Amy and her dog

Amy was 16 years old. Her long wavy brown hair gently
cascaded down her back. Her deep blue eyes made men
melt at the sight of them. Her fair skin was so soft
and her young firm breasts even made her dads cock

Amy had been left alone for the weekend while her
parents travelled to New York for a city break. Amy
had been alone before and never felt afraid.
Especially when she had her beautiful big Dalmatian
crossed with Great Dane, Bart, to protect her.

It was a sunny morning in early summer and Amy was
just waking up to the sun shining through her bedroom
window. Bart could see Amy was waking and he wagged
his tail eagerly. Amy smiled and got out of bed. She
went straight over to him and knelt down beside him.
She stroked his head gently and then kissed him. Bart
stuck his long tongue out of his mouth and Amy allowed
it into her mouth. Their tongues battled together for
a few moments before Amy got up and wandered into the
kitchen to let Bart outside. Amy had been kissing Bart
like this since she was young but this is all she had

While Bart was outside she made breakfast. When she
was finished she let Bart in once again. Amy returned
to her bedroom and decided she would go for a run
before her shower. As she was getting undressed she
noticed something. Bart’s doggie dick was sticking out
of his sheath. Amy had been with a few boys and was
not a virgin but the idea of playing with Bart’s cock
was totally new to her. Was it wrong? Amy asked
herself. She decided if Bart liked it, it wasn’t.

Amy still only half dressed sat on the floor beside
Bart who was lying down. She slowly started to stroke
his belly and she worked her way back towards his
cock. As soon as she reached it she held it and gently
started stroking. Soon it was fully out of its sheath
and Amy was getting very wet. She could feel her
juices running down into her panties and so she pulled
them off quickly. Bart suddenly jumped up. Amy thought
he wasn’t liking it so she stopped but Bart was only
getting more comfortable by standing up. His cock was
still rock and his knot beginning to grow.

Bart started to hump the air and Amy realised he did
like her stroking his big doggie cock. Amy began
stroking his cock once again and Bart started humping
his cock forward more in her hand. Amy was so excited,
her juices were running down her legs. She started
playing with her clit with her free hand and soon she
was moaning softly. Bart’s cock was huge now, he was
ready to cum. Amy’s moans were becoming louder. Amy
looked at Bart she moved her face towards his,
immediately he started kissing her. His tongue entered
her mouth and Amy ran her own tongue against her dogs.
Bart started to cum. He humped Amy’s hand harder,
pumping his dog cum out all over Amy’s hand. Amy cried
out in her orgasm, she let it take over her body, she
had never cum so hard.

Once she had relaxed she realised she and Bart were
still French kissing. She smiled and petted him. Amy
went to have a shower. She forgot all about her run.

After the shower Amy and Bart went outside to enjoy
the sunshine. It was very warm but Amy liked the heat.
Amy lived in a country house that was undisturbed by
neighbours. Bart followed Amy to a nice patch of grass
in the sun. They put down a blanket and sat down. Amy
had brought a book but was more interested in Bart
now. She let him kiss her again. She loved Bart, he
was her protector. But now she was having sexual
feelings towards him. She was thinking of her dog as
her sexual partner. This must be wrong she thought.
She realised she was thinking of fucking him.

As Amy was kissing her dog she once again got excited.
She couldn’t help it. Knowing she was alone and there
was no chance of anyone seeing her Amy got undressed.
Sitting naked outside next to Bart made her even more
excited! Bart smelt her pussy juices and got up. He
pushed her legs apart and started licking. His tongue
was rough but felt amazing. She was so close to
coming. Bart stopped. Amy looked at him. He was
humping the air again. Amy thought, if she fucked her
dog would it be wrong? Maybe she should just kneel on
her hands and knees and if he jumped up in wouldn’t be
wrong as he would want to do it too.

Amy got on her hands and knees. Bart didn’t understand
and just licked her pussy again. Amy wanted his cock
inside her, she wanted her dog to pound her with it.
Bart suddenly jumped up and lunged forward. Amy felt
his big cock on her thigh. She lowered herself down
more and pushed back to Bart and his dick pushed all
the way it. “Oh god Bart!” Amy cried out. Bart started
fucking his lover Amy hard. Bart’s long powerful
thrusts were making Amy’s orgasm build up.

“FUCK ME BART! HARDER!” Amy shouted at her dog. Bart
did just that, he quickened his pace and humped Amy
harder and harder with each thrust. Amy felt his knot
grow inside her, it was the most wonderful feeling.
Still Bart continued to fuck Amy.

“Oh Bart, fuck me, I’m cumming!” Amy screamed. Her
orgasm ran through her body, she humped back at Bart
cock, trying to prolong her orgasm. Bart whined as he
pounded Amy, he shot all his doggie cream up inside
Amy. Amy moaned again.

Soon they relaxed. Bart slid of Amy’s back and they
lay down together. They once again started to kiss.
Bart’s long tongue battling Amy’s.

Over that weekend they fucked 10 times. When Amy’s
parents returned, Amy and Bart continued their loving
sexually relationship at night. Amy learnt how to be
quiet! And Amy always had Bart to keep her happy as
man was never enough after Bart.

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