Mind Candy

I can’t believe you’re still asleep. You usually get up way
before I do. I guess last night wore you out.

You look so sweet laying there on your side. I run my hand
across the side of your face and over your ear. You don’t
move, you must really be out of it. I run my hand down your
arm, across your side down to your butt. I position myself
closer to you, so I can reach around and caress your butt.

I slide down, kissing your chest and belly as I go. I get
where I can feel your soft man hairs on my face. I hold my
face against you. You smell musky, from our lovemaking,
last night. I take you into my mouth. You are completely
soft. I feel you grow in my mouth as I bathe your cock with
my tongue and lips.

You stir a little bit trying to roll over on to your back
but I reach around you and hold you against me. You’re so
asleep, you give up trying very quickly.

I get back to what I was doing. I’m working your cock in
and out of my mouth so softly and slowly. You mumble
something incoherent. I wonder if you’re dreaming about
having your cock sucked.

Your cock is so hard now. I put my hand around it while
working it with my mouth. You put your hand on the
back of my head. Your awake now. You don’t open your eyes
or move at all. I know your awake because you have a
slight smile on your face.

I continue my sneak attack on your cock. I push my mouth
down as far as it will go. Your cock is jammed down my
throat. You start pumping your hips slightly, I keep pace
with my hand and mouth. I can tell you’re close. You push
my head down onto you so hard I can’t breath and you pump
a huge load of cum down my throat.

I swallow it all down. “Good morning!”, I say, smiling up
at you. I crawl up next to you. We snuggle for a while, but
it’s short lived, we have to get up and start the day.

We’re letting the kids spend this weekend at their
Grandparents. It’s a holiday so they get an extra day off.
We have two whole days to ourselves. This doesn’t happen
very often so I know we’re going to make the most of it.
You’re working today, it’s Friday. I get the kids dressed
and go in the kitchen to fix lunch and to pack you a lunch
for work. You’re dropping the kids off, on your way to

Before, you leave for work, you tell me to look in the
closet. You tell me to be ready to leave when you get
home. And to be wearing what I find in the box. You grab me
up against you and we kiss deeply, the kids are giggling at
us. You smack me on the ass and tell me to clean the house
while I’m at it.

After you leave, the first thing I do is go upstairs to the
bedroom closet. In the middle of the floor there is a black
box, with a red ribbon wrapped around it. I open it up.
Inside, are a pair of black high heels, black thigh hi
hose, one pair of black lacey panties with a matching bra.
Underneath all of this, there is a beautiful black dress. I
hold it up against me to see how it will look. It is VERY
low cut, and VERY short. Underneath the dress, there is a
small velvet box. Inside, are a pair of diamond earrings
and a beautiful diamond necklace. You are so good to me.

How in the hell did you get all this, and get it into the
house without me knowing. Geez, you are so devious and so
sweet. I can’t believe this, I love it all.

I get my house work done. And take a long shower. I shave
my legs and pussy. I do an extra good job on my pussy. I
have a feeling it’s going to get lots of attention tonight.
I do my make-up and hair up extra nice too. The anticipa-
tion of the coming night is already making me wet.

While I’m getting ready the phone rings. It’s you. The
conversation goes like this:

YOU:Have you been a good little girl while Daddy’s at work?

ME: Yes

YOU:Did you find what I left for you?

ME: Yes

YOU:Are you wet?

ME: Yes

YOU:Touch your pussy for me baby… Put a finger down and
dip it in your juice. Put it to your lips and let me hear
you lick it off your finger…. Put your finger back down
and push it up into your wet little pussy….Are you
getting hot for me baby?

ME: Yes

YOU:Good, make sure you’re ready to go when I get home.

Damn it!!! I want to cum so bad, I can hardly stand it. I
know better though, so I remove my hand from my pussy and
finish getting ready.

You come home two hours later. When you walk through
the door I’m dressed and waiting. You tell me to stand up,
turn around and walk over to you slowly. I do everything
you tell me. When I get up to you, you pull me close and
whisper in my ear, “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve
ever seen”.

With that, you kneal down in front of me and pull my skirt
up. You push my panties aside and bury your face in my
aching pussy, you put two fingers up inside of me. You are
being so forceful, it’s hard to keep my balance, especially
in heels. I can feel my pussy tightening around your
fingers.I am so close, just when I’m getting ready to go
over the edge, you STOP! I beg you to please let me cum.

But you tell me to go sit on the couch and wait for you to
get ready.

You are so cruel, but I know if I behave I will be rewarded
later, so I do as you say. When you’re done getting ready
you come downstairs. You are wearing a gorgeous suit. You
look like you just walked out of GQ.

