BBC and bi-sluts part 3.

Candace yelled out to Grant when he stood up from
snorkeling. “I’m going to go back and ask Marisa if she
wants me to watch Jack tonight so that she and John can
have dinner together. Grant waved and Candace turned to
gather her things and walk back to the cabins.

As she neared the three trailers, she heard noises
coming from John and Marisa’s. It sounded like constant
grunting and moaning noises. Confused, she placed her
things on the picnic table and snuck over to the door to
listen. It sounded every bit like a couple having sex.
Was Marisa taking a nap and dreaming? She remembered the
wounds of the woman getting her ass reamed by Flex last

The voice sounded the same. Candace shook her head in
denial. There was no way, her married friend was
sleeping with the black man. She glanced over at Flex’s
trailer. His motorcycle was still there. Candace had to
know what was going on . Her hand was shaking as it
reached for the door to Marisa’s trailer.


Candace gasped in horror. All she could see was the
giant black man crushing the body of a white woman
beneath him. She could see balls dangling between his
legs, but they were bigger than any testicles she’d seen
on a man before. They were more akin to coconuts then
testicles and they were bucking and jerking as they
pumped the woman full of sperm.

Candace crept closer into the room. Flex suddenly sat up
off the woman and Candace confirmed what she already
knew. Her friend Marisa was a cheating adulterous slut.
What came next both horrified and haunted Candace. Flex
yanked his cock out of Marisa’s pussy. It was at its
biggest and hardest when it came. His cock had to have
been every bit of thirteen inches long. She’s heard it
was big, but nothing her mind had pictured could compare
to seeing it before her eyes.

It was still pumping sperm. Strands of the white fluid
were shooting across Marisa’s belly and tits. He then
leaned up over her and jerked off his huge cock, more
jets of his semen shooting right on Marisa’s anniversary
present. The loving image of the husband and wife
holding the baby was drowned in the black man’s sperm
until it disappeared. “AAAHHH!” gasped Candace still
coming down from what must have been a large orgasm.

Marisa and Flex both looked over at the blonde model.
Marisa opened her mouth and screamed in horror.


“You okay?” called John, from the other side of the
bathroom door. “You seem upset about something.”

“Nothing dear,” said Marisa back through the door. She
applied some lipstick and blue eyeliner. She didn’t need
makeup, but when she wore it, she looked stunning. “Just
nervous about tonight,’ she said. Marisa stared into the
mirror. She looked really good. She was getting a little
color in her face from the sun the last few days. She’d
been diligent in using her sunscreen the last few days,
having been burned in the past.

“Should I go see if Candace is feeling any better? I
don’t want her watching Jack if she’s sick.”

“No, I’ll check on her.” Marisa held her hand out and
watched it shaking. Candace had fled to her trailer and
locked the door. She hadn’t answered any of Marisa or
Flex’s knocks or answered their cries to come out and
talk. One word from Candace and her life would be

“Why are you nervous about tonight?”

Marisa swallowed nervously and opened the door to the
bathroom. “I’m nervous about wearing this.” She posed,
leaning on the doorway.

“Ohmygodyouarefuckinghot,” cried John, a smile of
delight on his face.

“Thank you.”

“I can see your nipples through that top.”

Marisa flushed. She was wearing a tight green tank top.
“The bra was driving me crazy, so I left it off.”

“I’m not complaining.” Her husband stared down at her
belly, lustfully. His eyes were wide.

The rest of Marisa’s outfit consisted of tight white
shorts. Her feet were adorned with sandals with short
heels. She’d painted her nails green. Not only was her
tank top tight, but it was short too. The top was low
and showed off her amble cleavage, while the bottom
stopped halfway down her ribs, showing off her bare

It wasn’t tight and flat like Candace’s, but it still
looked good on display even with some extra baby weight.
John had always had a weird belly fetish. He loved her
navel, liked kissing and tonguing it when they were
intimate. He’d always wanted her to show it off more,
but Marisa had always preferred hiding her body under
bulkier clothing. “You look nice too.”

John winked. He put his hands in his pockets and leaned
back like he was modeling. He was wearing khaki pants
and a black colored shirt. “Let’s get going.”

The pair walked outside. Grant was sitting at the picnic
table playing poker with Flex. A near full bottle of
tequila sat beside them. “Damn Marisa, you look good,”
said Flex.

Marisa felt the color drain from her cheeks and her
nipples growing hard. They started poking out through
her top. He smirked, knowing the effect his attention
had on her body. “Thank you,” she replied.

“Thanks for watching Jack,” said John to Grant. “Is
Candace feeling any better?”

“I’m alright,” said Candace opening the door to her
trailer and stepping out to join the group. She looked
pale and shaky.

“You sure you’re well enough?” asked John. He didn’t
want Jack catching whatever bug Candace might have had.
She gone for a country girl look. Candace had shot cut
off jean shorts on and a plaid shirt, tied up between
her breasts to show off her belly. She also had on a
straw cowboy hat. Candace looked like a professional
model wherever they went. She had a snow bunny look when
they went skiing, a sexy business professional outfit, a
sexy librarian look she wore once wine tasting, a black
goth dress with dark makeup at a nightclub, and many

“It was just something I ate.”

Marisa looked at the blonde. “Let me show you where
everything is.” Marisa led Candace over to the trailer.
“Jack’s still asleep, but we should probably wake him so
that he isn’t awake all night.” They entered the trailer
and Marisa closed the door. “I’m sorry you had to see
that,” she whispered to the blonde.

“Sorry you got caught you mean,” hissed Candace.

“Please, it’s not what you think.”

“I think you’re an adulterous slut fucking a black man.”

Marisa winced. It was exactly what she thought. “You’re
right. I’m sorry it happened, but it did.”

“How did it happen? How long has this been going on?”

“Just since yesterday.” Marisa did a quick recap of her
agreeing to giving Flex a hand job and how he’d kissed
up her body and entered her before she knew what was
happening. She left out the second time Flex had taken
her doggy style.

“You forgot how he sodomized you last night,” said
Candace, sneering at her.

“You heard that?”

“I stepped outside for a minute. I didn’t know it was
you until now. Jesus Isa, you’re going to hell for what
you’ve done. I don’t know how you took that monster in
your vagina let alone your rear end.”

“He has a very dominant personality. You do what he
tells you.”

“Well you’ve done what he’s told you multiple times now,
so it must be pretty good.”

“You have no idea. The man can fuck for hours.”

Candace’s eyes widened. “Hours?”

“I couldn’t tell you how many orgasms I’ve had the last
two days. So many I lost count. More this weekend than
I’ve had during my entire marriage or life for that

Candace’s eyes stayed wide while her mouth fell open.
“That many?” Her mind picture the image she’d seen
earlier of Flex’s rampant cock springing up from
Marisa’s pussy, sperm flying from the swollen head as he
marked the pale red head with his seed. She felt her own
nipples hardening as she remembered all the stories
about Flex’s prowess that Lola had told her during their
previous vacations. Marisa may have been a cheating
slut, but a part of her envied the woman.

“Please Candy, let’s just keep this our secret.”

Candace turned her nose upwards. “I’m not sure I can.
Grant and I tell each other everything.”

“Please not this.”

“I’ll think about it.” Candace leaned down and picked up
Jack. He woke and gurgled, smiling when he saw his mom
standing nearby.

“Don’t do it for me do it for him.”

“If I tell Grant, I will be doing it for him.” Candace
cradled Jack in her arms.

Marisa’s eyes narrowed as Candace carried Jack outside.
The blonde was always snooty and she was enjoying
looking down on Marisa from her moral pedestal. She
followed Candace back to the table. “Let’s go,” she said
to John.

“Hey Isa,” called Flex as Marisa walked around the back
of John’s car. “Hold up.”

“What?” she asked.

“Here take this,” said the black man slipping a fifty
into Marisa’s hand. “Buy a bottle of wine for your

“Thanks Flex,” said John. He opened the car door. “That
wasn’t necessary.”

“I insist,” said the black giant. He waited until John
had sat down and closed the door. “What did Candy say?
She gonna keep her mouth shut?”

“Not sure. She might tell Grant. What do we do?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of it,” said Flex. He
opened the door for her and closed it after she sat


Luckily Jack behaved very well. He was a good baby and
Candace found herself starting to think that maybe it
was time to put her career behind her and start a
family. She looked over at the men playing poker. They
weren’t betting money, but the loser had to do a shot of
tequila. Flex handled his liquor well with his huge size
and high metabolism, plus he was winning most of the
hands. Grant wasn’t doing so good.

Flex broke out a joint and Candace moved Jack over to a
portable playpen to keep him clear of any smoke from the
marijuana. She then joined her husband and Flex for a
couple hands. Drinking a beer while they kept pounding
tequila shots. The sweet smoke from the joint filled her
nostrils, but she turned down an offer for a hit. It
wouldn’t be responsible to baby sit while stoned. Jack
was antsy in the playpen so she went to retrieve him,
picking him up and carrying him over to the steps to her
trailer well away from the smoke.

Candace bounced Jack on her lap. She looked over at her
husband. He was drunk and swaying. Her eyes moved over
to Flex. He had a cocky grin on his face and just stared
at Grant, trying to intimidate him. Flex had this air of
superiority about him. No matter how good his poker hand
was, he looked like he was going to win it. He was
shirtless. The hot Florida air had a sheen of sweat
covering his dark rippling muscles. His skin glistened
in the light from the streetlamp between their three

Candace pictured herself rubbing lotion all over his
chest on the beach. Her hands had slid over every inch,
every hard indentation of his hard bodybuilder’s chest.
She’d never found Flex attractive, but she did admire
his physique and his dedication to perfection. Her
nipples hardened.

The image of her friend lying on her bed getting the
fucking of her life returned to her mind. His cock, his
giant cock, black and hard, shooting hot white sperm all
over Marisa’s breasts even after he had flooded Marisa’s
pussy with his seed, even after he had flooded Candace’s
pussy with his seed. Candace reached down and grabbed
Flex’s still spurting cock, guiding it back between her
legs. She wanted more.

“You feeling ok, honey?” asked Grant.

Candace shook her head to clear it. “Yeah fine. I’m
fine. Fine. Why? I’m fine.”

