Darrel James had waited patiently for this day. He had confronted Peggy almost two months earlier with the info he collected on her forgery scheme and, when he revealed the evidence to her, she crumbled quickly. Little by little he had taken more and more control.

His job at the bank gave him more than enough to live on, and the recent additional windfall of cash, allowed him to put his plan into motion. First, he had insisted she continue college as well as quit her job. She had no family to interfere, and friends were minimal, since she worked all the hours school would allow. He had moved her into his home and had given her money for clothes and tuition.

His entire plan hinged on her becoming dependent on him and making her servitude seem much better than her alternative of jail. Darrel had spent a lot of time over the last few months covering his tracks at the bank and making sure that all her transactions were wiped from the record. He wanted to enjoy Peggy without looking over his shoulder and now he was confident that he would not be a suspect should anyone ever find Penny’s forgeries. Now he intended to claim all her charms and enjoy her to the fullest.

When he arrived home she was in the kitchen cooking. Peggy had willingly followed his orders the last few months, as it had been easier to please him than her boss at her old job. All she had to do was keep the house neat and cook every evening. The only other stipulation was to keep her grades at the 3.65 she had struggled to maintain throughout her five long years of college.

Tonight, Darrel was about to increase her responsibilities.

“Peggy, come here,” he called out as he moved into the living room.

She bounded around the corner and smiled as he came into view, “Hello Sir, dinner will be on the table in five minutes.” He was pleased that she was still following the rules.

“Come with me first,” he said as he walked toward the spacious den. The house was enormous and elegantly decorated with an occasional hint of a female’s presence, probably his ex-wife. Darrell turned and watched Peggy’s delicate frame draw nearer before stopping her in the middle of the room.

“Take off your clothes for me Peggy,” he said as he sat heavily into an overstuffed chair.

Peggy stood motionless for a moment not sure if she had heard correctly.
“Wha…what sir?” she stammered.

“I said take off your clothes. Put them on the coffee table when you are finished.” He sounded very matter of factly and his demeanor puzzled Peggy. He had never touched her but she had known this day would come eventually. She stood rather defeated and began to slowly unbutton her blouse.

It took a while to get to the last button but she finally did and pulled the material away revealing her bra covered breasts and flat stomach.

“Don’t stop,” he prodded causing her to jump back to reality. She tugged at the fastener on her skirt and it fell away uncovering her well-proportioned thighs.

Darrel sat forward in anticipation as she reached behind her and began to unclasp her bra. Letting the straps slide from her shoulders she held the cups briefly before letting the material fall onto the rapidly growing pile of clothing. Finally Peggy hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her thin panties and slid them down her legs. Completely naked she stood before him trying to cover her breasts and pussy the best she could.

Darrel appraised Peggy as she stood in front of him with one arm across her ample breasts and the other covering her pussy. She was young and beautiful with a nice proportioned body. He particularly liked the fact that she was embarrassed to be naked in front of him.

“Go finish dinner,” he waved her off and picked up the TV remote. Standing nude in front of him, Peggy felt shame wash over her body. She also felt a little hurt, in an odd way, because he had not f****d himself on her. She was glad that he hadn’t tried any more though, and grabbed at her clothes so she could continue with dinner.

“Leave them,” he said suddenly, “you won’t be needing clothes around here anymore.” Peggy blushed brightly and released the handful of skirt before straightening up and scurrying out of the room. Darrel pretended to ignore her but watched her ass intently as is it swayed seductively back toward the kitchen.

They ate in silence while Peggy sat blushing most of the time. He had finally made her stop covering herself and now she shifted in her seat uncomfortably as he eyed her displayed breasts. When the meal was over he moved into the living room again, leaving her to clean up. Twenty minutes later she emerged from the kitchen.

“May I have my clothes now, Sir?” She seemed a little upset with him.

“No you may not” he replied, “and if your attitude doesn’t change you may never get them back.”

Peggy stopped short as Darrel turned to her, “You belong to me, I own you. You are aware that I can put you in jail at any time and ruin your life forever.” She was well aware of that fact at all times.

“You are here to please me any way I see fit and right now I want to see you to suck my dick.”

Peggy took in a sharp breath as he said this. She knew from the looks he was always giving her it was inevitable, but now that the moment had arrived she was afraid. He motioned to her and she quietly moved in front of him and dropped to her knees. Opening his pants she fished around until she found his hard cock and pulled it out. She gasped at the size before tentatively kissing the head.

“You do know to suck cock don’t you?” he asked smiling down at her.

Actually she had a few boyfriends she had agreed to have oral sex with, but none had a cock this size. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and stretched it over the head.

Moving slowly Peggy managed to get most of it in her mouth and began to bob up and down rhythmically. Running her tongue along the bottom she gagged slightly as the shaft thickened even more. The continuing motion was having quite an effect on Darrel as he began to moan on every stroke. He grabbed a handful of hair and gently pushed and pulled in time to her efforts. As he began to climax he held her tightly and bucked wildly into her as he came in her mouth.

Peggy choked the warm liquid down in an effort to continue breathing. She could not move as he was still clutching her hair, making it impossible to drop his rapidly softening cock. She decided swallowing was better than suffocating so she gulped down his cum. Finally he let her go and his deflated dick popped from her mouth.

