The Royal family

This sex story is totally fiction!

The Royal family was extremely popular. Even the republicans had a hard time disliking them. The country was lucky. It was well off and people were happy. It was respected by other countries. The latest was the fight against ITO (Islam terror organisation) in the Middle East. Our beloved country sent military that would help bring peace to the region. Everyone was happy that our country was making a difference.

The king did not have a wife; she died after the birth of the princess. Princess Sasha, who was the most popular royal family member. She was constantly in the gossip magazines and the other media. When she appeared in public, she was celebrated and like a superstar. Everyone wanted to see her and her smile, what she was wearing and try to give her flowers. One Royal observer explained, “Princess Sasha represents the future for our country. She is now 10 years old and is so happy and innocent; she is like a white flower in a jungle. She wears top fashionable clothes that any 10 year old would wear, and most hopes she will continue dressing in a sensible way even during her teenager years. Princess Sasha’s smile and innocence is a symbol and hope for a better future”

There were some enemies in the country though, some that supported the ITO and their terror in the Middle East, where they invaded towns, killed men, raped woman and children and even sold women down to the age of 5. They didn’t like the idea that our country was having a success at weakening the organisation they supported. The ITO committee in our country was told to strike a blow that will not only shake our country to the roots, but send shockwaves throughout the world. They could just have blown something up, but that has been done so many times. They could just have killed the Royal family, but that would just make them martyrs. They decided to use an ancient method of brainwashing helped by modern technology. They already had a man in place, who was the head master where the princess would start at school after her summer break.

Princess Sasha was so excited. Summer was over. Summer is always fun as she can visit the towns and villages in the country and meet so many people that wanted to see her. It also meant she was on Royal Holidays with her royal cousins in different parts of the world. The media always made her the centre, as with her long dark blonde hair, and green eyes, she was like a Barbie princess. She had the image that millions of small girls tried to be in front of a mirror. Now was time for school again and now she could meet her friends and teachers. They didn’t treat her as a royal princess; they treated her as a friend.

The media was outside the school waiting for the first day after summer. This year was special as the school no longer required uniforms. The princess was dressed in a pretty princess sailor dress that went down to her knees. Her hair was in a ponytail. The king looked very happy and proud as he led his daughter in the school. They had to meet with the head master.

The head master passed all the secret services back checks. It must have not been as good as he was secretly a supporting member of ITO. He was looking forward to the king and the princess coming in today. The princess and her father came into his office. It was something they done every year. He welcomed them and told them to sit down. They talked a bit about the new changes at the school (such as no uniforms) and that the princess would get no special treatment. Then he told them that he had a present for them. He gave the king a ring, which he immediately put on, and he gave the princess a golden collar, which she didn’t put on, he then explained, “Your father is wearing the ring, and he can take it off any time. He will not remember what I am saying now. The collar you have will cleanse your mind. It will show you that you are not meant to be a princess. It will show you that you are supposed to be a whore. Your job will be to make men happy. However I am nice, I am not like others, and you have to accept this. That is why there it is a lock in the back. If you ever lock it, you will accept your fate as a whore and no longer be a princess, we will come and collect you and traffic you to another country where you will begin your next life. If you do not lock it, you will remain a princess”

The princess was confused; she didn’t understand most of what the head master said. She just muttered that she was a princess.

The day at school was short because it was their first day. Her father was in a daze and his eyes seemed like they were made of glass, Sasha was quite worried that he was getting sick. The head masters words kept on repeating themselves in her head, despite the fact that she wanted them out of her head. Maybe it would be better when they got home.

That evening, the king was watching the news, he usually didn’t tell Sasha’s that she should watch the news, however tonight, he told her to see it. It was about ITO, they kidnapped women and children and then these were sold off. They even had a price list. The younger you are the more you are worth. The king just looked at his daughter and asked where her collar was. He said it would look nice with many outfits. Princess Sasha tried to say that the head master said weird things about it. The king didn’t listen, he just looked at the princess and said, “Look at those girls that have agreed to be sold. They are doing their job. They are serving that organisation and the men. I bet a princess like you would earn lots of money… should I sell you?”