“You looked pale. I thought the stomach bug was

“I’m fine,” she repeated. At that moment, Jack reached
his little hand up, trying to grab her nipple. “Somebody
hungry?” she asked, laughing. She was surprised to see
how hard and erect her nipples had become. No wonder the
hungry little bugger was reaching for them. “I’m gonna
go feed Jack,” she told her husband.

Candace carried Jack over to Marisa’s trailer. She
entered the room, looking over at the bed. Marisa was
still on her back getting fucked by Flex. The black man
pulled his huge cock out and started cumming all over
Marisa. Candace could see her vagina, still splayed open
and filled with cum. She opened her mouth, letting some
fly in, swallowing it, while rubbing the semen all over
her body like she was under a shower and Flex’s cock was
the shower head. He just kept cumming and cumming. He
turned and winked at her. Marisa moaned. “Oh god Candy,
it’s soooo gooood!”

Candace shook her head and stared at the empty bed. She
shivered. She must have gotten a contact high from the
joint. The image of that big thirteen inch black cock
shooting his seed all over Marisa’s belly and breasts
was stuck in her mind. She took a bottle of Marisa’s
breast milk out of the mini fridge and put it in the
timed warmer. Jack was getting fussier by the second.
Despite acting like a whore and cheating on her husband
whom Candace was quite fond of, Marisa had looked
amazing coupling with the black man. She was just so
white and Flex was so black.

Candace took the bottle and squirted a little milk on
her wrist. It wasn’t too hot. On impulse, she brought
her wrist up to her mouth and licked her friend’s breast
milk off. There wasn’t much taste to it, but Jack sure
seemed eager for it. He was reaching for the bottle. She
fed him the nipple and held him while he sucked
contentedly on the rubber nipple. He drained the bottle
dry and then fell fast asleep. Candace put the baby down
in his crib and left the trailer.

“Deal me in,” she said to Flex as he was shuffling.

Marisa and John pulled up as Flex was dealing out the
cards. “Good timing the baby just went down,” she called
as Marisa exited the car. Candace’s eyes fell on
Marisa’s bare belly. “What on earth is that?” she asked.

“It’s my anniversary present,” said John, grinning.

“He always wanted me to get my belly button pierced,”
said Marisa.

“I think it’s sexy as fuck,” grunted Flex, staring at
the green emerald in Marisa’s navel.

“Don’t know about sexy, but it hurts like fuck,” said

Candace stared closely at her friend. Marisa’s body was
reacting excitedly to Flex’s scrutiny. Her nipples had
started hardening the second he commented. Her skin even
flushed a little. The red headed mom was acting like a
bitch in heat around the black man. Was he really that

“And she agreed to dress to show it off a little more
often,” said John proudly.

“Good for her,” said Flex. “That hot body shouldn’t be
covered up. Want me to deal you two in for a hand?”

“Alright,” said Marisa.

“No, I think we need to get to bed early tonight,” said
John. His low sex drive kicking in at the sight of his
wife’s sexy belly piercing.

“Oh well, goodnight ya’ll,” said Marisa, practically
being dragged by her husband into the trailer.

“Three kings,” said Flex, turning his cards over. “You
two do shots.”

Grant poured her a shot of tequila and she wrinkled her
nose in distaste as she downed it. He then poured
himself one and poured it down his throat. Candace took
the cards and shuffled while Flex took out another
joint. Her baby sitting duties over, she willingly took
a hit this time. She dealt the cards and ended up
winning the hand. She smiled with delight as Grant and
Flex both did shots of tequila. She took another hit off
the joint and passed it to Grant. He looked wasted.
“Don’t drink too much more, honey,” she told him,
rubbing his thigh with her hand. “I wanna have some fun

“Looks like I’m the only one not having fun this trip,”
said Flex.

Candace tossed him and evil look. He was taunting her.
“It wouldn’t surprise me if you found some whore at some
point this trip, Flex.”

“Wouldn’t surprise me either,” he replied, laughing.

The black man had no guilt, no shame. “Come on Grant,
let’s make like Marisa and John and hit the bed early.”
She winked at him.

“What’s gotten you so hot and bothered Candy?” asked
Flex. “You watch some hot porno today or something?”

“I just want to spend some time with my husband.”

“Go ahead. I can wait a few minutes for him to come
back.” Flex looked over at Grant. He hadn’t caught the
insult and looked like he was about to pass out at any
moment. “You go on to bed Candace. Grant and I gotta
kill this bottle of tequila.”

“Fine,” said Candace in a huff. She looked at the
bottle. It was nearly empty. There were only a few shots
left in the bottom. “Hurry up Grant.”

Candace entered her trailer and used the toilet. She was
a little heady from the shots and marijuana, but not too
drunk or stoned. If anything, it was making her hornier
then she already was. She took the hat off and pulled
the knot between her breasts. She opened the plaid shirt
exposing her bare breasts and dropped it in her dirty
clothes pile.

“Take it off Candace,” yelled Flex from outside.

Candace shivered. The blinds were down, but anyone
outside could easily see the shadow of her removing her
clothes. She flipped the light off and heard laughter
outside. She wasn’t sure why it had bothered her.
Removing your clothes in front of others went with the
job description, but then she usually only worked with
professionals who didn’t yell at her while she stripped.
The shorts were tight and she slowly slid them down her
ass, followed by the frilly little panties underneath
them. Soon she was naked, but for the cross around her
neck and the ring on her finger. It was hot, so Candace
laid down on top of the bed and waited for her husband.

“Kill it! Kill it!” she heard Flex chant.

Candace ran her hands over her breasts and pinched her
own pointy nipples, squeezing her small breasts. They
were small mounds. She wore a B-cup, but could easily go
without a bra. Candace had nearly zero percent body fat.
Her ass was firm and round, nice, but it wasn’t plump
and nothing on her jiggled. Not like Marisa.

Candace had the perfect bikini models’ body and she made
a good living at it, but her friend was built like a
porn star and Marisa certainly looked like a porn star
lying squealing and moaning like a whore as a giant
black man’s penis pounded her pussy. Candace’s hands
slid down her flat belly to her pubes and then between
her legs. She felt her engorged clit and rubbed it.
Maybe if she got a head start, the minute man might
actually make her cum tonight? She instantly felt guilty
after thinking that.

Candace pictured her loving husband hovering over her,
pushing his hard prick into her needy pussy. She loved
her husband, loved how he felt inside her. All she ever
wanted from Grant was for him to last just a little
longer. Grant pulled his penis out. “Is this what you
want?” he asked. His hard penis grew and turned dark.
Grant had a giant black penis sticking out from his

Soon the black penis was pushing inside her. Candace
fingered her pussy and diddled her clit faster as
Grant’s muscles grew and he turned darker slowly
morphing into Flex. She was fucking the black man. He
reached down and squeezed her heavy milk laden tits. “Is
this what you want Candace?” asked Flex. She was still
Candace, but now she had Marisa’s body. Her big tits
were flopping hard as Flex fucked her. Flex buried his
cock and came. Grant had worn a condom since they dated
and Candace almost came at the thought of the black man
ejaculating inside her pussy like he had in Marisa’s.

Flex pulled his cock out and sprayed his hot seed all
over her breasts. Candace aimed her spraying cock at
Marisa’s tits and then moved it up to her face. Her red
headed friend swallowed the sperm that fell in her
mouth. Candace pulled back, bending her hard black cock
down towards her friend’s pussy again and pushed it back
inside. Marisa’s pussy was such a tight fit. So snug, so
hot and wet around her big black cock. Candace started
fucking Marisa as hard as she could, bending down to
suck one of
Marisa’s nipples between her dark lips, milk filling her

“AAAGGHH!” moaned Candace as she came picturing herself
fucking Marisa. She wanted to giggle with delight as she
pulled her fingers from her wet pussy. It was the best
orgasm she had in years. Satisfied, tired, and still a
little intoxicated, she started falling asleep even as
the door to her cabin opened.

Candace was a little out of it as she slowly woke back
up. Her legs were being held open. Even as she was
waking up fully, a long flat tongue licked hard up her
pussy from almost her anus up to her clit. “OH MY!” she
squealed in delight even as she hoped Grant wouldn’t
notice how wet her vagina already was from her recent
orgasm. Grant pushed hard on her thighs, pushing her
legs up and lifting her ass off the bed. His tongue was
moving rapidly now, licking her like crazy. His tongue
was reaching her anus and instead of backing off, the
tip licked around the rim and pushed into her a little
before it slid back up to dip into her pussy. Instead of
repulsing her, it felt good, real good.

Grant had never gone down on her with such gusto before.
He was attacking her pussy like a man that actually
enjoyed going down on a woman. She was going to cum
again and that would make this the best sex of her life.
She’d never cum twice in one night before. “Oh god! Lick
me Grant. That’s it baby. Eat me. Harder baby. YES!
Right there. That’s it. That’s it. CCUUMMMMIINNGG!!”

Candace was in heaven as her husband adjusted his heavy
massive body on the bed. His rock hard cock knocked on
her blonde pubes, trying to find its way into her pussy.
Grant was overeager tonight. He adjusted his body
backwards and the hard giant head of his penis was
pushing against her soaked pussy.

The pressure grew as the huge head pressed hard against
her labia, pushing her lips inwards. Her pussy started
opening for it. She had never had this much trouble
taking Grant before? Finally, she opened wide enough
that the big golf ball sized head entered her. God, he
felt huge! She was still fantasizing that she was
fucking Flex. No doubt his wrist thick shaft would be
pushing into her next and she was right. He was working
his big cock in and out of her as fast as he could,
lubricating every bit of it as he tried to push it
deeper and deeper. He wanted it as deep as it could go
before she came to her senses.

Candace for her part was helping him. Her mind was still
telling her this was a fantasy while her body was
pulling his cock in deeper. Her vagina was producing so
much lubrication she felt like she was peeing constantly
while her vaginal muscles were pulling inwards. Her ass
was bouncing upwards of it’s on accord, raising into him
each time he thrust forwards. “There it is,” said Flex’s
deep voice as the tip of his cock knocked on her cervix.

