Wife catches her husband in a compromising position in his office

“I don’t understand,” said Lori. “You get excited by
thinking about watching me have sex with someone else,
but you would be devastated if it ever happened.”

“I didn’t say it made sense,” said Edwin.

They were covered with sweat and lying next to each
other after one of their athletic lovemaking sessions.
Even though they were exhausted and knew they were
finished for the night, they both didn’t want to give
up yet. Whenever this happened, they found that they
could often continue the excitement for a while with
conversation, or as they called it, verbal

“At least try to explain it a little,” she said.

“OK,” he said. “For men, the visual is a big part of
sex. That’s what makes us sniff around women in the
first place. When I’m making love to you, I love to
see as much of me and you as I can. That’s why I love
doggy style. You don’t like it, because intimacy is
important for women, and you want me face to face with
you and are turned off when I’m behind you, unless
we’re spooning and our faces are close.

“So if I watched you with another man, I could see
everything in every position. I could watch him pull
your cheeks apart and see your anus spasming when you
came. I could see him sliding in and out of you with
your juices covering his penis. I imagine his penis to
be a lot thicker than mine and really opening you up,
so I would see your pussy being pulled wide as he came
out of you and then snapping back. I would see your
face getting red and watch your tongue as you pant
like a bitch in heat. I would see your beautiful big
breasts flopping like crazy as he pounded you.”

“Wow!” she said. “That’s really vivid! Even though I
can’t relate to any of that, I can feel how much you
want it. So then why would you be devastated?”

“Because in order for that to happen, I would have to
be a cuckold,” he said. “I would have so little
respect for myself that I would let another man have
sex with you while I watched. I would be totally
humiliated, but I couldn’t even blame you or him. I
would be disgusted with myself and hate myself for
being less than a man.”

“You are so complicated, Edwin,” she said. “I am so
satisfied with our sex life that I can’t even imagine
why you wouldn’t be.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way, Lori,” he said. “I’m
just sharing some of my crazy thoughts. I love our
life together.”

“So do I,” she said, “but that’s not what this is
about. To me, whether it’s sex, food, money or almost
anything, it’s the same. When someone has nearly
everything he or she wants and still isn’t satisfied,
that person’s a pig. A pig is greedy. A pig always
wants more. A pig is never satisfied.”

“Are you calling me a pig,” he said.

“I don’t know,” she said. “You tell me. You married a
woman who loves sex almost as much as you do. Isn’t
that rare with women and men? How often do I turn you
down? You know I have to be really exhausted or sick.

“I give you oral all the time, and even though you
know I hate the smell and taste of come and ask you to
pull it out before you come, I put up with your
accidents. I don’t make a big deal out of them, even
though you hear me gagging and sometimes even running
to the bathroom to throw up. Sometimes I think that
gives you pleasure, but please don’t tell me if it
does, because I prefer to think you’re not that sick.

“Maybe you miss seeing my vagina stretched by a thick
penis, but you have no complaints about how it feels,
because I envelop you with my warm, moist muscles and
do things to you that most women can’t, simply because
I’ve taken the time to learn how.

“And then there’s the anal. I give it to you, and not
just once a year. Sometimes you act like a greedy pig
and expect me to give it to you every time, and then
you sulk when I won’t. Well, you know I don’t enjoy
it. Apart from the physical discomfort, in my mind,
I’ve never gotten over the feeling of being degraded
when you’re doing it to me.

“You have lucky genes. I know you’re sensitive about
your slimline penis, but you don’t realize how
fortunate you are. It’s just perfect for me. It’s
long, but not too long, so it doesn’t hit my cervix
when you’re in my vagina, and it’s not too thick for
my anus.

“Some of my friends have problems with their overly
endowed husbands and boyfriends. When I take you in my
rear, it’s still plenty uncomfortable, but there isn’t
the tremendous pain my friends have described when
they complain about anal. So I handle it, and I don’t
complain. Just ask any of your buddies how often they
get it, or if they get it at all.

“So you lucked into a situation that probably every
guy you know — and most of those you don’t know —
would love to be in. So are you a pig? When you have
almost the perfect sex partner, do you still want
more? You tell me.”

“You make an interesting point, Lori,” he said, “but I
told you, a man’s dick has no feeling for what is
right and fair or what is enough or too much. I can’t
help fantasizing stuff. But if it bothers you, I can
stop telling you about my fantasies.”

“No, Edwin,” she said, “You don’t have to do that. I
don’t care how disgusting and piggish they are. As
long as they are just fantasies, they may puzzle me,
but they don’t upset me.”


“Hi Judy,” said Lori as she swept through the glass
door into Edwin’s outer office.

There was no answer from his secretary for a second,
as she looked up from her work, but Lori saw a look of
terror cross her face for a moment before she smiled.
It was a strange smile.

“I’m Lori, Edwin’s wife,” she said. “I know I haven’t
been here in a while, but I’m sure you remember me.
I’m sorry to be so rude, but I’m in a rush.”

“Oh, I know you, Mrs. Simmons,” said Judy in a strange
voice. “I’m sorry. You startled me.”

“Is Edwin in his office?” asked Lori.

“Uh, no, that is, I don’t think so,” said Judy. She
was trying to sound pleasant and relaxed, but Lori
could see she was tense.

“You don’t know?”

“Uh, I was in the restroom, and then I had some work,”
said Judy. “He hasn’t called me in. He could be in a
meeting somewhere.”

“Then I’ll just drop these tiles off on his desk so he
can look at them and call me later,” said Lori walking
toward the door. She tried to turn the handle, but it
was locked. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Judy
jump up and come toward her. “Don’t bother, Judy,” she
said. “I have a key Edwin gave me a long time ago.
Here it is.

“No, Mrs. Simmons, don’t–” said Judy in a panicked
voice, but she stopped as she saw Lori open the door
and stride in the room with her bundle.

