One boy and five girls, and one inexperienced boy, at the beach, together for a few days and nights

It’s funny, but at first I didn’t even want to go to
the beach with my family. I was playing second base for
the local American Legion team and hitting almost three
hundred; I was beating my buddy in Earth Rage 3
regularly and Susie Watkins had talked to me at the
church picnic and given me a boner that took an hour to
go down. I had just finished my second year of high
school with a 3.5 grade point average and had been on
two junior-varsity teams. I was doing good.

But I went, wearing a sour look and what I wanted,
ratty shorts and a grungy t-shirt, and carrying my two
old bathing suits in a paper bag, my hat down over my
eyes. Nobody had told me that we were sharing a big
house with the Parkers and the Rollins. If they had, I
would have been first in line, and I might have put on
clean underwear.

The Parkers had three pretty daughters, two in high
school and one younger, and the Rollins girls were
prime beauties, a set of blonde 15-year-old twins, just
my age. We hadn’t seen them for a couple of years, but
I sure remembered. And I was the only boy, just me a
five nubile girls. Hot damn!

The big, wooden place had four bedrooms so the three
sets of parents got one each, the five girls went into
the fourth on two beds and a cot and that left me on
one of those blow-up mattresses out on the screened
porch. My mother said she was sure I wouldn’t mind. I
just smiled. I smiled a lot that week.

After I helped unload the cars, I pulled on some trunks
and trotted up to the beach and found our big umbrella
with a young girl sitting under it. I ran out and got
wet in the pounding waves, but the water was too cold
and rough for much horsing around so I trotted back and
flopped on one of the big towels spread on the sand.
Only Ginny, youngest of Parker bunch was there, a cute
girl who was going to be a beauty like her sisters.

She wiggled over beside me and handed me a tube of
sunscreen or something. “Do my back,” she asked and
then said, “please” and smiled as she peeled off her
shoulder straps and bared her back down to her butt.
She was a pretty little thing, just maturing, twelve or
thirteen I suppose, her boobs still conical and her
hips nonexistent but her legs plenty long.

I was greasing her when her sisters appeared, dripping
wet, their excited nipples hard in their tiny bikinis,
tight-lipped pussies bulging wonderfully. The older
one, Susan plopped down beside me and asked, “Having
fun?” The younger, Samantha, saw someone and ran off,
jiggling various parts of her fine body. She just oozed
sex, or sexuality, or something that produced instant
erections; you name it, she had it. Samantha was a
first class, Ay number one, Yankee Doodle stone fox.
She was number one on my lust list.

Susan was eighteen but just about my size, five-ten,
but her weight was distributed in a much more
interesting ways. She had a fine ass and a great rack,
her breasts bulging out of her tight, spaghetti-
stringed top and her mound overfilling the bottom of
her flowered suit. She had applied to five top-tier
schools and been admitted to three of them and wait-
listed at the other two. Smart as a whip, my
grandmother would have said.

“Billy,” she said sweetly, putting her hand on my
thigh, where no girl’s hand had ever been, “we’ve been
talking on the way down here, and,” she paused and I
handed Ginny back her tube of stuff, “and since you
have something we want, something we don’t have,” and
her hand went right to my groin and found my half-hard
cock, shrunken and numbed by the cold water, “this
little thing,” she said with a smile, “well, we thought
you might share it with us.” She squeezed and I nearly
squealed but bit my lip instead. Nobody but me had ever
touched it. And recently, I must admit, I had been
touching it a lot, three times a day wasn’t unusual.

About then the platinum blonde twins arrived from
strolling up and down the beach and producing, I am
sure, a hundred hard-ons. Valerie and Veronica were
plain and simple babes, little ash blondes with killer
bodies, wonderful smiles and good brains, seniors next
year at age sixteen. They were well aware of what they
looked like, and they used their hard and curvy
cheerleader bodies to get what they wanted. I doubt
they ever failed. The rumor was that they had been
doing it, fucking that is, since they were twelve and
that they started with their father and now did mostly
his friends but very few boys their own age.

