A wife “accidentally” discovers that her dog is a better lover than her husband

It was late Saturday evening. Katy had just finished
cleaning up the kitchen. Earlier she had entertained
her friend Nancy, her roommate from college, and her
husband Albert. The cook out had been a whopping
success. About 6 PM Nancy and Albert left to visit a
few of Albert’s friends from school. Since Katy didn’t
know Albert’s friends she decided to stay home and
watch a movie.

Before watching the movie Katy decided to take a shower
and wash the sweat and smell from the barbecue off of
her. Looking into the mirror on the back of the
bathroom door Katy decided that she wasn’t bad looking.
She stands about 5’2″ tall, with shoulder length curly
blonde hair, very slim, (she attends aerobics 4 times a
week) a firm well rounded ass and nice cantaloupe size
breasts that fill out a sweater in the best way.

Katy’s boyfriend was away for a week at a national
physics conference, so it had been a week since she
last had sex. This, along with Nancy and Albert’s
flirting with each other during dinner had her hot and
bothered in the worst way. She began to play with her
little clit as the warm water caressed her skin. To say
the least she was really getting into it. Katy was on
the verge of her first orgasm when all of a sudden she
was startled by a loud howl and then a ferocious bark.
It was at this point that she was reminded of Ranger,
Nancy and Albert’s dog.

Ranger was a mix between a Dalmatian and a Great Dane.
He stood 3 feet tall and was almost completely grey
except for two black patches that surrounded his eyes
like a mask. Thus came his name, Ranger, short for The
Lone Ranger.

Katy had forgotten about Ranger since she hadn’t seen
him since before dinner. Ranger kept barking away at
something. Katy lived in a good neighborhood so she
didn’t think it could be a prowler. Plus Ranger had
interrupted her fun and she couldn’t concentrate as
long as he continued to bark. So she decided to check
out the situation. She got out of the shower and
wrapped her hair in a towel and slipped into a very
short silk robe.

When she turned the corner she saw Ranger standing
against the window pushing the curtains to the side
with his large paws. When Katy looked out the window to
see what Ranger was barking about, she noticed the
neighbor’s dog rolling in her front yard. Ranger, who
must have become excited due to his lack of animal
companionship, was standing upright against the large
picture window that looked out onto the front yard.
Katy was afraid that if he continued pressing against
the window he would surely break right through it.

Katy said in a very stern voice, “GET DOWN!” But Ranger
seemed to be paying more attention to the bitch in the
front yard than to Katy. Her next move was to grab him
by the collar and see if she could pull him away. But
this was also to no avail. Ranger just kept barking and
pressing against the window.

By this time Katy was just plain pissed off. She had
never had any pets as a child, and for the most part
she was used to having her way in most any situation.
So now she was going to have to be a little slyer than
ol’ Ranger. She quickly ran to the kitchen and got one
of the uncooked steaks that were left over from this
afternoon’s cookout.

Upon returning to the front window she taunted Ranger
by dangling the piece of meat in front of his face. Now
a piece of ass is one of the items in a dog’s hierarchy
of needs but at the top of the list is food. And a raw
steak, well that only adds drive and determination to
the situation.

Upon smelling the steak, Ranger jerked sideways letting
the curtains fall back into place and at the same time
pushing Katy to the floor. Ranger straddled Katy trying
to bite the steak she held in her hand. But even in
this predicament Katy was not about to let Ranger have
the steak. After all she was the boss, right?

Katy held the steak over her head out of Ranger’s
grasp. But Ranger wanted the steak. He moved forward to
try to bite at it again. To counter Katy scooted her
ass along the floor and out from under Ranger. This
only annoyed Ranger. He took a couple of steps forward
and proceeded to lay on top of Katy, pinning her to the
floor. Ranger was much too large for Katy to get out
from under. Ranger sensed this and dragged his body
across Katy’s.

It was at this point that Katy felt something smooth
and warm pressing against the entrance to her pussy.
And the fact that she had been masturbating only
moments before allowed Ranger undaunted access to her
cunt. The sensation was pleasing even though the
thought of the situation turned her stomach. But Katy’s
anger soon turned curiosity and she conceded the steak
to keep Ranger occupied while she enjoyed the new
sensations that she was experiencing.

