Tina’s Afternoon Delight

It had all began innocently enough several weeks earlier when Tina was doing the laundry. She had taken some blouses out of the drier and taken them upstairs to iron out the wrinkles. She liked doing the ironing in the back bedroom where she could look out the window and enjoy the view to break the monotony. On this day there was nothing much to see except for two dogs in the empty lot on the other side of the block.

Casually watching, she realized what she was seeing, a male dog and a bitch in heat. As she continued with her ironing, she kept glancing up to look out the window. The male dog kept pushing his snout into the female’s rear. They were too far away for her to tell if he was licking her or just sniffing, but thinking about it seemed to stir something inside her. Periodically the male would jump up on the female’s back and give a couple of thrusts, then drop back down to pay attention to the bitch’s rear. Then she saw him climb up on her one more time and even at this distance she could see his hips thrusting back and forth at an incredibly rapid pace. She couldn’t help wondering what it must feel like to have such an ardently aggressive lover.

Then suddenly she noticed the male had stopped; both animals were standing stock still. She had no real knowledge of canine sex and assumed they had finished, but they weren’t moving; the male remained mounted. She was fascinated by this and set the iron down, leaning forward on the ironing board to watch. Minutes ticked by with no sign of movement. Finally, the male swung around and they stood there, asses pressed together, facing in opposite directions. This she understood, they were “stuck”; she’d seen it many times before. When they finally separated, the male surprised her by turning and, presumably licking the bitch’s vagina again. It was something she wished she could get her husband to do after intercourse.

This was the first time she’d ever watched two dogs copulating from beginning to end and she’d found it intriguing. She was especially curious about that prolonged period that they were motionless and decided to do some research on it later that day. So, later that day, after the laundry was done and the ironing put away, Tina sat down behind her computer. She typed in dog sex on the search engine and began reading. She learned that the time the dogs were motionless meant that the male was fully in and ejaculating within the female. Tina was amazed that dogs could cum for that length of time. It was a captivating thought.

Other sites had come up; sites with videos of women having sex with dogs. Tina clicked on several and watched short clips of women being fucked by animals. Some were arousing, some were not, but one stood out in her mind. It was a pretty blonde who bore enough of a resemblance to Tina to pass as a relative. She watched the dog humping and thrusting briefly against the woman who was on her hands and knees.

Then suddenly she slowly bent her arms until her cheek rested on the floor, a grimace on her face; Tina assumed the woman had just been “knotted”. Then she saw the grimace disappear, replaced by a look of open mouthed passion. The dog was now barely moving. Tina understood from what she’d just read the canine was probably sending a rather copious amount of cum into the woman’s pussy.

If it hadn’t been for the physical resemblance, this all wouldn’t have made that much of an impression on Tina, but because they were near look-a-likes, it was easy for Tina to imagine she was the one who was getting screwed by the dog. She wondered what it must feel like; the large dick, the swollen ball, the prolonged ejaculation, not to mention the feeling of intensely sensuous wickedness that the woman must be experiencing. Tina found this all to be extremely exciting as her hand slid down into her slacks and began massaging her pussy. In her aroused state, it didn’t take much time or effort for her to begin climaxing. She leaned back in the chair, her head thrown back emitting some whining moans as one thigh began shaking uncontrollably. This was followed by the feel of her toes curling inside her slippers as her pussy began contracting and her stomach tightening as she was gripped by an onrushing orgasm.

That might had been the end of it all, it was not the first time something she’d seen or read had turned her on to the point of masturbation, but the resemblance between her and this other woman to each other haunted her. In Tina’s fantasies it almost seemed as if it were her on that floor with a dog’s dick locked deep inside her. It was locked away in her imagination along with romance novel inspired fantasies about being a 17th century maiden abducted and ravaged by pirates, or being Mata Hari type spy seducing enemy officers, exchanging her sexual favors for secret war plans. These and others were ridiculous scenarios that provided good inspiration for masturbation, but things that had no place in her real world. Being screwed by a dog was added to this fantasy list, something to be brought out of the dark recesses of her mind but never to be attempted.

