Two couples enjoy watching and being watched

We were in Jamaica enjoying a much needed vacation, we
were staying at one of those all-inclusive couple’s
only resorts and they offered a day trip to hike up a
mountain, see a water fall and have dinner at this old
coffee plantation. The mountain was about 90 minutes
from the resort and they had a party bus to transport

The seating on the bus was different because instead of
having all the seats facing the front, every other set
of seats faced the back, so two couples formed a
quartet facing one another, this made it easier to
engage in conversation with others and added to the
social atmosphere. After a long day of hiking, eating
and drinking we were heading back and my wife and I sat
facing a British couple, Trent and Sophie.

We’d talked with them as we hiked and we sat next to
them at dinner and after a lot of rum we were chatting
like old friends. They were in their 30’s, Trent was
tall and lean while Sophie was about 5’6 with large
full breasts, a flat stomach and slim hips.

By the time we boarded the bus to head back to the
resort it was late, the bus lights were dim and both
women were snuggled up next to the men as we had the
flimsy pillows and blankets provided on the bus draped
over our laps to ward off the chill from the air
conditioner on the bus. As we talked Sophie began
nibbling on Trent’s ear and kissing his neck, she was
also running her hand across his chest. My wife, who is
normally ultra-conservative, surprised the hell out of
me by giggling and doing the same thing to me.

Trent and I kept chatting conversationally as the women
continued to absently run their hands over us and kiss
our necks, My cock was as hard as a rock under the
blanket and I imagine Trent’s was as well, after a few
moments of this, Sophie made a show of sliding her hand
under the blanket and you could tell that she was
undoing the buttons of Trent’s shorts, finally we could
see the undeniable motion of her hand jacking his cock
under the thin blanket.

After watching Sophie for a few minutes, my wife
whispered in my ear “do you want me to touch your
cock?” in the sexiest purr I ever heard, I was so hot
all I could do was shake my head. Sophie laid her head
on Trent’s shoulder and was looking right into my eyes
as she slowly stroked his cock. My wife saw this, but
instead of being jealous, she locked eyes with Trent as
her hands made their way under the blanket and unzipped
my shorts, in a minute I felt my wife’s hand on my dick
and she ran her fingers lightly across the head and
spread my leaking pre-cum around.

By now Trent and I were just smiling and trying not to
make any noise. After a few moments Sophie winked at me
and pulled back the blanket enough to expose Trent’s
cock, she then slid her head down and began to suck and
lick the tip beginning a wet, deliberate blowjob.

I was amazed at how bold she was but my shock was
magnified when my wife watched them for a few seconds,
then with a hungry look in her eyes looked at me, gave
me a mischievous grin and lowered her head and began to
suck my cock as well!. I have to say that neither woman
was giving a quiet, quickie blowjob, both women were
licking kissing and sucking our cocks as if we were in
our private bedrooms.

I looked across the aisle at the quartet across from us
and two of them were sleep, but the couple diagonal
from us were watching my wife with a look of lust and
disbelief on their faces. Trent’s hands gripped his
wifes hair a bit tighter and it was obvious when he
began to cum down her throat, watching his wife swallow
his load, along with the hungry way my wife was sucking
and jacking my cock sent me off only a minute or two
later and then my wife gave me my final surprise of the
ride as she pulled a bit back and let the first jets of
cum shoot over the side of her face and onto her chest.

My wife has never let me cum on her face and to be
honest I never wanted to, but seeing that sight then
made me shoot even harder and it took everything I had
not to yell. My wife rubbed the cum into her face and
licked my cock clean. Trent and Sophie were smiling and
the couple that had been watching gave us a thumbs-up!
My wife whispered in my ear that it was her turn when
we got back to our room and she pulled the pillow onto
my lap and went to sleep.

I sat there with a satisfied look on my face as I dozed

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