An attractive red head feels quilt about seeing black men and tells her husband the truth

Kathy first met a black man without her husband’s
knowledge and had a great time experiencing her first
taste of black cock. Kathy told me she loved meeting
them and watching the contrast of seeing a huge thick
black cock as it slices into her pussy.

Kathy still felt guilty about going out with these men
and coming home with their seed still inside her belly
knowing her husband had no idea his wife was out
screwing around.

After she told me she was going to stop seeing her
black lovers because she felt she was cheating on her
husband, I had thought she wouldn’t be making any more
video’s anytime soon even though she has developed a
huge fan club.

So many guys were asking me if Kathy ever told her
husband she was screwing black men without him knowing
about it. Yes, Kathy finally told him everything that
had happen and here is what his response was.

Kathy took out a video of her very first meeting with a
black man and played it for her husband while they sat
in bed. Kathy had no idea how he was going to react
until she saw they look on his face as he watched a
black man touching her white pussy for the very first

Several minutes into the video, Kathy began to play
with her husband’s cock while he watched and listened
to her getting banged by a black bull.

She kept very still as she sat next to her husband and
watched as her black lover shot his seed deep inside
her belly and kept stroking her husband’s cock until
the man had stopped moaning and pulled out of her.

Kathy didn’t tell me everything he said but instead of
being upset with her, he began to kiss her until he had
worked his way down to her pussy and began to lick her
until she had an orgasm.

Kathy told me they fucked most of the night as her
husband continued to ask her questions about her black
lover and when was she going to meet with him again.

Kathy had told her the man she screwed in the video had
found himself another white girlfriend when she told
him she couldn’t meet him any longer. He than asked if
she could find another black man to screw and he would
love to watch it himself.

My sister called me the very next day and told me the
whole story and I agreed to help her find another black
bull that would fuck her in front of her husband and
allow us to video tape that meeting.

A black man that had seen Kathy on my web site was very
interested in meeting her. He loved red head’s and
thought my sister was really sexy.

It took a couple weeks to set up a date and I told my
sister that I would be there if she wanted me to and
after asking her husband, they both agreed to allow me
to watch as well and use a second video camera to film
this event.

Kathy had told her husband the whole story about me
screwing black men and my husband Mark. She had told
him that Mark loves to be clean up man and eats my
lovers cum from my pussy and loves to being a cuckold.

Kathy also told her husband my husband also wears a
chastity cage during some of our meetings and she told
me he was excited to learn about the cage himself.

My sister decided to wear a simple dress but she was
wearing a garter belt with heels which made her look
even sexier. I watched as Kathy and her husband sat
nervously on the sofa waiting for her black bull to

I was setting up my camera as the door bell rang and
watched Kathy and her husband great the man and asked
him to set down. They had a drink and Kathy’s lover was
eager to get started and told Kathy he was excited to
be able to fuck her for the first time as her husband

I was standing on the balcony with the second vide
camera trying to stay out of the way as my sister
undressed for her lover and she got down onto her
knee’s and began to suck his black cock.

I watched him video taped his lovely wife sucking on
that big thick black cock. I could see my Kathy’s nice
round ass from my angle and her beautiful long red
hair. I saw Kathy move her hands up to grab her bull’s
shoulders as she gave him head.

I listened to the man groan and saw Kathy’s husband
playing with his own cock while video taping his wife.

Kathy got up and through a blanket onto the floor and
laid down as her black bull began to kiss her than
climbed on top of her face as she sucked his cock.

Kathy’s husband was still playing with his cock through
his pants than looked up at me to see if I saw him but
I kept my eye into the camera lens and pretended I
didn’t see him.

I was surprised when my sister’s black bull stopped
what he was doing and looked at her husband playing
with his cock and said, “I see you’re getting turned on
all ready. Wait until you see my cock buried inside
your wife’s pussy.”

He looked embarrassed but my sister soon added a
comment of her own and said, “Honey. It’s all right if
you play with yourself while he fucks me. I want you to
enjoy yourself too.”

Kathy’s black bull began kissing his way down her belly
and started to play with her pussy as my sister rotated
her hips with his finger. She was looking into her
bull’s eyes as he asked her. “You want this black cock
inside you don’t you?”
Kathy kept rotating her hips against his finger inside
her pussy and responded back and said, “God. I’m so
horny. I want to feel you inside me.”

Kathy’s black bull replied, “You want me to help you
make your husband a cuckold, don’t you?”

