A Night of Introduction and Passion

Author’s Note: This story contains detailed
descriptions of male gangbang, male reluctance,
male/male dog, oral, anal, bondage, and f****d
orgasm. If any of these offend you, please stop
reading now. Otherwise, please read, enjoy, and I
welcome any comments and email you would like to
send. This story is a fiction, but is based on actual
facts from various times in my life. No, I have never
been kidnapped and raped, but I have enjoyed many of
the sexual acts described herein.

I lived not too far from where I work, and being a
very pleasant spring day I had walked to work. Now,
my 3-11 shift being over, I was walking back home. It
was a bit cool tonight, but nothing I couldn’t
handle. Still, when the newer model Taurus had pulled
up beside me and asked if I wanted a ride, I was glad
for the warmth of the car and didn’t hesitate in
sliding into the empty passenger seat and thanking
him. The driver was a rather large man, quite hairy
arms, and wearing a cap pulled down so his face was
pretty hard to see.

“I’m Joe,” he said in a rough voice, “Where are you

“Just up the road another couple of miles,” I
replied. ”

Never seen you before. You must be new around here,”
he said.

“Pretty new,” I replied, “I just got the house a
couple of weeks ago.”

“Yep,” he said, “Probably take a little while to get
your wife settled in.”

“There’s no wife,” I said looking at him, “Just me.”

“That so,” he said smiling slightly for the first
time since I got in the car, “So you live alone?”

Being bi, I was beginning to think my night was
looking even better. “Yes, completely alone,” I
replied smiling back.

My smile turned to fright as a cloth was immediately
clasped over my mouth and nose from someone who had
apparently been hiding in the backseat. I grabbed the
hands of my assailant, trying to get the cloth from
my face, but after fighting for what seemed like a
short time, my world went dark.


I awoke to find myself strapped down across a bench.
My hands and knees were tied to the 4 legs of the
bench and my head was strapped sideways and down so
it was unmovable. My mouth was held open with some
type of metal ring, but the inside of the ring was
well padded. I tested the ropes around my wrists and
found them to be very secure, but my movements
apparently attracted the attention of my captor who
began speaking to me.

“Back with us I see,” he said in that same voice. I
tried to ask what was going on, but only managed some
garbled sounds. “We were on our way to town looking
for someone to bring home with us and here you were
nice enough to volunteer,” he said.

“Et ne uff,” I tried to say, only managing to drool
on myself.

“I can’t understand you,” he said in a sarcastic way,
“but that doesn’t matter. You see, we’re all horny,
so we needed someone to fuck for the night. If you’re
a good boy and behave, you’ll be let go tomorrow. If
you’re not, you’ll be fucked anyway and the squirming
might even make it more fun.”

With that comment, I saw a torso step in front of me.
Hanging from the crotch was a cock that was semi hard
and looked to be about 8 inches long. I then found
why I had the ring in my mouth and my head strapped
so. My head was sideways and my mouth pointed forward
and his cock slid nicely through the ring and into my
mouth. As he worked it back and forth in my mouth, I
tasted the pre-cum on my tongue. As he fucked my
mouth, I felt the mushroom head of a rather thick
cock press open my ass and slowly slide into me.

Part of me resented being tied up and taken, but
another part of me was thinking they could have saved
themselves and me some time and trouble. If they had
just asked I would have obliged them. As the guy
behind me shoved his cock into my ass faster and
faster I felt my own cock grow. I could not suck the
cock in my mouth because of the ring, but I started
to rub it with my tongue as he slid it into my mouth
deeper and deeper. Then he slid it into my mouth and
just kept pushing till it went down my throat.

I tried to move but no part of me could. He held his
cock there and my lungs began begging for air.
“Breathe around it,” he said as he held it there
suffocating me. As he finally withdrew it, he slapped
my face and looked down at me.

I could see his gray eyes through the holes in the
mask he now wore. “When I push my cock in your
throat, relax and breathe around it. Swallow it, then
try to breathe. You can. I’ve made many people.”

Then I felt his cock start back into my mouth. I
tried to yell, but almost immediately I felt his cock
against the back of my throat. With my head pointed
this way, I could offer no resistance. Down my throat
it went further and further. I decided my 8″ estimate
was far off… with it so far down my throat it must
be 2 feet long.

Being Bi, this was certainly not the first cock in my
mouth. I was actually very adept at sucking cock and
could deep throat quite well, a fact that I was glad
of considering I would be gagging and throwing up my
lunch by now if I wasn’t so experienced. All these
facts, however, did not make the burn in my lungs any
less as I fought for breath. “Breathe around it,” I
heard the bastard say again.

Finally he pulled his cock from my throat which
allowed me to take a few merciful breaths between
coughing. Again before my coughing even got nearly
finished I felt his cock go in my throat again.
“Breathe around it damn you,” I heard him say again,
“Relax, swallow the cock, then you can breathe around

I did not have any idea what he was talking about,
but I did know this, if I didn�t do something this
son of a bitch was surely going to suffocate me to
death. Finally I decided to try. I swallowed his cock
and tried to breathe. I managed to exhale a bit, then
inhale some before getting another coughing attack.
He pulled his cock from me and allowed me to cough
till I was finished.