“From now on you will not wear anything while you are in this house unless I say differently. Do you understand?” Peggy nodded her head solemnly as the realization hit her. She would be his private whore forever and there was nothing she could do about it.

Chapter 2

Darrel sat quietly only half listening as Bob drabbled on about nothing. Bob was a bank officer on the same level as Darrel but at a different location and the two frequently had lunch together. Usually he enjoyed the company, but today Darrel had other things on his mind.

He had acquired a large sum of cash that had to be laundered somehow. His thoughts turned back to the recent events that allowed him to save Peggy and rip off a d**g dealer while pointing the blame elsewhere.

Having a huge amount of cash at his disposal was exhilarating at first… until he realized he couldn’t spend it. He had to come up with a way to get it back into the system without being caught by the police, or the d**g dealer. Using the bank he worked at was out of the question. He had to find a business that handled large sums of cash legally.

“Prescott Manly was in today,” Bob was saying, “he must be back in town for a while.”

Darrel was suddenly alert. Prescott Manly was a well-known tycoon that moved from city to city building his empire.

“What did he want?” Darrel probed.

“He opened a line of credit and get this,” Bob paused dramatically, “he paid for the penthouse suite at the Wilkins Arms Hotel for a month in advance! Do you know what that costs?” He was obviously pleased he had some information that sparked Darrel’s interest.

“A lot I’m sure,” Darrel mumbled. From then on he tuned out Bob and began working on a plan.


For the rest of the day, Darrel mulled over the idea he had and by the time he was ready to leave work, he felt like the plan had taken shape.

He quickly made his way home and Peggy greeted him as he came into the house from the garage. She was standing as he had instructed her the day before, naked with her hands at her side. He could smell dinner and was suddenly hungry.

“Get dinner ready now,” Darrel said as he walked past her and through the kitchen. “We have some things to do tonight.” Peggy froze for a second thinking this would finally be the night that he took her. He noticed her fretful look and laughed.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “we need to go out first. Then maybe we can think of something else to do later.”

Peggy said nothing but her mind was running a million miles per minute. She began to set the table as she thought about the past few months. Having sex with Darrel didn’t frighten her any more. At this point she was ready to do it and get over the constant anticipation. She realized that the stress of not knowing when it might happen had begun to arouse her when she thought about him.

The prolonged wait had taken on a type of extended foreplay that left her in a state of confusion. Most men only wanted one thing and they wanted it as quickly as possible. Then again, Darrel wasn’t any man.

He returned to the dining room a few minutes after she had finished setting the table. He was now freshly showered and in comfortable clothes. She stood quietly until he motioned for her to sit and enjoy the dinner. Peggy was getting better at cooking and he complimented her on her efforts. They might have been any of a thousand couples sitting down to dinner after work, had it not been for her nudity.

He seemed a bit preoccupied and rushed through his meal. She quickened her pace as well, so she would be ready if he wanted her to do something for him. He politely thanked her for the meal and strode quickly down the hall, leaving her to clean up.

She had just gotten the dishes in the sink when he called to her. Peggy stopped her task and headed down the hall to find him in her room. On the bed were several dresses and a few pair of shoes lay on the floor.

“Try these on,” he told her, pointing at the clothes.

Peggy pulled the first dress on and he had her turn for him before instructing her to try on another. He looked on as she tugged the dress into place and then watched closely as she modeled it for him. Darrel moved closer to her and ran his hands along her stomach as she trembled at his touch. He stood next to her and she looked into his eyes waiting for what had to be their first kiss. Suddenly, he stepped back and pointed to the last dress.

“Try that one on and then we can go,” he said regaining his composure. She struggled a bit, getting the tight dress off and then, pulled the last garment over her head. He didn’t seem to be impressed with it.

“I not really fond of this one,” he said after quickly giving the last dress the once over. “I like the second one the best. Put it back on along with some matching heels and meet me in the den.” He turned and walked down the hall leaving her to finish dressing.

“Sir?” Peggy called after him.

“Yes,” he answered from the doorway.

“What about underwear?” she asked timidly.

“No need for those,” he smiled, “maybe we will stop somewhere and get you some if it really becomes necessary.” She blushed at the thought of being in public with nothing but the skin tight dress to cover her.


Peggy walked toward the man in the lobby that Darrel had pointed out. She looked quite sexy in her new tight fitting dress that he had bought her the night before, and she felt like all the eyes in the hotel lobby were on her. She concentrated on not falling off her impossibly high heels and “accidentally” bumped into Prescott Manly.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said. Her embarrassed look came naturally as she really was.

“That’s OK,” was the reply. Prescott turned to look at her and suddenly a smile crept across his face. “Are you in a hurry my dear?” He took in her full beauty blatantly, making her blush even more.

“No Sir, I’m just going to lunch.” She recited the lines Darrel had given her.

“So am I,” His smile broadened, “care to join me?”

“Well, OK,” she wondered how Darrel had known what Prescott was going to say, “if I’m not being a bother.”