“Oh my god, it’s so big,” she moaned. Not only had the
big cock pushed deeper then Grant had ever been, but it
was also stretching her wider then Grant’s could. Plus,
Grant would have ejaculated a long time ago.
Large hands came down to engulf her entire breasts. He
squeezed them and pinched her nipples. Candace moaned,
squirming around the large cock impaling her.

He was still applying pressure to push it deeper. It
hurt a little pressing hard against her cervix, then a
little more as her cervix opened for him, and then it
was through the barrier and his cock slid the rest of
the way into her pussy. If that hurt, she didn’t care
for she was too busy cumming all over his huge cock.
Candace arched her back up and reached out for the
chest. She ran her hands over the hard muscles, feeling
it ridge and outline. The same chest, she had rubbed
lotion on two days earlier. “Thank you,” she gasped.

“Do you want me to take it out?” asked Flex, chuckling a

“Hell no. I want you to fuck me,” she told him.


“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” replied John. He frowned. “My penis just
keeps popping out.”

“Sorry,” replied Marisa, feeling her face flush and
wishing she hadn’t agreed to letting John make love to
her with the lights on. He’d been so sweet and excited
over her navel piercing that he wanted to look at the
green emerald while they had sex. He hadn’t shown this
much enthusiasm for a long time and she felt guilty for
cheating on him. “Let me get on top.”

John didn’t reply, but he pulled out and quickly laid
next to her on the bed. Previous experience told them to
move fast because John’s penis often went floppy quickly
when it wasn’t inside her. It didn’t this time, staying
hard as Marisa grabbed it and pulled it up as she
lowered her pussy over it. “You’re so beautiful,”
groaned John, staring at her belly and heaving bosom. “I
love you,” he told her emotionally.

“I love you too,” replied Marisa. His penis seems so
small now, she thought. She tried to ride him, but just
as it had with him on top, his penis kept plopping out
of her. Finally, after his penis had fallen out for the
third time since she mounted him, Marisa just let it
ride. She slid her pussy along his shaft while he bucked
his hips. This wasn’t unusual for them. It was their
normal method of birth control. John didn’t like
condoms, so he always pulled out before he came and she
did the old camel toe slide along his penis until he
came on his belly. It actually felt quite good and
Marisa had gotten off a few times this way.

“Uunggh,” he grunted, grabbing and squeezing her breasts
as he came.

Marisa felt the small penis bucking beneath her and knew
he was cumming. She pressed her pussy down hard into the
thin shaft and slid faster. She was still humping it,
wishing it might make her cum this time, but knowing it
was a futile wish. John’s penis quickly shriveled
beneath her and John had to grab her hips to make her
slow down as his penis grew too sensitive.

Marisa leaned down to kiss her husband before
dismounting and going to the bathroom to clean off. She
returned with a tissue for him to clean up. She watched
him wipe up the semen from his belly and she couldn’t
help wondering how such a small amount had managed to
make her pregnant with Jack. Speaking of Jack, she went
to check on the baby as John turned the light out and
went to sleep. She heard him snoring quickly thereafter.
Ejaculating tended to put John to sleep faster than any
sleeping pill and tonight was no exception. Jack was
sleeping peacefully.

She peaked out the window towards Flex’s cabin. His
lights were out. Marisa was horny as hell and
desperately wanted to orgasm, but she fought the urge to
sneak over there for a quickie. She’d just made love to
her husband and it was her anniversary for Christ’s
sake. She resolved to stay away from the black man that
night. She and Flex would be fucking for hours tomorrow
if she had her way.

She intended to enjoy his cock so much, she’d get it out
of her system for good and her life as a married mother
would return to normal just as soon as she got home. She
was going to suck his cock dry and even ask him to take
her in the ass again. After that, she wanted it in her
pussy as often as possible. She’d risk feeling his cock
squirting inside her one last day.

Thinking about tomorrow had her hornier than ever. She
still resolved to stay away tonight, but she didn’t get
an urge to step outside for some fresh air. She grabbed
John’s white tee shirt that she used as a nighty. Her
breasts stretched out the top and the hem stopped at mid
thigh. Wearing only that, she stepped outside for a

Two things surprised her as the night air hit her. The
first was that Grant was passed out on the picnic table.
He actually had the empty bottle of tequila tucked under
one arm like a caricature of a drunk. The other thing
that surprised her was the sounds of fucking coming from
Candace and Grant’s cabin. Marisa felt her heart ache as
she tiptoed over towards the cabin. “Fuck me. Fuck me,”
moaned Candace from inside. “Fuck me with that big

“What kind of cock?”

“Your big cock. I love it. I love it.”

“What kind of cock?”

Marisa mouthed the word “black” even as Candace said, “I
don’t know what you mean. I’m sorry. Just don’t stop
fucking me.”

“Turn the light on, slut.”

Marisa heard Candace gasp. No doubt the prissy blonde
had never been called a slut before. The snooping woman
was so close to the window, she could hear Candace
fumbling with the light switch on the lamp beside the
bed. The room was suddenly illuminated and Marisa
blinked, moving her eyes up to the blinds.

“This is so hot,” moaned Candace, looking in awe at the
black man. Marisa had a full on side view. Flex was
kneeling on the bed, cupping Candace’s long thin legs.
“No! No! Don’t pull it out.”

Flex pulled back his hips. Marisa saw his mighty cock
rear up over Candace’s stomach. It was soaked and
glistened in the lamp light. Jealousy engulfed her and
at that moment she hated Candace. “What kind of cock?”
growled Flex.

Candace sat up. She reached out to touch the shiny dark
cock and rubbed her hand all over the slick shaft,
staring at it in reverence. “Black cock,” she said. Flex
pulled his cock back through her hand. She grabbed the
head tightly. “Black cock,” she said again. “And I know
where black cock goes.” Candace bent the head down
towards the entrance to her pussy. “Fuck me with your
black cock.”

Despite her jealousy. It was beautiful watching them
fuck. Flex had opened a flood gate. Candace wouldn’t
shut up about his black cock. “Big black cock. Black
cock so good. I love your black cock. I’m cumming all
over your black cock.” Flex seemed to like it and fucked
her hard giving Candace the pummeling of her life.

Marisa decided her friend had cum at least three times
since the light came on. Her jealousy faded a little.
She almost felt happy for Candace to be experiencing sex
with Flex for the first time. Marisa’s only fear was
that Flex might prefer the skinny blonde to herself.
“Black cock better than white cock.”

“You’re learning fast, slut,” said Flex and Marisa swore
that Candace came hard again at being called a slut.
“But white boy’s don’t have cocks. They got little boy
penises. Real men got cocks. Black men. What do I got?”

“A big black cock,” moaned Candace.

“And what does your husband have?”

“A little boy penis.” Candace told him without
hesitation and Marisa mouthed those exact words along
with the blonde.

“That’s a good little slut,” growled Flex. “Your whore
talk is gonna get me off. I’m gonna seed that white
pussy good.”

“YEESS!! Seed my white puss… NO! Wait, you’re not
wearing a condom. I’m not on the pill.”

Candace looked aghast and Marisa almost wished Flex
would knock her up. Candace was so hung up on her
career, the thought of pregnancy petrified her. Candace
didn’t take birth control, Marisa seemed to remember
Candace complaining that she gained weight on the pill.
Poor Grant always wore a condom. As far as Marisa know,
Flex’s might be the first bareback penis Candace had
ever taken. “Shut up and take my seed, slut.”

Candace’s look quickly went from horrified to amazement
as Flex slammed his hips forward and held his cock
still. “AaarrHRRRHHH!!!” cried Candace, her scream
growing as her orgasm grew. Marisa knew from experience
that the second that big black cock exploded inside your
womb, you started cumming and Candace was no different.
“CUM IN ME!” Marisa winced Candace was so loud. She
glanced over at Grant, but he was out like a light.
“Give me your black seed. SEED MY WHITE PUSSY!”

Flex ate this shit up and Marisa once again feared that
he might prefer Candace over her. The black man pulled
back. No doubt, he planned on marking his conquest. He
liked cumming on his women. His cock, hard and rampant
sprang up, shooting a load of semen from her breasts to
her belly. He sat up a little, jerking his cock.

More semen shot forth, falling across her face and
shooting all over her tits. Her milked a final large
rope of milky white sperm out onto Candace’s cross just
as her had covered Marisa’s anniversary pendant in cum.
He seemed to enjoy drowning out everything his women
stood for with his white semen.

“So good. So good,” moaned Candace licking sperm from
around her lips while rubbing the semen he had sprayed
on her into her skin. “Your black cock felt so good. I
can’t believe you came in me. I’ve never felt a man
squirt inside me before. Now that I’ve felt it, I like

“Don’t worry baby,” said Flex, reassuring her. “I’m
fixed. My last baby practically walked out of Lola. She
made me have a vasectomy. I can cum in that pussy all
you want and you won’t get knocked up.”

“Really?” Candace’s eyes were wide open. “Can… can…
can we do it again?”

“Why don’t you mount this big boy now,” he said, laying
beside her.

Candace quickly straddled him and raised his still erect
cock, lowering her pussy over it. Marisa was too shocked
from his statement. He had a vasectomy? Why hadn’t he
told her? This was her worst possible time and she’d
been scared as hell that she’d be popping out a black
skinned baby sometime next year.
This meant she didn’t have to get Flex out of her system
tomorrow and they could secretly get together as often
as possible.

“Black cock sooooo goooood,” moaned Candace, finally
sitting in his lap and just enjoying the feeling of
being fully impaled on his cock. She ran her hands all
over his chest, loving the contrast between their skin

“Call me a nigger.”

Candace looked horrified. “I can’t do that!”

“Call me a nigger, slut. NOW!”

“You’re a nigger.”

“Now what kind of cock do you love best?”

“Your black cock, Flex.” Candace ground her crotch into
his loving the feeling of being fully penetrated.

“Keep talking shit, girl, but I want you to use nigger
instead of black.” Flex was caressing Candace’s front
with his large black hands. He watched his dark black
hands slide down her waist to her hips over to her flat
belly and up to her breasts. “Now what kind of cock do
you love the best, Candy?”

“Nigger cock, Flex. I love big black nigger cocks. My
pussy… my white pussy loves being stuffed by big
nigger cocks. OH! Oh Fuck! I’m Cu-cumMMIINNGG!!” Candace
laid down on Flex and kissed him passionately. Outside,
Marisa watched the blonde trembling from an orgasm that
seemed to last for minutes. Clearly, Shane has a few
issues, thought Marisa as Candace slowly pushed herself
up of Flex’s hard chest and started riding him again.