Ranger’s enthusiasm in finishing off the steak only
added to Katy’s excitement. As he tore at the steak
will pinning it to the floor he sent thrusting waves of
pleasure rippling through Katy dripping cunt. Ranger
quickly finished devouring the steak and it was at this
point that his thoughts turned to the warmth that
surrounded his penis.

Startled, he withdrew from Katy’s cunt with the
quickness of a gazelle. This dropped Katy down from her
higher plane of ecstasy just as she was again
approaching orgasm. Ranger moved to the side and began
to clean his genitals. What he tasted wasn’t as good as
the steak he had just finished but it was worth looking
for the source from where it came. Ranger began
sniffing the air. Katy’s pussy gave off this wonderful
scent and this time it was Ranger’s tongue that wound
up in Katy.

Katy not wanting to miss out on another orgasm spread
her legs wide to give Ranger even more access to her
swollen pussy. As Rangers tongue moved from under her
ass to the top of her clit in one fell swoop Katy
moaned in pleasure. Never had Katy even considered have
sex with a dog. And now she was giving herself in any
way that might please the beast.

Time after time Ranger lashed his tongue across Katy’s
clit. Her juices were flowing and she was once again on
the verge of orgasm. Instead of concentrating on the
matter at hand, or should I say at tongue, she wondered
if she would again be brought to the edge and then be
abruptly let down. She was wondering so much about this
that she let her legs fall to the floor. One of which
hit Ranger in the side making him yelp and move quickly
away. Katy had contributed to her own defeat this time
and had it in her mind that she was going to have an
orgasm tonight, and Ranger was going to be a part of

Katy looked at Ranger, who was again tending to his
swollen penis. Katy decided that she was going to have
this animal fuck her to orgasm and that this time there
was nothing that was going to stop it. She called to
Ranger, who at first ignored her. So she patted the
sofa as she called his name. This time he came over to
her and stood to her side. She was still sitting on the
floor at about eye level with Ranger’s throbbing prong.
She reached out and began to massage its length, which
had a slight upward curve.

All in all she thought, it really does seem to be
larger than the dick on my boyfriend. As she began
moving her hand up and down its length Ranger began to
respond by thrusting forward on each of Katy’s
advances. Pretty soon Ranger took over and Katy was
left holding the bag and the pole. Both of which Ranger
seemed to enjoy.

Since Ranger was in a humping motion Katy slowly got up
and bent over the edge of the couch, never releasing
Ranger from her desperate grip. Slowly she brought
Ranger around behind her with one hand as she patted
the top of the couch with the other. Ranger instantly
took to the command and mounted Katy from behind. Katy
guided Ranger into her steaming pussy in one long

As Ranger thrust deeper and deeper Katy moaned more and
more. It was a better feeling than before. Now Ranger
was moving more and their orientation allow for deeper
penetration. After a while Katy felt a large bulge
pressing against her cunt every time Ranger pressed

At first she thought that he might be thrusting so hard
that his balls were working their way into her pussy.
As she moved her hand back to feel his sack she found
both of his full ball hanging free. Katy gently
massaged them knowing that they held one of the
components that would aide her in reaching orgasm. She
slowly moved her hand up to the base of his cock. It
was there that she encountered a large knot of muscle.
Katy not being familiar with the genitalia of canines
let it go and just enjoyed the sensation.

Ranger’s thrust became more powerful and the knot
slowly pushed its way into Katy’s pussy. The feeling of
the bulge popping in and out of her cunt was very
enjoyable. She was nearing another orgasm, but this
time the only thing on her mind was enjoyment. Ranger
was also nearing his orgasm.

To Katy’s surprise, Ranger’s movements turned to short
thrusts with the bulge remaining inside her pussy. Then
all of a sudden her pussy felt fuller than it had ever
felt. The bulge was increasing in size. This full
feeling sent Katy over the edge and her body was racked
with orgasm after orgasm. To top it all off she felt
Ranger’s warm cum splashing the walls of her cunt. This
was all she needed. She was again in the midst of
multiple orgasms.

As Katy came down she decided she had better get
cleaned up before Nancy and Albert got back. As she
moved to the side trying to get Ranger to dismount she
felt a tugging inside of her pussy. Katy could not
imagine the bulge she had felt while exploring Ranger’s
balls was large enough to keep Ranger’s prick from
sliding out of her pussy.

It was at this point that Katy’s logical mind took
over. She put the filling feeling that she encountered
just before Ranger shot his load to the swelling of the
knot that he had, only a few minutes before, forced
into her. She became worried. Katy did not want to be
found out. For the majority of her life he had been a
straight lace executive type, one that would never
become involved with animal sex.

