A guy’s dream comes true while climbing rocks with his winsome female friend

Why had I done this? Rock climbing was always something
I had dismissed from my list of things to do. After all,
why would I want to risk life and limb to strain every
muscle in my body and feel like shit the next day!

I guess I can only answer by saying that her blonde hair
and deep brown eyes had me entranced. Susan was a girl I
had met just a couple of months earlier, but something
about her drew me in immediately.

She was very athletic but also very feminine. Each time
I saw her, I noticed something different about her. Her
blonde hair was about 6″ past her shoulders and very
silky. Her deep brown eyes matched her perfectly tanned,
perfectly proportioned (at least in my eyes) body. Her
breasts were not too small, and not too large. Her ass
was very tight and rounded. I could go on for hours but
I think you get the idea.

The thing that got me to the rock was her sultry sexy
voice. In a teasing way, she invited me to “scale the
big one” with her. Since we had talked about her hobby
before, I knew exactly what she meant.

Thoughts began racing through my mind. Most of all, I
just wanted to be alone with her. Here was my chance.
I’ll jump ahead and just tell you that my first
experience at rock climbing was hell. However, what
followed was worth all the pain!

As we reached the top of the mountain, there was a
stream that was gently flowing by. Susan took her pack
off, and then began to take her clothes off. I couldn’t
believe it! Right before my eyes, my dream of seeing her
naked was unfolding. I was extremely embarrassed as she
giggled at my staring.

“I’m so…” I began to say, but she quickly interrupted
by saying, “Why don’t you join me?”

Well, here goes another first. I’ve never undressed in
the great outdoors before, but the possibilities that
loomed in her sultry voice had me undressing without a
second thought. We stood there naked and I noticed her
stare. Oh shit!

It looked as though I had a flagpole protruding from me.
I can’t remember being this hard before. Sensing my
embarrassment, Susan took me by the hand and led me into
the cold water. I wanted nothing more at this time than
to get my swollen member under the water. But, Susan
stopped me as the water get to my knees.

Without words, she knelt down and splashed the cool
water on my hot cock.
Then in one sweeping motion, her warm mouth engulfed me.
It was all I could do to contain myself.

For the minutes which seemed like slow motion, Susan
licked every inch of my manhood. Taking me fully into
her mouth, she sucked as I have never felt before.
Suddenly I felt the point of no return. I pulled away
from her and groaned, “I’m cumming!” I felt her hands
grab my ass. My God! She’s holding my in her mouth. I’ve
never had anyone swallow me before.

As I exploded in her mouth, she gulped every drop. She
then rolled back into the water.


We spent the next few minutes swimming around and
playing like c******n. Susan led me out of the water and
pulled a blanket from her backpack. We spread it on the
ground and began to kiss. I remember thinking, “I can’t
believe this is happening.” But it was.

She sucked me to full erection again and then straddled
my face. There it was, the most beautiful cunt I had
ever seen. It was as though she had it professionally
groomed. It was perfect.

There was one problem. I had only been with 2 other
ladies in my life, and never had performed oral sex.
What did I do? Susan lowered herself to my face and
without another thought, I gently kissed this beautiful
cunt. Slowly, I began to discover the joys I had been

It was warm, wet, and indescribably delicious. I must
have been doing something right as Susan was moving to
my rhythm and softly but deeply moaning with pleasure.
Her legs tightened around my head and her rhythmic
circles quickened. I thought of my own orgasm earlier
and began to suck on her swollen clitoris. Susan
exploded in what I would call a violent orgasm.

Had I not been so excited myself, her clinch on my head
would have been very uncomfortable. As it was, it just
caused me to lick and suck harder. Then I heard the
words I’ve always wanted to hear but never had… “Fuck
me, NOW!”

We rolled over and without hesitation, I found her
waiting cunt, which was soaked from her orgasm. I slid
my cock into her slowly, realizing how eager it was for
this. I slowly and rhythmically thrust myself in and out
of her. She pushed me back. Was I doing something wrong?

Then she rose to her knees and guided me to enter her
hot love from behind. I had never done it any other way
than the traditional missionary way. This was
unbelievable. The feeling was completely and wonderfully
different. At this point, I must tell you that I can
hardly hold back.

After experiencing this wonderful new way of lovemaking,
Susan sensed my near orgasmic thrusts. “Not yet” the
sultry voice said as she pushed me back. Reaching around
behind her, she took my cock in her hand.

What now? I thought. Just as the thought entered my
mind, She guided my cock to her ass hole. What! I had
heard of this, but certainly never thought I would ever
have the opportunity. I pushed against her hole, but it
seemed as though I was against a brick wall.

All at once, I felt myself plunge into her anal
darkness. With a gasp, Susan began to buck against my
manhood… first slowly, then wildly. She began to
scream out in orgasm and I was ready too. But what to do
– Just as I was about to come, the answer cam, “Fill my
ass with your hot cum.”

I exploded with what seemed like an hour-long orgasm. I
felt her tight ass milking my every drop. When we quit
our mutual orgasm, Susan sweetly said, “hold me,” and we
napped for a while on the rock.

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