Lori walked a few steps before she saw him. Edwin was
sitting behind his desk but shifting around in his
chair. He saw her and his face changed. He was staring
at her in shock. She saw his face was red. He was
trying to speak, but no words came out.

“I thought you were in a—” Lori said, and then she
stopped. Something was wrong in the room. Now she
realized that his secretary had been frightened when
she arrived and wasn’t trying to open the door for
her, but trying to keep her away from the door. And
whatever had frightened his secretary was also
frightening her husband. His red face was turning as
pale as if he had seen a ghost.

She looked around, but she didn’t see anything. It was
just his office, with the desk he was sitting behind,
a small conference table, a couch, some chairs and
some shelves filled with books and memorabilia. It
didn’t look different than the last time she had been
there five years ago.

As she turned her head back to her husband, who had
stopped squirming and was now starting to look more
normal, she saw it. It was a little flash of red.
Something red had just moved so slightly that it was
barely perceptible but she saw it out of the corner of
her eye, and she realized that the red was moving in a
place where there shouldn’t have been any red or any
movement. She took a step toward Edwin’s desk, and the
red was gone.

But then she took a step back and bent down. It was
there, barely visible below the desk’s modesty panel.
Now she could see the red clearly. It was a red pair
of women’s shoes, and there were feet in them.

Her jaw dropped, and her eyes opened wide. She slowly
straightened and stood frozen for an instant looking
at Edwin with astonishment. He opened his mouth to
speak, but all he could say was, “Lori,” before she
dropped the tiles on the floor, turned and ran out of
his office.

He called her at home throughout the afternoon, but
she didn’t answer. He wondered if she would be there
when he came home. She was, but she wasn’t talking to
him. They made it through dinner without exchanging
more than a few sentences. When she said, “Would you
like more potatoes?” he expected her to start stuffing
potatoes down his throat until he stopped breathing.
But she didn’t.

Once he asked her if he could explain something, but
she screamed at him, “Shut up, Edwin! Just don’t say
anything.” After that, he didn’t attempt any

It was like that for two days in the morning and the
evening. They slept in the same bed, but it felt to
him like she was sleeping in another country. The next
day was Saturday, and when he walked in the kitchen,
she looked the same way as she had the last two days.
Her eyes were red and puffy, and her face was pale.
She brought some coffee to him and then sat down
facing him.

“Your secretary knew, and that means every woman at
the office knew,” she said. “Didn’t you ever think
about how your employee could decide to blackmail you
or sue you for harassment, and how that could end your
career and ruin our lives even more than you’ve
already done?”

“She’s not my employee,” said Edwin. “She’s my boss.
It started with her harassing me six months ago,
demanding I give her oral in her office. I thought
about telling you, but I knew you’d want me to quit,
and the way things are, I knew I wouldn’t be able to
find something that paid this well. She knew it, too.

“She was the one worried about harassment, so she
started coming to my office and insisting on blowing
me. She made sure my secretary found out, so everybody
would think our thing was something mutual.”

“So you’re saying, you’ve submitted to her blowjobs
for me,” said Lori. “You hated every minute of them,
and were just trying to protect me by not telling me
anything about it. You lying pig.”

“No, Lori,” he said, “I won’t try to fool you. You
know those blowjobs weren’t a hardship for me. I
enjoyed them, and I gloated when I would think about
the fact that in this economy, I could keep a lock on
my job by giving her head and enjoying her blowjobs.
And it was even exciting to keep them a secret from
you. There. I’ve told you the whole truth. And I know
it was wrong and a betrayal of our marriage, and I’m
really sorry, and I hope that as much as I dishonored
you, you won’t kick me out, although you have every
right to. I know you don’t trust me anymore, but if
you’ll give me a second chance, I promise it will
never happen again. I’ll show you how much I love you
and try to win back your trust.”

“Every woman in that office knew what you were doing,”
she said. “When I would meet them at an office event,
they were looking at me and thinking what a stupid,
pitiful creature I was. You totally humiliated me in
their eyes. I can’t go on with you this way, but I
don’t know what to do. I should just divorce you and
walk away, but for some reason I’m not thinking about
that yet. I probably will, but I don’t want to do it
until I’m less emotional about this.

“All I know is I don’t want to talk any more about
this right now. I have to think, and if you want any
chance at working this out, you’ve got to give me
space and time. When I’m ready to talk, I’ll let you

“OK,” he said quietly.


Things started defrosting in two weeks. After a month,
it seemed like their lives had returned to normal.
Lori seemed to be the same as she had been before her
discovery, including her sex drive. One night, he
thanked her for giving him a second chance.

“I haven’t given it to you yet,” she said pleasantly.
“You’re going to have to earn it. You’re probably
thinking you got a free pass because I’m happy. But
the reason I’m happy is because I’m working on
something that you’re going to have to do to pay for
what you did to me. I’m excited about it because it’s
getting closer, and the closer it gets, the happier I

“It’s going to be as surprising to you as what you did
was surprising to me, and there are other things in
common, too. But I will tell you this. You’re not
going to enjoy it, and that’s an understatement. So
you might want to start thinking about what we have
and how much it’s worth to you. Because I’ve made my
decision, and you’ll have to make yours. I don’t think
yours will be easy.”

What she said made him uneasy, but even though she
said whatever she was working on was close, Lori
didn’t mention anything for nearly three more weeks.
While he was waiting, he didn’t enjoy himself with her
as much anymore because he was wondering what she was
planning. And whenever he noticed that she was smiling
at him for no reason, a chill ran through his body.

She ended the suspense on a Monday night after dinner.
“It’s time to start talking about our future,” she
said. “I’ve done a lot of thinking and planning. The
planning took much longer than I thought it would, but
I wanted to make sure everything would be just right.

“Depending on what you decide, all the planning might
go down the drain, but I don’t regret a single minute
that I spent on it, because doing it f****d me to
think about you and about us and made me understand
just how much it hurt me to learn what a pig I had
married and what it would take for me to continue to
live with that pig.”

