A young man catches his girlfriend trying to sneak by him naked

The following is based on a true story. I have taken
liberty with some of the facts, but the core of the story
actually happened many years ago…

I was 17 at the time, and I had been dating Becky (also
17) for about one month. We really liked each other a
lot, but had not become any more “intimate” than a few
feels through clothing, no flesh. I could tell, though,
that she enjoyed it as much as I did, so soon enough I
knew we could expect a little more.

It was a Saturday night, and I went over to Becky’s house
to pick her up for a date. When I got there, her sister
Dawn greeted me at the door. Dawn was 16, and she and
Becky were very close-best friends, in fact. Dawn let me
in and told me that Becky was still in the shower and
would be ready shortly. She said that their parents had
gone out for the evening and that I was welcome to wait
in the living room, which was just inside the front door,
next to the stairs that went up to the second floor of
the modest-sized house.

Dawn went upstairs, shouted through the bathroom door to
Becky that I was there, and I had a seat on the couch,
relaxing and watching the clock and the pictures on the
wall, mind wandering. After a couple of minutes there, I
heard the bathroom door open, and after a moment or two,
Dawn shouted out, “Phil, come quick! Becky’s naked!”

Well, like any red-blooded American boy, I was off the
couch like a shot to the stairs to see what was going on.
Obviously, Becky reacted to Dawn’s news brief and darted
for her bedroom, which was maybe 10 feet from the
bathroom, out of my view unless I was already on the
stairs, which I wasn’t. By the time I had gotten to the
stairs, I heard Becky’s door slam shut.

I had missed her, but I decided to pursue the issue. I
went up the narrow stairs, passed the bathroom at the top
and did a u-turn to the left, heading right for Becky’s
closed door. Although I had no intention of going in, I
rattled the door handle slightly and Becky screamed at me
to stay out as I heard her body slam against the door to
keep me from entering.

Rather than force the issue, I instead offered an
interesting idea. I dared Becky to run back to the
bathroom naked, but this time to give me a fighting
chance of seeing her. I told her I would go back
downstairs and sit on the couch, which was on the far
wall of the living room. Then I asked Dawn if she would
stand at the top of the stairs and tell me when Becky had
emerged from her room, at which point I would make a mad
dash for the stairs again and try to see her before she
gotten to the safety of the bathroom. After a long pause
on the other end of the door, Becky excited said she’d do

I dashed down the stairs and Dawn took her place at the
top of them. Dawn looked down and, seeing me seated on
the couch, told Becky I was in place. After a few brief
moments, I heard the door start to open and Dawn yelled
down that Becky was out. I sprinted for the stairs as
Becky sprinted for the bathroom, my only hope being that
she’d trip and fall along her way.

Alas, she did not fall, and as I got to the bottom of the
stairs, I looked up and saw the bathroom door slam shut.

Damn! I missed again. But I wasn’t going to let this die
away. I knew that she was still naked in the bathroom and
that her clothes were in her room, so there was still
hope. I slowly ascended the stairs, trying to think of a
better plan. By the time I reached the top, I had it.

I knocked on the bathroom door and asked Becky if I could
come in.

“No!” Again, her body banged against the door to keep me

I told her I had one last request. I would go down into
the kitchen, which was just past the living room heading
to the back of the house, and I would stand in the far
corner, which obstructed my view of the stairwell
completely. Dawn would be standing at the bottom of the
stairs, where she could see both the bathroom and that I
wasn’t cheating in the kitchen. Becky would come out of
the bathroom and go down the stairs as far as she was
comfortable before heading back up or I started over from
the kitchen, at which point Dawn would tell her and Becky
could try to reach her room without being spotted.

I guess the plan sounded safe, because without pause
Becky said she’d do it. I decided to liven up the moment
a bit first.

“Okay, just let me in to grab all the towels or anything
else you could cover up with so that you don’t cheat.”

“No way, Jose!”

I grinned at Dawn.

“Okay, how about Dawn comes in and does that for me?”

“Okay, but no funny business.”

“I promise I’ll be good.”

With that, I stepped back into their parents’ bedroom,
which was just to the left of the bathroom, and Dawn
slowly opened the bathroom door, letting Becky see it was
her, before going all the way in and closing the door
behind her. After a few seconds, she emerged with a
handful of towels, smiling at me. I knew from her look
that Becky was without protection.

Now I know I could have overpowered Becky and barged
right in to have my look, but I had other ideas that were
less intrusive but more devious.

I asked Becky through the door if she was, in fact,
naked, and she said she was.

