I thought about Inga. For a girl of her age-
of any age- to be that understanding and forgiving was
unbelievable. She was far more mature and intelligent
than any of the girls I knew at college. I would not
forget her, and if she chose a university anywhere
near where I lived, it would be the start of a serious

My thoughts were interrupted by Mrs. O, who was getting
close. She rolled over on her back and let me take over
pumping. I was getting a knack for telling when a woman
was coming- I started slowly, increasing gradually as
she tightened up slightly and started moaning, then
when her muscles contracted and she groaned loudly I
started pumping hard, coming with her. Whatever I had
left after creaming Katherine earlier in the day, I
spurted into Mrs. Olafsson.

The next morning, over breakfast, Inga and I practiced
our French while Katherine, who couldn’t understand a
word of it, glared at us. Their mother walked into the
kitchen and spoke to Katherine.

“You will have to be taught a little lesson about tell-
ing the truth and being too easy with the boys.” She
then turned toward Inga and me.

“The two of you may take the entire day off. We will
let Katherine take care of all the chores around the
farm today.”

“But… They… It isn’t fair!” Sputtered Katherine,
but her mother cut her off with a stern look.

Inga and I spent the morning talking, with me telling
her what I was studying in college and what life was
like in the States and her showing me what books she
had been reading and telling me what it was like grow-
ing up on a farm Sweden.

Around noon I suggested we have a picnic in the woods
and Inga excitedly agreed, running off to the kitchen.
As we set out, carrying a picnic basket and a blanket,
we waved at Katherine, who was up to her ankles in
manure mucking out the barn.

After walking for fifteen minutes or so we found a
grassy clearing that was in the sun, so we set the
blanket there. She had fixed ham sandwiches, potato
salad and fruit, and we ate quietly, gazing at the
blue sky and looking at each other, smiling. After
we ate we lay on our backs next to each other for a
while, then I propped myself up on my elbow and leaned
over, giving Inga a kiss on the lips. She smiled and
didn’t resist, so I gave her a longer kiss, running my
hand along her arm and stomach, “accidentally” brushing
her breast and again getting no resistance, so I
circled my hand around her breast, first lightly, then
more firmly. Then I let my hand roam downward,
massaging her firm yet jiggling buttocks.

“I wish to remain a virgin for the man I marry,” she
said shyly but firmly, “But I would be willing to do
other things, you know, with my hand or my mouth.”

“You know about those things?” I asked.

“Yes. In Sweden they teach about these things in
school. I used to think it was kind of gross and
stupid… till I met you.” I slowly unbuttoned her
blouse and took it off. She reached around and un-
hooked her bra, exposing her beautiful breasts- an
easy c-cup, high, firm, spectacular for such a young
body. She gasped as I massaged them with both my

I then unzipped her skirt and she stood up to let it
slide off, then I pulled off her pink panties, exposing
the sparse blonde pubic hair between her narrow hips,
right below her flat stomach. Her skin was creamy
white, not tan like her sister.

“Now you, ” She whispered, with a bashful smile. I
pulled my shirt over my head, took off my shoes, then
pulled off my shorts, letting my very erect penis swing

“Oh- It looks dreadfully large,” She said, her eyes
locked on my throbbing dick. “Is yours bigger than the
average man’s?”

“It’s a little on the large size, yeah. Here- just lie
back, Inga,” I said, taking her shoulders and laying
her on her back on the blanket. I ran my hand up and
down her body, grabbing a handful of her big firm
tits, along her stomach, her soft smooth thighs, then
between her legs. She was a little uptight, pulling
her knees together a bit, but when I found the little
bump of her clit, she melted.

I lightly traced my finger around it, and young Inga,
her eyes closed and mouth open, moaned and groaned, her
chest heaving, her tits pointing at the sky. Her
muscles relaxed instantly and she spread her legs wide.
As she got close she stopped making noise, just gasping
for air through her open mouth, her hands covering her
breasts, then letting out a high pitched squeal as she

“How was that, Inga?” I asked, but she was in no con-
dition to answer. Her eyes tightly shut, breathing like
she had run a marathon, she wasn’t able to speak for
several minutes.

She finally came out of it. “I have never felt anything
like that in my life!” She gasped. “I never imagined
anything could feel so good- please, you must let me
make you feel good now.”

I lay on my back on the blanket, my dick stiff and up-
right like the surrounding trees, and let Inga explore
it with her delicate little fingers, stroking the
rigid shaft with it’s bulging veins and feeling the
sponginess of the head.

“Wrap your hand around it and stroke it firmly…
tighter… good. Try using both your hands on it.” My
dick is long enough that she needed to use both her
small hands to give me a really good hand job, and even
then there was a good bit left over at the head.

“Would you like to suck on it, Inga?” I asked.

“I would do anything for you. I hope I can do it cor-
rectly.” Continuing to pump on the shaft with both her
hands, she engulfed the head of my dick with her pretty
little mouth. She had smaller and more delicate
features than her sister and couldn’t fit any more than
the head of my erection in her small mouth.

“I can’t get much in- am I doing it right?”

“Don’t worry Inga, just get in as much as you can and
suck as hard as you can. Keep using your hands too.” I
lay back, feeling the soft, smooth skin of her hands
stroking the length of my dick and the softness of her
tongue on my dick head. After five minutes or so I told
Inga I was about to come.

“You can just let it spurt out, or, if you’d like to
swallow it…”

“Oh, please, I will do anything. Would you like me to
swallow it?”

“That would be fantastic, Inga. When it starts to spurt
out, squeeze my dick as hard as you can.” After a
minute or so I felt my orgasm building and felt the
first spurt of semen traveling up my dick.

“Here it comes, Inga.” She missed swallowing the first
spurt, letting it gush out of her mouth but succeeded
in gulping down some of the second, letting just a
trickle escape, then completely ingesting the remaining

“I am sorry,” She said bashfully, “I didn’t do it very

I pulled her down next to me. “Inga, it was wonderful.
Being with a girl has never meant more to me than it
has today.” She smiled broadly and laid her head on my
chest, closing her eyes. We laid there in the warm sun
of the grassy clearing for what seemed like hours.

Finally I gave Inga a squeeze. “We’d better go,” I
whispered. With a sigh and a smile of pure pleasure on
her face, she just snuggled up closer to me. I finally
got her up and dressed and we strolled back to the
farm. When we got there we met up with Mrs. Olafsson.

“There will be lots of work to do tomorrow so get to
bed early, ja?” She said to both of us. Inga and I
gave a look to each other, and then Inga went into the
house. After she had gone in Mrs. O whispered to me,
“And I will see you later on tonight, ja?” Again? Well,
she did warn me up front that working on a farm would
entail some hard work…