Dirty Cheating

There are things one does in life that can make you
feel like a bastard. Things that you either did or could
have prevented that could have made someone’s life better.

Sometimes, it’s both…

I considered my college life to be quite good. As a
student, I had little trouble gaining good grades. And as
a student, I had plenty of chances to party and go
completely wild. And I had a girlfriend. A very pretty
girlfriend that I loved to fuck in my dorm room and think
about how her parents though she was getting along. If
only they could see her cunt filled with my cock, I used
to think.

I was pretty happy with one girl. And also happy with
the group of friends I had gathered together in my three
years of academic life. But how was I to know that someone
would come along and screw that all up?

Her name was Huni, and if you’re wondering, it is
pronounced like the sweet syrup you put on biscuits and
such. She was Chinese, and probably the most achingly
beautiful woman I had ever seen in my life. I first
encountered her in a winter class along with one of my
best friends in college, David. When she walked into the
room, we both turned to each other with a complete look of

Of course, I had my girlfriend, so I contained most
of my burning lustful intentions deep within my thoughts.
But David was single, and the look in his eyes carried a
sense of far more than the boiling lust most men felt at
the sight of her. Perhaps I’m not as romantic as he was,
or at least wasn’t then, but I swear he fell in love at
first sight.

Together, we managed to weasel our way into the same
group as Huni when project time came around. Sitting up
close to her only added to her enchantments. Her long
flowing black hair streamed down her back and sides. Her
perfectly white teeth smiled gleefully and innocently. Her
dress was conservative, but her body just seemed to be
bursting to display itself in all its firm, curvaceous
glory. She was pencil thin at the waist. So thin, I was
certain my fingers could touch if I wrapped my hands
around it. She must have had some magical formula for
channeling her extra weight into her breasts. They were so
full, so round, beneath her tops and jackets.

Being winter, the rest of her was left too
imagination. The cold classrooms didn’t much suit skimpy
outfits or high-cut miniskirts. But as we learned more
about Huni, we doubted she would wear such outfits anyway.
She had recently moved from China, though she had lived in
the U.S. until she was about thirteen. Her father had
wanted his family to experience traditional Chinese roots,
but felt her best opportunity lay in America. So when
college came around, she spent only two years in her
native land before blessing our shores with her fully
developed beauty.

The time in China had fulfilled its purpose. Huni was
a very conservative girl, and blushed an endearing shade
of crimson when even the slightest sexual innuendo was
made. We knew she would pass out if we ever asked her if
she was a virgin, but we didn’t need to ask. She was, and
planned on remaining that way until her eventual marriage.

Ahh, marriage. I think poor David saw wedding bells
attached to those magnificent breasts. I laughed when I
realized he was always the first to meet her when the
group got together, and the last to leave when we
dispersed. I had no idea what they talked about in these
times alone, but I had to do my best to stifle my jealousy
and not try to sneak in on the action. After all, I had a
girlfriend. And a very pretty girlfriend at that.

Have you ever seen an expression of true joy on the
face of someone? Have you ever seen the ultimate, soul-
lifting exclamation of happiness from a friend’s lips?
David asked Huni out on a date. She said yes. I gotta tell
you I was a bit jealous. I found myself spending less and
less time at the group meetings. Not because I didn’t want
to work, but because I could barely keep my dick in my
pants. I could reason the lust from my body, but the
length and vigor of time it took increased with each
meeting. I was doing so well, and then I saw her in “the

The library was warmer than the classrooms, and we
decided one evening to meet there. The extra temperature
allowed Huni to remove her jacket. She was wearing the
tightest, whitest, most body-contouring top I had ever
seen. It looked like she bought the right size, and then
had it shrink while she was still wearing it. The sleeves
barely came past her shoulders. The buttons seemed like
they were carving out red marks in her skin. But the
killer, the sight that drove me absolutely crazy, was the
sight of her obscured, but quite visible bra.

I could see her bra! Right through that tight white
top! I could see the different reflection of light on the
satin underneath, and the shape of the lace in the straps.
I could see the sewn point that most be pressing directly
against her nipples. And I could see a faint pattern in
the fabric, a faint rose-petal pattern that seemed to
encompass both innocence and pure sexuality.

I had to excuse myself. I had to pretend to go to the
bathroom, duck into an unused room, and restrain myself
from masturbating. I couldn’t believe what ws going on. I
had a girlfriend, Damn it! And a very pretty girlfriend,
mind you!

But this girl was unbelievable! She spoke with a
slight, captivating accent. She hid her face and laughter
behind embarrassed hands but sprung right up to add a joke
of her own. She stretched these long, magical stretches
that threatened to pull that top out of her pants.

And she was a virgin. She was a good, conservative
girl whose full lips had probably never pressed against a
man. She was the purest flower, the most dainty of

So, as I said, I limited my contact with her after
that. With most women, the time you spend with them builds
up your desire to hump them like some kind of rising power
meter. But once you leave their company, the meter falls
back to zero. Not with Huni. The meter kept rising. It
kept rising even when I wasn’t with her, but fortunately
at much slower pace. I even had trouble looking at other
Chinese women. They all made me think of her, though not a
one was even half her beauty.

Spring came, and the semester was over. David and
Huni had been dating for awhile, and I can sadly say they
were boyfriend and girlfriend. Sadly for me. I was happy
for David. I did have a very pretty girlfriend, and was
willing to accept that my friend had a heart-poundingly
gorgeous girlfriend.

I managed two weeks away from her. Two weeks where I
didn’t see her with my eyes, but she never left my mind.
The two weeks before Spring classes. When it was over, I
found with her again. W ehad another class together, but
this time, no David.

Huni came strolling into the classroom with a simple,
tight yellow top with white buttons down the middle. But
it was her lower article of clothing that caught my
attention… something I had never seen her in before… a
pair of shorts. They were simple enough. A casual white
pair with a couple of pockets and a belt. It was the sight
of her legs that was so spectacular. Her slender, golden-
skinned smooth legs so perfectly shaped from foot-to-calf-
to thigh-to crotch. They were so perfect, so flawless, I
almost looked like she was wearing nylons the way her
blemish-free flesh glinted in the light. But they were
bare and wonderfully exposed to my eyes.

“Get a load of that bitch!”

Frank’s harshness stunned me. Here was a friend I
knew as long as David, if he could really be called a
friend. I knew him, but considered him more of an asshole.
He was so cocky, arrogant, and condescending. He thought
the world turned when he commanded it, and would stop dead
if he wished it. But as cruel fate all too often has it,
he had the luck to back it up. He wasn’t a great-looking
guy, but he was good. He never lacked in his share of
dates. His father owned a photgraphy studio, which he let
Frank use after hours for his own purposes. I had watched
a number of the best-looking campus woman hop into his car
to have some “nice” photos taken. I wondered how many of
those woman showed more than their flashy smile. I
wondered how many of them did more than just take

I turned to him, not even realizing his reference was
to precious Huni at first. When I saw his eyes fixed upon
her, I turned at him sharply.

“Watch it, that’s my friend’s girlfriend!”

“Dude, she’s fucking hot!”

“Yeah, she’s special.” I couldn’t use his term.
“Fucking hot” was not the phrase that captured her beauty.

Huni broke from her friend, spoke a gleeful “Hello,”
and sat in front of me. This class was going to be

When she turned her body, I could easily see the thin
bra strap so eloquently holding those wonderful breasts.
The width of her shoulders was so narrow, so vulnerable.
Her black hair curled lovingly down her spine as she
brushed it from her shoulders. I could feel my hands on
those shoulders, rubbing her softly as they slowly moved
down to her chest. The image and sensations of fantasy
were so clear in my mind as my thoughts joyously brought
my fingertips into her blouse and onto the smooth cups of
her bra. My ears awakened to invisible hush of pleasure
that slowly sighed from her lips.

“Do you have a pencil I could borrow?” Huni’s
wonderful, smiling face had turned to ask me something.
What it was didn’t matter. To borrow a pencil, to giver
her my wallet, to kill a man. I handed her my pencil
blessing the desk beneath me and it’s ability to conceal
the large bulge in my pants.

Frank seemed just as taken with her. Everyday of
class, I caught him stealing stares of her. He would see
me, and wink as if I was thinking about the exact same
thing: fucking her.