“Okay, then, we’re going down now.”

I looked at Dawn, who had put the towels in her bedroom,
winked, and motioned for her to go down alone, indicating
that I was going into their parents’ bedroom instead.

A look of shock came across Dawn’s face and I thought she
wouldn’t go for it, but a devilish grin quickly emerged,
she winked back and noisily went down the stairs, making
it sound like both of us were going down. I guess there’s
nothing better than putting a good one over on your

I went into their parents’ bedroom, behind their bed, and
waited. After a few seconds, Dawn shouted up that we were
both in place.

Becky, though, was suspicious, and asked me to yell up
that I was in place, I guess so that she could tell how
far away I was.

Looking around quickly, I spotted the heat vent on the
floor. I leaned over it, cupped my hands around my mouth,
and shouted in that I was in place.



Did she buy it?

She did!

After a few seconds, I heard the bathroom door handle
slowly open. From my vantage point, I couldn’t see the
bathroom door, but I would easily see her as soon as she

Following several more anxious moments, when I suspect
Becky was working up her nerve, I saw the top of her head
poke out of the doorway. I backed out of view, suspecting
that she was surveying the situation to make sure I
wasn’t hiding around the corner. I waited until I heard
more movement before peeking back from around the bed. I
could now see the back of her head, but nothing else as

Let me take a moment to describe Becky’s appearance. She
was on the petite side of a medium build; about 5 foot 3
inches and maybe 110 pounds. She had shoulder-length
sandy brown hair and was athletic, participating in
gymnastics- overall a very attractive young lady.

Now, back to the story.

Slowly, Becky began to emerge from the bathroom, looking
down the stairs and not back at me to her right. After
her head, her bare shoulder appeared.

My heart was pounding out of my chest. She was actually
going through with it!

Becky was crouching slightly, and after a few more
seconds I could see almost her entire bare back. Her arm
reached out for the top of the banister, and I caught a
glimpse of the side of her right breast, the tip of her
nipple poking out in profile.

It was all I could do to contain myself (literally and
figuratively) as she continued out, standing up a little
straighter and now exposing her full butt to me. Her rear
end was just as I had imagined and hoped, curvy but not
very large. She hips were smooth and not terribly
rounded, and her thighs tight with the muscle lines she
had developed in sports.

She was now completely in my view as she stood at the top
of the stairs, facing slightly away from me. Hoping not
to make any noise, I slowly stood up and started toward
the door to follow her as far as I could. Had she asked
me to identify where I was, I would have been screwed,
although I had already gotten more of an eyeful than I
had hoped for.

But Becky said nothing and slowly continued on, giving me
an incredibly long look at her naked backside. She moved
down one step, then another, then another, crouching only
slightly to see if I was cheating downstairs. She paused
and mouthed something to Dawn, and Dawn must have
responded, as she continued on down the stairs.

By now, I had emerged from her parents’ room and was
standing about 10 feet behind her. I had just gotten into
Dawn’s view, and her eyes spotted me and quickly looked
back into the kitchen. She was playing along very well!

I started down the stairs slowly behind Becky, and as she
got about four steps from the bottom, she either got cold
feet or had grown suspicious, as she stopped cold, trying
to look into the kitchen for me. Even if I had been
standing in the doorway of the kitchen to the living room
I would have only been able to see her from her butt

However, in turning to look into the kitchen, which gave
me another profile view of her right breast and nipple,
she spotted me behind her out of the corner of her eye.
She froze for a moment, realizing that I had been
watching her all along and tried to figure out her best
route to safety.

Dawn, recognizing that the secret was out, stepped up to
the bottom step to prevent Becky from darting downstairs
and into the security of the spare bathroom off the
family room in the back. Becky saw that she couldn’t get
past Dawn and turned toward me, facing me fully, but
covering herself as best she could with her arms and
hands. She had fully covered her pubic hair with one hand
and had her other arm across her breasts, leaving me
little to see other than A LOT of skin.

Becky stood there for a moment, then decided she only had
one way to go and she’d better get on with it. She
dropped her arms, giving me a full view of EVERYTHING,
her soft, round breasts that were just enough to fill my
hands, her well-trimmed pubic hair, and all of the soft
and smooth skin that you’d hope for in your 17-year-old

The view was fleeting, though, as she started barreling
up the stairs at me, breasts bouncing up and down and
arms pumping. I was about four steps above her, so she
was on me quickly. She tried to move to one side to get
by, then the other, but I moved back and forth, blocking
her all the way.

