Young nurses

I spent two weeks down south at an Alabama hospital
taking an advanced nursing course just before starting
my last year of nursing school. All the other women
were nurses at least ten years older than me.

It was very warm in class so I started wearing a short
skirt with no bra and panties on the second day. I’ve
never gone out dressed like that before, because I
have large breasts and prominent nipples, but the
class was all women.

A small group of them invited me to eat lunch with
them downstairs in a cool conference room. The cool
air made my nipples stiff, and I noticed some of the
nurses glancing at my breasts. My nipples were
protruding obscenely, and soon my pussy was wet from
being the center of attention.

On the last day of class, these nurses invited me to a
“graduation party” in one of their homes.

It was still hot outside so I went there wearing a
short pleated skirt and no bra and panties. They
persuaded me to try smoking pot for the first time.

Soon pairs of nurses were taking turns “dirty dancing”
with each other, and I watched pussies getting rubbed
on outstretched legs! They shared another joint with
me, but it made me dizzy. Two black nurses helped me
to the couch where each took one of my legs and draped
it over theirs.

My skirt rode up and my pubic hair was exposed to the
four nurses dirty dancing in front of me. The black
nurses began massaging my feet while holding my legs
wide apart. I didn’t even care that my pussy was
exposed in the candle lit room, and I was very wet.

The nurse massaging my left foot asked me what I’d
learned in school about preparing women for childbirth
by conditioning their nipples for breastfeeding. I
had no idea. So a white nurse got a jar of lanolin and
flipped up my thin top, exposing my large breasts and
erect nipples to everyone!

She explained that nurses will teach pregnant women
how to massage their nipples, while in their doctor’s
office, which they will then do for themselves every
day at home for two weeks before they start
breastfeeding. I’d never heard of that. Two white
nurses began massaging my erect nipples with thick
lanolin, as my pussy dripped down my thighs. One of
the black nurses asked me if I’d been taught how to
prepare women for giving birth by using massage to
improve their pelvic region blood flow! I’d never
heard of that either.

Then each black nurse grabbed one of my outer pussy
lips and they worked as a team to stretch my pussy
lips wide apart, and then let them relax, and then
stretch my pussy lips down, and then let them rise
back up. Holding my legs wide apart and tugging my
outer pussy lips made my inner pussy lips massage my

The blood flow to my pelvic region was definitely
improved, and I didn’t want the nurses to stop.
Suddenly six nurses were surrounding me on the couch.
The other two black nurses began sucking on my erect
nipples, and a short slim white nurse began licking my
clit. A moment after she began fingering my asshole
with Vaseline, I exploded with a strong orgasm. I was
still in a daze and my pussy was tingling, when she
began telling me about a nursing procedure to stretch
vaginas to prepare women for childbirth.

As she explained the procedure, her slim hand was
penetrating my soaked pussy, and soon she was fisting
me! I exploded with a second strong orgasm as she
licked my clit, and awoke Saturday morning in a bed,
bathed and perfumed. Saturday night we got high and
they made me model bras that exposed my nipples, sexy
stockings, sexy garter belts, and high heels. I loved
being the center of attention.

The night ended with me being double penetrated by two
black nurses wearing strap-ons. One wore an obscenely
thick dildo that scared me, until she began reaming my
pussy, and then it felt really good. Another wore a
soft thin dildo to ream my asshole. The nurse under me
sucked on my long erect nipples.

When another nurse began sucking on my toes, and
licking between them, she put me over the edge with a
massive orgasm that left me passed out on the bed
again. Sunday morning I was sitting on a bus going
north to start my last year of nursing school,
daydreaming about getting high with my college
roommate. She’d always admired my “Playmate boobs”,
and now I wonder if she was flirting with me?

A lot of girls in our all-girl school are rumored to
be having lesbian sex with each other after the
midnight lights out in our dorm, but no one ever
talked about it. I know the one local bar in town
does get older lesbians looking for “fresh meat”.

One time In that dark bar, I had a dyke come up from
behind me, grab my boobs, and lick my ear until my
pussy was soaking wet. Back then I was scared of
dykes, so I broke free from her, embarrassed by how
easily she’d made my pussy wet. � I was told the big
bag of pot the Alabama dykes gave me as a going away
gift “should make your roommate horny”.

