Two encounters of Christen and her rich cousin

I had a lunch date with my cousin Christen. Well, I almost
forgot the meeting – sure, I had written it down, but it seemed so
inconclusive with the large events that now occupied my head. So when
I finally arrived downtown at Sherlock Holmes, I was out of breath and
worried that I had missed her. I was almost thirty minutes late! But
as soon as I turned the corner into the restaurant, I saw her sitting
there. When I came up she stood and gave me a hug and a kiss on the

I wondered what was up – she had never hugged me except on
Christmas. Also, she looked stunning, dressed in a black skirt and
blouse, with her shapely legs encased in black nylons and black high
heels. Her sandy blond hair and pale skin was highlighted with the
black clothing, and she radiated. Her face was what caught my
attention right away – she was usually the same joking, laughing
cousin that was always teasing me, but instead of that, she now looked
serene and a little nervous.

I was about to ask her what was wrong, and to apologize for
being late, when the waiter came over and took my order. I hadn’t
looked at the menu, but already knew what I wanted. Thankfully, he
left seconds latter.

Chris spoke for the first time, flashing me her smile and
asking about my day. I noticed her hands kept clenching and
unclenching as we spoke about boring everyday matters. Only when she
saw that I noticed did she stop her nervous movements with her hands
with an embarrassed look upon her face. The meal came, both of ours,
as did her drink. I noticed she gulped down the tall glass of alcohol
very quickly.

The talk dwindled away into embarrassing silence as we ate.
It gave me time to wonder what the hell was going on. This was not
the cousin I had known all my life. Then I came upon a hypothesis and
figured she was in trouble and needed money. It was, after all, my
money that everyone seemed to act weird about. Finally the lunch was
finished and the excellent waiter came over and whisked off our dirty
plates, then returned to ask about desert, neither of us choosing to
have any. But I did order some tea to finish off with.

I spoke up first. “Is everything okay, Chris?” I was
genuinely worried, and would help any way I could. She seemed to need
an incentive to begin talking, and if I didn’t speak up, perhaps she
wouldn’t even begin.

After a huge intake of breath she asked, “Are you attracted
to me?” Of course I was attracted to her – she was in many of my
fantasies. I nodded, unsure of what exactly she meant. “I have a
proposal for you…” She paused, and I saw one of her hands that held
her water glass quivering. “I would like to be your mistress!” She
stared at the table top, and was unable to see my reaction. She
quickly followed up with, “But if you don’t want to I would

The fact that Christen was bitten by the bug too was
overwhelming. att the party the other night she had acted like
nothing was different, and now this. I knew she had to have planned
this since she asked me to lunch. I realized I had to say something,
“Are you still going out with that fireman…?” I was unable to
remember his name.

Without looking up she said, “Yes, but I would give him up
in a second if you asked me too.”

Again, silence!

“What brought this on?” I was trying to act calm, but was
sure everyone in the restaurant noticed that my attractive cousin had
just proposed an illicit affair with me.

She swallowed then spoke. “I just want to be taken care of,
not having to worry about anything. And when I learned you had won
the lottery, I wondered if I could give you something in return for an
easy life.”

I was about to interject and say she need not give me
anything, but I caught myself. Was I crazy? Here was a beautiful
woman whom I often thought about, proposing herself to me, all so she
could live a easier life. Hell, even if I spent a hundred thousand in
the next year making her happy, it would have been worth it.

“Uh, what exactly did you have in mind?” I didn’t want to
misunderstand anything. I wanted to be very clear on what was being
said here. I didn’t what to get excited about the proposal for

For the first time since she had asked to be my mistress,
she looked up into my eyes. “I want to be your mistress!” She paused
but since I didn’t say anything, she continued, “I will do anything
you ask. I will never say no to you. I will make you happy. If that
means talking to you, or giving massages, or fucking you, I will do

It was my turn to be nervous, I could feel the blood rushing
to my cheeks. Also to my cock! I wanted her very badly at that

“I reserved a room over in the MacDonald Hotel, and if you
want to, I will show you how much I’m willing to do for you! No
strings attached – if you don’t want a mistress I’ll understand.”
Somewhere in the conversation she had turned from a shy, embarrassed
woman to a sexy temptress. And I had missed that moment. I could see
the change in her eye, her hand had stopped quivering and her body
posture had changed. I was now the one nervous.