The more Katy tried to pull away from Ranger the more
futile it seemed to become. She tried again and again
to pull free from Ranger but it was no use. She then
rationalized that if the knot were lubricated it might
slip out. But since no lubricant was around she came to
the conclusion that the animal cum might serve the same
purpose. She began by moving further up the couch. This
brought Ranger to a position where he was standing on
his hind legs. Katy then began to contract and relax
the muscles of her cunt hoping the motion and the angle
would work enough cum out off their union to lubricate
her escape.

The feeling of her cunt contracting revived Ranger, who
most likely had intended to wait for the knot to go
down and then go on about his business. Ranger enjoyed
the feeling and began to thrust against the
contractions as he had done earlier as Katy was
masturbating him. Katy could only thin you stupid dog
what is your problem. Here I am trying to get you to
get off of me so that we don’t get caught and all you
want to do is keep on banging.

All of a sudden Katy sees the reflection of car lights
through the curtains and hears a car pull into the
driveway. Now desperation has set in. What will happen
next? Who has pulled into the drive way?

Since this was a desperate situation it called for her
to carry out desperate measures no matter what the
circumstances. Katy began by crawling off of the couch
onto the floor, with Ranger still locked in a tie on
her back. She mustered all her strength and proceeded
to crawl to her bedroom with Ranger following so, so
very close behind.

As she reached the hallway she heard the car in the
driveway backing out and driving away. To say the least
Katy was relieved. But she was still expecting Nancy
and Albert any time so she had better remedy the
situation or suffer the consequences. She continued to
crawl down the hallway and into her bedroom. Once
inside she slowly turned around to close the bedroom
door, so if nothing else she would be out of sight if
her company arrived home.

As she twisted around to face the door Katy felt Ranger
still very much inside her. His erection as well as the
knot at its base was still ridged as steel. She
couldn’t imagine any of her previous boyfriends having
this amazing staying power. The more she thought about
it the more she decided that the perfect sexual partner
for her had to be a dog. After all a dog seemed to have
an in-exhaustible sex drive, it wasn’t able to get her
pregnant (at least that what she hoped), and a dog
would always be there when she need a bit of release.
And if she didn’t want to do anything she would not
have to deal with the guilt as she does with her

Since Katy was now in the safety of her room she
figured she would just get comfortable and wait for
Ranger’s knot to subside. Katy pulled the cushion off
of the chair next to the bed along with a couple of
pillows and piled them in the middle of the floor. She
crawled on top of them and relaxed. Her ass was still
high enough to accommodated Ranger and she wasn’t
experiencing any pain. Quite the contrary, she loved
the feeling of being so full and Ranger’s soft warm
coat felt wonderful as he covered her back. As Katy
laid there her mind began to wonder.

It was about an hour later when Katy was awakened by
the slamming of her front door and Ranger’s barking.
She rolled over got up and walked to the bathroom to
get her robe as she turned on the light she looked down
at her sore pussy. To her surprise she was very clean,
apparently Ranger had licked her clean during her short
slumber. She couldn’t find her robe after all it was
laying somewhere in the living room so she put on her
boyfriends robe and walked to the bedroom door where
Ranger was eagerly digging at the carpet.

As Katy and Ranger proceeded into her living room she
was greeted by Nancy and Albert. The three talked for a
little while and then turned in for the night. As Katy
tried to fall asleep her mind was constantly filled
with the images of being taken by Ranger. Try as she
might she could not get to sleep. So she decided to get
up and get a snack and watch a bit of TV. As she walked
down the hall she heard muffled moans coming from the
guest room. Katy envied the fact that Nancy had
companionship tonight. But her boyfriend would only be
away for a few more days and then her needs would be

Katy went to the kitchen and got a piece of cake and a
glass of milk and went into the living room to watch
the TV. It was late and the only thing on was a David
Letterman rerun. Katy finished off her snack and was
flipping channels when she heard a yelp come from the
guest room.

To say the least Katy was curious about this noise.
Katy tiptoed down the hallway to the guest bedroom and
placed an ear to the door. For the next few moments she
heard nothing but silence, until there came a low
female moan and a male voice chanting, “That’s it! Take
that bitch! Go on boy! Give it to her!” Now Katy had to
know what was going on inside the guest room.