I was vaguely aware of the other guy still fucking my
ass. I heard some comment about my ass grabbing his
cock as I cough. Truly I didn’t much care. I was much
more concerned about whether or not I’d live through
the night than whether or not my asshole felt good to

As I finished coughing, I saw him bend over near me.
“Very good. Very good. It takes most people much
longer to decide to try. Now, I can tell you how or
you can learn the hard way while suffocating. Would
you like me to tell you?” he said in a voice far to
calm for a man with such a hard on.

“Uh Huh,” I managed to say.

“Good. Here is what you do. I slide my cock down your
throat. You hold your breath and swallow. When it’s
down and still, you relax your throat and breathe
slowly. If you do, you can breathe. Don’t try to
scream, don’t try to move, and don’t try to take huge
or quick breaths. Just take slow breaths. Now, try,”
and with that he put his cock into my mouth again and
slowly pushed. I felt it slide over my tongue. I felt
it touch my throat, then slide down.

I held my breath and swallowed till it was all the
way down my throat, then I tried to relax my throat
and breathe. I managed to get a few breaths then
needed to cough. Unfortunately he did not pull his
cock from my mouth as I tried to cough, so I just
managed to force air through my nose. I also
apparently f****d some spit through my nose because I
stopped needing to cough so much and was able to

Now that I wasn’t suffocating anymore, I began to
feel the cock in my ass pumping very very hard. I was
focusing on breathing, but certainly enjoying the
treatment. I felt his cock slowly move up and down in
my throat. It was very difficult, but I could manage
to breathe very slowly and be okay with this. My
throat was uncomfortable for sure, but I was getting
better at handling this.

I thought I could deep throat well, but this was so
far over the top. My ass was also getting my
attention. The guy in my ass was not far from
cumming. I could tell this from his very hard and
fast motions. I heard him moan and felt him push his
cock deeply in me. I knew he was filling me with cum.

After about 5 or 6 hard grunts, I felt him pull his
already shrinking cock from my ass. I started to
relax, but then felt another cock being pushed into
my ass. I had thought there were 2 of them, but
obviously there were at least 3. I knew this man had
been turned on quite a bit from watching my torment
because he started off fucking me frantically with a
rock hard cock. Despite myself I felt my cock growing
again. I didn’t really want to be turned on again,
but I had a large load of cum in my ass from a nice
fucking, a cock down my throat, and another guy
fucking my ass like there was no tomorrow.

The cock in my mouth continued to make its slow
rhythmic in and out motion. The cock in my ass was
hammering me so hard it was all I could do to hold
still, and I felt my own cock hard and twitching.
“Look at him,” I heard some voice in the background.
“Yep, I’m not sure who is enjoying it more,” I heard

I looked up at the owner of the cock in my mouth. I
think he understood the question in my eyes. “Four of
us in case you’re wondering. And a couple of others
who will come in in a few minutes,” he grinned at me.
I heard some laughter and agreement from behind me.

“Oh Shit,” I heard from right behind me and felt the
guy squirt into my ass. I heard and felt his thighs
and lower abdomen slap my ass as he pumped load after
load into me. I began to wonder how long he would
cum, but soon he finished and pulled himself from me.

I felt the cock in my throat moving further with each
stroke. I looked up at him. His eyes were closed and
I could tell from his expression that soon there
would be a load of cum in my throat to match my ass.
Then I felt my ass being again pushed open by a cock.
This cock did not feel as big around as the other 2
but it was far longer. He slid himself further and
further into me. Finally I felt his abdomen against
my ass. Part of me still resented being taken this
way, but another part of me was so damn horny that I
was almost crazy.

I felt my throat filling and needed to swallow. I
could feel the cum pulsing through his cock and
spurting out deep in my throat, but he was cumming so
far down my throat that I never tasted any except the
small amount that trickled out on my tongue as he
pulled his now mostly limp cock from my mouth.

Now with my throat able to relax and me able to
breathe normally, I was free to enjoy this long cock
curling itself in and around my colon. This guy loved
pulling almost all of his cock from me, only to push
it completely back in on the next stroke. Out…
In… Out… In… I just completely relaxed, feeling
him massage me from the inside. I was so horny now
that I almost couldn’t stand in.

His cock felt so good inside me and I so wanted to
reach down and massage my own. Finally I felt him
pull hard on my hips. I knew somewhere deep in me he
was filling me with his seed. After several groaning
thrusts I felt him relax against my ass and back,
then pull himself from me. I unintentionally let out
a moan of horny let down as he cleared my ass, which
brought the return of my ‘teacher’.

