Breakfast In Bed

She woke up and he was gone. This wasn’t so unusual in
itself; he got up for work relatively early. What WAS
unusual was that he hadn’t woken her up for a quick
kiss goodbye. Besides, she mused, it was Sunday… he
should be still in bed. She was about to get up and put
on her bathrobe to investigate when the object of her
curiosity walked through the bedroom door.

He was carrying a tray laden with food and she settled
back onto the bed with a sigh of contentment. Breakfast
in bed! He pulled back the covers with one hand,
precariously balanced tray, and cuddled up next to her.
On the tray were all sorts of goodies: hot chocolate
for her and coffee for him, croissants, cut fruit,
sausages and (to her bewildered amusement) a bottle of
maple syrup.

She looked up into his face, meaning to ask him what
they’d need the syrup for, but the look in his eyes
silenced her. She had seen that look before and it
always meant there was fun ahead. Her stomach fluttered
with the possibilities and her hand shook the mug she
brought to her lips.

The food was devoured in compatible silence, the tray
set aside with the syrup still untouched. She was
wondering what would come next when he kissed her.

It was his specialty kiss: long and deep and able to
melt her bones. She felt like their souls were one when
they kissed like this, like they’d never be separated
again. Perhaps they wouldn’t. He finally broke the
contact and lifted her nightgown over her head. Her
breasts were aching from need, her nipples standing at
attention. He kissed them briefly, intensifying their
need rather than abating it, and continued down her

His hand cupped her bottom and he took a few moments to
admire her light blue panties. They were silk and she
knew he took pleasure in feeling the smooth material.
He did this now, running his hand along the cleft of
her pussy, making the lips pucker and a small wet spot
appear. She was whimpering softly now, watching him as
he leaned his head down and kissed the wet spot.

She threw back her head and moaned as he paid special
attention to that oh-so-sensitive area. He gave one
more lingering kiss to her swollen lips and traveled up
again until his face was even with hers.

She desperately wrenched at his shirt, pulling the item
over his head and tossing it aside. She could feel his
excitement against her hip and she ached to have it
inside her. She reached for his waistband but he
stopped her and pinned both her arms over her head.

“You know what? I’m still hungry,” he said softly,
smiling down at her as she panted in excitement and
frustration. Her eyes narrowed in confusion, how could
he be thinking of his stomach at a time like this? She
was so distracted she didn’t notice the syrup bottle
until it was too late.

“What are you -Ah!” she cried as he squeezed two good
sized gobs onto her breasts. He drizzled the warm
liquid on her nipples as she gasped in surprise, trying
to free her hands from his strong grip. “You’re going
to make a mess! What’s going on?” Her rant broke into a
deep moan as he took her breast in his mouth and began
to suck the sweet syrup. His tongue lavished her
nipple, twirling around it in an attempt to capture all
the sticky stuff. Her hands relaxed and he let go,
using his free hand to reach down and part her pussy

She was almost levitating off the bed in pleasure,
unable to decipher whether his finger or his mouth was
the most arousing. He was sucking the other breast now,
flicking his tongue against her nipple in the same
rhythm as his finger, which was now pumping in and out
of her dripping pussy. She had her hands locked around
his head; drawing him close to her while she thrust
towards his invading digit. His thumb started to hit
her clit with every inward thrust and she came hard,
crying his name as waves of pleasure coursed through
her body.

She almost screamed in despair when he withdrew his
fingers, but calmed when he pushed down his shorts and
positioned his erection at her entrance. The waves
renewed their course as he began to thrust, her pussy
walls clenching and unclenching around his cock. His
pace increased and she thrust back as hard as her sated
body allowed, still riding the occasional spasm of her
own pleasure.

He stiffened and came, spilling his seed into her
willing womb as he kissed her again and again. Finally
he rested against her, cradling her in his arms as they
relaxed in the afterglow.

“We should have breakfast in bed more often,” she said

“Uh huh,” he agreed, “or maybe dessert next time.

Thinking about caramel topping she smiled happily and
cuddled closer.

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