One sat on either side of us and, at the same time,
both pulled up the top of their miniscule, strapless
swimsuits and smiled at me, a pair SI and Hugh Hefner
somehow missed. “I was just telling him what we
decided,” Susan said, hand up the leg of my suit and
fingers tickling my balls. I made an odd noise and
managed not to squeal. The twins licked their lips and
looked at me with what I can only describe as hunger.
My cock tried to lunge and found itself caught. I tried
to smile, feeling trapped. The twins looked at each
other and licked their pouting lips. I felt trapped,
happy but trapped.

Now my body was not anything to brag about. I was
skinny, 145 pounds on five-eleven, but I was in pretty
good shape even if my feet were big, my legs were bony
and you could count my ribs. As for the swelling item
Susan still had her hand on, I was pretty sure it was
at least average having seen a lot of them in the
shower at school. The only one I knew was bigger was
the coach’s and his looked like a hunk of liverwurst
about a foot long and wide as my ankle. It was

“Anyhow,” Susan said with a tiny stroke on my hardening
member, her thumb rubbing its head round and around,
“we were hoping we could, you know, get you to, well,
to let’s say service us, like, on a regular basis this
week, I mean all of us except Ginny, of course.”

The little girl sniffed and managed a small smile,
licking her lips. “We’re used to getting it, you know,
like regularly, almost daily, back home.” She smiled at
me. “You might say we’re hooked up most of the time
these days, all four of us. And we don’t want to try
the locals. We did that last year, and it was awful.”

The twins nodded.

“Poo,” said Ginny loudly, “I want some too.”

“What’s going on?” asked Susan’s younger sister
Samantha, striding up from the sea like a lioness, hips
rolling, jugs bouncing, shaking out her long hair and
undulating her exiting, 16-year-old body and producing
a quick swelling of my cock in her sister’s grip. She
left two guys back in the water, waist deep and waiting
to relax before they got out of the surf, their tongues
hanging out as waves broke across their backs.

“Oh,” said Susan, smiling at me as my cock became
almost fully aroused, “he has a nice big one. Isn’t
that great?” She squeezed it again and I gasped. “Just
what we hoped for.”

Samantha knelt on the blanket facing me and leaned
over, putting her hands on my shoulders, smiling and
displaying her luscious breasts fully as they hung
there right before my face, a pair of pale globes in
spandex. “That is nice. I’m first, Billy, how do you
like that?” She inhaled and expanded her chest. My
heart stopped. She chuckled and kissed my forehead.

Susan’s hand got a good grip on my swelling cock. Her
fingertips touched my scrotum. “We already have a
schedule, Billy,” she said, milking gently. “You can do
two a night, can’t you?”

I blinked and kind of whimpered. “It’s going to spurt
if you keep doing that,” I said to her, trying to keep
my voice from breaking. “I think I’d better go hop in
the waves.” And I jumped to my feet and ran, hearing
laughter behind me.

After our pizza supper, the six of us walked the
boardwalk, me and Ginny trailing the four girls in
their white shorts, flip-flops and flapping tops. They
had people bumping into each other as they passed, and
boys in groups ogling them and whistling. They
chattered and ignored, bought some fancy sunglasses,
rode the Ferris wheel, tried hitting a few softballs,
played some PacMan machines, and then we walked back to
the cottage, drawing more stares and catcalls on the

I did not see any girls, singly or in groups, as pretty
as the four we were walking behind. Just watching their
young asses move was excitement enough for me, and
Ginny chatted and skipped along at my side, pretending,
I suppose, that we were a couple. She is a nice kid,
but compared to the other girls, looks like a child. By
the time we got home, my balls were aching.

The adults were watching TV and playing bridge or
something so I pumped up my mattress, used one of the
two bathrooms, stripped down to my boxers and got under
the thin blanket at about 11 o’clock, tired but happy I
had decided to go to the beach.