“No, that you know how good it is,” said Flex reaching
up to squeeze her breasts. “You’re not gonna tell nobody
about me and Marisa?”

Candace frowned. She didn’t like his bringing up Marisa
when he was fucking her. Marisa outside the window did
like it. “Depends how well you fuck me with that big boy
doesn’t it,” said Candace slyly.

So this was what Flex meant when he’d told Marisa, that
he’d take care of it. His plan was to turn Candace into
as big a slut for his cock as Marisa had become. Marisa
sat outside and watched them fuck for a good forty
minutes longer. The sight was hypnotic and despite her
jealousy, she couldn’t look away. Flex’s cock seemed to
have set off some trigger deep in Candace’s psyche. The
religious model rarely cursed in public or behaved in
anyway untoward, her makeup was perfect and she was
always impeccably dressed, but now that her makeup was
smeared and she was covered in Flex’s sperm and now that
she was willingly cheating on Grant, she was babbling
like a low class whore.

She rode Flex’s shaft hard, babbling about only giving
her white pussy to niggers from then on. Black cock
this, nigger cock that, yadda yadda. Flex ate it up and
seemed to really get off on it. He bucked his hips up
into her descending pussy. At times, Candace seemed to
cum so hard, she went comatose and Flex held her sides
as she went all limp, but he didn’t stop fucking her.

Eventually, he rolled over on his side and had her get
on all fours. He quickly inserted his cock back in her
pussy and took over where he left off. Candace had quit
with her dirty sex talk by this point and just kept
squealing every time he buried his cock in her womb and
by now his thumb was pressing hard against her ass.

The pretty blonde recovered enough to moan, “Give me
your seed, nigger,” as Flex slammed his crotch hard into
hers and pushed her head down hard on the pillow. He
didn’t move his cock at all, letting every little bit of
his cum flood her womb. He grunted as his balls emptied.


Marisa was sitting on the picnic table when Flex walked
out of Grant and Candace’s trailer. His face didn’t
register surprise at seeing her, but hers did. He was
buck naked. His shorts were bunched under his arm.
Marisa still couldn’t get over the size of his cock. It
was soft now, but didn’t appear to have shrunk an inch.
His titanic black banana cock swung between his legs,
hanging down at least a foot from its root. He walked
over and set his clothes down on the picnic table.
“Candace won’t be a problem,” he said

“So I hear. It appears you turned her into a nigger
loving slut.”

Flex grinned. He wrapped his big arms around Grant and
pulled the comatose husband off the bench. Grant was at
least 200lbs, but Flex had no trouble lifting him into
his arms. Grant remained passed out as Flex carried him
up to Grant’s trailer and opened the door. Marisa heard
Flex and Candace talking before Flex reemerged and the
light went out inside the trailer.

“So, you gonna fuck the little slut again?”

“Don’t be jealous,” said Flex, sitting down in one of
the group’s beach chairs. “There’s plenty more for you.
Besides, Candace needed that. I’ve never seen a woman
more desperate for a good fucking then that slut. Grant
must really be a lame fuck. Shame, a body like Candace’s
needs to be serviced regularly.”

“Do you like her better than me?” Marisa felt tears
welling up in her eyes.

“Hell no. I prefer real women to skinny models. Isa, you
is built like a stripper. You should be on the pole with
that hot body.”

“Thanks I think,” she replied, genuinely happy. Marisa
was starting to take pride in her magnificent body.
She’d promised her husband that she’d dress to show off
her new navel piercing and the rest of her body. She
planned on keeping that promise. All John’s friends
would see what a stacked hot wife he had. “We still on
for tomorrow then?”

“Yeah baby. Just you and me, fucking for hours. We’re
gonna do it all tomorrow. I can’t get enough of that
fine body.”

Marisa flushed with pleasure. “So, am I better then

“Hard to say,” he replied, laughing at her petulant
look. “Candy was good, but she forgot to clean my cock
off like a good little slut.” He opened his legs. “Why
don’t you do it?”

Marisa stared at him for a few seconds, then stood up
from the bench. He was staring at her intently. This was
some sort of test. If she refused, would he spend the
day with Candace tomorrow? She looked at his plump limp
cock dangling down between his legs. She couldn’t see
anything on it in the semi-darkness, but undoubtedly it
was covered with both Flex’s and Candace’s cum. She fell
to her knees several feet from the black man and crawled
the rest of the way between his legs.

Marisa kissed and nuzzled his cock, licking the head
before bending down and taking it in her mouth. It was
easy in its softened state. She looked up at him
quizzically. “Even I have my limits,” said Flex. “Don’t
worry, it’ll be fully charged for you tomorrow after I
get a good night’s sleep.”

Marisa sucked on the limp end and it did plump up a
little under her ministrations. Her belly growled in
disappointment. She didn’t want to just clean his cock
off, she wanted a load of his cum in her belly. Marisa
sucked harder, but there was little change. Finally, she
let his limp cock fall from her mouth. It was clean now,
but she wasn’t ready to give up. “I’m in love Flex,” she
told him, still nuzzling his cock.

He sighed. “Here we go.” Flex acted like he’d heard
those words a hundred times before. He grimaced as he
looked down at her. “We just fuck buddies, Isa. Don’t
fall for me.”

Now it was her turn to look exasperated. “I’m not in
love with you. You’re a jerk.” She smiled up at him as
he looked down at her in shock. She kissed his cock
head. “I’m in love with your big nigger cock.” Success!
It swelled and rose a little. “I loved your big black
nigger cock the moment I saw it.” His shaft was sticking
straight out now. She licked the side. “The moment I had
that nigger cock in my married white pussy, I became a
slut for it. I’d do anything for your big black nigger
cock, Flex.” It was sticking straight up now. Marisa
attacked it, sucking the head in her mouth and rapidly
swallowing as much of his shaft as she could.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” said Flex, sitting
back and opening his legs wider as he enjoyed his blow
job. “You know how to treat nigger cock, Isa,” he said
as she swallowed his entire shaft down her throat. He
sat up and leaned forward. His hand grabbed the back of
her tee shirt and pulled it up.

She felt the cool night air on her bare ass and then on
her back. He bunched the shirt up just under her
shoulders and reached under her to squeeze her dangling
breasts. “I’m in love too,” he said. “I love these big
ol lily white titties of yours.” He squeezed her breasts
up to the nipples and then pinched her hard
protuberances. Milk squirted down onto the sand.

Marisa moaned around a mouth stuffed full of cock. Ever
since getting pregnant, her breasts were extra sensitive
and seemed to have a direct line to her pussy. Milk
wasn’t the only thing dripping to the sand. Her arousal
was leaking from her pussy and dripping down her clit.
She wanted him in her again, but she wanted to taste his
sperm too. She could taste his semen now, but it was old
from his time with Candace, not the same as when his
cock was pumping her mouth full of his hot seed. She
could taste something else too and it could only have
been Candace’s pussy juices and cum. It didn’t taste bad
and she wouldn’t have cared anyway. She wanted his cock
in her mouth and it wouldn’t have mattered how bad it

Even if he hadn’t showered in a week, she’d still be
down on all fours cleaning off his funky tasting cock
for him. She wasn’t lying when she said, she loved it.
She wasn’t lying when she said he was a jerk either. She
was lying when she said she didn’t love him. She told
him that yesterday in the throes of an orgasm. Her
feelings were growing for Flex every time they got
together. She didn’t know if she’d ever love him as much
as she loved John and Jack, but she did love him.

“Here it cums, baby,” he grunted.

Candace nodded. She could tell. His cock was swelling up
even bigger. She pulled back until only the head was in
her mouth and she used both hands to jerk the shaft as
rapidly as she could. His hot seed struck the back on
her uvula. It sprayed across her tongue and she
shuddered in delight, loving the taste of his sperm.
Flex really was spent as this load didn’t even
completely fill her mouth. She rolled it around on her
tongue before lovingly swallowing it while jerking the
last few drops out onto her tongue.

“Awesome, baby,” growled Flex.

“Thanks.” Marisa put her hands on his knees and pushed
herself to her feet. Flex sprang into action and leaned
forward, planting kisses on both nipples before she
managed to step back and pull the tee shirt down. He
laughed and sat back in the chair. “You sure, you’re
going to be up for some more fun tomorrow?” she asked,
looking down at the spent cock.

“It hasn’t let me down yet,” he replied.

“Good,” she nodded. “Cause I want to suck your big
nigger cock one more time.” Marisa straddled his legs
and sat down in his lap. “And I want to feel your big
nigger cock shoved up my ass again.” Marisa squealed as
she felt his cock harden between her legs. “And I want
at least two more loads of nigger sperm in my married
white pussy.” She leaned forwards and was surprised when
he parted his lips for a kiss. They kissed passionately,
tongue dueling. “You don’t mind kissing me after I just
sucked your cock,” she whispered, teasingly.

“If you don’t mind kissing me after I tongued Candace’s
pussy and ass hole earlier,” he replied.

“Ass!” Marisa fake slapped him, then kissed him again.
When she dismounted, his cock was half hard and dripping
with her own juices from where she had straddled it.
“Tomorrow, my love,” she told his cock.


“Rise and Shine,” yelled Flex, banging on Grant and
Candace’s door before moving on to Marisa and John’s.
“Wakey, wakey.”

“What’s up?” asked Marisa, sticking her head out the
door. She was already awake with the baby. John was in
the shower.

“Dayumn gurl,” said Flex, looking her up and down. “You
look fine.”

“You bet she does,” agreed John, coming out of the
bathroom with a towel around his waist. He looked at his
wife appreciatively. Marisa was wearing a two piece
green dress. It had spaghetti straps around the
shoulders, showed off her ample cleavage, and stopped
halfway down her ribcage to show off her sexy stomach
and newly pierced navel. The skirt matched and stopped
several inches above the knee. “What’s up?” asked John
moving beside his wife.

“I bought you guys an anniversary gift. Just a little
something to say I appreciate your friendship.”

“Nice of you, Flex, but what is it?” asked John.