“Not at all, the restaurant is this way.” He took her gently by the arm and moved her in that direction. Darrel followed at a safe distance and sat at a table across the room. He was confident Peggy would do as he said, but this was too big to let her screw up. He knew his presence would keep her on her best behavior. He ordered lunch and waited patiently while watching Peggy and Prescott.

To his right he kept hearing a clicking noise and turned to see a cute girl with short brown hair taking pictures. He watched her carefully and realized Prescott was the target. Being careful not to attract attention, he finished eating quickly and moved to the door. By the time the photographer emerged he was waiting behind the wheel of his car.

He followed her beat-up Camaro through town to where she finally stopped at a run down store front. The faded sign above the door read Sarah Jackson Photography. Darrel sighed deeply. As if he hadn’t enough to do, now he had to research this pesky photographer.

Chapter 3

Peggy bounded across the floor to answer the ringing phone. Her naked breasts bobbed seductively with every move.


“How did it go?” Darrel asked. “Did he say anything that I should know?”

“Um, I, uh, I don’t know,” she stammered, obviously afraid she didn’t have the info he needed, “he only got one call during lunch.”

“What did he say?”

“Um, hang on,” Peggy said. Darrel could hear her digging in her purse, “he said, research tract 1, 2. I need it by next week.” She stopped momentarily, “Then he said, no the Pearson is the only one at the corner, just find out.” She stopped again waiting for a response, “I’m sorry Sir he didn’t say anything else about business.”

Darrel snapped back from his thoughts, “You did great Peggy. I am proud of you for taking exact notes, it helps a great deal.” He could hear her sign in relief.

“Don’t cook tonight, I want to take you out. Wear the blue dress with garters.”

“Yes Sir,” she answered happily.

“And Peggy, shave your pussy for me.” He heard her gasp, “Be ready by eight,” he added before hanging up.

The Pearson tract had to be a realty property in the city. Prescott must have an inside scoop on something about to happen with zoning. He drove to the courthouse and spent the next two hours going through every realty property linked to Pearson. He came up with five properties with that name but only two that he felt were large enough to interest Prescott. The land was in an area outside the city that had yet to be developed. It was a long shot but he felt confident in Peggy’s information. Darrel made copies of everything he needed before leaving for home.


Peggy paced nervously in the living room waiting for Darrel. It wasn’t eight yet but she had been waiting for the last 15 minutes just in case he got away early. She had shaved her pussy as he requested and the effect on her was very erotic.

As Peggy walked, her bald pussy began to heat up in a way she never thought possible. She was horny and to make it worse, she wanted Darrel. It was insane to feel this way, especially since he had basically abducted her. Peggy had to admit he had been extremely nice to her and for the first time in a while, she had no major responsibilities. The removal of the financial burdens alone had made her feel free. Ironic, considering the predicament she was in.

Finally a car pulled up the drive and into the garage. Peggy became very nervous as she realized from the sound the vehicle was not Darrel’s. It sounded different, with a lower exhaust tone and the engine revved a bit before being cut off. She knew cars, and that was the sound only a V8 could make. It definitely wasn’t the import that she was expecting. Peggy stood motionless in the living room as the door opened. She almost fainted as Darrel walked into the room.

He grinned when he saw her face. “Honey, I’m home,” he laughed. “Come see my new toy.” She followed him into the garage to find a late model blue and white Trans Am. Her heart leapt to her throat as she looked longingly at him. She had talked about this car with him for the longest time and now she was afraid he was tormenting her.

He laughed at her again, “It’s yours.” Her hands went to her face and she began shaking. She ran to him and pressed her body against his in an attempt to show her gratitude, hugging him tightly to her breasts.

“Thank you so much Sir,” she was starting to cry now so he pulled away and shooed her to the bathroom to get ready to go. She returned a few minutes later and Darrel let her have the keys.

“You drive tonight.” She giggled as she started the car and moved out to the street.

Dinner was an experience as Peggy snuggled next to him without his having to ask. She rubbed against him seductively the entire time and on the way home threw glances his way and would blush profusely when he caught her eye.

She pulled into the garage and closed the door with the remote. Peggy sat quietly lost in her own thoughts while gently caressing the leather steering wheel. Darrel got out of the car and walked to the front waiting on her to get out.

“Come here,” he said. She reluctantly opened the door and stepped out. He laughed at the effect of the car as she ran her fingers lovingly across the fender while moving to the front where he stood.

“Stop,” he said suddenly, “strip for me.”

Peggy slid the straps off her shoulder letting the dress fall to the floor. She stepped out of the garment and moved directly in front of him without covering herself. Now naked, she kept her hands at her side and moved closer to him. Peggy slowly dropped to her knees and began removing his pants. With her hands on his belt she looked up at him seductively.

“May I suck your cock Sir?” The question took him by surprise but he nodded to her. She slid her hands along his thighs before tugging his pants down to reveal his hard cock. Not hesitating, she trapped it between her lips and sucked at the head softly before taking the entire length down her throat. Peggy swirled her tongue around his cock head as she pulled back, staying for an instant before swallowing it slowly back down again.