Having little other choice, she ran right into me,
tackling me on the stairs, her full naked body resting on
mine, our eyes inches away from each other. She propped
herself up with her arms for a moment, then released her
body to rest completely on mine, giving me a full open
mouth kiss as I wrapped my arms around her and placed my
hands on her bare rear end, squeezing its firm, athletic

Then she was off again, but instead of crawling around,
she went right over me, giving me the thrill of my young
life as she let her breast slide right across my face. I
tried to capture her nipple with my lips, but it was past
me before I could do so. Then her belly ran across my
face, followed by her pubic hair.

But now she was at the top of the stairs, had stood up,
and darted for her bedroom. The door slammed behind her
and she let out a string of profanity, telling me what a
pervert I was and chastising her sister for tricking her
so cruelly.

Dawn and I went up to her room, apologizing profusely. I
told her I never would have done it if I knew it would
have bothered her so. After a few seconds of silence, the
door opened a crack and Becky’s faced peered around it.
She grinned.

“Paybacks are a bitch! And neither of you will be

I went downstairs and waited for Becky in the living room
and, about ten minutes later she came down, smiling

“Did you enjoy yourself?” she asked.

“That depends. Are you okay?”

“I’m great, because I can’t wait for the paybacks.”

“Then I guess I had a wonderful time. Thanks for being
such a sport.”

We talked for a little while with Dawn and continued on
with our date. At dinner, Becky hatched a plan for Dawn’s
It would come soon…

*** Sister’s Turn ***

It didn’t take long for Becky’s payback to Dawn to take
place. And lucky me, I got to be involved.

As I mentioned before, Dawn was 16 at the time, but
didn’t resemble her sister that much. She stood about 5
foot 6 inches and must have weighed about 120 pounds. She
was on the thin side with dishwater blond hair, but not
as firm and athletic as Becky. She did have a very
attractive body, though, fully developed in all the right

The plan worked this way. Oftentimes on weekends, their
parents would go out for shopping or to visit friends or
relatives. Dawn was a suntan nut, so she would sunbathe
as often as she could. Becky said that when their parents
were gone, Dawn would wear the skimpiest bikini she owned
and lay out in their backyard, which was surrounded by a
pretty tall wooden security fence. Once out there, she
would lie on her stomach and undo the straps of her top,
giving her the full tan effect on her back. What was
best, though, according to Becky, is that Dawn would
often fall into a deep sleep for hours on end there.

So we hatched our plan, and two weeks after the adventure
with Becky, I came over at about 1 p.m. on a sunny
Saturday afternoon to make it happen.

Becky had called me to let me know Dawn had gone outside
in her skimpy bikini. I got there as soon as I could and
Becky let me in the front door. We walked through the
living room, past the kitchen, and through the family
room to the back door wall. From there, we could see Dawn
lying out on her lounge chair about 15 feet away. Her
head was nearest us, her feet furthest away. Like Becky
had said, Dawn had undone her straps and appeared to be

We opened the door wall, making a little noise to see if
Dawn would stir. She didn’t move, so we came out, leaving
the door open. We approached Dawn on either side, and
knelt down near her waist.

Like I said, Dawn had already undone her top straps, so I
was able to see her bare back, well tanned and
unblemished. Her arms were resting under her head, so I
was able to see just the side of her right breast, but it
was nothing to speak of as yet, being mostly hidden
underneath her.

I didn’t stare too long at Dawn because I was dating her
sister, of course, who was only a couple of feet away.
Besides, we had to move onto the next step.

As Becky had described, Dawn’s bikini was skimpy, and to
provide as much skin exposure as possible, she had bikini
bottoms with straps that tied. Slowly, Becky and I
reached on either side for the strings dangling from
Dawn’s hips. We pulled them, gradually undoing the knots,
until finally they were undone.

Dawn was definitely sound asleep, as she never moved.
Again in unison, Becky and I reached for the remaining
loop holding the front and back of the bottom together
and, only slightly touching Dawn’s skin, we pulled the
strings until they fell loose, completely undone.

Next, we returned to the front of the chair, where Dawn’s
head was. Dawn was deathly afraid of snakes, so Becky had
picked up a realistic looking fake one and placed it
gently on Dawn’s hand, right in front of her eyes. About
the only thing that could ruin this stunt would have been
if Dawn had screamed when she woke up, but Becky assured
me that her sister was not a screamer. “We’ll see,” I

Becky stepped to the foot of the chair and I bent over
and softly hissed into Dawn’s ear. After a few moments,
Dawn’s eyes opened and she focused on the snake just
inches away from her face.

