A story about my sister Alex and myself

Rob my now boyfriend, likes both my sister Alexandria
and me, and when I was away last year he dated Alex a
couple of times, although purely platonically. Alex
was always quieter than me and never had as many boy
friends, so she often came with us to the movies, or
out on a picnic, or to parties.

Then on New Years eve last year Rob and I decided to
hold a party at our house. It was very successful, and
a lot of people turned up. Alex met a nice guy and
was dancing with him most of the evening, but when it
was all over, I found her by herself in the bathroom
in floods of tears. They’d had an argument about her
going home with him, and he had called her a bitch,
and a tease, and it was all pretty unpleasant. Anyway,
she cheered up a bit, and Alex helped me tidy up the
place, then Rob and I went to bed, and Alex was going
to sleep on the couch.

But about halfway through the night, Alex came into
our bedroom and got into bed next to me, and was still
very upset. I cuddled her, and we went to sleep. The
next thing I know, Rob was moaning in his sleep. I
opened my eyes, and Alex was snuggled up next to him,
gently rubbing his cock. I felt shocked at first, but
then I thought – well, she’s my sister, I know her
well enough.

So I whispered to her, “Let’s wake him up and give him
a surprise.” So I called in his ear, and he woke up.
He looked at me, then he looked at Alex, and he felt a
hand on his cock, and didn’t know whose it was, and he
just said quietly, “Oh boy.” The situation turned all
three of us on. I started kissing Rob and Alex went
down on him and sucked his cock. Then I climbed on
top of him, and Alex pushed his cock inside me, and I
could feel it all wet with her saliva.

I was going up and down on Rob’s cock while Alex
kissed and fondled his ass and balls, and then we
changed places and Alex mounted him, I has holding his
balls and could feel them shudder when he came into my
sister. Alex came at the same time.

Afterwards, Rob and Alex stroked and licked me until I
came off as well, and then the three of us just put our
arms round each other and went to sleep.

In the morning, Alex was gone. I think that was the
best way. I don’t know how we would have felt that
first time in the cold light of dawn.

Since then we have had sex with Rob as a threesome,
almost every week. Alex just shows up after we are in
bed and lets herself in the front door with her key.
I think that the relationship has been a great turn on
for us all.

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