The words hurt Edwin, but only slightly, because he
was much more scared than hurt. What scared him was
the tone of her voice. It was the same tone that she
had used when they were talking about their day at the
office or their plans for Saturday night. It was her
normal, pleasant tone with not a tinge of anger, and
it didn’t fit at all with what she was saying. She
sounded psychotic.

“Let’s talk about costs first, Edwin,” she said. “I
had a free consultation with a top divorce attorney
that one of my friends had used, so I can show you his
estimate of what the process would cost. It’s a lot,
but he said our situation is fairly simple because we
don’t have c******n or complicated finances.

“My alternative plan would cost almost as much as the
lawyers. You’ll have until tomorrow night to decide
between them, because if you decide on the second
plan, I will need time to get it set up for Saturday
morning. I’m not going to give you a lot of
information tonight, only enough for you to be able to
understand and decide. If you think I’m not being
fair, I’m willing to listen, and maybe I’ll make some
adjustments, but I doubt it. I’ve gone over this
enough times to know exactly what I want to do.

“On Friday night, we are going to spend the night at a
hotel. After breakfast Saturday, we’ll come back to
the house. It will give Iris and Misty time to turn
our bedroom into a movie studio. They’re my friends
who do wedding videos, and they also do private erotic
videos for couples. But Saturday morning for three
hours, they’ll be shooting a hardcore porn video in
our bedroom.

“It’s not going to be mainstream porn. They will be
recording me as I hurt and demean and humiliate you in
horrible ways. The only thing I promise is that I
don’t intend for anything I do to damage you
permanently, so I’ll be careful. But I know that
accidents can happen, and I thought about certain
parts of the video script really hard. In the end, I
decided that I would take chances — like you did.

“I’m confident that any injury you suffer will heal in
a month at most, but as you know, nothing is 100 per
cent certain, so if you decide to go through with
this, you need to think about that.

“So plan on three hours of hell. But there’s more.
After it’s over, I’ll explain a few things that are
going to change around here. Since I feel that
everything else we have together is almost ideal, most
of our life will stay exactly the same. The only
things that will be different will involve our sex
lives. I didn’t think that was a problem until you
showed me that I had married a pig. So there will be
some adjustments, and you’re not going to like them.

“So you need to understand that even if you get
through Saturday morning and recover, there will be
ongoing things that you will hate. No, I’m not going
to put a chastity belt on you, because I think you
know that if you ever humiliate me again, there will
be only one choice for me: the lawyer. I’m not
concerned at all about when you’re in the office or on
a business trip.

“And I’ll promise you now that most of our sex life
will be as good as it is now, and I hope that the two
of us can continue to make it even better, like we’ve
been doing. But probably at least once a month you’re
going to be going through a mini-version of Saturday
morning. Sometimes there might be some pain. But there
will always be plenty of degradaton and humiliation.

“So there you have the choices. The quick and painless
one is the lawyer. The other one will last the rest of
our marriage, which to me means the rest of our lives,
because except for being a sex pig, you are my ideal
husband, and I know you’ll be a wonderful father to
our c******n.

“Do you have any questions?”

“Yes, two,” he said. “Can you give me at least a
couple of examples of what you’ll do to me on
Saturday? And what if I back out at the last minute
Saturday morning because I just can’t go through with

“I think you know the answer to both of those
questions, Edwin,” she said. “No, you won’t get any
more information from me. For the rest of the week,
you can imagine the worst things I could possibly do
to you. Maybe what I do won’t be as bad, or maybe it
will be worse.

“Are you going to brand me or castrate me?”

“Well, I guess we just found out that you think I’m
capable of being a bigger monster than even I can
imagine. Wow! First of all, those things are
permanent. And secondly, I still love you. I’m not
torturing a terrorist.

“As for your second question, you’re going to be able
to back out on Saturday morning, right up until we get
started. All it means is that the money I spend on my
plan will be wasted, because we’re going to have to
spend money on lawyers anyway. But once we begin, your
options are over. Here’s one more thing to think
about. I can promise you that during those three hours
there will be at least one time — and probably lots
of times — where you’ll be wishing you went for the
lawyers. I’m hoping that eventually — it might take
many months — you will think I was worth it, but you
won’t feel that way on Saturday.

“One more thing. To help keep your head clear, we’re
not going to have sex tonight or any time until
Saturday morning. I think this is only the second time
since we’ve been married that we’ve done that for five
days in a row. You know the other time — it was after
I surprised you in your office. Also, if you agree to
my plan, I’m going to be busy with preparations
starting tomorrow night, and you won’t see much of me.
The rest of the week will give you just a preview of
what separation will be like. Even before the divorce,
we will be completely through, and you’ll never see or
touch me again, I swear. It will be something to think
about when you get nervous on Saturday morning.

“By the way, I’ve made an appointment with my lawyer
for Wednesday morning. I told his secretary that I
might cancel it at the last minute, and she said that
wouldn’t be a problem, because he’s so booked up that
another client will jump at the chance to get in
earlier. So it won’t cost us anything.

“What I’m saying is that you don’t have the option of
not giving me your decision by tomorrow night. If you
don’t say anything, I’m keeping the appointment. Any
other questions?”

“No,” he said in a soft, frightened voice that told
her what his decision would be.


He was just as frightened when he entered their
bedroom on Saturday morning. He blinked his eyes
because the lights were bright as he looked around.
Furniture had been moved to the corners of the room,
and the bed had been pulled into the middle. It was
brightly illuminated, and because all was dark around
it, it seemed to be the only thing in the room. He saw
cameras on tripods everywhere and her friends, Iris
and Misty, were walking around making adjustments.
They were dressed in bikinis and sneakers, and they
looked hot.

“Iris and Misty will be moving around a lot with hand-
held cameras shooting extreme close-ups,” said Lori.
“They’re dressed like that because it could get a
little messy. You see the cameras, but what you don’t
see is that they’ve also hidden some microphones
around the bed to capture every little squishy sound
of sex, as well as your reactions, which I hope will
be very expressive. They will also record me talking
to you and explaining what’s going on.