She gasped and quickly sprang from the chair, not aware
yet of who was there and how she was (un)dressed. Dawn’s
bikini top had remained on the chair and her bottoms had
flipped down, caught between her tightly clenched thighs.

I was able to take a good long look as Dawn came to the
realization of what was really going on. Her breasts were
slightly larger than Becky’s, but because she was a
little taller, they were in perfect proportion to the
rest of her body.

Her nipples were standing at erect attention-from the
shock, I suppose-and she trimmed her pubic hair in much
the same way as her sister. Dawn was slightly more hippy,
but I marveled at what a good job their parents had done
of creating two nearly perfect specimens of young women.

From behind her, Becky reached down and yanked Dawn’s
dangling bikini bottoms from between her legs. As Dawn
spun around to see what was going on, I took the
opportunity to lean forward and swipe up her bikini top
and towel from the chair, leaving her completely exposed
in her own backyard.

Again, they had high wooden security fences, so most of
the neighbors had no idea what was going on. The house
kiddie corner to theirs, though, was a two-story
structure, so technically they could see what was going
on if the were in the right place at the right time.

Dawn was still not screaming, thankfully, but like Becky
had done on the previous occasion, she tried to cover
herself with her hands and arms, still allowing me a view
of A LOT of skin, but no “private parts.”

She demanded that I give her the towel, but I refused,
telling her that she needed to come and get it. I
instructed her instead to drop her arms and slowly turn
around, then she could have her towel. She paused for a
moment, realizing that she had little alternative. She
looked at me with a scowl on her face, and did what I

She slowly dropped her arms and began to blush, but
rather than stare at her face, my eyes wandered
elsewhere. This time, I got a good long look at her full
and soft breasts, smooth and curvy hips, and cute little
strip of pubic hair. As she turned around, I was able to
appreciate the curves of both her breasts and her butt,
and when she was totally facing away from me, I admired
her soft, round rear end. She stopped moving as she faced
away from me, put her hands on her hips, and gave a
little butt wiggle.

Boy, she was taking this very well!

She turned around quickly and darted for me and,
presumably, her towel. I was only a few steps from the
door wall, so I quickly made it inside and slammed it
shut behind me, fiddling with the lock as I held it
closed and she tried to pull it back open. I got the lock
engaged and stepped back, holding up the towel as she
continued struggling to pull the door back open. I had a
full view of her body and her breasts leapt playfully as
she yanked at it time and again. Becky was in the
background, laughing hysterically and I heard her telling
Dawn that paybacks were, indeed, a bitch.

After about 30 seconds of Dawn alternating between
pulling on the door and standing with her hands on her
hips as she told me to unlock it, I gave in. She was
breathing heavily and her breasts eased up and down with
every breath. If Becky had not been my girlfriend, I
would have found a way to hold that beautiful body,
because it really had me excited.

But, instead, I unlocked the door. As Dawn opened it, I
ran to the base of the stairs, knowing she had to go
upstairs at this point. She ran up to me grab the towel,
but I held it behind my back. She reached around either
on either side, but I kept it out of her grasp. Finally,
she reached around with both arms, fully pressing her
chest against my own. I felt the cushioning of her
breasts as she pushed against me, and I remember wishing
at that instant that I had somehow removed my shirt
before we had begun, because her bare breasts against my
bare chest would have an experience for the ages.

As she reached around, I dropped the towel to the floor.
She stood there for a moment, arms around me, and looked
back at Becky, who had run into the living room behind to
her watch what happened. Dawn stepped back, put her hands
on her hips, and said, “Last look!” She stood still for
maybe two seconds, letting me get a final glimpse of her
naked body just inches in front of me, then ignored the
towel on the floor and bolted up the stairs stark naked,
allowing me a view of her bare backside before she turned
the corner and ran into the privacy and security of her

A little while later, Dawn came down and the three of us
talked about the experience. She was very good-natured
about the whole thing, and said that she felt very safe
because Becky was there, and it actually gave her a
thrill to be vulnerable and exposed to a member of the
opposite sex, at least under these circumstances. Both
Dawn and Becky lamented, though, about how they had no
way of catching me naked. I felt kind of bad, yet still
looked forward to the thrill it might bring, so I
promised them that, when the moment was right, I’d give
them their show.