“I chartered a boat to take you out diving to a reef.”

John’s eyes widened. “That sounds awesome.”

Candace stepped out of her trailer. Marisa’s eyes
focused on her jealously. The model was wearing one of
her smaller bikinis. The top squeezed her breasts
together to give her cleavage. The bottom was a full
panty, but it was skimpy and low cut. It was so low,
Marisa was surprised that the tops of her pubes hadn’t
popped out. She was also wearing eyeliner and makeup.
Candace looked like she was ready for a photo shoot.
“What’s going on?” she asked, moving up next to Flex and
standing so close, their skin almost touched. “I can’t
get Grant out of bed.”

“I chartered a boat for John and Isa’s anniversary. You
and Grant too. You know I don’t like being stuck out on
a boat, so I’m just gonna take a bike ride around Key
West, but I hope you guys have a great time.”

“I’m sure we will,” said John excitedly.

“I don’t know honey,” said Marisa, frowning. “I don’t
want to have the baby out in the hot sun on the open
water. Me neither for that matter. You know my skin.”

“You’re right. Thanks Flex, but I guess we shouldn’t
go,” said John, looking disappointed.

“Don’t worry about me John. I’ll take Jack into Key West
and we can go shopping. I want you to go and have a good

Flex looked sad. “Sorry Isa. I guess I wasn’t thinking.
John, you gotta go. The charter boat captain guarantees
seeing rays, some sharks, and the reef even has a
resident turtle.”

“Wow!” said John. He looked over at his wife.

“I said go,” argued Marisa. “Honestly, I’d be thrilled
to spend some time alone with Jack playing tourist and

Grant stumbled out of his house. He was wearing only
shorts. His hair was disheveled and he had a five
o’clock shadow. “Oh god,” he groaned. “Somebody turn the
sun off.” He pulled some shades out of his pants pocket
and put them on to cover his eyes. “What’s all the

Flex filled Grant in on the boating trip and he perked
up a little. “What about gear?”

“It’s covered in the charter. Now the boat leaves in an
hour so get moving.

The group began gathering their things together. Marisa
was helping, but Jack suddenly got hungry and she had to
pause to feed him. John apologized profusely, telling
Marisa what a wonderful wife she was. He left her breast
feeding Jack and joined Candace in Grant’s car. Flex
climbed on his motorcycle to lead them to the marina.
Soon they were off.

Twenty minutes later, Flex was carrying Grant’s cooler
onto the boat. Candace was standing on the dock watching
the men work. The charter captain, an old Cuban, was
eyeing the blonde with delight. He usually didn’t go out
cruising with women of her caliber. Grant groaned as the
boat rocked. “I swear Flex, I think you got me drunk on
purpose last night just so I’d be miserable on this

Flex threw back his head and laughed. “I can honestly
swear I didn’t get you drunk last night so that you’d be
miserable today.” The big black man turned and winked at
Candace. “Now if you guys are ready, I’ll be off.” He
went and straddled his bike. “Have fun.” Flex started
the engine and roared off.

Candace watched him go. There he goes, she thought. No
doubt, he’s going to give that big breasted whore a good
fuck. Well I could use a good fuck too. Candace turned
to her husband. “Grant, honey. This isn’t really my
thing you know.”

“I know honey,” said Grant. “I appreciate you being so
understanding and all.”

“Well then, would you mind if I skipped out and joined

“No, not at all. That is if you’re sure. I will miss

“No you won’t. You’re going to be in the water the whole
time, with that underwater digital camera of yours
taking pictures and all I’d do is lay out on the deck
and tan.”

Grant looked sheepish. John jumped in. “Actually, I’d be
happier knowing someone else was there to keep an eye on

“I’ll be happy to and I can help her with Jack. I
enjoyed babysitting the other night.”

They said their goodbyes. Candace kissed Jack while the
old Cuban looked crestfallen to lose such a beautiful
passenger. Candace waited on the dock until the boat
pulled away and cleared some cypress trees with some
pelicans in it entering the channel. Then she turned and
hurried to her car. She hoped to intercept Flex before
he got to Marisa. She wanted his nigger cock in her
pussy as soon as possible.


Flex’s motorcycle roared up and cut off by his trailer.
He looked around, but didn’t see Marisa anywhere. He
opened the door and stepped into his trailer and froze
with delight. The stunning pale skinned red head was
laying naked on his bed. “Baby’s napping,” she told him,
nodding towards the baby monitor. “Let’s hurry before he
wakes up.”

Flex’s clothes were off in a second. He pulled his
trunks down. He wasn’t wearing his workout briefs. His
cock was already springing up ready for action.

“Looks like that night’s sleep worked,” said Marisa,
staring hungrily at his cock. She leaned up as he walked
over to her, bending down to take his cock in her mouth.
Once it was good and wet, she grabbed the mammoth member
and guided it towards her hungry pussy. She rubbed the
head along her slit and pulled him forwards. “Give me
that big black nigger cock.”

Flex growled and pushed forwards. It still took a bit
for her pussy to give in to the pressure and open for
the large purplish cock head, but it did and his cock
slipped inside. He hunched over her then kissed her,
pushing her back onto the bed.

Flex fell on top of her, his powerful body embracing
hers. He worked the end of his cock around in her pussy,
pushing it deeper and deeper as he bent over her to kiss
her. His fingers pinched her nipple as he slowly began
fucking her. Marisa had her first orgasm of the day when
his cock bottomed out in her pussy. “I love your cock so
much,” she moaned, kissing his neck.

“I know,” he replied.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had a vasectomy. I’ve been
scared to death you might have knocked me up.”

“Yet you kept right on fucking me.”

“I couldn’t resist after the first time. It feels so
good when you cum in me.”

“It’s hotter when you think there’s a risk. How did it
feel knowing that I might be planting a black baby in
that belly?”

“Hot,” she agreed, writhing beneath him. “Scary, but

“It is hot, Isa. Think how good looking our child would
be. “I wish I could put a black baby in you.” Flex
lifted his upper torso off the bed with his strong arms.
He started working his cock in and out of her faster.

Marisa’s hip immediately leaped up into his thrusts. “I
wish you could to.”

“Then I’m gonna do it, Isa. I’m gonna put a nigger baby
in your belly.”

“Do it,” she hissed. “Seed me.” God, it was hot. “Plant
your nigger baby in my womb, you big black stud.”

“Here it cums, slut,” he growled. “Here comes my seed.”

“Do it! Seed me now!” Marisa grabbed his back so hard,
she pulled herself off the bed just as Flex buried his
cock in her to the root and the first strong load of his
ejaculate started filling her womb. “AH AH AARRGGHH!!”
she screamed as she came. This time was different as
Flex didn’t yank his cock out to shoot a few wads across
her belly or chest like he seemed to enjoy. This time,
he just held his cock still to make sure she got every
last drop of his seed planted in her womb.

His cock wasn’t moving in and out of her, but she could
still feel it bucking inside her, each leap sending more
of his seed deep into her fertile womb. Each jerk of his
cock seemed to prolong her own orgasm. Marisa grew weak
and couldn’t cling to him any longer. She dropped off
his chest and fell to the bed.

He lowered himself on top of her so that his cock didn’t
move much out of her pussy. When he was finally done
ejaculating, her womb felt bloated it was so full of
semen. Still Flex didn’t remove his cock. He held it
buried in her, plugging her full of his sperm. He was
playing their little game of pretend impregnation to the
maximum. When finally He started withdrawing his cock,
her womb contracted as it pushed some of the sperm out.
Marisa sighed in relief. Her head turned looking around
Flex. “Oh shit!” she exclaimed.

Flex looked over his shoulder. “What are you doing

Candace stared at them from Flex’s doorway. “I told the
guys that I was going to go shopping with Marisa,” she
exclaimed watching Flex slowly back off the red head.
His cock was still a rock hard monster. Now it was shiny
and wet in its rampant state. Marisa’s pussy was a
gaping hole, slowly turning white as his semen began
flooding from her well fucked pussy. “I was hoping for
some more of that,” she said, nodding towards Marisa’s
sperm filled vagina.

Flex approached the lovely blonde. “Well you’re in luck
then,” he said, grabbing the back of her neck. He pushed
her forwards. “That’s still fresh.” Flex pushed Candace
down towards Marisa’s pussy.

“Flex what are you…?” asked Marisa in shock as her
friend’s head was suddenly buried in her pussy. “AAHH!”
she squealed as she felt Candace’s tongue began lapping
up sperm. “Candace?” she asked in alarm, but her only
reply was a moan of contentment and Candace’s tongue
flickering between the folds of her labia before moving
up to flicker over her distended clitoris. Of its own
volition, Marisa’s crotch started lifting up into
Candace’s tongue.

Candace licked Flex’s sperm from Marisa’s pussy as
rapidly as she could and the river of semen was turning
from a flicker to a flood. Marisa’s pussy had kept it
hot and it tasted good and fresh. She worked her fingers
into Marisa’s pussy while sucking the red head’s rather
large bloated clitoris between her lips. Marisa, to
Candace’s intense satisfaction, had a large orgasm, her
contractions forcing more sperm from her pussy. Isa even
had one hand in Candace’s blonde hair pulling her face
deeper into her needy pussy.

Neither Flex nor Marisa knew it, but this wasn’t
Candace’s first time between a woman’s legs. Candace had
an encounter with her college roommate. Candace had
woken from a deep sleep to find her roommate between her
legs one night. It was too late for Candace to stop her
and her roommate quickly brought her to orgasm. She then
taught Candace how to please a woman and Candace had
enjoyed giving as well as receiving so much, she feared
she might be a lesbian. Both her parents and her
religion taught that homosexuality was a sin, so Candace
told her roommate that it was only a onetime thing.

They did it twice more. The next time Candace got so
drunk at a party, her roommate had no trouble getting
her into bed a second time. Their last encounter,
Candace had been drunk again and horny. That time, she
initiated the sex, kissing her startled roommate smack
on the lips in the middle of a room full of delighted
frat boys. The two women ran from the party and soon
found themselves in the sixty-nine position on Candace’s
bed. There were no more encounters, but Candace often
dreamed about her ex-roommate and sometimes other women
including other models she worked with and often Marisa.