“Are you ready, ladies. OK, it’s time for us to get
undressed and into bed. This is your last chance to
back out, Edwin, because in a few minutes, I’m going
to be in control, and you won’t have any choice. If
you don’t want to split up, you need to get your
clothes off and lie down in the middle of the bed on
your back.

“Well, Edwin, thank you. I would like to embrace you
right now and smother you with kisses and tell you how
much I love you for honoring me with that decision,
but that will have to wait, because we have a video to
make. See that big empty plastic container from the
kitchen. Please move it next to your head. I’m now
getting on top of you in the 69 position, and I want
to begin by having you eat me out.

“Do you notice how wet I am down there already? That’s
because I’m excited about this. Are you enjoying the
juices flowing into your mouth? Now I’m going to
adjust a little and move my knees so my rear is
sticking up a little higher, and Iris is putting one
of the small pillows under your head to bring your
mouth back to where it belongs, which is right at my
clitoris. Just keep your tongue working at it, and
your eyes should have a great view of my red, juicy,
empty vagina. Not for long. Send the first one in,

“No, don’t move like that, Edwin. I told you that you
have to do what I say for the rest of the morning.
This is what I mean. Did you feel that? When you
forget your agreement, I’m going to have to squeeze
your testicles like that. I’ll try to do it just
slightly, as a reminder, but if you continue to not
mind me, I will have to squeeze harder. I’m sure that
you will get the idea before I do any permanent
damage, but as I told you, that’s one of the chances I
have to take.

“Good, just concentrate on licking. OK, Number 1. Now
do you see him going into my vagina slowly. Don’t
worry, he won’t be there long. Here’s what’s
happening, Edwin. I thought and thought about what a
pig you were, and I decided that the best thing for a
pig was a sty. So our bedroom is going to be a sty for
the next couple of hours, and you get to be the pig in
the sty.

“What do pigs do in their sty? Not much, they just eat
and wallow. So that’s what I’ve planned for you.
You’re going to wallow in degradation, and you’re
going to eat almost nonstop. You once mentioned to me
how exciting it would be watching me with another man
and also how degrading. So today, you’re going to live
out your fantasy of being a cuckold. You’re going to
watch men have sex with me, and you’ll get a close-up
view. From where you are, you’ll see every movement in
and out like now. You’ll hear every sloppy squish of
my body fluids as the penis churns them up. Like now.

“You’ve wallowed like a pig, and now it’s time for
your first feeding. Pigs don’t get much variety in
their chow, so today, you’ll be eating the same thing
over and over: juicy, fresh cream pie.

“See, some of my natural lubricant coming out is
already mixed with white because he spurted a ton of
stuff into me, and there wasn’t enough room inside.
No, don’t stop licking at my clitoris. Ignore the
stuff falling on your face. Has some of it gotten into
your mouth yet? How about your nose? No, I see by the
monitor Iris set up in front of me that there are just
a few drops on your face. She’s behind your head doing
an incredible close-up of my slimy vagina and your
tongue flicking my clitoris just below it.

“Now Number 1 has pulled out, and I’m going to raise
up on my arms a little, which will lower my rear. Just
keep on licking. There, now the white stuff is
starting to flow. Look how it’s coming out. You can
stop licking now and start swallowing. You’re keeping
your mouth shut, you silly pig. Time to eat. Your face
is already covered and it’s going into your nostrils.
Soon you won’t be able to breathe through your nose,
and you’ll have to open your mouth. When it opens, I’m
going to squeeze my vaginal muscles to send a bunch of
semen spurting into it, so prepare to swallow fast.

“Your mouth is still tight. I see you’re trying to
breathe through your nose. How does all that semen
you’re inhaling smell in there. It probably burns a
little, too, and it keeps on coming, so there’s not
much air going in. I see your mouth twitching. I think
it’s about to come open. There it goes. I’ll give you
a couple of big gasps for air. Now here’s your meal.

“Wow! I had no idea there was so much left. You’re
coughing and c*****g. Just focus on swallowing it as
fast as you can and you’ll soon be fine. Look at you
swallow. Uh-oh. I see your face starting to turn
green. I’m going to lift up off of you now. Misty, see
that container by his head. Lift his head back up and
put the container in front of his mouth. There goes

“That’s it, Edwin, just let it go. You’re going to get
plenty to eat this morning. OK, it looks like you’ve
stopped heaving. Misty, please empty that in the
bathroom and wash it out quickly. Then bring it back
here with a glass of water. No, Edwin, don’t move. I’m
sorry I had to squeeze your balls just now and make
you yell, but you forgot to listen again. Misty’s
back. Please lift him up again, Misty. You can push
some pillows behind him so you don’t have to hold him.

“Now, Edwin, take a sip of water, slosh it around in
your mouth, and spit it into the container. That’s it.
Do it a couple more times. We want to get all that
horrible tasting stuff from your stomach out of there.
I don’t want anything interfering with my piggy’s
enjoyment of his cream pies today.

“That should do it. Now please drink the rest of the
water. When you throw up like that, it’s easy to get
dehydrated, and we have to keep you healthy, don’t we?
OK, Number 2, we’re ready. Misty please adjust Edwin’s
pillows so he can start working on my clitoris again.

“Did you notice how fast Number 1 came, Edwin? That’s
not by accident. The men were all carefully selected.
One thing they have in common is they are all gushers.
Some men’s bodies manufacture huge amounts of come.
I’m sure it’s not a quart, but it seems like it when
you see it coming out. I’ve done lots of research in
the last couple of months.

“I wanted to make sure that my piggy would have plenty
to eat, so the men I picked all had to have an
abundance for you. Then the first 10 had to also be
thin, thinner than you. Since I was taking so many of
them into my vagina, I didn’t want there to be too
much friction, just a lot of come. Also, they needed
to be able to get themselves aroused enough that it
would take them less than a minute to come.

