Bored soccer mom finds ways to entertain herself

Watching her husband pulled out of the drive wave
Christy waved goodbye to him from their living room
window, then turn to yell at her eleven year old son
Ron, to hurry up getting ready for school before he
missed the bus. Ron ran down the stairs, waved at his
mom and was out the front door. “Have a good day at
school,” she said as she saw him run down the street.

With a big sigh in her breath, Christy turned to walk
into the kitchen and began clearing the table of dirty
dishes. She went on doing her morning cleaning and
wondered what she would do for the rest of the day. Her
husband had just left on another business trip. She
couldn’t complain, he did what he had to do to take
care of her and their son Ron. She had everything she
needed and their sex life was ok when he was around,
but it felt like he was gone all the time.

She also didn’t have much to worry with her son. He was
a good k*d, did well in school, had lots of friends,
and did what he could to help her around the house when
his father was gone. However Christy couldn’t stop
feeling like there was something missing in her life.

At Thirty four years old, with blonde hair past her
shoulders and soccer mom look to her, she still turn a
few heads. She could afford to lose the extra fifteen
pounds she gained after having Ron, but she was not the
sporty type to spend her days working out. She felt she
did enough of a work out just keeping her house clean
and working on the yard. She was happy with herself and
still felt she was sexy.

After finishing up in the kitchen, she graded a coke
and walked into the Den. As soon as she turned on the
TV to see what was on, she heard a familiar scratch
noise at the back door. Christy had forgotten to feed
the dog. “Ugh!” she put down her drink and went to let
the tan lab in.

“Sorry Benny, I forgot about you,” she filled its bowl
with food. Once the started to eat, she walked away
into the Den and picked up her coke and turned off the
TV. She decided to go up stairs and take a quick

When she entered her bedroom she turned on her
computer, before undressing and stepping into the
bathroom. A shower later, Christy entered her bedroom
wrapped in a towel and stepped over to her dresser. In
front of the large mirror she removed the towel and
used it to dry her hair. She looked at herself in the
mirror, looking at her large 38D breast with large
strawberry looking areolas.

Christy was proud of her breast and loved her sensitive
nipples sucked on, as they puffed out. She also kept
her pussy almost hairless. She looked at the clock and
saw there were still hours before her son got home from
school. Christy put on a pair of bikini panties and old
T-shirt, before brushing her hair and walking over to
her computer.

She did the same old normal thing; checking e-mails,
she had some old school friends she enjoyed keeping in
touch with and talking about their boring normal lives.
As usual there was a bunch of junk mail.

Christy was so bored; she read and deleted away, then
there was a spam for a web cam chat room. She didn’t
know why, but she clicked on it. She’d done the chat
rooms before, and found them boring, full of assholes
and perverts. She clicked on to the sight.

It was free so she registered and put in all her
information. There were lots of cams to choice from;
men, women, couples and there was even one for “other,”
whatever that meant.”

There were also many chat rooms to choose from. You
could watch or show. There was everything sexual she
could think of and some she didn’t know what they were,
along with a small PG area.

Christy decided to check some of it out, but not turn
on her cam. She started in the PG area and talked to
some woman in Kansas that liked talking about her cats.
Politely she excused herself away from the cat lady and
checked out other rooms. She saw many men masturbating,
men of all colors and size. Women using toys, their
fingers and there was even one fucking herself with a
beer bottle.

All this was turning Christy on a little, her pussy had
gotten so wet looking at all this sexual stuff, but she
was fighting the urge to touch herself. Then there were
the couples having sex. “Mmm…” how she wished she was
having sex right then.

It was too much for Christy, her right hand moved down
and under her panties. She was so wet. Her left hand
moved up under her T-shirt to her nipple. Switching
from one cam to another and touching herself, it was
driving her insane with lust. “Agh!” Then there was a
PM pop up. Someone wanted to know if she had a web cam,
if they could watch her.

Fear washed over her and she was ready to close out
from the sight. “How did they know I was playing with
herself?” Then she felt silly. Her cam was off. No one
could see her. “What if they could?” A naughty chill
went up her spine, she bit her lower lip. Could she let
someone watch her? The thought excited her and scared
her at the same time. What if someone recognized her?
What ifs filled her mind, should she or shouldn’t she?


She turned web cam on. Christy was scared, but excited,
all they could see was her T-shirt. Immediately, her
computer screen lit up with messages, men and women
wanting to see more. She didn’t want to show her face.
“Show your tits bitch.” — “I want to fuck you.” —
“Play with your tits.” — “Slut, Whore, Cunt Fuck” —
the dirty messages went on and on, along with the
request for her to do all sorts of things. One guy even
wanted her to pee on cam.

It was all so degrading, but she could help herself,
she didn’t know why but she liked it and she slowly
removed her T-shirt off and sat back in front of the
cam so they could get a good look. Now she couldn’t
even read the messages, there were so many, and they
were going by so fast. She knew they liked her tits,
that was one of the reoccurring themes of the messages
she could read.

It was so exciting, Christy began squeezing her breasts
and pinching her nipples. Her right hand went back
inside her panties. “Mmm…” She no longer was looking
at the screen, but enjoying herself. “Agh!” She had to
remove her panties to get her fingers into her pussy.

She began pushing in and out, her legs were spread
wide. “Oh god!” Christy’s tits felt so hot, her pussy
was melting. Faster and faster — her fingers flew
across her clit and into her throbbing cunt. She was on
fire! She had to cum so badly!

“Agh! Agh… agh… I’m cumming! Yes! Yes! YES! Arrrh!”
Christ groaned.

Then suddenly Christy was aware that something cold and
then hot was between her legs and she jumped out of the
chair. She had forgotten about Ben, her dog. While she
had been in a state of arousal the dog must have walked
up to her bedroom and gone under the computer desk and
then pushed his snout between her legs and started
licked her pussy.

Christy was in shock and quickly turned off her cam and
then the computer.

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