I follow you to the car, you open the door for me. I have
no idea where we’re going. We don’t speak at all in the
car. We end up at a very nice restaurant, you have the
valet park the car and we go inside. You order for
both of us. For me, you order a medium-rare filet with
baked potato and salad. My favorite. The bread is

We are sitting in a booth across from one another. Mid-way
through dinner you tell me to take my shoe off and put my
foot on your crotch. You are rock hard. You grab my foot
and press it hard against your cock, rubbing yourself
against me.

“OK, that’s enough”, you say, and I draw my foot away.

After dinner, you tell me to scoot around the booth so
we can talk. When I get close, you reach a hand under
my skirt. You push your fingers between the lips of my
pussy, rubbing the length of my slit.

“Damn baby, you are so wet! I bet you want to cum bad,
don’t you?”

I whimper a small yes.

“Cum for me baby.”

“What? Here? Now?”

“Yes, cum for Daddy, right here in front of all these

“I don’t know if I can.”

“I know you can. Do it, cum on my hand.’

You rub my pussy under the table. You alternate between
pushing a finger inside me, and rubbing my swollen clit.
Now your just rubbing my clit.

I am trying so hard to keep my composure, it’s almost
impossible. My breathing is heavy and I’m sure my face is
flushed. I’ve got a hold of the edge of the table with one
hand and your leg with the other. I am so close, you push a
finger back inside and rub your palm against my clit. Your
smashing your hand against me.

From behind clinched teeth, I whisper that I’m going to

“Do it baby, cum for daddy! Let me feel that tight little
pussy cum all over my hand! That’s it baby girl, do it for

Oh shit, I can’t handle this, I need to make noise, move,
something…I can’t do anything but sit there and enjoy the
rush of sensations running through my body. I close my eyes
and my body stiffens. Here it is…

“OOOH, god,oooh baby, yes, that’s it. Make me cum,…Please,
OOOOH!OOOh!!” I grab you and bury my face in your neck.
Damn, that felt so fucking incredible. I am so totally
turned on right now.

I look up, and about four tables around us are just staring
with their jaws dropped. I look at all of them and I can’t
help it, I crack up laughing. For some reason, I’m not too
embarrassed or ashamed. The thought that these people know
what just happened really turns me on.

You pay the check and we go out to where our car is waiting
for us. On the ride to where ever it is we’re going, I suck
your cock. I want to make you cum but you stop me before
you get too close.

You drive us downtown to a bar. We’ve been here before.
It’s dark and fairly crowded inside. Somehow we manage to
get a table at the back of the bar. We sit and talk and
watch the people. You ask me how I liked what happened at
the restaurant. I tell you, I loved it. That I’m still so
fucking horny, I could go right now. You tell me to feel
your cock. Damn, you are rock hard again. You need some
relief. I don’t see how you’ve held back so long. A slow
song comes on and you ask me to dance.

We get up on the floor. You are holding me close to you,
swaying with the music. You move your leg in between mine.I
press my pussy against your leg. I can feel your cock
pressing into me. You grab my face and kiss me deeply. We
stay locked together like this until the end of the song.
When the song ends another faster blues number comes on.
We go back to our seats.

There are several very pretty women in here tonight. At the
table right next to us are two girls. They are both
gorgeous. They both have good bodies. Blonde hair, tan, big
tits…One of them isn’t wearing a bra and you can see she
has really big nipples, they are poking through her silky

I’ve had a few drinks so I’m feeling pretty loose.
A song I really like comes on and I ask you if it’s ok, if
I go dance to it. You say yes.

I can see from the dance floor that you are enjoying the
show. So I start really getting into it. Grinding my hips,
running my hands all over my body. Soon, I’ve noticed the
girl that was next to us, the one with the big nips, has
come out onto the dance floor, also. She’s worked her way
over and is dancing next to me. I turn and start talking to
her. She says her friend doesn’t dance much and she didn’t
want to go up and ask some guy. But she loves to dance so
when she saw me up by myself, she figured “why not”.

Her name is Rachel, and her friends name is Kory. We make
small talk for awhile and I finally get the nerve to ask
her if they are just friends or something more. She says
they mess around with each other sometimes but that they
both enjoy men. She asks me if I’ve ever been with a woman.
I tell her about my experience right after high school, and
that I just haven’t had the oppurtunity since then. She
looks me right in the eye and tells me I have an
oppurtunity right now. My heart jumps in my chest and my
pussy tingles. She asks me if my man minds. I tell her,
that you and I talk about it all the time, and that you
would love it.

A slow song comes on and I make a move to get off the
dance floor. She grabs my arm gently and asks me to stay.
It’s kind of awkward at first. Neither one of us knows
where to put our arms, but we figure it out. We talk and
sway to the music.

I glance around and several people, mostly men are watching
us from their seats. It must be a fairly liberal place,
because no one is freaking out about us dancing together.

