A Transvestite’s Tale

As I laid back against the wall of the toilet with my
nylon-clad thighs spread wide and my erect cock jutting
up lewdly from between them, the wooden door in front
of me slowly opened to admit the guy from the stall
next to mine.

“Oh yessss!” the guy hissed quietly, slowly wanking his
rigid cock and bolting the door behind him as he took
in the erotic sight of me lying back in front of him,
me now totally exposing my sexy undies to his gaze,
“That’s nice very nice!”

“Hi, I’m Suzy!” I smiled in a low voice, “What would
you like to do to me?”

“I’d like to… fuck you and then watch you sucking
me off!” he replied.

“Mmmm! D’you want to fuck me lying on my back, or
doggie-style?” I asked.

“Just like you are now on yer back!” he replied,
“With yer legs up and over my shoulders, so’s I can
push my cock deep inside you.”

I reached down and took hold of my nylon-clad legs
behind my knees, and pulled them up to my chest
squashing them against my 36b hormone induced tits.

“Like this?” I smiled.

“Yeah… exactly like that!” he grinned.

He stepped forward and positioned his knob-end up
against my puckered ring before slowly easing the
purple bulbous end of his cock past my sphincter-
muscles and easily sliding it inside me. Having been
fucked many times before, I’d taken the trouble to
dilate my sphincter-muscles by using a dildo on myself,
and also liberally lubricating myself with some KY gel
before coming out that evening.

“Christ, that feels good!” he gasped as he slowly sank
all the way into me so’s he pressed his pubic hairs up
against my ass, “Nice and tight!”

“It’ll feel even better when you start fucking me!” I
breathed, “Slide that beautiful cock of yours in and
out of me and don’t stop until you’ve filled me with
your cum!”

He placed my legs over his shoulders and did as I said
sliding deep and powerfully into my suctioning ass
with his hot cock!

“Oh yeah… fuck me! Fuck me and fill me, you bastard,”
I whispered hoarsely.

He laid over my folded body slamming his rigid cock
into my willing ass and gasping for breath with the
effort of thrusting into me!

I quickly reached down and unbuttoned my blouse
flinging the material aside before undoing the clasp of
my front-fastening bra the two lacy cups snapping
apart to lie limply at my sides and totally exposing my
now naked tits to the guy’s gaze!

“Ohhh… spurt your hot cum deep inside me!” I urged
him as I caressed and squeezed my firm tits with my
hands, “I want to feel your cock throbbing and jerking
inside my ass as you spurt your thick and creamy spunk
deep inside my guts!”

I’d learned in the past that ‘talking dirty’ to a guy
that was fucking me, soon had him coming and increased
the lust he was feeling as he pounded into me!

Sure enough, a few moments later he gasped that he was
getting very near to coming and that I’d soon be
feeling him emptying the sticky contents of his balls
deep inside my guts just as I’d wanted! A few seconds
later I felt his cock harden and swell even more than
it was already a sure sign he was about to come!

“NOW!” he gasped suddenly, “I’M COMING… NOWWWWWWWWW!”

I could feel his cock jerking deep inside me as he
spurted his cum into me him no longer sliding all the
way in and out of me, but now fucking his throbbing
cock into me with short, sharp thrusts and gasping out
loud and in time with each spurt!

He then slowed to a stop and laid over me, fighting for
his breath before slowly pulling out of me and standing
between my splayed thighs.

His semi-hard cock was now dangling between his thighs
and slowly dripping cum before I quickly sat up and
sucked the cum-coated knob-end into my mouth saving
the precious fluid and swallowing it down!

“We don’t want to waste any of your gorgeous cum do
we?” I grinned as I pulled off him and licked my lips
as I looked up at him.

“Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty more for you to
drink!” he grinned back at me, “Just you wait and see!”

I grinned broadly at him before I sucked his cum-coated
cock back into my mouth and ‘deep-throated’ him his
cock once more beginning to stiffen and grow larger.

He stood before me and slowly ‘face-fucked’ me as I
leant forward and wanked on my own rigid cock his own
cock now rapidly growing in my mouth so’s I couldn’t
easily deep-throat him any more.

“Here, let me toss myself off into your mouth!” he
said, taking hold of his now rigid cock, “I want to
watch my cum spurting into your mouth and then you
swallowing it!”

I slowly slid off the toilet seat to kneel in front of
him before upturning my head, so’s my open mouth was
directly facing his swollen knob-end.

“Is this okay?” I asked him.

“You just stay like that, and I’ll direct my cum right
inside your mouth!” he replied.

“Shall I keep my mouth open until you’ve stopped coming
so’s you can see your cum lying inside before I swallow
it?” I asked.

“Yeah… Yeah, that’d be great!” he grinned.

His fist rapidly slid up and down the length of his
rigid cock and his face contorted with the effort of
him wanking on his hard cock. Then it changed and he
told me he was getting near to coming and for me to get
ready for his second load of cum!

I dutifully opened my mouth as wide as I could and he
pointed his purple knob-end directly at it a thick
spurt of thick and creamy cum suddenly jetting from the
end and landing on my tongue before being quickly
followed by another, and another!

In all there were five good spurts of his thick and
creamy cum now resting in my open mouth, and so I
raised myself up and proudly showed him the load I now
had there.

“Swallow it… slowly!” he said quietly, “Then show me
your empty mouth!”

I closed my lips and rolled back my head before
swallowing his cum and letting him see my throat moving
as the slimy load slid down to my belly only then did
I look back at him and open my mouth wide to show his
cum had gone!

“Beautiful!” I grinned, licking my lips clean of cum,
“I could drink that forever!”

“You’re a horny bitch I’ll say that for you!” he
grinned, “And a great fuck!”

“Thank you. I hope we meet up again real soon!” I

“Mmmm, you can bet on it!” he smiled before he turned
and walked out of the stall.

I left the door unlocked and tidied myself up before
settling back for a ciggy and waiting for another cock
to suck or get fucked by.

Before I continue with some more of my experiences as a
bi transvestite, I’d like to tell the reader a little
about myself and my background, so’s you can have a
mental picture of me when I’m describing some more of
the things I’ve done in the past.

Although I call myself Suzy when I’m dressed as a
woman, my real name’s John.

I live alone in a very large house on a landed estate
inherited from my late mother and father after their
untimely and tragic death in a road accident three
years ago.

I have over twenty general staff that help me run the
estate and see to the everyday needs of caring for
3,000 acres of woodland, rolling moors and hillsides,
with one estate manager who is in overall control and
who is directed by me in estate matters.

The main incomes are from the shooting rights of the
estate, the three tenanted dairy farms, and from the
overall forestry management.

As far as the house is concerned, I have two
housekeepers that cook, clean and run the house for me,
and a secretary called Anne that deals with the
business side of things with me. She is the one I spend
most of my time with in my office and it has to be
said that we’ve become very good friends as well as co-
workers. She deals with the legal stuff and farms it
out to my solicitors and accountants after I’ve made
the decisions and passed them on to the various
workers. (She also makes an excellent cup of coffee!)

Now more about my personal life…

I’m 25, very slightly built with long dark brown hair
that’s tied back during working hours in a short pony-
tail. This means that I can have my own hair done in a
feminine style when dressed as Suzy something that
now only takes me half an hour to do.

After taking a course of female hormones, I now have a
pair of firm 36b tits with perky nipples that fill my
bra-cups beautifully, but aren’t too prominent during
the day when I’m f****d to wear a shirt and jacket.

Because of my position on the estate and my standing in
the shooting fraternity, I keep both my bisexuality and
my intense passion of wearing women’s sexy undies a
closely guarded secret the only other person knowing
both of my bisexuality and love of wearing feminine
things, and also who I am in everyday life, being
another trannie called Michelle.

‘She’ frequently visits me when everyone’s gone home in
the evenings, and we have had many sexual escapades
together, sometimes us walking around the estate
together whilst dressed in our sexy stuff and with us
usually ending up in the woods, where she gives me the
best fuckings I’ve ever had!

The reason is, that she has the most fantastic cock and
truly massive knob-end I’ve ever seen on a cock in my
life really big and bulbous! As if that wasn’t
enough, she can come six or seven times in one hour
each ‘come’ having enough thick and creamy cum to
nearly fill a teacup! Michelle would rather fuck than
be fucked the exact opposite of myself so you won’t
be surprised when I tell you that I’ve walked all the
way back from the woods hundreds of times with her cum
still oozing from my gaping ass, with loads of it still
dribbling down my nylon-clad thighs when we’ve walked
through the front door of the house!

To satisfy my lust for wearing women’s clothing and
sexy undies, I have a massive collection of clothes and
undies secreted in the walk-in wardrobe of my bedroom.
These mainly consist of many styles and colours of sexy
basques, lacy bra and matching suspender-belt sets,
various styles of nylons and several wigs, along with
many styles and colours of skirts, tops, and blouses
a great deal more than most women would have at home to
choose from! Of course I have to clean and press
everything myself so’s my housekeepers don’t see them!

I had my first bi encounter when I was 13 and walking
in the same woods I use today.