She paid the lunch bill and stood. I stood also but as a
machine; I felt as if I was in a dream. Just outside the restaurant,
she turned to me and wrapped her arms around my body, stood on her
toes and kissed me, gently and very passionately. For a second I
wondered if I was going to collapse.

Her arm linked into mine, we walked to the hotel, which was
only three blocks away. For the life of me, I can’t remember anything
except the feeling of our arms touching and the lingering taste of her
kiss. The walk went quickly, and she was checking us in at the front
desk. It was a fancy old hotel, and even had an elevator attendant.
There were three other people in the elevator with us, and Chris stood
in front of me. After the doors closed, I felt something rubbing
along the length of my semi-hard-on. With a quick glimpse down I saw
my cousin’s dainty hand touching the outside of my pants. The ride
was only seconds long, but I wondered if I could last until the room
before I shot my first load. It would be very embarrassing if I came
in my pants.

Thankfully, we entered the large suite that she had rented
for the night. It was huge, had a outer room and a bedroom, a large
bathroom with a Jacuzzi. I was a little overwhelmed with everything
all at once and sat down in a large chair, trying to catch my breath.
Chris meanwhile had walked over to the large window facing the river
valley and turned back towards me.

She looked angelic, her frame outlined in the light of the
afternoon. Without a word, she lifted her hands to her neck and began
to undo the buttons of her blouse. Mesmerized and frozen with
excitement, I watched her while she watched me, never taking her eyes
away from mine, as if looking for approval or instructions. She
lifted the bottom of the blouse out of her skirt and pulled it off.
It dropped to the floor at her feet, forgotten. She reached behind
her back and undid the button and zipper that held her skirt. That
also fell to the floor, and she stepped out of it.

I saw she was about to take off her three-inch black high
heels, and mumbled, “No, don’t.”

The reason was she looked magnificent. She was wearing a
black lace bra, very tiny, then stockings and garter belt, both black,
and finally very skimpy bikini panties.

She forgot about her heels and she reached between her
breasts and undid the front clasp of her bra. It also fell to the
floor. She dropped her hands and waited for almost a full minute,
letting me see her breasts. They were small but perfectly formed, a
tiny nipple that was already hard and pointing towards the ceiling at
an angle.

I couldn’t stand the wait any longer, and spoke up. “The
panties…” I needed to see her sex, the thing that had filled my
dreams, her pussy.

With two thumbs she pushed the garment past her hips and
garter belt where it fell to the floor. She stepped out of it. There
it was, her pussy. It was the same yet different than I had pictured,
darker than her hair on her head, but wasn’t long and had been
perfectly trimmed.

“Turn around, Chris.” It was an order. No longer was I
desperate for this woman. I knew I was going to soon have this
beautiful body for my pleasure. More than once!

Slowly, professionally, she turned. I watched her body turn
to profile, saw that she still had a flat stomach, curved back,
jutting buttocks. When her back was turned I was obsessed with her
buttocks. They were gorgeous. Finally, she stood facing me. The
silence was overwhelming. I wanted to reach out and fuck this woman.
I needed to.

She took very slow step towards me, one foot in front of the
other. It was the sexiest walk I had ever seen. She flowed
effortlessly until she stood over me. I was about to stand up, but
paused when she drifted down to her knees before me. She didn’t take
her eyes off me as she unzipped my pants, then reached in and pulled
out my cock. It was, of course, hard and throbbing. I realized what
she was doing; she knew I was extremely excited and was going to
finish me quickly so we could enjoy more of each other’s body.

