A nudist’s adventures while on the why home

I spent the holidays and a couple of weeks after at my
Dad’s place in Chicago. I was indoors and nude the
majority of the time. I had planned it that way so that
I wouldn’t have to haul three suitcases along with me.
My dad knows I am a nudist and that I intended to be
naked while I was visiting. He got divorced from my
stepmom last year and I think he was just glad to have
some company, so he told me that I could be naked during
my stay.

When I left my dad’s place, all I put on was my long
coat and some slippers. I figured I might as well be
comfortable while driving, so I wore as little as I
could and planned on taking that off once I got on the
highway. I was soon on the interstate and once I was
clear of the city, I slipped out of my coat and drove
nude. I caught the attention of several guys in big
rigs, and I just smiled and waved when I noticed them
watching me. I’m sure it was the highlight of their

I ended up having to stop and get a hotel room because
of bad weather. I hate driving in snow and heavy rain. I
got into Canton, Ohio around 9:30 at night, slipped my
coat back on, and checked in to a fairly cheap hotel
there to crash for the night. I had only fastened a
couple of buttons on my coat, and the creepy guy at the
hotel desk was noticeably trying hard to see inside. He
even walked with me to show me where my room was. Once
in my room, I shed my coat and started to run a hot

A couple of minutes passed and there was a knock at my
door. I had just got there and it was late, so I knew it
had to be the guy from the office. I opened the door a
crack while standing behind it. It was the manager
again. I had forgotten to sign the credit card slip, so
he came to get it signed.

I apologized and said that I was just about to take a
bath. The frigid air from outside chilled me and
hardened my nipples to their stiffest and gave me goose
bumps all over. He handed me the receipt and a pen. I
took them to the dresser with the TV to sign, and as I
did so, the door began to open farther. I think the
manager probably pushed on it, but didn’t see him do it.
When I turned back toward the door, the manager was
inside and was just a couple of feet from me and the
door was standing wide open with me there butt naked. I
handed the slip to him and said that I needed to go turn
off the faucet for the bath.

When I came back from the bathroom, he was still there
staring hard and could barely speak. The door was still
open wide and some other guests walked by and stared
inside. I shivered and thanked the manager for coming
and said goodnight as I ushered him out and closed the
door. I could probably get some free extras during the
rest of my stay if I’d wanted to.

The next morning, I met this guy named Hector during
breakfast at the Denny’s across the street. He was
Hispanic or Latin, speaking with a hint of an accent,
dark skinned, tall, and big. I was there alone at a
small table reading while waiting for my breakfast. I
was kind of bundled up in my rain coat, wearing an
oversized white blouse and some low rise jeans

Hector asked if he could join me and I said he could,
and he took a seat across from me. The waitress came
with my food, and he ordered coffee and we chatted while
I ate. He was kind of quiet, but I’m pretty talkative
and I told him why I was there and about my trip to

After breakfast, I wanted to check out some of the shops
nearby. Hector asked if I would like some company. Since
I didn’t know anyone, I told him I would enjoy it if he
joined me, and we walked down the street through the
snow to a decent sized mall. We checked out some
touristy shops with Ohio stuff and then to some clothing

I wanted to look for some warmer gear to wear since I
hadn’t packed much and I was stuck for the time being. I
bought some nice boots called Minnetonka Moccasins to
keep my feet warmer and a couple of sweatshirts. I also
picked up some long underwear. It was a one piece called
a Red Onion Suit that had the flap that opens in the
back with the buttons. I bought it too small so that it
would hug my curves and fit snug under my clothing.

We continued browsing until around lunch time. I was
getting hungry and asked Hector if he wanted to get
something to eat. He told me he didn’t have much money
with him, so I said it will be my treat. I chose to eat
at Red Robin since I had been to several in the past and
knew I could get a good burger and a drink there. He had
the whiskey river burger and I had the guacamole burger
and I ordered a couple of nuclear ice teas for us to

After lunch I wanted to go back to my hotel to drop off
my purchases and put on my new boots before doing a
little sightseeing. Hector accompanied me to my room and
I invited him to have a seat while I used the bathroom.
I dropped my bags on the bed and slipped off my coat and
wet shoes and went to use the toilet. When I was in
there I looked in the mirror and realized that the
blouse I had on was pretty sheer in this light with my
nipples being very noticeable. I would need to grab one
of the sweatshirts if I go back outdoors.

When I came out, Hector had removed his jacket and shoes
and was sitting on the bed with the TV on. With his coat
off, I could see he was very muscular and tattooed. He
had many tattoos, which I always considered a turn on,
but his were dark in nature. Tattoos are usually a very
personal thing, so I didn’t ask him about it.