It only took a few minutes of this to get Darrel worked up to the bursting point. He pulled her up firmly and pressed her against the hood of the car. She laid back and spread her legs invitingly, her now bald pussy gleaming with her juices. He rubbed the head against her wet slit as Peggy let out a loud moan. With an easy fluid motion, he stroked deeply into her until his balls rested against her butt. Her face had a look of passion etched into it that made him want her even more. He kissed her deeply and to his delight she returned it with an unexpected intensity. He stroked into her increasingly harder and faster, pushing them both to the brink.

Wanting it to last longer, he pulled out despite her objections and had her turn over. She presented her ass to him as invitingly as she could and he plunged into her from behind in one stroke. He banged against her ass and she pushed back to get him into her as deeply as possible. They continued this way, filling the garage with their gasps and groans, until he could take no more and increased his speed. Feeling his amplified intensity, Peggy began to buck wildly on his cock and soon they were both cumming as she milked the cum from his spurting cock.

They rested for a few minutes in a tangle on the hood, both breathing heavily. “So, you like the car?” he teased her.

“More than you can ever know Sir,” she smiled brightly back at him.

Chapter 4

Darrel awoke early the next morning and kissed Peggy’s forehead gently before dragging himself out of bed. He dressed quickly and headed for the door. Getting to the garage he realized he would have to take Peggy’s old clunker since he had left his car at the bank. He made a few calls along the way to insure he had the phone numbers he needed to close the land deal.

Darrel spent the entire day making plans to buy the property that Peggy had tipped him on. Arranging the finances would be relatively easy and by the end of the day he was well prepared. He called the owner at 3pm and by 5pm the two of them were sitting in a coffee shop. The man had been planning to sell and already finished the survey, making it a simple matter of negotiating the price.

An hour later, all the paperwork was finished adding to Darrel’s possession, 68 acres of real estate he had never seen. It was a $260,000 gamble he was hoping would pay off.

Heading home, he suddenly remembered that Peggy wouldn’t be at the house this evening. He had made her accept a date with Prescott for tonight and she would be arriving at his hotel soon. Turning the car toward downtown, he headed for the photography shop to do a little research.


Prescott Manly was almost ready when he heard the soft knock at the door. He moved across the room to open it revealing the innocent young Peggy.

“Well, hello my dear,” he smiled at her. Cute, blushing and prompt; how could he go wrong. “Ready to go?”

“Yes Sir,” Peggy stood uneasily in the doorway. Darrel had drilled into her the importance of making this man happy. ‘Everything depends on this,’ he had said, ‘how it goes will coincide with your willingness to do as he says.’ She was not too keen on the idea of pleasing Prescott but the alternative of jail appealed even less. She knew that even after last night Darrel was capable of dropping her in an instant.

“Let’s go then,” said Prescott bringing her back to the present, “we have reservations for eight.” Dinner went well, save the lack of information Darrel needed. She followed her instructions to not ask anything about Prescott’s work for fear of making him suspicious.

Finally the part she had dreaded all evening came as she was invited into his suite. She accepted trying to look enthused while brushing past him and into his room.

“Care for a drink?” he asked.

“No Sir,” she replied,” I don’t drink alcohol.”

He poured himself one before moving closer to her. “Do you like me Peggy?” there was something in his tone that scared her.

“I, uh, yes Sir,” she hesitated.

“Then I would like you to get comfortable,” he smiled. Prescott moved closer still and kissed her lightly on the lips. Putting down his drink he herded her into the bedroom. She did not resist his advances as he kissed his way down her neck. He pulled at the hem of her dress revealing more and more flesh as he went. Becoming bolder at her lack of resistance, he tugged the dress over her head before fumbling with the bra clasp.

She blushed profusely as her breasts sprang free and then gasped as Prescott twisted one of her nipples. Peggy bit her lip and tried not to resist as he groped her entire body like a horny teenager. Her panties came off next as Prescott unceremoniously shoved her onto the bed.

Within seconds he was inside her, thrusting with wild abandon and grunting like an animal. Three minutes later he rolled off and fell asleep leaving her pussy dripping with his cum.

She got up slowly and walked to the bathroom to shower before lying back down beside him on the bed. It was hours later before she fell asleep.

The alarm went off at six am waking Prescott. He looked over at Peggy and smiled as she lay there. She had not resisted anything, making him power hungry beyond anything he had ever felt.

He nudged her awake and on a whim said, “Go get the paper from the hall for me Peggy.”

She rubbed her eyes sleepily and slid out of bed, “yes Sir.” She looked around the room and, spotting a robe, headed in its direction.

“You don’t need a robe dear,” he grinned wickedly, “besides, you look fine.”

She stopped, but instead of saying anything, Peggy simply turned and headed for the front door. Prescott had not expected this and sat up amused while the naked girl made her way across the room and peeked out into the hall. Convinced no one was nearby; she opened the door and quickly grabbed the paper before coming back to the bed.

“Why thank you,” he quipped. This was becoming more interesting by the second.

He was about to try more when the cell phone rang. “Yes? No, no I’m up already,” He climbed out of bed and moved to the other room.

“Well find who bought it and buy it from them. It’s not like the property is gone, just get it done,” now he was pacing while listening to the other person. “I’ve already told you to go to 1.3, if that’s not enough call me and I’ll decide.”