I told them my roommate had never smoked pot before,
but if she did, she’d only want to “go to sleep early”
to masturbate under her blanket, as she often did in
our dark dorm room. I could usually hear her
masturbating, especially when she starts pumping her
hips up and down just before she cums. I would
secretly masturbate at the same time in my bed, and
often cum when I heard her moaning and cumming.

The dykes told me to walk over to her bed while she’s
masturbating, flip up her blanket, and massage her
erect nipples with lanolin as she masturbates. Then I
should “teach her all the advanced nursing procedures
you learned in Alabama: Stretch her outer pussy lips
wide apart as she masturbates. Lick her pussy and
finger her asshole with Vaseline. She’ll have a
massive orgasm right in front of your eyes!”

I told them I’d think about it, and I did during the
long bus ride to school.

Sunday night in the dorm my old roommate and I were
surprised to see one single bed, one bunk bed, and a
third roommate, due to dorm overcrowding. The new girl
was a pretty black freshman with big prominent nipples
showing through her thin bra. I noticed her glancing
at my boobs and nipples as we moved in.

That night I dreamed I used the “new advanced nursing
procedures” on my old roommate. And then I got my old
roommate to massage the new girl’s big black nipples
with lanolin, while I stretched her black pussy lips
apart until she was soaking wet, and then used two
vibrators to ream her black pussy and asshole until
she came.

I woke up with a very wet pussy that morning. At night
we did get high together, and of course my old
roommate wanted to “go to sleep early” to masturbate
in her bed. I had to help the really high black girl
climb up onto her bunk bed above mine. After a few
failed attempts, her T-shirt rode up, and she fell
face forward on her bed laughing, with her pussy lips
exposed from the rear and her legs hanging off the
side of the bed.

I couldn’t resist her charms so I spread her legs wide
to lick her black pussy and asshole from behind. My
hot tongue made her moan and squirm. My old roommate
saw everything and was soon so out of control
masturbating in her bed that she accidentally kicked
off her blanket. She was moaning, stroking her clit,
and fingering her wet pussy, when she began cumming.

Her deep moaning made the black girl lose control, and
she began cumming and squirting pussy juices all over
her bed. I dragged my dazed roommates and their
tingling pussies over to my bed and “forced” them to
suck on my long erect nipples, lick my pussy, and
finger my asshole with Vaseline, until I exploded with
a strong orgasm. Our lesbian sex continued for the
last year of nursing school. I now work in an OB/GYN

This year I “trained” a young, pretty and very
pregnant patient to prepare her nipples for
breastfeeding. I massaged her huge erect nipples with
lanolin in the exam room and she actually had an
orgasm from me twiddling her nipples. She kissed me
passionately, and said: “Thanks, I really needed

Her hormones had been raging, and her young husband
had been ignoring her for many months. Then I met a
single woman, who got high with me in her home, and
let me use the “new advanced nursing techniques” on
her. She exploded with a massive eyes rolled back in
her head orgasm when I fisted her soaked pussy with my
hand, while flicking her clit with my tongue, and came
again when I gently patted her pussy dry with a soft

I moved in with her.

She has an always horny married friend whose husband
always travels on business. The friend wanted to get
high with us for the first time. I hope we will share
a joint and then my partner and I will perform the
“new advanced nursing techniques” on her. This woman
said she once got drunk and had gay sex once with a
girl in college.

She often recalls how hot it was compared with sex
with her husband. I think she may be interested in
having sex with us.

I have to stop writing now to warm up a jar of
lanolin. My partner’s friend is coming over soon to
smoke her first joint with us on the couch. I’m
already dreaming about us holding her legs wide apart
and massaging her nipples with lanoiln. My partner
says she’s really pretty too.

PS: The woman just walked in and is fixing her makeup
in the bathroom. She has big boobs and long nipples
poking way out through a thin top! My pussy is already
wet in anticipation. She was so pretty I could barely
talk after she said, “Hello.”

Her husband is out of the country for a month, and I
really hope she’s as horny as my partner claims. This
will be the first time my partner and I have ever
tried to seduce another woman with our “new advanced
nursing techniques”.

I hope we can send her home with a satisfied pussy,
and a big smile, or maybe she’ll stay with us for the
whole weekend…

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