“See, Number 2 is coming already. Keep on licking.
That’s it. I’m not going to do the same thing as with
Number 1. But when he pulls out, there will be plenty
of stuff going into your mouth and your nose and all
over your face, and when Number 3 pushes in, more
stuff will be pushed out. Swallow it while you keep
licking me. I think I’m almost ready to come, and when
I look into the monitor and see that stuff filling
your mouth while you’re licking me, that should do it.

“Whee! That was three orgasms right there. Sorry I
came down so hard on your mouth. Did I push more of
his stuff into the wrong pipe? Is that why you’re
coughing? Uh-oh, I heard that gagging sound again.
Misty, get that container to him and lift up his head.
Go ahead, Edwin, get it out. See, there isn’t that
much this time. Soon you’ll be dry. You may still
heave, but it won’t be messy. OK, let’s clean out his
mouth again and hydrate him.

“There. Adjust the pillows again. I know you’re a
little exhausted Edwin, but we’re just beginning, so
start licking again. OK, Number 3, I hope you kept
yourself aroused. There, you sure did. That was fast.
I think you surprised Edwin, but he’s getting the hang
of it now, because he switched from licking to
swallowing quickly. Now, it’s time for your final
exam, Edwin, from now on, you need to do both at the
same time. Don’t ever stop licking my clitoris, even
while the stuff is going down your throat. When you
stop licking, I’ll give you a little squeeze to remind
you to start again.

“Look at your face. You look like a ghost because
you’re covered in a thick coat of white paint. I can
barely make out our eyes underneath it. Misty, use
that rubber ball bulb syringe with the long tapered
nozzle. That’s it. Squeeze the ball until all the air
is out and then stick it in each nostril to suck up
the come. Now squeeze it out into his mouth. Keep
doing that until he can breathe through his nose
again. Now suck up the stuff on his eyes the same way.
Good, Now take that damp cloth and wash around his
eyes. I want your eyes open for this next part, Edwin.
Ready Number 4.

“Open those eyes, Edwin. Keeping them closed is not an
option. I know they’re sticky and crusty. That’s it.
Now you see another advantage of the thin penis. He
covered it with lube, and it’s sliding easily into my
anus. Yes, there’s a little discomfort for me, but not
too much, because he’s much thinner than even you are.
There he goes. Boy, that felt like a powerful enema
spurting up into my colon.

“And look, another huge load. Some of it is running
down my ass crack and dripping onto your face. More is
coming now as he pulls out. But there’s a lot still in
there, and now I get to feed it to you. Adust the
pillow so his head moves back a little, Misty. There.
Now I’m going to lower my rear until the anus is right
by his mouth. OK, start licking, Edwin. Sorry for the
squeeze there, but you weren’t getting started.

“Good. That feels soothing, your tongue on my little
wrinkly hole. Is there some nutrition coming out of
it? Not much yet. Why don’t you stick your tongue in?
That’s it. Push. Oops! I hear that gagging sound. Do
you want the container again? No? Take a moment to
recover. OK, that’s enough. Stick that tongue back in
and try to move it around. That feels good.

“OK, here’s what you need to do now, Edwin. Pull your
tongue out of my anus and lean back a little. Misty,
take that bulb syringe and stick it deep as you can
into my anus. Squeeze until all the air is out. OK.
Remove it and let it fill up with air again. Now stick
it back and push all the air out again. I’m starting
to feel something. I think one more time will do it.
There, push that air into me. Good. I’m ready now.

“Edwin, do you know what happens when your colon is
full of air. Yes, you have to fart to let it out.
Before we started, I cleaned myself out thoroughly so
when I fart, you’re not going to get any swamp gas.
But there’s some other stuff in there that’s going to
shoot out like a cannon. The longer I can hold it in,
the bigger the explosion.

“Now, Misty, place the pillows under his head so that
his mouth is right at my anus. Now Misty, suck some
come off his face and squeeze it back into his
nostrils until he has to open his mouth to breathe.
Let me know when he’s doing that because I’m having a
hard time holding all this air in.

“You say he’s ready. OK, tell me when he opens his
mouth. There. Oh, listen to that. What a disgusting
sound! You know what just filled your mouth, Edwin. On
the Internet, they call it a cumfart cocktail. Did you
enjoy the first one? I feel another one coming. Wow!
That sounded like a gunshot. It sounds like you’re
gagging, so I think I hit the target.

“That’s it, gulp it down. There’s a lot more to come
because I still feel pretty full in there. Lots of
yummy slops for the piggy.”

When Lori had finished farting come, she got off of
Edwin and turned around. “Oh my,” she said, “look at
that face. It isn’t pretty. I’m sorry, Edwin. I
thought I cleaned myself out completely with two
enemas, but there was a little foul stuff that you had
to swallow along with that good semen. But I’m sure I
must be all clean now for the next load. OK, Number 5,
back into my ass. Wait, pull out. It looks like Edwin
is ready to heave again. Let’s get that container over
here. That’s it Edwin. Look, hardly anything came out.
You’ve thrown up everything you can. There’s nothing
in there, but soon the stuff you’re eating now will
work it’s way down, and you’ll have a nice full
feeling by the time we’re done.

“We’re not going to stop anymore the next time you’re
nauseous. You’ll just work through it. But try to
control yourself because dry heaving is a lot more
painful than throwing up.

“Misty, let him rinse out and drink some more water,
and then I want you to use damp cloth and clean
everything off his face, so it’s sparkling clean. Now
please move those pillows like I showed you before.
Remember, I’m pulling Edwin’s legs up to lift his back
off the bed, and I want you to push some pillows under
him so when I lower him. his back is propped up.
There, that’s it. OK, Number 5, into my asshole.”