I guess I had half-forgotten Susan’s talk of sex, but I
couldn’t forget Samantha’s dangling breasts, full and
firm and softball sized, they were not forgettable. I
mean, there they were, man, right in front of me, just
behind her dangling hair, close enough to lick,
bobbling, bobbling with a tracery of blood veins and
jutting nipples. I closed my eyes and grabbed my cock.

I guess I had been asleep for an hour or so when
somebody nudged me and whispered, “Move over.”

“Whazit?” I mumbled as a warm body crawled under my
blanket and put her lips on mine, her hand on my bare

“It’s me,” Samantha whispered, “I told you I was first.
Everybody’s in bed, but I’m not sure they’re all
asleep. I know Ginny’s awake and the twins are, well,
you know. You got her all excited just holding her

“Wah?” I said brightly, my brain still numb, half awake
but my cock tingling just from the smell and nearness
of a young female plus the feel of her nipples on my
bare chest as she snuggled closer and our legs got
entangled. I felt the stubble of her warm pussy on my

“All of us are safe, understand?” she whispered. “So we
don’t have to think about condoms or anything unless
you’ve been a bad boy.” She kissed me again, open
mouthed, “Have you?”

“Ah?” I said. “Me?”

She giggled. “You’re a virgin, aren’t you?”

Since her lips were right there, I kissed her, and she
kissed me, and then we kissed each other and our
tongues got acquainted. My hands discovered that she
was bare, naked, nude, whatever word you like, just
warm, soft skin, acres of it. I was in bed with a naked
girl, a girl that wanted me to . . . My brain stopped
working and gave over control of my body to some other
source of action, something older and much more
primitive I’m sure. My cock went from limp noodle to
iron pipe in two seconds flat, a new record.

One of her hands slipped down my flank and pulled my
boxers off, yanking hard when they entangled with my
eager pole. It sprang up like it was on coil springs or
something and the girl, said, “Oh,” when it bumped her
belly. Then she put her hand on it and firmly stroked.
“Oh, it’s really hot and it’s curved isn’t it?” She
rolled over so her back was to me and wiggled closer,
into spoon position.

My hand closed around her full breast and my prong
squirmed and poked up between her thighs. I heard her
take a deep breath and felt her fingers capture my
cockhead and put it where she wanted it, in her hot
folds. “Push,” she said with a sigh, wiggling. Her
entrance was warm and wet and seemed to suck me in as
her buttocks pressed on my belly. I was in a girl,
fucking a female for the first time. I was a man.

I pushed and maybe half of my spear slid right up into
her, effortlessly. I almost screamed with pleasure it
felt so good. Her pussy was massaging me, vibrating and
quivering all around my blood-filled penis. I backed
off and pushed again. I moaned, but I pushed, pushed
hard, gritting my teeth, tensing every muscle I could
think of. She was really tight, slippery but tight, and
she drew me deeper, stretching me out.

“Good, good,” she sighed. “That feels so good. Push

So I did it again and again and again, out and in, out
and in, over and over, and every time I did it, I got
deeper and got more wonderful pleasure, more exciting
feelings as her vagina welcomed the intruder with hugs
and ripples, a very tight sheath that was never still,
and her flaring sex lips fluttered on my shaft. I
kneaded her breast and felt her nipple harden. My other
hand captured her other boob. I squeezed and thrust,
and thrust, and thrust as we rocked and writhed

“Don’t hurry,” she whispered, wiggling her butt. I
could feel her tits getting hard and rubbed them with
my thumbs. She made a noise in her throat.

I nodded and tried to control my breathing as well as
my fucking, pushing still deeper, my teeth clenched, my
abs tensed, my toes trying to dig into the air-filled
mattress or the wooden floor, gulping for breath. Her
butt moved with me, pushing back against my
penetrations. We were both breathing hard and fast,
almost in concert.

“That’s good, really good,” she said quietly as she led
my right hand from her breast to her soft belly, “now
you can go a little faster.” She snorted. “And harder.”
She trembled. “And rub right there.”