Sasha could not see a smile in his face, which meant that he was not joking. She told him no way, she was a princess, and besides ITO sold these helpless girls, and that’s why our military was fighting them. She said she was going to bed.

The king gave his daughter a kiss on the mouth and watched her go off. Why was she wearing such a long nightdress? Then the king looked at the news channel again which was repeating the ITO story once again. It hit him that he asked his daughter if she wanted to be sold, he kissed her on the lips, and he wanted her to wear a short nighty. What was happening? How could he ever think that? He looked at the ring and took it off, throwing it into the fishbowl. He smiled and thought it was over. He would throw his daughters collar out tomorrow. Little did he know that the seeds were planted.

Sasha’s servant helped tuck her in bed. She looked at the collar was on her nightstand. She picked it up and the looked at it. I was lovely and shiny. Inside there were some Arabic words, she couldn’t read this. However she looked at the English words, “wear me and I cleanse your mind. Lock me and you are owned”. Sasha’s mind was in turmoil because she was thinking her dad was sick. Did he want to sell her? Why did he kiss her on the lips? What was going on? She took the collar but did not lock it; she was not so stupid, as she knew that there was no key.

That night, she could hardly sleep. The nightdress felt like it was scratching her. When she did dream, it was about her nation’s planes bombing towns and homes in some Middle East country. She saw herself sitting on a princess throne while the planes were bombing and bombing. After the bombs went off all over the place and when the planes left, all she could see was families in the ground in pain, these also included girls of her age. Sasha woke up in a sweat. Was her nation killing girls her age? But that must have been a mistake. It was because the planes were aiming for the terrorists. Sasha put her head on the pillow and tried to sleep… the poor girls in pain…

The next morning, Sasha woke up. She was surprised that her mind wasn’t in as much chaos as it was the day before; she looked at the petticoat dress that her servant laid on her bed. Then she sent him away, she would dress herself. She looked at her wardrobe and threw all her childish things on the floor. Then she found a sports bra, that just covered her flat chests and she found white cotton shorts that were just a bit longer than her panties. She decided to wear them without panties. Finally she worse some stockings that went just above her knee. She looked in the mirror and thought she looked quite pretty. A voice in her head was screaming not to wear these clothes, they were so slutty! The voice said to take off the collar, as it was making her this way. Sasha told the voice to shut it. The collar looked nice and it was true, it made her not think, and that put her at peace.

The Royal staff was all shocked when they saw the princess that was showing more skin than anything else. The princess took the limo to school and as she walked down the hallway, everyone stared. Deep down she blushed when the boys and especially men were staring at her. However the stronger voice told her to smile, as she was pleasing the men that looked at her.

More and more, Sasha could feel that her old voice was becoming quieter, and her new voice was becoming stronger. She was sitting in her teacher’s class, and he was teaching about old kings and queens. This usually interested Sasha, as they were her ancestors. Today she was a bit bored about them. Mr. Flynn asked her why she was bored? Sasha did not answer. Then he called her up to his desk and asked her why she was wearing such provocative and suggestive clothes. Sasha said that she felt that these clothes were who she was. A whisper came from one of the girls, “A Royal Whore”. The teacher ignored this and whispered to Sasha, that these clothes would simply not do, as he could clearly see the outline of her pussy lips through the thin cotton shorts. Sasha giggled and pulled out her shorts showing her teacher that she was not even wearing panties. The weaker voice in her said that how she could show a teacher her privates… take the collar off, while the stronger voice said it must have pleased him. Sasha smiled as she seen the tent in the teachers shorts. She sat down while the whole class was in shock.

When she came home, she gave a list to the servants, telling them she wanted these clothes in her wardrobe by tomorrow. The weaker voice wondered where did this list ever came from?

Sasha didn’t sleep well the next few nights. She dreamt about her nations planes bombing innocent girls her age. She also dreamt that some girls were being sold off to rich men. These girls have smiles on their face, as they knew the money that was paid for them would help the ITO to pay for arms and they would be pleasing men. They each had the same collar.

