Debbie likes to go out to bars looking for strange

I rolled into the Bay area about four in the afternoon.
Traffic was horrid, it was a hot day in California to
say the least, and my patients had about run thin.

Following the directions on my GPS system, within an
hour I pulled in behind the mall to the delivery area. I
found the Office Depot where I needed to deliver in the
morning and leaving the truck run for the air
conditioner to work, I went into the sleeper. Flopping
down on my bunk, I planned to take a nap before supper.

After a couple of hours sleep, with my belly gurgling, I
got up and decided to go find a place to eat.

Walking around to the front of the mall, I spotted a bar
and grill across the street. Since I would not be
driving again today, a cold beer sound good to me.
That’s the direction I’m heading, I thought to myself.

How could you go wrong here? I pushed the
door open, stepped inside, and standing a few seconds to
let my eyes adjust to the darkness. Across the room I
saw a mahogany bar. Walking across to it I planted my
ass on a stool.

“What can I get you honey?” the gal behind the bar ask.

“Bud in the bottle,” I answered.

She retrieved a beer from the cooler, brought it over to
set in front of me. She sure was showing off an ample
amount of tits I thought to myself. Might be a nice
night after all.

“You eating or just drinking?” she asked.

“Like to get something to eat,” I replied.

“Want a tab,” she questioned.

“Sure, that’ll work,” I answered.

She went back to the cash register letting her fingers
run across the keys. I thought to myself I wish those
fingers were running up and down my hard cock. I let the
thought pass from my mind.

I order a burger, drank another beer before the food
arrived at the bar and enjoyed the scenery in the room.
It was getting to be busy as part of happy hour and
several people who had arrived since I came in. I
finished my meal and ordered another beer.

As I was setting there a gal came in and walked to the
bar to place her order. The stool next to me was open
and she looked over and smiled. “That stool taken?” she

“No one has been setting there,” I answered.

She walked over as I reached to pull the stool out for
her as she slid on to it. “Thanks,” she said, “haven’t
seen you in here before.”

“I don’t live here,” I said. “I drive truck, and am
delivering across at the mall in the morning,” I

The bar gal brought her drink and I drop a twenty on the
bar to pay. “Thanks,” she said as she placed her hand on
my leg.

We made small talk, what she did … where I lived …
this and that. We had a couple more drinks and she said,
“You want to come over to my house?”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied.

We finished our drinks and got up and headed for the
door. We left and I started to look around for a car,
but she said, “I live at the apartments down the street
and walk, less chance of getting a DUI.”

“Smart girl,” I said.

She took my hand and we started walking to the corner to
cross the street.

“Hey,” she said pulling my arm close to her body. “I
need to tell you something and don’t get pissed that I
didn’t tell you before.”

“Ok,” I answered.

“My husband is going to be there, but he doesn’t care if
I bring a guy home,” she said.

“What do you mean he doesn’t care?” I asked.

“He doesn’t want to be involved, he’ll leave if you
want, but he likes to watch if you don’t mind,” she

“Hey, whatever trips his trigger,” I said, thinking to
myself what a kinky couple they must be.

“He’s not gay or anything,” she started, “but he’s
sucked a cock before, and he’s not pushy,” she added.

Ok, I thought to myself, this ought to be interesting.

Went arrived at the apartment and went in, me still
holding her hand. I was not sure if she was scared or I
made her feel wanted. We stepped into the living room
and some dip shit was setting on a recliner watching
television. “That’s my husband,” Debbie said pointing to
him. “This is my friend,” she said pointing to me. “I’m
going to change into something comfortable, beers is in
the fridge,” she added pointing to the kitchen.

I walked into the kitchen, got a beer and walked to the
couch. I sat down and waited. This guy never even looks
at me. Wonder what she sees in him I think to myself.

Debbie cane out of the bedroom in a pair of short,
purple satin gym shorts, a midriff cut tee shirt and
white ankle socks. She went to the kitchen and retrieved
a beer, then came over and sat on the couch next to me.
Her hand goes to my leg and works up to my to my groin
where she starts rubbing me.

“You want to go in the bedroom?” I ask her.

“No, I want you to do me right here,” she purred.

“What about your hubby?” I ask, remembering what she’d
said about him.

“Fuck him,” she says.

“No thanks, not my type,” I smiled at her.

She continues to rub my bulge eventually unzipping my
jeans and pulling my hard rod free from its bonds. She
starts jacking me off and my head falls back against the
couch, as it feels so good. Without any warning her head
drops to my crouch and she takes me full in her mouth.
She started sucking on it like she was hungry for my

I run my hand down the back of her shorts, realizing she
not wearing panties, my hand starts rubbing her pussy
from the back side. I stick my fuck finger in her pussy,
pumping it in and out like a skinny cock. Moans come
from her as she continues to gobble my hard manhood. I
see her husband watching us, which makes the heat of the
moment more intense.

I pull her up from me, pull her shorts down and lay her
on the couch. I spread her legs and bury my face in her
wet slit, licking and nibbling on her. Her juices taste
good and she is dripping sweet nectar. That, along with
the knowledge I can make women cum over and over with my
tongue makes it so much sweeter.

I brought my face up from her pussy, the glistening of
her cum on my moustache. I stand up and tell her to turn
over and show me that pretty ass. She rolls over and
leans over the couch armrest. She is on her knees, head
on the armrest, inviting me to take her doggy style.

I spread her cheeks bring my mouth to her pussy and ass.
My tongue starts lubricating both but mostly her brown
candy hole. I love sticking my tongue in a warm bum

I lean over her, grabbing my throbbing cock and sliding
the helmet up and down her pink slit. I finally push
into her juicy pussy and just held there, feeling the
tight wet warm hole. Heaven on earth.

I start pumping slow and deep, as moans come somewhere
from inside her throat. “Fuck me daddy!” she cries.
“Fuck me hard Daddy!”

I look across the room and her husband has his cock out
in his hand and is pumping it vigorously.

I’m now hammering her hard, driving as deep as possible
with each stroke. My balls are slapping her clit making
her scream out in ecstasy. “Oh Daddy give it to me you
bastard,” she screams. “Fuck me like your virgin

Her husband is really pumping his tool now as he stands
up and comes over to the couch. He goes to his wife’s
face and she grabs his cock and sucks it into her mouth.
She starts to gobble and slurp on it. As I am pounding
her doggy style as she’s sucking her husband off. I
don’t think I could be more excited. Her ass and my
front are slamming together making a slamming sound.

I’m fucking her brains out, she’s sucking her old man
off and all of a sudden he tenses up and lets out a
scream as he blow a load in her mouth. I can no longer
control myself and I’m emptying my balls inside her
while she’s sucking him dry. She’s getting it from both
ends. We both pull away from her and she’s dripping cum
from both ends. What a sight to see.

We are setting there trying to catch our breath when
there is a light tap on the front door. “Come in!”
Debbie yells.

The door opens and their stands a young gal in pajama
bottoms and a tank top. She gives me the once over and
says, “What you up to Debbie?”

“This is my friend,” Debbie says motioning to me.
“That’s Kathy,” she finishes point to the gal.

“Hi,” I said.

She smiles at me. “Where’s Doug?” she asked.

“Went to the bedroom, probably gonna take a nap,” she

“So, you’re gonna have a party,” Kathy said motioning to
me, “and not invite me?”

“You’re invited now,” Debbie answered.

Kathy steps up to me and reaches down grabbing my cock
and starts to massage it back to life.

“Nice,” she says.

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