It was a hot summer’s evening and I was watching one of
the workers. We got talking about things and he asked
me if I had a girlfriend? I told him I hadn’t and we
talked in more depth about sex and obviously, shagging.
Things really took off when he pulled out his seemingly
massive cock for a piss! Because I’d never seen a fully
grown guy’s cock, my eyes were riveted to it, and he
noticed him then asking me if I’d like to hold it for
him? I eagerly took hold of the rigid tool and felt my
own cock starting to stiffen much to my surprise and
embarrassment! He noticed that as well and asked me if
I liked what I was doing, and the feelings I was

I admitted I did like it, and of course one thing led
to another with me soon squatting down in front of him
and eagerly sucking his cock for him as I wanked him!

He soon shot his thick load in my mouth, and it seemed
the most natural thing in the world for me to swallow
my first mouthful of cum much to his delight!

Needless to say, I was up in the woods almost every day
from then on for my daily drink of his cum, and things
soon developed to where we went deeper into the woods
one day, where I got my first fuck, with his cock
spurting deep inside my ass!

It hurt a little for the first few seconds the first
time, but it was made easier and less painful by the
liberal amount of ‘Vaseline’ he ‘happened’ to have with
him that day!

From then on I was fucked almost every evening that
summer and was firmly hooked on having a guy spurting
his thick and creamy cum deep inside my ass!

One weekend when he wasn’t working, I tossed myself off
and imagined I was being fucked by his massive cock, by
pushing the toilet-brush handle in my ass a poor but
necessary substitute for the real thing!

And because in the past, I’d frequently raided my mum’s
undies drawer and worn her bras and panties to have a
wank in when she and dad were out during the day, my
love of undies intensified in the weeks to come, as I
imagined myself to be a woman that was getting fucked
by a guy as I laid back on the bed wearing nothing but
mum’s bra and panties, with a courgette or carrot from
the fridge wedged firmly up my ass!

When I told him what I’d been doing at the weekends, he
asked if he could see me wearing my mum’s undies when I
next came up for a fuck?

My heart was beating madly as I made my way up to the
woods the following evening, not only in anticipation
of a good fucking, but also with knowing what I was
wearing underneath my clothes for the first time
outside my bedroom, and especially because I was going
to let someone see me wearing them before they fucked

He asked me if I was finally wearing some sexy undies
for him and I parted my shirt to show him my mum’s
black bra underneath. His eyes nearly popped out of his
head and he quickly led me to our spot in the woods
where I stripped of and proudly stood there, wearing
nothing but a black bra and panties!

“Fucking beautiful!” he breathed as he stroked the
empty lacy cups of my bra and felt the rigid shaft of
my cock through my panties. He immediately undid his
pants and took out his rigid cock before telling me to
get down on all fours! I wasn’t quite sure what he
meant because I’d never been fucked this way before and
had always laid on my back while he fucked me.

“I want to fuck you like the horny bitch you’ve
become!” he said as he guided me into position, “Now
just hold on while I make you nice and slippery!”

I felt him pull my panties to one side and apply some
‘Vaseline’ to my ass, and then felt his rigid cock
sliding all the way inside me his balls pressing
against my ass and his knob-end butting up hard against
the inner walls of my ass!

“Oooo yesssss!” he breathed softly as he gripped my
hips and started to fuck his cock in and out of my ass,
“Now you not only feel like a woman, you actually look
like a woman that wants a good fucking!”

He must’ve been really turned on by fucking me in my
sexy black undies, because he soon came violently!
And instead of pulling out like he normally did, he
left his cock inside me and gave me another great
fucking straight after the first!

It was as I suddenly came and spurted my own load of
cum onto the ground without even touching my cock, that
I realised how turned on I’d become whilst getting
fucked and wearing mum’s sexy undies, and how turned on
other guys got as well!

“If I buy you something else to wear for me besides
your mum’s bra and panties, will you wear them for me?”
he asked quietly as we lay back to recover.

“Of course I will!” I replied, “What is it?”

“Two things actually… a black suspender-belt, and
some nylons!” he replied, “Now seeing you wearing those
will be a tremendous turn on for me!”

“Mmmm, and for me as well!” I replied, with a tickle
running through my guts!

We sucked and fucked all through that summer and the
next, until dad dismissed him for bad timekeeping. I
was devastated to say the least, because I’m sure it
was him that made me what I am today. He insisted I
always took the part of the woman during our fantastic
sex romps together, and enhanced my love of wearing
women’s undies by telling me how sexy I looked in them
and explaining to me how my whole personality changed
from being that of a horny young lad to me becoming a
lusty young slut when wearing them!

From then on I frequently wore my stuff under my
everyday clothes and got a real kick out of me knowing
how I was dressed when walking through the town or
nearby park, in search of guys to fuck me and to share
my secret with them.

In an effort to meet up with guys that wanted me to
suck them off or fuck me in my undies, I often went
down to this park and sat on a bench by the river of an
evening whilst wearing nothing but my bra, suspender-
belt and nylons under my lightweight raincoat the
front of which I strategically left partly open, to let
anyone that looked close enough see how I was dressed

I’d had various levels of success by trying this hit
and miss method sometimes not scoring all week, and
then scoring three or four times in one week and
getting someone’s sticky cum inside me from one end
or the other!

A considerable benefit also being that I learned from
some of the guys about many other places where I could
meet guys that’d be more than interested in fucking me
whilst wearing my stuff two places mentioned most
being the toilet block in the Corporation Park at the
other end of town, and a quiet lay-by about 5 miles

The lay-by was out for the time being because I was
still too young to drive, but the toilets gave me many
good fucks from the guys (and women) I met there
Michelle being one of them nearly three years later!

I was standing outside the toilet block and having a
ciggy in the gathering gloom one evening, when I saw
the figure of this woman walking towards me. She smiled
and said hello as she passed me to go inside the
toilets, and I returned the greeting.

I was immediately struck by her beauty and even
though I only got a fleeting glance of her as she
passed by, I decided that I’d go and sit in the stall
next to hers and peep through the glory-hole to get a
sneaky look at her sitting on the loo if nothing else!

My heels ‘clip-clopped’ on the tiles as I walked across
to the stall next to the one with the door closed, and
I went inside leaving my door unlocked as I usually

I removed my coat and leant back on the wall with my
legs spread wide and my cock lewdly jutting up from
between my nylon-clad thighs as I gently wanked it.

I was just about to lean forward and look through the
hole, when I noticed some movement from the other side!

So, she was having a crafty look at me and what I was
doing, was she? Well, let’s give her something to see,
I thought to myself.

I slowly stood up and moved to stand directly in front
of the glory-hole before leaning back against the
partition and spreading my legs as I started to slowly
wank myself!

A few moments later I saw her watching me intently as I
blatantly wanked myself, and then plainly heard the
jingling of what I assumed to be her charm bracelet, as
she squatted there obviously strumming and rubbing
her clitty!

I then saw a beautiful pair of red lips push up against
the hole and her tongue licking them an obvious sign
that she wanted to suck me off!

So I edged towards the hole and pushed my cock forward
parting her lips and slipping into her hot mouth! As
I thrust my hips back and forth, I felt her sucking on
my throbbing cock and making my cum rise rapidly from
my balls. A few moments later I was emptying my sticky
load into her suctioning mouth!

I was surprised with the speed at which I’d come
because I can usually make it last for several minutes
even when I’m really excited.

It wasn’t until I thanked her and she pulled away, that
I took a quick look through the hole to see she was
dressed only in a lacy white basque, white lace-top
nylons, and white high-heels. And as she sat down on
the seat, laid back and spread her knees apart, I got
the surprise of my life! She was in fact a ‘he’ and had
a truly magnificent thick cock jutting up from between
her nylon-clad thighs, surmounted by the biggest knob-
end I’d ever seen! It resembled a very large closed-cup
mushroom, and was crowning a thickly veined shaft about
the size of the cardboard tube from the inside of a

What happened next made me determined that I’d got to
wait for her outside…

I watched her lick some dribbles of my cum from her
lips, as she spread her legs wide and take hold of that
magnificent cock her white suspenders stretching taut
and pulling away from her thighs. Then she closed her
eyes and started to slowly wank herself her fist
sliding up and down her shaft and slowly gathering
speed as she flexed and relaxed her nylon-clad legs.
Then she seemed to take a really deep breath and hold
it as a massive spurt of unbelievably thick and creamy
cum shot from her massive knob-end arcing high in the
air to land with a soft ‘splat’ between her legs!

No sooner had that first astounding spurt of cum left
her knob-end, than another, and another, and another,
and another, quickly followed, until she’d spurted
about a cupful of really thick and creamy cum onto the
toilet floor! What I would’ve given to have had load
spurted up inside my ass!

She then simply let go of her cock, and let the rest of
her cum slowly ooze out of her now shiny and purple
knob-end, to slither down the underside of her shaft
the thick, opalescent fluid forming a gooey pool on the
sack of her balls that was about the size of one of my
‘normal’ ejaculations! Determined not to miss her and
to see about me arranging a meeting with her, I slid on
my coat and went outside to wait for her!

It was another ten minutes before she finally opened
the toilet door and ‘clip-clopped’ out and across the
tiled floor.

“Hi there!” I said as she exited the toilet block, “I
hope you don’t mind, but I just watched you have a wank
in there and was amazed with your beautiful cock and
beautiful knob-end, and also how much spunk you came!
So I was wondering if there was a chance me and you
could… get together sometime, and maybe find a
more… suitable place for you to spurt your cum?”

“Thank you! We can get together right now… if you’d
like?” she smiled broadly, “I can come five or six more
times like that, before I’m finally empty!”

“What…? You can come another five or six more
times… and there’d still be as much cum as you came
just then?” I asked her incredulously.

