Dirty Stepmother

I have decided to share a story that I have not told
anyone in my entire life. After keeping this to myself
for so long, I can’t believe I am going to finally
share it with the world over the internet.

I grew up a pretty normal guy in the 80’s in the
suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona. My mom and dad were the
literal ‘king and queen’ of the prom in high school.
They married right after graduation and gave birth to
me, their only child one year later. Growing up my
mother dabbled in real estate and my father was an
airline pilot. We had a nice home with a basketball
court out front and a sprawling yard in back.

I can remember things being pretty good between my
parents until my sophomore year of high school. That’s
when the fights started and my father moved out. A year
later they were divorced. I lived with my mom until
finishing high school. She took the divorce real hard
at first; had some REAL rough days. But by the time I
graduated, mom had pretty much picked up her life and
was moving on.

I left for college in California after high school and
during the spring semester of my freshman year dad
called to tell me he was getting remarried. Over the
next few months I got a number of pictures of Julia,
his ‘intended’. She looked beautiful in the pictures,
but none of the pictures did her justice and I was
floored when I met her at the rehearsal dinner.

She was your classic hard-body hammer! She had the most
beautiful platinum-blond hair reaching half way down
her back. She had what I call ‘nuclear-blue’ eyes set
into a perfectly proportioned face. She had a cute
pointy nose and thin lips. Her skin was perfect, hardly
a blemish and a deep rich tan. Of course she was thin-
waisted with long tanned legs. And in this age of
perfectly ‘fake’ breasts, she sported perfectly ‘real’

Stereotypically you could say she was my dad’s ‘trophy’
wife, but I associate that term with older men and my
dad was only 38 when they married. She was eleven years
younger than him, which put my stepmom closer to my age
than my father.

Like anyone who suddenly has a step parent I wasn’t
sure how to treat my dad’s new wife or how she was
going to treat me, but she started out pretty decent. I
guess it helped that I was living with my mother during
that first summer and only saw my stepmom and my pop
during occasional visits. But when we did get together
she didn’t treat me like a kid or try to be my mother.

She treated me like a friend, which was cool. The hard
part for me was to not get a hard-on every time I
looked at her! She was undeniably a stone-cold fox;
every boys wet dream! However, and more importantly,
she was my father’s WIFE and it was absolutely
imperative I mind my adolescent sex drive around her!

I went back to college my sophomore year and only saw
my family briefly during Christmas break. By agreement
I had told my folks that I would spend every other
summer with the other parent and my next summer was to
be spent at my father’s house. He had moved across town
from where I grew up and picked up a sweet new place. A
two-story stucco home, beautifully appointed,
professionally landscaped with a pool and cabana in the
backyard. My room was on the second floor. I had my own
television and bathroom and a great view of the pool.

The summer started out well enough for me. I had landed
a decent summer job delivering pizzas, was in touch
with my buddies and didn’t have much else to do but
hang out by the pool and enjoy life! I was a little
apprehensive living with my father and Julia but things
seemed to work out ok. I tried to stay out of their
way, especially when my father was home and just do my
own thing. For me, my biggest problem was trying to not
be caught staring at Julia, and that was becoming awful
damn hard.

Julia loved to walk around the house wearing a
transparent sarong with a bikini underneath. She would
be dressed like that all day. Her bikini tops were so
small they would barely cover her nipples and her full
breasts were always pouring over the sides of her top.
All too frequently I would catch glimpses of her with a
portion of her areola visible over the top of her

Invariably, through the course of the day I would run
into her and see that her top had slipped completely
aside and she was going about her day with her firm
breast and pink nipple completely exposed! I can’t tell
you how many times she would climb out of the pool with
her bikini askew; fumbling to tuck her breasts back
inside her top or adjusting the strings of her bottom
in order to re-cover her pubic mound.

At first I thought these were all simple accidents; I’d
never lived with girls before and assumed these things
just happen and I should learn to get used to it. But
after a few weeks, I began to suspect her actions were
deliberate. She would appear at breakfast in a low-cut
summer dress, bending over in front of me while
preparing her meal.