But winks were not enough for a man like Frank. A
man, who had no trouble expressing himself.

“Man, I really want to fuck her.” he just blurted it
out one day. “Just think about that tiny, tight Chinese
cunt sucking on your dick.”

“Frank, come on. Please don’t talk about my friend’s
girlfriend like that.” I probably sounded noble in defense
of a lady’s honor. The truth was, I WANTED to think about
his images! “If anybody gets to make love to her, it will
be David.”

“What? You mean he’s not fucking her already?”

Why’d I have to open my big mouth?

“Dude, that means she’s fair game! That means she
wants somebody else!”

“It’s not like that. She’s a very traditional girl.
She doesn’t want to have sex before marriage.”

“Dude, that’s a crock! She’ll fuck like a whore with
the right guy.”

Poor Frank, he always thought he knew women. He saw
me shaking my head.

“I’ll bet ya.” He said intently.

“Get out of here.”

“I’ll bet you a hundred bucks right now that I can
get her to fuck me.”

“Frank, your full of shit.”

“I’m serious! A hundred bucks!”

“No way, and even if you could, how would you prove

“I’ll videotape it.”

I would like to think my confidence in Huni’s
chastity is what made me accept the bet, and not my the
desire I wouldn’t the recognize. Not the desire to see
Huni’s naked body humping and receiving a man’s penis. I
accepted the bet. If anything did happen, I was
significantly responsible.

Frank made me promise not to get in the way. I had to
go along with everything he said, and not let on to Huni
about his intentions. I asked why I would do that? I
wanted to see him lose. Frank insisted that if I lost the
hundred bucks, it would be worth my while. I have to give
him credit there. He saw the way I looked at her. He saw
how her beauty captivated me and defined my sexual want. I
didn’t know what he meant, but agreed to his terms.

His attack started simply.

“Huni,” he began one afternoon as we strolled out of
class, “I really like that top your wearing. It really
looks good on you.”

“Thank you.” she seemed nervous at the compliment.

“I don’t know if you know this, but I do fashion
photography for my father’s business.”

“I didn’t know that.”

“Anyway, we could really use a model to feature some
tops from a new account he just picked up. Do you think
you would be interested?”

Huni stopped walking. I stayed a few steps behind,
listening, but not saying anything.

Huni seemed adorably embarrassed. I don’t know how
often she received compliments on her looks, but she was
visibly uncomfortable. Yet, she was also smiling, and
seemed quite flattered.

“You want me to model for you?” she finally asked.

“Yeah, it would be great. I’ll bet your really

“I don’t think so…”

“Come on, it would really help us out. Who knows, you
could get famous!”

Huni perked up a bit at that, but wore a look of
suspicion. She seemed to be forming seedy ideas on what
this situation might really mean. Would Frank use it as an
opportunity to make a pass at her? But her innocence or
embarrassment held her back from vocalizing her sexually-
oriented fears.

“We’ll pay you.”

Now she really paid attention. I knew Huni’s
financial situation wasn’t the greatest. She could use any
spare buck she could find.

“How much?” she asked.

“Twenty-five bucks.”

Franks sensed her hesitation, and her interest. He
knew she wanted the money, but was nervous about what she
would be wearing.

“Come on, there simple tops just like you have on
now. No big deal.”

I’m not sure what exact logic Huni was using at the
moment as she weighed the arguments. But as her lips
mouthed “Ok,” I figured the lure of the money for a
relatively simple task was too much. I did believe she was
nervous. But she was too innocent, too naive, to be as
nervous or as concerned as she needed to be. Frank was
going to attempt to seduce her. It was that simple. This
was a set-up for him to attempt to rip off her clothes and
fill her virgin cunt with his cock. I don’t think
exquisitely beautiful Chinese girl was capable of
picturing such raw lust, and I feared that made her

I didn’t know Frank’s exact plan. And, I didn’t know
where Frank was going to get the money to pay her, but the
stage was set.

“No! No! Absolutely not!” The look on David’s face
clearly showed suspicion, outrage, and fear.

“Why not?” Huni’s voice was sweetly unconcerned.

I told them I was going to go get some water. The
three of us were studying in the library when Huni told
her boyfriend of her new modeling gig. I got up, but went
to the next study room. I pressed my ear to the wall, and
listened to the argument.

“Huni, I know Frank. He’s a weasel. He’s just doing
it to get pictures of you.”

“I know. That’s what modeling is for.” Her innocent,
accented Chinese voice. So like a trusting little girl’s.

“Huni, that’s not what I mean.” David explained. “He
wants pictures of you because you’re beautiful, because he
wants to…” He hung stopped. David knew how uncomfortable
Huni was with any kind of sexual discussion. He didn’t
want to say, “masturbate with them.”

Huni continued, “If he thinks I’m beautiful, then it
makes sense. Why would he want to use somebody ugly to
model his tops?”

I couldn’t see David, but I felt his frustration. The
worst part was, he knew, as did I, that Frank’s father was
a genuine photographer. He had a studio and everything.
That made Frank’s story hard to disprove, for David
anyway. I could go in there. I could go in and say to
Huni, “Frank plans to try to fuck you.” But I didn’t.

The evening ended quite sourly. David forbade Huni
from modeling, She grew enraged and stormed off. When I
went back into the room, David seemed desperately worried.
He asked me what he should do. Part of me wanted to tell
him. Part of me wanted to say, “protect your girlfriend
form that shark. He wants to hump her.”

“Let her do it.” is what I said. “It’s just tops.
It’s not worth fighting over.”

“Give me twenty-five bucks.” Frank said to me the
next day before class.

“What for?”

“To pay Huni. I promised her twenty-five bucks.”

“What? Why would I give you the money, you’re the one
trying to fuck her!”

“Because, you will be getting a service in return.”

What did he mean? I was confused by his comment.

“In my dad’s studio, we have a changing room…” He
smiled slyly. “With some `special’ glass for a mirror. We
have a number of attractive ladies come in for pictures. A
number of attractive ladies who have to undress. For
twenty-five bucks, I’ll let you be on the other side of
that mirror.”

My heart was pounding from the moment he said
“undress.” Huni was going to be molding tops. That meant,
she had to take them off! Frank was offering me a chance
to see her, to see her breasts. I surmised she would be
wearing a bra, but so what? I could see Huni, her delicate
shoulders… bare. Her slender arms… bare. Her flat,
smooth stomach… bare. And the curved, wonderful contours
of her full, incredible breasts. Not bare, but snugly held
by a tender, feminine bra that would reveal her cleavage
and much of their shape.

I handed Frank the money.

“One more thing…” he said.


“Can you bring me some of your girlfriend’s tops?”

I hadn’t thought of that. Where was Frank going to
get the clothes for her to model?

“Um, yeah, I guess.” Could I get them out? “I’d have
to take some she doesn’t wear much.”

“That’s fine.” Frank said. “It really doesn’t matter
what she wears, does it? And besides, this isn’t going to
be a one time deal. It’s going to take several `sessions.’
to work her up.”

The bastard was devious, I had to give him that. But
was I any better? Frank couldn’t be doing this without me.
He needed me. I should have felt like a bastard myself.
But I was feeling too hot, too excited to question my
character. I was going to see that sweet, pure, achingly
beautiful Chinese girl unbutton her shirt, and remove it.
I was going to see her breasts bounce firmly in he bra,
and then be covered up again with the buttoning of a new
shirt. I couldn’t wait.

I was already in position when Huni arrived. Frank
had led me behind a wall to a dark corridor that ran
behind the changing room. He brought a flashlight with him
to find the way, explaining that I should never turn on
any light while behind the glass or Huni might be able to
see it. I wasn’t surprised to see a video camera atop a
tripod shooting directly through the glass. “You should
see some of the chicks we’ve got with this thing.” he
said proudly. I didn’t care who he had gotten before, or
who he was getting later. I just wanted Huni.

So I waited, anxiously awaiting the opening of that
door and the entrance of the fair goddess. I fiddled
momentarily with the camera, and felt let down the
viewfinder was black and white. Frank had a bar-type stool
to sit on, so one could see through the glass without

I heard the shutting of a door from the main studio.
It was barely audible, and I couldn’t hear any
conversation. But I guessed she was here! Who else could
it be?

I was caught off guard as the door to the changing
room opened. I immediately recognized Huni’s silhouette.
She was carrying the duffel bag I brought, which
contained the wardrobe I had picked inside. She turned on
the switch.