“Sure!” she smiled, nodding her head, “Each time I
came, there’d be just as much, and it’d be just as
thick, as the last time! What’s more… I can come all
of that in an hour or so but the downsides are, I
can’t hold it back, so each wank or fuck I have, only
lasts about three minutes, and not everyone can take my
cock inside them!”

“How about we give it a try?” I grinned rather
assertively, “I’ve got plenty of KY gel with me, and
I’m more than willing… if you are?”

She gave me another smile and then pulled open her coat
to reveal that her cock was still as hard, and as
large, as when I’d first seen it!

“How about you wank me and suck me off right now then
you’ll be able to feel the size of it for yourself and
also see if you think you can take it?” she suggested,
“But don’t forget how much cum there’ll be!”

I looked round to check all was clear then dipped my
head down to her rigid cock!

I had to stretch my mouth wide open to accommodate that
fantastic knob-end my lips thankfully closing behind
it and gripping onto her rigid shaft! I then clasped my
hand round her cock and slid it back and forth her
foreskin sliding easily over her shaft and making the
job easier for me.

As my fist rapidly slid up and down her thickly veined
shaft I felt her knob-end swell even more in my mouth,
and I readied myself for the sudden gush of spunk I
knew she was going to spurt down my throat! Again, she
held her breath as her cum raced up her shaft, the
massive load erupting in my suctioning mouth!

I quickly swallowed it and was instantly rewarded by
six or seven more thick and creamy massive gushes of
cum all of which I managed to swallow without

“Hey, you did very well!” she said as she looked down
at my face, nestled between her taut white suspenders,
“Not many have been able to take it all without

I didn’t reply straight away, instead I sucked the
remnants of her load from her still rigid cock before
pulling off her and standing up.

“Thank you!” I smiled as I wiped my lips clean of cum,
“I’m Suzy, by the way!”

“Michelle!” she beamed as my hand dropped back to her
cock and idly wanked it.

“Well Michelle, shall we find somewhere a bit more
private and see if I can take this beautiful cock of
yours in my ass?” I suggested, “There’s a good place
behind those rhododendron bushes over there that I
sometimes use!”

“Mmmm, an al fresco fuck! I like those!” she grinned,
“Yeah, why not?”

We walked over to the thick bushes both of our erect
cocks slapping against our nylon-clad thighs, and I led
her round the back and through a gap in the foliage
so’s we were completely hidden from the outside.

“We’ll be alright here!” I told her confidently, “I’ve
been fucked many times whilst bending over this branch
but never by such a beautiful cock as this!”

The bush was almost hollow inside and I squatted down
as she placed her coat over a branch and lovingly
kissed the tip of her knob-end licking of a small
drop of cum that was still nestling there.

“Well let’s hope you get fucked over it once more
tonight, Suzy!” she replied in a hushed voice, “Perhaps
even more than that!”

“Mmmm, I hope so Michelle!” I told her truthfully, “I
really do!”

I gave her knob-end a final kiss before turning round
and bending over the low branch and spreading my legs
wide apart so’s she could get right in between them and
sink her entire length into me.

As I settled down onto the branch I felt her smear some
KY gel around the puckered entrance to my ass and then
heard her putting some more on her cock.

“Okay… ready?” she asked the tip of her massive
knob-end pushing against my ring, “I’ll take it very
slow, and you let me know if you want me to pull back,

“Okay!” I replied, bracing myself for the biggest cock
I’d ever taken, “Once your knob-end is inside, you
should be able to slide your cock inside me easy

She slid her knob-end up and down a few times to lube
us both up, then started pushing her monster mushroom-
like glans into my protesting ass!

I knew I was in the hands of an expert when I felt her
push hard inside me and then pull back a bit before
pushing hard again each time dilating my sphincter-
muscles and easing that massive bulk a little further
inside me.

“Push it a bit harder and then hold it inside me to let
my sphincter-muscles dilate!” I told her, “Then you
should be able to ease it right inside me with one more

“Okay!” she whispered, “Here goes!”

She pushed quite a bit harder and then stopped with her
knob-end wedged partly inside me to let me open up a
bit, then applied some more pressure!

As I felt her slide almost imperceptibly a little
deeper into my protesting ass, I braced myself and
pushed back at her and felt her glorious knob-end
suddenly slip a few inches into me my dilated
sphincter-muscles closing tightly round her thick

“Oh yessssssss!” I gasped, “Jesus, that feels fucking
beautiful, Michelle!”

“Oooo, you’re telling me, Suzy!” she gasped, “Let me
just leave it where it is for a moment, and then I’ll
slowly push it all inside you!”

My rigid cock was literally throbbing and felt as
though it was made of iron as I gently moved back and
forth on her rigid cock only an inch or so the flange
of her knob-end stretching the inner walls of my ass as
it slid back and forth inside me!

I then felt her reaching round and undoing the buttons
of my blouse, then skilfully undoing the clasp of my
front-fastening bra the two lacy cups snapping apart
to hang limply by my sides before she cupped each of my
firm tits in her hands and rolled my erect nipples
between her fingers and thumbs.

“Christ! I didn’t know these were real tits Suzy! I
thought they were falsies!” she gasped, “Oooo, you
lucky bitch!”

“They’re because of some hormones I’ve been taking!” I
replied softly.

“Mmmm, they’re beautiful!” she cooed, “Much better than
my falsies!”

“Yeah I know!” I replied, “I can actually feel you
playing with them nice!”

“You ready for me to slide all the way in Suzy?” she
asked a few moments later.

“Mmmm, I am… but don’t take your time Michelle push
your entire length all the way inside me in one go,
so’s I’ve got everything you have deep inside me!”

I felt her hands cupping my firm tits and tingling
nipples a little harder and then felt her sliding all
the way inside me until her pubic hairs were pushing up
against my ass!

“Yessssssss!” I gasped, my head now thrown back, “Oh my
god, yesssssssssssssss!”

“Jesus… I’m all the way inside you Suzy!” she gasped,
“Oh yessssssss!”

“Fuck me Michelle!” I pleaded, “Ram that fucking cock
of yours deep inside my ass and fuck me like you’ve
never fucked anyone before!”

Her hands dropped to my hips and she held them firmly
as she pulled back and then slammed forwards again
totally impaling me on her massive cock and monstrous
knob-end! Then she pulled back again and started to
frantically fuck her monster weapon in and out of my
squelching ass, her nylon-clad thighs slapping hard and
loud against my buttocks with every powerful and
vicious thrust into me!

“Fuck me you horny bitch!” I growled as the lust soared
through my body, “Shag the fucking ass off me and fill
me up with your thick and creamy cum!”

“Christ, you’re fucking hot Suzy!” she gasped, “I’m
nearly coming already!”

“Come, you cunt!” I hissed back at her, “Slam that
spurting cock of yours deep inside me and fill my belly
with your thick cum! C’mon… fuck me harder!”

She was literally pushing my whole body back and forth
with the ferocity of her thrusts into me and I was
loving every ass-fucking second!

“NOW SUZY!!!!!” she suddenly gasped, I’M

Her left arm suddenly wrapped tightly around my waist,
and her right arm crossed over my tits and held tightly
onto my shoulder, as she pulled herself as deep and as
hard into my ass as she could her thick cock swelling
even thicker as her massive knob-end spurted it’s first
thick and powerful jet of cum into my guts!

“FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!” I begged her as I
felt each powerful spurt of her cum hitting my insides,

Her whole body violently humped and then slammed
against my back with every spurt she blasted into me,
and her hips viciously thrust hard against my buttocks
as she spat and shot jet after jet of her thick and
creamy cum into my willing ass!

“OH MY GOD… OH MY GOD…!” she repeated over and over

Such was the amount of cum being spurted into me, I
swore I could feel my belly swelling with it’s bulk
something I was to find out to be true, a little later

After what seemed minutes, Michelle slowed to a stop
and rested over me her still massive cock jerking
weakly deep inside my guts, and her gasping for breath!

“Can I… fuck you… again… right now, Suzy?” she
gasped into my ear, “Please?”

“Oh yesssssssssssssss Michelle! I want you to keep on
fucking me, until all of your cum is inside me!” I
implored, “Keep on fucking me and filling me until
you’ve no fucking cum left inside you! I want it all
except for the last bit! I want to lie back and feel
your cum oozing and dribbling out of my ass as you toss
yourself off into my mouth so’s I can drink your last

“Oh yeah…!” she gulped, “That’d be good!”

With that she slowly started humping her still rigid
cock into my cum-filled ‘cunt’ once more viciously
impaling me on it just before she came each time again!

After nearly an hour and five more tremendous fucks
later, Michelle told me she’d only one more load left,
and did I still want her to toss herself off into my

“It’ll be the perfect end to a perfect evening!” I told
her truthfully as my guts gurgled loudly in protest to
the sheer amount of Michelle’s cum they now contained,
“You pull out of me and let me hold your cum inside me
until we can lie down on the grass outside, then you
can kneel over my face and fill my mouth with the last
load of your thick and creamy cum while your other
loads drain from my ass!”

“Mmmm, that’ll be nice, Suzy!” she said softly, “Here

I felt pangs of regret and a tremendous ‘vacant’
feeling, as her still erect cock slowly slid out of my
cum-filled ‘cunt’ with an audible squelch and plopping
sound me quickly placing a finger over my gaping ass
to hold her cum inside me!

