Wife gets a young black stud to satisfy her needs

This happened several years ago while me and my husband
were on a vacation. We had stopped near the University
of Alabama campus and had checked into a motel room. We
enjoyed the swimming pool, a nice evening meal and a
couple glasses of wine before going to our room. There
was not much on TV, so Harry (my husband) got out the
laptop and put in some adult movies to watch. We both
enjoyed watching adult movies from time to time prior
to some love making. This was one of those times.

The first movie was so so. Then the next one perked my
attention as it started with a young man knocking on an
apartment door and was greeted by a lady. He asked her
if she needed any repairs on here house as he was a
college student and was working his way through

She looked him over from head to toe and smiled and
said, “Come on in. I think I need someone to clean my
apartment, if you would like to do that.”

The young man smiled and entered and was given
instructions to vacuum the floors. After he started,
the lady went into the bedroom and stripped off her
clothes and put on a sheer house coat and sat down in
the living room to watch and wait.

The young man upon seeing her like this became very
aroused as evidenced by the bulge in the front of his
pants. The lady got up and went to the kitchen and
poured some ice tea returning and offering it to the
young man said, “Take a break and have some tea,” as
she patted the couch next to her.

You can guess the rest of the movie, it was hot and it
made me hot. As was our usual thing to do, my husband
and I would fantasize about the movies and each would
say what they liked about the movies and what really
got them hot etc.

My husband revealed that he thought it would be a real
turn on to see me with a young man and I in turn agreed
that it would be hot. He wanted to know what I would do
if he brought a young man home for me to have and I
told him that I would fuck his ass off. We both

Harry said, “I would love to see you get a young stud
between your legs. I bet he would go nuts in your hot
pussy. I can imagine him fucking with all he has
getting his nuts off in your hot mature pussy.”

“You are making me so horny, baby, geeee I wish I had
one right now.”

“What would you do if I went out right now and got you
a young black stud?”

“Wow, geeeeeeeee, damn! That does make me hot, not just
a young stud but a black one at that, woooo you are
just kidding, yes?”

“No, I think I will do that. I will just to into the
bar and find one and tell him there is a hot momma
waiting for him in room 202. How about that?”

I giggled and said, “You get him and I will take care
of him.” I was really wet between my legs now, it was
even making a damp spot on the sheet. Harry got up and
dressed and told me to be ready as he would be back
soon with a young black stud for me.

I lay there wondering if he was serious hoping that he
was. I was so hot I felt like I could fuck anything
that walked through the door, even a tiger.

Soon there was a knock on the door and my chest started
pounding with anticipation. I was in my red nightgown
as I opened the door and saw this handsome dark black
young man at the door. He said. “Your husband sent me
to see if you needed room service.”

I looked him up and down with approval and said, “Uhhh
yessssssssss, come on in.”

Damn, how lucky can a 39 year old white wife be? I
thought, as I welcomed my handsome soon to be lover.

“My name is Billy Ray but everyone calls me Buzz. I
play football and got the nick once when I buzzed down
the field in HS for the winning touchdown with time run
out on the clock.”

“Mine is Brenda and I don’t have any special names,” as
I giggled.

“Baby, I can see you are one hot momma. I bet you can
make a man real happy. I could not believe it when your
husband said that he had a real foxy chick in the room
that needed some black meat. I have always dreamed of
getting me a nice white wife to fuck.”

“Well I am a white wife and I think I can make you
happy. Come to Momma,” as I pulled him close and we
kissed like a couple of horny high school teen-agers.

I was so hot I didn’t waste any time pushing my muffin
into his hard cock as he pushed back. I ran my hands
under his shirt felling his muscular body and down onto
his buns pulling him to me as we rotated our hips as if
to music. His hands were on my bottom pulling me close
as he moaned and whispered that I was making him so
horny that he was about to pop his balls.

I giggled, and moved to the bed pulling my gown up as
he rapidly shed his jogging suit revealing a long thick
hard jet-black pole ready to enter my hot white pussy.
We were too horny to have foreplay. I knew that I was
about ready to have an orgasm, as was he.

Buzz found his target and pushed his long cock deep
inside my wet white pussy as he started long deep
thrusts, knocking on the door to my womb. He really
filled me up good. His cock was signaling that he was
preparing my husbands private white garden to plant his
black seed. As I met his black cock with thrusts of my
own telling his cock that my womb was ready for his
balls to empty their black seed deep inside my womb.

His black pole was now pushing hard and fast into my
love canal. His sack of balls was now spanking my ass
cheeks as he pulled me close with his hands holding me
tight signaling that he was breeding this married white
momma and no one or nothing was going to stop him. Of
course I had no interest in stopping this hot stud. He
was sending me into orbit and I was anxiously awaiting
his balls to unload in me as this always sends me over
the edge.

Oh damn, this young black stud was making me his. I was
thinking that I wanted to take him home with me and
keep him so I could have him every time I got horny. I
would even want him after my husband had me… I knew
that just looking at him would make me wet and ready
for his cock.

Suddenly, I snapped out of my trance and realized that
Buzz was thrusting deep and hard and breathing fast as
he launched his last few thrusts and his cock started
pumping those black seed deep inside me. I let out a
muffled scream as I locked my legs around his waist
shaking with my own orgasm as I felt my love canal
contracting milking every drop from his black pounding
balls. I shuddered all over as Buzz went limp on top of
me having spent his load and completed his orgasm.

I then went still for a moment then I went limp as
well, having just had the best orgasm I ever remember
having. We lay there with Buzz still on top as we both
held each other’s sweaty bodies.

After a few minutes, Buzz whispered in my ear, “Momma,
I have always wondered why my black brothers all want
to get some married white pussy and now I know. Damn I
will never be the same. You are one hot white bitch.”

I giggled, and replied, “Well I have always wondered
what a black man could do for a white wife and now I
know. Don’t tell my husband, but I will always be
thinking of you when we are having sex. I have never
been so well fucked in my life as I was tonight.”

After Buzz left that night, my husband returned and I
had to tell him all about my young black stud… Well
telling him about it, made me horny again and my
husband needed to be taken care of, , As my husband
plowed his garden, my mind was playing with Buzz and
thoughts of his black pole. This made it even more
enjoyable with my husband… I never saw Buzz again
except in my fantasies while having sex with my

Yes getting fucked by a young black stud can liven up a
white wife’s sex life. Thank you Buzz wherever you are,

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