Oh God, she was in the top! She was in that white,
body hugging top I had seen her in once before! I sprang
out of my chair, moving closer to the glass. Huni set the
duffel bag on the floor, then stepped to the mirror. I
instinctively stepped back, afraid she might see me
somehow. She didn’t. She examined her face, her wonderful
face, as I examined her breasts. Oh yes, I could see the
contour of her bra once again. The shirt made it opaque,
but couldn’t hide it completely. She was wearing a pair of
cut-off jeans shorts with it that seemed to grip her
smooth, dark-skinned legs with affection. Her make-up was
impeccable, with full red lips and perfectly shadowed
eyes. I don’t think she had ever looked more sexy. I
looked again at her chest, thinking to myself, “I’ll see
more of you later.”

Huni stepped out of the room, ready for his first
session. Evidently, Frank was as pleased her current
attire as I and was going to take pictures of her in her
current top. I would have to get some prints of those!
Originally, I had planned to sit by the mirror the entire
time, but I couldn’t be without the sight of her. I
fumbled my way down the corridor, hoping not to make any
noise that would alert her to my presence. I carefully
poked my head around the wall, and watched as Frank
started snapping pictures.

He had her pose simply. She nervously smiled and
followed his suggestions. He took several of her standing
normally, then suggested she lift her hair. I watched in
delight as her hands pulled up the luxurious strands,
raising her breasts as she did, raising her top from her
waist as she did. Frank walked over to her after a few
shots, and rubbed her shoulder. He congratulated her on a
good job so far, and told her to put on another top.

Huni headed for the changing room. I nearly stumbled
as I turned. I had to beat here there! I had to be there
when she unbuttoned that top! Of all else, that top! It
seemed to take an infinity to make my way down the
corridor. I couldn’t live with myself if I made it to the
glass, only to find her buttoning up her new top.

I made it to the glass, and anxiously looked in. Huni
was looking at the mirror, still in the top. Thank God.

I watched her, wondering what she was doing Then I
realized she was re-enacting her poses. She tried her
smiles, testing to see how well her beauty was
functioning. She lifted her hair, turning her head
slightly from side-to-side. I looked at her raised chest,
and felt complete admiration as they lowered back to their
normal position when she lowered her arms.

My breath caught as she brought her hands to the
first button. I remembered I hadn’t started the camera,
but I didn’t care I was standing in front of it anyway. I
couldn’t see this electronically. I couldn’t see this in
black-and-white. I need to see her with my own eyes. I
need to see the glorious color of her Asian skin as her
hands worked down to each button of that top.

One was undone. Two were undone. Three were undone.
The fourth swelled my cock as her unobstructed bra came
into view. I leaned forward against the wall. I need
something to apply pressure to my penis as she worked her
way don. The top opened with angelic triumph. I was
looking at her chest. Her Asian skin was exactly as I had
imagined. Soft. Brown. Creamy. I could see each sculpting
bend of light from her shoulders to her cleavage. The
satiny white cups dutifully covered her breasts, but added
to their beauty. Huni stepped away from the mirror and
towards her bag. My entire body ached to touch her. To
feel her. To continue her undress.

She leaned down to the bag. I bit my lip hard as her
breasts dangled from her leaning upper body. The bra held
them firm, but not motionless. She pulled out a new top,
then removed the one she had on. Every inch of nakedness
was sunning. Her shoulders, her back, her stomach. I
longed to see the inches that were covered… her breasts,
her hips, her cunt.

A knock came at the door. “Are you all right in

Huni turned quickly, and draped the new blouse over
her chest. “I’ll be out in a minute!” she squeaked
nervously. I smiled at the sight. She wouldn’t expose
herself like this willingly. It then dawned on me… even
David hadn’t seen this. Only two people in all the word
had seen Huni in a bra. Herself, and me.

There were three more tops. Three more times she came
in, undressed in front of me, and bounded back out to be
photographed. I taped her. I taped her bare chest each
time she unbuttoned her blouse and unwittingly exposed
herself. I watched her, and occasionally looked at the
viewfinder to make sure she was properly framed. During
the photo taking, I snuck out to watch. I was surprised by
the restraint Frank showed. He touched her, but without
threatening her. He talked to her, but without innuendo.
They made jokes, laughed with each other, and had a
basically normal evening. I didn’t really expect this. I
figured Frank would play his hand right away and drive
Huni out of there in a desperate rush. I started to wonder
if he could succeed.

Frank came to the viewing area after Huni left, eager
to find out what I had seen. I told him simply, “It was
the most beautiful, feminine experience I have ever had.”

“Did you see her tits?”

Frank was a bit more blunt in his appreciation. I
explained to him that she was wearing a bra, which she
never had need to take off.

“Don’t worry, we’ll work on that! And her pussy, too!
I bet you can’t wait to see her cute little Asian cunt!”
The mere thought of it made me weak. I didn’t know what
his plan was, but I knew I was helpless to resist it. I
had no other objective in life. Homework didn’t matter.
Graduation didn’t matter. My current relationship didn’t
matter. All I wanted as to see Huni completely nude. But
worse than that… I wanted to see her getting fucked. I
couldn’t do it, because she was my friend’s girlfriend and
I had my own girlfriend. Even if David could do it, I
wouldn’t get to see it. No, Frank was becoming my only
hope at seeing her squirm and moan with virgin-taking

I guess David called her exactly when he got home
from work. He had wanted to go with her, but his hours
were the same every week, and he couldn’t get the night
off. Frank had asked me about that specifically, and I
gave him the information. Huni was being exposed when she
was most vulnerable, when no one could protect her. Not
David, and not me.

After calling Huni, David called me. I could hear the
grating distrust in his voice. It was steeped in concern
and jealousy. I told him Huni was is girlfriend. That she
could take care of herself. That this was a good
opportunity for her. And that it was over. I knew it
wasn’t over, but it eased his mind. For now, anyway.

Huni was quite buoyant in class the next day. She
eagerly talked to both Frank and I, and thanked Frank for
the opportunity. Repeatedly. She was practically begging,
without asking directly, to do another session. Frank
played it so cool. I wanted to yell out, “Please come back
and bare your chest to me again!” but I bit my tongue.
Class ended, and the three of us headed outside.

Frank now played into her eager hand. “Hey, Huni, do
you think you might have any interest in doing some more

She perked up instantly. “That would be great! I
would really like that. How many more tops do you have?”

“Oh, I don’t have any more tops. I have a line of
skirts I need photos of. Does that sound ok?”

“Sure, that’s fine!”

I instantly knew what was happening. What this meant.
I was going to get to see her in panties! I was going to
get to see her long, slender legs and her wonderfully thin
waist covered by nothing more than a small V-shaped piece
of clothing.

“Here…” Frank said… “Let me get an idea of your
waist.” I couldn’t believe my eyes as Huni stood in place,
and Frank placed his hands on her hips. I knew he couldn’t
get any kind of measurement from her. He was testing her,
testing her trust. Huni didn’t flinch as moved his hands
over her stomach. She giggled as he turned her around, his
eyes squarely on her ass. Then he looked at me, with a
knowing, scheming look. I looked at Huni’s ass, noticing
the trace of a panty line underneath her shorts. Soon,
those shorts wouldn’t be in the way.

Our attention was disrupted by the appearance of
David. I could instantly see the anger that scowled his
face. Frank still had his hands on Huni, but let go as she
saw David approach.

“Hey.” Huni was the only one who addressed him at
first. A flat, meaningless hello.

“Well, see you guys later.” Frank headed off in the
opposite direction from David, no doubt wearing a huge

David took Huni by the arm, and walked her a few feet

“What do you think you’re doing?” he asked her

“What? With Frank? He was measuring me.”

“Measuring you! With his hands? Sounds like he was
sizing you up. Or feeling you up for that matter!”

“Don’t be ridiculous, David. He’s just a friend. I’m
molding for him again.”

“What?!! No, Huni, please no! I don’t want you
hanging around that guy!”

“Why not? He’s really nice!”

“Huni, please. “He took her hands into his. “He only
seems nice. The guy is an asshole.”

“Why are you acting this way? I’m just trying to make
some money.”

“Huni, this guy can’t be trusted. He wants… he…”
David stammered on how to express his fears.