In her dreams, she was often the man shoving his spear
into the woman. Sometime when making love to Grant, she
even fantasized that she was her husband. Now, years
later, Candace found herself between Marisa’s legs,
looking up her sexy white undulating belly to her
magnificent milk-laden breasts and her beautiful face
moaning in ecstasy and Candace realized she was fully

Flex was pleasantly surprised to see Candace give in to
going down on her friend so quickly. Women usually did
what he said in the long run, but not only had Candace
gone down without argument, but she appeared to be good
at it. Marisa had looked on in horror at first, but now
her entire body was writhing sinuously under Candace’s
skillful ministrations.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” said Flex, pulling
Candace’s bikini bottoms down her ass and legs to the
floor. He stepped behind her and lined his black cock up
with Candace’s pussy. It was soaking wet and looked
ready for him as he pushed his cock into her.

Candace grunted, her face pushing hard into Marisa’s
pussy. He reached up and untied the string around her
neck. Candace’s bikini top fell to the floor leaving her
as naked as Marisa. He grabbed her hips and began
fucking her pussy from behind. He looked at his friend’s
two wives. This wasn’t his first threesome, nor even his
second or third, but he couldn’t recall ever having two
hotter women before. This was going to be a good day.

Marisa came hard in Candace’s face. “No more,” she
whispered. Her genitals had turned so sensitive they
couldn’t take much more. Now, with Flex behind Candace
fucking her steadily, Candace’s tongue was pushing deep
inside Marisa’s pussy with each pounding of Flex’s cock.
“No more,” she said, louder.

Candace heard her this time. She raised her head out of
Marisa’s pussy. Marisa saw that the pretty blonde’s
mouth and chin were soaked. She looked up at Flex. He
winked at her. She looked back down at Candace. Grant’s
wife appeared drunk with pleasure. Her eyes were lidded
and she had a dull smile on her face. Candace bent her
head down and kissed the red patch of pubic hair between
Marisa’s legs.

Flex’s thrusts were pushing the blonde forwards. Candace
licked and kissed under Marisa’s belly button and then
kissed her navel itself, putting her lips right on the
green emerald. Her mouth and tongue moved up Marisa’s
rib cage to her swollen breasts and erect nipples.
Marisa moaned as Candace took a hard nipple into her
mouth. The red head felt milk spray from her breasts
into Candace’s mouth. This only encouraged Candace to
suck harder.

Marisa groaned and placed her hand in Candace’s hair,
holding her to her breast, though her head was thrust
forward with each stab of Flex’s cock. Marisa had never
fantasized about a woman or even dreamed she’d ever be
doing something like this, but pleasure was pleasure and
Candace knew what she was doing. Their soft bodies felt
good smashed together. It wasn’t long before Flex had
pushed Candace fully on top of Marisa. Their heights
were close to each other.

Flex’s heavy testicles began slapping against Marisa’s
pussy as he fucked Candace. The blonde brought her lips
down to Marisa’s. Marisa fought it at first, keeping her
lips tightly closed, but she gave in, opening her mouth
and letting Candace’s tongue inside to duel with her own
tongue. Just as Candace was cumming, Marisa had a small
orgasm as Flex’s balls kept smacking her sensitive labia
and clitoris. He’d just managed to get two women off at
the same time.

Flex saw them kissing. It was too much for the black
man. “Here it comes Candy. I’m gonna seed that pussy

Candace had been softly moaning as she passionately
kissed Marisa. Her moans grew. Marisa opened her eyes to
see that Candace’s eyes were wide open. Candace sucked
Marisa’s lower lip into her mouth and softly screamed in
delight. Marisa felt hot fluid dripping onto her crotch
from Candace’s pussy. Candace suddenly arched her back,
releasing Marisa’s lips and cried, “Give me your nigger
cumMING! AAAHHH!” She buried in head in the pillow next
to Marisa’s head.

Marisa watched Flex over Candace’s shoulder. The black
man’s cock appeared, rampant and swollen in all its
glory rising up above Candace’s ass. She watched the eye
open and a long string of his white sperm shot forth
from the head. Marisa closed her eyes just as the end of
the strand fell down on her forehead and across her
face. Another strand fell on her lips and Flex’s grunts
assured her that even more of his semen was covering
Candace’s back.

Marisa’s tongue came out to lick the sperm around her
mouth. She raised her hand to wipe some semen off her
eyelids before she could open them again. Flex pushed
the two women apart and then laid down between them.
They both leaned into him, their naked bodies pressed
into his, their hands feeling his huge chest as they
came down from their orgasmic high.

After a short rest, Candace’s stomach growled. “Hungry?”
asked Flex. “Why don’t you go down and rustle up some
black sausage to eat.”

“Yum,” she purred, “Gladly.” Candace kissed down the
black man’s chest, moving her lips towards his giant

“You too, Isa,” he said.

“Yes, Flex,” she replied.

Marisa moved her body down to the foot of the bed and
sidled up next to Candace. The blonde had the tip of
Flex’s cock in her mouth and it was rejuvenating
rapidly. Candace grabbed the base and pushed his cock up
so that she could move her mouth down to lick his balls.
Marisa saw her opportunity and leaned over to suck on
the end of Flex’s cock.

For the next twenty minutes, the two married women
shared the thirteen inch black cock between them. Marisa
was slightly miffed that Candace had joined them, she
had wanted Flex all to herself for most of the day and
she hadn’t wanted to share sucking on his cock with
anyone, but she had to admit, Candace was very generous
with it. The blonde would suck on it, taking his shaft
deep down her throat and then pull it free of her mouth,
aiming the huge cock over to Marisa who then mirrored
what Candace had been doing.

During one of Marisa’s turns, she had managed to swallow
the whole shaft to the root, when she felt one of
Candace’s fingers teasing her pussy. Candace proceeded
to finger her for a good five minutes while Marisa
bobbed her head over Flex’s shaft. She began to choke
and needed a break so Marisa quit sucking and pointed
the enormous cock over towards Candace. Marisa then
decided to return the favor and moved her fingers over
to Candace’s pussy.

She’d never done anything like this before, but then
this weekend had been full of first time experiences.
The heat and wetness of Candace’s pussy surprised the
red headed woman. Candace seemed thrilled to have Marisa
fingering her and humped Marisa’s fingers like wild
until she actually had a small orgasm that was still
strong enough to make her gag on Flex’s cock.

“Gonna cum, girls,” groaned Flex.

Candace had just passed his cock back to Marisa. Marisa
started bobbing her head faster knowing her reward was
coming. She could feel the giant shaft hardening and the
head was swelling as his orgasm approached. She pulled
her head back wanting his load in her mouth. Candace had
one hand on his shaft jerking it as fast as she could so
Marisa used her hands to fondle his balls.

Flex’s cock erupted.

Candace waited until Marisa’s cheeks bulged out before
she yanked his cock over to her own mouth. It erupted
between the two women before the head found its way into
Candace mouth and continued ejaculating across her
tongue. She swallowed two loads before Marisa had
managed to wrap her hands around the shaft and pulled it
free. His cock cleared Candace’s mouth and blew a load
in her face before Marisa had gotten her lips around the

Candace pulled it back, but Marisa fought her this time.
They ended up cheek to cheek while Flex’s cock shot it’s
last three wads into both their faces. Finally, Candace
relaxed and Marisa leaned forward to lick the remaining
cum off his cock head. Candace was generous again,
jerking his shaft so that a few more squirts of his seed
filled Marisa’s mouth.

Candace bent down and licked his shaft while Marisa
didn’t want to relinquish the head. Candace licked
upwards forcing Marisa to back off a little. They ended
up sharing the head, both their tongues licking the
swollen black helmet. Their tongues danced around each
other and then they were kissing again while Flex’s cock
head bobbed beside their cheeks. The kiss was passionate
and only broken when Candace pulled back to lick some of
the sperm from Marisa’s nose and then her cheeks and
lips. Marisa did the same, cleaning Candace’s face with
her tongue. Flex’s sperm was now cold, but it was still

“Why don’t you two get cleaned up,” said Flex. “You can
use my shower.”

“Alright,” said Marisa. “You can go first Candace.”

“It’ll be quicker if we shower together, said Candace
pulling Marisa to her feet and towards the bathroom.

Candace grabbed a bar of soap and started running it all
over Marisa’s body the second they were under the hot
water. The shower was tight and the women were forced to
press their bodies together. Candace’s hard nipples were
pushing against Marisa’s. Marisa still wasn’t bi or gay,
but the physical contact was nice. Candace’s soft
feminine body felt good to touch and caress. This time
Marisa pulled her tight and kissed her. Candace moaned
from the passion of Marisa’s kiss. Their lips parted.
“Please say we can get together again for some more
fun?” Candace’s eyes pleaded with her.

“I-I’d like that,” said Marisa.

“Thank you,” said Candace kissing her. “Maybe a girls
only weekend. Just you and me.” She kissed her again. “I
can bring a big dildo.” She kissed her again. “I’ll get
a big strap on black dildo.” She kissed her. “Maybe I
could fuck you with it.”

Marisa was shocked by how kinky Candace was turning out
to be. She pictured the gorgeous blonde kneeling between
her legs with a plastic black cock that looked just like
Flex’s strapped to her pussy. “Maybe,” she said,
thinking about it.

The curtain pulled open. “I wanna watch this,” said
Flex, standing in the doorway.

Candace slipped behind Marisa so that the red head was
facing Flex. She reached around the new mother and
cupped Marisa’s breasts. “You like these big white
breasts?” asked Candace before kissing Marisa’s neck.

“I sure do,” said Flex, approvingly.

“And these big hard nipples?” Candace pinched and tugged
on Marisa’s nipples. A little milk came out, but Flex
couldn’t notice through the shower spray. “Is your big
nigger cock getting hard again looking at this white
body?” Candace ran the palm of one hand down Marisa’s
smooth pale white body and across her sexy belly. Her
fingers ran across Marisa’s red pubic hairs, now darker
from being wet. “And this hot pussy?” Marisa gasped as
Candace’s fingers slipped over her clit. “I see your big
nigger cock is ready!”

Flex’s cock was sticking straight out again. “Get your
white asses back on the bed, sluts,” he ordered.

