Teenage geek lucks into front-row seat at catfight between his hot sister and cute cousin

Last night had been maybe the hottest and muggiest of a
hot muggy summer. I could’ve slept indoors, but the
air conditioner keeps me awake and makes my sinuses
hurt. So instead of tossing in a sweaty bed, I’d slept
out on the second floor deck. It wasn’t much cooler
than inside, but at least there was a little natural
air moving. That’s how I happened to be around when it

My folks had gone back east for a funeral, and Aunt
Sally had gone with them. That left me and my sister
Traci at home. Us, and Karen, who had been delegated
to stay over with us.

Karen is Aunt Sally’s daughter. She is maybe the
finest babe around, though my sister would have to come
pretty close. They look more like sisters than
cousins — it must be the Shackelford genes — but they
don’t like each other very much.

It started years ago, when Karen cremated some of
Traci’s Barbie dolls, and it’s just escalated by
degrees since then. They’re always bitching and
quarrelling. You wouldn’t think two such primo wenches
could _ever_ know how to be as bitchy and as catty as
my big sister and my cousin act most of the time.

Anyway, Aunt Sally said Karen had to stay with us while
she was back east — I don’t think she trusted her to
be at home alone — and that really made Traci’s day.

Me, I was kinda happy, because I was hoping I might get
at least a quick peek at Karen with her clothes off.
She’s dynamite in a bikini, but ever since I started
getting hair on my dick I’ve been trying to find some
way to cop a look at her goodies.

I’ve already seen my sister bare-assed, and it’s an
eye-catching sight. Like I told you, Traci is a real
babe. But Karen would be the hat trick as far as I was

They’d both gone out the night before, and neither of
them had come in while I was awake. Bar-crawling and
guy-chasing, no doubt. They’re both not quite
twenty-one, but that’s what fake IDs were made for,
right? Me, I’m eighteen, and I look a lot younger, so
I couldn’t crash a bar even with a shitpot full of fake
ID. And girls think I’m a wuss, though I’m not. I
want to make that perfectly clear from the start. I
just need to work out my technique.

Anyway, I was sacked out on the deck. A bird was
chirping not far away, and I opened my eyes slowly. It
was earlier than I usually get up, but nature doesn’t
operate at my convenience. I sat up, yawning and
greeting the new day, and wishing I had a shoe I could
throw at that goddamn bird.

My mouth was still open when I heard the sound of my
sister’s voice from down below. “Well, you bitch, it’s
about time you were coming in!”

I slid off the chaise lounge and onto the floor, as
quietly as I could, and I peeked through the slats.

Karen was standing in the backyard. She was a knockout
in her black minidress. It was the same one she’d worn
last night, when she and Traci went out, but it looked
like it had been slept in. Even so, she was a
knockout. Take my word for it. She was holding her
high-heeled shoes in her hand, and she stood with a
devil-may-care slouch, one hip cocked out.

“So what’s it to you?” Karen asked casually, tapping
her shoes on one smooth thigh.

“You cunt,” my sister replied. “You went home with
Tommy, didn’t you? And you fucked him, too, right?”

“Mmm,” Karen purred, “you’re a lot smarter than you
used to be.”

I couldn’t see Traci. She was on the patio, just below
the deck on which I was perched. But I could almost
feel the rage that was steaming upward from her. Holy
shit, I thought, what was going on?

“If you get any redder, you’ll explode,” Karen said.
“But maybe that wouldn’t be so bad. What’s the matter,
cousin? Were you just itching to get Tommy’s big dick
into your hot little pussy? And it just spoiled your
day when I got him before you did?”

“Whore,” my sister growled. Jesus, I knew that sound!
And Karen had better watch her ass! Traci was nothing
to fuck around with when she got pissed. She’d whacked
me black and blue a couple of times, and I’m a guy!

