The wife and I pick up a guy at a bar for some hot fun

As I came in the front door I could hear that Baby was
still in the shower, she was getting ready for some fun
that she had been asking me arrange for the last six
weeks. We have this large armless blue chair in our
family room; it’s great to watch TV in and really great
for sex.

She came out of the bathroom with her hair fixed up,
wearing a very nice short plaid skirt and a white
button up blouse that is cut to show off her nice
cleavage. Her makeup was perfect as usual, she looked
good enough to eat, which I would do later, but first I
needed to shower and get ready to take this beautiful
lady out to play.

We arrived at the restaurant just in time to catch
happy hour; with our drinks ordered we wait for our
table. Baby is quite a tease after a couple of drinks;
we had a 45 minute wait so she had four drinks as we
waited. I could see the anticipation in her eyes for
what was planned for the evening.

After about thirty minutes a very nice looking
gentleman approached us asking if we would join his
party at their table, looking over, I see two other
well dressed men, they waved as I look. I explained
that we were waiting for our table; he asked if we
might join them later for after diner drinks. Looking
at Baby, trying to understand why he would ask, I told
him that we might if they were still there, Jim as he
introduced himself said they would be and drinks were
on them.

I asked Baby as we were going to our table if she knew
what that was all about, she sighed and told me that
since we walked in the door the three guys had been
eyeballing her so after a couple of drinks she had
flashed them, I knew that she was completely shaved and
had on no panties, that explained everything. We had a
great diner and completely forgot about those guys when
a dessert and very nice bottle of wine arrived at our
table, that I had not ordered. Looking over at the bar
I saw Jim wave and his friends were still with him.

As we got ready to leave we stopped by the bar to say
thanks, Jim insisted we have at least one drink with
them, feeling obligated, Baby and I sat down. After a
minute I had to be excused to go to the men’s room,
when I returned I noticed Jim had his hand on my wife’s
thigh and another round of drinks had arrived. I was
getting a little worried that things were getting out
of control.

When I looked again his hand had disappeared up her
skirt and she was breathing a little hard, I could tell
he must have a couple of fingers inside her pussy for
she was breathing like she was not far from cumming.
Thanking them for the desert and drinks I told Baby it
was time to go, Jim had removed his hand from under her

What Baby did next caught me by surprise, she invited
them to our house for more drinks, kind of a pay back
as she put it. I ask her on the way home if Jim had
fingered her pussy and made her cum, she simply took my
hand, guiding it to her pussy saying, “What do you
think?” she was gaped open, smelled of sex and soaking

When we arrived home she excused herself to the
bedroom, I fixed the guys drinks, when she returned she
only had on a teddy! I thought those guys were going to
pass out right then, you see my wife is very beautiful
and built. She is 5`6, black hair, 40d breast with
pierced nipples; she weighs about 160 with a beautiful
pair of legs. Her nipples were sticking out like
erasers, you could see the nipple rings pulling the
material tight to her chest, I could see her pussy lips
hanging down through her teddy, yes baby was ready for
anything tonight. I hope I am, because I don’t know
these guys.

Jim asked where the restroom was, excusing himself.
Instead of going to the hall bat, he went into our
master bath. When he came out he had apparently been
looking around in our closet, because he had found a
pair of our handcuffs and some velvet rope. He was
asking us, now what do you guys do with this, he had a
big smile on his face.

Baby smiled and walked over to the couch set down
between Frank and Bill, the other guys that were there.
I went to get everyone another drink, upon returning I
found Jim on his knees in front of baby with his mouth
covering her pussy, each of the guys had a breast in
their mouths. I watched for a minute before letting
them know I was back, my cock was so hard watching my
beautiful wife with these strangers, I thought I might
cum in my pants.

Jim then picked Baby up taking her to the blue chair,
set her down, and ripped her teddy off. She started to
protest when she looked into his eyes she thought
better of it, he had became a beast. Taking her hand
cuffs he pulled her hands behind the chair, clamping
them tight, then the rope he took and tied her legs to
the bottom of the chair.

By now Frank and Bill had removed their clothes and
were stroking there rather large cocks. Baby started to
protest and Frank slapped her, telling her to shut the
fuck up and enjoy being raped like a slut whore she
was. He looked at me for a response, I walked over to
her and slap her again, harder than he did, telling her
that she is not only a slut whore but my slut whore
wife, with that I think she came.

Frank offered his cock which she eagerly took down her
throat, I watched as she sucked more and more of his
cocks into her throat, seeing her throat swell as she
took all 8 inches of his cock down till his balls were
on her chin, I love my wife, she is such a complete
slut sometimes. Bill had his cock out rubbing it on her
clit while Jim was stripping down. Bill slid into her
pussy easily after all the fingering and licking Jim
had done on it.

I straddled the chair with my legs and began sucking
her clit as Bill fucked her pussy and Frank fucked her
throat. Her cum was frothing up around her clit as she
continued to cum. I love the taste of her cum; the guys
started taking turns fucking her throat and her pussy.
I was content to eat her cum; I knew that I would
finish her off after they were through.

Frank was the first to cum, deep inside her pussy. He
fucked her till his large cock began to shrink, pulling
it out of her, he took it to her mouth to be cleaned,
and she loves to clean up cum covered cock. Jim was
next; I licked her now cream covered pussy till he
emptied inside her as well. Bill was fucking her mouth
and came down her throat, I looked up, he was grunting
as he cum, to see his ball sack draw up tight and
pulsate as he emptied himself down her throat.

Frank by now had recovered and went back for seconds,
as he fucked her with his monster cock he pushed more
and more of baby’s cum out for me to eat. When he came
he pulled his cock out and squirted his load right on
her clit, it was an amazing sight, his huge hanging
balls rising and lowering with each large squirt, her
clit was completely covered with his cum.

Bill said he had to have some of her pussy before he
left, dipping his cock in Franks large load on her clit
as lube he slide in to his balls, he fucked her slowly
at first then got faster and harder until he stopped,
slamming his groin to hers and emptying his seed in to
my wife’s cunt. All were completely spent, they got
dressed, kissed her good night and left.

She was completely used up, asking me to release her; I
just kissed her, shoving my tongue down her throat, I
could taste cum she had eat and told her I wasn’t
through with my slut whore wife yet!

I stood over her enjoying her complete helplessness,
took my fingers, inserted them in her well use and
swollen cunt and began to feed her the remaining cum
that was in it. Baby hungrily ate it all like a good
little slut, and then she asked me to finish off in
her. As you can imagine her cunt was sloppy and wet,
just what I needed for my big fat cock to go in her
easily, I first untied her legs, lifted them over my
shoulders, slid my rock hard cock into her pussy and
began to pound away at it, my groin slamming into her
with such force she was lifted off the blue chair.

I looked into her eyes as I fuck my slut whore wife and
told her how much I loved her and sexy she is, it was
not long that I felt the cum in my balls began to boil,
then I pushed deep into her gut and emptied my seed, I
could feel my balls contract as squirt after squirt of
my juice pumped in her. I fell forward onto her
exhausted, she ask me to release her hand cuffs, which
I did. She then pushed me to the floor, straddled my
face with her pussy, telling me to clean up the mess
and that she needed to cum one more time.

I cleaned her till we both fell asleep on the floor.

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