She would look me in the eye while carrying on an idle
conversation as if it were nothing. All the while it
was all I could do to maintain eye contact with her
knowing that just beyond my gaze were her perfect,
unfettered breasts and nipples in clear view, gently
swaying and begging to be noticed.

Often she would come into the living room while I was
watching TV and start applying lotion to her body. She
would stand next to me applying the lotion in long
smooth strokes, up her long, luxurious legs all the way
to her crotch. She would give slow, deliberate
attention to the rise of her pussy mound with her
lotioned hands while inadvertently offering glimpses of
her neatly trimmed pussy to my view. Her hands would
then dive into the top of her bikini, liberally
applying lotion to her breasts; those efforts
invariably causing her erect nipples to make an
appearance while I tried desperately to not notice.

But by far, the thing she would do that was most
unbearable was ask me to put suntan oil on her body at
the pool. The first time she did this my father was
standing nearby! She was in her bikini laying face down
on the lounger. I was sitting on the adjacent chair
when she lifted her hand while clutching a bottle of
suntan lotion and motioning me to put some on her.

I was not thrilled with the idea, but took the bottle
and started applying it to her feet. She did have the
smoothest skin I had ever felt and the muscle tone of
her calves and thighs was unbelievable. As my hands
reached her mid-thigh she spread her legs slightly
apart and my hands continued to move up.

My heart was pounding in my chest and my mind was in
turmoil as I reached the smooth skin of her upper
thigh. The thumb of my right hand was no more than an
inch from her pussy mound and my left hand was already
caressing the bottom of her small, firm ass. With a
grunt of resolve I raised both my hands, moved them
over her ass and started working the small of her back.
She gave her ass a little wiggle as I did this; as if
to taunt me for resisting temptation.

I moved my hands up her back, under the strap of her
bikini and along the edges of her shoulders. As my
fingers moved along her shoulder blades, she lifted her
shoulders up and I felt the swell of her breasts. My
hands followed her shoulders back down and more of her
breasts came under my fingers as she re-contacted the

My cock immediately grew hard and my mind battled my
desire to let my fingers linger and, perhaps make
contact with her nipple. An agonizing second later I
let out a huge breath and somehow commanded my hands to
retreat and find refuge at the tops of her shoulder.

I then took a step back. I was uncontrollably horny and
could hardly stand the temptation I felt. I was
battling to not lust after my dad’s wife, but it was a
fight I was definitely losing. I was now standing over
her with a raging hard-on in my swim shorts with my
father not more than twenty yards away! I so wanted to
roll her over, tear off her bikini and fuck her hard
right there! Instead I told her I was ‘all done’ and
headed for the house.

I can remember her calling behind me, offering me an
impassive ‘thanks’ as I scrambled towards my room. Once
inside I ran to my window and adjusted the slats of the
shades so I could look out without being seen. I peered
out my window and watched Julia as she reached behind
and undid the clasp of her top. That afternoon was only
the first of many when I would look down at my
stepmothers’ body, my dick in my hand cumming all over
the floor with unabashed thoughts of fucking her.

As the summer wore on my desire for Julia became hard
to endure. I was glad for the days when I was busy at
work and was spared temptation. I loathed the days my
father was out of town on a trip and my desire became
difficult to control. And, to make all of this worse, I
became convinced she knew exactly what she was doing to

One afternoon I found myself in the pool, the lower
half of my body immersed in the water, my hands hanging
onto the cement side as I stared at my stepmother. She
was sipping a drink while talking to her mother on a
cell phone. She had taken to laying face down on the
lounger with her bikini straps undone, her breasts
swelling at her sides. I had found it easier to keep my
lust in check with my lower region immersed in the cool
pool water, especially when my father was on a trip �
which he was that afternoon.