“What? What does he want?” I couldn’t see Huni’s
face, but I imagined her face grew livid with anger at
what he was implying.

“He wants to have sex with you.”

Huni pulled her hands from his and stormed off. David
followed her.

“I can’t believe you would think that! And say that!”
she said.

“Huni! Listen to me!” The two disappeared from view.
I felt sorry for David. he knew the truth, and had no one
to believe him. Huni was so blind to the truth, that I
feared she would become a victim to it. I was the only one
who could solve the situation.

But I had to see her in panties.

David called me later that night. I guess he and Huni
managed to have a calm talk once he found her. He asked me
if I thought he was being ridiculous for suspecting Frank.
I told him a little. After all, Huni wasn’t having sex
with him, so why would she with Frank? She could take care
of herself, I told him, even if Frank was interested in
her sexually.

He had apologized to Huni, but still held his fear.
He told her she was so beautiful, and that other guys had
to think so, too. And that guys wanted to have sex with
her. He nearly got himself in trouble with that when she
asked if he felt that way. David said yes, he did want to
make love to her. But he would wait until she was ready.
Huni assured him nothing was going on. She was doing it
for some extra cash. Still, David was uneasy.

When David had to work next, the second session was
arranged. As expected, of course. Frank would have no part
of David coming to the studio.

I couldn’t believe how entrenched I was becoming in
this. Frank had come to me, asking me to get some of my
girlfriend’s skirts. Or, he suggested, I could buy her
wardrobe specifically. It didn’t have to fir perfectly,
just well enough for the pictures.

What was I doing? Why was I not only giving Frank the
twenty-five dollars to pay Huni but also forking over my
credit card to pay for five skirts? I couldn’t believe it,
but couldn’t resist it. I had complete control over what
she would wear. I wanted to start her off slow. The first
three were similar business-type mini-skirts. The fourth,
and I hoped she would wear this, was black leather. The
fifth, and I really doubted she would wear this, was hot
pink spandex. It would barely cover her crotch. But just
imagining her in it was enough to convince me to chance

Frank seemed please with my selection. “These
pictures will be fucking hot!” he joyously exclaimed.

“Just one condition.” I asked. “Please, please, ask
her to change her top too.”

“Ah, a bra-and-panties man? No problem, my friend. No

I watched the tape of Huni for hours when I was at
home. I played it, re-wound it, and played it again. I
knew I was in trouble. I preferred watching Huni take of
her top and expose her breasts in a bra to calling up my
girlfriend an fucking her. I preferred watching a tape of
this Chinese girl and masturbating to actually having
intercourse with another woman. And I knew it would get
worse. Tomorrow, I would have her in panties.

She came in shorts again, with a simple, blue shirt.
I watched from around the wall as Frank gave her a quick
hug. She didn’t seem to mind it, and he pointed her to the
dressing room. “I have them in order.” he said. “Take the
top one first. And oh, put on that red blouse from the
other day.”

Huni came into the room. I had learned the dark
corridor by now, and had no trouble making it back in
time. Huni stepped over to the table Frank has set up, and
found the stack of skirts. She plucked the first one off
and held it to her waist. She came to the mirror, possibly
just to see how she looked, and possible to see how much
leg it would show. But she was in shorts, so she was
already comfortable showing leg. She went back to the
table, and leafed through the remaining skirts. She froze.
And I knew why.

Huni lifted the hot-pink miniskirt from the pile. She
eyed it against the light, noting how short it was. She
looked around, from nervousness and not from the fear
someone would see her. I could imagine her thoughts. Dare
she put on something so sexy? Her shorts were short, but
this… this was almost slutty.

She stepped over to the glass, and held it to her
waist. Then, without hesitation and catching me completely
by surprise, she dropped her shorts. That quickly, she was
in panties. That quickly, I was seeing her in a thin pair
of small, white panties.

I dropped to my knees. I scooted up to the glass as
she pulled the skirt up her legs. It was still so tight on
her. So tight on that incredibly thin waist. Huni twisted
a few times in the mirror, checking herself out. And then,
oh and then, she placed her hand between her legs. She
felt herself. She was testing the length of the skirt, and
how much room for error she had before she would expose
her pussy. There wasn’t much. She leaned back, and her the
tip of her panties came into view. She bent over as she
watched her reflection, again letting those panties spring
into view.

I realized my tongue was out. I was pressed against
the glass, only a foot or so from her, desperately wanting
to life my tongue up that skirt and feel her underwear
upon it. I wanted to taste her, lick her, stimulate her.
But this damn glass was in the way.

Huni did me another treat and pulled down the skirt.
And then, glory to God, she took off her shirt. I took but
a moment to make sure the camera was till running, that it
was catching the beauty of my life naked, except for that
bra and those panties. She went or the first skirt, and re-
dressed herself. I had to wait a moment before going to
watch. I could barely move…

Frank was stepping up his game. After he shot, he
complimented her on her look, and gave her arm a squeeze.
I was in absolute awe of her. Each pose, each smile, each
position seemed sexier and more beautiful than the last.
Frank snapped pictures at a torrid pace, evidently venting
his frustrations for her through the clicking of his
finger. Before long, Huni was ready for her next change.

I was absolute adrenaline as I stood in that dark
hall, watching the empty mirror. I felt my lust as its own
being inside me, nearly bursting through my skin when Huni
appeared in the dressing room. How casually she unbuttoned
her blouse. How wonderfully she stared blankly at the wall
as her hands exposed more and more of her bra-covered
chest. I could watch that girl undress herself forever.
The simple change from a skirt and top to bra and panties
was alluring, captivating and satisfying. Oh God, the
gentle brush of her hair falling across those round,
tender breasts held so eloquently in those fragile cups.
The ripples that formed in the satin panties as her body
moved. Ohh, the complete, agonizing wonder of seeing her
slip a few fingers under the strap, pulling it off her
body to adjust the press of those panties against her
flesh. Each one of her movements captured sexuality at its
purest. I loved everything she did, and longed for
everything she suggested.

And what sight could be more ultimate, more
essential, than of her thin, Asian, dark-skinned body
leaning over while facing me? Those wonderful, precious
breasts drooping in those lacy cups and forming a long
cleavage wedged between two firm, tear-drop shaped
breasts. And when facing the other way… the taut,
triangular shape of those satin panties suggesting the
round shape of her hips and buttocks. And that tender,
pink, smooth pussy delicately underneath.

Yet each sight made me want more. Each undress was
majesty in itself, but offered the promise of more. In
stages I had seen her legs, her bra through her shirt,
then her bra, and now her panties. Now it was simple. I
had to see her nude. I had to see her breasts, her
nipples, and her cunt. I had to see her ass, and the
wonderful way her nude body jiggle as jostled as she
moved. Frank had already planned this, probably, but now I
knew what had to be done. She could model tops and skirts
no longer. She couldn’t model shorts and she couldn’t
model pants. She had to model bras. And she had to model
panties. Then… then… she would be nude. Was it
possible? Could it happen. Could I see her body, fully and
completely naked?

I hoped it could happen, but feared what I would want
next if it did.

Frank asked Huni out for dinner after the shoot. It
was the least he could do, he said, to repay her for her
help. She was quick to say yes with an innocence and
ignorance that made her all the sweeter. I had almost
forgot his plan. While I was scheming to see her undress,
he was scheming to fuck her. I wanted to see her breasts.
He wanted to suck them. I wanted to see her pussy, he
wanted to fuck it. I was starting to feel jealous. A part
of me wanted to leap out and expose him. But I waited for
Huni to change back to her original clothes. I called him
over, almost frightened.

“Is it.. is it tonight?” I asked. Somehow, I wondered
if he already knew the magic button. The thing to say or
the thing to do that would seduce her.

“No. Not tonight. But soon! Real soon, I’m going to
be ripping that virgin cunt! I can’t wait!”

I watched as Huni came out of the room, and let him
put his arm around her. He led her outside, to his car.
But to me, he was leading her to his bed. One thing in
particular made me feel this way.

Huni was in hot-pink spandex.

I didn’t need to be there to know what happened that
night. Most of it, I could have guessed. But Frank was
happy to fill me in on the specific details. Frank took
her to a restaurant, but ordered carry-out. They went to
the park, where he spread out a blanket and arranged the
food. They sat on the ground, where Huni couldn’t hide the
view up her skirt. She didn’t seem to notice, or at least
mind, that Frank could see between her legs. He praised
her, complimented her. Told her how wonderful she was in
front of the camera. And then really set his trap.

