The Mom’s Club

Let me start by explaining about the Mom’s Club. There were five of
us in the club. A group of mature housewives and mothers; trapped in a
uneventful marriage as well as no social life. There was Mary, 44; she had
an 18 year old son. There was Thelma, 44; she had a daughter 21 and a son
19. There was Julie, 42 and the youngest member. She had a daughter who was
17. Connie, 43; she also had a son who was 18. Then me, Amanda. I’m 44 and
also have a 18 year old son, Randy.

We had almost grown c******n and we also had inattentive
husbands. We were from that era were housewives were submissive and
obedient. By today’s standards, I suppose it’s stupid, however we were set
in our ways. Younger women would simply divorce, but that was not an option
for us. Our meetings were on Wednesdays, usually somewhere around ten to
two. We talked about all sorts of subjects; about books we read or movies
we liked.

Almost always the subject would turn to sex and other forms of
erotica. It was more often about sex because that was something we didn’t
have much of. We felt like we had come to an age in life when we were no
longer desirable. To fulfill that void; we delved into fantasy and
fiction. It satisfied our need to be desirable again. Being submissive; it
was only natural our thoughts were of sexual domination and even bondage. I
know it was kinky, but it was thrilling.

We were not totally in the dark about what went on in the
world. The advantage of having c******n was that they always kept you up
with cell phones, computers and the internet. My son’s laptop was
invaluable at out meetings. It was necessary to fulfill all our
fantasies. When I couldn’t use Randy’s; Mary would bring her laptop to the
meetings. I was truly amazed at how much porn there was on the internet. I
also wondered if my son was watching it.

With the help of the internet; we ladies were able to enjoy some
forbidden sexual fantasies. We did indulge in masturbation with the help of
some devices like vibrators and dildos. It was the only source of sexual
release we were getting. Those pictures of bondage were so arousing. I
thought about being kidnapped and held as sex slave. Connie imagined being
sold to sex starved men on some remote island. We did go on quite a bit,
but we loved every minute of it.

I’m not the most savvy person when it comes to computers and the
such. I didn’t realize that the things I did on the computer were also
stored on the computer. My son Randy, now a senior in high school, was in
his bedroom when he called out to me one afternoon. “What is it, dear. I’m
busy with the laundry.” He had a very stern look on his face. “Mom! What
the hell is all this stuff on my computer?”

He flipped it around and showed me all these pictures of naked
women in bondage. The same pictures we watched at the Mom’s Club. “You
borrowed my laptop to take to your meeting on Wednesday. This stuff sure
the hell is not mine! What’s going on at those meetings? Look at the date
on the browser history.” I was so ashamed that I had been caught and by my
own son! “Please, Randy. Take those things off there. Please. I…I don’t
want anyone to see them. I am too ashamed.”

I was so humiliated. I just stood there, staring at the floor
because I didn’t want to look him in the eyes. His tone of voice even
intimidated me. Randy shoved the laptop away. “Do you women actually enjoy
these things? It’s hard for me to imaging my mom into bondage. That’s
really kinky.” I was almost at tears. “Please, Randy. Please just erase
them. Forget it!”

Randy stood up from the bed. He was a good six inches taller than
me. “Just what do you do at these meetings?” “Please, Randy. I don’t want
to talk about it. I have laundry to finish.” He smiled at me. “You ladies
fantasize about being all tied up? You tie each other up and do what to
each other?”

I couldn’t look him in the eyes. The humiliation was too
much. “Stop it, Randy! Please don’t tell anyone about this. Especially your
father. Please! Get rid of those photos.” He closed the laptop, placing it
on the dresser. “I will…if you do me a favor in return.” “What kind of
favor?” Randy pulled his pants down and I amazed at how huge his erection
was. “You suck my cock. And I won’t even tell dad.”

Randy knew how humiliated I was and how submissive I could be. I
slowly knelt down in front of him. He held his dick out to me. “Open your
mouth.” I had not felt a man’s dick in my mouth and that hard; in a very
long time. I just never dreamed it would be my son’s. Randy knew I never
wore a bra when I was home. He reached down and pulled open my blouse. His
strong hand grabbed my boob and squeeze the nipple.