So I went a little faster and pretty soon we were both
grunting and gasping, and she said, “Shush. Quiet,
quiet. Deeper, Billy, get deeper.” I was sure I
couldn’t, but I did. Her hand was covering mine as my
fingers explored her gash. I could feel some stubble
and then I found it and she gasped and moaned.
“Harder,” she gasped. I pinched her clit between my
forefingers. She shuddered.

Since I was in to the balls and they were tensed up at
the base of my thick rod, I didn’t know any way to get
deeper, but I rolled to my back with Samantha atop me,
got both hands on her waist and then helped her sit up
with my rigid ram throbbing way up within her. She
sobbed and leaned forward, put her hands on my knees
and began bouncing. Then she cried, “Yee,” put her hand
on her mouth and, I guess, climaxed a couple of times.
I felt a gush of warmth on my balls, and she collapsed
back on my body, limp and quivering. Then she slipped
off to the side, sobbing quietly, gasping for breath I
guess. My prong popped out of her, sore and throbbing,
wanting more friction.

And, while I was still trying to regain my senses, she
was gone, tiptoeing away, and I was left with this wet
flagpole sticking up in the air. I couldn’t believe it
and I wondered how long it had taken for me to lose my
cherry, if you can call it that. I didn’t know if it
had been an hour or five minutes. I did know nothing
that exciting or pleasurable had ever happened to me
before. (I almost wrote “or since’ but that isn’t

I tried to relax, feeling the warm breeze on my
genitals, knowing I was no longer a virgin, hoping I
had given pleasure because I sure had received plenty.
After a bit, my cock flopped down on my belly, soggy
and fat but no longer hard and hot. My balls were still
spasming so I held them, kneading gently, surprised
they had gotten so big and hard, almost globular. That
was when one of the twins appeared, her pale hair
almost glowing in the moonlight.

She knelt beside my bed and pulled her babydoll top
over her head and smiled at me. It was all she had been
wearing. “How’re you feeling?” she whispered, reaching
over to pat my resting penis. It jumped. “Are you
ready?” Her big nipples were jutting out like finger

“You talking to me or to him?” I asked.

She giggled and crawled in beside me and cuddled up,
nuzzling my shoulder and neck, in the crook of my arm.
“Samantha wouldn’t tell us. She just smiled.”

I put my hand on her butt and pulled her closer. Her
knee came up between my legs and nudged my scrotum. I
made an odd noise, something like a whimper, a small
cry, animal-like. She made a noise like a cat, a happy
noise, almost a growl, more than a purr.

“You need some more time?” she whispered in my ear,
kissing my neck and then my mouth, her ripe body
undulating on mine.

I kissed her back and then we kissed a whole bunch and
somehow I clambered on top of her and before I really
knew what I was doing her legs were wrapped around me
and my revived cock was buried in her and we were
humping each other, really banging our bodies together,
bones rubbing. I just closed my eyes and got my hips in
motion, mindlessly.

“Slow down,” she groaned as I hammered at her and
suddenly ejaculated, crying out briefly before she
clamped a hand over my mouth to stifle my groan of
release. “Damn,” she said and she snorted, her lush
body bucking under me, her vagina rippling, sucking,
pulling me deeper, squeezing, milking, hurting.

But I didn’t stop. I hardly paused, but I did slow down
after she beat on me and clawed at my back, and we
rutted happily and squishily until I came again and by
then we were both dripping sweat and our flesh was
smacking together loudly and often. I pumped out three
or four ropes of my thick jism in her and then pistoned
a lot of it out until my well-satisfied ram began to
wilt and finally to relax. Then we lay on our sides,
nose-to-nose and smiled at each other, trying to get
our breath, her hands linked on my back, mine on her

“You satisfied?” I managed to ask after a while.

She nodded and licked her lips. “You?”