But Karen didn’t stop. I could see the smirk on her
face, the same one she always gets when she thinks she
has everything under her thumb. She’s a primo babe,
but to be honest, she can be a real bitch when she
wants. And that was exactly what she wanted right now.

“Well,” she went on, “just to satisfy your pathetic
curiosity, he wasn’t all _that_ good. Maybe you’d have
found it a real thrill, but I was a little bored. Of
course, he did tell me that I was the greatest piece
he’d ever plugged, so most likely I’ve spoiled him for
other women. I doubt that he’d ever be satisfied, now,
with anything you could give him … ”

Traci shrieked, a sound that chilled my b***d, and then
she came running out from under the overhang of the
deck and she threw herself onto Karen.

My eyes bugged out. I’d never seen two girls fighting
before, not even at school. And Traci wasn’t kidding
as she attacked Karen.

She knocked Karen flat onto her ass, and she was
screeching and hissing. No wonder they called it
catfighting! There was a feline fury in my pissed-off
sister that took my breath away.

Traci wore a robe, but it flopped open, completely
exposing her, as she pinned Karen. They were in the
grass, just below me, and I could see everything. I’d
seen Traci naked before, but it hadn’t been quite as
exciting as it was now. With her robe hanging open,
she was atop our cousin, holding Karen’s wrists, their
bodies rocking violently. Traci hissed and gurgled,
gone far beyond words.

“Offa me, you crazy cunt!” squealed Karen, fighting
like hell to dislodge the pantheress that was atop her.
Her legs kicked up in the air, and I could see all the
way up to her panties.

Holy shit! She wasn’t wearing any panties!

Her legs opened wider, and I got an eyeful of a smooth,
shaved pussy, set high and ripe between her long
slender thighs. The more she kicked, the more I got to

“Get her, Trace,” I prayed in a whisper.

Then Karen brought one of her knees up, jabbing into my
sister’s crotch. Traci squealed and rolled over, her
robe falling off her shoulders as she went onto her
back in the grass. Son of a bitch, when had Trace
shaved her pussy? She was as hairless as Karen.

I couldn’t hold back a smile. This quarrel was
obviously big shit to the girls, and I was really
hoping this fight might go on for a while longer. I
had the best seat in the house.

Karen got on top of my sister then, slapping at her —
not very effectually. Guys would have been
bloody-nosed and broken-toothed by now, but the girls
missed about as many times as they hit each other.

Traci’s tits flopped around. Karen grabbed them
suddenly, her fingers pinching hard at the inflated
nipples. Traci gurgled and squealed again.

“Oh, shut up, bitch,” Karen giggled. “You always did
think that just because you have big tits, the world is
yours. Wanna know a secret? Tommy said he liked mine
better, ’cause they didn’t _sag_ as much as yours. And
he said he thought you had _hairs_ growing out of your
nipples. Do you, cunt?”

Traci shrieked again, like a banshee in heat, and
started pounding on Karen’s chest with her fists.
Karen panted hard, dominant now, but she didn’t let go.
She squeezed harder on Traci’s teats, as if she meant
to stretch my sister’s nips a couple of inches long.

Traci kicked and squirmed and wriggled, and I kept
glancing at her exposed crotch and the way it was cut
in half, very neatly, by that deep pink crease.
Sometimes her cunt winked open, and I could see the
even pinker interior.

Karen growled. “I oughta bite these fuckers off,” she
threatened, leaning down toward a nipple, her teeth
clicking ominously. Traci writhed, and as she did, her
fingers locked into the top of Karen’s black minidress.
She pulled, hard, and the front of the dress tore.
Karen’s tits popped out.

“You slut,” my cousin said, “you tore my best goddamn

It fell down to her waist, but she didn’t stop.
Turning slightly, and giving me an even better view of
her boobs, she made a quick grab for Traci’s crotch. I
shivered as I saw her take hold of my sister’s
smooth-shaven pussy. Her fingers dug into the
soft-looking flesh, and Traci squealed shrilly.