Christen, my cousin, bent forward and took the first inch
and a half of my cock. Her eyes closed as she began to work upon my
sexual organ. The base of my penis was wrapped in her small warm
hand, rhythmically squeezing it in time to the bouncing of her head.
She was great! I could see her cheeks were sucking in very hard; the
head of my cock felt like it was in a vice. Time went way too fast,
and I began to shoot my load only seconds after she had first
encircled my cock with her lips. I was also pleased when she didn’t
lift her head but forced her face as far down as she could while my
cock spurted cum down her throat.

Chris wasn’t finished yet!

Though my cock had already cum, she didn’t take her mouth
off me. Instead she sucked gently, while tongue-lashing the sensitive
head of my prick. It had a calming effect upon me; I was still
quivering with excitement from my orgasm and her expert lips soothed
my nerves, but soon, they also began to excite me again. Not to say I
had an instant hard-on, hell no, but I felt the stirrings down there.

She sat back on her heels and smiled at me. That look told
me a lot; for instance, Christen was very happy, happy to be here with
me, happy that I was happy, and also I saw that she loved sucking my
cock and wanted more very soon. I knew I was the master and she the
slave. The position she was in and the way I was sitting in the chair
reminded me of a painting of a Roman with naked concubines around his
feet. A rush of power ran through my body; I was a whole lot more
secure in my outlook on the situation. Openly I looked upon her body,
which she proudly display. The nipples were small and rock hard, her
body lithe and muscular. Without her even touching me I began to
again rise!

Chris stood and took my hand. The both of us went into the
bedroom where she began to undress me. She was rushing and trying to
go slow at the same time, and she accidently pinched my skin a few
times. I watched her hurriedly strip off my clothes until I stood
naked at the foot of the bed, my clothing in a heap around me. She
stood before me, waiting, in a posture of passive compliance.

Gently I placed my hands on her hips, and bent forwards to
kiss her moist lips. Her eyes closed and she moaned into my mouth as
I slid my tongue into her. I was conscious that her mouth had only
recently swallowed a large amount of my sperm, but I didn’t care. I
felt her arms encircle me and one of her hands cup my buttock. Her
nipples were poking into my chest, they were so hard; I felt a urge to
suck them but forced myself to wait. Our lips smashed together while
my tongue explored her mouth. I had to let out a moan that signified
my enjoyment of the moment. God damn, what an afternoon!

I pulled from her grasp and left her standing there watching
me with wide yearning eyes. I fell onto the large bed and positioned
myself in the centre, spread eagle. I knew what I wanted and didn’t
even have to tell her what that was. Christen clinbed onto the bed,
her heels still on. She crawled up my body, positioning her knees on
either side of my hips, both her hands balanced upon my chest.
Perhaps instinct, or luck, maybe just experience, but she wiggled that
round bottom of hers and the next thing I realized was her vagina
sinking down around my cock.

God, it was tight, and very wet. The liquid should have
made the going a little easier, but it didn’t – I had never dreamed
her sex was this small. It was more than a pleasant surprise. When
she grounded my sex inside hers, our pelvises touching, that was when
she let out a very loud and emotional groan of pleasure. Her body was
taut, eyes closed, back arched, nails ripping skin, but I loved every

I was looking upon my cousin, a woman who was very
attractive and sexy and who had asked to be my mistress. At that
moment, I knew she had won her case. I didn’t care if she had the bug
– if she could make me this happy then any amount was worth it. I was
in love with fucking her. Nothing else mattered!

Time lost all meaning. She was bouncing rapidly up and
down, her hair flying in every direction. Small beads of sweat were
appearing on her smooth skin and forehead. I watched as a spectator
my cousin working herself up to orgasm. She became an animal, her
passions forcing her motions. She was begging to cum, her words
desperate and pleading. My name was called constantly. I loved every

I felt the ripples of her vaginal wall quiver in delight as
her cunt spasmed, then the ripples seemed to spread outwards into
every muscle in her body. She lost all grip of her faculties and fell
upon my chest trying to catch her breath and control her muscles. I
left her laying over me, enjoying the moisture of her sweat and sex
between us.