Not long after, I did just that. But Becky and Dawn had
other ideas…

*** My Turn ***

I waited for more than a month after Dawn’s “exposure” to
fulfill their wish/need to see me naked. Despite what I
thought was going to be a sexual awakening for Becky and
me, we hadn’t yet gotten fully undressed with each other.
The furthest we had gone was a little under the clothing
feels, but nothing that had brought either of us to
climax. Just some experimentation.

Anyway, Becky had started to complain that I had lied to
them about letting them catch me naked, and honestly I
was feeling a little guilty. I kept putting her off and
telling her “Soon, soon.” Understandably, though, I was
not in that great a hurry to let two cute young girls
look at my naked body while they were still fully
clothed. I was in good shape, but at 17 I just didn’t
have a whole lot of self-confidence where my body was

It was a rainy Saturday afternoon and I had come over to
Becky’s to spend the day. Her parents had gone out, so we
just hung out with Dawn in the family room watching
television and talking.

At a commercial break, I decided it was now or never and
said I was going to the bathroom, going into the one that
was attached to the family room right there.

The way their house was laid out, you enter through the
front door with the living room on your left and the
stairs leading up to your right. As you continue straight
ahead you pass the kitchen on your left, then enter the
family room with the door wall to the backyard right in
front of you. Facing the door wall, the family room is
laid out with the television set on the far left wall and
the couch sort of in the middle of the room, facing the
TV, and forming a walkway behind it from the kitchen to
the door wall. Whereas the back of the couch would be
immediately to your left if you were coming from the
kitchen, the bathroom is to your right, maybe six feet
from the back of the couch.

So there I was in the bathroom, Becky and Dawn sitting on
the couch, facing away from the bathroom door. I closed
the door behind me, my heart pounding out of my chest
from nervousness about what I was about to do. I had
planned it well, though, making sure I was in charge of
how long they could look at me (VERY brief, I promised

I quickly and quietly stripped down to my birthday suit.
I looked in the mirror to make sure I looked as good as
possible, then reached for the door handle.
I took a deep breath.

This is it!

The door opened to the left into the family room, so I
pushed it open slightly, poking my head out to make sure
they were in place. I could see the tops of their heads,
so I swung the door wide and stepped out a couple of

Before I said or did anything, I quickly thought to
myself that there were two teenage girls a few feet away
from me who had no idea I was standing behind them stark

What a rush!

Not wanting to prolong this too much, I took a deep
breath and spoke.

“Hey ladies!”

They both swung around, kneeling on the couch to look at
me behind them. I put my hands on my hips and pumped up
my chest a bit, giving them a chance to see a fine male
specimen. They grinned and hooted in unison, pumping up
my confidence. Becky urged me to turn around so she could
see my butt.

I obliged, turning around as I started to feel myself
getting excited and hard. I thought to myself that I
would just turn around again quickly, let them see my
penis starting to become erect, then dash back into the
bathroom, lock the door, get dressed, and be done with

But they had other plans…

As I started to turn back around to face them, the door
swung hard back at me. Instinctively, I jumped out of its
way (big mistake!) and it slammed shut, another young
lady standing solidly between me and the safety of that

“Have you met Cathy?” Becky asked.

I had seen this girl around school, but I didn’t know who
she was. Of course, that was the least of my worries at
that point in time, standing naked in front of now three
young women and no longer having my escape route in front
of me.

Becky and Dawn, in the meantime, had gotten up and walked
around either side of the couch, Becky preventing me from
darting into the kitchen and Dawn keeping me from
escaping around the couch-not that I’d want to go into a
room with NO outlet.

I was facing Becky when Cathy suddenly grabbed my right
arm. I looked down – what is she up to? – and Becky
lurched toward me, as if to tackle me. Instead, she
barreled right into me, knocking me toward the door wall,
which Dawn had conveniently opened.

Becky let up, but my momentum and Cathy’s guiding hand
cast me through the doorway and into the yard, falling
into the grass below with an unceremonious thud. I looked
up to see the door wall slide shut and heard the lock

So there I was, sitting on the wet grass in a steady,
cold rain, and three teenage girls were looking at me
through a locked door wall.

I quickly covered myself as best as possible with my
hands while staying seated. I looked around for an
escape, but their privacy fence appeared to come right up
to the house on either side. Of course, I wasn’t going to
hop a fence and ask a neighbor for help, so I looked back
to the door wall, wondering how long I’d be stuck out
there and what I’d have to do to be allowed back in.

Through the door wall, all three were urging me to stand
up. I sort of turned away from them as I did, allowing
them to get a full view of my dripping wet backside. I
cupped both hands around my crotch, trying to cover
myself completely. I turned around to face them again,
confident that they couldn’t see much of anything.