The next morning, she wore a crop top that showed one of her shoulders and her belly as well as a miniskirt and panties. Her dad was sitting at the table, “So it is true that you are growing up and wearing clothes that a street hooker would wear. Do you realize there are rumours that you showed your teacher your pussy? I know this is not true. Why are you wearing that collar? I think you should take it off. At least it’s not locked. Your cousin the Duchess Jayden has had the same collar. She also started wearing a collar and seducing men, and one day she locked the collar at dinner time. Now we hear that she has disappeared. It seems like men came and kidnapped her in her house and she could be anywhere now. The cameras show that she went willingly, which is a bit strange!”

“Do you want me to take this collar off?” Sasha asked.

“We should be careful, but seeing how much you like it. You can wear it. Did you lock it yet? Do you want to be sold?”

“No way!”

While the princess went to school, the king asked himself how he knew that the Duchess would be sold when she locked her collar. He also asked himself why he allowed his daughter to dress like a bimbo. Finally he asked himself would he care if she was sold?

No one was shocked at the outfit Sasha wore. The maths teacher Mrs Reagan noticed this. She knew the Duchess Jayden. She is a good friend of the family. In fact she noticed that she had the same behaviour as the princess had now. She noticed the duchess started wearing revealing clothes. Every day that went she became more blank and more concerned about pleasing people, especially men. She started flirting. Then she remembered the dinner. She was wearing the same collar as Princess Sasha. At dinner, she was blank and flirting with the gentleman next to her. Her father was talking that he didn’t care if he had a daughter, which shocked everyone. Then everyone seen the duchess reach and lock the collar. This made a huge sound and Miss Reagan seen stars come from the collar. That night men came to the manor house and took the duchess away. What the media wasn’t told is that the duchess put up no struggle and the men that came paid her father for her. Mrs Reagan was shocked that her father sold the duchess! She was also too afraid to tell anyone. Was the same happening with the princess? She told the princess that she was not allowed to wear slutty clothes in her class and to go to the study hall.

Princess Sasha did not argue or even looked surprised. She got up and went out of the class. On her way to the study hall she saw the janitor. He was an old man that all the girls tried to avoid. It was because he spent most of his time in the supplies room that smelt of cleaning things and was messy. He was also a creepy man that had a weird smile. Today he smiled at the princess as she was walking past his storage room. He told her that she looked so pretty. The weak voice in Sasha’s head told her to shout and scream and run, However Sasha stopped and smiled. He then invited Sasha in his storage room. The weak voice in her once again screamed, but the voice were getting weaker and weaker, and no longer had a say.

Sasha walked in. The room was not as dark as she expected. She sat down on a chair and just smiled. He told her that they could have a bit of fun. He went around and put a white sheet against a wall and then set up a tripod with a camera. Then he told Sasha that he wanted to take a few pictures of her because she was so pretty, in fact she was so sexy! Princess Sasha then stood against the white sheet and posed. The camera started clicking as he told her how to stand. The janitor noticed that the princess was not like she usually was. She was more quiet and submissive. He challenged this by giving her more provocative poses, such as leaning back and sitting and spreading her legs showing her panties. She did not even complain. Then he told her to remove her top. She seemed to shake a bit when he said this, as she was fighting with herself. At the end, she took off her top showing her flat nipples. This was too good to be true! He then took a chance and told her to remove her miniskirt and just be in her panties. This was no problem. The janitor then told her to use one hand playing with a nipple and another hand in her panties. She did this without a complaint.

The janitor told her to remove her panties and collar. This made the princess react. She said she would remove her panties but not the collar. This didn’t bother the janitor as he seen her do just this. He was now talking pictures of a nude princess. A princess that was leaning back, spreading her legs and showing her hairless pussy. Then she would get on her knees and knees and point her bum towards the air, as if she was saying to use her. The janitor couldn’t believe how easy this was. Had this princess no shame? Was she really a slut? At the end he had hundreds of erotic pictures of a princess that was begging in the pictures to take her.

The weak voice in Sasha’s head was bugging her all day, on how she could let herself take such pictures. She should just take off the collar. It was like lightning struck her and she realized that she was changing. Sasha took off the collar!

That night, the weak voice was becoming stronger and stronger. However her mind was in turmoil. How could she wear the slutty clothes she wore the days before? How could she let the janitor take those pictures? She then started crying about the duchess. How could she allow herself to be sold? Sasha was in despair, confused, and her head felt like spaghetti of thoughts. She thought she was going crazy. She couldn’t take it any more. She reached out and put the collar back on.

