A man wakes on an exam table to find that his mind is somehow inside a beautiful Asian female body

I’d always thought of myself as a fairly down-to-earth,
open-minded, sane guy, but apparently, I was turning
over a new leaf. I had woken up to find myself
struggling naked against hand, ankle, waist and chest
restraints. The room was a stark white, with the only
furnishing being the standard exam table I was lying
on…well, standard but for the restraints. The
restraints were very strong, thin plastic cords. They
didn’t really cover much.

After the initial shock, and subsequent frantic
gandering, I realized that the body I was using to
struggle with didn’t feel at all like I remembered it
should. I looked down towards my feet, and saw
something, or rather, two something’s that shouldn’t be
there. I had silky smooth, pale tan skin covering two
luscious, plump breasts (32C I found out later).

This couldn’t be happening, something was wrong. Then I
noticed the ever present protrusion of my cock was
strangely absent. I raised my head as high as I could
to peer over the beautiful tits, noticing the perfect
female frame and there, between my legs, was a clean
shaven pussy. Somehow, someway, I had gone insane, or
was in a really, really deep, lucid dream state, or I’d
been abducted, or some other or. The funny thing was, I
didn’t even remember how I got here, or even the last
thing I was doing before I woke up here.

It was all kind of vague. I think I was at home,
sitting in my chair watching a movie, then I woke up as
an extremely sexy woman strapped naked on a table. I
was really starting to notice the different feel of
this beautiful body I found myself in. I shifted
against my restraints, and my tits jiggled, vibrating
through my chest. I could feel the soft weight. There
was a strange cold/heat between my legs. I think the
(or, for all intents and purposes, my) vagina was
slightly wet, and the air was making it feel cool. Then
I felt a slight sting in my arm, and saw darkness.

I woke up in an even stranger state than before. This
room resembled a karate dojo, with padded floor,
mirrors on the walls, only with a medical touch, with
some kind of metal examination chair in the corner
slightly to my right. I was lying on my back, still
naked, in a shallow, clear glasslike bowl in the middle
of the room. It was like a mix between a big body-sized
hub cap and a giant glass cereal bowl.

I was spread eagle, my hands and ankles in shackles
attached to the inside of the bowl. Above me on the
ceiling were more mirrors, and for the first time I saw
my newly discovered female face. I was gorgeous,
exotic. Dark, silky black hair that was pinned back,
smooth, high cheekbones, big green eyes, and a rosebud
mouth wrapped around a ball gag of some sort, with
holes in it for breathing.

Seeing this sight fully for the first time took my
breath away. It was as if I was seeing the sexiest
woman I would have drooled over in a porno, only it was
me. I was actually becoming a little aroused, despite
the circumstances. Or maybe a little bit because of
them. It was such a seemingly unreal situation, even
though if felt real, that what would have been
terrifying, became instead only semi-detached
observation. No picnic, but I didn’t get the feeling of
life threatening.

Then there were two voices, a male and female. The man
was speaking some Asian language. It sounded Japanese,
and the woman was translating in heavily accented
English. “You, client 1099. Brainwaves, personality and
memories hard copied and stored, then transferred to
Clone AsSeries #552. We call her Sanae, which you shall
now be called.” I couldn’t believe any of what this
bitch was saying. It was so cheezy sci-fi… I mean,
who the hell came up with this crap?

“Client 1099 had submitted Pers/imp disc for sexual
experiments in mental/physical contradiction.
Experiment included copy process wipe, allowing only
basic past memories, excepting anything sexual, and no
memory of copying or submission to experiment. Please
be calm, and try to enjoy. Thank you.”

What the hell is going on? I couldn’t stop staring up
at my sensational, fuckable body, spread wide, gagged,
breathing hard, breasts heaving. I decided that it was
either a really vivid dream, or a really vivid
hallucination, but either way, I was in it till I
snapped out of it. Then I heard a sliding click, and
turned my head to the right.

What I took for mirrors were actually mirror glass, and
the glass had become a window into a big, dimmed
gymnasium size room. My eyes popped out of my head. The
room was full of men and women, mostly men, with a line
of them veering off towards the wall facing me and my
feet. There had to have been at least 200 people in
that room!

A hidden door opened and in poured about 60 or 70
people. The men dressed in only underwear, lined up
along the walls, while two young, beautiful Asian girls
in schoolgirl outfits shyly approached me. One couldn’t
have been more than 18, while the other was a little
younger, around 16 or so. 16 had a reddish tint to her
dark black hair, cropped at the shoulders, and hand
sized tits. 18 had bigger tits, with a rose tattoo on
her neck. I stared at them in lust. I wanted to ravage
them. I wanted them to ravage me.