Becky told me if I wanted them to unlock the door, I was
going to have to drop my hands. I thought for a moment
and, realizing I had no alternative, I did so.

I was now quite hard, so my penis pretty much stuck
straight out. I looked at the three of them standing in
the doorway and could see that their eyes were glued on
my penis. They giggled and pointed, saying things I
couldn’t quite make out, then Dawn motioned for me to
slowly turn around.

Again, I obliged, having no other choice. I stopped as I
faced away from them, looking around to make sure no one
was peeking over their fence for a free show, but the
coast was clear because of the rain. I put my hands on my
hips, and as Dawn had done before me, gave them a little
butt wiggle.

I heard them howl with delight through the door wall and
then continued turning back around. As I faced them
again, I covered myself with my hands and demanded that
they open the door for me. I was now drenched from head
to toe and must have looked like some kind of drowned

But nobody made a move for the lock. They just kept
grinning, telling me to drop my hands again.

I was stuck. What could I do? Oh well, I thought, might
as well give them a show…

I turned back away from them and backed up to the door.
Leaning back, I pressed my butt firmly against the glass,
flattening it out.


I stepped forward again, smiled at them, and stepped
forward to the glass. I dropped my hands and this time
pressed my crotch against the glass, flipping my penis up
so that it was pointing straight up.

Again with the “Ewwww!” but this time accompanied by
giggling. I stepped back from the door, placing my hands
on my hips, and gestured to the door for them to open it.

Becky and Dawn turned toward each other and said a few
words, keeping a look at me the whole time out of the
corners of their eyes. Finally, after maybe twenty
seconds, Becky clicked the lock and they backed away from
the door a few feet.

It would have been nice for them to open it, of course,
but I suspect they wanted to see me strain a bit while
pulling it open. As I slid it open, they applauded. I
closed it behind me, being sure to lock it myself this
time, and turned back to go into the bathroom, get
dressed, and put this moment behind me.
Instead of giving me an opening to go in, though, the
three of them blocked the door of the bathroom,
preventing me from getting at it.

“How much would it cost to keep you naked all day?” Dawn

“There’s not enough money in the world,” I replied,
stepping toward the door and trying to reach its handle
from between Becky and Dawn, who wouldn’t let me at it.

With an opening toward the kitchen, I decided to bolt for
upstairs, where at least they’d have a towel to wrap
around myself. I got as far as the kitchen before I
realized that I was enjoying it almost as much as they
were. I stopped and turned around, offering to bargain
for my getting to the bathroom and my clothes.

“Okay, what’ll it take for me to get back into that

“What do you have to offer?” Becky replied.

“How about I stay naked all day if you three do the

I heard Cathy gasp, but Dawn quickly chimed in.

“No way. Remember, you’re the one in the vulnerable spot
right now. Why should we have to put ourselves in that
same spot?”

Cathy finally spoke up, “How about we line up, blocking
you from the kitchen into the family room. If you can get
past us, you can get to the bathroom.”

The other two looked at me for my answer and, after
trying to quickly come up with an alternative and
failing, I agreed.

They looked at each other and, staying shoulder to
shoulder, moved to the kitchen doorway, completely
covering it.

I still hadn’t covered myself back up with my hands. Dawn
had been right, I felt vulnerable and exposed, but yet
quite safe. They hadn’t made fun of me and I knew that
their laughter was from seeing someone in the position I
had been in. Besides, they almost never let their
attention divert from my crotch. I actually felt quite
proud of my body at that moment.

But I still needed to get by them and to my clothes. For
a nanosecond I had considered taking them up on their
offer of staying naked for them all day, but I wasn’t
ready for THAT kind of extended exposure. I think we-
especially I-had had just about enough.

Although they blocked the doorway to the family room,
there was probably still a good eight to ten inches
between their shoulders. It would be a tight foot, but I
could squeeze through if I moved quickly.

As if they were reading my mind, though, all three put
their hands up slightly, meaning if I tried to squeeze
between them, two would get a handful of me.

Not having any options, I decided who would get the
handfuls and what they’d get a handful of. I stepped up
to Becky, leaned down slightly, and gave her a big kiss
on the lips. After a couple of moments in the kiss, I
felt her hands on my butt, squeezing hard as she pulled
my cold wet body against her own warm and dry one. Rather
than put my arms around her, though, I just backed away a
foot or two and she returned her hands to her side, open
and waiting for me.