I swear Julia had been taunting me all day, playfully
laughing and giggling at me, running around in her
bikini, letting her breasts ‘accidentally’ spill out on
occasion, bending over and ensuring I caught site of
her from every possible angle at every opportunity. My
desire for her was truly piqued. I wanted to leave the
house; mitigate this temptation, but there was no way
that was going to happen. I wanted her so bad, I was so
tormented I simply could not think.

I remember I was looking at Julia with a dreamy lustful
look on my face when she ended her phone conversation,
turned and simply stared at me. Then, after a long
moment of silence, she jumped up, hastily fastening her
bikini behind her and made a dash for the pool. She
dove over my head and into the water. By the time I
turned to face her she had surfaced, turned and grabbed
my head in an attempt to dunk me under. I felt her legs
reach for mine as my arms reached for her. My feet were
on the bottom and I lurched up towards Julia who
screamed in delight and jumped back.

As I moved in towards her my crotch plowed into her
crotch and I pushed her towards the shallow end of the
pool. She reached out trying to grab my wrist with one
hand while splashing me furiously with the other. As my
crotch continued to thrust her body towards the shallow
end I reached behind her and pulled her semi-prone body
to the surface. It was then that I looked down and saw
that all her flailing had caused the top of her bikini
to fall down below her breasts.

Though the water splashed into my eyes I could see her
erect, pink nipples breaking through the surface of the
water pointing at me. With the arm I had behind her
back, I pulled Julia close to me and felt her nipples
make contact with my bare chest. My cock became fully
erect and thrust forward into her pelvis in a cry for
lustful relief.

Julia must have felt this because her splashing
subsided and she reached around and put her hand behind
my head. At the same time I slid my hand down under her
bikini bottom and I clutched her cool firm ass, my
fingers probing down between the cleft of her ass for
the back side of her pubic mound.

As my fingers reached around and gently touched the
rear of her pussy, Julia raised a leg and placed it
behind my back. My pelvis gave a thrust which caused
her to arch her head back and thrust her breasts deeper
into my chest. Her other hand completely stopped its
splashing and as my pelvis retreated from its’ latest
thrust I felt Julia’s hand quickly slide down the front
of my shorts and circle my insanely rigid cock. Her
fingers cupped my balls and my cock let go a quick
spasm. As my fingers reached further down the back of
Julia’s ass in search of the coveted entrance to her
pussy I heard a door slam. At the same time Julia’s
hand tore out from inside my shorts and slammed hard
against my chest.

“Oh, oh � what are you doing?” she sputtered.

I looked at her with incredulity; what did she mean?

It was then that I saw her look desperately over her
shoulder towards the house and feel her push away from
me with great resolve.

“What are you doing?” she spat, “get your hands off of
me! How dare you? How dare you? What is your problem?
I’m your, I’m your mother! Your step mother!” she

She quickly backpedaled toward the stair at the shallow
end of the pool. Fixing her bikini top and looking at
me with distain and disgust. With one of her breasts
returned to the safety of her bikini top and one still
exposed she climbed out of the pool as � her mother
entered the back yard.

With all the righteous indignation she could muster she
turned to me, screaming that she had never been so
insulted in her whole life! Asked how I could even
think of such a thing let alone DO such a thing! With
vile contempt she leaned over the pool and spat a
vicious and serious threat to tell my father I had a
serious problem and should see a shrink. Her tirade
continued at full volume for two minutes. All the time
with one breast exposed; her nipple bouncing as she
shook and yelled. Finally she turned around, adjusted
her top and walked away. Her mother shot a horrified
glance at me as Julia took her by the arm and escorted
her inside.

I stood in the pool � completely dumbfounded.

I stole out of the pool shortly after they went inside
and spent the evening at a friend’s house. I returned
home after I knew Julia would be asleep and didn’t see
her again until late that next morning.

She came out to the kitchen a completely different
person! She walked in wearing � shorts and a Tee shirt.
No bikini! She proceeded to tell me how shocked she was
at my behavior and was unable to believe I would make
advances towards her. She stated she was so embarrassed
that her mother happened to stop by and witness my lewd
advance. She told me I had better shape up, learn to
control myself and behave. She said that from then on
things were going to be way different in the house.