What girl doesn’t want to be beautiful? And what girl
doesn’t want to be recognized as beautiful? Frank told her
of his belief she was destined to be a model. He said the
shots that he had of her so far were incredible, and that
an agent he knew was interested. Huni blushed and glowed
with the news. She easily drank his promises of money and
possible fame. She drank of his praise as easily as she
drank the champagne he had brought. What did she have to
do, she asked. What would it take.

Frank was sly. He was cautious. He cleverly turned
his own wants into those of another. The agent was
interested he said, but wanted some special shots. Some
shots of her in lingerie. Frank told me how her eyes fell,
and how she became a little nervous. He continued to
explain that it was up to her, and that he wouldn’t push
her to do anything she didn’t want to. She might still get
to be a model, it would just be more difficult.

Huni could have resisted if she had some help. If she
had someone to warn her of what was happening. She at
least mustered the comment, “David wouldn’t like that.”
but was countered by Frank with, “Don’t tell him. Once
you’re a success, then I’m sure he’ll love it!” She then
wondered where such pictures would have to be taken, and
how many people would be there. “We can take them at my
place.” Frank said. “Only I will be there.” And the trust
he had built was enough. Huni said yes.

I was in motion again, now to buy lingerie. Frank had
bettered my plan. Instead of bra and panties, I could see
Huni in any outfit I wanted. Outfits taht would require
complete disrobing. Outfits that would bare her body to
me, completely naked an glorious. And when the outfit went
on, she would be, perhaps, even more exciting. And to top
if off, Frank added a set. Instead of simpe, backdrops, he
brought his bed from home. It as a full-sized bed, covered
in a red satiny sheet and purple pillows. This is where
Huni would be. This, was where she would model.

I don’t know how clearly I describe the feeling and
arousal of seeing Huni strip down to her bra and panties,
knowing she wasn’t done. She was so nervous to out on the
black teddy I had bought for her. She looked so fragile
through the glass. So timid. If only she knew I was there!
But then she wouldn’t have continued. The bra came
unclasped. So easily, so without worry. She opened it and
slid it off in so quick a motion.

I saw her breasts. Her wonderful, Chinese breasts
with her tiny brown nipples and dark flesh. I wanted to
cry. I could feel the tears in my eyes as I witnessed so
pure a sight of beauty. And ahe wasn’t done! A smooth,
quick motion brought thos epanties down. Her breasts
jiggled. her foot stumbled. Her thin, dark bush sprung
into view.

Huni discared her undergarments and stood completely
bare, completely vulnerable for a time that my mind now
used to define eternity. She looked at herslf, as if her
own eyes had to witness the absolute stunning body that
stretech beneath them.

These sessions I had to watch. Each moemnt my eyes
were off her,I could feel my life slip away. I was
addicted to the sight of her. Enchanted by the presence of
her. And aroused by the position of her.

Frank started her off with the same basic poses she
had grown to know. Again, she became comfortable and at
ease. Again, Frank moved to the next step of his plan. For
the first time, he had music in the background. It was
classical. It wasn’t loud, but easily heard.

“Huni, I think these shots are coming out well, but,
if you’re willing, I’d like to try something different.”

“Ok. What is it?”

“Well, lingerie photos require the woman to be
more… sexy… if you will. To look like she’s in the

“Oh.” The words brought fear t her again. The fear of
acting sexy, or the fear of NOT KNOWING HOW to act sexy I
wasn’t sure.

“Don’t get me wrong, I think you look very sexy. But
you look so nice. So pure. I want you look like…” Frank
looked to be searching for words.

“Like what?” Huni asked.

“Like… you’re about to make love.”

Huni froze.”You mean have sex?’


“I don’t know… I don’t know if I can do that.”

“I’ll help you.”

Frank walked over to Huni. He took her hand, and
gently brought it to her chest. “Like this…” Huni
started blankly as Frank moved her own fingers up and down
her cleavage.

“Look at the camera…” he was again so smooth. So

Huni looked at the camera.

“Imagine it’s the perfect man. The man of your
dreams, right here in front of you. He is yours, and you
are his. Huni opened her lips. “You can feel him —
through your own touch. It’s his hand touching you. His
fingers touching you. Like this…”

Frank took her hands, and slid them down and over her
body. Huni watched as she felt he rown plams caress her
hips, her thighs, and her legs.

I had to sit down. It was incredible.

Frank stepped back, and again worked the camera.
“Just like that, Huni. Just like that.”

She continued the actions he taught her. She moved
her hands down her arms, and up her legs.

“Move, Huni, move. Move with the music, move with his

Huni move don the bed. She seemed in a slow dance
with herself. Touching herself, feleing herself. Her hands
moved across her body, even across her breasts. He rfce
smiled enticingly, and warmly.

The procedure lasted for several more inredible
outfits. Frank encouraged her to play with the clothes,
opening up her chest, hiking the silk up her legs. Bending
over, flashing pnties underneath. With each new step, with
each new outfit and move, Huni seemd to seduce herself. In
the time I had know her, I could never picture her
aroused. Now I could, and I could barely control myself.

The fourth session ended. It was the last outfit.
Huni sat on the bed as Frank appeared to gather his gear.
He was close to her, very close. He said something that I
couldn’t hear. Then, he aid it louder, this time I did


“Yes?” her voice sounded weak, almost exasperated.

Frank leaned in lose to her, still looking at the
camera. “I want to do a nude.”

Huni caught her breath. She froze with absolute

Frank noticed she didn’t reply. He turned to her, and
took her hands into his. “Huni, I know it’s a big step. I
know it’s asking a lot.”

“Frank, I can’t. I can’t!”

“Huni…” his voice was soothing, reassuring. “My
contact really likes you. He thinks you have so much
potential. But he has a lot of girls ot choose from, most
of whom pose nude. I hate to tell you this, but I think
you’ll get left behind.”

“Frank, I don’t want to. I really don’t want to.”

He stroked her hair. “Huni, do you trust me?”

“She squeaked out a “Yes.”

He kissed her forhead. “Then beleive me. If my
contact likes what he sees, he says you’re in. And I have
a feeling, as I’m sure you do, that he is going to REALLY
like what he sees.”

“But Frank. I’ve — I’ve never been naked in front of
someone, neevr in front of a man.”

“Not even David?” he knew the answer. He was playing

“No. David and I… we don’t have sex. I’m a
traditional girl.”

“Ok, Huni. I don’t want to force it on you.”

“Will you be mad?”

“No. Just disappointed for you. Your’e a really
beautiful girl, Huni. Really beautiful. You could be as
famous as any model around. Consider this, though, Huni.
You really seem to like modeling. I think it helps you
discover who you are. And I think you like what you’ve
found, despite any conflicts with your traditions. People
have different points of view, Huni, that doesn’t make
this wrong. It doesn’t make posing nude wrong.”

Huni stood silently. Frank rubbed her shoulders. “I
just… would feel so…”

“Exposed? Open? vulnerable? I tell you what. If it
will help. I’ll take off my clothes, too.”

“But I’m the one in the picture!”

“How’s this. I’ll get in the picture with you. My
contact won’t mind. We’ll use the camera timer.”

Frank took off his shirt. “See? it’s ok. You don’t
have to be afraid.” He reached for her bra, Huni stepped

“Just try this. You don’t have to take off all your
clothes. Just your bra. That might be enough for my
client. If not, then you can decide if you want to pose
compeltely nude or not.”

Huni still didn’t respond. Frank stepped to her, and
placed his hand on her bra, on the clasp. Huni didn’t
speak, but she didn’t move, either. “Take off the bra…”
he whispered soothingly. He turned his fingers, and the
clasp came undone. Frank peeled back the right cup, then
the left. Huni was bare-breasted.

“You are so beautiful.” He said.

Huni stood nervously as Frank peeled the starp down
her left shoulder. She looked down at her own, exposed
breasts. It wasn’t so bad, she seemed to think. The
fullness of her breasts were exposed. Her circular, brown
nipples were visible. It’s not like she hadn’t been naked
before. Just never in front of someone.