I saw Kathy respond in agreement and moved her head and
at the same time looked over at her husband to see if
he had noticed.

The bull kept playing with Kathy’s pussy as she took
hold of her lovers cock waiting for him to move himself
into position. The bull turned toward Kathy’s husband
again and said, “Are you sure you want me to fuck your

My sister’s husband replied, “It’s all right. I want to
see you fuck her.”

The bull didn’t waste anymore time and positioned
himself between Kathy’s legs and started to rub his
cock into her slit getting the head of his cock wet
from her wetness.

I saw Kathy starring at her husband as she held her
legs up and waited for her lover to move inside. I
watched as she continued to look into her husband’s
eyes as her body wrenched and I knew her bull had
pushed himself inside her pussy.

Kathy continued to look at her husband a few more
seconds until I saw her reach her arms out and around
her black bull and wrapped her legs around his ass. Her
bull was giving her too much pleasure with his thick
cock for her to focus on her husband at the moment.

I saw the black bull as he flexed his hips and rotated
his ass sending his cock as deep as he could inside my
sister’s pussy. Kathy was squeezing her bull’s ass now
and begging him to fuck her as I watched her husband
play with his own cock and video taping them.

I could hear Kathy’s bull as he was telling her he
couldn’t wait to watch her husband eat his cum from her
pussy. Kathy wrapped her legs around her bull even
tighter as he continued to screw her.

Kathy looked so sexy under her black bull and from my
angle I could see how sexily the garter belt made her
look while being fucked. The contrast of Kathy’s pale
white skin and the darkness of her black bull on top of
her made my own pussy leak.

I wanted to fuck this bull myself but didn’t want to
interrupt my sister as she brought her husband into the
world of cuckoldry. I felt he wasn’t ready to see his
sister-in-law fucking the same black bull as his wife
was enjoying at the moment.

Although the way I was feeling, I almost through the
camera down and took my clothes off to join her.
Something we will do in the near future is to share a
couple of black bulls while our husband’s enjoy doing
clean up duty for us.

Kathy’s husband was excited as I watched him open his
zipper and pull out his cock as he watched his wife
being fucked a few feet away from him and I was getting
this on tape! Kathy’s bull continued to screw her hard
until he moaned out as loud as he could and blasted his
thick load of seed deep inside her pussy.

I watched from my angle as the bull flexed his ass
muscles and held himself deep and still inside my
sister as he released his seed into her pussy. Once he
had shot his load and caught his breath, he looked over
at Kathy’s husband and said, “How did you like watching
your wife get screwed by a black man?”

Kathy’s husband was embarrassed but replied anyway and
said, “I can se she really enjoyed getting screwed.”

The bull sort of chuckled and replied back and said,
“Your wife has a hot white pussy and as a matter of
fact she was milking my dick with her muscles so hard I
thought she wasn’t going to let me go.”

The man was rubbing Kathy’s tits and waited for her to
lick his cock clean and when she was finished, he stood
up and looked at Kathy’s husband and said, “I want to
see you eat that cum from your wife’s pussy.”

Kathy’s husband looked up at me and I motioned for him
to go ahead as he sat his camera down but I kept
shooting while he got on the floor between Kathy’s legs
and wasted no time at all and began to eat her bulls
cum from her pussy.

I could hear his tongue making slurping sounds as the
black bull made his way up the stairs and kissed me on
the lips and said he wanted to fuck me next. I kept the
camera focused on Kathy and her husband as he reached
down and rubbed my pussy through my shorts and kissed
me again.

I kissed him back passionately and sucked his tongue
inside my mouth and when he broke the kiss I told him I
didn’t want to scare Kathy’s husband but would meet him
that evening and we could fuck at my place.

He agreed and kissed me passionately again than walked
back down the stairs and watched as Kathy’s husband
continued to eat his seed from his wife’s pussy.

I could hear Kathy asking her husband how it tasted and
he had replied to her that he loved the combined taste
of her pussy and her bull’s seed.

Once he had finished, Kathy stood and gave her husband
an open mouth kiss on the lips tasting her bull’s seed
he had just cleaned from her pussy. Kathy’s husband
enjoyed every minute and has become her cuckold and
performed clean up duty when she meets her black bulls.

Kathy feels much better now that her husband is aware
of her desire to fuck black men and no longer feels
guilty because she is aware now of how much her husband
loves to see her being bred by a huge black bull.

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