I smiled and she picked up her frilly top and vanished
into the house, silent as a cat. In seconds I was

Three of the adults went down to the ocean with us the
next morning, and we spent a lot of time playing in the
water, splashing and dunking each other and riding the
breakers on air mattresses. By lunchtime I was tired
and after we ate, I pulled my bed into the shade out on
the porch and took a nap. I hadn’t done that for a long
time and my mother asked if I was feeling all right. I
just smiled and said I was tired.

I woke suddenly with Ginny worming her way under my
thin blanket. She giggled. “Everybody’s gone, up to the
beach or shopping.”

I had skinned out of my wet bathing suit and was
napping naked and now I had a young girl in bed with me
– an interesting problem. I soon found out that she was
as bare as I was.

“You’re too young,” I protested, trying to push her
away as she tried to hug me and swung one thin leg over

“I just want to see it, to feel it,” she whined. “I’ve
never even seen one.” She tossed back my blanket and
sat up. “Ew, it’s all wrinkled.”

“OK,” I said, trying to control myself, “now you’ve
seen it. Go away. I’m tired.”

“Tired from fucking,” she said, poking at my cock with
her forefinger. “I thought it was all hard and stiff.”
She sniffed and made a face. “I’ve seen pictures.”

“You shouldn’t use words like that,” I told her,
feeling my cock begin to stir.

“What are you doing?” asked a loud voice. “My God! Get
out of here, Ginny,” cried Samantha. “Leave him alone.”
She knelt beside us, wearing just her bikini and her
flowered shirt. “Poor boy.” She reached down and
grasped my scrotum which had somehow become baseball
shaped again, hard and full. She smiled down at me and
squeezed gently. “See,” she said to Ginny, who was now
kneeling beside her, “these are his balls and you have
to be very careful with them.” My cock was rising fast.

“Oh, look at it,” Ginny squealed, pointing at my
rearing rod.

“Sam, please, get her out of here,” I begged, feeling
my male member began to fill with blood as she held my
ballsack. It was embarrassing.

“And see,” said the lovely Samantha, running a
fingernail along the top of my prick, right along the
rim, now that it was standing up, “this is his glans,
his cock head, and it’s very sensitive. OK?”

Ginny nodded and I whimpered as the luscious girl
grasped my rod and stroked downward, holding it at the
hairy base. “It’s getting really hot. Feel it.” Ginny
put her finger on it and smiled at me. “No, put your
hand on it; feel how hard it is inside.” The girl did
and her mouth came open. “OK, that’s the lesson for
today,” Samantha said with a smile, “now scoot.”

“Can’t I stay and watch,” the girl begged. “I’ll be
quiet, promise.”

“OK, sit over there. This won’t take long. We can’t
leave him like that.”

By then my prick was not only standing straight up in
the air but it was jerking around. Samantha flicked off
the bottom of her swimsuit and displayed her carefully
shaved pudenda. She swung a leg over me, squatted just
above my ram and then lowered herself onto it, her
tongue tip in the corner of her mouth and her eyes
fixed on mine. Her vulva’s pink lips fluttered out and
grabbed it.

“Here it comes, Billy,” she sighed as her body captured
my upright horn, enveloped it, and plunged down on it.
“Ah, that’s good,” she sighed. “He’s just the right
size, Ginny.”

She grabbed my wrists and brought my hands up to her
full breasts. I slipped them under her bikini top and
filled my palms, kneading those big jugs like bread
dough, squeezing her little nipples out between my
fingers. She gritted her teeth and rotated her hips, I
guess trying to get comfortable.

Then she began, at first very slowly, just moving an
inch or so, leaning forward to grind us together, and
soon faster and deeper, rearing and grunting with
effort, making three or four inch bounces on my shaft,
really smacking us together. “Come on, Billy,” she
gasped at me, “don’t just lie there.” All I could hear
was slap, slap, slap.

“Somebody’s home,” Ginny cried. “I heard the door

“Saved by the bell,” Samantha said to me, leaning down
and squeezing my prick with her vagina until I was sure
she was going to rip it off, “but wait until tonight.”
She laughed, kissed me and then quickly stood, grabbed
up her swimsuit and took Ginny’s hand and trotted away,
leaving me hard and dripping.

