The continuing bestiality adventures of Mike and Gabrielle

Mike peered over Gabrielle’s shoulder as they both read
the email. Both were excited beyond words, yet ever
cognizant of the fact that it was still only an email
and that the true test would be in meeting the couple in

Such was usually the case when meeting people through
these internet personals sites. On the screen, this
couple seemed ideal. Both were very attractive and they
seemed to have so much in common. The fact that both
were bisexual was the icing on the cake. Now it was time
to meet them…to take things to the next level.

They’d met other people through these sites
before…some couples, some singles. They were always
cautious, and screened everyone closely before ever
agreeing to meet. In fact, there were more that they
didn’t meet than those they did. For the most part
they’d always been fairly successful. Over the years
they’d had some really good times and shared in some
experiences most others only fantasize about.

For both Mike and Gabrielle, it was merely an extension
of their existing relationship. Both were very
comfortably bi, and open-minded in all things sexual.
They’d tried just about everything, and for the most
part enjoyed it all. Both had been in ‘straight’
monogamous relationships in the past. Both had been
married before. Somehow they seemed to discover each
other and nothing had been the same since.

Gabrielle looked up at Mike, a playful gleam in her
eyes. Mike knew the look well. He knew Gabrielle was
feeling adventurous.

“What do you think baby?” she asked.

“Sounds good to me,” he replied. “I trust them, and
it’ll be a good time I think.” The fact that they’d
spoken on the phone on numerous occasions helped ease
any concerns he might have had. “Let’s meet them and see
what happens.”

“Mmmmmmm…. you just want to get your hands on that big
cock of his,” she jibed playfully.

“Like you don’t,” he quickly replied.

“I must say, I’m a little wet thinking about it.”

“Oh yeah?” Mike reached down and ran his finger up the
length of Gabrielle’s pussy, then tasted his finger.
“Mmmmm…. I’d say that’s an understatement” and he

Gabrielle reached up and gave Mike’s cock a quick grasp.
“What have we here? Looks like you like what you see.”
With that she tugged the waistband of his boxers down
and quickly engulfed the entire length of his cock in
one smooth movement, causing him to groan. He savoured
it for a moment, then pulled her off. He loved her deep
throat skills, but knew what it would lead to.

“Don’t get me started or we’ll never get there,” he said
with a smile.

“Fine,” she said with a mock pout. He leaned down,
kissed her deeply and whispered, “I love you”.

Within a half hour they finished dressing and were in
the car, following the directions outlined in the email.
The couple they were meeting had invited them out to
their summer cottage, overlooking the ocean. From what
Mike gathered, it was in a rather secluded area, which
served their purposes just fine.

Both were dressed casually. Mike wore loose-fitting tan-
coloured Dockers, commando style, with just a pair of
sandals on his feet. A khaki-coloured, loose-fitting,
long-sleeved linen shirt over a white tank top completed
his wardrobe for the night.

Somehow it just seemed to accentuate his broad shoulders
and chest, which Gabrielle loved. His short, close-
cropped brown hair and muscular body gave him a youthful
look that belied his age, and his liquid hazel eyes
never ceased to make her pussy quiver.

Gabrielle had chosen a short periwinkle blue sundress.
If anything, it did less to hide and more to accentuate
the beautiful body concealed beneath it. Held up by thin
spaghetti straps, it did little to contain her D-cup
breasts and Mike couldn’t help but notice her prominent
nipples straining through the thin fabric.

The dress flared out at her hips, the bottom barely
covering the delicious curve of her buttocks. Normally
Gabrielle would be wearing a thong, however Mike had
managed to convince her not to wear any underwear this
time. As they sped down the highway in their Mercedes
convertible, Gabrielle could feel the warm summer breeze
buffeting her bare pussy, sending delicious thrills
through her.

On her feet she wore a simple pair of high-heeled
sandals, which accentuated her calves and brought her
height up to a staggering five-foot-four. Her auburn
hair blew casually in the breeze, revealing a graceful
neck and the diamond earrings Mike had bought her for
their last anniversary. Her stunning green eyes watched
Mike as he smoothly shifted gears and handled the
powerful sports car along the winding coastal highway
that led them closer to their destination.

As the sun began it’s descent over the ocean, Mike
pulled the car onto a flagstone driveway flanked by two
massive stone gateposts, the wrought iron gates swinging
closed as he slowed to a stop in front of the cottage.

The structure was more than a simple oceanfront cottage.
It was a tall A-frame structure, and Mike estimated the
house could accommodate at least forty or fifty guests
comfortably for an evening of entertaining. As he opened
the car door for Gabrielle and lifted their overnight
bag from the back seat, their hosts came out to greet

“Hi…. we’re Carl and Marie. We’re so glad you could
come.” Everyone shook hands and made the round of
greetings. “Can I take your bag for you?” Carl asked.

“Quite all right,” Mike replied. “We packed light,” he
said with a wink. Carl grinned his response.