Marisa and Candace stepped out of the shower. They dried
each other off. They were heading back to the bed where
Flex was lying, holding his cock up when Jack started
crying through the baby monitor. “Shit!” said Marisa.
“He’s hungry.” She bent down to get her dress.

“Leave it,” ordered Flex. “I want you to stay naked.”

“But?” Marisa looked at him. His expression was serious.
She opened the door and peered out. Their trailers were
arranged in little cul-de-sacs and no one would see her.
“Alright,” she said, flicking the switch on the baby
monitor so that they could have a two way conversation
if need be. She slipped out the door, feeling the hot
sun strike her bare skin.

Her fair white skin hadn’t tanned despite wearing little
but the small bikini all weekend, but then she was
diligent with her sunscreen. The sun had brought out
some freckles though. They were appearing on her cheeks
and the tops of her breasts. She walked nude from Flex’s
cabin, past the grill, the picnic table and up to her

Jack reached for her breasts the moment she picked him
up. He needed changing too, but for now he was just
hungry. She flickered a nipple across his lips until he
latched on and started sucking.

“WHOA!” The sound came from the monitor and Marisa
glanced at it.

“Wrong hole,” came Candace’s voice.

“Shut up,” said Flex.

“You’re too big for that,” complained Candace.

“Isa took me, you can too.”

“Jesus, just go easy ok? Aargh!! OHGOD! It hurts!”

“You ain’t a true slut until you’ve had a nigger cock in
every hole, Candy.”

Marisa listened intently as Flex broke Candace’s ass in.
She was jealous again as she’d wanted to experience anal
sex one more time. She did take some pride in the fact
that Candace was having a harder time taking the thick
shaft, but then her ass was a lot bonier then Marisa’s.
It took awhile, but the sobs and groans were turning to

“Fuck.” Marisa had to crane her neck to hear as
Candace’s words were so soft. “Fuck. Fuck. Do it. Fuck
my ass. FUCK MY ASS! Shove that big nigger cock deep. I
fucking love it. Fuck my white ass with that big black

Marisa changed Jack. He reached back up for her nipple,
but his attempts were half hearted and his eyes were
lidded. “I’m a true slut now, Flex. I’ve taken you in
every hole and I like it. I’m your slut. Keep fucking
your white slut’s ass.” SLAP “Spank your slut, nigger.”
SLAP “OHGOD” SLAP “Spank my slut ass, master.” SLAP

Marisa fixed the diaper. Jack was asleep. She put him
back down in the playpen and boldly walked naked across
the yard. She opened the door to Flex saying, “Here it
comes, slut.”

“Fill my ass with your nigger cum, master,” screamed

Marisa stared at the couple. Candace’s ass cheeks were
now bright red. The black man had nearly eight inches of
cock buried into her ass. Flex had his eyes closed and
was gritting his teeth, clearly cumming. As was his
habit, he pulled back and yanked his cock out. The
rampant shaft sprang up and launched a long string of
semen from the back of Candace’s blonde hair down to the
small of her back and onto her ass cheeks.

He jerked a few more strands out and then collapsed on
the bed. Candace fell on her arms, ass sticking up in
the air. Marisa noticed she had one hand between her
legs and was slowly diddling her clit as Flex’s sperm
started welling up in her ass to trickle down to her
pussy and fingers.

“I’m about spent, ladies,” said the exhausted black man.

Marisa walked over to the bed. “One more time,” she
said, straddling him. His cock hadn’t shrunk yet and she
lifted it up lowering her needy pussy over it. “I want
you in me one more time.”

“Jesus Isa,” he groaned. “I’m only human.”

“No you’re not,” she replied, riding him. “You’re a god.
Let me worship your black cock with my white pussy,

“FUCK!” he groaned, slamming his hips up into her
descending pussy. “Now that’s what I’m talkin about.”

Marisa rode him hard, leaning forwards so that he could
wrap his black lips around her erect nipples. “I want
your black seed in my womb again,” she moaned. “I want
your nigger cum. Give me your cum, master.”

“You’ll get it slut,” he growled. Flex’s eyes suddenly
widened in surprise. “That’s it lick my balls.”

Marisa glanced behind her. Candace had moved over and
had her face down on the bed, licking Flex’s splayed out
scrotum. She licked and kissed up the base of Flex’s
shaft. Marisa leaned forwards, burying her boobs in
Flex’s face. The tip of his cock was spreading her pussy
lips out as she slowly fucked just the tip. She felt
Candace’s tongue between her ass cheeks and then her
tongue was sliding across the exposed part of Flex’s
cock head and Marisa’s labia. The tongue teased her,
moving out of the way when Marisa started riding Flex
again. Candace’s tongue moved up between her ass cheeks,
teasing her anus. Both Flex and Marisa groaned.

Marisa slammed her pussy down over Flex’s cock, grinding
their crotches together. Then she leaned forward and
teased him again, fucking just the tip. Candace’s tongue
returned to their conjoined crotches, licking off their
combined juices. This went on for awhile. Marisa had
several orgasms. “More Flex. More. Please tell me we can
fuck again.”

“We’ll fuck again. I plan of fucking both of ya whenever
I can.”

“I’m your slut, Flex,” screamed Marisa. She came hard,
collapsing on his crotch.

“Prepare to get seeded, slut.” He still needed a few
more strokes to get it out, but Marisa had collapsed. He
lifted her up easily, bucking his hips up into her.

“All of it,” she whispered in his ear. “I want every
last drop inside me.”

Marisa got her wish. He came and she had one final giant
orgasm as she felt him seeding her pussy with his sperm.
He should have been drained dry by this point, but it
still felt like he was hosing her insides with a
gallon’s worth of semen. She had the fleeting thought
that she should thank god that he’s had a vasectomy for
he surely would have impregnated her this weekend if he
hadn’t. But she also knew that she was hooked. Even if
he were fertile, she would have kept right on fucking
him. The pleasure of fucking him bareback and feeling
his ejaculate in her womb was worth any consequences.
Marisa collapsed on his chest.

Marisa came to her senses. She was laying on his hard
chest, his plump cock still in her, but it had gone
soft. Candace had sidled up next to Flex and was cradled
in his arm. Marisa sat up a little, arching her back and
Flex’s lips quickly found her right nipple. He started
licking and sucking her erect nipple, her milk squirting
in his mouth. She was surprised when Candace joined him.
The blonde also wrapped her lips around Marisa’s left
nipple and started sucking. She moaned and started

Flex’s cock still stuffed her pussy though it had gone
soft. She couldn’t help herself. The pleasure from
having her pussy stuffed full of cock, from the pleasure
radiating out from her sensitive nipples, and the sheer
relief she was feeling in her breasts and the pressure
from all her milk abated had her cumming one last time.

Flex and Candace sensed she was done and they both
released her nipples, their heads falling back on the
pillows. Marisa wriggled herself free. His cock plopped
out, followed by a flood of his semen. She rolled off
him and snuggled up in his other arm. She and Candace
ran their hands lovingly all over his hard chest.

“I could use another load,” purred Candace, fondling his
cock. It hung limp over her hand. It was still thirteen
inches long and as thick as her wrist, but it was soft
as a noodle, wet and sticky from all his and Marisa’s

“Enough ladies,” he said. “I’m spent. You drained my
balls dry with that last fuck, Isa.”

“My pleasure,” she moaned. “And I mean that.”

“Besides, you need to go get cleaned up to go pick up
your husbands.”

“When can we fuck again?” asked Candace.

“Me too.”

“I’ll come by when I can. I can probably visit you Isa
about once a month. You’re a little more out of the way.

“Damn! What about next month? Aren’t Grant and John
going fishing for a weekend?”

“Yeah, they invited me, but I got a competition.” Flex

Candace and Marisa were both running their hands over
the black man’s bulging muscular chest. Candace slid her
hand over to Marisa’s and held it. “Maybe we can get
together that weekend?”

“Alright,” said Marisa, feeling Candace squeeze her hand
in response. They continued to hold hands.
“I don’t think I can live with seeing you only once a
month.” Marisa kissed one of his muscles.

“Me neither. I need you now.” Candace kissed him too.

“My oh my,” he said. “I got a couple of addicts on my

“Once you’ve had Flex…” reminded Marisa.

Flex chuckled. “If you need it that bad, you might want
to think about spreading them legs for some other niggas

“You’re not suggesting?” Candace asked.

“I am. Now there’s no other niggas out there like me,
but if either of you know any brothers, big build, big
feet, acting like the own everything. They’ll take care
of those horny white pussies for ya.”

“There’s this lawyer at the office,” said Marisa. She
was a legal aid in a law firm, but was on extended
maternity leave. She and John were working out whether
or not she should resign entirely and be a stay at home
mom or send Jack to daycare.

“Is he a big guy?”

“He’s big, ex-pro football player. Good looking too, but
he’s almost sixty. He’s a real flirt with all the ladies
even though he’s married. He’s come on to me a couple
times, but I thought it was unprofessional.”

“You should fuck him,” said Flex.

“No, I couldn’t,” she replied. Maybe. I have his number.
Could I? He’d be discreet.

“You’re lucky Marisa,” laughed Candace. “The only big
black guy I know works for the agency and he’s no

“What is he?” asked Flex.

“He does odd jobs for us. I think he’s got a mild case
of Downs. The agency hired him through some firm that
seeks to place handicapped people. He’s huge and does a
lot of heavy lifting and some janitorial work. I don’t
know if he’s even ever had sex.”

“There’s a brother that needs some white pussy bad

“Probably, but he’s not very good looking and he’s in
his fifties.”

“Fuck him anyway,” said Flex.

“I’ll wait for you,” she replied, but Candace was
already thinking about the janitor. He was an all around
big guy. Gentle as a rabbit, but he was huge. He had a
big head, thick neck, big arms, and Candace was sure he
would have something big under his work trousers too.

Marisa broke her grip with Candace’s hand and slid hers
down Flex’s stomach to his penis. She hefted the thick
slab of dark meat. “You sure you’ve had enough?” she
asked, stroking his cock.

“Hey! If that thing gets hard, it’s my turn,” complained

Flex’s cock did seem to plump up a little, but it didn’t
harden. “See, I guess I’m just a man after all,” he

“Yeah, but you’re a real man with a real man’s cock and
you know how to use it,” sighed Marisa. Jack started
crying through the monitor.