I put on one of my damp bathing suits which helped to
calm my cock and went up to the beach, played some
volleyball, threw a Frisbee in the surf, ogled the
girls and had a good time, getting a slight case of
sunburn for my efforts. That evening it was back to the
boardwalk and to the shooting gallery, the batting cage
and the bumper cars. And then home. I don’t know if the
girls were nervous, but I sure was, eager as well.

Susan was first that night and she lay spread out on my
air-filled mattress with her knees wide apart and her
feet flat on the floor and demanded that we do it
missionary and very, very slowly so that was what we
did with me arched up over her wonderful body on knees
and elbows, doing push-ups into her pussy and pushing
from my toes until she began bucking and snorting and
pulled me down on her and humped like a mad thing
before going limp and lying there smiling and content.
It didn’t take long, but it sure was fun.

I limped off to a bathroom, pissed and washed my sore
equipment, running cold water on my limp cock until it
was numb, knowing the worst, or perhaps the best, was
yet to come. It was Valerie a half-hour later who went
right to my groin and licked my penis until it was long
and hard and then crawled up to kiss me and then mount
me, pushing down on my chest to sit up.

She wiggled to get comfortable with my pole in her guts
and then she rode me, smacking my ass to encourage me
to more effort and grunting with every thrust until she
sobbed, climaxed and collapsed down on me, clawing at
my shoulders, our pubic bones rubbing together and her
juices and mine flowing down over my scrotum, her
luscious jugs mashed into me.

“Sam told me to finish what she started,” she
whispered, gulping for air.

I just nodded.

We lay there in each other’s arms, both of us gasping
for breath. After a bit she whispered, “You ever eat a

I kissed her cute little nose and shook my head.

“Well,” she sniffed, “I licked you so you should lick
me, understand? It’s only fair.”

She pushed me away and sat up on my pillow with her
back to the wall and her legs spread. “Now,” she said
with a grin, “get your face down here and suck my

“But Val,” I begged, “it’s full of my jism, my cum.”

She smiled, grabbed my head with both hands and pulled
me right down between her smooth legs. Her pussy was
wet and gooey. The lesson began with her thighs
pressing my ears and her hand on the back of my head. I
licked. I sucked. I probed with my tongue and grabbed
her hard buttocks. Her labia were fluttering and
rolling when I covered her whole vulva and sucked
deeply before I tongue fucked her until I couldn’t do
it any more.

And then I found her tiny prick, her clit, flicked it
with my tongue tip and her breathing got very ragged,
her thighs fell open and she sobbed with pleasure and
finally grasped my hair and pulled me off her as I
sucked her love button until it got long and hard. My
face was soaked, but I was smiling. It really didn’t
taste that bad either.

She crawled away, found the t-shirt she had been
wearing and disappeared, blowing me a kiss. I wiped my
mouth with my hand, my cock still aroused and tried to
go to sleep. Finally I stepped out on the back porch
and jerked it until I came, spurting out into the dark.
Then I slept.

Wednesday was cloudy in the morning and rainy in the
afternoon so we all stayed in, played board and
computer games, watched movies on TV and told lies to
each other. The girls went to their room and closed the
door, and the adults tried to teach me how to play

By dinner time it was raining hard so we watched
another movie, and I moved my air mattress into the
living room and bedded down in a corner while the
bridge game went on for an hour or so. Within minutes
of the lights being turned off, Susan was beside me.

“We are going to give you a night off. I’m afraid of
the noise, and one of them might get up to go to the
bathroom or something.”

“OK,” I said, disappointed, my cock already jumping.

“Maybe you could eat Ginny and let her suck you off
tomorrow. Would that be OK? She’s really unhappy.”

“I suppose, but she’s liable to scream you know.”

“OK,” she said, “here, suck this.” She bent down and
pushed one of her gorgeous boobs into my mouth and, at
the same time, grasped my eager cock at its hairy base.