We then crawled outside and fell on the grass my
belly swollen and distended so’s it bulged alarmingly
under the lacy arch of my suspender-belt filled to
overflowing with the cum that Michelle had fucked into
me over the last hour or so!

“Are you sure you can you manage another wank, my
darling?” I asked her as she teetered above me rigid
cock in hand.

“Oh yes!” she grinned wickedly, “But I’ve… a special
request first!”

“Oh, and what’s that?” I asked.

She was silent for a moment before she finally

“I… I want to… share some of my last load of cum
with you!” she answered somewhat embarrassedly, “Would
that be… ermm… okay with you?”

I knew exactly what she meant… and I also knew why
she was embarrassed about asking me! In order for her
to share her cum with me, it meant that I’d have to
transfer half of my last mouthful of cum, when… we

“Nothing would give me greater pleasure, Michelle!” I
replied softly as I stroked her nylon-clad thigh, “And
to help you feel more at ease…” I reached up and held
behind her head pulling her down until our lips met
and we kissed each other with a passion reserved only
for two people that meant a lot to each other!

It was long and sensuous and as our lips finally
parted and she slowly drew away, I pulled her back once
more and kissed her longer and harder than before!

“I expect one of those, every time we meet from now
on!” I told her as I held onto the back of her neck
so’s our lips were almost still touching, “Okay?”

“Okay!” she whispered before lightly kissing me once
more, “Every time!”

She then knelt upright and directed her bulbous knob-
end at my open mouth as she started to toss herself
off, her fist rapidly sliding her foreskin back and
forth along her gnarled shaft. Within a minute I was
treated to a flood of cum! Spurt after spurt jetted
into my mouth with me swallowing until the spurts
started to weaken.

Only then did I save my mouthful of thick cum, and move
my finger from my still gaping ass a deluge of
Michelle’s cum spluttering and oozing from it as she
leant forward to receive some cum for herself.

We held onto each other’s cocks and kissed passionately
as her cum continued to flood from my grossly dilated
asshole, my guts gurgling madly as they slowly drained
the cum that they held onto the cool grass between my
nylon-clad thighs!

“Can we see each other on a regular basis Michelle?” I
asked her quietly, “I really feel we can be good
friends and lovers!”

“I was going to ask you the same thing Suzy!” she
smiled, “I’ve never enjoyed sex so much with anyone
before in my life even with my wife!”

“Does she know you’re bi and a trannie?” I asked.

“She’s known for a long time and accepts it totally!”
she replied.

“And she won’t mind… us?” I asked further.

“No… she’ll be glad I’ve got someone on a regular
basis she’s fed up with having to change the sheets
or mop the floor every time we fuck!” she giggled.

Both of us still giggling, we fell back and had a ciggy
whilst my guts drained and Michelle regained her

As I laid back and drew on my ciggy, I was most
surprised at how natural it felt to kiss Michelle
another guy. I’d never kissed another guy before, but
kissing ‘her’ seemed to be the most natural thing in
the world for me to do! Perhaps it was because he was
both dressed and acted like a woman, and therefore,
because I’d this image of a woman in front of me, it
made it so much easier, I don’t really know? All I can
say, is that I felt absolutely no embarrassment
whatsoever, and that it seemed the right and proper
thing to do in the circumstances. Strangely, I’ve no
intention of kissing any other guy and would feel
very uncomfortable doing so!

Me and Michelle have remained firm friends and lovers
since then and have both had our own partners and
shared many partners together.

It was a year after I first met her that I passed my
driving test and got a car, which meant I didn’t have
to rely on Michelle to drive me up to the car park I
mentioned earlier, and could drive up there to meet
other guys when she wasn’t available.

Mum and dad were still alive of course, and it was very
difficult for me to get out of the house until I got my
car Michelle only coming up for a good fuck when they
were both out for the day. These last three years,
Michelle has spent loads of time up on the estate
mainly at the weekend when the staff have gone home.

So now you know a little more about me, I’ll tell you
of some of the more notable things that’ve happened to
me as Suzy, some when on my own, some with Michelle,
and some with others as you will soon find out!


It was just after 6pm on a Friday evening and I was
getting ready to go out, having arranged with Michelle
to come round so’s we could both go up to the car park
and then come back home where she would stop the night
with me. I’d left Anne in the office to finish some
paperwork and told her to lock up before she went home.

I’d taken a shower and was sitting at my dressing table
wearing only a black and red satin suspender-belt and
black lace-top nylons as I put on my makeup in the

I never wore panties, because I loved the added thrill
of knowing that there was only the skimpy piece of
material of my skirt that hid my cock from the world
plus the added bonuses of ‘accidentally’ flashing my
cock when I sat down, and also feeling my cock and
balls swinging free beneath my dress or skirt and the
breeze blowing over them as I walked along! There were
also many times when I wore only my undies under a coat
when walking through the park but more of that later!

My hair was still up in rollers and I’d just applied my
foundation as I leant forward to apply my eyeliner
something I’ve always found very difficult to do, but
well worth it with the effect it gives.

Perhaps it was because I was really concentrating on
getting both eyes to match that I didn’t hear the
bedroom door open…

“John, I’ve just finished those papers and…! Oh…

I quickly turned to see Anne standing in the open
doorway and saw the look of total astonishment and
surprise on her face as her voice trailed off when she
saw me sitting there topless wearing only a
suspender-belt and nylons!

“Oooops!” I grinned at her rather foolishly.

“I’m… I’m sorry!” she blurted, “I… I didn’t know
you were… busy!”

She quickly turned to leave and I called after her…

“Anne! It’s okay…! Come back a moment… please!”
Realising it was too late to try and hide the way I was
dressed and what I was doing, I called her back in.

She slowly walked back into the room and stood there
with her mouth open as she took in the sight of me
sitting there in my undies and applying my makeup, and
also stared through the open doors of my illuminated
walk-in wardrobe at the many bras, suspender-belt sets,
basques, and other items of clothing that was hanging
up inside.

“Please… come and sit down Anne !” I said, getting
her a chair to sit on and totally forgetting that I was
now flashing not only my naked 36b tits to her, but
also my suspender-framed cock as well!

When I saw her looking down between my nylon-clad
thighs, I instantly realised what she was looking at
and tried in vain to cover up my cock and exposed tits
with my hands finally doing so by grabbing my ivory
satin robe!

“I’m s-s-s-so sorry John!” she stammered, “Please
forgive me!”

“What have I to forgive you about?” I replied quickly,
“It’s me that should be asking you to forgive me for
upsetting you! You weren’t to know… and I should’ve
locked the door, or something! Anyway, it’s too late
now to try and hide anything, and I guess I owe you an

“That’s alright John!” she replied shakily, “You don’t
owe me an explanation and I’m not upset…surprised
and curious maybe, but not upset! It’s just that you
told me to let you know when I’d finished that
paperwork you’d left me, so’s you could sign it and fax
it through to the solicitors!”

In my haste to get ready, I’d forgotten all about that,
and took a deep breath as I walked over to her, to try
and explain things and ask her to keep quiet about what
she’d just seen.

“Well it’s no good trying to hide anything!” I began,
shrugging my shoulders.

“You’re… not!” she replied with a grin as she nodded
her head forward.

I looked down to see my robe had fallen open when I’d
shrugged my shoulders, and both my suspender-framed
cock and naked tits were now totally exposed again!

“If you want to look feminine, you’re going to have to
realise that a lady doesn’t go around flashing her bits
and parts all the time to innocent people!” she said,
almost managing to suppress a giggle, “And that eye-
shadow is wrong for that colour of foundation! You need
a russet eye-shadow or something with red or brown in

I was gob-smacked! She’d only just walked in and found
her boss wearing women’s undies, and here she was now
explaining makeup to me!

“Hmmm, I’ve always wanted to see a guy wearing women’s
undies!” she grinned, “And if it’s any comfort, I think
you look really sexy in them!”

“So you’re… you’re not upset or anything?” I asked

“Upset? No! I might even be able to give you some more
makeup tips!” she replied.

“Thanks!” I grinned back at her, “I’d appreciate that!”

“Hmmm, at least I now know where to come if I want to
borrow some undies!” she joked, “Look how many you have
you must have twenty times more than me!”

She walked forward and stood gazing into the open
wardrobe at my undies like a c***d let loose in a

“You’re welcome to borrow any of them.” I told her,
“Have a good look and see!”

“Hmmm, we’re the same size as well!” she said as she
held a basque up to her and admired herself in the
full-length mirror, “Hey… these are really nice!”

“Try some on if you want!” I heard myself saying,
“Unless you’ve got to go home?”

“No, I shouldn’t besides, you were getting ready to
go out!” she replied.

“Awwww, that’s okay!” I smiled, “A friend’s coming
round, but she’s not due round for another hour or so,
and we’d no firm plans about going out anyway!”

“She?” Anne repeated, “So she presumably knows about
you wearing?”

“Well… actually, she’s a he and he wears as well!”
I confessed.

“Hmmm… interesting!” she smiled wistfully, “Tell you
what… if you let me try on some of these… I’ll do
your hair for you and you can tell me all about you and
this he or ‘she’ that’s coming round deal?”

“Okay, it’s a deal!” I smiled.

She immediately busied herself with getting my brushes,
combs and hairspray from the dressing table drawer and
asked me to turn round to face her.

