My sister knows that

My sister knows that I look at naked women on the Internet for a while after we are sent to bed. Sometimes she comes in and looks at them too.

Then one night when she was looking over my shoulder she said, “My pussy is better.”

I laughed and asked, “Really…you’re only thirteen…how can your pussy be better?”

Bridgett whispered, “Because you can’t touch her pussy.”

By the time that her statement had registered she was gone.

I had trouble getting to sleep that night, thinking about my sister.

In the morning I looked at her across the table as we ate breakfast. With Mom there I couldn’t say anything. Then we headed in two difference directions for school. Bridgett went to Catholic school while I went to the regular school. She always looked cute in her uniform. So did a few of her girlfriends.

After school Bridgett avoided me. Then it was bedtime. Our parents always sent us to bed early so that they could relax and do things without us around.

That night I was looking at naked women again when Bridgett came in and looked over my shoulder.

Once again Bridgett said, “My pussy is better.”

I didn’t turn around but I said, “Because I can touch it.”

Bridgett giggled and said, “Yes, you can. I’m not wearing any panties if you want to touch my pussy now.”

I slowly turned around in my computer chair and faced her. She had put her school uniform back on knowing how much I liked to see her in it. She was not wearing a bra under an old thin white blouse that she had outgrown a couple of years ago. The buttons between her breasts were strained and the material puckered.

I tentatively touched her knees with my hands…both of them. I started to raise my hands thinking that she would run…but she didn’t. I raised my hands up further. As I approached her waist I was expecting to feel her normal cotton panties but I felt nothing. So I raised my hands and her skirt up until I could see her pussy.

That was the very first pussy that I had seen in person. My sister had light brown hairs growing on her mound and down the sides of her pussy. The hairs were parted to show off her slit.

Bridgett said, “Go ahead…touch it.”

That was what I had wanted to hear, my sister giving me the go ahead, so I reached one hand over and ran my thumb through her soft fur. Then I ran my finger down her slit. My sister spread her feet to give me better access. When I brought my finger back up her slit I slipped inside a little. She was moist in there. When I got to the top I hit a bump and she squealed in delight.

Bridgett said, “Oh yes, I just knew it would feel wonderful.”

I asked, “What did I hit?”

Bridgett giggled and said, “Mommy calls it my clitoris but the girls in school call it their clit or sometimes their love button.”

I was rubbing it gently when she said, “If you slide your finger down lower there is a hole there that your cock is supposed to go in.”

I asked, “Where did you hear the word cock?”

Again she giggled and said, “Not from Mommy, that’s for sure. She always calls it a penis but the girls in school call it a cock. If a girl has had one in her mouth they call her a cocksucker. I think I’d like become a cocksucker.”

Surprised I asked, “You want to suck on my cock?”

Bridgett giggled and said, “I think so. I’ve never really seen one. You and Daddy always lock the bathroom door. I know because I’ve checked it a few times. Sally said that if I show you mine that you might show me yours.”

I asked, “Can I see your tits too?”

Bridgett giggled but started to unbutton her blouse. Just before she opened it up she said, “Don’t laugh, I don’t have very big ones yet. Mommy has big ones and she says that I will too when I get older.”

Then she opened her blouse and let it fall to the floor. While I was looking at her perky nipples on those little mounds she let her skirt drop to the floor too.

With my sister standing before me naked I reached up to touch her breasts. They were more solid than I had thought they would be. I tweaked her nipples and then I leaned in to take one of her nipples in my lips and suck on it. I heard her coo and I felt her hands on the back of my head pulling me closer to her breast. Apparently we both were enjoying it. As I sucked on her nipple I started rubbing her clit again.

She got weak in the knees and started to wobble so I stood up and took her to my bed. She sat down and then she leaned back so I could continue to enjoy her body.

I had no idea of what time it was until I heard Mom out in the hallway telling me to turn my light off and get in bed.

Bridgett reached over and turned my light off. Mom said good night and continued down the hall to her bedroom. Dad was right behind her.

Bridgett whispered, “Mom told you to get in bed so you had better get undressed.”

I got undressed and she got under the covers. When I slipped in next to her she grabbed a hold of my cock and whispered, “I still want to suck it.”

My sister slipped her head under the covers and in a moment I felt her warm breath blowing on the head of my cock, I felt her kiss it, and then she slipped her mouth over the end of it. I had been so excited for so long that I just exploded in her mouth right away. I never warned her and she didn’t panic. All she did was keep sucking on it until there was no more cum coming out.

Bridgett finally whispered, “Thank you. I enjoyed everything. Can we do it again tomorrow night?”

I whispered back, “We can do it any time that you want too.”

She giggled and replied, “I want to do it with you all of the time.”

My sentiments exactly.


For the rest of the week Bridgett sucked my cock at bedtime. She would be naked and I would play with her body. I masturbated her and she gave me blowjobs.

On Friday Dad took Mom out on a date and left us alone. After they left Bridgett got naked for me.