“So you like this do you?” he asked, smiling down at

I tried to ignore him. I was quite into the moment
and it was bad enough I couldn’t have the orgasm I
needed so badly, but I didn’t want to be reminded he
was there. I just wanted to lie quietly, enjoy my
‘glow’ and wait for the next heavenly cock to be
pushed into my wanting ass. Suddenly I felt someone’s
finger touch the sensitive area between by ass and
balls. I accidentally let out a moan and I felt my
cock twitch hard.

“Indeed he is horny,” I heard a voice behind me say.
I felt a finger go round and round my ass, massaging
and teasing me. I opened my eyes to see him looking
at me. “Are you horny?” he asked. “Yeth,” I managed
to say.

“Tell me you want a cock. Ask me to let you have a
nice huge cock deep inside you. Tell me you want
that,” he said to me as his friend continued to tease
my ass and my now aching balls.

“Yeth,” I said again, talking around the ring and
getting lost in my sensations. I almost moaned as I
felt more hands touching me and driving me wild,
making my cock and balls throb but never actually
touching hard enough to let me go over the edge.

I saw the grey eyed look at his companions and smile,
“Let’s let him feel some nice large cocks inside
him.” Part of me wanted to run because of the way he
said that ‘nice large’ part, but another part of me
would have given up almost anything just to feel a
cock inside me again. I immediately had a blindfold
put on me. I heard the man say, “These cocks you must
feel before you see.”

Behind me I heard a door open. I wondered what I
would feel next. The fingers were still touching my
balls and my ass in an excruciatingly light way.
Suddenly I felt a tongue run into my ass and back
out. Then nothing. The fingers were still there
occasionally tormenting me. “ugnnnn,” I moaned as I
pushed my ass up, hoping for that tongue again.

Instead someone threw a fur blanket on my back. No,
this was hot and had weight. “What the hell?” I
thought, but then suddenly I felt a hot cock touch my
ass. Somewhere in my mind I wanted to get away. I
knew I needed to run. But I wanted, no -needed- a
cock inside me so badly… I just reacted out of
need and blinding lust. I pushed my ass toward that
blissfully hot cock. I was rewarded with the feeling
of its hot wetness sliding into me. I didn’t know or
care who or what this was; it was fucking me harder
than I had ever been fucked before.

I felt something hit my ass. Whatever this was, its
cock grew bigger toward the back and was quite
slippery. I felt it push against me, slamming itself
into me. I felt the bigger part hit my ass. I felt
more intense pleasure than I had ever felt from a
fuck before. I pushed myself back, trying to get more
and more of him into me. I felt the bigger part go
in, and then he jerked it out, then pushed it back
in. I pushed myself back and up as hard as I could,
moaning for more. He shoved it into me again. It felt

It was as if it was growing as it fucked me. Then I
felt him tug it out. I arched my back more. He shoved
it in again deeply. It was truly getting bigger and
bigger. I also felt hot liquid running down my thighs
and wondered if he was cumming already. I hoped not.
I wanted to be fucked by this strange hot slippery
cock for a while. I felt him tug it out. It gave a
big of pain because it was so big.

I began to wonder if it would get too big for me to
fuck soon. I was disappointed. If felt good and I
didn’t want this gloriously hard fuck to end. I
arched my back and pushed my ass up as far as my
roped arms and legs would allow. Again he shoved
himself hard against me. Again I felt a twinge of
pain as this far too big part of his cock went
through the opening of my asshole and into me.

This time I pushed myself up trying to keep him from
jerking it out till after he at least finished
cumming. I felt him try to jerk it out, but I was
pushing against him, trying to keep it in. I wanted
the rest of his cum inside me. I wanted him to finish
inside me, to fuck me deeply instead of in and out.
Almost as if he could read my mind, I felt him
change. Instead of trying to jerk it out and thrust
it back in, he began thrusting lower and deeper,
pushing his cock deeper and deeper into me with each
hard thrust. I thrust back just as hard making sure
he wouldn’t accidentally pull it from me again. I
wanted it. I needed it. Deeper, he thrusts and I
thrust back… he thrusts deeper and I thrust back
as hard as I can.

The ropes hurt my wrists and legs. My toes hurt from
pushing. I don’t care. Nothing matters except getting
him deeper… keeping him deeper. I timed myself to
him, shoving myself back as hard as I could. I was
trying desperately to match his thrusts and get him
even deeper, but could not. He was simply fucking me
too fast. Finally I managed a rhythm where I thrust
back hard on every other of his thrusts. This I could
do. And this was working. Each time we met each other
in thrusts I felt that glorious cock go an inch or 2
further into me.

I began to feel him growing bigger and bigger. I kept
pushing, kept helping him impale me, kept shoving
myself back onto him hard, seeing how deep I could
get him. The deeper he went, the bigger he got. The
bigger he got, the harder he thrust. The harder he
thrust, the harder I thrust against him. The harder I
thrust against him the deeper he got. The deeper he
went, the bigger he got. What a wonderfully blissful
loop we were dancing in.