He hung up suddenly and started for the bathroom almost surprised to see the naked girl still on the bed. “Oh, um, Peggy I want to see you tonight at seven,” he continued on and closed the bathroom door behind him before she could even answer.

Chapter 5

Darrel swung the gloved fist as hard as he could and was rewarded with the sound of a sickening thud. The fist contacted directly at the man’s chin, knocking him to the sidewalk unconscious. Darrel picked up the briefcase the fallen man had been carrying and strolled nonchalantly to his car and drove away.

Darrel had followed the photographer the entire night. She had gone to the hotel across the street from Prescott’s and spent a lot of time taking pictures from the balcony. She then returned to the studio and at 6am, left again. She led him to a small restaurant that served breakfast and met with a man in a business suit. He watched through the window as the two exchanged envelopes and then the woman got up abruptly and walked out.

Knowing he could find her easily, he had opted to follow the man with the briefcase and find out the contents. Darrel had gotten ahead of the man as he walked down a mostly deserted street and timed his attack behind a bus stop that covered his actions.

He drove across town to his bank and parked in his space before opening the case. He assumed the pictures were the prize and a quick look into case confirmed it. The most interesting contents though, were financial documents that he recognized as foreign bank accounts.

Prescott’s name was all over the information, making Darrel realize he had a gold mine. He had stumbled onto a blackmail scheme that would no doubt put Prescott in a very vulnerable position. Darrel sat back and pondered the briefcase. How could he use this to his advantage was the question now.

He drove to the photography studio and walked up to the door. It was locked so he simply drove his shoulder against it and knocked it open. Proceeding to the back of the building, he pushed aside a curtain and found the photographer standing next to a small bed, groggily trying to pull a robe on. She swung at him but he dodged the punch easily and backhanded her across the mouth. She fell heavily to the floor and looked up at him in wide-eyed fear.

“What is your name,” he asked firmly.

“Donna,” she was slowly beginning to regain her composure, “what the fuck do you want?”

Darrel immediately slapped her again causing her lip to b***d. “I’m not in the mood for this shit,” he mumbled to himself. “What is your last
name damn it.”

“Culpit,” she said quickly hoping to avoid another blow.

“I’m very tired, so I’m going to tell you straight. I have the briefcase of the man that paid you today. I know all about your pictures and the scam for blackmail. He’s going to drop you like a bad habit,” Darrel let it sink in before continuing. “He told me you set the whole thing up and considering his position, who do you think the police will believe?” He was guessing, but from the look on her face he knew it was true.

“What do you want?” She understood her problem and she knew men as well. Donna was no virgin and if all he wanted was a piece of ass that was fine with her. It would be a lot better than going back to jail.

“I want you to do as I say, whenever I say it,” Darrel stated simply.
“For how long?” she shot back.

“Until you’re off parole,” he was really taking a big chance here, but he had a hunch.

“Fuck! That’s four years asshole!” She was beginning to get worried at the amount of info he had on her.

Darrel smiled, another good guess. “It’s your choice. You can do the time in or out.” He laughed as she shifted nervously, he had her now.

“Take that robe off,” he didn’t want to give her time to think about it.

She stripped down revealing a tight, hard body that could only have come from years of working out. “Now get over here and suck my cock.”

She moved to him and dropped to her knees pulling at his belt on the way down. Donna began blowing him with a practiced ease, making him squirm with delight. She was obviously experienced and he wouldn’t last long at this rate, so he pushed her away. “Bend over the desk,” he ordered.

“OK,” she said and was rewarded with a quick kick to her thigh. “Damnit, I said OK.”

“When you speak to me you say, ‘Yes Sir’.”

“Fuck that,” she quipped but Darrel had his belt out now, making her regret the remark. She could handle a lot, but pain was not one of them. The belt whistled through the air and landed with a loud smack on her ass.

“AHHHHHH,” she screamed, but the belt was already landing again. She tried to crawl away but he kicked her over.

“Get on the desk, bitch,” he growled at her.

“YES SIR,” she screamed as she scrambled to get into position. She stayed very still and hoped the belt would not hit her again.

“Reach back and spread your ass,” he demanded. He wanted to see if she was faking or if she really had a low pain tolerance. She immediately pulled her checks apart to reveal her small anus. It appeared she would be easy to control.

He fell in behind her and began forcing his cock into her ass. She was trembling now, making sobbing noises as he pressed his cock head against her. He pushed hard and the end of his dick disappeared into her ass making her moan.

“Please don’t do this,” she cried. He stopped moving for a few seconds.

“No problem,” he said, “let’s call the police and see what they say.”

“No, wait!” she cried, “I’ll do it! I can’t go back to prison. I will do it, just go slow.”

“Tell you what,” he grinned, “make it good and I won’t fuck you in the ass again.” She moaned loudly and increased her efforts allowing his cock to slowly disappear into her ass.

“Beg for it bitch,” he taunted her, “tell me how much you like being my pet.”

“Ohhhhhhh, Sir please fuck my ass,” Donna was sobbing loudly, “Ahhhhh, pl, please fuck your pet. Cum in my tight ass Sir, please cum!”

