A wife attends a show with her husband in a strange city, and finds herself on her own

This story may or may not be true… I’ll let you decide.

My husband is in sales, so we travel a lot on incentive
trips that he has won. Unfortunately, he often spends time with
his boss and the other sales people, leaving me on my own. But
sometimes that can be good because it allows me to do what I want.

On this particular trip, there was a lot of golf planned,
and since I don’t play golf, I decided to take in some of the
museums and galleries of the city. There was a particular exhibit
that I wanted to see at the Museum of Natural History.

It was a warm summer day so I decided to wear loose fitting
shorts and a sports “T” and comfortable tennis shoes. Since I am very
tall (5’10”) and stay in good shape, I was confident that it would
still be appropriate wear for the day. (I had no idea that later in
the day I was going to very pleased with my selection.

I had been at the museum for about an hour when I noticed
that regardless of how much time I spent in a particular exhibit, or
which exhibit I visited, a young Japanese girl (obviously a tourist)
was there too. I became a little self conscious and thought that
perhaps my attire wasn’t suitable because the girl kept looking at
my legs. The group began viewing a series of exhibits that were in
darkened rooms and everywhere I seemed to stand, the girl was near.

The exhibits were rather crowded and we soon found ourselves
very close. I know in Japan, it is very crowded and they are
accustomed to close physical contact. So, at first, I didn’t think
too much of the about the fact that this pretty girl kept standing
so close to me as we moved from exhibit to exhibit. As we moved
through the exhibits her elbow would touch me about mid-thigh, I was
much taller than her.

One particular exhibit was very interesting and I must have
lost track of what was going on around me because I suddenly realized
that the beautiful young Japanese girl was rubbing my leg with the
inside of her forearm! I froze… no other woman had ever touched me
before… at least not like that! Her skin was so soft and it all
seemed so forbidden… in public, in a darkened room… two women.

I didn’t know what to do, so I did nothing. I didn’t move…
I just let her touch me. Soon the lights came back on and we moved on.
We didn’t look at each other but I felt so aware of her existence! She
never got very far away from me as we moved to the next exhibit. At
next presentation, I purposefully moved to the back of the room just
to see what she would do. She followed me, and again stood next to me.
What happened next nearly set me on fire!

When the lights dimmed, she again pressed her arm against my
leg. But this time I applied pressure back so that she knew that I was
aware of what she was doing. She soon replaced her arm with her hand.
Her hand was so small and delicate… so soft. She slowly slid her
hand along my thigh starting at my knee and moving upward. As I
mentioned earlier, I was wearing loose fitting summer shorts and this
allowed her to slide her hand inside the leg of my shorts. I was
suddenly wishing I wasn’t wearing underwear because her hand and arm
was so small that she was able to reach all the way to my panties.

I have never been with another woman and what was happening
to me at that moment was incredible! She seemed to be very interested
in my pubic hair. Rather than trying to get under my panties and
touch me, she just kept rubbing my mound. It was probably just as well
since that area of my panties was starting to get very wet.

I was suddenly (and understandably) no longer interested in
the museum exhibits and when the lights came back on I walked out and
found a water fountain. I had no idea what would happen next. That
concern quickly went away when I turned around and there she stood. No
words had been spoken… we both knew what would happen next. I told
her that I couldn’t go back to my hotel. She seemed to understand…
and we soon found ourselves in the lobby of her hotel. My legs were
shaking so much I wasn’t sure I could walk much further. But, in a
strange way, I felt very much at peace with what was happening.

We finally reached her room. She invited me in and told me to
make myself comfortable. I decided that although she was much younger
than my 36 years, that I would let her continue to take the lead as
she had at the museum. She spoke little English but little verbal
communication was needed. I finally told her that I would like to
shower. It had been a very exciting day and a shower sounded like a
good place to continue our affair. She indicated her approval and she
began to help me with my clothes. It had been a long time since any-
one paid that much attention to me and I was loving it. She seemed
very excited and grew even more bold as my clothes came off one piece
at a time.