Suddenly I realized he was so big he was hurting me.
There was no more room inside my ass. I was starting
to feel pain. Yet, he was still thrusting. Also I was
so horny and so turned on I could not make myself
stop. I was still thrusting against him and driving
him ever deeper inside me. I began to notice he was
slowing down. He was still thrusting, but not as
hard. Part of me wanted him out because he was too
big, but another part wanted to keep him there

Finally he stopped thrusting and I knew that
wonderful orgasm was over for him. I wondered just
how much he had cum inside me and I sooo soooo soooo
wanted to cum myself. I waited for him to pull out of
me. I wondered what my tormenters had in store for me
next. I wondered if my balls would explode from all
the cum they now had that there was no hope of

I was suddenly brought back to an awareness of my
ass. I felt him hop off me to pull out, but his cock
didn’t move at all. It had so swelled that it was
locked tight in my bowels. When he pulled, my whole
insides moved. Not only that, but he was still
getting bigger. I could feel him grow a little with
each of his heartbeats. I also felt something on my
lower back. I realized it was his leg and I felt it
slide across me. The further it went, the more my
insides seemed to twist. This was intense, but

I could also feel his cock not only getting bigger,
but longer. Somehow it was moving deeper and deeper
into me. Part of me wanted to push back against that
cock and let it go deeper. Another part of me was
scared I would be torn open. Whatever this was, it
had fucked the hell out of me, came in me so much my
thighs were wet, and it’s still growing.

Almost as if someone else controlled me or maybe some
instinct took over, I shoved myself back toward him.
I heard myself moan. Part of me wondered if I would
be split open… wondered if I would be forever a
tightly stretched cover of a great hulking pulsing
cock. Another part of me didn’t care anymore and only
had one thought and desire: Deeper.

As I pushed myself hard onto his cock, I felt his
knot go a bit further in and slip. It was a very very
strange sudden ‘jerk/twist’ motion. In a flash every
nerve in me tingled. Now all the twisting type of
pull was replaced by the feeling of a huge enormous
object in me, heating me, pulsing inside me, pulling
my insides wherever it wanted them.

I felt another furry weight on my head. I felt a
spurting cock- wet, sticky, hot, and metallic/salty
tasting- get jammed into my mouth. I felt it, as I
felt the one in my ass earlier, jerk in and out, but
I also felt fingers against my lips and knew someone
was directing this one into me. This one was already
cumming also. Between the way my head was already
tied down and the weight on it, I could not even move
at all.

I felt his cock in my mouth, seeking and finding my
throat, then invading it roughly, spurting his cum as
he went. Somewhere, as if from another planet, I
heard a voice telling me to swallow. I made sure his
cock and cum went down my throat, as if I had any
choice, and began to swallow it deeper. My main
thought was on the cock in my ass, ripping me apart
in painful bliss. deeper. more…

I felt something in my mouth. The part of that cock
in my ass that swelled. This one in my mouth does
too. I felt my mouth being pushed open. I felt my
tongue being f****d against the bottom of my mouth
and held there. The thoughts of fear I had that were
being beaten by my desire to get him deeper were
being resurrected by the fear that my jaw would be
torn off. Also it was very hard to swallow with your
tongue held down.

I was fortunate that he was so far down my throat
that his cum was already too far in me to come back
and get me strangled. I was breathing around his
cock, swallowing cum every 3 or 4 seconds, but he was
getting bigger inside my mouth. My jaw was starting
to hurt from the pressure. I felt the cock in my ass
grow bigger I think, but I the one in my mouth had my
attention for now.

Finally they both stopped getting bigger at almost
the same time. I felt the one in my mouth going
further and further down my throat. I had to fight a
sudden gag reflex as nothing had ever been so deep,
but it was a quickly passing thing. I then felt the
animal in my mouth spinning his cock. I opened my
mouth wide as I could and felt him spin inside. This
gave my tongue some relief.

Then I felt something strangely wonderful in my ass.
I swear I could feel that huge cock intensely
spurting something inside me. Cum? Was he cumming
again? What then was the liquid on my thighs and ass
that had ran down from his original entry? Whatever
it was, it certainly felt really good. As my mind
pondered, I pushed against him again. I could get him
no deeper despite how I tried.

As I pushed, he pulled, but as I pushed and he
pulled, he spurted harder. I began moving my ass up
and down. I could feel him spurting into me more and
more and harder and harder. I then felt something
thicker and hotter being spurted in my throat. “He’s
cumming too,” I thought as I fought to swallow it

Having 2 wild passionate cocks, both spurting cum so
deeply into each end of me at the same time was the
most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced. Suddenly
my blindfold was removed. As my eyes adjusted, I
looked as saw an asshole inches from my nose, pulsing
in and out. Then I saw a tail. A dog. I looked up and
saw my ‘teacher’ again. I looked at the dog and at
him. He was obviously getting off on it. He was
standing over me, rubbing his cock.