“Okay… now tell me all about this guy or ‘woman’
you’re meeting later!” she said as she hitched up her
skirt slightly and straddled my nylon-clad knees, “I
want to know all about her, and what you usually do

“If I did that, I might shock you!” I replied somewhat

“So, shock me!” she replied matter-of-factly as she
removed the hair rollers from my hair, “I might shock
you later when I’m trying on some of your undies!

“I can’t see how… but okay, I’ll tell you!” I said

As she combed and brushed my hair, I told her all about
Michelle, how we’d met, what we liked doing together
and how I’d become interested in wearing women’s undies
as a boy, and even what’d happened up in the woods with
the guy.

“And what did you feel like, that first time with that
guy?” she asked as she sprayed some hairspray on my
hair, How did you feel being… fucked?”

Hearing her saying the word ‘fuck’ instantly made my
cock jerk and I could feel it starting to stiffen as I
explained to her.

“It made me feel very… feminine!” I exclaimed, “And
felt sort of… right! Now I come to think of it, it
felt like the most natural thing in the world to do!”

“And was this, because you were wearing some sexy
undies at the time, or didn’t they pay any part in it?”
she enquired further in a soft voice.

I suddenly became aware that I’d a massive hard-on and
that my erect cock was now lewdly poking out through
the folds of my robe for all to see!

“I… I think they made the feelings more intense, but
the feelings were very strong and deep-rooted anyway!”
I replied slowly.

“Mmmm!” she smiled almost ignoring my answer, “Well
that’s about it for your hair! Now, who’s a pretty girl

I smiled bashfully at the word ‘girl’ and felt my cock
jerk again!

“Just pass me your eye-shadow from the dressing table
will you, and I’ll do that as well for you while I’m
here!” she smiled broadly.

I turned and picked up the eye-shadow and passed it to
her before she eased my head back to apply it.

“Did it… bother you me calling you a girl just
then?” she asked quietly.

“No… not really I… I just wasn’t ready for it,
that’s all!” I replied truthfully.

“Well it looks like you’re ready… for something!” she
grinned, pointing downwards and between us at my erect
cock with the eye-shadow applicator.

“Oh… that!” I replied embarrassedly, “Sorry about
that Anne, I can’t help it!”

“Hey, that’s okay, it tells me that what we’re doing is
turning you on! And I simply love those tits! Are they
hormones or implants?” she replied.

“Hormones.” I replied, “They also soften the voice and
round the hips I believe?”

“Hmmm, I’ve heard that as well!” she said, then added
quietly, “You can touch me if you want y’know, John I
won’t bite, and I know you’ve been dying to!”

As if to substantiate what she’d said, she hitched her
skirt up a bit more, settled down slightly, and then
every so lightly moved back and forth so she traced the
gusset of her panties several times over my extremely
sensitive knob-end before lifting off me again. My
hands immediately strayed to her naked thighs and I
traced my fingers up and down them before stealing to
the insides and repeating the strokes.

“Mmmm, that feels… nice!” she cooed, “Don’t stop,
it’s turning me on!”

“I’ve no intention of stopping.” I breathed, “It’s
turning me on as well!”

“Mmmm! I’m sorry I’m not wearing anything sexy like you
have in your collection, but I wasn’t expecting
anything like this happening to me!” she said, “It’s
been quite a while since I’ve worn any stockings or
sexy underwear!”

“So you like wearing that sort of stuff as well?” I

“Mmmm, yes!” she smiled, “It has exactly the same
effect on me as it does on you and your friend,
Michelle it makes me feel really feminine… and

She was obviously giving me the all clear, so I slowly
slid my hand up the inside of her thigh and curled my
finger under the elastic of her pantie-leg intent on
stroking her pussy and maybe fingering her!

“Mmmmmmm, that’s nice, John!” she breathed, “Pull it
over to one side for me!”

My finger hooked once more round the elastic and I
pulled the material away from her pussy before forcing
it over to one side.

As soon as I did so, she moved her hips forward and
manoeuvred around with her hairy cunt brushing my knob-
end until she found the entrance to her cunt! Only then
did she slowly lower herself down so’s my cock slid all
the way inside her hot cunt!

“Ahhhhhh, that’s better!” she breathed, “Much better!”

“Oh yessssssss!” I breathed back as I gripped her hips
and moved them back and forth so’s my cock slid in and
out of her cunt, the tiniest amount!

I still had my eyes closed and by head back as I felt
her hands holding the sides of my face and her lips
closing on mine!

Our tongues explored each other’s mouths and our kiss
became more passionate, our embrace much tighter now as
she slowly lifted herself up and down so’s my cock slid
in and out of her cunt and she steadily fucked herself
on it!

“Christ, I’ve needed this for so long, John!” she
whispered against my lips, “It’s been ages since I’ve
been with anyone!”

“Mmmmmmm, if you’ll let us, Anne, me and Michelle can
soon put that right for you!” I whispered back at her,
“And boy… could Michelle put that right for you?”

“Oh, and why’s that?” she asked, pulling away slightly
but still riding my cock.

“Ermm… I’ll let her tell you and show you, when she
comes!” I smiled before kissing her once more.

“Now what could that mean?” she mused, “You’ve got me
thinking now!”

“All will be revealed when she arrives!” I grinned,
“And I do mean… all! Now, come on, go and try some of
my undies on while I fix us some drinks, otherwise
you’re gonna have me coming before I’m ready!”

“Mmmm, we wouldn’t want that!” she laughed as she
slowly stood up and pulled off my throbbing cock, “And
I could sure do with a drink!”

She straightened her skirt as she stood up and back
away from me, then leant forward and sucked my cock
into her mouth, sliding her lips up and down it’s
entire length before pulling off and smiling at me.

“Just thought I’d give it a bit of a clean! We can’t
have your robe getting covered in my juices can we?”
she said.

“You mean your cunt-juices?” I grinned wickedly to see
if I could embarrass her.

“Yes, that’s right John my cunt-juices!” she grinned

With that she walked towards the wardrobe and stepped

“You don’t mind if I close the door a bit while I’m
changing, d’you?” she asked, “A girl’s gotta have a bit
of privacy!”

“No, not at all!” I smiled, “But can I just quickly get
a skirt and a blouse?”

I went inside and picked a short fawn cotton skirt, and
a carmine satin blouse, before giving her a quick kiss
and heading back to the dresser for my lacy black bra
getting a wolf-whistle from Anne as I left the

“Cheeky bitch!” I called back to her.

“John, where d’you keep your panties? I can’t find
any!” she called as I fastened the clasp on my front-
fastening bra.

“I don’t use them!” I called back, “Neither does
Michelle! We find they just get in the way and we’ve
found it feels much sexier to go without! Besides, it
makes it a lot easier to flash at people if you’re not
wearing any!”

“Hmmm, I think I’ll try going without then, and seeing
how it feels!” she replied, “It sounds like fun!”

I was sitting down and fully dressed and sipping my
drink when she called out that she was nearly ready and
could she do her hair and use some of my makeup when
she came out? So I told her to use whatever she wanted
and to treat everything as her own. A few minutes later
she opened the door of the wardrobe and stepped into
the room, wearing a frilly red top and a dark blue
side-vented skirt that just covered the stocking-tops
of her black lace-top nylons!

“Well… what d’you think?” she asked, posing in front
of me so’s her black suspenders and stocking-tops
showed as she twirled round and her skirt flew up.

“Wow! Very nice!” I smiled, “And perhaps this should
prove to you that I’m telling the truth?! I uncrossed
my legs and splayed my knees to let my cock free so’s
it pushed up the front of my skirt so’s she could see
it and my black undies underneath!

“Mmmm, it does!” she grinned, “And perhaps this’ll
prove to you that I meant it when I said I’ll try going
without panties!”

She spread her feet and lifted up the front of her
skirt to expose her beautifully hairy cunt! It was
literally covered in a thick dark carpet of her pubic
hair and I could just see her outer cunt-lips peeping
through it!

“Oh yessssssss!” I gasped at the sight of her hairy
cunt, “Just how I like them!”

“You were right about it feeling far sexier by the way!
I feel like I’m more than naked under here if you
know what I mean?”

“I know exactly what you mean because I feel exactly
the same way!” I smiled.

“It feels… naughty!” she replied, “Yeah… naughty!
No, lets see about doing something with my makeup and

As she sat down to tart herself up, I wandered over and
stood behind her, my hands straying to her tits and
being delighted to find they were nice and firm.

“Is that a gun in my back, or are you just glad to see
me?” she asked me in her best Mae West voice.

“You should think yourself lucky it isn’t Michelle that
was standing behind you!” I told her, “You’d think it
was a shotgun or more like a blunderbuss!”

“Oh… so she’s well-built, is she?” Anne asked as she
dusted her cheeks with my compact and then brushed on
some lipstick and lip-liner.

“Let’s just say that her … ‘attributes’ go further
than that!” I smiled, “You’ll see.”

“My mind’s working overtime, trying to think what you
mean, you bugger!” she laughed, “I can’t think what
you’re on about! Tell you what though… this bloody
makeup’s the best I’ve ever used! It must’ve cost you a

“Feel free to come up here and use as much as you
want!” I smiled, “And to wear whatever you want of mine
as well!”

“That’s very kind of you John.” she smiled, “Thanks!”

I felt a tickling feeling run across my belly, knowing
that Anne would perhaps soon be wearing some of my sexy
undies and clothes and that they’d be turning her on!

“Right… finished!” she said a few minutes later,
“Well… will I do?”

