A Real Incestuous Love Affair

Hello everyone! I just wanted to say that story the
presented here is real and current. Men and women seem to
be interested in this particular subject matter so I’m
telling this in public for the first time. When this
story first occurred, I was 22 and my mother’s sister was
45. We have been together sexually for three years now.

First, let me say that my Aunt Angela is a very beautiful
woman. She probably could have been a model in her prime.
She is tall, blonde with big brown eyes and full lips
with an extremely large chest. She’s always dressed in
skirts, dresses, stockings and hose. She always has a
manicure and pedicure. A real fine looking lady.

Me, well I’m no slouch. I’ve always had my fair share in
college and the like. I’m tall, have black hair and an
athletically built. I cannot say I’m the incest type.
Sure, I watched Taboo but never lusted my mother. Anyway,
this all changed when I came home from college.

After graduation, my parents threw me a party and the
whole family was invited. The food and drink were plenty.
Angela’s husband, Sal, was not there because he was on a
business trip in Europe. A wonderful fact that would
allow me to pursue my Aunt throughout our time together.
Anyway, the party was great and I must admit most were
rocked. Somehow, my Aunt and I sat alone on a table while
all were bustling about.

Then she started to act funny and ramble on.

She told me how proud the family was of me, a Ivy League
grad. She complimented me on how mature I had gotten
physically and mentally. Then she said something that I
could never forget. She told me that I was a “hot ”
looking guy and she could easily fall for me. I thought I
was going to burst through my pants, but I attributed it
to the alcohol and moved on.

A couple of times over the summer I went over her house
and I really felt like she was flirting with me. Same
kind of hints that younger girls would give me and I
would be all over them. But this was my Aunt. Was I
really reading this correctly?

Fast forward to Thanksgiving Day, 1993. The feast was at
my parent’s house (by this time I had gotten my own
apartment). Again all were there, including my Aunt. We
were sitting around and my mother calls us for dinner. My
Aunt grabs my arm and walks in the dining room and
announces that she has a new date for the evening and all
started laughing.

As it turns out, there were only two chairs left and
happened to be next to each other. We started to eat and
in the middle I felt my Aunt’s hand on my thigh. And she
was caressing and squeezing. I thought I was going to
have a heart attack. I got semi hard and then she started
to rub my cock! Semi went to full blown erection. She
continued rubbing throughout dinner, but obviously I
couldn’t do anything, yet.

The end of the night came and I went to get her coat from
my parent’s bedroom and she followed me. When we got in
there, she grabbed me and spun me around and kissed me.
It was hard and deep. We tongued each other and I
caressed her big tits. It was like only one minute but it
was the most intense make-out session I had ever had. We
heard someone coming so we split up.

I went home that night all hot and confused. Then the
phone rang. It was her and she said she wanted to see my
apartment on Friday. I said sure wondering why she didn’t
mention what happened just an hour ago.

Well, I got up on Friday and went to the gym. When I came
home, she was waiting for me. She said she had just
gotten there. We went upstairs and I got her a cup of
coffee. I told her that I needed to take a shower and
then she told me that she had seen me nude at my parent’s
house nude coming out of the shower! She told me I had a
big sweet cock and she wanted to see it again. She
grabbed my shorts and pulled them down. She got on her
knees and started sucking it. I got hard in one second.

She kissed the head and jerked on the shaft. She kissed
and sucked my balls. It was so hot that I had to stop
myself from cumming. So I pulled her up and started
kissing her. I unbuttoned her blouse and started sucking
on her big tits. I took her to the sofa, pulled her skirt
off. She was wearing pantyhose with no panties. I ripped
the crotch and licked her sweet pussy.

I couldn’t believe that I was sucking on my Aunt’s pussy.
She begged me to stick my rock hard cock in her and
that’s what I did. She was the wettest woman I had ever
been with. We changed positions and she got on top of me.
She rode me and I told her I was gonna cum and I tried to
pull out. She kept it in and I shot inside of her. She
came at the same time and she grabbed her huge tits while
she was cumming.

We fucked all afternoon until she had to go home. We have
been seeing each other, at least once a week, since.

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