I swallowed the mass of cum in my throat again. I
wondered just how full of cum I would be. Looking
down I could just see the cock as it went into my
mouth. I could see the veins throb with his heartbeat
and feel it on my tongue. I could also see the chain
reaction of his asshole contracting, see it spurt
inside the part of the cock I could see, feel it
inside the cock with my tongue, then feel it build up
inside my throat. I knew the same thing was happening
inside my ass.

Suddenly, I felt the hot rain of my ‘teacher’s’
orgasm on my face. I moved my ass up and down harder,
trying to milk all the cum I could from the monster
inside my ass. My reward was the painful feeling of
his cock seeming to grow a bit and the hot blissful
spurt after spurt inside me. I saw 2 other men
standing over me, their cocks in their hand, and knew
soon I’d be covered in cum. I wagged my impaled ass
up and down, trying to get all I could from the
beast, swallowing the cum from the first beast, and
waiting for the creamy shower from the men.

I managed to make a moan as I breathed, and watched
as one of the men rewarded me with another hot white
shower. I could smell their cum as it ran down my
face. I swallowed again, feeling a huge load of cum
go toward my stomach. I kept wagging my ass, trying
to get all I could, trying so desperately to find a
way to cum myself. I had never been so horny in my

The pain of the enormous cock inside me was now
nothing but an added pleasure. And all the cum, on
me, in my mouth, my ass… load after load being put
in me. I felt something wet, hot and sticky on my ass
and knew another of the men must be shooting his load
on the crack of my ass just above my asshole. I felt
it run down my crack. I felt it run on each side of
the huge cock imbedded in my belly. I felt it mix
together with the cum running from my asshole
already, then run down the back of my balls and drip

I realized I was moaning again and I swallowed
another load. “Like that, eh?” I heard the question
and looked up. My ‘teacher’ was kneeling near me
watching me. I could see his cock was already
partially hard again. Finally I felt the dog stop
cumming in my throat. I was partially disappointed
but then realized I was still swallowing something. I
also felt the squirt squirt bliss in my ass subside.

I looked up at him, then back at the dog. I was in
pure agony. I would have jumped off a cliff onto
cactus to just have an orgasm and the one thing that
was bringing me so close, that ecstatically cum
spurting in my ass, was gone. My moans of bliss
changed to moans of longing.

He looked at me and smiled, stroking his cock. “How
much cum can you hold? You look sad cause they
stopped,” he said.

I opened my eyes and looked at him, then moved my ass
up and down as if to respond. “You want more?” he
asked, his eyes lighting up and his cock springing up

“Mmmmmm mhmmmmm,” I managed to get out past the cock
in my mouth, then moved my ass up and down again to
emphasize the point. This brought another shower of
cum to land on my back from one of them. I closed my
eyes and moved my ass. As I did this I felt the dog
in my mouth start to shrink. In a moment he deflated
and pulled his cock past the padded ring strapped in
my mouth.

I just lay still for a moment, waiting for the dog in
my ass to deflate also, but he just stood there. I
looked up at the man, then back toward my ass, then
toward the man. “He’s not done,” he said, figuring
out my question.

I then looked at the dog in the corner licking his
cock. “Let me explain to you. The one in your mouth
was a Lab. He’s only 11 months old and small too. I
knew he wouldn’t be too big for you. He’s only good
for about 10-15 minutes. The one in your ass is a 2
year old German Shepard/Mastiff mix. He has a big
cock. Not as big as a couple others, but big. He’s
good for 45 minutes and will probably cum inside you
again before he decides to let you go. With that I
moved my ass again and moaned.

“You love this, don’t you?” he said. I just kept
moving my ass up and down, trying to get him to spurt
into me again. My cock ached. My Balls ached. My body
ached. I needed pleasure. I needed release. I wanted
this brute to force the cum out of me with his cock.
Finally I felt him spurting into me again. I almost
yelped with pleasure as I tried to wiggle for him and
feel all I could.

“Ahh, he’s cumming in you again.,” he said, more a
statement than a question. “Mmmmmmmm,” I said around
the ring as I moved a bit harder, trying for all I
could get. My mind shut down. I was just a mound of
passionate, lusting, craving flesh.

My world was the size of a basketball and squirting
over and over and over. I worked my ass and hips to
their fullest, to try to make this cock give me every
drop it possibly could. I heard footsteps walking
away from me as I lost myself in an attempt to feel
everything the beast would allow of me. He kept
cumming and cumming. It was so blissful. Finally I
felt myself getting close. Each spurt brought me a
microscopic bit closer to cumming. My cock twitched.
My ass tingled. My balls tightened. His cock stopped.

I moved myself up and down and back and forth on his
cock, but it was to no avail. The spurting had ended.
I opened my eyes, still moving and trying to get more
satisfaction even though I knew he was finished.
There looking at me closely were the 2 gray eyes.

“He’s finished,” he smiled at me.

I looked back at him quizzically. “og dghg ygu kokg,”
I sputtered. He pulled the ring from my mouth and off
my head. I relaxed my aching jaw for a moment, then
looked at him again. “How can you tell?” I asked.