I’m still amazed that none of the neighbors had come
out to investigate the sounds, but the nearest occupied
house in this subdivision is almost a block away, so I
guess I was just lucky. Of course, we did have a big
redwood fence enclosing the whole back yard, and I’m
the first to say, thank God for privacy!

Karen mauled Traci’s cunt, squeezing it. “Oh, yeah,
you like that, don’t you, whore?” she said hoarsely.
“Bet you played with this thing all night, wishing it
was Tommy’s dick inside you, rather than my finger.
Right, bitch? Is that what you did?”

“Fuck you,” Traci husked. She made a slapping thrust
at Karen’s tits, but my cousin evaded her attack.
Karen was still holding one of Traci’s nips, and she
gave it a threatening squeeze, which caused Traci to
whine again.

I saw Karen’s eyes light up, but what she did was a
real shock to me, as it was the last thing in the world
I ever expected to see. She stuck her middle finger
into the mouth of my sister’s pussy, and gave it a
corkscrewing shove that took her deep into Traci’s

“Oh, yeah,” Karen panted, “you’re all wet inside, I bet
you’ve been jacking off all fucking night … ”

The words “jacking off” sent a shiver up my spine. I’d
been so engrossed in the watching that I didn’t realize
_until that very moment_ that my dick was hard as
Chinese grammar and already sticking out the fly of my
shorts. The knob tapped the deck of the patio, and I
fought hard to stifle a groan.

What the hell was wrong with me? This was better than
any porn video I’d ever sneaked into the VCR while my
folks were out, and I wasn’t even taking advantage of
the once-in-a-lifetime experience!

I grabbed my penis and started to jerk on it — not
very fast, because I could feel the cum boiling in my
balls, and I was afraid I’d squirt off too soon. Not
just my dick, but all of me, was hot and throbbing
right then.

Karen worked her finger in and out. Traci was still
squealing, but there was a difference in the sound. It
was more rhythmic, breathier actually, with a very
erotic tonality. I fisted my cock in tempo with that
rhythm, my eyes following the slick progress of Karen’s
middle finger reaming Traci’s twat.

“Oh, you bitch,” Traci gasped, “don’t do that! You
queer cunt!”

Karen giggled. I could see now that she wasn’t
pinching so hard on my sister’s nipple. Her fingers
relaxed, and began to trace the curvature of Traci’s
tit. She was breathing softly, and the froth on her
lips seemed to have dried up a little.

“You like it, don’t you?” she whispered, so softly I
almost missed the words. “You like the way that

Her fingers firmed up an already stiff nipple. They
rolled delicately around the stubby red tip, and she
didn’t miss a stroke in Traci’s pussy. Carefully, she
slid off my sister, settling down beside her in the
grass. This was the closest I’d ever seen them get
without guerrilla warfare, and it was certainly
something worth watching.

Except for their coloring, they look a great deal
alike. Traci’s blonder, with a great tan and a set of
36-Cs. Karen’s closer to brunette, but she has a tan
second to almost none, and even if her tits are smaller
than Traci’s (as a longtime lingerie examiner, I’d say
they’re about 32-B), they’re fucking perfect tits, high
and firm, with oval-shaped brown nipples. I’d never
seen Karen’s tits before, but they had been worth the
wait, exposed now by the ripped, fallen-down dress.

Her skirt was up high, and her bare pussy was also on
display. I think that was what warmed my weinie more
than almost anything else. Both of them were
positioned so that I had full view of their crotches.
I could see Karen’s finger easing sexily in and out of
Traci’s cunt, and there lay Karen, her own pussy slick
and shaved, its crack idle for the moment.

Damn, I had something in my hand that would have died
for a chance to do to Karen’s twat what Karen’s finger
was doing to my sister’s. For a really crazy moment I
was tempted to stand up, announce my presence, and show
the girls what I was working on, thanks to their visual

And then I got my senses back. They’d probably have
joined forces and kicked my ass upside down. No, I
needed to stay where I was and see what else was going
to happen with these family cats.