“You call this a real man?” asked Candace. “Why he’s
only managed to get it up five times today and he’s only
managed to satisfy two women. A real man would be good
for another dozen or so times.”

“You want me to spank that white ass again?” asked Flex.

“Maybe,” giggled Candace.

“I’d better go,” said Marisa as Jack’s cries grew
louder. “I need to clean up and I think the baby’s going
to be active for awhile.”

“You better go too Candy,” said Flex. “The boat should
be docking soon and Grant and John will need a lift

Candace stood and retrieved her bikini. Both women were
still messy and needed showers. Neither dressed not
wanting to mess up their clothes. Marisa opened the door
and peeked out to make sure no one was around. “Girls,”
said Flex before they left. They turned to look at him.
“This had been fun. I love you both.”

“I love you too,” said Candace and Marisa together
before running out.


Grant and John returned from their trip thrilled and
happy. They’d seen barracuda, nurse sharks, a large
sting ray, and numerous tropical fish. They were already
talking about coming back next year and doing it again.
Candace told them that Marisa and she had just as much
fun without them and the guys were delighted that the
two women were getting along so well and openly endorsed
them having girls only weekends. The five friends went
out to dinner in Key West and splurged on an expensive
seafood dinner. Grant and John paid Flex’s tab to thank
him for such a fun day.

Later, they group sat around a pit fire between their
trailers and laughed and talked. They drank, but none of
them overindulged as tomorrow’s drive home would be a
long day.

The next morning while they were loading their cars, the
landlord pulled up followed by another car. Flex watched
with interest as three women got out of the car. They
were blondes and appeared to be a mother and twin
daughters. “Sorry, don’t mean to rush ya,” said the
landlord. He was an aging Key West hippie with long gray
hair pulled back in a ponytail, thin, tattooed, and very
tan. “My guests got an earlier flight to avoid the
blizzard about to hit the Midwest.” He turned to the
mother. “I trust this will be satisfactory?”

The mother looked around. “You betcha,” she said with a
Minnesota twang.

“Let’s go check out the beach,” said one of the girls.

“Okay, let’s do it,” said the mom.

“I’ll get the linens changed while you’re gone,” said
the landlord. He took the keys from John and Grant,
handing one set to the mom and another to the twins. The
three women ran to the trailers.

Flex fingered his keys and watched the women go. He
glanced at the newcomers’ car. It was a rental, probably
from Miami International. They had some brochures on the
dash, coral castle, theater of the sea on Islamorada,
and the Miami Metro zoo. “No husband?” he asked.

The hippie paused as he gathered some fresh bed sheets
from the back of his car. “She said something about her
husband being stationed overseas.”

The twins reemerged quickly and Flex’s eyes zoomed in on
them. They looked eighteen, both with long blonde hair
and blue eyes. They didn’t appear to be identical, but
were close enough that strangers wouldn’t be able to
tell them apart. The girls were wearing modest bikinis
that they both filled out impressively. Their tits were
as big as Marisa’s and bounced when the two girls locked
arms and jumped up and down excitedly. They were the
kind of pale white he loved.

Both girls were as pale as Marisa, but it was a winter
pale and they would probably have nice tans by the end
of their week. His mind raced. High school seniors.
Stunning. Popular. Probably cheerleaders. Probably
dating the two most popular boys in school, football
players. Only fucked their boyfriends or maybe one other
guy before them. They plan on being together with their
boyfriends forever, but the girls will dump them when
they move on to college and encounter other boys. Number
of niggas in their high school? Slim to none. They
needed some integration immediately and then come
college, they’d seek out some black cock to satisfy

Mom came out of her trailer and Flex’s cock extended an
inch. She was more demure then her daughters, not
willing to walk around in just a bikini, she had an open
men’s button down shirt over her bikini. The mom was
probably forty, but looked younger. Her blonde hair had
some faded patches, gray that blended in with her
natural color. She threw her head back up to the sun,
her shirt fell open. Her bosom was huge, larger then
Marisa’s, EE’s he guessed. Her bikini top was actually
quite modest, but she had so much tit flesh, it looked
small. The outlines of large areola were visible through
the bikini top.

Those udders probably would have sagged down, but for
the tight bikini top. He forced himself to lower his
gaze from her swollen white tits and took in her torso.
The woman was very fit. With her back arched, he could
make out her abdominals and some musculature. Her belly
was as flat as her daughters and there wasn’t even a
slight bulge under her navel. She put her arms up in her
hair, enjoying the warm sun.

There wasn’t even any loose skin hanging off her arms.
Her legs were long, fit, and well toned. Other than her
breasts, the only extra fat on her was in the plump ass,
he’d seen as she walked to her cabin. Perfect for
grabbing on to when he pulled her back into his
thrusting cock.

His mind analyzed her just as it had her daughters. When
it came to sizing up women, his brain worked like a
regular Sherlock Holmes. Married young, probably high
school boyfriend. He took her virginity and was the only
man she’s ever been with. She’s lonely, frustrated. She
peaked sexually and hubby hasn’t been around to take
care of her needs. Takes out her sexual frustrations
with exercise. Probably has a vibrator in her nightstand
drawer and uses it once or twice a week, crying and
thinking about her husband as she fucks herself with it.

There was a store in Miami called the BBC LOVERS
BOUTIQUE. He’d buy her a foot long black dildo to
replace the little one in her drawer. It wouldn’t
satisfy her any longer once Flex got his cock in her and
he would get his cock in her.

“I have a shoot in Miami in five days,” said Flex,
watching the three newcomers head down the path to the
beach. “I was gonna get a room in Miami and hang out in
the city, but now…” He turned to the hippie. “Is my
cabin available if I extend my stay a week?”

“Sure is,” said the hippie.

“Let’s do it then,” said Flex with a grin still watching
the three blondes walk down the beach trail.

“Which one, mother or one of the daughters?” asked John.

“Yes,” replied Flex.

“Let’s get going,” said Grant. “Good luck Flex. Not
going to get far with that lot. Mom’s married and the
girls are too young.”

Candace snorted beside her husband. He glanced at her,
but she just pretended her nose was itching. She glanced
at Marisa and the two shared a knowing grin. Neither
woman doubted that he would have banged all three by the
end of the week. The twins would probably be his next

They all said their goodbyes. John and Grant shook each
other’s and Flex’s hand. Candace hugged Flex as did
Marisa. Marisa had come a long way from the woman who
hadn’t wanted to even touch his black skin a few days
ago. Now she didn’t want to let go. Now she wanted him
to lift her in his arms and lower her over his stiff
cock. “Here, use this,” she whispered handing him the
Iron Man magazine with Flex on the cover, showing the
huge bulge in his crotch. “Leave it on the picnic table
for them to find. Put ideas in their heads.” She winked
up at him.

“Marisa, you are a delight,” he told her, kissing her on
the forehead and then quickly on the lips as the others
got into their cars.

Marisa climbed in next to John and they drove off.
“Promise me you’ll wear that for some of the guys back
home,” said John, looking over at her. His friends knew
she had big tits, but they also falsely believed she was

Marisa laughed. She was keeping her promise to him to
show off some more of her body. She wore short shorts to
show off her legs and a belly baring halter top.
Sunlight through the car window made her emerald
piercing glisten. “I promise,” she replied, picturing
his friends ogling her, but then her thoughts turned to
a certain black lawyer she worked with. “I might even do
better than that.”

“Holy shit,” said John as his wife yanked the halter off
over her head. She then opened the clasp on her bra and
removed it. His buxom wife was now riding topless down
the oversees highway.

Marisa looked at her swollen nipples before pulling the
halter top on back over her tits. “Stupid bra keeps
rubbing my nipples. I hope Jack gets thirsty soon,
they’re feeling heavy.”

“I’m a little thirsty myself,” replied John. Marisa’s
phone went off. “Who is that?” he asked.

Marisa checked her cell. “Text from Lola. I sent her one
when we got here saying I was sorry about her and Flex
and missed her.” Marisa read a little more. “She misses
us too and wishes she could have met Jack. Umm.. Don’t
feel bad about her and Flex. Umm.. She still loves the
big asshole, but he couldn’t stay faithful.”

“She knew that,” said John. “She was the other woman

“Yeah, she says here, It’s not so much the cheating,”
Marisa felt the color drain from her already pale face.
“As it is his obsession with knocking up white woman.”

“You okay honey?” asked John.

“Yeah fine,” she replied, faking a smile. “I’m just
shocked to find out what kind of man Flex is.” He’s a
real man, that’s what kind of man he is.

“Yeah, there’s something wrong with him up here,” said
John, tapping his head with his finger. “He knocked up
three girls back in college. Told me he poked holes in
his condoms so that they’d pop. Two of the girls ended
up dropping out to raise babies.”

“And you’re friends with this guy?” she asked. John just
shrugged. Marisa looked down at her phone. “Lola says
Flex knocked up her best friend, Melissa.”

“Oh yeah, another female bodybuilder.”

“Swore to her that he’d had a… OHMYGOD!”

“What?” asked John in alarm.

“He is an asshole,” said Marisa, hoping John was paying
attention to the road and not to how much her hands were
shaking. “He told Melissa that he’d had a vasectomy.”

“You sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine,” she snapped. “Just pull over soon. My boobs
are aching and I need to feed Jack.”
Marisa stared out the window at the passing palm and
cypress trees and the beautiful clear blue water. A tear
rolled down one cheek as she thought of Flex. He had
sent load after load of his apparently potent seed
directly into her womb this weekend and she was right
between periods, her most fertile time.

Candace and her own periods were closely synced too. The
thin blonde was holding off on pregnancy for career
reasons. Stretch marks and weight gain could cost her a
fortune and now Candace had taken billions of his sperm
into her fertile womb. My god, she thought. I just
helped enable him to fuck that mom and her twins!

Marisa lowered her arm and placed one open hand over her
womb. She wondered if there was life growing there. She
was almost certain of it. She thought of Flex’s cock and
how good it felt, especially when it was cumming in her
womb. Thinking about him made her horny. What a man!
What a cock! That mom and her twins were lucky that Flex
wanted to fuck them and put babies in their bellies.
They owed her. So did Candace. Marisa rubbed her womb
and smiled.

No regrets.

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