Number 5 through 9 were variations on the first four.
Edwin swalowed vast amounts of come from Lori’s vagina
and ass. After each session, Lori pulled Edwin’s legs
back further and Misty pushed more pillows against
him, propping his back up higher. By Number 7, he was
starting to curl around, and his legs were dangling
over Lori’s shoulders as he ate the come out of her.
After Number 8, his legs were curled so far that his
feet were almost touching the pillows behind him that
supported his head.

After Number 9, Lori got off of him and sat down next
to him on the bed. She took her index finger and
scooped up some come covering one of his eyes and
stuck the finger in his mouth, which was panting
rapidly. He didn’t resist when she wiped her finger
clean inside his mouth and continued scooping more
come into it until she cleaned most of the come off
one eye. Then she did the same with the other eye.
After that, Misty handed her a damp cloth and she
gently washed away the rest of the come around his

The come covering his face was thickening and
hardening, and it looked like a mask, with his eyes,
nose and mouth visible through holes. He lay on the
bed almost lifeless except for the panting.

“I don’t think I need to squeeze you anymore, Edwin,”
she said. “I think you had so much to eat that you’re
not objecting now. My thin man Number 10 is going to
be a little different. Look up. Do you see how I’ve
gradually got you in a heels over head position with
those pillows under your back. Now that I’m off of
you, I can pull your legs back even further behind
your head. There. Now if you look straight up, what do
you see. Why it’s Edwin’s beautiful long, thin jewel
that I treasure so much. It does give me a lot of
pleasure, except when you come in my mouth.

“So far, my piggy has enjoyed a wine tasting. I hope
you’ve been comparing the different flavors of all my
thin men. Or do they all taste the same? We can talk
about that more some time, but now I’m going to pull
out the expensive reserve wine, Edwin Simmons 1986,
for a special treat. See, I’m going to pull your legs
back and down like this, Look, you’ve got something
right in front of your mouth. It’s a thin all-day
sucker that’s hollow in the middle and filled with a
delicious cream. Once you suck on it enough, you’ll
release that delicious white cream and enjoy every
drop of it.

“I made sure you’ve got plenty by letting it build up
this week. And I don’t think it’s going to take long
for you to get to it, because you should be really
horny right now, even though your face is covered with
come. Now I’m going to stroke you a little. Look at
that. Mr. Small and Pudgy just turned into Mr. Hard
and Strong. And it’s pushing hard at your lips. Little
pig, little pig, let me come in. Why don’t you open
your mouth for Mr. Hard and let him inside? OK, I’ll
help you. I’m gong to pinch your nose shut now while I
stroke Mr. Hard. We’ll both be patient, Mr. Hard and
I, and wait for you to open the door.

“He’s really getting harder and wants to go into your
mouth in the worst way. Your eyes are getting wide,
Edwin. I think your mouth is going to open soon. There
it goes, and in goes Mr. Hard. He loves it in there
with all the come. He feels right at home. Now just
give him a playful little suck to show you love him.
Don’t make those gagging sounds. You haven’t had
anything to throw up in quite a while, so all it does
is hurt and doesn’t give any relief. Get control of
yourself. We’ve come this far. Why make it harder.
Let’s get this over with.

“That’s it. That was a nice little suck. Now another
one. Good. Now breathe through your nose and suck as
hard as you can. If you breathe right, you won’t need
to stop sucking. That’s it. Leave the rest to me. I’ve
got some lube here and I’m going to stick my hands
into it. Do you feel my warm hand around your balls?
Doesn’t that feel good? I’ll pull on them a little
now. I can see you responding to that like you always

“Now, while I manipulate your balls, I’m puttng my
other hand around your beautiful long jewel. It’s so
long that even though you’re sucking hard on some of
it — and you’re doing such a good job — there’s lots
of it still outside of your mouth. I’m gong to close
my hand to get some good slimy friction going from all
the lube. I’m starting to pump it up and down.

“Look at your legs up above your head. They are waving
like flags in the wind. Your whole body is getting
into this, and your face is bright red. I knew it
wouldn’t take long. Just keep sucking as I keep
pumping and playing with your balls. Do you feel
yourself getting anxious? You want to come so badly,
but you also don’t want to fill your mouth with your
own come in front of that close-up camera that Iris is
aiming at you.

“Your eyes are getting wider and wider. You’ve stopped
sucking and you’re trying frantically to hold back.
It’s all right, Edwin, I won’t make you suck anymore,
because I can tell it’s too late now. You aren’t in
control. I’m not even in control. I’m just going to
make sure your penis stays in your mouth and keep on
pumping and playing with your balls. Neither one of us
knows when it’s going to happen, but I don’t think it
will be long now, so I’m going to keep on talking
until it does because I think that’s helping get you
past your resistance.

“Your breathing is going wild and your body is
shaking. Give it up, Edwin, don’t hold back. Let
yourself go. It’s going to feel so good when your
stuff starts spurting out. Oh! What was that sound.
You squealed like a pig, I think, and then you held
your breath, and now I see you’ve exploded. I’m still
pumping. I want to get it all out. Look, how your come
made the trip up to the roof of your mouth, and now
it’s coming out your nose. Look at your head move like
it’s trying to get away. And your legs are flapping
like angel’s wings trying to fly out of here. I’m so
excited that I’m coming again. I had some great
orgasms while you were licking me and eating your
cream pies, but this was the best one yet, and nothing
was even touching me between my legs.

“OK. I see you’re slowly getting soft. I want it to
stay in your mouth until the last drop comes out. Does
it taste different from the others? No, don’t say
anything yet. I don’t want you to talk with your mouth
full. OK, Number 10, are you ready.

“Edwin, I see that you are soft and about to fall out
of your mouth. So we’re ready to move on. Your tongue
is probably hurting from all that exercise and you’re
feeling a little bushed from all the sucking. But from
now on, you won’t have to do anything. You can just
relax and enjoy the rest of the video shoot.

