A cop gets cornered by a lady

It would appear that this particular event that
transpired must be told or else I will surely know no
peace. It is a rather peculiar tale in the sense that
it is true (though believe me you won’t think so).

The risks, personal and professional, are starkly
obvious to me.


My name is Joe and I’m a cop. A law abiding law


We were a three man special investigation unit of whom
I was the team leader. Our current assignment was to
unravel a particular pirated movie smuggling racket
which was flourishing in the shadier areas of the
cities foreign markets. One of the people involved was
a certain tight assed West Indian chick.

We had been trailing her for a week now and had not
been too discrete about it either. Our idea was to
cause her to panic and then do something stupid.

She did…


I had just finished a long hot shower after a rather
tiring day on the streets. A few beers and a late
night movie would be the perfect companion for this
big boy.

I heard the doorbell ring. I don’t usually have

Three years on the street as a cop make you a
naturally suspicious kind of guy. Habit makes me draw
my gun.


I look through the spy hole but don’t see anyone.

“Who’s there?” I ask.

“Pizza boy!” Says a voice that is definitely not from
a boy. At eleven past midnight whoever was out there
was certainly not delivering pizzas.

“I didn’t order any. Get lost!” says I in what I
assumed was a threatening voice.

“I know,” says the voice. “Why don’t you open up and
I’ll let you have it any way.” (Honest to God this is
just what happened).

Fuck it! I’m a cop… The whole building knows I’m a
cop… whoever is out there knows I’m a cop… So
either they are plain ass stupid… Or don’t mean to
blow me away… Yet…

I hate surprises. I hate being scared more.

Cocking my gun I say “The door is open, come in.”

The door knob turns and in walks… you guessed it…
The West Indian Chick.

Thoughts began to blur in my head.

She was the bad one and I knew she shouldn’t be here.
She didn’t seem armed but… It occurred to me that
she may have her buddies in the corridor. It also
occurred to me that… I could see her ass curving out
of the short red dress.

She looks at me and says “Well! You have been
following us for a week now… So here I am… wants
to fuck?”

And that was that.

Not that she was a striking beauty.

She had ample amounts of whatever it was that women
should have… Big soft tits straining for release.
Glowing chocolate skin. Thighs that made you want to
grab something. Big wide brown eyes that reminded one
of those Jap cartoon ladies.

I could imagine her doing anything, anyone and saying
no to nothing.
And I mean nothing.

But wow, she had an aura of scintillating perversity
that hit like a steam engine around six inches below
my navel.

Now I like only two things in life… Guns… And
Sex… long, hard, sweaty, oily, screaming, grunting
scratching clawing intruding sex. Something like that
is hard to find. And moreover a person who can sustain
that kind of action over a period of time is rarer

But this lady, and I could smell it on her, was an
animal like me, I could feel it.

My mind was making all kind of reasons. I could k**l
her after I fucked her. Plant a gun in her hand…
makes it look like self-defense… I could agree now
(to whatever her requests were) screw the hell outa
her and forget my word later.

What did come out of my mouth was “What about your
pals outside?”

I still hadn’t lowered my gun. And she had still
refused to as much as look at it. She was just looking
around. As casual as can be.

“If they knew that you had been trailing me, I would
have been dead by now. I am quite expendable. So as
you can see, I’m here alone “She sat down on the floor
and resting her head against the wall fixed me with
those big brown eyes of hers.

What the hell I thought. If she was lying, I was quite
capable of screwing and shooting at the same time. It
wouldn’t be the first time either.

I asked if she wanted a drink.

She looks me in the eye and says, “Yes, but let me
serve myself.”

Walking up to me (my gun is still in my hands and she
still refuses to look at it) she undoes my hastily
wrapped towel and quickly encircles my already
stiffening member with hands that were unusually
strong for their size.

From the moment that her fingers touched me I knew
that this lady had it all.

Holding me in her hands, she slowly moved closer. I
could smell her tangy perfume. The rough material of
her dress rubbed painfully against my sensitive tip.
She knew it was hurting. My cock throbs in her tight
little fist.

Keeping eye contact, she slowly pursed her lips and
waited. It looked as if she wanted a kiss my mind in a
whirl, I moved towards her mouth. I wanted to crush
those full glossy lips. Suddenly, with no warning, she
began to blow into my nostrils. Her breath was sweet
and inviting. She knew that as well.