I was letting go. Someone handed Red a strap-on. She
looked at it, then up at me and smiled naughtily. Rose
slowly unbuttoned her blouse and lowered her skirt. She
was magnificent, so smooth. I moaned through the gag.
Her trimmed pussy was damp, and she was trembling. I
think I was turning her on. Red walked up behind Rose
and pulled the strap-on up her legs, inserting the
inner dildo into Rose’s wet pussy slowly, causing her
to toss her head back and moan. Red secured the strap-
on, then whispered in her ear.

Rose nodded, and then turned and violently ripped off
Red’s skirt and blouse, sending buttons flying. She
then pulled her towards me. Red then stepped into the
bowl, with her legs around my head. I could feel the
musky heat coming from her shaved twat, smell her slick
oily cunt juice as she became more aroused. Rose smiled
and huskily whispered something in Japanese, as she
pulled the gag out of my mouth, leaving it around my
neck. Red peered down at me, then slowly lowered her
pussy onto my waiting mouth.

As soon as her soft, slimy lips met my tongue she cried
out and clenched her legs tighter. I felt her shifting
weight forward, then a hot breath hit my clit and I
closed my eyes and shook as a powerful erotic tickle
spread up my body, making me clench my ass tight.
Extremely horny now, I sucked on her pussy lips, trying
to drink her juice, my tongue darting inside her pink
hole fast and hard, and I nibbled on her clit.

She was going insane, everything I did, made her suck
on my pussy harder. I was starting to lose it, the
pleasure racing down my legs as Red ate my cunt. I
could feel her on top of me, fucking my pussy with her
mouth, her pussy pushing down on my face as she pumped
her hips hard onto me. I was breathing her juice up my
nose, while between my legs something was happening.

My muscles started to squeeze, making me feel like my
bowels and everything below my belly had tightened. It
was ecstasy that was so close to pain, an incredible
itch that was burning more even as her tongue scratched
it. Then I saw stars, and yelled into her dripping
pussy as I experienced my first female orgasm. It was
indescribable, all the more for the fact that my mind
was gone, I was a total sensation, from head to toes.

My muscles clenched, blood rushing to my head as wave
after wave of carnal ecstasy expelled hot, slimy juice
into Red’s wonderfully active mouth. Each spasm inside
me forced grinding grunts from my mouth. She moaned
lustily as she swallowed me down her throat, and
another wave squirted her face. Then she started to
cum, her engorged pussy spasming around my tongue. She
couldn’t stop screaming as we both came, over and over,
until we finally laid our heads back in exhaustion and
satisfaction… but we were far from done, I knew.

Red laid there for a few seconds catching her breath,
but Rose was impatient to participate.

My eyes opened to see her climbing the rim of the bowl
and then sliding her ass down the slick side to meet
mine. As she positioned herself, I noticed the men
lined along the walls. They were all standing still,
watching us fuck each other, and they all had shiny wet
spots spreading through the material of their
underwear. None of them touched their cocks. I took
this in as Rose slowly inserted the tip of the strap-on
just inside my pussy. It was a totally intoxicating
feeling, being violated, penetrated. I loved it, my
pussy loved it.

“Please fuck me, stick your cock in me!” burst out of
my mouth in an extremely sexy voice. I don’t think they
necessarily understood the words, but I could tell they
understood what I wanted. Red raised up and stepped
back, giving me full view of my virgin pussy about to
be fucked.

Ever so slowly, Rose eased the cock deeper into my
dripping cunt. I felt every inch sliding deeper,
stimulating new parts I hadn’t noticed before, sending
bolts of pleasure through my body, making me dizzy.
Suddenly, Rose grunted and thrust her hips forward,
rocking me in my shackles, tits bouncing, cock impaling
me. I screamed and saw more flashes of light under my
eyelids as she started rocking back and forth hard.

I had a full bodied orgasm, my entire body locking up,
then amidst her impaling cock I felt a warm gush as my
pussy let loose another puddle of slick fluid. Every
thrust forward caused an electric jolt, forcing more
fluid out as Rose pulled back.

At this point Red leaned over and started lapping up
the juice covering my pelvis and the strap-on, while
Rose slowed her speed, but now rammed my cunt even
harder with each thrust forward. I think she enjoyed
seeing me in ecstasy, because she seemed to be trying
even harder to make me cum. “Fuck me, oh god fuck me!”
I distantly heard myself screaming.