That should have been the end of it, but fate has a way of interfering with one’s plans, of placing opportunities and temptations in the way. About a month later her brother had to go for a two day business conference. There was really nothing unusual about that, he had to do that about once a month. This time, however, he asked her to come over and feed his dog and take him for a walk, explaining the dog didn’t seem to like being taken to the kennel. He’d come to recognize the kennel as soon as the car pulled into the parking lot and would start whining and carrying on horribly. Tina agreed, it seemed like a reasonable request and she was glad to help.

Her brother left early in the morning and Tina went over that afternoon. The dog, Casey, was a beautiful Irish Setter. A large friendly animal, he loved activity, so Tina took him for a walk over to a nearby park where they could play and run together. It was all pretty enjoyable and innocent. Later she took him back to her brother’s house and fed him. Afterwards she sat on the floor petting him. Casey rolled over on his back waiting for her to scratch his belly. Tina complied, but she couldn’t keep her eyes from gazing at the furry sheath that held his cock.

Looking at it all she was reminded of was that two minute clip of the blonde woman getting screwed by that dog. Almost without thinking, her hand moved down and gently stroked the covering, curious as to what would happen. At first it seemed to have no effect, then her fingertips lightly caressed his balls and Casey’s penis slowly emerged. It wasn’t very impressive, reminding her of an undersized carrot. She assumed it would get larger if further aroused. But that was as far as she was willing to go. Actually she felt slightly ashamed of herself for doing that much. She went and washed her hands, made sure he had enough dry food and water, then went home.

That may have been the end of it, but when her husband came home from work he announced his bowling team was having a practice session that night and he would be going after supper. She knew that would mean he probably wouldn’t be home until after ten o’clock. This normally wouldn’t have bothered her one way or another, but tonight, with the memory of her afternoon experience fresh in her mind, it seemed like an open invitation to go and do some more exploring. She wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted to do, but she couldn’t forget the feeling of exciting depravity that she’d had while handling Casey’s genitals. All she was sure of was that she wanted an encore.

Soon after her husband left to go bowling, she drove over to her brother’s house. She had no plan in mind or any idea what she was going to do when she got there; she only knew she wanted to spend the evening with Casey. Anything was better than spending the evening by herself. The curious thing was as soon as she pulled up at her brother’s place she began to feel anxious. It was as if some inner part of her mind knew she was going to see the dog’s cock again and it excited her.

When she first went into the house, a feeling of extreme nervousness swept through her. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do, but she knew she wasn’t there just to feed the dog. She also wasn’t sure it was anything she really wanted to or should be doing. But again, that inner part of her mind wouldn’t let her leave. She gave him fresh water, added some dry food to what was already in his dish, then went into the living room to sit down.

She’d decided trying to get another look at his cock was simply too depraved a thing for her to do and tried to push all thoughts about it from her mind. When he finished eating, Casey came in and sat at her feet, waiting to be petted. She reached down and began to smooth his fur with her hand, pausing occasionally to scratch his neck or behind his ears. Then Casey laid down and rolled on his back for a belly rub. Getting down on her knees, she moved her hands back and forth across his abdomen, giving him what he wanted.

The problem was, as she did this her eyes were drawn once again to his cock. As it had earlier, the tip slowly emerged from its furry encasement and, also as it had earlier, it had an strange erotic effect on Tina. While one hand continued to rub the dog’s belly the other reached out and began caressing his dick.

Unlike this afternoon, there was no timidity this time. Her hand purposely gripped the sheath and began stroking, her thumb flicking back and forth across the exposed tip. She could feel it expanding in her hand as he became erect. Slowly she began squeezing and releasing the odd shaped penis as if she were milking it and in a way she was; some clear fluid came out and ran down onto her hand.

She released her hold on his cock and looked at her hand as she rubbed her thumb curiously through the viscous fluid on her fingers. Then she noticed Casey, still on his back, had raised his head up, watching her. She held her hand out to him to show what she had. The dog sniffed it, then surprised her by licking her fingers. The feel of his tongue on her fingers excited her, reminding her of the videos she’d watched on line. Now her mind was made up, she wanted to feel his tongue elsewhere, to live out the scenes she’d seen on her computer screen.