“Oh, will you ever?” I breathed, “C’mon, lets sit down
and have a drink.”

“What are some of the more sexually daring things
you’ve done, Anne?” I asked her as we settled down with
our drinks.

“Hmmm!” she mused, “Not much really… although I’ve
been fucked outdoors a few times! And I brought myself
off in a cinema once! Oh yes, and I once sucked a guy
off on the back seat of a bus! What about you?”

“Ohhh, the same sort of things and …some others!” I
grinned, “Me and Michelle might share some of our more
daring things with you one day perhaps that’s if you
want to anything to do sexually with us? I mean, you
and me have ‘messed about’ a bit this evening, but that
might be as far as you want to go I don’t know!”

“I’m not promising anything John, but lets see how I
feel when Michelle comes and take it from there, shall
we? I might surprise even myself, and join in fully
with both of you, or I might not I’ve never been with
two guys… sorry… ‘ girls’ before!”

“Well I can tell you this…nobody’s gonna force you to
do anything you don’t want to do this evening and
that’s a promise, Anne!” I told her sternly, “You do
only what you want to do, and nothing else! And if you
do go all the way, and then never want to with us again
that’s okay as well!”

“Ahhh, that’s great John, thanks!” she smiled, reaching
across and touching my knee.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way Anne, and neither would
Michelle!” I replied, “And speaking of which… I think
that’s her car that I can hear, pulling up outside?”

“Oooo good! Now I can find out what’s so special about
Michelle!” she grinned.

A few minutes later Michelle walked into the room.

“Hi Michelle, this is Anne, my secretary!” I smiled, “I
might’ve mentioned her?”

Michelle was wearing her usual shoulder-length blonde
wig and a skimpy flared printed off-the-knee dress and
looked her usual stunning self.

“Oh hello Anne, glad to meet you!” Michelle smiled,
“Yes, Suzy has mentioned you!”

“Hello Michelle, John’s told me all about you well,
some!” Anne smiled.

“Oooops, sorry Anne, I forgot to tell you that I call
myself Suzy when I’m dressed and made-up!” I explained.

“Suzy…? Hmmm, that really suits you!” she replied, “I
was wondering about that earlier actually with
Michelle being called… Michelle!”

“Well, we were somewhat busy with other things!” I
laughed, “Anne accidentally caught me dressing
earlier… so I’ve told her all about you and me, and
what sort of things we like doing together.”

“And are you okay with that, Anne?” Michelle asked her.

“Perfectly….! Why not?” she replied.

“Ahhh, that’s good!” she smiled, “Now we can relax and
be at our ease!”

“Anne was telling me earlier that she hasn’t been with
anyone for ages, and I told her that you’d be the one
to put that right for her!” I explained as I gave her a
drink, “I mentioned to her that you had some special…
‘attributes’ but didn’t tell her what they are. So I’ll
let you explain to her, as she’s dying to know!”

“Yeah, c’mon Michelle! Suzy wouldn’t even give me a
hint!” Anne laughed, “I told her it had been a very
long time since I’d had some cock, and she told me that
you’d be able to put that right for me!”

“Well, I suppose that’s true in a way!” Michelle
blushed, “I suppose what Suzy’s referring to, is that I
can come six or seven times in rapid succession!”

“And…?” I coaxed her.

“Oh yes, that! And when I do come, I come an enormous
amount not just the first time I come an enormous
amount, each and every time!” she explained.

“And…?” I coaxed her again.

Michelle looked across at me with a quizzical look…?

“Show her!” I smiled, “Y’know!”

“Oh yes! I see what you mean, Suzy!” she replied,
“Ermm… I think I should show you what Suzy’s on about
rather than try and tell you, Anne!”

Anne was sitting forward with her glass and smiling
sweetly as Michelle stood up.

Then her face changed to one of disbelief and total
amazement, as Michelle slowly raised the hem of her
dress right up to her waist, to completely expose her
beautifully thick cock, and it’s truly massive knob-

“Fucking hell!” Anne gasped in total surprise and sheer
admiration, “Jesus Christ!”

“Like it?” I asked her.

“I… I’m fucking sure I’m going to!” Anne finally
managed to gasp, “But I’m just wondering if I’d be able
to? I mean… look at the size of that fucking knob-

“Well if Suzy can I’m sure you can, Anne!” Michelle
told her as she lowered her dress and sat back down,
“You can find out later if you want?”

“Oh yes, Michelle I want!” Anne gasped, her head now
shaking from side to side in total disbelief, “Christ,
do I want?”

“I thought that because Anne’s joined us, we’d not go
to the car park?” I suggested to Michelle, “Perhaps a
‘walk’ through the park later on might be a good idea?”

“You mean after here?” Michelle asked.

“Mmmm, yeah!” I grinned, “There’s a double bed over
there and a nice ‘walk’ through the park later on as
it gets dark, might round off the evening?”

“Hmmm, I agree!” Michelle smiled.

“And do you get really hard every time, Michelle?” Anne
asked, still trying to comprehend the special
attributes and hidden qualities of Michelle’s cock!

“As hard as an iron bar!” I told her, “Each and every

“Fucking hell!” Anne breathed, “This is gonna have to
be seen, to be believed!”

“And tried!” I added.

“Oh yes definitely tried!” Anne repeated, quickly
nodding her head!

“Can we have another drink before we start please,
Suzy? Then I think I should let Anne have a ‘test-
drive’ before she dies of curiosity!” Michelle

“Of course!” I smiled, quickly getting up and refilling
our glasses.

For the next five minutes as we drank our drinks, Anne
asked Michelle about herself and if it was really true
that she could come so much in such a short time?

Michelle joked that if Anne was going to think about
sucking her off, she’d better like the taste of cum
because she had plenty in store to give her!

“Let’s just say that more than one boyfriend has called
me a cum-slut!” Anne replied.

“Right Anne!” Michelle smiled, “Get those clothes off
and get on the bed with me and Suzy and we’ll see
just how much of a cum-slut you really are!”

We all quickly stripped to our undies and dived on the
bed Michelle congratulating Anne on the thickness of
her bush and telling her how a thick bush turned both
me and her on whenever we saw one on a girl!

“Right!” I smiled at Anne, “Who d’you want where?”

“Can I try Michelle’s cock first and suck you off as
well, Suzy?” she asked, “Then I’d like to watch
Michelle fucking you while I lie back and wank myself!”

“Whilst you’re rubbing Michelle’s thick and creamy cum
into that deliciously hairy thatch of yours?” I smiled
as Michelle knelt behind her.

“Mmmm, you’ve guessed it!” she grinned back

I quickly slid underneath her in the ’69 position’
until her hairy cunt was no more than an inch above my
face, Anne taking a sharp intake of breath as she felt
Michelle’s massive knob-end stretching her cunt-lips

“Ohhh yeahhhhhh!” Anne sighed as Michelle’s knob-end
slowly slipped inside her cunt and she lowered her head
towards my cock, “This is gonna be some fuck!”

Anne moaned softly as she sucked my cock into her mouth
Michelle easing her thick shaft into her cunt so’s
her thick pubic-hairs seemed to tightly grasp
Michelle’s shaft as she pushed her entire length into

“D’you like that Anne?” I asked her as Michelle then
started to rapidly fuck her cock into her squelching
cunt, “D’you like the feeling of Michelle’s massive
cock and knob-end sliding up and down in your cunt
while I watch you both, real close?”

“Mmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!” she moaned on my cock as she rocked
back and forth on the bed with Michelle’s massive cock
thrusting into her.

“And when Michelle’s finished coming inside you, will
you sit back on my face and force her cum from your
cunt so’s I can drink it all down as she slides her
cock into my ass and starts to fuck me?”

“Mmmmmmm!” she moaned urgently, “Mmmmmmm!”

“Yeah, and it’ll add to the load of my cum she’ll
already have in her mouth!” Michelle laughed, “Because
a lot of it will have oozed out of your cunt after I’ve
come inside you, Anne!”

She was correct! Two minutes later I was slurping
noisily on the surplus cum as it oozed past the tight
seal of Michelle’s cock and Anne’s stretched cunt-lips
Anne moaning and groaning loudly on my cock as she
violently orgasmed at the feel of Michelle spurting so
much cum up her cunt!

As her orgasm receded and she quietened down, Michelle
told Anne that she was going to pull out of her, and
for her to keep her fingers over her cunt so’s she
could squeeze it out of herself and let it drop into my
mouth as she wanked herself!

“Yeah… don’t worry… I will!” Anne gasped as she
pulled off my cock.

I watched intently as Michelle slowly slid her still
rigid cock out of Anne’s cunt her cunt-lips trailing
along Michelle’s shaft and her finger poised ready to
seal her cunt when she felt Michelle’s massive knob-end
pulling out of her.

As Michelle’s knob-end slowly pulled away from Anne’s
cum-coated cunt-lips, a thin string of cum remained
fixed to them effectively tying them together as a
bead of cum oozed from Michelle’s cock and fell onto my
lips. The elastic string of cum then suddenly broke as
Anne slid a finger over her hairy cunt-lips and looked
down at me as she positioned herself over my gaping
mouth. With a broad smile she slowly and deliberately
slid her finger away from her puffy and distended cunt-
lips and then held them apart a thick glob of
Michelle’s cum then slowly oozing from her inner-lips
before it landed with a soft splat on my extended

Biting on her bottom lip as she bore down with her
cunt-muscles, a thick and viscous stream of Michelle’s
thick and creamy cum suddenly shot from her cunt
nearly filling my mouth and making me rapidly gulp it

A look of surprise and joy swiftly flashed across her
face as her guts gurgled loudly and she f****d another
large wad of thick cum from her drooling cunt.