Huni let down the right strap, and Frank took the bra
from her. I couldn’t see from my position, but I was sure
her breasts were covered in goosebumps. Frank stepepd to
the camera, and set the timer. Huni folded her arms across
her nipples, as if she didn’t want to be exposed for
anything but the click of the camera. Frank stepped back
to her, as bare-chested as she was. He took her arms down,
then put his across her shoulder. The camera clicked.

“There, that wasn’t so bad. Now wait, it will go
again.” A moment passed, then a second click. She looked
stiif at first, toally uneasy. But slowly Frank coached
her and comforted her. Slowly she began to smile, and
resumed posing. She lifted her head, she leaned over, she
reste don the bed sideways. Frank was gone from the
pictures, but she didn’t care. She obeyed him, and
performed for him. Each clicked built her confidence and

“Look sexy.” He said. “Like you were doing before…”

Huni melted me with her faces, her looks and her
smiles. She was exquiste. Bare-chested and innocent, sexy
and wonderful.

“Touch them. “Frank said. “Play with them.”

She responded. She squeezed and pulled them. Petted
themand massaged them. I didn’t know how Frank could take
it. He was right in front of her. No glass. No barriers. I
could see her eyes. She was aroused. As much as she might
try to deny it, she was bringling pleasure to her body.
All her pent-up little girl urges were starting to break
through. I wondered how long before the panties came off.
And, how long until Frank would win. I knew now he was
going to. He was going to fuck Huni.

Frank took the camera in hand, placing it right
against her nipple. A click whirred. “How’s my little
model like that shot?’ he asked. He took another against
her breast, and then another. He moved the camera across
her body, Huni giggled as the cold lens pressed against
her bare flesh. “Quit it!” she cried. But because it
tickled, not because it offended. Frank moved it between
her legs. Huni shrieked as it pushed against her cunt.
Instantly, her legs closed, breaking the camera from
Frank’s grasp.

She sat up on her knees, triumphant in her smile. The
camera was buried between her tightly pressed legs. “What
are you going to do now?” she asked as she locked her
hands over panties.

Frank was at no loss for creativity in front of the
beautiful, bare-breasted Asian. He promply recahed out,
and squeezed Huni’s right nipple. “Ouch!” she shrieked.
But it was a fun shriek. Frank reached for the other one.
Huni wanted to protect herself, but still guarded the
camera. Her breasts flapped to the side as she tried to
dodge his pinching fingers. But her he succeeded. Huni
squealed again, and sat there helpless as Frank fondled
her breasts for several seconds. Finally, she lifted her
hands to defend herself. She fell right into Frank’s trap.
He broke her grasp easily, and plunged a hand down between
her legs. Huni REALLY squealed, but pressed her legs

Frank laughed as she squirmed on the bed. She fell to
her back, shrieking and laughing as Frank tickled her. I
couldn’t see where exactly he was touching, but I knew it
wasn’t her legs, and it certainly wasn’t the camera he was
in no rush to retrieve. Huni wriggled with the touch to
her pussy.

Frank moved his free hand to her waist, and griiped
the strap of her panties.

Huni froze, and then quickly grabbed Frank’s hand. .
“No!” she said in near exhaustion.

The room was instantly quiet. Frank had tried to go
too far, and no they sat on the bed, wondering if their
play had been broken. Frank pulled his hand from between
her legs, then slid both up her stomach, over her breasts,
and to her hand. Then, he moved upward, bringing her up
with him.

Frank held her at arms length. The two looked into
each others eyes. Frank pulled her to him. In all my
watching. In all my sightings of her body and her
beautiful, naked breasts, I never dreamt of experiencing
this. I had been a from her, but always separated by
glass. Now, Huni’s breasts were touching Frank.

Nipple-to-nipple they stood, staring into each others
eyes, sensing each others heartbeats. Huni’s breasts were
softly indetned against him. Their fresh nakedness seemed
to absorb the sexual lust, intent, and energy from Frank’s
body. God, she was beautiful! Her beautiful Asian body ,
so firm and toned. Naked except for a pair of red silk

The camera had long stopped clicking, it was out of
film. Yet the two remained together in a sexual press.

She was powerless now. Frank had awoken sensations
and tinglings in her body that had waited years to
surface. All her heart, all her mind, and all her culture
were no match for surging feeling inside her and the
inexperience to handle it. I think in those moments Huni
expected to lose her virginity. In the subconscious rush,
she realized what her boyfriend had warned her about. What
he was so afraid of. I think she knew by now she wasn’t
exposing herself to be a model, she was exposing herself
to be a lover.

David had warned her about hFrank. He had so
prophetically realized Frank’s desire for sex with her. At
this moment, Huni felt some remores. And she felt some
guilt. But mostly, she felt the pleasure of feeling her
panties slide down her legs.

Frank had moved slowly and confidently. He slowly
went to his knees, and allowed his hands to slide to her
waist. He didn’t look up at her, he simply lifted the two
straps from her hips, and moved her panties down. I could
here Huni’s breath, even from my distance. She was scared,
yet captivated.

Any last-ditch efforts to brush Frank off were
quickly aborbed by the hot womanly pleasure that shot
through her as Frank pressed his tongue to her cunt. Her
jaw dropped, and her breath stuttered as she felt her
first wave of sexual contact. A kiss, she could have
broken from. A caress of a breast, she could have stepped
away from. But a soft, curling, sliding touch to the heart
of her feminine soul was irresistable. It was going to
happen. Frank was going to take her virginity.

He worked his tongue inside her. I watched as her
nipples grew hard and erect, and her body froze with
uncertainty. She didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know
how to act. Except for slight, uncontrollable gyrations of
her hips, she was absolutely frozen. She started low,
accidental moans. Each builing wave of pleasure caught her
off guard, and the shock was vocalized.

Her voice was so sweet, so pure in its sexual energy.
Huni’s sexual rhythm had no history, no pattern. Frank’s
flicking of her clitoris was like flicking her voice as
well. I never heard anything so wonderful, so erotic, so
maddening. At that moment I would have given anything to
be Frank. I wanted to be with her, to take her into orgasm
for the firts time. But I stood by the wall, not even
realizing at first I was humping it was watched.

I caught half of Frank’s smile as he gently pushed
her onto the bed. Huni fell onto the sheets, her legs and
arms open. Her cunt offered to Frank, and visible to me. I
expected Frank to savor each treasure of her body for
hours. But I guess the lust and frustration of watching
her prance and pose all these times was too much. He had
been waiting for this desperately. He pulled off his pants
and underwear, and I saw the tip of his rigid cock from my
angle. The cock that would pentrate Huni. The cock that
would make her a woman.

He decended on her in a mad rush.

“Uhhh!” Huni shrieked as his penis jammed into her.
She just laid there, taking his thrusts with shrieks of a
pain she had never know, but somehow didn’t want to end.
Frank ripped her, tore her, and pounded her with jack
hammering hips. He fucked her as hard as he could, with
absolutely no control. I couldn’t blame him.

I could see Huni’s breasts bouncing incredibly up and
down her chest. I wondered what was going through her
mind. All I could think of was, “I’m fucking. I’m fucking.
I’m fucking.”

Frank looked possessed. `Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck
you!” he yelled driving into her with deep, long humps.
Huni screamed with each one, her pitch changing with a
rise and fall. Part of me still couldn’t believe what I
was seeing. Huni was having sex. She was having sex, and
it was because of me. But it wasn’t WITH me! If I hadn’t
taken this bet. If I hadn’t given Frank the money. If I
hadn’t bought her outfits. I had seen her naked, but as I
watched her tiny frame bouncing up and down on the bed,
her lips quivering, her eyes fluttering, her mouth

Huni was having sex. Frank was fucking her. I watched
his cock move inside her, out of her, and back in again.
Her moans seemed like tears. His cock was hurting her as
it rammed into her cunt. But she took it. She took his

Huni was fucking. Huni was fucking Frank.

What had I done?

Frank squeezed her breasts, and the extra touch of
her put him ove rthe edge. A few more plunging thrusts,
then he seized up as his body exploded a healthy dose of
sperm into her. I watched the deep mini-humps his body
forced in her, knowing each drop of semen was going inside

It was done. That quickly I was out another hundred
bucks. That quickly Huni was no longer a virgin. She had
fucked. She had been fucked.

What had I done?