Darrel had a look of ecstasy on his face as he impaled her completely and then began to pound into her relentlessly. Finally he felt his balls tighten and he picked up the tempo before beginning to shoot his cum into her. He fell forward pushing her flat against the desk with his cock still embedded deeply in her ass.

“You will do exactly as I say or you will end up in jail for a very long time,” he hissed into her ear.

Chapter 6

Peggy shivered as she stood with her hands at her sides. She was totally naked in Prescott’s suite and he was circling her like a ravenous wolf.

“I have something for you,” he smiled revealing a small gift box. He moved in front of Peggy and opened it for her to see. Inside the box were two gold bracelets, neither was large enough to slip over her wrists, making her wonder their purpose.

“Don’t worry,” he said seeing her confusion, “they’ll fit.”

He inserted a small tool in a slot she hadn’t seen and opened one. She stood motionless as he slipped them over each wrist and snapped them shut. They were still loose fitting, just not big enough to come off.

“There is a skirt on the bed. Put it on and your heels,” Prescott was practically drooling as she went to the other room. When she returned a few minutes later, she had on the tight black skirt that barely covered her ass.

“Put your hands behind your back Peggy,” he pulled a tiny lock from his pocket and connected the two bracelets with it. “Now we’re ready to go out,” he laughed as she turned a bright red. He moved over to the door and grabbed a long jacket to drape over her shoulders. He buttoned the top button before practically dragging the terrified girl out the door.

Once in the limo, Prescott undid the top button on the jacket. He unceremoniously groped her the entire way to the club and left the jacket open as he helped her struggle out of the car. Every step she took revealed one breast or the other and the skin from her throat to her navel was exposed at all times. They found a booth at the back of the large dance club and yelled their drink orders over the blaring music.

By the time the drinks came, the jacket had been slipped off and she was trying to hide her bare breasts behind the table. The waitress gave her a nasty look and stomped away while Prescott just laughed. As the night wore on he got more and more drunk, swilling both their drinks since she could not move her hands.

The waitress turned over the table to another girl that seemed intrigued by Peggy’s predicament. She even ‘accidentally’ spilled a drink on Peggy making her shiver as the ice-cold liquid splashed across her naked breasts, causing her nipples to harden. Prescott, thinking this was hilarious, slapped the table in drunken abandon, laughing at her plight.

“May I go to the bathroom Sir,” she yelled to him over the music.

“Sure,” he smiled at her lecherously, “right after you blow me.” Peggy was already dying of embarrassment but to blow him now would totally humiliate her beyond anything she could imagine. She sat quietly for a few minutes as the desire to pee, and clean off the spilled alcohol, finally convinced her.

“Sir, please undo the lock so I can suck your dick,” she asked pathetically. If she were to lie across the booth she may be able to hide her actions.

“No need for that,” he cackled, “I’ll pull it out for you.” He unzipped his fly and produced his semi-hard cock for her. She sighed before leaning over the booth only to be stopped by his hand. “Get on your knees Peggy.”

She stopped short and a gasp escaped her lips. She couldn’t do this, not in public. After a moment Peggy gathered her courage and slid to the floor between his legs. She caught his cock in her mouth and began to suck the best she could with her hands secured behind her back, knowing anyone in the club could see her. As she worked, the waitress reappeared.

“Another drink Sir?” she asked as she kicked at Peggy’s heel.

“That would be fine,” he groaned as his cock throbbed in the girl’s mouth.

“And another for the, um, Miss Tits?” she mocked the helpless woman.

Prescott rolled with laughter, “No, Miss Tits is working at getting her own drink.” They both laughed loudly, making Peggy feel even more ashamed of her situation. Practically naked and sucking cock in a public club she felt like a common street whore.

The waitress left and Prescott began to shake as he jerked at her hair, spewing his cum down her throat. He pulled out so the last few shots hit her squarely in the face.

She was allowed to get back up on the seat after a few minutes, “Now may I go to the bathroom?” she asked.

He glanced at her face that was covered with cum and laughed at her plight again. “Sure, go ahead,” he chuckled

“Sir, will you please undo the lock so I can go?”

“Nooooooppppe,” he slurred, “but I’ll put the jacket back on ya so we don’t get kicked out.” He pushed the jacket over her shoulder as she stood quietly, waiting for him to button it. After a few minutes she realized he wasn’t going to close the coat. She turned slowly and headed across the dance floor praying the jacket would stay in place.

The bathroom was over run with women as she entered. Many had seen her lured activities and they gave her go-to-hell looks as she entered. Finding an empty stall she had to push the door open with her breasts. She managed to hike up her skirt and sat on the toilet to relieve herself.

She sat for a long time hoping to avoid any more humiliation. She finally struggled to her feet and tried to pull her skirt back down. The door had to be opened in so she hooked her foot under it and swung it open. As she tried to get out, the door closed on the jacket causing it to fall to the floor.

Peggy stood motionless as all eyes turned to her. Her nipples were erect from the cold and her face blushed hotly in shame as many of the women muttered curses under their breath.

Others spoke out in shock, “Slut,” said one as Peggy tried to kneel down and pick up the coat with her bound hands. She was struggling to get hold of it when a pair of heels appeared in front of her.

Looking up she found herself under the wicked stare of the waitress.