My cock was still hard and wanted to fuck more. I rolled
her over onto her back. I could see her face – she looked asleep,
with a small smile of contentment of her lips. I bent over and took a
small nipple into my mouth and tasted her perfume, sweat and skin. I
needed more, wanted to fuck this passionate woman until she lost all
control and begged me to fuck her still more. I had heard her beg
once, but only once wasn’t enough.

I positioned myself on my knees and hands, then began to
earnestly hammer into her wet, tight pussy. My lips found hers and I
forced my tongue into her mouth. I wanted her to leave this hotel
room with her cunt filled with my cum. Then I would know she was

I felt her smooth silk-covered legs slowly slide along my
hairy legs and along the back of my buttocks. I could feel the cold
high heels between my thighs where she had locked her ankles.
Christen began to buck her hips upwards, meeting my thrusts. Both her
hands came up and pulled my face down to hers; our lips met again and
this time she passionately kissed me. The whole bed was shaking with
the power of our passion.

It was certainly the best and most fulfilling sexual
encounter I had ever had. Those few seconds before I came was like I
was having an out-of-body experience. I felt ethereal. When her
vagina again began the now-familiar rippling, it caused me to cum.
Wow! It was like every energy cell in my body flowed out the head of
my dick. I collapsed onto her small frame, her arms and legs still
encasing me as we both collapsed, physically, from the pleasure each
had received.

Chapter II

Another time, when Chris and I went out to eat at a nice
restaurant, there was a pretty waitress serving us, late twenties,
voluptuous, and very friendly. It wasn’t unusual when Chris asked me
about the woman, in this case regarding her large round breasts.

“The waitress has pretty boobs!” She bent forward to
whisper across the table, “Did you see, her nipples are hard!”
Christen returned to her seat. “Do you think I would look better with
bigger breasts?” I was only half-listening to her, and realized the
waitress had appeared to notice me, her demeanor and body posture
changing after she got over here. In fact, she seemed to try and
catch my eye.

It wasn’t unusual for Chris and I to play little games – we
often pushed them to the limit. So when I told Chris I wanted her to
flirt with the waitress, she agreed. Perhaps too readily. Next time
the woman came to take our order, I watched her reaction as my cousin
blatantly careseds the woman with her eyes.

Then she asked her, “Did anyone every tell you that you are
very pretty?”

The woman was stunned for a few seconds, looking to me to
perhaps stop my supper companion, but I just watched on.

“Ugh, no.” She finished taking my order and asked Chris
what she wanted.

I saw that Chris was staring at the woman’s nipples, which were
indeed hard and pointing through her shirt. The waitress was visibly
nervous and tried to hide her chest with her note pad, unsuccessfully.
After telling her what she wanted for supper, Chris said, “I would
like you to be my dessert.” Even that statement surprised me. The
waitress froze. “Would you like to meet us” – I noticed the “us” part
– “…later? My friend could watch as I lick every inch of your

The waitress looked at me for confirmation, but I just
smiled at her. She mumbled something about, “supper in a few
moments”, then disappeared into the kitchen. For some reason, neither
of us brought up the last few minutess. Instead, we talked as we
usually do. When our meals were finished, the waitress finally came
from the kitchen, her hands full. She ignored Chris and just looked
at me.

I spoke up as she turned to leave. “Oh, miss?” She turned
back to me. “My friend was serious. I would enjoy very much watching
you make love with her. Have you ever had sex with another woman

Hoarsely she answered, “No.” Out of the corner of my eye, I
saw that Chris looked suddenly nervous at my remark, as if surprised
that I asked the question. Perhaps she thought this was all a game.
She already knew that I wanted to have sex with two women – it was a
fantasy of mine. The reality had just sunk in for her, while I
wondered at her own actions, as she was too enthusiastic about this
little game. Did she wonder what it would be like to have sex with
another woman? I wanted to find out.