He kind of chuckled. “Their ass and tail,” he
replied, “When they are cumming, their asshole is
moving tighter and then relaxing in time with their
spurts. Also their tail is twitching in time with
their cum. He’s done. He’ll pull free of you soon.” I
continued wriggling, groaning, and trying to get all
the sensation I could from this dog’s jerking cock,
but try as I might I could tell it was over. I felt
him shrink and finally pop out with a painful squishy
sucking shhlop.

I’ve never needed an orgasm so badly. As he walked
away I saw the cock. Even shrank as it now was it was
huge. “Nice size, eh?” the man said. I closed my eyes
and relaxed, trying to get myself under control.
Trying to make this astronomical need to cum lessen a
bit. Knowing this brute had finished with me and I
had missed the chance to cum harder than I ever had
in my life was killing me. My cock had never been so
hard. I think I could have used it to drill concrete.
My poor aching nuts felt like 2 great overripe melons
hanging full of cum.

I felt fingers on my ass again moving tormentingly
slow around my now tingling aching ass and near my
nuts, only to never actually touch me there. My body
jerked and spasmed at their touch. I had no control
over myself at all. Realizing my chance with the dog
was gone had greatly depressed me, but it certainly
hadn’t taken any of the need from me at all. “You
want to cum?” he asked, still playing with my ass.

“Yes,” I answered, knowing it would not feel anything
near as good with him doing it, but also needing
anything. I had to cum no matter what. I hurt badly.
He kept teasing me, tormenting me, keeping me close
and crazy but never taking me any further. I would
have given about anything if that dog had wanted
seconds, but he was happily laying in the corner
resting, having already put his gallon into me.

“No,” he said. 1 little word that sent me into agony.
“But I’ll tell you what, I’ll invited some friends
over. When we’re all finished cumming and if you’ve
properly satisfied us then I’ll let you cum then.”

“Uhhh,” I managed in protest. “Besides,” he added, “I
think you’d like to have more in you, wouldn’t you? I
think you’d like to feel some nice big cocks in here
when you cum,” and he slid a finger into my ass.

“Mmmm,” the small moan escaped my mouth before I
realized it.

“Hmmmm,” he said, “You act like you’d like another
cock like Charlie’s.” I laid quietly, fighting
myself, part of me ashamed of wanting the dog again,
part of me longing for it as a man might long for
water in the desert, and part of me just so horny I
was dying. “You know, my friends have a dog,” he said
almost matter-of-factly, “and he’s probably horny.
He’s a bit bigger than Charlie though.”

I tried not to moan and wiggle at the thought as he
played with me. “Should I have them bring him?” he
asked innocently, running a finger down the back of
my ball-sack and making my whole body tingle. “Yes,”
I heard myself say softly as I shuddered.

“What was that?” he asked.

“Yes,” I repeated, no longer caring about anything
except feeling that wonderful feeling again.

“So you want a bigger cock in your ass than Charlie,
eh? a huge one?”

“Yes,” I replied, getting more and more turned by the
thought of another huge spurting cock. I wanted it
very very badly. Without hesitation.

I felt him slide his cock into my ass. “You know, he
said,” they have 2 dogs. I don’t think it would be
fair to let one have you and not the other. I think
if you’re going to fuck one, you should certainly
suck the other.” His cock began working in and out of
me harder. “What do you think?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said, focusing on his cock and thinking
about getting fucked by that huge cock again.”
Suddenly he pulled his cock from me and said, “I
don’t know. I’m not sure you want that dog bad
enough.” -agony- “Please, please let me fuck that
dog. Please. I need it,” I said without thinking, my
desire suddenly growing a voice. I felt more
embarrassed than I had ever felt before. I was here,
begging my abductor for a dog cock. I felt him shoot
his load into me.

I relaxed, feeling his cock slide from me and feeling
some of the cum in me run out and down my thigh.
There was no calming down though. No sooner had I
started to try and relax than fingers returned to my
ass. I was remembering the cock in my mouth and ass,
both filling me, both squirting and growing, trying
to meet in the middle. I felt the pre-cum dripping
from my cock.

I then heard a squeal. I looked and saw a very very
large dog being led in. I also felt a cock go into my
ass. I stopped and closed my eyes, enjoying, but
Whoever it was must have been pretty horny as they
came in me after about 10 strokes. Another tease. I
heard the gray man’s voice, “This is a mastiff. His
cock is far bigger than your last one. Are you sure
you want him.” I had never been so sure of anything
in my life. I felt another cock enter my ass.

“Mmmmmmm, Yes Please!” I managed as I closed my eyes.
I knew all these cocks in my ass would only make me
worse. I knew once that huge dog took my ass, he’d be
in my till I came. After that I didn’t care. I just
needed not to die of longing till then.

I felt a cock against my lips. I looked and saw
another man kneeling in front of me. I opened my
mouth and he began fucking my face. He was very hard
to deal with as he kept pulling his cock out of my
throat and ramming it back, making me cough. I soon
felt yet another in my ass, fucking me. Even though
the cock in my ass started last, it came first. Soon
the one in my mouth came deep in my throat.