Since the hall light was off and she saw light creeping
under the door she got down on her knees and peered
under the crack. It was to Katy’s surprise, or should I
say her deepest wish, that she saw Nancy leaning
against the bed as Ranger rained thrust after thrust
into his human sex toy. As Katy looked around the room
she saw Albert stroking his cock while seated in a
chair to the side of the bed.

Katy eased a finger into her mouth pretending it was
Ranger’s prick. Sucked on it and then began to finger
her juicy little cunt. As Katy watched in wonderment,
Nancy continued to moan, having orgasm after orgasm.
Each thrust of Ranger’s turgid cock moved Nancy’s ass a
little closer to the bed, and increased the pace at
which Katy fingered her clit.

It was at this point that Katy gave herself away as she
lost her balance and made a loud thump against the
wall. The noise didn’t even phase Nancy who just kept
thrusting back against Ranger increasing advances.
Albert however, quickly got up, slipped on his robe,
and opened the door to check the hallway. There lay
Katy with her fingers in cunt and her robe crunched
under her hip.

Even though both Katy and Albert were embarrassed they
were also very worked up. Katy broke the silence by
asking Albert, “Well are you going to help me up and
invite me in or are you just going to stand there
trying to poke my eye out with your dick while your
wife has all the fun?”

Albert smiled, reached down and pulled Katy to her
feet, then proceeded back into the guest room. Katy
reached down to stroke Albert’s fading erection, and
Albert return the favor by turning Katy around and
examining her tonsils with his tongue.

Nancy was out of the throws of her orgasm and playfully
asked Albert just what was he doing. He responded by
telling Nancy that she seemed a little preoccupied so
he was letting Katy take matters into her hands. Ranger
was again experiencing a tie, this time with Nancy.
When Katy saw this she asked the couple, “Just exactly
what do you do when a Nancy gets in a tie with Ranger?”

Nancy responded by saying that she just enjoyed the
filling feeling. When Katy voiced her agreement by
saying, “I know. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling. He is so
large and warm and the feeling of his coat is simply

She knew that she had let the cat out of the bag. Now
Albert and Nancy knew that she had helped herself to
their dog. Albert said that sometimes he would let
Nancy suck his cock while Ranger’s prick subsided, but
the best thing he could do was… Albert stopped in mid
sentence, then said, “No, I think I’ll have to show

As Albert got up Katy had to release his now semi-rigid
cock. Albert walked over to the bed where Nancy was
still leaning with Ranger on her back. Albert stepped
up on the bed. Ranger barked and started to wag his
tail. This movement of Ranger’s haunches enticed an
enthusiastic moan from Nancy. Albert knelt across the
back of Nancy’s head. Ranger proceeded to nose around
in Albert’s crotch until he was able to take hold of
Albert’s cock.

Katy was amazed. She had never even considered a dog
being of use to a male. The scene that was unfolding
before her was more than she had ever hoped. Albert
explained that even though Ranger had large sharp teeth
he never did more than suck on his cock. Albert
explained that he thought Ranger’s actions were a
memory from when he was a puppy nursing from his

Albert explained in detail how good Ranger’s actions
felt. Ranger would suck for a while then pull back
releasing Albert’s cock, lick the sides of his now very
stiff member, then proceed to deep throat Albert again.
Because Albert’s cock had become so hard, he had to
lean forward so Ranger would continue to deep throat
him. This position gave a perfect arrangement for
Albert to explore the union of Ranger and Nancy.

Albert told Katy that as he would begin to massage
Ranger’s ball, Ranger would increase the suction on his
prick. Quickly the situation became too much for Albert
to handle. He was on the brink of coming and there was
no way to hold back. As Albert voiced his excitement,
it startled Ranger who quickly pulled back leaving
Albert’s cock shooting its load all over Nancy’s back.

Feeling left out Katy moved to milk the last spurts of
cum from Albert’s cock. She deep throated him a couple
of times. The head of his cock was just too sensitive
at this moment so he pulled away from Katy and lay down
on the bed. Ranger began to lick the cum from Nancy’s

Katy joined in. Both Katy and Ranger licked Nancy’s
back clean. Then Katy slid her tongue over to make
contact with Ranger’s tongue, which she proceeded to
suck into her mouth. The four-some slowly began to
regain their composure.

Then Katy asked, “What about me? I have an aching pussy
and it just won’t go away.”

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