“Fucking hell… I’ve never seen so much cum before!”
she hissed as she watched me swallowing her latest
sticky load in my mouth, “Look how thick it is!”

I was just about to tell her there’d be plenty more for
her if she wanted it, when another massive slug of
Michelle’s cum slithered out of her hairy cunt the
last bit of it accompanied by a frothy load that hung
from her inner cunt-lips like an opalescent chandelier,
as it stretched down to settle on my lips while I drank
down her last batch.

It was then that I felt Michelle’s massive cum-coated
knob-end gently easing itself into my puckered ass
Anne’s eyes widening with delight as she watched the
thick shaft slowly disappearing inside me and she
continued to drain her cum-filled cunt into my cum-
smeared mouth. She then lowered her hips down and bent
forward so’s her cunt-lips were pressing against my own
lips Anne eager to watch up-close, a guy actually
being fucked for the first time in her life!

“You won’t be able to see me coming inside Suzy’s ass.”
Michelle told her as she rapidly thrust her rigid cock
in and out of my distended asshole, “But as I start to
come, I’ll let you know, so’s you can hold onto my cock
and feel it pulsating!”

“Mmmmmmm, I’ll look forward to that!” she replied as
she wiggled her hips and then squeezed another large
slug of Michelle’s cum into my mouth, “And then I want
to suck you off so’s you come in my mouth as well. I’m
dying for a taste of your cum!”

As usual, Michelle started to come within two minutes
and told Anne to squeeze his shaft so’s she could
actually feel him pumping his cum deep inside me.

She expressed her delight at feeling his throbbing cock
and I was rewarded by another mouthful of cum as she
tightened her cunt-muscles and squeezed out the last of
Michelle’s load into my mouth!

I could tell she was almost empty by the bubbles her
cunt blew and the way it ‘farted’ when she tried to
squeeze out some more of Michelle’s cum!

Having let me lick her hairy cunt clean of cum, Anne
finally climbed off me and watched Michelle slowly pull
her still rigid cock out of my distended ass Michelle
inviting her to suck her knob-end clean so’s she could
taste a sample of her cum!

“Like it?” Michelle asked her as she licked the smears
of cum from her knob-end.

“Mmmmmmm… Yes!” Anne replied with a broad grin, “I

“Well put my knob-end into your mouth, and as you suck
me, I’ll toss myself off into it for you!” Michelle
smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when I’m gonna

Anne did as Michelle had suggested as she started to
toss herself off her fist sliding rapidly up and down
her shaft as Anne sucked noisily on the massive knob-
end that was filling her mouth! Only a minute later I
heard Michelle telling Anne that she was near to coming
and to get ready for her cum. A few seconds later I
heard Anne spluttering and gagging on the massive load
of cum that was being spurted into her mouth by
Michelle’s throbbing cock several wads slithering
from her cum-filled mouth to drop onto my suspender-
belt and pubic hair!

She manfully fought to control her gagging and
succeeded in swallowing almost all of Michelle’s cum
before dropping forward onto her hands as she cleared
her throat.

“Christ… That was some fucking come!” she finally
gasped, “I nearly drowned!”

For the next hour we fucked and sucked each other in
every position possible until we laid back to recover
with a much needed cigarette.

“Wow! How the hell can you follow a session like that?”
Anne gasped.

“We’ll show you!” I smirked at her, “C’mon Anne, we’re
going for a walk!”

“Okay, won’t be a minute! Just give me time to slip
into my skirt and top!” she said.

“You won’t be needing those!” I smiled, “Just a light
lightweight raincoat!”

A quizzical look crossed her face as I went to the
wardrobe and returned with two lightweight raincoats
one for her and one for me.

“Michelle’s got her own, so these are for us!” I

“And… and nothing else … underneath, I mean?” she

“Nope!” I grinned, “Just the undies you have on!”

Obviously unsure as to what was happening, Anne slid
the lightweight raincoat on and tied the belt all
three of us now ready for our walk in the park.

A few minutes later we were driving along the country
roads in the fading light with a very confused Anne
sitting beside me.

“Okay, here we are!” Michelle said finally as she
pulled up outside the park gates and switched off the
engine, “You ready for a little walk through the park

“Hmmm… I think so?” she replied somewhat uncertainly.

“Good!” Michelle replied, “Let’s go!”

I’d described on the drive over what Anne was going to
do, and at first she thought I was joking then I
reminded her that she wasn’t wearing any outer clothes
under her raincoat, only her undies!

As Anne got out and walked to the gates she turned with
a broad grin.

“Fucking hell! I never thought that not wearing panties
could make me feel so fucking horny!” she beamed, “I’m
already juicing up like hell, here!”

“Hmmm, just wait till you take your coat off!” I
grinned back at her.

Michelle locked up the car and we set off through the
gates with Anne chattering nervously about what we were

Because we’d both done it many times before, both me
and Michelle immediately undid the belts on our
lightweight raincoats Michelle completely exposing
her sexy cup bra, suspender-belt and massive erect
cock, and me exposing my firm 36b tits, suspender-belt
and my own, very rigid and erect cock!

“Jesus, look at you two horny bastards!” Anne gasped as
she saw what we’d just done, “I’ve gotta try that for

So saying, she quickly undid her belt and let her
lightweight raincoat fall open to completely expose her
own firm tits and very erect nipples, and her
suspender-framed hairy cunt to the world!

“Like it?” I grinned at her.

“Fucking hell yes! What a fucking turn-on!” she beamed
back at me, “I especially like the way your rigid cocks
are swinging from side to side and slapping against
your thighs that looks fucking fantastic!”

“Mmmm, it feels fucking fantastic as well!” Michelle
smiled, “I particularly like to see Suzy’s tits proudly
jutting out, and her erect nipples!”

“Yeah, I see what you mean!” Anne agreed, “They look
really sexy especially with her rigid cock jutting
out from between her nylon-clad thighs as well!”

“That’s because I really get turned on doing this!” I
explained, “And… this!”

Looking her straight in the eye, I slid my lightweight
raincoat off my shoulders so’s I was walking along
wearing nothing other than my suspender-belt, nylons,
and heels.

Michelle immediately followed suit with Anne doing the
same a few seconds later!

“How d’you feel?” I asked her.

“Alive!” she answered after a few moments, “Alive and a
whole lot fucking hornier than I’ve ever felt in my

“I think me and Michelle can do something to make you
feel even hornier!” I smiled.

“Oh?… and what’s that, then?” she grinned.

I stopped and threw my folded lightweight raincoat down
onto the path Michelle stopping with me and doing the

“Get down onto these on your hands and knees!” I said
slowly and deliberately.

She looked at me a little uncertainly… and then
slowly sank down onto her hands and knees her exposed
hairy cunt pushing out proudly from between her nylon-
clad thighs like a split peach!

Because Anne had sucked Michelle off earlier, I elected
to be sucked off whilst Michelle knelt between her legs
her massive knob-end pressing against Anne’s cunt-
lips and gently parting them as Michelle slowly pushed

I heard Anne moan softly as her lips wrapped around my
knob-end and felt her being repeatedly pushed deeper
onto me, as Michelle fucked her massive knob-end and
thick shaft deeper into Anne’s freely-juicing cunt!

“You watch behind me for anyone coming along the path
Suzy, and I’ll do the same with you!” Michelle breathed
as she took hold of Anne’s hips and started to rapidly
fuck her slick cock into her.

“Will do, Michelle!” I breathed as Anne slurped noisily
on my cock.

Anne knelt there on the path and took us at both ends
until Michelle gasped that she was near to coming. Anne
then repeatedly rammed her hips backwards impaling
herself on Michelle’s massive cock as she felt the
first spurt of Michelle’s cum blasting up against her
cervix! My throbbing cock slipped from her mouth just
as I started to come spraying my sticky load all over
her face and chin!

“Oh yessssssss!” she hissed as Michelle’s cum filled
her cunt to overflowing and oozed past her thick shaft
to dribble off Anne’s thick mass of pubic hair and run
down her nylon-clad thighs, “Fuck me you horny
bastards! I want your cum!”

Michelle remained kneeling behind her with her cock
sticking deep inside her, as Anne clawed her way
upright and looked into my eyes.

“Lick it off!” she breathed, “Lick your cum off my face
and save me some to eat!”

Doing as I was told, I slowly licked all of my cum from
her cheeks and chin before leaning forwards to kiss her
on the lips Anne throwing back her head and opening
her mouth wide so’s my sticky mouthful could slowly
dribble into it!

“Mmmm, that tasted… beautiful!” she whispered softly
as Michelle slid out of her and I helped her to her
feet, “Now, shall we continue?”

We picked up our lightweight raincoats and set off
along the path once more Anne giggling like a little
girl as she spread her knees and showed us the copious
amount of Michelle’s thick and creamy cum that was
liberally dripping onto the path from her gaping cunt
and also slithering down her nylon-clad thighs!

“Mmmm, I feel like I’ve been really… used! Used…
and… delightfully soiled!” she smiled at us, “Soiled
with two delicious loads of thick and creamy cum!”

