Two teenage nymphos pleasure each other in the girls bathroom

Allison stared out of the window of her high school
classroom, watching the breeze stirring the trees just
out of her reach. One of the things she loved was to
be outside, one with nature, and not trapped inside a
classroom learning about things she already knew. She
sighed to herself. It was almost time for relief, but
of a different kind. One she took about the middle of
each period, 7 times a day during school hours. She
raised her hand, catching the teachers’ attention.

“Can I be excused to the bathroom?”

The teacher, used to this routine or perhaps even
unaware of the pattern, granted her permission to
leave the classroom. She got out of her desk chair,
opened the door and sped away down the hallway to the
girls bathroom. Since each class had a different
teacher, she was able to get away with this during
each one. Apparently, so far none of the teachers
thought or cared enough to bring it up amongst
themselves, and wonder where she went all day.

The itch for relief began welling up in her 15 year
old body uncontrollably while she did a cursory check
of the bathroom to make sure there were no other girls
inside. Not that there was anything she would do
differently if there was. Her body told her what she
needed, and she was more than happy to listen to it.

No matter what it said, these days. She opened the
stall door while juice began leaking down her legs.
Scrambling, she left the door unlocked while she
lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties so her
fingers had full access to her pleasure hole. Her hand
brushed the new short cut mound of golden fur she
liked to leave at the top and her fingers began
caressing her engorged clit.

The other hand felt up her shirt, where she unhappily
wore a bra because her tits were getting just too big
to get away without it. Firmly in the C cups, they
were well on their way to D’s. She unclasped the snap
in the front, as usual so she could access them during
the day and began feeling herself up, stiffening her
clit even more and making her gasp. Her little fingers
swirled around her button, making a sloshing noise
when they passed through her juices. It wasn’t going
to take long. She heard the bathroom door open but she
didn’t slow down.

“Allison are you in here?” a voice called. It was her
friend Jumai.

“I’m here!” she called back.

Jumai had moved here a few months ago, emigrating from
Africa. She was already just as much as a nympho as
Allison was before she ever met her. Apparently, she
had been brought up as a sex object in Africa since
before she could remember. In her village, many of the
young men came by the house at appointed times after
“school” to use her body for their pleasure.

Her father was a low ranking chief and allowed it in
return for a steady flow of English bourbon as long as
they didn’t use her mouth. When a man finished with
her holes, there was another behind her eagerly
stroking his hardening cock. After she had serviced
10-15 cocks for the night, her father had his turn
with her, using her throat as the last tight hole. He
had a 13 inch cock that he loved to slide all the way
in, watching her throat bulge with the intrusion until
he grunted and flooded her stomach with jizz.

Afterwards, she was allowed to do as she wished until
her mother got home, where she was promptly used for
her tongue again until her mother was satisfied. She
didn’t know why this happened, since her parents still
fucked like rabbits all the time. She had been told by
a friend of her fathers’ that her parents only kept
her with the intent on abusing her for pleasure. And
that they did in spades. The lust for pleasure of the
men slowly grew into her own lust over time.

She came to thoroughly enjoy the cocks stuffing her,
spurting their sperm into her womb and bowels. When it
is all you know about sex, Allison guessed you
eventually just accept it as the way things are.
Despite this, she became fairly well rounded in most
areas, and even excelling at schoolwork which drew the
attention of charities that sponsor scholarships in
America. Now here she was, and she would be joining
Allison in her pleasuring for this session.

“You already start?” Jumai asked, pushing the door
open and locking it behind her.

“I’m about halfway there. You know what to do.”
Allison answered.

Jumai immediately pulled her shirt and bra up,
exposing her jet black midriff and D sized tits, then
pulled up Allison’s shirt and knelt down on the
bathroom floor next to the toilet. Allison fondled one
of Jumai’s breasts while the other girl locked her
mouth over Allison’s nipple, slurping and sucking
hard. Allison rubbed her clit faster, feeling the
intense pleasure that ruled her life and actions
building in fiery delight. Her pussy ruled her life,
and she did whatever was necessary to make it cum
again and again and again. Soon her back arched in

“Ahh, uhhh uhhhnn!” she grunted, in time with the
convulsions as her pussy throbbed and came. A couple
small squirts of girl cum shot from deep in her hole,
onto the floor of the stall. Jumai dutifully kept her
lips locked on her breasts helping enhance her orgasm.
When she finally calmed her racing heart down, Jumai
asked the usual question.