Then another dog was led to my face. He looked larger
than the lab that fucked me before. He was quite
horny, probably from the smell of all the cum, and
immediately jumped on my head, poking my face and
lips. I opened my mouth, waiting for him to find my
mouth. Finally, finding my mouth, he quickly shoved
his cock down my throat. I closed my eyes, tasting
the now-familiar pre-cum and waiting for him to lock
himself into my mouth. Quite quickly he began
swelling, opening my mouth wide.

Within seconds my mouth was completely open and his
cock was far down my throat filling my stomach with
pre-cum. I almost cried with joy to feel another cock
enter my aching ass, only to realize it was human. It
was a nice cock though and he fucked me with long
hard strokes. I felt some straps loosen and suddenly
I could move my head. I soon realized why. The dog
stepped off my head and this one was far too large to
spin. As he spun his body, I spun my head. Soon I was
again looking at a twitching dog’s ass, but this time
on the other side of my head.

The guy in my ass continued to fuck me for a while,
finally shoving himself as deep as he could and
adding to my ever increasing load of cum. Then he
pulled his cock from me and I waited for a moment. I
felt the load in my throat change and knew the dog in
my mouth was cumming. This dog came far more than the
last and I was f****d to breathe shallow breaths and
almost constantly swallow. While doing this I noticed
all the men gathering around me.

I then felt a tongue licking my ass. I moaned loudly,
almost strangled myself, and would have cum had
someone not pulled the dog away. I then felt the oh
so welcome furry weight on my back. I felt him
stabbing my left cheek. I tried to move, but he moved
with me. After 10 or 12 stabs, he hopped off.
“Mmmfmfmmf,” I moaned raising my ass up hoping he’d
come back. Again he licked me till I almost came only
to be pulled away.

Then I felt his weight on my back again. It amazed me
just how much he weighed. Then I felt complete bliss.
His cock found my anxiously waiting ass. I felt him
push his cock into me and I immediately pushed back
to make sure to get him if I could. When I pushed, I
realized my legs were free. I raised myself high,
trying to make my ass-cheeks one with his hips.

I felt his boiling hot wet spurting cock in me going
in, then out, then in deeper, then out, then in
deeper still. Finally after what felt like years I
felt his knot. It hit the outside of my ass but
didn’t go in. It hit again but didn’t go in. I opened
myself as much as possible and on his next thrust I
shoved myself straight onto his cock. It popped in
with some pain, but then popped out with some more
pain. I felt it hit me 2 more times as I moved
forward getting ready for another try.

Then he shoved at me again sliding in and I shoved
hard back. Again I felt it go in. I picked myself up
hard, pushing up as hard as I could, trying
desperately to capture that great hulking object of
bliss. He pulled back and it came partly out, but
then he shoved forward again and it went deeper into

I again started the dance I had performed last time,
trying to make it go deeper and deeper. I could not
go backward well because it pulled on the dog in my
throat, but I could push back some and up and lot.
Each time he thrust I lifted, straining for every
inch I could get. After about 4 strokes something in
him felt that he was caught in me. He pulled again
with a jerk, but did not come out.

He immediately began fucking me with the welcome low
thrusts, shoving his cock ever deeper into me. This
brought a moan of pleasure from me as I did
everything I could without ripping off either my jaw
or the other dog’s cock to plant him as deep as
possible. I knew I was literally picking that dog up
so he could drive his cock in me with all his weight,
and drive he did.

It felt like a 50 pound jackhammer was in my ass
making a hole further and further down. Also all the
motion had the dog in my mouth squirting so much cum
that there was just a constant stream from the tip of
his cock to my stomach. I felt my ass stretching and
knew he was imbedded and locked, but I wanted it
deeper. I wanted it further in. If I could have felt
the tip of his cock meeting the other dog’s cock in
my throat I would have been happy.

I began shaking him forward and backward in time with
his thrusts. He was swelling fast and I knew I had
about 10 seconds to get him as deep as I could,
because after that nothing short of surgery would
move him till he was completely done. I managed to
get him deeper and deeper as he swelled, allowing his
knot to completely fill me and allowing his shaft to
be totally in my colon.

As he swelled more and more I became aware that my
hip bones and tail bone on the inside literally felt
as if they were being pushed apart by him. I could no
longer hold him and had to go back down on my knees.
I felt his cock, growing bigger every second. I was
full, too full, and getting fuller. And he was still
humping me trying to drive himself deeper. I knew he
was locked very well. Soon he stopped humping me and
stood over me for a moment, his massive head over
mine looking down on me.

Then he stepped off me to turn. I rocked my hips and
shoved toward him as hard as I could, causing a
slight yelp from the dog in my mouth and causing my
jaw to hurt badly, but somehow I managed to shove him
just deep enough that he spun. I felt his cock come
to a stop deep in me. I felt it still growing bigger.
I felt my hips giving way for it. I also felt
something wonderful. He began to cum, and every spurt
rubbed something inside my ass through his cock
before squirting out with very hard force into my
lower abdomen. I was quickly approaching an orgasm.