“Mmmm, and they certainly won’t be the last, tonight!”
Michelle laughed, “No way!”

Totally ignoring the sticky mess that was draining from
her, Anne smiled and set off again with me and Michelle
walking alongside her.

“God, I feel fucking horny!” Anne gasped before
reaching down between her legs and scooping up a load
of Michelle’s cum then tipping it into her mouth,
“Jesus, to think I’ve been missing out on this all
these years!”

We hadn’t walked three more steps when I saw someone
approaching in the fading light, and told the others to
quickly put their coats back on!

As the figure approached us, I saw that it was a guy on
his own, with him bidding us a cheery “Good evening
girls!” as he came up to us and passed by. We all
responded with a “Good evening!” and quickly relaxed
allowing our coats to flap open again!

“Phew, that was close!” Anne grinned as we walked on
and soon came under the deeper shade of the trees.

“Yeah, but I don’t think he saw anything because we all
had our coats pulled to with our hands in our pockets
by the time he was near to us!” I assured her.

A moment later we reached a bench that me and Michelle
used regularly when we went out for some outdoor fun.
It was set back slightly and you’d a real good view up
and down the path, which meant you’d plenty of warning
if anyone was coming.

“How about a ciggy before we start?” Michelle suggested
as we sat back on the bench with our coats draped wide-
open so’s everything we had was totally exposed.

Anne was exposing even more than us because of the
unladylike way she was sitting. She was perched on the
edge of the bench and had her knees spread wide apart,
so’s the highly erotic sight of Michelle’s thick and
creamy cum could clearly be seen, as it continued to
slowly slither out of her suspender-framed hairy cunt,
and drop in sticky viscous strings onto the ground
between her feet!

“Hey Anne! It looks like you could do with a bit of a
clean up!” I grinned, “The use of a large box of
tissues wouldn’t come amiss!”

“You offering?” she grinned back at me.

As I got off the bench and squatted between her splayed
knees my mouth clamping over her gaping and drooling
cunt-lips, Anne laid back on the bench and closed her
eyes in utter contentment and satisfaction!

“Oh yesssssssssssssss!” she hissed quietly, as her hand
strayed to Michelle’s erect cock and she started to
slowly wank it, “That feels… beautiful!”

“Hmmm, and it looks beautiful!” a strange voice
suddenly added.

We all spun round to see a guy standing amongst the
deep gloom of the trees behind the bench his cock out
and him slowly wanking it! I recognised him immediately
as the guy we’d met on the path!

“Sorry if I startled you, but I just had to admit it
really is a beautiful sight!” he smiled, “And I do
mean… all of it including you two guys!”

“You’re the guy we met on the path!” I told him as I
pulled away from Anne’s drooling cunt and then stood up
between her knees not bothering about him seeing my
suspender-framed erect cock or how I was dressed.

“That’s right!” he replied as he came down the grassy
slope and joined us his rigid cock jutting out in
front of him and still poking out of his jeans, “I had
a feeling there was something odd about three girls
walking through the park at this time of night, and
dressed the way you all were. So, I thought I’d double
back and see if my suspicions were justified and it
looks like they were!”

“And what d’you think of seeing us dressed like this?”
I asked.

“Like I said before… beautiful!” he replied with a
smile, “I’m bi myself, and I’ve often seen guys back
home in undies before!”

“Back home?” Michelle asked.

“Yeah, I’m on holiday with the wife.” he replied, “I
found out about this place from the internet and
thought I’d have a look. The wife doesn’t know I’m bi,
and so when she said she was going to have a bath and a
quiet night in, I told her I was going for a quick
stroll in the park before I took back some fish and
chips for our supper!”

“Well d’you feel like working up an appetite?” Michelle
asked him.

“Mmmm, I’d love to!” the guy grinned, “I’m Phil, by the

“That’s Suzy, that’s Michelle, and I’m a new girl to
the group, Anne!” told him, “How about you fucking me,
while Michelle stands alongside us and fucks Suzy?”

“Sounds good to me!” Phil replied, “Do I need a condom
or can I let fly inside you?”

“If Suzy’s gonna suck me out after, you’d better fuck
me bareback!” Anne grinned.

Without waiting for him to answer, Anne got up and
slipped her lightweight raincoat off her shoulders
before going over to the railings and leaning against
them pushing her ass back to completely expose her
drooling hairy cunt to us all!

I followed suit and leant against the railings
alongside her both Phil and Michelle getting behind
us and feeding their rigid cocks into our waiting

“Christ, that looks fucking sexy!” Phil gasped to Anne
as he looked across at Michelle fucking me and he
steadily fucked into Anne, “I can’t get over Suzy
having such a pair of beautiful tits and such a decent
cock as well!”

As Michelle thrust her thick cock and massive knob-end
into my squelching ass I thrust my ass back to meet her
thrusts and felt her knob-end swelling she was very
near to coming!

A few seconds later she let out a little moan and I
felt the first enormous spurt of cum blasting against
my insides! It was quickly followed by over a dozen
more and I could feel my ass stretching to accommodate
the immense bulk of cum it contained.

The pressure of her cum was soon released however when
it spluttered loudly, and seeped past her tightly
fitting shaft each time she thrust into me, and her cum
then began to run down the insides of my nylon-clad

Seeing this was too much for Phil, and I heard him
telling Anne that he was about to come inside her. She
quickly begged him to fuck her harder and to fill her
cunt with his cum Phil immediately spurting
everything he had, deep inside Anne’s sloppy and
suctioning cunt!

As he and Michelle both slowed to a stop, they both
slid out of the holes they’d just fucked and stood back
to watch Anne sidle across to me with her finger
pressed firmly over the entrance to her cum-filled

Meanwhile, I squatted down and raised my head up
between her now widespread thighs Anne quickly
removing her finger to allow Phil’s cum to slowly drain
from her hairy cunt! Because she hadn’t squatted down
onto my face, both Phil and Michelle could plainly see
the cum slithering from her gaping cunt, and landing in
my open mouth! A particular bonus was, that Michelle’s
massive load of cum was also draining from my stretched
ass, and was also plainly in view to both of them!

To really finish things off, when Anne’s cunt was as
clean as I could possibly get it, she stood to one side
and watched me tossing myself off into my hand then
quickly dived on the gooey load of my cum in my hand,
and eagerly lapped up every drop!

“Wow! That was something else!” Phil gasped as he
watched Anne licking her lips.

“If you think that was something, watch Michelle having
a wank!” I told him, “You okay for another wank,

“Sure!” she smiled as she wrapped her fist round her
still rigid shaft, “As always!”

“You ever sucked another guy off and drunk his cum,
Phil?” I asked him as Michelle squatted down slightly
and furiously wanked her massive cock.

“Yeah, quite a few times actually!” he replied, “It’s

“Well watch this, and tell me if you could manage to
suck off Michelle!” I grinned.

Michelle’s suspenders were stretched tight and pulling
away from her thighs as she half-squatted on the path
her fist rapidly sliding up and down her massive cock
as she blatantly tossed herself off in the dim light.
Meanwhile, Anne had walked in front of Michelle and was
busily frigging her hairy gash, as she too wanked
herself, in the full knowledge that Michelle would soon
be coming all over her!

“C’mon Michelle!” she urged, “Toss yourself off all
over me and cover me with your thick and creamy cum,
so’s me and Suzy can lick it off for you!”

A few moments later a thick, white, massive spurt of
thick and creamy cum arced through the air and landed
with a loud ‘splat’ on Anne’s flat belly!

This was followed by another, and another, and another
until Anne was literally dripping with cum as it slid
off her exposed tits, down and over her belly,
completely covering her black suspender-belt, and
dripping off her thick cunt-hair!

And still it came! Spurt after spurt of thick cum
arcing through the air, as Michelle continued to
feverishly wank her erect and throbbing cock!

As the spurts lessened in intensity, a splattered line
of opalescent cum trailed on the path from between
Michelle’s legs to puddle between Anne’s!

“Fucking hell!” Phil gasped as me and Anne busily
scooped up as much cum as we could from her body and
undies before drinking it down, “I’ve never seen anyone
come as much as that, in my life!”

“And that’s how much Michelle spurted into me and Suzy
when she fucked us!” Anne beamed at him, “So y’see,
it’s no wonder it poured out of us like it did!”

Phil was too busy kneeling between Michelle’s nylon-
clad thighs with his mouth clamped over her still
dribbling cock and knob-end to answer his fist
rapidly sliding up and down his cock as he hastily
tossed himself off!

“I wish I’d met you guys earlier in the week!” Phil
told us as we laid back and puffed on a ciggy a few
minutes later, “Trouble is we’re going back home
tomorrow, so I won’t be able to even see you again
but this is a night I’ll never forget!”

“Glad you enjoyed it!” Michelle told him.

“Oh I did I sure did!” he replied.

Phil eventually said goodbye to us and left us sitting
on the bench, pleasantly fucked!

“Well you guys, shall we wander back?” I asked, “All
this fucking has tired me out!”

Because we were tired as well, me and Anne agreed with
her and we strolled back to the car wearing nothing
but our undies. And because there was nobody about, we
didn’t even bother to put our coats on when we got into
the car Michelle driving me and Anne back to my place
before bidding us goodnight!

Needless to say, she stopped the night and we fucked
ourselves to sleep!

Anne is now my regular partner and regularly goes out
with us or just with me, and along the way she has
enjoyed many sexual encounters but that’s another

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