Nervously, she stood up and began walking towards the bathroom, snapping her fingers and calling the dog to follow her. Once they were both in the bathroom, she closed the door and removed her jeans and underwear. Kneeling alongside Casey she reached under and gripped his cock again and resumed stroking it. She continued until some more of the clear thick fluid began seeping out of the end. Wiping some up with her fingers, Tina stood up, waved her pre-cum saturated fingers under Casey’s nose and went over to the toilet and, after putting down the seat lid, sat down. Spreading her legs wide, she wiped the dog’s fluid onto her cunt lips.

The dog followed and, after quickly sniffing her wet flesh, began licking. With the first stroke of his tongue along her pussy, she felt her abdominal and ass muscles tighten as she moaned softly. Casey started lapping at her rapidly, the strong tongue forcing its way between her gapped pussy lips. Tina slumped against the cool porcelain tank, her head thrown back, and her hands covering her face. The dog’s oral assault was unlike anything she’d ever experienced before.

As the rough texture of his tongue delightfully irritated the soft sensitive inner flesh of her pussy and tortured her clitoris, she had an excitedly quirky feeling in her belly, almost like her insides were slithering around signaling the approach of a major orgasm. The more aroused she became it seemed the faster and harder Casey lapped at her cunt sending shivering waves of ecstasy through her. Within moments she was engulfed in a massive orgasm. As she began to cum, the dog seemed to become almost desperate as if his life depended on getting as much of her secretions as he could.

Tina sobbed out loudly, gasping for breath, helpless in the grip of her sexual release, her body trembling, its various parts twitching and jerking uncontrollably. Her brain was registering nothing beyond this mind numbing wave of carnal pleasure. Several times Casey had raised his muzzle from her crotch and looked about excitedly before returning to his pleasurable task, but Tina barely noticed these little respites in his attention until he tried climbing up on her. Looking down, she saw his cock sticking out and knew what he wanted next. Remembering her blonde look-a-like in the video, she knew she wanted it, too.

Gently pushing the dog aside, she got up and walked over to the shaggy rug in front of the bath tub and knelt down. The dog was behind her in a flash as she bent over on all fours. Then she felt his weight as he quickly mounted her, his hips thrusting rapidly, his forepaws wrapping around her waist. The problem was he wasn’t very accurate with his lunging. His cock seemed to be hitting her everywhere but where it counted. Frustrated she reached back between her thighs with one hand to guide him into her pussy, but he was thrusting too fast for her to get a grip.

She began moving the distance between her knees in and out, trying to adjust the height of her hips in an attempt to line their genitals up. Finally she felt his prick slip between her cunt lips. That alone sent a physical thrill through her body as she thought to herself that she was actually doing this. Once the head went in, Casey moved forward and thrust the bulk of it into her.

The cock itself moving rapidly inside her was thrilling enough in its own right, but the thought of her doing something as depraved and taboo as this made it doubly exciting. Then she felt the knot trying to force its way into her. A few hard thrusts and it penetrated, stretching her cunt lips briefly causing a strange erotic pain as it did. Once inside, the dog stopped humping as his paws gripped her tightly, holding his hips tight against her. Feeling his organ swelling, Tina began to orgasm again. She could feel a strange sensation deep inside her and she knew the dog was cumming. Leaning farther forward, she rested her cheek on the rug and began savoring every moment of all this.

She thought of the blonde in the video and felt a strange psychic bond with her. It almost seemed as if they knew each other. We’re sisters now, she thought to herself happily. You and I, we’ve done something few women have ever done, a lot may have thought of it but we did it. We’ve both been knotted by a dog. Anybody may call us disgusting or perverted, but we know what they’re missing. Who cares what others think, this is our business, yours and mine my beautiful sister. If it weren’t for you and that video, I’d never be doing this, thank you, thank you so much.

As she and the dog were coupled together she felt her orgasm increasing in intensity as Casey continued to flood her reproductive system with cum. She could feel the warm liquid trickling down her thighs and her belly. Though largely motionless, every once in a while Casey would give another hard thrust, almost as if he wanted to go in deeper. There was a strange feeling as the head of his cock pressed against her cervix. It was all overwhelming and confusing; a mixture of pleasure with pain, ecstasy with fear, uncertainty with satisfaction.