I had to treat her with absolute respect; do whatever
she said or my father would be told and she would see
to it I was out of the house. She said my father loved
her and would rather disown me than lose her. She said
he would certainly withhold any future financial
contribution to my college education and I would be out
of luck and on my own.

I could not believe what I was hearing! In my heart I
felt certain my father wouldn’t do all that to me. But
I also knew my father was a very different man since
marrying Julia. He was very possessive of her. And, in
one regard Julia was absolutely right. While I loved my
father, he is very quick to judgment and if he believed
what Julia had to say he would definitely cut me off
and excommunicate me without a second thought.

In short; Julia had me where she wanted me and I was
totally fucked.

I was absolutely dumbstruck with what had happened.
Julia had been playing me all summer! She had been
deliberately teasing me; driving me crazy with desire,
leading me on. She probably knew what I was doing the
afternoons I spied on her from my room. She probably
‘got off’ on the affect she had on me. So why the
sudden and extraordinary ‘about face’? Why had she
turned on me?

I didn’t understand; but I soon would.

Julia had me where she wanted me and planned on taking
advantage of it. From that day, life with my stepmom
was whole different world. It was a living hell. I
lived in fear of making her mad, lest she talk to my
father. Every day she would bark orders with things for
me to do. She lived in that house without ever lifting
a finger; I did all the work! I did all the dishes and
took out the garbage. I did all the shopping, even
clothes shopping for her. I had to wash her Mercedes
every day. Whenever she would spot me in the pool or
watching TV she would dream up some shit for me to do.
Whenever she didn’t want me around, she told me to
leave. She had me scared and she had me angry. Needless
to say, I grew to hate her.

Towards the end of the summer I would spend all the
time I could away from home. I would never try to relax
or swim in the pool unless I knew she was gone. I was
even reluctant to have friends over. However, during
the second week of August two of my college fraternity
brothers arrived in Phoenix and wanted to stop by for a
visit. They were on their way back to California and
were making a road trip of it. One of the guys was
Charlie, a nice if not dumpy fraternity brother who
helped me survive my physics classes. The other was
Pete, a true leader of the frat; tall, with long black
hair who was on the school swim team and had every inch
a swimmers body.

Pete said the two of them were coming to the house for
a visit and he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.
And, they did. Julia was away, but I wasn’t sure where
she was or how long she would be gone. The guys came
over and wasted no time jumping in the pool. I had to
admit it was nice having those guys over and I was able
to relax and enjoy myself; something I hadn’t been able
to do for weeks!

Of course, after the guys had been there for an hour we
got into serious discussions at the deep end of the
pool. I told them the problem I was having with my
stepmother. They couldn’t believe it. And just as I was
in the middle of telling the tale, Julia marched into
the back yard. She approached with quick deliberate
steps but slowed when she realized I had company.

“I’m back, my car is dirty, and I want you to wash it
now. Who are these guys?” she asked.

I explained who they were. She was nonplused. “I want
you to wash my car � now! You have work to do, go.” And
as if to add insult to injury she scoffed and said,
“Your friends can stay.”

With that I shrugged my shoulders and started climbing
out of the pool. Charlie got out behind me with Pete
close behind. Julia was standing by my towel. I grabbed
it and quickly walked passed her. Charlie gave Julia a
polite greeting as he passed. But Pete walked right up
to her, addressing her full-on no more than a foot away
and gave her his “Hello”. He stood almost a full foot
over Julia. He was a mountain of tanned muscle, thinly
covered by his Speedo swimsuit. Julia took Pete in and
appeared to blush. She stuttered for a second and
slowly restated that my friends � were welcome to stay.

I didn’t even give the comment a second thought and
continued walking towards the house. Charlie turned to
Julia and gave her polite thanks and told her he needed
to leave. Pete stood there looking down at Julia with a
wry smile. He then called out telling me to start
washing the car; he’d come help me in a bit.