“Oh, I see you’re not too tired to move a little. Yes,
that was No. 10 sticking his fingers into your anus.
Here he goes again. He’s standing on the bed holding
your legs, which are right over your head, and pushing
some of the thick oily lube into you from behind. Now
he’s inserting his long, thin thing inside you. I can
tell it hurts a little, because you’re not used to it,
but look how smoothly it slides in. You know, he’s the
last of the thin men, and I saved him for you, because
you’ve never anal before, so I wanted your first
experience to be as gentle as possible.

“I can see you’re breathing heavily as he’s going in
and out, but you’re just experiencing some discomfort,
no real pain. You’ve gotten used to the idea of anal
pretty fast. I think it’s because you’re already so
degraded that the psychological aversion isn’t that
strong anymore. Mr. Thin should come soon, and sure
enough, there he goes.

“Look straight up. He’s pulled your hole right over
your mouth. it’s just a few inches away. See how some
of his come is leaking out of you because he squirted
a huge load inside, and it’s being f****d out around
his tool. It’s dripping on you. Now get ready for a
lot more as he pulls out. There, that went into your
mouth and your nose, but none got in your eyes.

“Now for some more cumfart cocktails. Do you feel the
air I’m squirting into you with my bulb syringe. I
think you’re bigger inside than I am, so I’m going to
give you a lot of injections. I see you’re starting to
squirm. That’s only three. Let’s put in two more. Your
stomach is getting bloated. It looks a little like
you’re pregnant. OK, Mr. Thin, take his legs and
position him. That’s it. You can see your wrinkly hole
close up now. If you stuck your tongue out, you could
probably touch it. No, I won’t make you do that
because I see you’re almost ready to explode.

“Yes, look at that wrinkly thing. You’re staring at it
in disbelief. Watch closely. I see you’re trying to
hold it in. That’s good, because when it comes out, it
will be even stronger. I love the expression on your
face. Oh, that was amazing, the noise and the white
cream exploding onto your face. You’re keeping your
mouth shut, but the thick paint is covering your face
and going into your eyes and your nose. You’ll soon
have to open your mouth to breath.

“There you’re gasping, and boom, you just shot out
another cum fart and this one must have hit the back
of your throat. You’re c*****g, but you need to
swallow fast, my little piggy, because there’s more to
come. That’s it. Eat that cream pie that was baked
right in your own oven. Enjoy yourself. Look at you

“Uh-oh. I see something I don’t like. I thought that
because you got rid of your breakfast, there wouldn’t
be anything else there, but I see a little off white.
Just a little, though, and I’m sure there’s nothing
left. Now that you’ve finished your meal, I’m going to
wash you totally clean, so you’re ready for a fresh
start. You’re all finished with the 10 Mr. Thins.

“You’re so cute lying there helpless. It’s like I’m
washing off the face of a little boy. But while I’m
doing that let me tell you what’s next. It’s really
the same as what the last Mr. Thin just did, but
instead of Mr. Thin, you get to meet 10 Mr. Thicks.
They have just as much come for you as the Mr. Thins,
and some of them have even more.

“The difference is that I picked them for how thick
and long they are. It turns out that your anus can
accept a lot more than a vagina, so I thought these
big huge, long things would make for a good video.
Remember how you enjoy imagining me being stretched in
your cuckold fantasy. As I watch them feed you, I’m
going to pretend that I’m you watching me being
stretched and try to enjoy it like you would.

“The 10 Mr. Thicks have been saving up their stuff for
a few days, so they should also come inside you pretty
quickly, especially since you are so fresh and tight
for them. But I’m giving them a bonus if they can last
for one minute of hard slamming. That won’t start
right away. I want each of them to ease into you
slowly and then warm up and gradually increase the
speed. This is mostly for safety, because I don’t want
them to tear you.

“Since you don’t know much about anal, you’ll be
surprised that it hurts almost the same at medium
speed as it does at high speed. So I’m looking forward
to hearing from you. While you were licking me and
swallowing, you couldn’t say much, but now you’ll have
a chance.

“Once they’ve worked up to a really fast speed — I’m
figuring about three minutes for each one — I’ll
start timing them. if they hold out past the three-
minute mark, I’ll tell them they can come. I’m looking
forward to hearing a lot from you as they slam into
you, and then I’ll enjoy you enjoying lots of cumfart
cocktails. I’m not going to clean you up for a while,
because I want to see how thick a layer they can build
up on your face.

“Before Number 10, though, I’m going to clean off your
eyes, so you can watch again. Because Number 10 is
what I call a freak of nature, and you’ve got to see
what he can do. Even though the first nine will open
you up pretty wide so that your anus will soon look
like a drainage pipe with white sludge pouring out of
it, Number 10, when he’s fully expanded, will turn you
into a full sewer line by comparison.

“After he drops his load, your hole will be so huge
that I’ll be able to put both of my petite hands
inside you and scoop out all the come that’s left so I
can feed you with my hands. Then I’m going to watch as
your giant sewer hole slowly shrinks down into a
little wrinkle again. We’re going to get that in slow
motion on the video.

“That’s the grand finale. Then the girls are going to
pack up and leave, and I’m going to attend to you.
You’re going to hurt a lot, and I’ve heard that
painkillers don’t help much. You may have to call in
sick at work on Monday. But I’ll focus on helping you
heal as quickly as possible and showing you that I
really love you despite what I’m putting you through
today. And whenever you’re ready to talk, I’ll tell
you the rest. OK, Mr. Thick Number 1, we’re ready for


Edwin couldn’t move without intense pain on Sunday,
and he spent most of the day in bed sleeping. Lori
brought him food, but his stomach was upset, and he
couldn’t eat much. Even though the stuff he had
swallowed was soft and mostly liquid, it hurt
tremendously coming out, so he asked Lori to just
bring him broth because he was afraid of the pain he
would have dealing with solids.

He went back to work on Wednesday, but everyone could
see he was walking funny and making grimaces with
every step. He tried to sit behind his desk most of
the time and postponed his business trip scheduled for
the next week.