My pants were all wet at the bottom, so I also grabbed
my jeans from my suitcase. I took them into the nook by
the bathroom and slipped off my wet pants to change.
Being wet and tight, it took allot of effort to get them
off. I finally did and dried off my wet legs with a
towel before putting on my dry jeans. I went back into
the room to get a sweatshirt to wear over my blouse. My
bags were beside Hector on the bed as I went to grab
something more appropriate for the climate.

He watched me while I was leaning over opening the bags
and then stood and put his arms around me from behind
and said thank you for lunch. I turned around and he
kissed me very passionately, pulling me tight against
him. I was now feeling the cocktail from lunch, so I
kissed back while he grabbed at my shirt, nearly tearing
it off before pushing me to my knees to suck his cock.

I am a submissive, and really enjoy rough sex, so I was
all for this. I unfastened his belt and unzipped him to
drop his pants to the floor. I pulled his cock through
his boxers and sucked it into my mouth. He had a musky
smell and a salty taste, but his cock was large, so I
went to town. I sucked him while he played with my tits
very roughly. He had a beautiful cock, about eight
inches long and very thick. With him still in my mouth,
I slid his shirt up so I could run my hands over his
stomach and chest.

I kept sucking him until he was very stiff and made me
stop. He pulled me to my feet and unfastened my jeans
before turning me around and sliding them off me. Then
he shoved me on the bed on all fours with my bare ass
facing him and took me doggy style. He shoved his cock
in me in one hard stroke and I squealed because of his
size. He rode me hard and fast making me cum repeatedly
until I couldn’t take it anymore and I pulled away from

I told him to lie on the bed. I slipped off his boxers
and sucked his cock a little while getting him good and
wet with spit and then I got on top of him facing him,
and put his cock against my ass and slowly pushed myself
down until he was fully inside then I rode him, slow at
first, but getting faster and faster. We did this for a
good fifteen minutes until he shot his cum in my ass. It
was a big load and felt great.

We laid there for a long while, me on my side with him
behind, spooning me, and chatted. I asked him why he
ravaged me like that. He said because I sent out so many
signals. “What signals”? I asked. He said buying him
drinks and lunch, wearing that see thru shirt with no
bra and teasing him by bending over so many times while
shopping, bringing him back to my hotel room, and
bending over in front of him on the bed with enough
buttons undone that he could clearly see my tits.

He also could see me changing pants because of the way
the vanity mirror and room mirror were aligned, and said
that he got to clearly see my bare ass and shaved pussy
since I had no panties on. I told him that I wasn’t
intentionally sending out signals, that is just how I
am, sort of care free, and that I was just being nice.
He seemed to have fallen on hard times and I wanted to
help. He started to apologize, but I stopped him and
said that it was okay, I needed to get laid and he
fucked me very well. We talked a little more before we
dozed off in each other’s arms.

When we woke up we each took a shower and I offered to
take him back to the mall to get some clothes, since all
he had was what he was wearing. He emerged from the
bathroom fully dressed. I was at the mirror doing my
makeup with just a towel wrapped around me. I asked him
what I should wear, he looked through some of my stuff
and said, “Your new boots and this,” holding my long
trench coat.

“But it’s cold outside,” I said.

“You asked,” he told me. He had me there, so I removed
my towel and put on the boots and he helped me into the
coat. I figured this might be fun.

We left my room and headed down the street back to the
mall. I didn’t realize the slit in the back of my coat
was as high as it was until I felt his icy hand between
my thighs while crossing the street, his thumb in my
butt crack. I jumped, and asked if he could see anything
from back there. “Just your legs, all the way up,” he
said, as he pushed his thumb into my butt. I grabbed his
hand and removed it from under my coat and told him “not
here” before sucking it a little. “As much as I enjoy
it, your hands are cold and it’s hard to walk like
that”. I held his hand the rest of the way while we

When we got inside the mall, he suggested I unfasten one
or two of the bottom buttons and go try on some shoes at
the shoe store. I giggled a little and undid the bottom
buttons. Teasing the poor shoe salesman sounded like a
devilishly fun idea. For the most part, all he got to
see was my legs all the way to the top, but I know that
at least a couple of times he got to see my bare pussy
as I spread my legs while he was fitting the shoes I was
trying on. I didn’t buy any shoes, but I’m sure I made
his day.