“Come on in and have a drink then,” Marie smiled, then
took Gabrielle’s arm casually.

Mike and Carl couldn’t help but grin at each other as
they watched the two women lead the way, their swaying
buttocks enticing the men.

Once inside, drinks were poured and everyone relaxed.
Carl and Marie were everything they described and more.
Their photos had certainly not done them justice. Carl
appeared to be about six feet tall and very well

Compared to Mike, he was very similar in build, except
taller. His hair was short as well…. blond and closely
cropped. He was clean-shaven, which only seemed to
strengthen his handsome face. He’d dressed similarly to
Mike except his pants were more of a lounging type with
an elastic waistband.

Even from a distance, his prominent bulge was
unmistakable. As Mike made eye contact with him again,
he blushed at the discovery that he’d been caught
looking. Carl winked and smiled.

Marie was stunning. Her French-Indonesian heritage made
itself evident in her olive-coloured skin, long straight
raven hair and delicate features. Her large almond-
shaped eyes seemed to captivate anyone she looked at.
She wore a long black dress with a mandarin collar that
hung nearly to her ankles. The fabric seemed to hug her
curves, swelling over her prominent breasts,
accentuating her flat tummy and flaring back out over
her hips and buttocks before falling gracefully to her
ankles. She was bare-footed, which seemed to turn Mike
on for some reason.

As Mike made this observation, Marie turned to

“Would you like to see the rest of the house?”

“Sure,” Gabrielle replied, and the walked away arm in
arm while Mike and Carl watched.

Mike’s thoughts were interrupted by Carl’s voice.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

“That she is,” Mike answered.

“You’re going to love fucking her ass. She has the most
insatiable appetite for anal sex.”

“She’s not the only one,” Mike replied with a wink. Carl

Just then, Mike felt something cold and wet on his arm.
Turning to look, he discovered a huge Great Dane,
sniffing him out to see who the new guests were.

“That’s Butch,” said Carl. “We’ve had him for three
years now. Don’t be alarmed by his size. He’s quite
friendly.” This last comment he said with a bit of a
smile, and Mike couldn’t help but wonder what hidden
meaning might be held in that comment. He knew some
people enjoyed their pets for more than friendly
companionship and household security. Perhaps this might
be the case here. He shrugged it off and reached down to
scratch Butch’s ear. Again, his thoughts were
interrupted by Carl’s voice.

“Why don’t we go see what those women are up to?” he

“Sure,” Mike said, and they made their way through the
large house.

Carl led the way up the stairs to the second floor. As
he emerged at the top of the stairs, Mike discovered the
entire second floor was the master suite. Immediately in
front of him lay a sprawling bed, larger even than king-
sized. It had wrought iron posts on all four corners,
and a light-weight white fabric, similar to mosquito
net, draped from the top rails.

To his right lay the ensuite. It was open to the room
and consisted of two pedestal sinks, toilet and bidet
and a massive sunken Roman-style tub surrounded with lit
candles. To his left were an open pair of French doors
leading out to a deck overlooking the ocean. It was from
this direction he heard the distinct sounds of giggling.

“I believe that would be our wives,” Carl chuckled. Mike
followed Carl through the French doors. Built into the
deck was a large cedar hot tub. Both Mike and Carl
smiled as they discovered Marie and Gabrielle in each
other’s arms, giggling and playfully caressing each
other. It was quite evident they were naked, as was
evident by their discarded dresses laying like puddles
on the wood planking of the deck.

“It’s about time,” Marie playfully chided.

“I was just introducing Mike to Butch,” Carl replied. He
was casually removing his clothes as he made this
comment. Mike followed suit.

Marie saw the question in Gabrielle’s eyes. “Butch is
our Great Dane,” she said with a smile. “He’s such a
cutie. I just know you guys are going to love him.” As
she said this, she casually caressed Gabrielle’s
breasts, pausing occasionally to tug at her nipples.

By this time, Carl and Mike had finished undressing and
were preparing to step into the tub. As Carl lifted one
leg to step over the edge, Mike found himself looking at
Carl’s dangling cock. He was awed. His cock was easily
as big in it’s present soft state as Mike’s was when he
was hard, and Mike was no slouch at eight thick inches.

Carl had to be at least ten, of not more. It would have
been readily apparent to Gabrielle as well, however, she
was occupied with Marie’s tongue in her mouth at the
time and was too late to notice before Carl slipped
under the water. Mike slipped in quickly behind him.

He wasn’t concerned or even really envious of Carl’s
size. His eight inch cock was more than respectable and
he knew how to use it, that was for sure. He was equally
sure that this was going to be a real treat for
Gabrielle. She loved big cocks because they stretched

Gabrielle always loved the feeling of being stretched.
Mike knew that only too well, having fisted her more
times than he could remember. If anything, his only
concern was whether or not he himself would be able to
accommodate such a large weapon. He figured he’d know
soon enough.

