Mom’s a showoff

We grew up near the beach, mom was always a looker dad was average but a good provider his only problem was he drank too much. Many times his friends would bring him home too drunk to walk usually after the bars closed. Mom would often need to go outside to get him. His friends would help get him into the house. After I learned about sex I understood why they would go out of Thier way to bring him home. Mom would be woken up to help get him in the house usually dressed in see thru teddy’s with nothing on under it. Giving whoever brought him home a good view of her tits and pussy. I had been raised seeing her naked around the house so it was no big deal seeing her like that. But dad’s friends liked comming around.

She kept herself in good shape. Durring the day she would wear shear sundresses with no undergarments her big tits always on display. For being a brunette she was a ditz. And I learned later that she was submissive also they would lay dad on the couch then send me back to bed. Many times I would sneak out of my room to find mom sucking the dick of whoever brought him home.sometimes right in front of passed out dad.

I finally decide to confront mom about her behavior. I tell her I have seen her cheating on dad but I wanted to talk to her before I said anything to him. She looks down at the ground and says she didn’t want me to catch her but since dad stays drunk when he isn’t working he has no time for her. And she goes on to say that she is young and horny all the time. If he would just have sex with her once in awhile she could stop with other men. She then tells me how she used to suck his dick when he came home until one night she tasted another woman’s pussy on his dick.

As she is telling me this I notice her legs opening and closing since we are sitting face to face her in a yellow short dress that I can see up to her naked pussy. I tell her that I’m not a boy anymore and that since dad can’t stop her I guess I will take over and stop her. While I’m telling her this her head is still starring at the floor her nipples are rock hard.she says almost in a whisper ok I am yours but how am I going to stop her urges for cock. I get up move to her place my hand under her chin lift her eyes level with my crotch unzip my pants and pull out my 9″ cock now semi hard with this I smile. I tell her to suck it till it’s hard then I’m going to fuck you silly. She looks at it and starts stroking it saying you will need to force me then starts sucking on it. God it felt good her talent for sucking cock is fantastic.

I pull out of her mouth tell her to get on all fours right there in the kitchen and get behind her and slowly start fucking her. I now have her dress pushed up so I can watch my cock going in and out. As I’m watching I notice her ass hole is spasming open as I watch I can’t help but to stick my finger in and she let’s out a loud moan then says yes fuck my ass. She is juicing all the while making a puddle under us. Just as she cums for the third time I pull out move in front of her and tell her to suck me and swallow my cum which she does. I feel my power over her and tell her she is mine alone from now on. She can still show herself to the other men but no more sex. That includes dad. She nods and says yes boss. I fucked her 3 more times that day.

I decide to have her shave her pussy for me. Then I have her go with me to the neighboring County to the adult bookstore where I buy a vibrator a strap on Dildo some lube, hand cuffs and nipple clips and a collar. Then we stop at a hardware store where I buy some eye bolts and rope and wooden poles. She looks at me puzzled but doesn’t say anything. We take all the stuff into the garage and put everything on the workbench.

I tell her we are cleaning out the garage as we load the stuff into my pickup it takes two trips to goodwill but we get all the stuff out of the garage. She looks at me and I tell her to make me lunch. I get the drill out and mount the eyebolts in the wall and floor. Then I cut the wood rods at different lengths and drill holes in them the same size as the rope.she brings me my lunch. As we eat I informed her that from now on she will wear her new collar anytime dad isn’t around including in public she gets it out of the sack and puts it on then skips to the bathroom to look at it on. I tell her to get in the truck as we are going to get carpet. I buy a remnant piece and roll it out over the bolts then cut it just enough so they stick thru. She finally asks what are the bolts for I tell her they are to tie her to she giggles and says when can we play I tell her after dark.

After dinner dad calls and says he will be home late I call her out to the garage and tell her to strip, and lay down on the carpet. I tie her hands spread out then her legs one at a time when she is secured I stepped back to look at her. Then I get a camera and take pics making sure to get her face in them.then I take the nipple clips out of the bag and attach them to her nipples nice and tight she moans and starts Cumming. I get the omnibot out of the bag and push it into her pussy and turn it on then I take the strap on and put it on her as I take more pics she starts bucking her hips so I turn up the bot and she is thrusting her hips like she is fucking moaning that she is Cumming nonstop.