I moaned.

“Quiet, lick it.” She stroked upward, very slowly, and
I licked as hard as I could.

“Now nibble, gently.” She moved her hand down my shaft
in a corkscrew manner and then squeezed my balls.

“Enough,” she said, letting go and standing. It took me
an hour or so to smack the thing down and get to sleep.

The next morning the luscious twins and their parents
packed up their stuff and left. Some kind of trouble at
the business, we were told. I didn’t even get to say
goodbye, they were gone so quickly.

I was given the adult’s bedroom, and Ginny moved from a
cot to a bed. I wondered what that meant for our
nighttime activities but tried not to think about as we
played in the waves on an overcast day.

It was well after midnight when Samantha crawled into
my bed and snuggled up and kissed my shoulder, her knee
right up in my groin. “Tonight,” she whispered, “we are
going to do what some people call bunny or doggy, that
is you are entering me from the back, in the pussy.
Understand? I don’t do sodomy.”

I nodded.

“You’ll probably get a lot deeper and you may feel the
need to come before I’m ready.”

I nodded.

“Don’t,” she said nibbling my lower lip. “Tomorrow,
maybe, maybe you will do Susan’s ass. I don’t like it
but some do.”

I nodded.

“This way,” she whispered, pushing me away and getting
up on all fours beside me, “maybe you can hit the spot,
the G-spot. We’ll see.”

By then my prick was stretching my skin, hard as it had
ever been, and I got on my knees behind her rounded
butt and poked fruitlessly.

She giggled and reached back and guided me in. “Now no
hurry,” she said and then she groaned as I rammed. It
was like penetrating velvet, a really different feel,
just as pleasurable but different. I felt somehow
stronger, more in control or something. I held her at
the waist and then leaned over her back and grasped her
breasts as we got going. Our movement was almost
machine-like, rocking back and forth, in and out.

“Hah,” she gasped. “Right there! Back up a bit, some
more. Oh yes. There. Rub there, Billy. Be gentle.
That’s good. More. More.” And then she shivered and
exhaled, her head drooping.

I changed my grip to the headboard and really got into
her, hard as I could, banging us together.

“Stop, stop!” she hissed. “The bed’s making noise.”

I slowed down and then wrapped my arms around her and
rolled to my back with Samantha still impaled on my
hard rod. She exhaled loudly, disengaged herself and
flopped down beside me. Her hand captured my slimy
prick and she whispered, “This bed is awful noisy,
let’s try it spoon fashion, like the first time.”

It took me at least another half-hour to satisfy her
and then she kissed my sore cock and disappeared,
leaving the hall door open. I was almost asleep when I
saw Ginny tiptoe into the room, shed her t-shirt
nightgown and the felt her crawl in beside me.

“Hi,” she whispered, getting right up next to me and
putting her hand on my belly.

“Sneaky,” I whispered as her hand slid down to my pubic
hair and then grasped the base of my big horn.

“Susan’s asleep so you can do me,” she whispered.

“No I’m not. Get out of there,” Susan hissed, grabbing
her sister’s arm and pulling her out of bed.

Ginny ran out of the room and Susan climbed on top of
me, mashed my cock between us and kissed my mouth. I
don’t remember much of what happened after that.

On our last day at the beach we spent some time
sweeping out the place, had a last couple of hours up
on the sand and then said our goodbyes, packed up and
headed home. Ginny and I had found some time early that
morning after we ran into each other at the bathroom. I
stripped her, tossed up on my bed and then got in
beside and pulled up the sheet. We cuddled.

“Want me to lick you?” I whispered and she nodded so I
kissed my way down her lean body, licking both of her
little nipples on the way and sucked her hairless pussy
until she gasped and pulled me off of her. I never
found her clit with my tongue.

“Thanks,” she said after we kissed some. “I was going
to suck you, but you’re too big. Maybe next year.”

“OK,” I said, “promise me.”

She crossed her heart and smiled.

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