Charlie bade me farewell as I got the bucket and hose
from the garage. I spent the better part of a half hour
grudgingly washing Julia’s car and wondering where the
hell Pete was. I was just about to go find out when
Pete emerged through the front door.

“That stepmother of yours is one hell of a woman; quite
the babe.” Pete said. “Jesus, she is hot. If she wasn’t
your stepmother, sorry dude, but I would be all over
that. And I think… I think she’d be into it.”

I just glared at Pete. I couldn’t believe he said that.
He had to be fuckin’ joking!

“Whoa, sorry dude,” he said, “just tellin’ ya how it

Pete said he and Julia hung out making small talk after
I left, but her eyes were rarely on his face. He said,
they sat on the lounger talking and laughing when,
without warning, her hand landed on his thigh. As they
talked she started causally stroking his leg. She was
hunched over as she talked and Pete sat enjoying the
view of her shapely, soft tits; all but the nipple in
plain view.

The sight of her tits and the stroking of his leg
caused his cock to come alive until the tip was peeking
out the top of his Speedo. Of course, Pete knew how to
take advantage of this development. He claimed it’s an
old swimmers ‘trick’ to let his cock escape his Speedo
around the girls of the swim team; lets you know who’s
interested. Pete said Julia was interested! She kept
stroking his leg while babbling and staring at his
growing member.

“The woman wanted me, dude” he told me. “It’s just a

With that he winked, turned and headed to his car.
“Call me before you head for California.”

I finished cleaning the Mercedes thinking about what
Pete had said. I began to wonder who the hell Julia
really was. What was up with her anyway? Was she hot
for Pete or does she think she has some plan for using
him too? Was she just a fucking horn dog? Was she just
someone who got off on using and abusing men? Did she
truly love my father or was she just a gold digging

I definitely needed to get some answers – and that
evening I devised the plan to do just that!

The next morning I called Pete and told him how bad I
felt about not being able to hang out during his visit
and told him he should stop by later in the day. He
agreed and arrived just after I got home from work.
Julia was in her typical position on the lounger when
Pete and I strolled into the backyard. As we approached
the pool she sat up and scowled at me.

Her breath caught short when she saw Pete, but she
quickly regrouped and started in with her typical rant.

“What… what are you home from work already? Good, you
can get started on the house work! I’ve got a mountain
of laundry for you to do. And I want you to scrub the
bathrooms. Have you done the grocery shopping yet?”

I tried to explain to her that Pete was leaving for
school soon and just came by to hang out with me for
the afternoon. Julia looked over and up at Pete and I
watched her check him out. Her eyes started at his legs
and worked their way up. They paused at his Speedo,
taking in the bulge of his crotch. She tried to speak
as her eyes roamed up past his swimmer’s stomach and
stopped at his well developed chest.

“Well… well you have to get the shopping done,” she
stammered absentmindedly “…you need to get the, ah,
groceries now.”

I studied the stare Julia was giving Pete, then looked
at Pete. I shrugged my shoulders. “Sorry dude,” I said,
“You can come join me if you want.”

Pete was about to reply when Julia did for him. “If you
don’t waste your time goofing around at the market it
shouldn’t take you much more than an hour to get the
things I want. Pete can wait for you.”

Pete was rather surprised by her quick response. I
wasn’t. I gave Pete a look of feigned chagrin. “Pete,
“this will take a while, but I’ll be back as soon as I
can. You might a well stay.”

With that I shot a look of distain at Julia, turned,
and entered the house. Instead of heading through to
the garage I went up to my room, adjusted the slats of
my window and sat down on my bed.

I carefully peered out the window and what I expected
to happen did not take long. Julia stood very close to
Pete. I couldn’t hear what was said but I saw her throw
her head back in girlish laughter while squeezing
Pete’s arm. Finally Pete laughed, took two giant
strides and threw himself headlong into the pool. Julia
laughed and ran after him taking a shallow dive into
the water. Using long powerful strokes Pete pulled
himself to the far end of the pool.

