A young woman learns not to let her boyfriend tie her up

“Shit I’m out of beer,” said Tommy.

I turned my head and watched him pull on his jacket.
“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m going out for some beer.”

“Well, untie me then. You can’t leave me like this.”

“I want to think about you naked and tied to my table
while I’m gone; completely vulnerable to who every
walks through the door.”

“Tommy you can’t drive; you’re too drunk.”

“I know,” he belched, “I’m going to walk.”

“Tommy, untie me please.”

“Don’t worry, Caesar will keep you company while I’m

No sooner had the door closed when Caesar got up,
stretched his huge body, open his jaws and let out a
low, guttural sound from deep inside his chest. He
walked over and started stiffing my leg.

“Caesar go away,” I said.

He kept sniffing and moved around between my legs. I
felt his wet nose on the inside of my thigh where
Tommy’s cum was dripping down my leg. And then the
damn dog licked my thigh with his big mastiff tongue.

“Caesar no,” I said.

He kept licking up my thigh, following the trail of
cum. His tongue sent shivers up my body. It was so big
it didn’t even tickle as it worked up the inside of my

I was helplessly tied to the table. My wrists were
tied with ropes going to the legs on the opposite side
of the table and I was leaning over the other end with
my butt hanging over the side and my chest squished on
the table top. Tommy had tied my ankles to the legs on
my side of the table to keep my feet apart and I
couldn’t move as Caesar’s tongue moved up the inside
of my thigh while he slurped his master’s cum.

“CAESAR NO!” I said loudly, but the damn dog just kept
licking. It was driving me crazy. His nose hit my
crotch. “CAESAR NO!” I demanded. “Oh shit!” I said. He
licked the crack of my ass and I felt his rough tongue
teasing my butt hole. He licked my butt hole several
times before his tongue moved back down my crack into
my pussy where he could taste Tommy’s cum again.

He seemed to really like it and his big wide tongue
worked on the outside of my pussy lips and I felt
myself getting wet. I could tell that if he continued
doing what he was doing I was going to have an orgasm.

With my legs spread and my pussy wide open; his hot,
rough tongue soon found my clitoris. He kept licking
like he was on a mission and now I was really going
crazy. “Ohhh, Caesar,” I wailed. “Ohh fuck. You, you
stupid dog, oohh shit.”

Now I didn’t want him to stop. He kept licking and his
tongue occasionally penetrated deeper inside of me as
he savored the flavor of my wet and getting wetter
pussy. “Oooohhhh,” I groaned as an orgasmic wave swept
through my body. “OOOOHHHH,” I screamed through the
most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. The dog’s big broad
tongue that could normally wet your face with one lick
was able to ignite every nerve at the entrance to my

Finally the big mastiff stopped licking. By then I was
gasping for breath, but suddenly he lifted his big
front paws onto the table on each side of my bent over
body. “Caesar, what are you doing?” I said as I turned
my head to look behind me.

The big dog’s head towered over my and he licked the
base of my neck. Then I felt his wet doggy penis
between my butt cheeks and he started trying to hump
my ass.

“This is so embarrassing,” I said to no one but
myself. “God, what if Tommy comes back while his dog
is trying to fuck me.”

He was very excited but his soft fur fell good on my
naked back and to be honest I didn’t totally mind him
trying to use me. I thought that it was the least I
could do to return the favor.

Caesar jumped down and started to walk around behind
me in circles, clearly excited. He paced around the
table and I could see his big red penis hanging
between his legs. He moved around behind me again and
planted his paws in the same spot on the table as he
tried to mount me. He thrust his wet dick against me
several times and suddenly he was successfully.

I felt his slimy red cock slide into my pussy. He
brought his hips closer and I felt it penetrate deeper
inside of me. He was a big dog and had a penis to
match that filled me up quite nicely. He began to
rapidly drive it in and pull it out and I am totally
embarrassed to say that my pussy was already sensitive
because of his tongue and he soon had my vagina

“Oh god Caesar,” I moaned. The dog was like a machine.
He was pounding it into me faster that you can
imagine. His big furry balls were slapping against me
with each thrust. After another five-ish minutes I had
another normal, but still very satisfying orgasm.