Traci’s eyes were closed now, and she pumped hesitantly
at the finger that continued to ream her cunt. She
said, “Ohhhh … ” in a soft, dreamy voice, and her
thighs moved, rubbing at Karen’s fisted hand where it
rested between them.

Karen still held one of my sister’s tits, and Traci
took hold of the other. She cupped it from beneath and
let her fingers stroke lazily across the erected tip of
a fine red nipple. Her other hand began to move
slowly, and I held my breath, hardly believing what I
was about to see.

She touched Karen’s nearest bare tit, brushing the
nipple with her fingers. “Mmm,” Karen said. “That
doesn’t feel bad at all.”

“You bitch,” Traci replied, and I thought for a moment
they were going to get into another session of
catfighting. I wouldn’t have minded that, either, but
what actually happened was _much_, much better …

Karen stood up, her finger sliding out of Traci’s hole.
Either she’d brushed it through the dewy grass as she
was extracting, or else the inside of my sister’s pussy
was one _wet_ little precinct. I could see the glisten
on her finger. Jesus, I could almost smell the

Karen wiggled her ass, and the minidress slid down her
long legs. I think she has better thighs than my
sister, but it’s a tossup whose ass looks the best.
I’d have to look at them both, a long long time, before
I made up my mind on that point.

Karen did a slow turnaround, not nearly as long as I
needed, but God, was she ever naked, and was she ever
gorgeous! And then she dropped to her knees, beside
Traci, once again.

“You know,” she said softly, putting her hand on my
sister’s shoulder, “we’ve spent ten years hating each
other’s guts.”

“Twelve, actually, but who’s counting?” Traci giggled.

“Time to kiss and make up?” Karen suggested. Traci
lifted her eyebrows. Karen smiled and pulled my
sister’s face closer. I almost squirted my fist full
of cum when I saw their mouths mesh together.

There’s something about women kissing each other that
makes my gonads want to explode. I just wished to shit
I had some binoculars so I could get a closer look at
the way their red lips and pink tongues played together
while saliva oozed from one moist mouth into the other,
their noses brushing awkwardly as they prolonged that
kiss, almost as if they meant it for my benefit.

The two of them eased down into the grass, still
kissing. Karen took my sister’s hand and brought it to
her tits, pushing the small, conical mounds into
Traci’s exploring fingers. She made purring sounds as
her nipples were toyed with, teased into even longer
erectile points. Her own hand moved down Traci’s
lushly contoured body, and I knew she was headed back
to the pussy she had been fingering a few minutes ago.

She tickled it, making my sister giggle, and then she
bent down and took a nipple into the her mouth. She
didn’t have much lipstick left, after that marathon
kiss with Traci, but there were stray traces of bright
red on the tanned curve of my sister’s big hooters. I
was pumping my peter a little harder now, hoping that
the sound of my raspy breathing didn’t reach the girls’
ears and bring this session to an untimely end.

Karen knew what she was doing. She kissed her way down
Traci’s body, leaving tongue trails and smears of red,
and then suddenly she was face down in my sister’s
crotch, right there in the grass, in front of God, me,
and — well, I guess the only other observer was that
goddamn bird. I could hear the greedy guzzling sounds
she made as she started to feed on my sister, and I
heard Traci squeal in unalloyed delight.

“Do me, too,” Karen panted, raising her face for a
moment. She tossed her thigh across Traci’s pneumatic

“I don’t know how,” Traci confessed. “And _where_ did
you learn all this, you dyke?”

“See what you’ve missed being my enemy all these
years?” Karen smirked. “We could’ve been having a
_lot_ of fun. Oh, shit, it’s easy, girl! Just sniff
my nookie and stick your face in it. Do to me
everything you’ve ever wished some guy would do to you.
And I’ll be right down here, giving you exactly what
you want. Try it, baby, you’ll have no trouble at all.
I guarantee!”