Frank slid off of Huni, whose breathing sounded much
like whimpering. I listened intently, wondering how she
would react now that the deed was done Wondering if she
would come to tears, or even age. Or… maybe she would
throw herself hungrily at Frank again.

Huni was so still. I could see the glistening
moisture of her pussy, and the heaving of her chest.

“I had sex.” A simple, potent understanding Frank
looked at her. “I had sex.” she said again. Frank took her
hand. “WE had sex.” he corrected. She seemed so stunned,
so sure that we world around her was going to crumble, or
that some unknown vigilant force would come to punish her
for accepting Frank’s cock. Of course, nothing happened.
No sound was made except for their breathing and the
rustle of the sheets.

Huni was glowing. The sweat glistened and gleamed on
her body . Her body was telling of her pleasures and
sensations she had no words for. At once she felt
satisfaction and an incredible curiosity to explore the
world she had just entered.

“Can I see your penis?”

Frank smiled. He slid onto her naked body, kissing
and licking her breasts as he did. He sat on her chest,
placing his knees at her sides. He propped up his semi –
hard cock like a trophy for his queen. I couldn’t actually
see it, but I saw Huni’s eyes widen with interest. She was
seeing her first penis up close. She was seeing the shaft
that penetrated her, and the head that exploded inside
her. She nervously reached to touch it, stopped, then
brushed it slowly with her fingers. She didn’t even look
at Frank anymore, just his penis. Whether she saw it as a
source of great pleasure, an anatomical curiosity, or even
a pet I don’t know. But I could tell by her eyes, she was
going to let it inside her again.

“Put it in your mouth.” Huni now looked at him.
“taste it.” he instructed. Huni leaned forward as far as
se could. Frank moved up, blocking my view of her lips.
But I could see her hand moving it follow is request.
Then, a few slight sucking sounds broke the silence,
followed by several low groans from Frank. I’m sure she
wasn’t doing much more than kissing, and possibly licking
the tip, but Huni was giving her first head. She was
tasting her first sperm.

Frank held out as long a she could, then pulled
himself from Huni’s inexperienced mouth. In time, she
would have been able to make him cum. Or maybe even if he
hadn’t already filled her with most of his sperm. But
Frank needed her cunt again. He need to hump her again.
And even then, I knew he wouldn’t have his fill of fucking
her. I didn’t know if anyone could ever get their fill of
fucking her. Huni was the kind of woman you could love a

Huni’s new familiarity with Frank’s cock wasn’t
enough to keep her from wincing and squealing as he pushed
it into her again. She didn’t know to moan a “Yes!” Se
didn’t know to scream “Oh, God!” The sounds, those
delicate Chinese sounds, that escaped her lips were of
pure sexual delight. An expression of bursting pleasure in
her vagina that sought escape from her body, tingling her
fingers, arms, and nipples and finally finding strength in
her gasping moans.

Her fingers clenched the sheets. Her toes curled in
ecstasy. In time, she would learn to let go. She would
learn to excite her body and mind with thoughts, words,
and actions. For all this was, I knew it wouldn’t be near
the sensation that awaited her with her first orgasm.

Things really didn’t change much after that day. Huni
continued to go over Frank’s when Rob was busy. She
continued to dress herself in everything from bikini’s to
hot pants to teddies. I continued to watch as Frank slid
off, peeled off, and ripped off the clothing covering the
bare, feminine beauty underneath. He fucked her, again and
again and again. Every single drop of his sperm shot
inside her or onto her. Huni practiced her oral technique,
and started to learn to suck his bulging cock and take it
deep into her throat.

And she never said a word to David. To him, the
modeling was over. He dated his girlfriend, abided by her
wishes for a platonic relationship, and dreamed of the day
he could make love to her. The day he could take her
virginity from her. The day that now could never happen.

I guess it was about three weeks of that before
anything changed. In class, Huni was as friendly to me as
ever, as unaware of my knowledge of her body as ever. She
talked with Frank, giggled at his jokes, but never let on
she was taking his cock. I had long paid Frank my hundred
bucks, and now had long suffered an oppressive guilt as I
watched her be his lover.

I didn’t go to the studio anymore. As much as I loved
seeing Huni in any naked, sexual position I could imagine,
I didn’t want to see her with Frank. I knew it was a
matter of time before David found out. Soon, his life
would be absolutely shattered when he discovered his deep,
true fear of Huni’s modeling for Frank was proven true.

But something happened to surprise me. I had some
studying to do, so I decided to head to the library. It
was late, and I wondered if I was the only one in the
building. I studied for about an hour when I needed a
walk to stretch my legs. I walked around the floor, noting
how empty and lifeless it seemed. Except for one small,
feint, crying voice. I turned a corner.

It was Huni.

She was alone, huddled in one of the study rooms with
her head in her hands. Something was wrong. I didn’t know
what, but something was definitely wrong. I went to her.

She was hesitant to tell me anything at first. she
just sat there, covering her face and telling me it was
nothing. Finally, I was able to get her to look up at me.
I’m her friend, I told her. A friend she could trust. I
knew it wasn’t true, but maybe she didn’t.

She wiped her eyes, leaned back in her chair, and
pulled off her jacket. She was in the top. Once again, I
knew I was a bastard. I knew I was as bad as Frank. This
fragile, desperate Chinese girl needed someone, and I was
wondering how to hide my hard on.

“Frank has found another model.” she told me.

My mind wanted to yell, “That fucking bastard!” But I
had to act as if I didn’t know. “So? I asked. What does
that mean?” I knew what it meant. Frank found a new chick
to try to fuck.

Huni sobbed, and told me she wasn’t going to be a
model. That Frank had broken his promises to her, and that
he had lied to her. I think she now realized there was no
contact. There was no chance at fame. There was lust, and
a chance to fuck her. A chance that she turned into

“It’s ok, Huni, really. You can still be a model if
you want to! You’re beautiful! Frank was nobody! He was
nothing to you!” Except her first.

Huni cried some more, unable to form words for a few
minutes. I knew the betrayal she felt. After all, I co-
created it. I gave it life, and conspired with Frank just
so I could see her body. I knew everything, and yet could
say nothing. How could I tell her what had happened? How
could I confess to setting her up, and costing her

“It’s not like you were sleeping with him.” I don’t
know what made me say that. A desperate sentence to feign
my innocence I guess. Huni looked at me, and burst into

Now I knew. I couldn’t show it before, but her
reaction was enough to enlighten anybody. Right then and
there, Huni told me without words she had shared her body
with Frank. That she had made love, fucked, screwed,
humped, and had sex with a guy. A guy that wasn’t David.

“Oh, Huni…” I said, and offered a hug.

She fell into my arms, and I held her tight. I felt
tears come to my eyes, as I felt the betrayal full force
in my heart. I had screwed this girl. I had fucked her.
Not in the physical sense I so longed for, but in the
mental sense I so despised. I had seen her undress. I had
seen her in a bra, and in her panties. I had seen her bare
breasts, and her equally bare pussy. But at what cost? Her
virginity. He innocence. Her trust. So was so beautiful,
so wonderful. I could smell the scent of her hair as she
held me tightly. I could feel her chest heaving against.
Her chest… that top…

Huni was resting against me. I felt the softness of
her hair against my chin. I felt her arms on my sides. I
felt the slight shift in her weight with each heave of
breath. I wondered if she could sense my racing heartbeat.
She felt so soft, she smelled so sweet. I sensed her
emotion, I sensed her need. At that moment, I felt her
body and soul.

She felt my erection.

She looked up at me, her eyes damp with tears and
full of shock. Here was my friend’s girl, hurt and
vulnerable. So magnificently pretty and trusting. So hurt,
alone, and vulnerable. And wondering why I was aroused.

I was responsible for her fucking. She was no longer
a virgin because I paid a man to dress her in lingerie and
fuck her. She had been fucked, purely. He had no love for
her. He put his dick in her because of her beauty, her
body, and her virgin pussy. I wanted to do it for love.

I moved my lips to hers. I kissed her. My lips
lightly pressed against hers, then moved gently across her
mouth. Huni stopped her whimpering, and looked at me with
those trusting eyes. Had I groped her breast, she could
have pulled away. Had I reached for her cunt, she would
have jumped away. But I kissed her, something I had never
seen Frank do. But because I was soft, because I was
tender, and because I showed emotion, she was helpless. I
looked down the length of her body, noting the feminine
curves of her chest, her super thin waist, and her bare,
slender legs emerging from the jeans shorts. And that top.
Those wonderful, pert breasts awaiting beneath that tight,
white top.