Somehow that gesture of breathing into me, coupled
with the closeness of her body and the pressure of her
palms made me feel as if, on some plane she had just
entered my body.

I hadn’t moved a muscle. The room was so silent I
could hear my pulse in my head. Still keeping eye
contact, she placed her hand on my .45 Smith and
Wesson revolver.

My muscles tensed and I looked down. The gun (oh my
God) was still cocked with my finger on the trigger. I
might have blown my foot off…

Then I see her finger, working its way into the gun

I look at her. . Her eyes have darkened into a deep
caramel brown. He pupils are dilated. I realize with a
shock that it isn’t drugs that she is high on. She is
high on the fact that at any moment I might pull the
trigger and blow her hand off!! !
Shit I was so hard in her hands!

Slowly she began to move her finger in and out of the
barrel. In and out and in and out ….. As she finger
fucked my gun (I still find it amazing) she slowly
increased pressure between her thumb and fore finger
around my cock and jerked my cock skin all the way
back. This had the effect of making my dick swell like
crazy. She then squeezed with all her fingers and
slowly directed her prisoner towards the rapidly
spreading wetness between her thighs.

I could feel the heat emanating from her body and
enveloping me through her thin dress. I slowly lowered
the hammer of my revolver and clicked in the safety.

She smiled when I did that. She had a lovely mouth
filled with really pretty white teeth. It didn’t
strike me as very odd at that moment, but her canines
were pointier in appearance than one was used to.

She reached behind her and undid some peculiar knot.
Her dress fell away like a bad dream that kept one
from waking up.

She gently lowered herself down until she was kneeling
on the rug in front of me. Extracting her hand from
the revolver she gently cupped my taut ass and drew me
closer to her mouth. I expected her to take me into
her mouth and suck me off. But Oh no! Not this lady.
Still kneeling and still with my cock grasped in her
hand (skin pulled back tight) she took her free hand
away from my ass and slowly inserted her first finger
into her mouth.

So there we were, me standing she kneeling. Both of us
naked. My cock throbbing in her hand and she sucking
off her finger. This went on for a few moments.

I dropped my gun and placed my hand on her shoulder,
content to let her take the lead for now.

She pulled her finger, now slick with saliva, out of
her mouth and looked up at me. Keeping eye contact
(she was quite fond of that), she curved her wet
finger around my body. She found my opening and
firmly, though very gently, pushed her slim finer into
my butt and into my body.

Only then, while she began to finger fuck me, did she
spit on my dick, wetting the it till some dripped off
onto her thighs. She then opened her mouth wide, and
smoothly guided my now rather engorged cock deep into
her mouth. She didn’t stop until the all of me was
pushed up against the back of her throat.

I must confess that I was now quite ready to blow my
load but some degree of control and pride demanded
that I hang on. So hang on I did. While she used an
arcane combination of erotic psychology and physiology
to drive me crazy.

A few moments later she really began to suck me off.
Hard slurping wet movements that were turning my legs
to Jell-O. This coupled with her finger in my ass was
the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced.

I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out and I
grunted out that I was close to giving her my
personalized welcome drink. She didn’t seem to take
notice but actually increased the pace of her ass
fucking and the ball squeezing that was already
underway while she sucked and slurped me to the
Promised Land.

I felt the cum rising up toward the point of no cum
back! I yelled out in pleasure and blasted my
appreciation into her mouth. I came and came and she
drank and drank. Every last drop.

I slowly crumpled to the floor near her, gasping for
breath that seemed insufficient irrespective of how
much I pulled into my system.


When I opened my eyes, I found her next to me, feet
tucked into her side like a coy kitten. There was a
bit of pearly white stuff on the corner of one her
mouth. She waited for me to focus on it and then stuck
out a pink tongue and licked it off.

Smiling at me she asked, “Nice?”

Her voice was warm friendly and sounded like a
heartfelt laugh was just a moment away.

“Very!” I said. “Will you stay tonight?”

“Of course! We have yet to get down to fucking?” was
her reply, said with a mischievous glint in those warm
brown eyes. “What’s for dinner? Or have you already
eaten” She asked.

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