I look at you. You are smiling from ear to ear. I can tell
you are so proud of me. I know this really pleases you. I
can see from here the bulge in your pants.

I start to feel more comfortable and pull her close to me.
She’s so soft and warm. I can feel our breast pushing
against each other. She bends her head down and kisses my
neck. Very softly she works her way up to my lips. We kiss.

OH my gosh, her mouth is so soft and full. Our tongues find
each other and dance softly around each others mouth. I’m
getting dizzy. This is incredible, the feel of this woman
is so sweet. I want her so bad. I reach down and feel her
breast. It’s warm and firm in my hand. I want to taste her.
The song ends and we reluctantly part, we walk together
back to the tables.

When I sit down, you whisper in my ear,”Baby, that was
beautiful. I want to see you eating her pussy.”

We just hang out for a while, making small talk with the
two girls.The whole time Rachel and I are staring intently
at each other. Not too long into our conversation,
Rachel leans over and says that Kory needs to get up early,
but she’s not ready to leave. She asks if we would mind
giving her a ride home. Of course we don’t mind.

Her friend leaves and Rachel moves over to our table.
You and I dance once more. While we’re dancing, you ask me
if I think she’ll be asking us in, when we get to her
house. I tell you I’m sure of it, but we need to wait and
see, we don’t want to scare her off.

We decide it’s time to go, not too long after that. She
gives you directions, and the address to her house.
She and I both sit in the back seat. As soon as we get in
the car, we are all over each other. I can see you watching
us in the rearview mirror. Damn, she is so fucking hot. I
love kissing her. I pull her blouse open, I grab her tits
and run my tongue around her nipples. I put my face between
them and press them against my cheeks. I’ve always wanted
to do that. Now, I know why, it heaven.

I rub my hand along her thigh until I get to her panties. I
press my hand against her. She is sopping wet, her panties
are soaked. She lays down in the seat. I put my mouth right
on her panties and lick her pussy through them. I can hear
her softly moaning. I work her panties off of her. I
finally get to look at her pussy. It’s beautiful. She’s got
a tuffed of blond hair above her slit, but the rest of it
is shaved. Her clit is swollen and glistening with her
juices. Her lips are pouty and ready to be sucked.

I put my face down next to her, I can feel the heat coming
off of her sweet little box. I gently kiss her pussy. I
place small little pecks all over it. When I get down by
her taint I put my tongue out and get a taste of the juice
that’s running down to her asshole. She smells and taste so
good. I flutter my tongue along the edge of her moist, pink
inner lips. Tickling her with feather light touches. I run
my tongue up between her lips, careful not to touch her
clit. I do this repeatedly, gently lapping at her pussy,
like a little puppy.

I pull my face back so I can see, and I run my finger along
her inner lips. Tickling her gently. I put my middle finger
in her slowly, paying attention to see if she feels the
same as me. It’s different but very familiar. I put my
finger up inside as far as I can reach and I curve it
towards me, putting pressure against her bone. She wiggles
against my hand.

I put my mouth back down on her pussy. I gently work up to
her swollen clit. I gently suck it up between my lips. It
feels incredible. She’s grinding slowly against my mouth.

You’ve stopped the car, we must be at her place. I’m not
getting out yet, though. I can’t tear myself away from this
beautiful woman. You turn in the seat, I can tell you have
your cock out and are working it vigorously.

I continue my assault on her swollen nub. I work it between
my lips, rubbing the length of it in and out of my mouth.
Gently, very gently I’m pressing my tongue against her.
Just pressure, I’m not flicking it around, I’m just rubbing
her in small circles. Being careful not to rub the too
sensitive head. I pull it back between my lips and suck on
her clit, just like it was a small prick. Softly, slowly,
working her into a frenzy. She’s breathing heavy, and her
hands are clinched on the sides of my head. She’s working
her pussy against me in a rhythmic pace, just like she was
making love to my mouth. She’s cooing and whimpering. She
tells me when she’s going to cum.

I suck on her clit much faster now. Working it in and out
of my mouth. It’s swollen and huge. I press my finger
firmer against her insides, and work my hand in and out of
her pulsing hole. I can feel her muscle spasms. I can feel
the juice starting to really flow out of her. I slip
another finger inside of her. I feel her muscles clamp down
on me. She’s humping my face now. And I’m giving her every
thing I’ve got. Her juice is running down into my palm, and
down my wrist.

She grabs the back of my head, smashing me against her as
she screams out her cumming, like an animal. She rocks
against me for a while as the spasms subside. I haven’t
moved, my mouth is still pressed against her and my fingers
are still buried to the hilt. I slowly start to clean her
pussy off, like a cat, I make sure to get every last drop
of her wonderful nectar.