Huni leaned back, and started undoing the buttons.
For the first time tonight, she smiled. She was going to
feel beautiful, loved, and wanted again. She was to be
idolized, revered, and admired again. Her shirt fell from
her chest, and I moved my open hand to her right breast.
So soft… so perfect. My heart d inside me. My cock
pulsed with fire. Huni would no comfort by sharing her
body. I would know fulfillment. She unclasped her bra and
stuck out her chest, offering me her beauty. I closed my
mouth on her sweet right nipple, nursing at it like a
desperate child. I played and fondled with her left
breast as I tasted her. The unfortunate parts of my body
that weren’t touching her lost feeling. She must have seen
the tears in my eyes. The tears of joy that welled from
happiness. I was going to fuck her. I was going to fuck

We slid out of my chair down to the floor. I tasted
her hair as it fell between my mouth and her breast. I
could smell her. I could hear the salivating squish of my
tongue on her flesh. Her thin frame seemed barely wider
than my face. My entire body was burning with want. Her
name… Huni… circled my thoughts and caressed my
feeling. There was no glass between us now. Her body… my
body… meeting together in sexual nakedness. No more
watching. It was time for fucking.

Our arms tangled as we both worked to free the top
from completely from her body . Though I was more
interested in experiencing the warmth I felt between the
smooth fabric and her skin. Despite the fact the was now
sexually active, despite the fact she had felt the hard
slamming of a cock inside her, she still seemed like a
lost, innocent girl as she sat in front of me. Her face
showed so much need, so much longing, and so much
curiosity. We looked at each other for a moment as I
slowly ran my fingers between her breasts. She closed her
eyes and moaned softly as I tickled her right nipple with
a slow, circular motion. She took my hand, not to
reprimand it, but to bring my fingers to her mouth. She
kissed each fingertip, and took the tickling one into her
mouth, whether to taste herself or reward its efforts I
wasn’t sure.

Huni slid lower, and moved her hand to my zipper. I
arched as I felt her touch e there. Huni’s delicate hand
was on me… on my cock. I slid backwards a bit, resting
against the wall and giving her easy access. My zipper
came down, and Huni slipped her spread palm into my jeans.
I cried out as I felt her touch through my underwear. Me
erection extended past the band, and her slow stroking
touched the naked tip. My cocked flared with anticipation,
my hips twitched in a combination if lust and despair.

Huni’s soft hair cascaded across my hips, preceding
her lips that kissed the naked portion of my cock. My
hands moved to her head, caressing the silky hair as she
pulled my underwear down and covered more of my cock with
her sweet kisses. She worked my clothes down, and my
erection sprung straight up. She lightly rubbed her
fingers against it, examining it as if she wanted to
compare notes between it and the only other penis she had
ever known. Then in a quick motion, her head went down,
plunging herself onto my cock.

Huni was giving me head! Her wet, warm mouth was
sucking at the length, bobbing up and down with her still
developing skill. I couldn’t believe the sight of my cock
in her mouth. This was how it was supposed to be. I was to
be Huni’s first lover. I was to be the first one to
disrobe her, and the first one to orgasm into her virgin
pussy. Not David, and certainly not Frank.

She wasn’t jerking me off. Her lips and tongue were
all she used. She licked, kissed and sucked me as if she
was enjoying an oversize ice cream cone. Sometimes, it
bounced away from her, but she giggled, and eventually got
it back in her mouth. I knew I didn’t have long to last
with the touch of her lips, the brush of her hair, and the
tickling of her naked breasts all against my cock.

But I needed to feel her cunt. I needed to hump her.
I needed to cum in her pussy. I reached down, and started
to pull her towards me. Her body rested against me. My
cock pressed warmly against her chest, and slid silkily
down her breasts and abdomen as she lifted towards me. Her
naked breasts pressed against my still clothed upper body.
My naked penis pressed against her still clothed pussy. I
moved my hands to her bare legs, tickling the backs of her
legs under her jeans shorts. We kissed slowly, almost
nervously, a I worked my hands between us and unbuttoned
her shorts. Huni lifted her body an inch off mine,
allowing me to pull the denim down her slender legs. I
couldn’t see her panties yet. I struggled to get a look,
to see what silken garment was clinging to her womanly
area. Huni reached back to work her shorts the rest of the
way down her legs. She turned her body, allowing me to see
down the length of her body.

She wasn’t wearing panties.

I don’t know exactly how to explain it. But seeing
that she wasn’t wearing any underwear, that she was
discovering the pleasures of sex and the experimentation
with her own body, kicked me into unconscious lust. I had
to fuck her. I had to fuck her right then. I looked at
her, then fell onto her, pinning her beneath me. My cock
found its way easily, and pushed deep within her. Huni’s
voice cracked as I began humping steadily..

I could feel all of her. All of her beauty. All of
her flesh. All of her breasts, cunt, and nudity. I could
feel her sapling sexuality, and the woman that had been
held back for so long. I could feel my want of her, my
months-old want and the final scream of relief that my
body felt. I had seen her tightly dressed, and wanted to
fuck her. I had seen her undress, and wanted to fuck her.
I had seen her have sex, and wanted to fuck her. At last,
I was fucking her.

Her pussy was tight. I looked down at my penetrating
penis. God, her hips seemed barely wider than my shaft.
Her hips seemed to tremble as they took me inside her. My
cock glistened with her juice, and pumped inside her
without my control. I realized my incessant fucking had
caused us to slide across the floor. I was starting to
bang Huni’s head against the wall. I pulled out of her,
and felt the cold air wash against my penis. I needed to
be back in her, quickly. I lifted her to her feet, then
bent her over the study table. Huni leaned against it, her
ass rising invitingly into the air. I molded my self to
her shape, and again found the entrance inside her.

My hands roamed across her tits as I resumed my
fucking. Our collective moans rose without inhibition. If
anyone was in the library, I’m sure they heard us. But it
didn’t matter. It didn’t matter if David himself came in.
I was fucking Huni.

I came in her. In an orgasm of almost excruciating
sensation I released my sperm inside her. It felt wet,
wonderful, and warm. I caressed her body as my hips humped
slower into her.

“Huni… Huni… Oh, Huni…” I whispered into her
ear. I had done it. I had sexual intercourse with this
beautiful Chinese girl. Her nude body was still under me.
We kissed. We smiled. We felt each other. We let ourselves
return to the floor, feeling the warmth and heartbeat of
each other’s bodies. Then, we made love again.

So, there were was a thing I could have prevented.
The bet. The entire set-up that took a young, attractive,
Chinese girl from a traditional, moral person into the
world of sexual intercourse. The bet that cost my friend
the chance to share a special moment with the girl he
loved: the losing of her virginity. I suppose the guilt
from that is what lead me to do what I did next. Not the
fucking of Huni myself, not the ramming of my own cock
into her, but the treatment I gave her after.

She was my friend’s girlfriend. And though I lusted
for her wanted her, and desperately needed to have her, I
still knew that. Now, I had achieved what I wanted. Now, I
was a bastard but what I did, and not what I prevented. I
told her to stay away.

For the second time, Huni had been rejected. She
broke into tears when I told her I couldn’t be with her
again, that we couldn’t share anything. She was Dave’s
girlfriend, and I couldn’t steal her from him. I guess I
could fuck her, but not take her.

I didn’t see any of them for along time. Frank I
avoided out of hatred. David and Huni I avoided out of
guilt. Out of all this, I had forgotten about my
girlfriend. I owed her guilt as well. Nobody knew hat had
happened, at least not the whole truth, but me. So now my
life was reduced to watching my tapes of Huni, remembering
what it was like to touch her, and then fucking my real

I discovered some time later that Huni and David had
broken up. I don’t think she ever wanted him, despite all
the love he had to give her. I don’t know, maybe she did.
But David would have nothing to do with her. He would have
nothing to do with the beautiful Chinese girl he had so
loved. Not with her, and not with the baby she carried in
her womb. Huni was pregnant. I still don’t know who the
father is, Frank or me. In either case, the child’s
destiny seems to be set. It is a bastard.

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