Her orgasm lasted as long as the dog was in her and cumming and she now realized that’s one of the things that made canine sex special. Casey didn’t cum in a couple of quick spurts, he came over a period of minutes and was in no hurry to pull out. It was a mutual orgasm taken to the extreme. The only drawback was she wanted to kiss someone, to feel someone caressing her body softly and gently as she orgasmed and to be able to return the loving strokes.

Again, her mind returned to the blonde. She imagined what it would be like to be with her, to take turns being fucked by some large insatiable hound, each comforting the other, providing the missing human touch. She imagined she could taste Blondie’s tongue, feel her nose against her cheek, and her hair in her face as they kissed passionately while the dog screwed them. These fantasy thoughts intensified her almost crippling orgasm. She knelt there helpless, fingers and toes curled under, teeth clinched, tears oozing out of her closed eyes, breathing in short shallow panting breaths, feeling the muscles of her stomach, ass, and thighs tightening and releasing rhythmically. It was almost as if her vagina was trying to squeeze every drop of cum from Casey’s cock.

Then she felt Casey give a strange shimmy, sending a sensuous vibration through her followed by the delectable pain as his knot slipped out past her stretched pussy lips. It was over. As cock slid out, she felt the warmth of his cum as it dribbled down her thighs. Too spent to move, she stayed in her position trying to catch her breath. Then she felt Casey’s tongue as he began licking her again. It was the perfect way to end their little tryst, prolonging her feelings of ecstasy a little longer.

Finally, as Casey walked away, she knew it was over. It was just as well, she didn’t know if she could have survived any more of it without having a heart attack. She flopped over on her side and lay there for a few moments resting. Casey came over and she reached up lazily and began to pet him. He leaned down and began to lick her face. It didn’t matter to her that this same tongue had been just licking her cum smeared pussy, she took it as a sign of affection, that the dog considered her a good fuck and that pleased her, since she’d considered him a great fuck.

Eventually she got weakly up on her feet and let him out of the bathroom. Slipping into her slacks, she went out and let him go out into the yard while she took a quick shower and cleaned up the bathroom. When she finished she let him back in and then left for home. Thinking about what she had as she drove alone, she became aroused once more, but this time wanted human contact. She wished she was going to meet Blondie, who she now thought of as a close friend.

She thought of the woman’s pretty face, her nice shapely build, and her lovely countenance. Damn it, Blondie, she thought to herself, why can’t you be real? Why can’t we share this experience? I owe you so much for awakening my interest in this and I can’t repay you. I love you, my sister, but you’ll never get to know how grateful I am. Since Blondie was unavailable, she decided her husband would have to do.

She met him at the door that night when he returned home, literally throwing herself into his arms. She kissed him hungrily, greedily, as she ground herself against him, feeling his now erect penis though the material of his clothing as it pressed against her lower belly. She half dragged him into the bedroom, quickly disrobing. Once she was naked, she helped him finish undressing, then laid down on the bed, knees bent and spread wide, anxious with anticipation. When he climbed on top of her she guided his throbbing cock to her waiting cunt lips, sobbing out loudly as she felt his stiff prick force its way into her. Gyrating wildly as he began thrusting in and out of her, her hands continuously roamed over his body, stroking and caressing every part of him she could reach.

Her mouth kissed, licked, and nibbled through the whole thing, making for what was lacking in her earlier sexual experience with Casey. Finally, when she felt his cock spurting a load of cum into her, she relaxed, happily satisfied as they cuddled together.

The dog fucking her had been the wildest physical sensation of her life, but her husband had provided something Casey never could, that precious touch of human affection. She thought to herself it was a shame the two couldn’t be combined somehow. She thought of the Greek god Pan, half goat and half human, and decided the Greeks had been onto something there.

Her husband never questioned why when he’d come home his wife had turned somehow into madly affectionate sexual wildcat, who had come as close it outright raping him as a female can. All he knew was he was grateful for it and it was repeated every once in a while but he never noticed it only happened when her brother was out of town and Tina went over to take care of his dog.