“Having problems Miss Tits?” she taunted the poor girl.

“Please, can you help me get this back on?” Peggy begged. Many of the women had left and no one else seemed eager to talk to the practically naked girl.

“Sure,” the waitress grinned evilly. She helped Peggy up and grabbed the jacket before forcing her back into the stall. She reached under the short skirt and felt her way up until her hand rested against Peggy’s bald pussy.

“Ah,” she mused, “a serious slut.”

She continued to rub before parting the folds of the girl’s pussy and running a finger across the clit. Peggy was shocked at the way her body responded to her touch. Suddenly her knees were weak and she leaned heavily against the waitress as her tender bud was probed expertly. She moaned in passion as she neared her climax but the woman quickly pulled away.

“Not yet,” she smiled, “do me first and then I’ll finish you.”

Peggy didn’t understand how she could stroke the woman’s pussy with her hands behind her back. The waitress had other things on her mind.

“Get on your knees,” she ordered as she began to pull up her skirt. The captive fell to the floor and her head was quickly pulled into the other woman’s crouch. She had never been with another female but the excitement of being pushed to the edge of climax had her ready to try anything. She licked at the pussy in front of her tentatively but quickly escalated her efforts.

“Oh yes,” moaned the horny waitress, “lick that cunt, bitch.” She began to buck wildly as she neared her climax, tugging Peggy’s hair as she writhed in ecstasy.

Finally, the waitress came in loud sobbing gasps. As her breathing returned to normal, she released the girl and helped her to her feet. She giggled at Peggy’s cum covered face before kissing her gently. She reached down and strummed the bound girl’s clit until Peggy began to orgasm from her efforts. She shook violently at the release and collapsed into the waitress’s arms.

After a few more minutes Peggy was cleaned up and the jacket draped back over her shoulders by the very content employee. Peggy steadied herself and made her way back across the dance floor to Prescott.

“Took fucking long enough,” he growled, “its time to go.” He stood up and grabbed her arm roughly as he staggered toward the door. Once outside he ripped the jacket off, revealing her nudity to anyone passing by on the street. Pushing her forward he left the jacket on the ground and they proceeded to the car. Reaching the door he opened it before the driver could get there and slung her inside.

“Home James,” he laughed obnoxiously. He tumbled onto Peggy as the driver closed the door behind them. He pawed at her drunkenly for a while as the limo sped along the streets. Flipping her onto her stomach he probed at her pussy with his fingers.

“I’m going to fuck that sweet little cunt of yours my dear,” he panted. Pulling at her hips, he dropped in behind her and shoved his semi-hard cock into her. The position was painful and she screamed at the assault but it only spurred him on. His cock wasn’t that big, but he bore down with all his weight to get it in. Her tight hole clenched at the onslaught and Peggy tried to flip onto her back to get relieve the pain. As she turned, her heel slapped Prescott on the side of the head and he fell into a heap on the seat, unconscious.

After a few minutes she had calmed down enough to think. Peggy scooted over to the man and fumbled around in his pockets for the key to the tiny lock. Finding it, she struggled to get the lock open in her awkward position. For the first time in hours she brought her hands in front of her and rubbed her sore wrists. Still basically naked, Peggy realized she would need something to cover herself. She could get to the suite and retrieve her purse. She tugged Prescott’s suit coat off him and put it on as the car came to a stop. Searching around the pockets she found the room key and climbed out of the limo.

“He’s exhausted,” she told the driver, “why don’t you let him sleep it off a bit before waking him.” The driver nodded and closed the car door leaving the drunk inside. He was so drunk he wouldn’t remember what had happened so she could tell him anything to fill in the blanks. She expected when he awoke with his cock hanging out of his pants, he would just assume he was a stud.


Darrel pulled the envelope from his safe and sat behind the desk. He poured the contents out and began looking through the info on Peggy.

In the past week she had been extremely helpful in this deal with Prescott. Darrel had always made sure she was out with the jerk before he called the lawyer to negotiate. The lawyer immediately relayed the message to Prescott in front of Peggy. Every evening she relayed Prescott’s reaction and comments back to Darrel. Today, the deal had gone through for $1.5 million.

Prescott and the lawyers met with him and the deal was signed. Darrel had walked away with the money and still had 22 acres of land to boot. Prescott had even invited Darrel to dinner tonight.

He looked over the evidence he had on Peggy and sighed. He was going to miss her but it had to be done. Shoving the contents back into the envelope he stood up abruptly and headed for the door grabbing the briefcase on his way out.

Prescott was already waiting when Darrel walked into the restaurant. They shook hands before being seated at their table.

“I apologize,” Prescott started, “my companion is usually on time.”

“Quite all right,” Darrel replied, “I’m in no hurry.” It was only a minute later when Peggy came quietly to the table.

“Ah, here she is now,” Prescott smiled, “Darrel James I would like you to meet Peggy.” Darrel smiled as Peggy sat down.

“I have something for you,” Darrel said while putting the briefcase on the table. He turned it around for Prescott to open.

“I have one,” Prescott said, looking at the briefcase.

“Not one filled like this,” Darrel said evenly.