I felt a jolt all the way down to my pussy. He continued to pinch
and pull my nipples and It made me shutter all over and wet. His hot seed
suddenly gushed into my mouth and some went down my throat. Running out the
sides of my mouth and dripping onto my boobs. I was so ashamed at what I
was doing. Randy pulled his pants up, sat on the bed and grabbed his
computer. “You can go now, mom. I want to look at these pictures some

I never said one word to him the entire evening. I suppose his
father thought that was a bit unusual; then again, I don’t think he even
noticed. I cleared the table and was washing the dishes when Randy came up
behind me. He slid his hand up the back of my dress and squeezed my butt
cheek. “Really nice ass, mom.” I wanted to turn around and slap him, but
that would draw unwanted attention.

That Wednesday at the club, I didn’t have much input into the
conversations. I was still too ashamed of what I did with Randy. Mary
looked over at me. “Where is your laptop?” I smiled, making up a
lie. “Randy had to use it today, for school. Maybe next Wednesday.” “I
have mine out in the car. I’ll get it. I get really wet looking at those

My husband called as I just got home. He was going out of town
until Friday. The company had a meeting at the home office. A part of me
felt glad because I would be home alone with Randy. Another part of was not
sure I wanted to be. Randy came home from school and I told him his father
would not be home until Friday. His reaction was not at all what I had
expected. He smiled at me. “Ok. I’ll be in my room. Got a test on Friday.”

I sat on the sofa for a long time, thinking. I knew I had to
address this issue with Randy. It was driving me mad. I knocked on his door
and waited for him to say come in. He was on the bed with his laptop. “What
you need, mom?” “We need to talk about what you made me do yesterday. It
was wrong. It can’t happen again.” He smiled and said something that
completely caught me off guard. “Dad said you couldn’t get pregnant
anymore. Is that true?”

I looked at him in shock. “What does that have to do with
anything?” Randy gave me some information I was not ready to hear. “You
know Kenny? He’s Mary’s son. We’re on the basketball team together. Funny
thing is. We been comparing notes. Seems he found some porn on her
laptop. The same you had on mine.” I stood there in silence, the
humiliation coming over me again.

Randy leaned back in the bed. “Seems Mary is scared to death just
like you that all of this might get out.” I stared at him for a
moment. “Please don’t tell me you’re going to use blackmail on me and
Mary.” Randy chuckled. “No. Not at all. If fact me and Kenny were going to
form our own club.”

This didn’t sound like it was going to be good. He
continued. “Yeah! We’re going to call it the Mom Swap Club. Kenny said
you’re really hot. Loves the way you look. I think his mom Mary is really
hot too!. So we thought we would just swap.” I couldn’t believe what I was
hearing. Were they really serious?

Randy swung around on the bed. “You and Mary had those same
kidnapped storied on the laptop. You know, about being held as a sex
slave. Kenny would kidnap you and I would kidnap Mary. As I stood there
listening to this crazy idea; I was also thinking how exciting it was. I
was also genuinely flattered that Kenny thought I was hot! Is it possible I
could attract such a young man?

Randy smiled. “We’re going to have our first meeting this
Saturday. Mary’s husband is going on a fishing trip. Won’t be back until
Sunday evening. They got a real nice basement. We’re going to kidnap you
and take you there.” I had to get back to reality. “Listen to me,
Randy. Nobody is kidnapping anyone. This is just ridiculous. These things
are only fantasies! You need to stop this nonsense.”

Randy stood up and took hold of my arm “Too bad. Mary is all for
it. She can’t wait for Saturday.” I was caught off guard by what he
said. “Well…well, I’m not Mary. I don’t think it’s right. I don’t know
what’s wrong with her.” Randy shook his head. “Sure would hate for dad to
go through my laptop. I don’t know what he would think.”

I pulled away. “I knew you were going to use that as blackmail! I
just knew it!” Randy smiled. “I like to think of it as a little push in
the right direction.” I was so frustrated with him. “I have to go get
dinner ready. Please don’t bother me.” We sat at the dinner table in

Randy broke the silence. “So, what about Saturday night? I know
it’s something you want. Why else would you be looking at all those
things?” I raised my finger at him. “If I do this. You’ll have to promise
me. You’ll erase everything on that computer! No more blackmail!” Randy
smiled and pushed his plate away. “Ok. You got a deal. I’ll take everything
off the laptop and never mention it again.”