Naturally, watching the two women across from them
aroused both men. By now Marie had Gabrielle sitting on
the edge of the tub and was licking her clit
mercilessly, literally tongue fucking her.

Gabrielle’s eyes were clenched shut as she clutched
Marie’s hair and mashed her face between her widespread
legs. Marie responded by wetting two fingers in
Gabrielle’s soaking wet pussy, then sliding them deeply
into Gabrielle’s anus. Instantly Gabrielle began her
first orgasm of the night.

The effect served to make Mike’s need greater. He
reached beside him and grasped Carl’s hardening cock. It
was massive. It felt heavy in his hand and he
immediately began to stroke it’s entire length, partly
to measure it and partly out of curiosity as to how big
Carl would get when fully aroused.

Carl moaned his appreciation then stood up, allowing his
cock to come level with Mike’s face. Mike didn’t need
any further encouragement. Lifting Carl’s impressive
cock with one hand, he ran his tongue along it’s entire
length, then wet his lips and engulfed the head. His
other hand stroked his own cock, which was now becoming
fully erect itself. Carl groaned again, fuelling Mike’s

He continued to suck, forcing his jaw to open further to
accommodate the huge cock. Taking his time, he allowed
Carl’s cock to enter to the point of reaching his gag
reflex. He was amazed that half of this cock was still
exposed. Willing himself to relax his throat muscles, he
took another inch, then another.

Backing off, he spit on the cock to lubricate it, then
went down again. Carl groaned again and placed his hands
on Mike’s head. It was the right trigger. Mike doubled
his efforts and after some time was finally able to feel
Carl’s pubic bone with his lips. As he pulled off to
take a breath, he was amazed.

Fully erect and throbbing hard, Carl’s cock was ten
solid inches. Mike’s jaw was stretched to it’s limits.
He sunk down on it again, his vision going blurry from
the excitement and the lack of oxygen. This time Carl
almost growled, and it turned Mike on incredibly.

Hearing Carl’s growl, Gabrielle looked up to see her
husband swallow what appeared to be an immense cock. She
instantly became even wetter. Seeing that Mike was
handling Carl without too much discomfort, she spoke up.

“Grab his hair Carl. Fuck his face. He loves it. He
wants it. Don’t you baby?”

Mike nodded, as much as he could with a throat full of
cock. Carl smiled and nodded. Reaching down, he removed
the hand Mike had been stroking him with and said, “No
hands.” He then grabbed each side of Mike’s head and
began to stroke his cock in and out of his mouth, using
him as his personal fuck toy. Mike was delirious.

Carl began stroking a little faster. Every once in a
while, he pulled out, slapping his cock on Mike’s
tongue, then rudely smacking the sides of his face with
it. Gabrielle and Marie heard it and stopped what they
were doing to watch, each playing with her own pussy as
they did so. Back in Carl’s cock went, right down to the
root. He began fucking Mike’s face in earnest, his face
creased in effort and in the pleasure he was receiving.

For his part, Mike was beside himself. He’d totally
forgotten about his own cock, as it was all he could do
to concentrate on breathing as Carl fucked his face. At
some point he began to completely lose himself in the
act, submitting to the thrusting of Carl’s cock.

Soon he was seeing stars. Marie, knowing how long her
husband could last, slipped in behind him and began to
lick his ass. Not wanting to be left out of the action,
Gabrielle slipped into the water beside Mike and
whispered her encouragement.

“Yeah baby, that’s it. Oh my god this is hot! Fuck that
cock! Oh fuck!”

Marie wet a finger and slowly inserted it into Carl’s
anus. It wasn’t long before she found his prostate and
began to massage it gently. It had the desired effect.
Grunting and snorting, Carl went over the edge, slamming
his cock into Mike’s throat, his big balls tightening
up. Tears welled up in Mike’s eyes. This was easily the
most brutal face fuck he’d ever received.

With a great shout, Carl suddenly pulled his cock out
and furiously fisted it. Gabrielle grabbed Mike’s hair
and held his mouth open. In mere seconds, Carl’s cum cam
flying out, the first spurt flying across Mike’s face.
Adjusting his aim, Carl pumped jet after jet of cum into
Mike’s upturned mouth, filling it to capacity.

As the last drops seeped out, he ran his cock across
Mike’s lips, wiping the cum around. Gabrielle
immediately pulled Mike’s face to hers and shoved her
tongue into his mouth as far as it would go. They
swapped Carl’s cum, savouring it between them. Pulling
away, Gabrielle closed Mike’s mouth with her hands and
said “Swallow it,” which he did.

Marie scooped up what had landed on Mike’s face and
offered it to her husband. He sucked it all off, then in
a total surprise to Mike, leaned down and licked off all
remaining traces of it from Mike’s face, ending in a wet

“I think it’s time we went into the bedroom,” Marie said
quietly with a smile.

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