Then came the beep, a male voice say something in
Japanese, and a group of 10 men surrounded the bowl.
Rose slowed her thrusts and gently rocked her hips, as
the men pulled down their underwear. I wasn’t
interested in men, really, but cum on a woman always
turned me on. Red put the ball gag back in my mouth.
The rim of the bowl wasn’t much above me, so access for
the variety of cocks dangling above me wasn’t too

I could see the pre-cum on the tips of the hard
throbbing dicks as the men started stroking themselves.
I watched myself in the mirror above me, fascinated at
the image of a hot, beautiful Asian me, shackled spread
wide, fucked by another beautiful Asian and 10 men
stroking their erect penises above me. I moaned into
the gag as three of the men above my head moved closer.
Their cocks pulsed and started spurting their white,
warm sticky cum all over my face. They were very turned
on, because they were draining their balls.

I felt their semen spurting on my forehead, both
cheeks, across my nose, endlessly it seemed as I moaned
in pleasure. Rose started pounding my pussy harder as
Red was sucking off more men. Another man with a huge
bulging cock over my ball gag shot a thick wad of
yellowish, snotty sperm. Grunting and stroking while
his dick emptied load after load, covering my lips,
dribbling through the holes into my mouth.

I could taste his salty cum sliding down my throat,
causing me to cough and turn my head. Five more men
replaced those three as the cum slid off of my face,
dribbling down the side of the bowl. The five grunted
as they simultaneously shot their loads onto my face
and body.

3 loads covered my left cheek, my chin, my eye, I
turned my face back towards the raining cum, as it
filled my eyes. The other two shot huge, runny loads on
my sweet tits, my bellybutton. Red came over and
started licking the cum off of my tits. My nipples were
rock hard. I came again, squirting harder. Cum was
mixing with my pussy juice as it collected in the bowl
under my ass.

I could hear Red sucking up the viscous, slimy jizz
that had dribbled onto my chest, then she was sucking
the cum from my eyes. By this time, she had collected
quite a bit in her mouth, her cheeks puffing out
slightly. Rose had stopped fucking me, and was now
shaking against my hips as she had an orgasm that
seemed to go on forever. She couldn’t even make a

Red then put her lips onto my gagged mouth, and started
releasing her saliva mixed cum through the holes in the
gag. I closed my throat this time and let it collect in
my mouth, tasting it. So thick and slimy. Two more men
released into Reds eager mouth, then another, until at
least 6 more had added their hot pungent loads into her
full mouth.

Ten more men surrounded the bowl. It was a frenzy to me
at this point, I was bombarded by so many sensations.
The shackles burning, the wet puddle sopping my
asshole, the dried cum caked in rivulets all over my
face and body, the still wet slimy loads still on my
gag and up my nose, the hard pleasure in my vagina, up
my belly, my strengthened muscles.

After Red had taken at least 8 abundant loads in her
mouth, she once again put her mouth over mine and
gently spat more spunk into mine, filling my mouth to
the rim, some dribbling through the lower holes of the
gag. Rose finally gathered her strength to pull out of
me, showing me how empty I was before.

I tried not to choke as I grunted. Rose finally got out
of the bowl, before she collapsed in exhaustion on the
floor. Red had already collected another 10 loads and
this time just held her mouth above mine and slowly
released the cum. It began to overflow down my cheeks,
covering my chin, neck, filling my ears. A man climbed
into the bowl, replacing a strap-on with the real
thing. It was a big, fat 10 inch cock.

“This guy can’t be Asian,” I thought to myself. His
cock was throbbing as he rubbed my pussy lips and clit,
slicking the head. I must say, I had mixed feelings
about this, but my eyes were fixed to the images above
me. It was like watching an interactive porno. My hot,
cum covered body with a gagged mouthful of cum made it
all better.

As the man inserted his hard cock into me, 10 more men
surrounded the bowl…it seemed to be a pattern. Only
now the men just ejaculated whenever they were ready,
all over my body. They started to cover my legs, arms,
everywhere. Each wave of men would add 5 or 6 big loads
onto my face. I watched reflected my beautiful body and
face as it was literally covered in cum, while the
penis inside me felt exquisite. Soft, yet rock hard,
smooth, but veiney, which I could feel inside as I
spasmed into orgasm again.

I came hard, losing the cum from my mouth, splattering
my neck and face, then dripping down to add to the
bowl. Then I felt him grab my shapely hips and thrust
hard and deep inside me, his pulsating cock expelling
thick, gooey sperm. The feel of his gobs of hot jizz
filling my pussy sent me into a deep ocean of pleasure.
I couldn’t believe I kept cumming. It was almost
constant now, my pussy spasming over and over.

Another 20 or more men came all over me. The puddle had
gotten considerably larger, at least a couple inches
deep. My sloppy cunt spurted gobbets of white cum as
the man pulled out. Another took his place. Not as
large, but still long and thick, he climbed in, rubbed
his cock head just inside my pussy, then started
pushing his cock in my slimy hole.

Sensitive from so many orgasms, every inch of cock sent
shivers through my body. “I don’t know if I can survive
this much pleasure,” I thought. “How much more before I
pass out?”

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