The waitress was ready to escape again, but I spoke up.
“I’m sorry if we’re embarrassing you.” I meant it. “But if you have
sex with my girlfriend I’ll give you three months’ wages. No
questions.” Both sets of eyes got bigger. I smiled at Chris, knowing
that this was the moment where she showed her true colours. Even if
the pretty waitress doesn’t accept I will have learnt something about
my mistress.

The working girl mumbled something about getting the check
then left quickly, her face flushed. That was when Chris turned on
me. “What are you doing? I thought you just wanted me to flirt with
her. What happens if she agrees?” I shrugged and smiled. “Oh, God.
Here she comes.”

Indeed, the waitress was coming over to the table, the bill
in her hand. She looked nervous as before, but somehow resigned. She
whispered to me across the table, ignoring Chris. “I’ll do it. Four
months wages?” I nodded yes, then I told her to meet us at the hotel
a few blocks away in an hour. She left us.

Chris was silent. What could be said? She could have said
no; in fact, after her outburst I thought she might, that she was only
a flirt after all. I let her mull over what she was about to undergo,
and left her to her thoughts.

After supper I paid the bill and left with Chris on my arm.
Silently she clung to me, as if I were protecting her. The walk went
quickly and I checked us into a room, telling the front desk I was
expecting a visitor. They assured me she’d be sent up post-haste.

In our room, Chris sat by the large window, nervously
wringing her hands while I ate some complimentary fruit. A knock on
the door was heard not long afterwards – it was our waitress. I
realized I didn’t even know her name, but a part of me enjoyed that
little fact. I felt my mistress stand up from her seat by the window.
The tension was filling the room as the woman walked past me into the
large expensive suite.

“Chris?” She seemed startled when I spoke, and jumped
slightly. She gazed at me for a second then took two steps to the
voluptuous waitress who waited in the centre of the room. Chris
pulled off the woman’s purse and jeans jacket, letting them fall to
the floor. I sat upon the large couch and drank my ginger ale as my
mistress held the woman’s head and they kissed gently for the first

All was silent in the room except for the breathing of the
two females. The kiss lasted a long time, with Chris taking the
initiative, kissing ever-so-gently upon the woman’s full, gently
pursed lips. Both had their eyes closed and mouths slightly open and
puckered. I saw a tongue spear fast and soft against the other’s
lips, but didn’t know who it belonged to. The waitress brought her
hands up to my cousin’s silk blouse and felt her breasts through the
soft material. She was kneading them as I would have, paying extra
attention to the hard little nipples. Chris groaned her pleasure
directly into the other’s open mouth and dropped her hands from the
woman’s face. She cupped the wide attractive buttocks encased in the
tight denim. The kissing was becoming harder and more passionate, not
just the soft seductive kisses that they started with.

At that point I wondered who was being the aggressor, the
one taking on the dominant role. But I couldn’t figure it out – Chris
had started the encounter, but the waitress had fondled first.

Both were openly groaning deep down in their throats, their
bodies beginning to writhe. The waitress was fumbling with the
buttons on my cousin’s blouse and my cousin was trying to get the
jeans undone. Both were having a hard time of it. The blouse hit the
ground first, baring my mistress’s bare chest. The woman pulled away
from the passionate kiss and looked upon the gorgeous bosoms of my
cousin. That gave Chris the few seconds she needed to undo the tight
button and zipper of the jeans. Chris began pushing the tight denim
down the curved hips, while the waitress dived head first into her
chest. The waitress hit the nipple open-mouthed and swallowed one
whole. From then on they became incensed.

The waitress spent several long minutes kissing and sucking
passionately at one, then the other, nipple. Her hands, meanwhile,
undid the loose-fitting skirt and let it drop to the floor. Her eyes
showed surprise and pleasure that Chris wasn’t wearing any panties.
The woman’s hands quickly grabbed a shapely buttock, and roughly

During that, Chris forced the jeans to the woman’s sneaker-
covered feet, and then began to practically rip the tee-shirt off her
body. Soon the bra followed. I never saw her like this; desperate,
going fast as though if she blinked the moment would be gone. Always
with me, she was seductive, passionate yes, but never desperate. The
woman was bent over sucking on her nipples, so her large breasts were
hanging down. Chris heaved one in each hand, testing the weight and
feel of the new toy.