“Do you need more?”

Allison mentally checked her body and found that the
relief wasn’t quite there as it usually was. It was
only the second period, and at this rate it was going
to be a long and tiring day. Not that she didn’t enjoy
every second of it. The tiring part anyways, not the
classroom part.

“Yeah, I need to cum again. Do me one more time and
we’ll work on getting you off after.”

Allison leaned back, squeezing her tits and spreading
her legs while Jumai repositioned herself in between
them. She stuffed 3 fingers into her own fuckhole, 3
into her friend’s, and bent over to begin lapping at
her still-hard clit. It didn’t take long, it never
did. Her friend’s horny cunt spasmed again, eliciting
a moan and accompanied by another small shot of girl
cum which Jumai swallowed down.

They switched places, with Allison’s teenage tongue
plunging into Jumai’s ebony pussy, as she liked it and
inserting a finger into her asshole. After a minute
her asshole tightened around her finger and Jumai’s
pussy supplied her pleasure, and delicious juices
drenched Allison’s mouth. She only squirted when she
was super aroused, but that didn’t stop her cunt from
getting dripping wet when she came. She also swallowed
it down. Both of them were satisfied for now.

“I’ve been gone a little too long, I got to get back
to class okay?” she explained to her friend.

Jumai only came to the bathroom to get off a couple
times a day. She was still a nympho, she just didn’t
need it quite as much as her companion. But that
didn’t matter to Allison. She needed to get off, and
she used Jumai for her own pleasure as often as she
could get her hands on her. Or her legs wrapped around
her head, she supposed.

When she got back to class, her teacher looked at her,
but said nothing. The teacher’s face was a little red,
and Allison wondered if she was going to get spoken to
after class. What she didn’t know, was that her 42
year old teacher had taken this job because of rumors
that some students were more sexually deviant then she
was used to at her old job. She enjoyed occasionally
having a teenage cock thrust into her body after
carefully selecting one of the students that she was
positive wouldn’t talk about it. This usually was one
of the better looking nerdy kids, the kind that didn’t
boast about such things to their friends.

There were whispers among a few that had been in the
bathroom occasionally at the same time that her
student Allison was also in there, that she was doing
something a little more naughty. The teacher preferred
this explanation and utilized the privacy of her
enclosed desk to touch herself, orgasming while her
students were reading their assignments, thinking of
what her student was doing to herself in the bathroom.

Allison took her seat and tried to put her satisfied
mind towards the work at hand. Throughout the day she
visited the bathroom in each of her classes, got
herself off quickly, and returned. At 2:30, school was
over and she wandered the hall looking for Jumai. They
would walk home together anticipating eating each
other’s throbbing cunts until the desire left them
completely. Tonight they were going to Jumai’s house,
where she lived with a host family that took her in
with her scholarship program. She finally located her
friend, covertly pushing her lightly against the
locker and feeling up her shirt.

“All good for tonight?” she asked.

“We’ll be good. My host family, David and Melissa,
will be taking their kids out for the night so we will
have the house to ourselves. You’ll have to wait an
hour or so when we get there though, David wants to
use me before his wife gets home.”

David had sort of made it an “unofficial” condition
that he get to use Jumai in order for her to stay
there, which she obliged without complaint. When they
arrived, Allison sat in the living room occasionally
touching herself, watching That 70’s Show while Jumai
pleasured her host father in the other room. He was
always nervous when she was at the house, but Jumai
assured him she wouldn’t say anything about what went

An hour later, the ‘fam was packed into the car and
driving away. Allison was already undressing, laying
on the couch with her legs spread open. Her pussy was
sopping wet listening to Jumai satisfying her host
father. She pointed to her crotch.

“Eat.” She commanded. “Make my pussy cum.”

Jumai got on her knees like a good girl, but before
wrapping her lips around the slickening clitoris, she
asked a question.

“I’ve always been curious, what was it like for you
before you were so horny?”

She continued, in her moderate accent, “Can you tell
me about the first time you got off? When you fell
into the, let me think� Depravity you indulge in? I
like that term. What happened?”

Allison, leaned back, rubber her stomach in
anticipation. “I’ll tell you while you like my clit.
But it’s going to lead us into Chapter Two, okay?”

“Oh, cool!” said Jumai, burying her mouth into her
friends’ milky white mound. This was going to be
another lust filled night.

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