In moments his cum, massaging my prostate through his
cock before emptying into my bowels, began to make me
cum. I could no longer breathe. I could no longer
move. I could no longer think. All I could do was
moan “MMFT!!” over and over as each squirt of my cum
hit the ground between my knees so hard I felt it
splatter back onto my thighs. I was trying to rock my
ass up and down to keep it going. I’ve never came so
hard in my entire life. Splat! Splat! Splat! I came
for a very long time, till finally I was spent and I
collapsed waiting for both dogs to finish with me.

I started hearing moans around me. I opened my eyes
to see 6 men all standing over me stroking their
cocks. I tried to relax but he was so huge I was
almost cramping. I almost passed out. My body didn’t.
His cock was imbedded in me. It was literally
imbedded. And it was against my prostate somehow. It
was against it, massaging it, and it was swelled
tight and absolutely non-moving except for pulsing
and squirting.

I felt my poor aching balls and cock getting ready
again. I felt myself coming closer and closer. Then
again, Splat! Splat! Finally I stopped cumming the
2nt time and tried to relax. The dog in my throat
stopped cumming and began to go down. I felt him
shrink and pull himself free of my mouth. Try as I
might my mouth wouldn’t close for a few minutes.

I used the bench that I was laying on to finally get
my mouth closed. “Mmmm,” I said, “mmmm oh. Oh shit,
oh I’m going to cum again,” and I felt my cock again
getting ready. I stiffened myself and let it build,
finally feeling myself again cumming. I then tried to
rock my hips to maybe not only help make room for a
cock the size of a small city, but to maybe move him
off of whatever pleasure center he had control of.
This only server to bring on my next orgasm faster
and soon I was grunting and cumming again. I don’t
know if anything was left to cum out of me, but I was

Finally he stopped cumming and thus so did I. I
noticed as I looked around in my near coma state that
all the men were still standing over me masturbating.
I looked up at them in a puzzling way, resting as
best I could with such a huge cock in me. My
teacher/tormenter smiled. “It seems you cum when he
cums,” he half laughed still stroking his cock.
“Yes,” I replied, “So?” “So… He cums twice,” he
half laughed.

I made it a point to lay very very still in the hopes
he wouldn’t, Dealing with the huge cock in my ass was
enough. I didn’t need round 2. I wanted him out
almost as badly as I had wanted him in. As I lay, I
realized all the cum on my legs was my own. His cock
was so massive that not one drop had leaked. I
wondered how much I had, and if the gallon in my
stomach would meet the gallon in my ass in their
frantic search for the eggs that I didn’t have inside

I soon was taught that stillness was of no use. In
about 10 minutes I felt his red hot cum again adding
to my already huge internal load. I arched my back,
feeling myself being taken to another orgasm. As my
cock began spurting again I moaned. This was enough
for one of the men, who pushed their cock into my
mouth, giving me another drink. I did not open my
eyes, but merely sucked him dry so I could lay my
head down.

I felt his cock yet again milking me, pushing me
toward orgasm. The last one had almost hurt so
instead of trying to ignore this one, I began rocking
my hips once again, arching my back and pushing on
him, in the hope that if I could not move him, maybe
I could at least keep my f****d orgasms as pleasant
as possible.

My hip rocking certainly made him cum harder and also
brought me to orgasm faster, but it did also get my
crack cummer to lube me again, which felt hot and
sticky as it ran across my ass and down my balls to
drip onto the ground, leaving a sticky trail. I moved
some more and became aware that I had enough cum in
me to feel it run if I moved from side to side just
right. I felt myself building up again, but I knew I
had nothing left. My “No! No! No more!” soon turned
into, “Yes! Yes! Harder!” followed by my nuts and
cock having the dry heaves. It had become painful to

My abductors were certainly enjoying it. I would cum
and feel their shower of cum raining onto me as I
moaned and rocked uncontrollably, totally owned and
at the mercy of this dog. Finally after 2 more jerks
of my cock and balls (can’t call them orgasms,
nothing at all came out) I felt him grant me mercy
and stop cumming. I collapsed on the bench more tired
and more spent than I have ever been in my life.

I vaguely remember the sharp pain that woke me for a
moment as he pulled his watermelon sized knot out of
me still half swollen. I do not remember anything
else until the next day when I awoke in a field near
my house dressed and covered with a blanket. I’ve
never been as sore as I was when I tried to get up. I
almost crawled home. By the time I got there I had
soaked my jeans from crotch to ankle with the cum
pouring from my ass. Once I arrived, I showered and
crawled into bed where I spent most of the weekend.

Will I press charges and try to have them put in
jail? No. Not for this time, nor for the other once a
month encounters they perform on me when I’m lucky
enough to see their car on a Friday night and catch a

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