I stepped in front of the opening between Becky and Dawn
and saw Dawn’s eyes light up a bit. I turned sideways,
facing Becky, and eased between them. Both of their hands
caught my bare hip, and as I slid between them, Becky’s
hand rubbed across my pubic hair and penis while Dawn’s
felt my bare behind. I stopped momentarily when I was
directly between them, catching Becky’s look of shock, as
if to say. “What am I going to do now?” before I moved
through completely and scooted into the bathroom.

I dressed quickly, but waited for my penis to relax
before coming back out. When I emerged from the bathroom,
the three girls were sitting on the couch waiting. I sat
down on the easy chair facing them, and we talked about
it, much as we had with Dawn and her exposure.

It turned out that Cathy was a neighbor friend of Dawn’s.
Becky and Dawn had successfully guessed that I would do
something like this and, just to be prepared, they had
invited Cathy over to view-if not participate in-the
attraction. Like Dawn, Cathy was 16 and a very attractive
young lady. She was on the petite side-a little over 5
feet tall, maybe 100 pounds-with long blond hair. I
believe that she was also on Becky’s gymnastics team. She
certainly had the body for it.

Anyway, as the conversation wound down, Dawn surprised me
a bit, because I had been planning to say what she did.

“Well, Cathy, We’ve all been naked in front of each
other. Now it’s your turn…”

*** And Now It’s Cathy ***

“Well, Cathy, We’ve all been naked in front of each
other. Now it’s your turn…”

Dawn’s words seemed to smack the life out of Cathy. She
went pale as a ghost, a look of shock and wide-eyed
disbelief occupying what moments earlier had been a cute
and colorful face.


“You heard her,” I chimed in. “Didn’t these two warn you
that once you’re in, there are certain things you might
have to do?”

Cathy looked from Dawn to Becky, mouth opened wide.

“Sure,” Becky said. “I told you that there was a risk
that you might have to go too.”

“Well, I didn’t think you were serious,” Cathy came back.
“Besides, even if you were, why so quickly? Can’t we just
bask in the moment?”

“No time like the present,” Dawn replied. “So how are you
going to do it?”

“I’m not!” Cathy shouted as she started up from the

Anticipating her move, I had already stood up and was
blocking her exit from the room to the kitchen. Taking my
cue, Becky had stood up and was doing the same toward the
door wall.

Cathy looked at the two of us and sat back down. For the
next several minutes we discussed what Cathy would have
to do. She shot down one idea after another until finally
settling on one.

Because she had only been a part of the last “exposure,”
she wouldn’t have to be chased around naked like the rest
of us were. Cathy would go upstairs to the bathroom, take
off her clothes, and wrap herself in a bath towel. She
would come down to the family room, where the three of us
would be sitting on the couch, and she would stand in
front of the TV. Facing away from us, she would unwrap
the towel, exposing her naked backside to us-well, me,
specifically; at least I was hoping the other two weren’t
interested in seeing her bare ass. After that, she’d
simply cover back up and go upstairs and get dressed.

Cathy headed upstairs and the three of us looked at each
other on the couch and whispered, “Sucker!” While she got
ready upstairs, we concocted our own plan downstairs.

After about ten minutes (we were patient) we heard
Cathy’s footsteps coming down the stairs. Looking over
the back of the couch, I watched Cathy enter wrapped in a
bright yellow towel. As petite as she was, the towel
extended from under her arms and below her bare shoulders
to just above her knees.

Cathy was blushing slightly as she came into the room, so
I believed that she was, indeed, not wearing anything
underneath her towel. Just to be sure, though, I pushed
the envelope.

“You know, Cathy, if you’re not completely naked under
there and you don’t show us your completely naked behind,
we will completely undress you right here and won’t let
you put your clothes back on.”

With nervous eyes, Cathy assured me she was naked and
we’d see what we were promised. And with that, she
stepped in front of the TV and turned to face away from
us. Before opening her towel, she asked how long it was
required to stay open. Becky replied that she couldn’t
close it until we told her to or if one of us-namely, me-
got up for a better look at more than her backside.

Cathy said okay and put her hands up to the top of the
towel, one behind her and one in front, to where the end
was tucked in under her right shoulder and arm. She
loosened it, took a deep breath, and began to pull it

Her hand behind her moved slowly-at least for my tastes-
revealing first a bare shoulder, then gradually the full
right side of her back, rear end, and leg, then her left
side, rear end, and leg. She kept her arms up, holding
the ends of the towel in each hand at shoulder height, as
I stared up and down at her pretty young woman backside.
Her back and shoulders were well defined and slightly
muscular from her athletics, and her butt was firm but
smooth. Her hips were relatively flat and her thighs and
calves sported good definition. Simply a pleasure to look

Becky obviously didn’t want me to get too good a look,
and she also knew it wasn’t over, so she told Cathy to go
ahead and cover back up.