We stopped at several men’s clothing stores. I would
pick out something that I thought would look good on
Hector and he would go and try it on. We found a couple
of shirts that we both liked so I bought them for him.
At another store, I got him some socks and underwear and
some khaki pants that he liked. He pulled me into the
dressing room with him when he went to try on the pants,
telling the salesman that he wanted my opinion on the
fit. Once inside, off came my coat for a quick tongue

When we came out, the sales guy asked what I had under
my jacket. I told him I had nothing underneath. He said
he would need to see or else call security. I didn’t
want to get busted for having sex in there, so I opened
my coat and bared myself to his embarrassment, and said
“I told you I didn’t have a thing underneath,” and
giggled at him.

There was Cineplex at the mall, so we caught a movie
before going to dinner. I got a large popcorn and some
beverages, and then Hector led me by the hand to sit in
the front row all the way to one side. It was mid
afternoon on a weekday, so there were only a couple
dozen people there. He unfastened the buttons on my coat
and sat the tub of popcorn in my lap on my bare legs.
Once the lights were down and the film started, he
grabbed a handful of popcorn. After he ate a few
handfuls, he spilled some of it into my crotch.

Well it was now time for him to retrieve his spilled
popcorn. He started rubbing my bare pussy until I was
wet, then he started working a finger in me. He fingered
me a little before inserting a second finger. I bit my
lip to keep from moaning while he finger fucked me to an
orgasm. He then removed his fingers and offered them to
me to suck. I did so, until he pulled them from my mouth
and went back for more popcorn. He had a couple more
handfuls and then slipped his hand into my jacket to
fondle my breasts, first one, and then the other.

In doing so, both were now exposed to the open air and
anyone that wanted a peek. If we had been in an adult
theater, I’m sure we would have fucked right there for
everyone’s amusement. After the movie, we got a quick
bite for dinner and went back to my room where we spent
the night together, fucking several times during the

The following morning, the weather had improved, so I
would need to get back on the road. Hector asked if it
would be okay to catch a ride with me since I was going
that way. I thought about it, and eventually said yes. I
packed my stuff up and we loaded my car. Hector waited
in the car while I went to check out. I was wearing my
long coat and boots again, and I was of course bare
underneath. I saw that the same creepy guy was in the
office as I approached. I stopped outside to extinguish
my cigarette and I also unfastened all the buttons of my
coat before going inside.

I let my coat hang loosely as I talked with the manager
and it flopped open naturally as I was reviewing and
signing my bill. When I looked up to hand it to him, his
eyes were fixed on my exposed nudity. I smiled and asked
if he would like to see all of me again. He swallowed
hard and said yes. I slipped my coat from my shoulders
and set it on the counter and did a naked twirl for him,
very slowly.

When I was again facing him, I reached for my coat and
turned for the door, not putting my coat back on until I
was halfway outside. He would probably be masturbating
to my image for a long time to come afterward. I was
very pleased with myself for that.

Hector talked me into wearing just my bathrobe or less
for most of the time while driving. I really didn’t need
any encouragement, since I like to drive naked quite
allot on my own. I gave him head once when he was
driving. He almost wrecked because of it, so I decided I
would not do that again while we were moving. We fucked
in the men’s room of almost every rest area we stopped
at. If it was dark out, we fucked on the grass or a
picnic table, just about anywhere that felt right.

At one of the rest areas we stopped at, there was snow
on the ground. It was very late and no one was around,
so we played in the snow. You should have seen me
running around in my boots and my red onion suit with
the flap hanging open while we had a snowball fight. I
wish I had a camera to capture a few pics. I think I
looked pretty darn sexy in my skin tight long johns with
my bare ass hanging out.

When we got to New York City it was evening and we went
to Hectors brother’s place and I stayed the night. The
next day, he insisted that I stick around, his friends
were coming over to celebrate his freedom and there
would be a big feast. Hector asked me to wear the same
thing I had on when we met and I did as he asked.

After breakfast, four of us remained at the dining table
to play dominoes and we started in on tequila shots.
After every shot, Hector would discreetly unfasten
another button on my blouse while giving me a hug from
behind. He kept doing this until they were all undone
and I was sitting there nearly topless and very buzzed.
I didn’t even notice and continued the game.

Later in the day I was feeling pretty good, happy and
numb, and decided I was too warm for pants, so off they
came. The guys hooted and hollered, so I danced and
teased them wearing just my white shirt, and I soon took
that off and started to give the guys lap dances. It was
like I was back in college stripping again. I can’t say
for sure how many of them fucked me, most if not all of
them I think.

When I woke the next day, Hector was curled up behind
me. I woke him by sucking his cock, and then we fucked
for a good half hour. I asked him to join me for a
shower afterwards so I could get back on the road. We
soaped each other lovingly and I took his cock in my ass
one final time. We dried each other off and got dressed.
I wore just my coat and boots like I did to the mall.

We said our goodbyes and I got back on the road home. I
was there a few hours later and immediately went to bed
for the night.

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