I smile up at you, leaning over to kiss you. We share this
lovely ladies juices. You lick my lips and chin, to get all
of it. I lean foward to kiss her. She’s still quivering and
limp. That must of been a really powerful orgasm. Her eyes
are glazed and she’s smiling from ear to ear. I smile back
at her. I help her get her clothes and stuff together and
we go into her house.

She’s got a nice house, kind of small but nice. She has
great taste in her decor. I love the feel of the place.
As soon as we all get through the door, you grab me in your
arms and kiss me deeply, rubbing against me. I can tell you
aren’t going to be able to hold out much longer.

Rachel escorts us into her bedroom. She lights a couple of
candles and we all hurriedly get undressed. You are the
first to hit the bed. We both crawl in, one on either side
of you. We’re all over you.

While I’m kissing you she’s already got her mouth on your
ready to explode cock. Damn, you are so fucking hard. I can
see your cock jump at every touch. I love watching her
sucking you. She’s good. She teases you with soft feathery
touches of her tongue. Slowly, she takes you in her mouth,
working her way to the bottom. Good Girl, she takes you all
the way down her throat.

While she’s working on your cock, I crawl down between your
legs and start licking your balls. Really, I’m just licking
your sack, because your balls have disappeared into your
body. You must be going out of your mind by now. I wet my
finger and spread your ass cheeks. I replace my finger with
my tongue, while I tickle your balls with my fingers.
I flick my tongue across your ass, just like I did when I
was eating Rachel’s steaming pussy.

I can feel your muscle spasms beginning. Your ass is
opening and closing around my tongue.

I look up to see her working your cock, damn, she is
terrific. She’s got you all slobered up, and she’s working
her fist up and down your shaft, while she works the top of
your stiff cock with her expert mouth. You’re ready to go.
You stiffen up, and start shaking. You’re pumping your
hips, shoving your huge cock down her throat. You reach
down and pull me closer to the action. You’re grunting and
yelling at her;

“Keep sucking me, don’t you stop, ooohh, baby, aaagghhh,
I’m cumming, eat it up you little sluts, eat it…”

We do, she takes her mouth off of you just as your spraying
your big load all over both of our faces. We’re both trying
to get as much in our mouths as we can, but it’s going
everywhere. There is cum all over you, all over us. She and
I are giggling and lapping it off of you and off of each
other. We kiss each other and lick each others faces trying
to clean up the mess you’ve made. What a beautiful mess it

While you are recovering, she and I are just getting
started. We lay down next to each other, hugging and
kissing. Letting our hands explore every inch of each
other.She works her way down to my aching pussy.
OOOOHH, that’s nice. She’s returning the favor in true
style. I can tell she’s had lots of practice at pussy
eating. I’ve never felt anything like this before in my
life. Oh shit, my head is swimming. She is working my pussy
over so good.

She knows I’m close, so she goes right to work on my
swollen clit. She’s rubbing me with her tongue, like a true
pussy connoisseur. She’s got two fingers working at my
dripping slit. My thighs are soaked with my cream. I can
hear the squishy sound of her fingers fucking my hole. And
fucking is just what she’s doing, she’s really banging me
hard. It feels great.

I am so close I can’t stand it. I can feel my pussy
clinching down on her fingers.

“OOOHHH, OOOHHHH yes, eat me baby, make me cum, please, oh
that’s so fucking good. That’s it baby, suck my clitty,
oooohh yes, do it, do it baby, oh, oh, ooohh aaaaggghhh, oh
yes, yes …aaaaaagggggghhhhh…oh shit….whew… that was

Oh man, do that again. And she does, I cum so fast the
second time. She’s wonderful. I think we ought to keep her.

We both look over at you. You poor baby, nobodys paying you
any attention. And look at that raging hard-on in your
hand. We must do something about this.

We both crawl on top of you, facing each other. She mounts
your face, as I mount your cock.

She and I kiss each other and play with each others tits.
She cums repeatedly all over your face, while I rub myself
against you. Taking my time. Working your cock in and out
of my wet pussy. Grinding my clit against you. I reach my
hand down and play with my clit. Oh, I’m going to cum
again. Oh shit, I can’t believe it, I’m cumming all over
your cock. My juice is running down your balls, onto the

“OOOhh, oooohhh, baby, your cock is so good, ooohhh yes,
that’s it baby, fuck me….oohh, aaagghhh!”

Your ramming your cock in and out of me, as I’m pumping my
pussy back down as hard and as fast as I can. You yell out
that you’re cumming. I can feel you pump a load deep inside
me just as I’m cumming all over your big cock.

We both collapse in your arms, one on either side. We kiss
and cuddle for awhile. For some reason we can’t stop
smiling. She goes in the kitchen and brings us some water
to drink. Then we all fall asleep together. Totally

In the morning, you and I leave our number on her bedtable,
and creep out quietly.

When we get home, we make love all morning.

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