I was soon nude and standing before her. She couldn’t seem to
take her eyes off my pubic hair. I am a blonde and very hairy, and
she seemed to be fascinated with my ‘bush’. She stepped toward me and
put her arms around me. Her face came right to my breasts. She kissed
my tits one at a time, very gently, and began sucking on my nipples.
While kissing my hardened nipples, she slid her hands up between my
thighs and was soon touching me.

I told her I would like to shower first and she nodded, and
began to undress. Her body was so tiny! Long, straight lush black
hair. Small, but very firm breasts and the most beautiful behind I
have ever seen. When she turned around I got to see her fully frontal
for the first time. To my surprise, she was shaven. The only hair on
her was the hair on her head!

She invited me to touch her… I slid my hand down the flat of
her stomach to her slit. It felt strange without hair but very sensual.
Her lips where already moist and swollen and her clit was slightly
protruding from it’s hiding place. She spread her legs slightly for me.
I couldn’t help but slide my finger between her lips, over her clitoris
and gently enter her vagina. I could small her… I hadn’t felt lust
like this… ever!

I touched and rubbed her for what seemed like only a few
minutes before she came! I could feel her muscles at the entrance to
her vagina tighten on my fingers. She let out a slight gasp and it
was over. She seemed subdued even during orgasm. After a moment she
indicated that it was ‘my turn’. She led me by the hand to the bath-
room and turned on the shower. She asked me if I felt comfortable…
and if she could ‘please’ me. I nodded and stepped into the shower.
She immediately followed me in with several body soaps and lotions,
and after I was wet all over, she began to bathe me. She ran the soap
over my shoulders and down over my breasts and nipples. As the soap
flowed down over my stomach toward my pussy, she followed it’s path
with her hands. I stood with my legs slightly apart so she could have
better access to me. She was wonderful… so gentle, yet so persistent
and knowing… she knew exactly how to touch me. She not only touched
my clit and inside my lips but also ‘cupped’ me by pressing her hand
over both libia and gently massaged me.

Then she turned me toward the shower wall… I could feel her
hand between my legs encouraging me to stand with my legs further
apart. I thought she was going to wash my back. But that was only to
be part of it… Her hand soon slid down to caress my buttocks. Then
she asked me to stand slightly sideways. She reached again around in
front of me and slid her hand between my legs. She soon found my
clitoris with her thumb and forefinger and began to touch me in an
almost twirling motion. With the warm water running down between my
legs it was a fantastic feeling. And since I was standing at an angle
to her, it also allowed her other hand to glide over my bottom
in a most pleasurable way. My rear was still soapy and slick with
one of the lotions that she was using on my body, as she began to
explore deeper between my ass cheeks as she continued to rub my

Part of me wanted her to stop what she was doing… I had
never let anyone touch me ‘there’; not even my husband. But it felt
so good and forbidden. She wasn’t probing or ‘poking’. It was all so
gentle and caring… she seemed to understand a sense of timing as
to when to move ahead and when to slow down with me.

I knew I was nearing orgasm. My nipples were rock hard and
sticking straight out. My clit had swollen to a point that gave her
an excellent grip. Just as I started to come, she slid a finger
against my ass hole… she didn’t penetrate… with a gentle circling
motion, she ran her finger around my anal opening. The whole world
seemed to go away… the only thing I could feel or sense was where
she was touching me at that moment! I have never climaxed so hard in
my life. It seemed to go on forever! I could feel my juices flowing
from my vagina and onto me. Me legs were so weak we had to get out
of the shower so I could lie down before I passed out. We toweled each
other off and adjourned to her bed.

It was again, my turn. And I expressed every fantasy I could
think of or had ever thought of, read about, or seen in X rated movies.
She was wonderful. She smelled so good… so soft… and no pubic hair
was much more of a turn on than I had ever imagined!

We made love all afternoon. She showed me many wonderful things
about myself and about making love to another woman. She said that
when she was very young she had stayed with an aunt that was a lesbian.
Her Aunt had many friends and they had taught her many of the things
that she had now shared with me. I was grateful.

The best part of this experience is the ending… that night
my husband and I made love… really made love… for the first time.
Before it was just sex. That beautiful Japanese girl really opened my
eyes to the pleasures… of not only women, but of men as well.

As you can imagine… I no longer mind when my husband goes
off to ‘play’ with his friends and leaves me ‘on my own’.

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