Camping with Two Young Women

Mike finished loading the last of the camping gear into his Pathfinder and closed the back. He and Linda had planned this weekend getaway for several weeks. As Mike drove over to Linda’s house he thought of the seriously “hot” fun they were going to have together. But he was totally unprepared for the turn

Voyeur’s Wife’s story 1.

About 2 months ago Tom and I arranged to meet for dinner, starting our night out with a drink at the Four Seasons. I got there 15 minutes early, and the stress of the day as will as my ever so middle class white wine released inhibitions enough for me to get involved in a

Woman 2 woman

My name is Christine. I’m twenty-six, single and work in marketing support for a high-tech computer company. I had to go to Las Vegas for a four-day trade show, and at the end of the first day of standing in heels talk- ing to customers for ten hours, my feet and legs were killing me.

A wife attends a show with her husband in a strange city, and finds herself on her own

This story may or may not be true… I’ll let you decide. My husband is in sales, so we travel a lot on incentive trips that he has won. Unfortunately, he often spends time with his boss and the other sales people, leaving me on my own. But sometimes that can be good because it

Two good girls decide that they needed to treat their boyfriends to a porn movie

Mandy and Jesse were students in college. Both came from fairly well-to-do families, both came from rigid backgrounds, and both were virgins. Both had resisted sexual advances from various guys throughout their college careers, because of their fear that their parents would find out – and the fact that they had no idea what do

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