The next day, she wore bikini top and tight leggings. At breakfast, her dad looked at her. He told her that she was changing. It seemed like her eyes were more blank and she was hot as talkative as she once was. It was like she just wanted to please people.

“Did you lock the collar yet?” he asked.

“No. Do you want me to be sold?”

“No Darling. I love you. At times I am I doubt, maybe it will be best if you were sold. It would solve a lot of problems.”

“I am a princess, not a slave.”

On the way to the school, Sasha thought the discussion that morning was strange. The weak voice in her said how does her father know what happens when the collar is locked? If he knew this, why doesn’t he tell her to remove the collar? Sasha heard that he had money problems, but would he really consider selling his daughter? The stronger voice cut the weaker one off, says the collar made her feel better, and it cleared her mind. She did not have to lock it… unless she wanted to.

That day at school, no one was surprised at the clothes she wore. No one knew about the janitor. The last class before lunch was maths and it was Mr. Sheehan that had that class. All the girls had a crush on him. It didn’t mean that maths was interesting. At any case, he told Sasha to speak with him after class while the others had a lunch break. He told her that he noticed her clothes showed a lot of skin, and he could even see the outline of her pussy on the leggings. Sasha didn’t say anything to him. He then asked was it true she showed a teacher her pussy. While he was saying this, he put his hands down Sasha’s leggings and started rubbing her pussy. Sasha just closed her eyes and didn’t protest. This must have confused the teacher as he asked was she such a whore that she allowed a man to touch her like this? Sasha just answered by asking does he like it and does it make him happy? The teacher must have been in shock, but he did enjoy rubbing a girl’s pussy and her not complaining about it. He asked if a man told her to suck him, would he do that. Sasha didn’t answer, she just lowered herself to her knees and with her small hands tried to open his trousers and fish his dick out.

She gasped at how big the dick was, and then licked the precum off it. Then she slowly put the dick in her mouth and started sucking. The weak voice said something that she was now a cocksucker, is she proud of herself? This did not bother Sasha, as the teacher was calling her the same. The thing is Sasha didn’t mind sucking him; it made her happy that he was happy. At the end he started cumming in her mouth, which surprised her. He told her it was baby juice.

That afternoon at school, Sasha wasn’t thinking about what was being taught. All she knew was that her body made men happy and if she played with men’s dicks and let them do what they wanted with her, then they were happier. Sasha smiled that it was fun making people happy. All her life people have been trying to make her happy because she was so lucky to be born as a princess. Now she could make others happy.

When Sasha came home, her dad was waiting for her. He told her to come in his office. He turned on the computer at some hidden site. It was pictures of a nude girl. Sasha could see it was the pictures that the janitor took of her. Her father was not mad, but explained that the secret service found these pictures, that were all over the web now. He told Sasha that the girl looked exactly like her. While he was saying this, his hand went in her leggings and he was feeling her bum. The king told the princess that she had to be careful. He knew it was her, but the media would just think it was some look alike. Sasha couldn’t understand how a girl could look exactly like her. Her father said that the photos could be photo shopped. At this stage, his finger was in her daughters bum, massaging it. He then looked to see if she locked the collar and sighed. He told her to go to her room and told her while the media could think these pictures were fake, he and her knew he truth.

The king did not feel bad that he had a finger in his own daughter’s private hole.

A month went and Sasha no longer heard the weak voice. She continued to wear her revealing clothes. The media that once loved her were now against her, saying that she was showing bad example to the girls in the country. They didn’t know that the princess was sucking the janitor and most of the male teachers at the school, and some of the servants. The head master was the first man to fuck her. It hurt like anything but she was happy that he was pleased.

Six weeks after she got the collar, they found the duchess. Sasha heard the prime minister told her that they found Jayden in the Middle East. She was a whore for a general in the ITO. He rented her out to rich people that supported the ITO. She was his sex slave and just gave her body to whoever she was told too. She was now back in her country and they managed to get the collar off. But that did not help. It seems as if she was brainwashed and believed her mission in life was to be whore and please men. She was now in a mental institution and expected to be there for a long time, as she was not responding to therapy.