Some unspoken signal must have been communicated, since both
stopped their frantic fondling and stood up and looked upon each
other. At that point they laughed and realized their situation. They
were standing in the outer room of our suite partially- dressed, their
clothes in a tangle on their bodies, especially the waitress’s. Chris
kicked off her high heels and stepped out of her skirt that was
bunched about her ankles, while the waitress slid off her sneakers and
then bent down to pull off her jeans and socks. When both were
finished, they again kissed and walked into the open door leading to
the bedroom.

It was as if I weren’t here, that I didn’t exist. That
wasn’t unpleasant at all – it only made me feel funny. Also it seemed
a little kinky, as if I were watching my mistress cheat on me with
another woman. The last ten minutes had been very enjoyable – hell,
the hard-on in my pants was testimony to that. I could also feel my
heart beating hard and fast, and it seemed to vibrate my entire body.
Was I weird, watching my mistress have sex with another woman? I
thought I was, just a little. But, fuck it, I was enjoying it!

I refreshed my drink from the small bar, then stood by the
window and watched the city far below. I could hear the sounds of the
women. The noise was a detector to their excitement. They were
getting louder with the minutes and the sounds were full of
excitement, passion, and pleasure. One set of noises was familiar –
Chris’s love calls. But it seemed to have a certain something that I
hadn’t heard before – perhaps it was the newness of a female partner.
Though I enjoyed watching the two of them, I realized in the future I
would have to join in. The visual pleasure was certainly enjoyable,
but the next step would be possessing two girls.

The noise brought me out of my distant state. It was
getting louder, and I could feel the explosion of pleasure soon
approaching from their sounds. I walked over to the open door to the
bedroom and leaned on the door frame while drinking. The girls had
closed the venetian blinds before jumping into bed, but the bright
daylight outside was coming through the gaps in the shade, causing
erotic lines to be drawn over the bed and the bodies. It also gave me
light enough to see clearly.

The first thing I noticed was there was only soft female
skin, shiny with sweat and goosebumps. Yet it took a few seconds to
get my bearings, and I realized that Chris was on top and they were
facing each other. I could see my mistress’s buttocks clench and
grind as she rubbed herself into the other’s crotch. The waitress had
her heels dug into the bed, humping upwards, her hands clawing at the
familiar backside of Christen ,leaving long red trails. Their faces
were a mask to their pleasure. I could see the woman’s face over the
shoulder of Chris; it was clenched tightly closed, with the mouth open
in a silent scream, while the back of my cousin’s head was moving over
the large chest of her new friend. They were fucking like a
male/female couple, except their sexes were pressed together, using
the friction upon their clitorises as a stimulus. I knew that a
clitoral orgasm could be, and usually is, better for a woman than a
vaginal orgasm.

By their movements I could tell that an orgasm was not long
in coming. The pace was speeding up, the movements frantic, muscles
rippling with pleasure and fatigue. Chris left the bosom and forced
her face into the hollow of the woman’s throat, then she screamed
loudly and passionately. A second later, the waitress let out a howl
of animal pleasure as she began to cum. Her heels left the bed and
wrapped themselves around my cousin, encasing her. Both froze in that
position for almost ten seconds, and only the sounds of their pleasure
could be heard. Then I saw Chris relax her whole body and collapse
over her new friend and lover, while her muscles involuntarily
shivered. The other woman wasn’t far behind.

I turned from that delightful sight, realizing the smell of
the women’s musk had filled the room. I left the glass and grabbed my
coat, silently closing the door behind me. Chris would take her usual
half hour to recuperate fully from an orgasm, and I wanted to leave
her alone with her new-found pleasure. A part of me wanted to stay
and jump into bed with them. But I knew if I gave her time to sort
out a few things, she would be more than willing to repeat the
performance. I left several large bills for the waitress on her
jeans, then left.

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