Bridgett said, “Today I told the girls at school that I had sucked a cock and swallows cum. They were all excited for me. Don’t worry I didn’t tell them who’s cock it was. They said that since I have had a cock in my mouth I have to get one in my pussy next. So do you want to fuck me?”

Quickly I said, “I sure do.”

Bridgett giggled and jumped up on my bed. She smiled so sweetly then she positioned herself in the middle on my bed with her head on my pillow and her legs spread.

She was serious.

So was I.

I was between her legs pressing my cock into her pussy in no time at all. She pushed up with her pelvis. I pressed down hard. We were both very anxious. We thrashed about in my bed for several minutes. Then I felt my balls boiling and about to erupt. Just as Bridgett announced her orgasm I started cumming in her womb. When we were done neither one of us could speak. In fact we were both having trouble breathing. We must have been holding our breaths to enjoy the biggest thrill of our lives.

Bridgett was the first to talk, “I loved the feel of your cock inside me.”

I did too and I told her so. Then she sucked my cock into her mouth but just until it got hard enough to insert in her pussy again.

The second time was better than the first time and I lasted longer.

The third time was the best yet.

We were both in our own beds and fast asleep before our parents came home.

However, I was awakened by my mother, when she checked in on me.

It was Mom that opened my door but it was Dad that pushed her inside. They were both drunk and Mom fell on the floor giggling constantly.

I cautiously opened my eyes to see what they were doing. Luckily the hall light was right outside my bedroom door so I had a pretty good view. I quickly closed my eyelids to slits so I looked asleep to them.

They were so drunk that they didn’t even know they were loud.

Mom’s blouse was off and her skirt was around her ankles, hence the reason that she had fallen. Dad grabbed her legs, held them open, and shoved his cock into her pussy.

She squealed and said, “You’ll wake him. He’ll see us doing it.”

Dad said, “So what! It’s about time that you let him see you naked.”

Mom replied, “He is only fifteen and we decided to wait until he was sixteen.”

Dad said, “I’m tired of waiting…and I’m really tired of your holier than thou act around the kids. You want him to fuck you as much as I want to fuck Bridgett.”

Oh my God!

Mom started crying out as her orgasm hit. Dad started calling her his slut wife, his exhibitionist, and his sex slave.

Mom said, “Yes! I am your sex slave. Tell me what you want me to do.”

Then to my astonishment Dad said, “I want you to strip naked and get in bed with your son. I want him to wake up with you lying naked next to him. And…if he wants to fuck you…you will let him.”

Dad took Mom’s bra, panties, skirt, and blouse with him as he left, closing the door behind him.

Mom crawled in under the covers with me. Her hand reached my stiff cock. Then Mom said, “I thought you were awake. Did you see everything? Did you hear what your father said?”

I answered, “He said that I could fuck you.”

Mom giggled and rolled onto her back spreading her legs for me.

I rolled over and slipped my cock into the same hole that I had came out of, into the same hole that Dad had just fucked, into the same sperm that had created me. Thanks to cumming in my sister three times it took me quite a while to cum in my mother. She thought that I was amazing, so I didn’t correct her.

In the morning Bridgett came in, found Mom in bed with me, and found me fucking her with my morning erection.

She asked, “What’s going on?”

Mom replied, “Your father told me to let your brother fuck me so that he could fuck you. He is probably still in bed if you want to join him.”

Bridgett laughed and said, “I don’t want my father fucking me, I want my brother to fuck me.”

Mom asked, “Why?”

Bridgett just smiled at her before saying, “Because he controls you! Because he called you his slut wife, his exhibitionist, and his sex slave. Because he tells you what to do. Because he told you to strip naked and get in bed with your son. Because he wanted you naked next to him. And because he wanted you to let him fuck you.”

Mom looked away ashamed.

Bridgett added, “He is not going to fuck me and he is not going to control me. I am in charge of my own body. And I want my brother to fuck me…every night…in my own bed. My bedroom door will be locked and I will need him to protect me from Dad.”

She let that sink in then she said, “He likes to fuck you so you will join us in a threesome a couple of times a week. I will tell you when.”

Bridgett locked my bedroom door, dropped her robe, and got in bed with us. Then she said, “Mom I want you to lick your son’s cum out of your daughter’s pussy. I will need you to do that every morning from now on.”

As Mom got in position and started licking her, Bridgett said, “Mom you had better keep Dad away from me, unless you want to see him in jail.”

Well, Dad found himself under Bridgett’s thumb. He lost complete control over Mom once Bridgett took her over. Oh she let Dad fuck Mom whenever he wanted too. However, Bridgett was the one that told Mom what to do.

I had the time of my life. Bridgett loved me and she loved having sex with me. She not only had Mom join us in bed but some of her girlfriends too.

If my friends only knew about half of the sex that I got they would be very jealous. Most of them believed that I was still a virgin when I graduated from high school. Little did they know that I had fucked most of their little sisters and a lot more often than they would have suspected too.

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