By the following weekend, things were better. He
continued to feel an occasional stab inside his anus
for as long as five weeks, but they became less
frequent. Lori said nothing to him beyond normal
conversation and just continued to take care of him

After four weeks, he began stroking her in bed one
night. She gently moved his hand off her and said,
“Edwin, I’m so happy to feel your caress again. I
think it shows you’re almost healed in body and mind.
But before we can do anything, we need to talk. Not
now, because we need to get some sleep, but as soon as
you want to after that.”

The next night after dinner, he said, “So let’s talk.”

“OK, Edwin. Remember I told you that the video session
wasn’t the end of it. By the way, I watched the
finished edited version once, but then I had to put it
away. It got me so aroused that I was ready to go out
to a bar and pick up the first man who looked at me.
You were out of the question, because you were still
hurting a lot. I’m saving it for a day when we have a
large block of time, because I’m going to go wild with

“You don’t have to watch it if you don’t want to, but
I am going to invite all the women from your office
over here for brunch one Saturday, and there will be a
special presentation on the big flat-screen in the
living room. I won’t go into all the details of how I
got you to make the video, because I want to leave
them guessing. But I expect to get a different look
and attitude from them the next time I see them in the
office or at a company function.

“I know you stopped the arrangement with your boss the
day after I discovered you, and she didn’t object, so
I was thinking about inviting her, too. But then I
decided that she’s never had to pay for what she did
because we’ve been discreet. So she’s not going to be
invited. She’ll hear all about the video from the
others, and she’ll be dying to see it. I’m sure she’ll
call me up, and she may even try to bribe you into
letting her come over. But the more frustrated she is,
the happier I’ll be. What do you think of the bitch
that you married, Edwin?

“And that brings me to what happens from this day on,
if you agree. If not, I’ll be very sad, but I’ll force
myself to go to the lawyer. At least I’ll have the
video to remember you by.

“I don’t think it’s all that bad, but I’m not you.
Remember, Edwin, we’re only talking about sex. It’s
not the major part of our life together, which is
wonderful — at least for me. I hope you agree. But
sex is still an important part, for us both. I wish
our sex life could always be as mutually exciting and
fulfilling as it was before you did what you did.

“But you did it, and there’s no going back. I don’t
think about it all the time, but I still think about
it too much. And over time, it builds up. When it gets
to be too much, I’m going to say ‘Oink!’

“Oink?” he said.

“Yes, oink,” she said. “That will work when we have
kids or someone is over here. Or if we’re in a
restaurant with another couple or we’re on vacation.
That will be my signal to you.”

“Signal for what.”

“For the next time we go to bed, whether it’s later
that day or the next day. When we have sex, I’m going
to feed the pig again. We may start off doing things
that both of us like, but before the evening is over,
you’re going to be eating some creampie. No more
cuckolding. This will be just between us, so the
flavor of the month, every month, will be Edwin
Simmons 1986 Reserve.

“I may ask you to do your thing where you suck your
own penis until you come into your mouth while I
watch. Or I may have you do my ass and then cumfart
the load you put in me into your mouth. There may be
other things I think of, and I want to get each new
one on video the first time we do it. I’ll learn to
set up the equipment myself, because, as I said, from
now on, it’s only me and you. And there won’t be much
pain. No, mostly it will just be a lot of disgusting
and degrading stuff until I get my fill of humiliating

“I’ll try to oink as little as possible, but I know
that there will be times when I just need to. I won’t
know until I feel it. Maybe there wlll be times when
it’s even two nights in a row. But I promise you, I’m
not going to be a greedy pig.

“The rest of the times we have sex — which will be
most of the time — I’m going to make it better and
better for you, because I want to prove that I love
you and appreciate your puttng up with the
humiliation. I’ll give you blow jobs as often as you
want, even every day.

“Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you, I’m no longer going to
be upset if you come in my mouth by accident. I did
some research and found out about snow balls, and
that’s what I’ll feed you if you have an accident. It
means that I’ll hold all of your come in my mouth and
then give you a big French kiss and deposit everything
in your mouth. I’ll try to make it go into your nose,
too, and make sure you swallow every drop, just like
you did on the video.

“As for anal, you can have it as often as you want.
But if you come inside me, you’ll have to eat your
come and anything else inside me that mixes with it
just like you did the other night. And since I don’t
like anal, I’m going to do my best to make you come
fast, so you won’t be enjoying much anal before you
enjoy your marbled creampie. Remember a few months ago
when I was experimenting with how fast I could make
you come. By doing certain things — and you know what
they are — I got it down to less than 30 seconds, and
I think I can do even better if you want to try.

“You may prefer to wait for oink nights to have anal
sex. I’ll let you enjoy yourself in my anus before you
deposit there. And I’m going to always clean myself
out thoroughly first to make sure there’s nothing
distasteful for you to eat besides your come.

“I see you turning green now as I’m telling you this.
That’s one reason I decided not to have you to eat me
out each time we make love. Another reason is because
then it wouldn’t be special. If you did it that often,
you might get used to it.

“I don’t want my piggy to ever get used to the taste
and smell of his special slops, so I’ll try to oink as
seldom as possible. I want each time to be an
experience that you really hate, something that
totally degrades and humiliates you and reminds you of
what you did to me. You don’t know how that excites

“Now you know what I’ve become, Edwin. Is this what
you want? I don’t need an answer right now. You need
to process the information I just gave you. Tomorrow
morning, I’m calling the lawyer again and setting up
an appointment in two weeks. I’ll wait until the night
before to see if you want me to cancel it. Why are you
looking at me so funny? What are you smiling about?”

“I’m smiling about you,” he said. “I’ve been having
nightmares about what you were going to tell me and
whether I could agree to it. I’m not going to tell you
what I imagined, because I don’t want to give you any
more ideas. These are bad enough. But you can save
yourself the phone call tomorrow. I’m too horny to
endure another night without you.” He began stroking
her arm.

Lori smiled at him. “Oink!” she said.

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