And they moved into a position out of my absolutely
wildest dreams and fantasies. Sure, I love to watch a
couple of chicks doing it in some fuck film, but this
was my goddamn sister and my cousin, rolled up in a 69
on our own fucking grass!

I had a better view of Karen at work, the way they were
lying now. I had to take it on faith, and from Karen’s
occasional squeaks and tremoloes, that my sister was
actually eating her pussy, but I could see very clearly
that Karen had a mouthful of Traci’s twat.

She spread the shaven crack wide open, and it expanded
into an almost perfectly circular ring of near-scarlet
flesh, glossy and gleaming. Her tongue poked into the
hole, then came up to suckle at Traci’s clitoris for a
while, too. From the way Traci wailed, it was pretty
obvious her clit was really up for a suckjob, too.

Karen mouthed Traci furiously. She was really into
this stuff, no question about it. She jabbed two or
three fingers into my big sis, fucking her like a man
with them while she kept on nibbling and licking and
sucking at Traci’s clit. And as she grew more and more
energetic, I could tell she was getting something
almost as good from my not-so-shy sibling.

Me, I was jacking my dick like a son of a bitch, unable
to believe the good luck that had visited me this
morning. If I never saw anything like this again, I
would remember every fucking moment of this until the
day I died, and I expected to beat off three or four
times a day, till then, just reliving the sights I was
now feasting my beady little eyes upon.

Traci started bucking and writhing, all of a sudden,
and I knew she was coming. It didn’t look as explosive
as when Tori Welles does it in a movie, but it was a
vision to remember all the same. She squealed and
wrapped her legs around Karen’s head, trapping our
cousin in that funky, Nair-bare cunt.

Karen sucked her like a trooper, mouthing pussy until
Traci’s excitement subsided, and then she sat upright,
pushing her own snatch down into my sister’s scarfing
mouth. She played with Traci’s tits, feeding my sis on
her pussy, and when she reached up to take hold of her
own hooters, I knew she was almost there.

My cock was raw by now; I’d almost shucked the skin
right off the thing. My nuts ached with the pent-up
excitement of the load they were holding back, and as I
saw Karen start to quiver, as I heard her say, “Oh,
shit, baby, you’re gonna make me commmmme … ” I just
closed my eyes, squeezed my peter, and let my cum
splash onto the floor of the deck. I may even have
passed out for a moment, because everything went black
and all I knew was that my dick was gushing.

When I opened my eyes, the girls were picking up their
discarded clothes and, hand in hand, coming toward the
house just like the best of friends.

“Was he really such a dud?” I heard Traci ask, with a
giggle, as they passed beneath the deck and entered the

“You’d probably get a better fuck from _Paul_,” Karen
confided, and they both erupted in almost hysterical
laughter as they entered the house.

The fucking bitches! Well, they just _might_ get a
better fuck from me than from that jerk Tommy. If they
never found out, it would be their loss.

And mine, too, goddamn it, I had to concede.

So things have changed a lot in our family. Our folks
can’t get over how Karen and Traci have stopped their
feuding and become as close as sisters. Karen sleeps
over a lot now, and some very interesting things take
place in Traci’s bedroom, after (they think) everyone
else in the house is fast asleep.

I’m saving up for a video camera of my own, and as soon
as I can figure out how to do it without getting
caught, I’m going to bug Traci’s room. I don’t plan to
blackmail her with the tapes, but even though I’ll
never forget what happened the day our family cats
turned into the family pussies, it would be nice to
have a souvenir on VHS that I could replay any time I

Of course, I’m still angling for some way in which I
can show the girls that Karen’s would-be slur about me
was actually right on target, but so far I haven’t
found the right moment. If I make it, I’ll be sure to
tell you all about it, so wish me luck, okay? I hope
you’ll be hearing from me again, real soon.

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