He turned and watched Julia swim directly towards him.
As she approached, Pete dove down and started swimming
back underneath her. Julia saw him dive and reached out
in an attempt to grab him. Her hands struck the small
of his back as he swam by and her fingers caught the
edge of his Speedo. Pete’s suit slid part way off his
ass as Julia tightened her grip, her fingers reaching
between the cracks of his firm ass.

Pete felt his suit sliding down and immediately turned
up for the surface. He broke the surface between
Julia’s legs, his eyes staring down on her smooth
bikini covered ass. As Pete felt his suit slip further
down his legs, he reached out and grabbed Julia’s
bottoms and with one swift motion pulled them down to
her knees. This action caused Julia to release her grip
on Pete’s trunks and reach for her own.

But before she could grab her suit Pete shot his hands
between her legs and quickly jammed his thumb up
between her pussy lips and into her exposed vagina.
Julia let out a scream as she felt Pete’s thumb impale
her pussy. The shock was so sudden and unexpected she
was thrown off balance and reached out to Pete’s broad
shoulders for support.

As Julia was distracted by the sudden shot of pleasure
coursing through her loins she was unable to react when
Pete took his other hand and grabbed the front of her
bikini top and pulled it down to her waist. He then
grabbed her exposed breast and started to firmly fondle
it, his fingers pinching and releasing the nipple.

Julia was overwhelmed by these sudden and strong
sensations and she felt her body respond to the
pleasure. She stopped groping for her bikini bottoms
and found herself starting to thrust against the hand
buried inside her pussy. She threw her head back and
let out a gasp as Pete’s fingers continued their
assault on her nipples.

Seeing Julia surrender to his ministrations Pete used
his foot to pull her bikini bottoms down and off her
body. The release of her suit caused her legs to spread
and Pete slid his body in between. His hands continued
their assault on Julia’s pussy, causing wave after of
wave of pleasure to course through her body as he
paddled the two of them to the shallow end of the pool.
When Pete’s feet touched the bottom of the pool he
removed his hand from inside Julia’s wanting body and
finished removing his swim suit.

His eight inch cock sprang out from beneath the fabric
and made a splash as it broke the surface of the water.
Wasting no time, Pete maneuvered Julia to the stairs at
the shallow end of the pool and raised her hips until
they were just out of the water. Pete could see the
waterlogged wisps of blond pubic hair as her pussy
broke the surface, the lips parted and swollen from his
attention. He then firmly grabbed the cheeks of her
buttocks and spread her legs wide. With wild lust in
his eyes he looked directly at Julia.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he growled, “Do you want
my cock deep inside your pussy?”

Julia let out a dazed, guttural response but before she
could formulate a cogent reply Pete tightened his grip
on her ass and threw her body at his pelvis plunging
his cock deep inside Julia in one quick, hard thrust.
Julia let out a piercing scream of pleasure as she felt
his cock split her lips and sink deep into her cunt.
The feeling was so overwhelming Julia lost all control.
The lusty bitch inside her came alive and threw itself
at Pete.

She bucked wildly into his body, taking all he had to
give. She reveled in the feeling of his thick hard cock
ramming itself deep into her sex. She threw her arms
around his broad back and let her fingers sink deep
into his back. She pulled herself up out of the water
and against his chest in an attempt to become one with

Pete took this opportunity to wrap his arms around her
back and skillfully lift her out of the pool. He
carried her into the cabana without letting his cock
slip out of her pussy. He gently laid her down on one
of the benches and, using the wall for leverage,
resumed pistoning his cock in and out of Julia’s sex.
The friction he initially felt while fucking her began
to ease as Julia’s pussy released a steady stream of
fluid. Pete lowered his head and took one of Julia’s
nipples in his mouth as Julia let out a moan of lustful

As the flow of juice from Julia’s pussy dripped past
the lips of her engorged pussy, down the back of her
ass and onto the cabana floor, Pete got into a rhythm
and started penetrating Julia with deep hard thrusts.
Julia responded by grabbing his hair with both hands
and wrapping her legs tightly around his back. Pete let
out a deep guttural growl as he felt his seed build up
at the base of his cock. He rose up and grabbed Julia’s
breasts with both hands.