The prime minister advised the king to remove the princess from the school and get rid of the collar. The king did not respond. He was thinking that he should visit the duchess girl and see if she would please him.

The prime minister saw Sasha stand there. She came in and sat on the prime ministers lap.

“We have a special princess here; I know that you don’t get sex from your wife. This must make you frustrated. You see the princess on your lap. She is dressed in panties and no top. Those panties can easily come off.”

The prime minister was shocked that the king was saying this, and felt bad when he noticed his hand was high on Sasha’s thigh.

The king continued, “You see, I don’t know if she will make a good princess. She will make a better whore. She wants to please men. I bet she wants to please you. As it is, I owe people lots of money because of gambling. If you were to raise the royal allowance from the government, you could play with her now…. In any way you want.”

The prime minister was in shock now. The king was willing to whore his own daughter out. The embarrassing thing was he could feel her on him and he was getting a hard on.

The king put a document on the table. It was an agreement for the government to give the Royal family more money.

The prime ministers hand was now rubbing the princess’s pussy. Her head was tilted back. The prime minister was in heaven. Before he knew it, Sasha was on her knees with his huge dick in her mouth. The king seemed proud of his daughter, as he said that she is a great cocksucker, but even better to fuck. By then the princess was back on the prime ministers lap, putting his big dick in her pussy. He agreed with the king that she was very tight and the best sex he had for some time. Sasha said nothing as she was riding the dick, except making some groans and pleasured noises.

His baby juice was in her as she was still sitting on his lap. She was smiling because she made another man happy. The prime minister signed the paper asking the king is he not ashamed that he just whored out his daughter and even worse, he sat and looked at her being a whore?

The king just shrugged her shoulders, “She may not be a good daughter or a princess, but she makes a great whore! See how much she wanted to please you?”

A tear went down Sasha’s face. She just heard her father disown her and call her a whore. She knew this was right and she knew what she had to do.

Princess Sasha raised her arms to her collar, and without hesitating, she locked the collar.

The king smiled.

That evening two men came, and put a leash on Princess Sasha. They gave the king some money and then left with her. Neither the king nor the princess prostitot put up a fight.

A few days later, the media knew everything. They found out that the king sold his own daughter to the ITO, the organisation that they all hated. It we reported that the princess now was a whore in the organisation, and would earn them a lot of money. This not only outraged the whole country, but all the countries allies.

The king did not understand what the problem was. His daughter made a good prostitot. She was doing something he liked. The monarchy was in a crisis. Everyone wanted the king arrested. Everyone wanted the monarchy to end, this showed how fast things went, because when school started, everyone liked the monarchy. It ended that the king abdicated, he was tried and found insane. He was put in a mental institution, the same where Duchess Jayden was. The king’s younger cousin was now the new king.

The ITO using the princess as a whore caused the country major embarrassment. However it did not help them in the long run. The monarchy was safe and the new king was popular. The country and its allies sent ground troops to fight ITO and find them anywhere they were. After 6 months, the ITO was nearly destroyed. Thousands of people were arrested all over the world after this, even the head master. The best thing is they found Sasha.

Sasha was a whore for the head of the ITO. She was a fund raiser. She was given to whoever had the money for her. When she was rescued, she was with a high official from the United Nations.

Sasha was brought back to the country and once again she was as popular as ever. People saw her as a victim. She was taken to the palace. They managed to take the collar off. The top shrinks and doctors came to try and help her. They said her brain was emptied and she just was an object. Her only concern was to please men. It ended up that all her staff had to be women. At the end they couldn’t do more than just tell her what a princess was and she was a princess. The new king said he would take care of her.

The servant came to Sasha. She was told that the new king wanted to see her. Sasha came out. The old voice that was in her head months before was back. She wanted to tell her new king that she was recovering. She seen the king and noticed he had the same ring as her dad had when all this started. The king explained that the leader of the most powerful country was in the guest room. Our country needed their trade. He asked the princess if she would not mind keeping him company, so he would be convinced to sign the trade agreement.

The weak voice in her head disappeared and she nodded her head. She knew a man needed her now.

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