Saturday afternoon, I finished cleaning the house and was folding
the laundry. I was very nervous about that evening. I wanted to know what
Mary was thinking but I was too ashamed to call her. Randy popped his head
in. “Wear that red and white flower dress you got. Just the dress and
nothing under it.” That was shameful. I hadn’t wore a dress without
anything under it for years.

I told my husband Carl, that Randy and I were going to the
movies. We wouldn’t be back until late. All he did was wave his hand and
grunt. Randy drove us over to Mary’s. Kenny let us in. He was a handsome
boy, brownish unruly hair, hazel eyes and tall like Randy. After all, they
both were on the basketball team. I walked into the living room and stopped

Mary was already tied up naked in a chair. Her arms bound behind
her and a dildo stuck in her mouth. Kenny stood next to me and smiled. “Are
you ready to be kidnapped?” Against my better judgment, I nodded. I was
ordered to strip and it was embarrassing to have Randy see me in the
nude. My arms were bound behind me and I given a dildo and told to keep it
in my mouth.

Mary and I were led downstairs to the basement. I had been in
Mary’s house before. I knew there were two spare bedrooms in the
downstairs. Kenny took me into one bedroom and Randy took Mary into the
other. I don’t know what went on in Mary’s room, but I sure did in my
room. Kenny was really playing the kidnapping role and it was arousing me
something awful.

“Nobody is going to pay ransom for you, Mrs. Baker. Looks like
you’ll have to pay me in some other way.” He rolled me over on the bed. “I
think we’ll start with a good spanking so you know who’s boss.” I had not
been spanked since I was a little girl. I have to admit he made my ass burn
and my pussy wet.

He played with me for what seemed like hours, driving me insane. I
wanted him inside me so bad. I squealed somewhat, as I felt his dick slide
into me. I had waited for so long to feel a man’s hardness inside me. My
first orgasm came in a few seconds. My second came several minutes later,
when Kenny shot his seed into me. My head was still reeling; my legs were
too weak to move. I must have been a sight lying naked on that bed.

I knew Mary was having a great time because I heard her scream
several times too. Randy must have fucked her as hard as Kenny did
me. Next, we were introduced to humiliation time. Kenny and Randy made us
crawl around on the floor, on our hands and knees. Kenny played with my
boobs, fingering my pussy and slapping my ass as I crawled along. Mary was
suffering the same fate, Randy was feeling her up as well.

They tied our arms behind our backs. We were blindfolded and
gagged. We were ordered to stand with our legs spread wide open. I was to
stand like this so Kenny could inspect me. His hands were poking, prodding
and pinching all over. I now knew why they gagged us. Kenny pinched my
nipples and whispered in my ear. “Mrs. Baker. I’m going to play with you
until you’re dripping wet.” I knew he wouldn’t have to wait too long.

As he aroused me more and more, I was thinking when last time my
husband made love to me. I remember it was on our anniversary last
year. Kenny’s right hand was fingering my clit, while his left hand was
pulling my nipples. He was driving me insane again. I could hear Randy
telling Mary to suck his dick because he wanted to fuck her again. Kenny
made me bend over on the floor, he fucked me from behind until I had two
more orgasms.

It was 10:45, Randy drove us home while I sat in the car totally
wasted. My ass was sore from spanking; my nipples were sore from all the
pinching and pulling. However, I didn’t care in the least. I never felt so
exhilarated and I would do it all over again. From time to time, we did do
it all over again, and again, and again. In time, I even accepted Randy as
a lover and he made me scream more than once.

Now, he keeps me naked with a collar and a leash when nobody is
around. He graduates this year and I’m looking forward to having him around
more. His dad seems to be oblivious to anything around him. That is
probably a good thing. I certainly don’t have to rely on him to fulfill my
needs anymore. Thelma, Connie and Julie are all participating in the new
club. By the way; we did change the name to “The Mom’s Swap Club.”

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