He let out a primal scream as he felt the first blast
of cum rush up the length of his shaft and spray the
back of Julia’s cunt. The thrust he gave was so great
that Pete lost his balance and the two intertwined
bodies began to fall to the floor. Pete’s ass touched
the cold floor as the second spurt left the tip of his
cock, half spraying inside her womb and half spilling
out between her lips and onto her pubic mound.

In the throes of her lust, Julia felt the two of them
fall to the floor and felt Pete’s cock spill out from
between the lips of her sex. She quickly looked down
between their legs and saw white pearls of his seed
spurt out the tip of his cock and onto his taught
stomach. Not wanting to lose any of his passion, Julia
released her grip on Pete and twisted herself around.
She thrust her head into Pete’s crotch and started
licking the spilled cum from his body. As she did,
Pete’s spasming cock brushed against her cheek.

She instinctively moved her face in the direction of
the touch and wrapped her lips around his still
spurting member. She swallowed his escaping fluid as
she forced her head down on his still rigid organ. Pete
let out a moan of pleasure as he felt his cock hit the
back of Julia’s throat. He stole a look down and took
in the unparalleled sight of a beautiful blond head
bobbing up on down on his rod. He reached out and
grabbed two fistfuls of Julia’s blond mane and pushed
her further down on his cock.

He watched her ass squirm in painful pleasure as he
forced his cock deeper into Julia’s throat. He watched
her chest buck and heave as the tip of his cock
triggered her gag reflex and she started to choke. He
pushed her head down one last time and thrust his cock
deep into the back of Julia’s throat as he released the
last of his seed into her convulsing body.

Pete held Julia’s head on his cock, his balls pressed
up against her chin as the first trickle of vomit
escaped from the sides of her mouth. After the last
ounce of his seed was spent, he let go of Julia’s hair
and she fell back sputtering and choking and gasping
for air. Pete fell back in a rush of pleasure, watching
Julia cough and choke. He could see cum oozing out from
between her legs and spittle dripping from her mouth
and nose. A wry smile came to his face as he looked at
her. And, after taking a moment to regain her senses,
Julia gave Pete a fragile, dazed smile and laid her
heaving spent body on top of his.

Thinking about it now, I guess it wasn’t necessary for
me go the extra mile, but when I left the house I went
out front to the driveway and drove my car around the
block. I made sure to race the engine, making as much
noise as possible as I returned back home a minute
later. I met Pete as I walked the path towards the
backyard. He came scurrying out, a bit out of breath
while buttoning his shirt.

“Hey, ah, hi,” he sputtered as we met, “hey, I gotta
get going. It was great to see you, sorry we didn’t
have much time to connect, but I should probably hit
the road. I’ll see you next week back on campus.”

We shook hands; he smiled, winked at me and continued
in a rush to his car. I smiled back at him as he roared
away from the curb. I continued on to the backyard
which I found quiet and empty, as I expected. Julia had
stolen into the house while I was talking to Pete.

I didn’t see Julia until the next morning. I was
downstairs eating breakfast when she padded into the
kitchen. At first she seemed to have difficulty looking
me in the eye, but then pulled herself together and
started in on me.

“I… I don’t know what your problem is but where the
hell are the groceries?” she spat. “And you did a
shitty job cleaning my car yesterday, I want you to
clean it again… inside and out and I want you to take
my clothes to the cleaners. And don’t even THINK about
going out to the pool! I’m going to be out tanning all
day and I don’t want to even SMELL you out there!”

She stood glaring at me with her arms folded underneath
her heaving, tanned bikini-clad breasts.

I rose slowly from my seat and looked her in the eye.

“Julia,” I said with a long pause, “Fuck you!”

With that I reached into my backpack and pulled out a
copy of the videotape I had made of her and Pete at the
pool the day before. I slammed the tape down on the
table in front of her, flipped her the bird and walked
out of the room.