He opened the case and began to look over the files inside. The b***d drained from Prescott’s face as he realized the significance of the documents. “What do you want?” he demanded.

“I want nothing except for our business relationship to continue,” Darrel said simply. “There are no more copies and the name of the person that gathered the information is in the bottom file.”

Prescott found the file and opened it. He immediately pulled out the picture of the man Darrel had gotten the briefcase from.

“That little shit!” he fumed as he obviously recognized the person. He was quiet for a minute as he contemplated the files. He composed himself before turning back to Darrel.

“Well, Mr. James, you seem to have done me quite a favor.” He was fishing to see Darrel’s real motives.

“I just have an eye for details,” grinned Darrel. He took out an envelope and slid it across the table, “here’s something else you might find interesting.”

Prescott opened the package and shuffled through the contents. He glanced at Peggy and then sat the envelope down. “Is there anything else?” he was getting a lot to absorb in a short time.

“Nothing I am aware of,” Darrel replied. “The person that took those was helping the blackmailer set you up.” Darrel took out his cell and made a quick call. Several minutes later Donna Culpit came to the table.

“Prescott Manly meet Donna Culpit.” he introduced them casually, “She is your photographer.” Prescott sat back in his chair trying to take in the situation.

“You might also be interested in knowing,” Darrel continued, “that she has four more years on parole. She has confided in me that she would do anything to keep from going back to jail.” Donna lowered her head as the final piece of the puzzle fell into place for Prescott.

“The pictures in the envelope are the only copies and I do not intend to leak any of this. Besides,” Darrel smiled broadly, “I would like to do business again.”

Prescott began to relax as he took the hint, “well I just happen to be working on a deal that I might need your help on. I can always use a man with your ‘eye for detail’. Now if you will excuse me I would like to discuss a few things with Miss Culpit.” He rose from the table and shook Darrel’s hand briefly before looking over at Peggy.

“Let’s go,” he said gruffly.

“No,” Peggy said firmly. Prescott’s face turned white and a look of confusion came over him. She had never said no before and he was shocked.

“Come on, Peggy,” he said in a less demanding voice.

“No,” Peggy replied flatly. Prescott stood perplexed for a few minutes before taking a step toward her.

“You have a toy,” Darrel said. His eyes were hard and Prescott stopped again, trying to figure it out. Finally he shrugged and grabbed Donna by the arm.

“Good night,” he said curtly. He turned and began leading Donna out of the restaurant. No one would have suspected how anxious he was to experiment with pierced nipples.

Chapter 7

Darrel opened the door to his house and held it for Peggy. She was relieved that she would not have to see Prescott again but at the same time she wondered what was on Darrel’s mind. The drive home had been quiet, and they hadn’t spoken since leaving the restaurant. She stopped at the entry hall table and undressed before going to join him in the living room. He was not there but called softly to her from his office. She moved quickly to his desk and stood quietly waiting his next command.

“Peggy,” he began slowly, “this envelope contains all the evidence I have on your forgeries.” He pushed it towards her; “I want you to have it as my thanks for helping me with this deal.” She waited open mouthed as he continued, “I also want you to keep the car. It’s paid off and titled in your name.”

Peggy was motionless for a long time before she reached over and pulled the envelope to her. She ran her fingers around the edges quietly and then came around to his side of the desk. She took his hand and silently beckoned him to follow her.

She led him up the stairs and to the bedroom, where she began to undress him. Tugging off first his shirt and then the pants, Peggy knelt in front of him and licked at his hard cock. Flicking the head lightly at first, she teased it before swallowing the entire length down her throat.

Increasing her rhythm she worked lovingly along the shaft letting it pop from her mouth momentarily. She ran her lips along the bottom of his cock and then returned it to her mouth. When she felt he was nearing climax she stopped and moved to the bed. She reached into the nightstand and handed the tube of lubricant to Darrel.

“Sir, please fuck my ass,” she cooed seductively. She bent over and presented her butt as an inviting target.

Darrel almost came at the sight of her luscious ass waiting for him. He wasted no time with the lube and quickly knelt behind her. Putting his erection to her anus he waited for her to push against him. She began to sit back slowly and the head of his cock disappeared into her.

He stayed motionless as she f****d his hard cock into her tight virgin ass. She stopped for a few seconds, allowing herself to adjust and then began pushing against him again. She continued the pressure until finally, he was embedded fully into her.

“Please fuck me Sir,” she moaned. “Please use my ass, please Sir!” she was having trouble speaking as his thrust gradually became harder and faster. She relaxed, letting him move more freely inside her, eliciting a groan from him. She moaned in pleasure as he slid into her at a feverish pace that caused her to tremble in ecstasy. Bucking back toward him she felt his cock swell and redoubled her efforts. He grabbed at her hair and pulled hard, forcing himself deeper into her tight ass. Peggy’s body was quivering with excitement as he pounded into her with a lustful abandon that pushed her over the edge.

Sweating from the exertion he finally came in a shuddering orgasm that flooded Peggy’s ass with cum. Darrel slowly pulled his cock from her and settled down onto the bed.

Peggy looked into his eyes. “Sir, may I stay with you?” she asked quietly.

“I was hoping you would,” he answered as he tenderly stroked her cheek.

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