The dog was panting audibly. His saliva was dripping
on my back when I felt him thrust hard, pushing a big
lump into my vagina. “Caesar what the hell?” I asked
and turned my head to look at him. But he didn’t
answer me; he just stopped pumping. And then I felt
his hot cum spurting into me. He kept licking my back
while his penis continued pumping his doggy sperm into
my womb like a broken fire hose. The lump just inside
of my vagina was so big that I knew that none of his
sperm was escaping.

It was painfully delightful and I had a spontaneous
orgasm even though it felt like my pussy was being
stretched beyond its limits.

When his balls finally drained I felt the big mass in
my pussy shrink and he dismounted. He lay down on the
floor and began licking his member. Now I could feel
his wetness dripping down my leg.

I wasn’t in such a hurry now for Tommy to return even
though my position was uncomfortable. I knew that
there was no way that I was going to tell him that his
dog had just made me his bitch.

Some more time passed. I think that I actually fell
asleep for a while before the door opened. “Look who I
met at the mini-mart,” said my boyfriend drunkedly.

Awaked, I turned my head and saw him and his friend
Bill standing in the doorway.

“Tommy was too drunk to make it home on his own,” said
Bill, “so I helped him get home. He didn’t tell me
that he’d left you tied to the table and naked.”

“Bill, just untie me and let me keep my self-esteem

“I don’t know,” said Bill. “You’re Tommy’s girl. I’m
not sure that I should interfere.”

“Just quit ogling my ass and untie me Bill, please.”

Bill walked up behind me and put his hand on my naked
buttock. “It is a very fine ass.”

Tommy didn’t seem to care that his friend was touching
my vulnerable, naked body as he sat down on the
kitchen chair with a thump.

“Bill please,” I begged.

He slid a finger between my legs and my pussy lips.
“My you are all hot and sticky in there girl.”

“Tommy,” I begged and looked back at him slumped in
the chair. His eyes were closed and he seemed
unresponsive. Then I heard Bill’s zipper and I looked
over my shoulder as he was pulling out his pecker.

“Suck my cock and I’ll untie you,” he offered.

“I can’t suck your cock while I’m spread-eagle in the
middle of the table. You need to untie me.” I hadn’t
promised him anything and I was hoping that he
wouldn’t notice.

“I have a better idea,” he said. I looked and saw him
stroking his semi-erect penis as he moved behind me
and between my legs.

“Bill no! Tommy, tell your friend to go home,” I

It was no use. I felt Bill push his nearly erect cock
into my moist pussy. Tommy was slumped down and
snoring while his friend took advantage of my
situation. There was nothing that I could do but lay
there and let Bill fuck me.

I felt him growing stiff as he pushed his cock into me
and I could tell that he was clearly enjoying fucking
me while I was helpless. He put his hands on each side
of my hips and buried his cock to the hilt. I felt my
pussy contracting around his cock and bit my lip to
keep from moaning.

“Boy your boyfriend left you pretty wet and sticky,”
he commented as his hips slapped up against my ass.

I wasn’t about to tell him that it was actually my
boyfriend’s dog that had done that. Bill fucked me for
fifteen or twenty minutes before he started groaning
and pushing into me with an increasing frequency. I
had a minor orgasm as I felt his sperm shooting into
my pussy but I wasn’t about to let him know that I’d
enjoyed it.

When he’d finished draining his cock he pulled out and
stepped back. “Tell Tommy thanks,” he said. As he
zipped up his pants he laughed, “Oh and don’t get up;
I’ll let myself out.”

“Bill you promised to untie me,” I said.

“No, that was if you gave me a blow job.”

“Well untie me then.”

“Hmmm, no I still think that’s up to Tommy,” he said
as he patted my ass. “See you around,” and he turned
and left the apartment.

“Oh Jesus,” I exclaimed. “Tommy wake up.” But he
didn’t stir. Instead I saw Caesar lift his head off of
the floor and sniff the air. He brought his big muzzle
around and licked his groin. His red penis slipped out
of its sheath.

He was sniffing the air as he stood up with his big
red doggy cock hanging down between his legs. I said,
“No Caesar, stay.” But he came up behind me again. I
could feel Bill’s cum dripping down my leg and the dog
began lapping it up.

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