Much more quickly than she uncovered herself, Cathy
wrapped the towel back around, tucking it right in front
of her this time. As she turned to head back toward the
kitchen and upstairs, though, the three of us had gotten
up and blocked her path by the couch. Cathy’s face again
went pale as she realized that she was far from done.

Dawn shared the obvious with Cathy, telling her that
there would be more, that we weren’t going to let her off
that easy. She instructed Cathy to head toward the door
wall as Dawn herself went over, unlocked it and slid it
open wide.

“You’re not going to make me stand out there without any
clothes on, are you?” Cathy asked, voice trembling.

“Relax,” Becky replied. “You’re already not wearing only
clothes. The towel will just help you to stay dry.”

Cathy must have thought that she was simply going to have
to step outside in her towel, because she started for the
open door as if to go outside. Dawn stopped her from
stepping out, though, instructing her to instead stand in
front of the open door and face Becky and me, who were
now right behind the couch, about five feet away.

Standing in the open doorway leading outside, Cathy
shivered slightly, keeping a death grip on the towel with
arms crossed in front of her. While Dawn stood to the
left of her, Becky stepped to Cathy’s right, leaving me
alone in front of her.

Dawn instructed Cathy to drop her arms by her side, and
slowly she did, staring at me all the while.

“Drop the towel,” Becky ordered.

Cathy didn’t move.

“Drop it,” Dawn echoed.

Again, Cathy didn’t move, continuing to stare straight at

Becky and Dawn quickly reached down and each grabbed one
of Cathy’s hands.

“Okay,” I said. “Then we do it the hard way.”

While trying to keep her arms pressed against her sides,
Cathy resisted Becky and Dawn’s attempts to raise her
arms, but not for long. After a few seconds she let up
her resistance and they lifted her arms several inches
away from her sides. I smiled at Cathy, and she smiled
back slightly, as I leaned forward, took a handful of her
towel in my hand, and pulled down and back.

The towel immediately untucked itself and dropped from
Cathy’s body. I draped it over my arm and stood back a
couple of feet, Becky and Dawn still holding her hands to
prevent her from covering herself back up.

I looked over Cathy’s naked body, up and down. Just as
athletic looking in front as behind, her breasts were
small but stood right up. Each was a perky little handful
with an erect nipple from both the chill of the outside
air and the excitement of the moment.

Cathy’s stomach was firm and flat, with some muscle
definition. She did not trim her pubic hair in as closely
as Becky and Dawn did, but it was still well trimmed.

And she was a natural blond.

Like from behind, her hips were thin and her thighs
muscular. For her size, Cathy was very well proportioned
and could be very proud.

Were we done with her?

Nope, not yet.

“Would you two let me go? I’m not going anywhere and I’m
not going to cover myself. He’s had enough of a look that
there’s nothing more he hasn’t seen.”

“Well, we’ll let you go,” Dawn replied. “But he hasn’t
seen you all wet yet.”

As she spoke the last line, Dawn and Becky flung Cathy
into the backyard and quickly slid the door closed. Cathy
didn’t fall, like I had, but was not able to make it back
to the door before it was closed and locked. She pounded
on it once, but realized that made quite a bit of noise,
so she didn’t do it again.

Covering herself with her hands and shivering slightly,
she asked if we would open the door and let her in. I was
now standing at the door with her towel, shaking my head.

She asked what she had to do for us to open the door back
up. I smiled, and told her she needed to lie down on the
wet grass on her stomach lengthwise, so that I could see
her from head to toe. She took a deep breath and did as I
said, even “posing” by propping herself up on her elbows
and putting a foot up.

Lying on the grass in that way gave Cathy’s butt a little
more oomph, as it bubbled up, raindrops dotting the goose
bumps that covered it. I motioned for her to roll over
onto her back. She gave me a dirty look and asked me if I
thought she was a dog or something.

“Far from it,” I replied as I held up the towel to remind
her of my power.

After a few seconds, she rolled over onto her back, lying
flat for a moment before again propping herself up on her
elbows and bringing up her far (right) knee in another
centerfold pose.

Having been lying on her front on the wet grass, many
blades stuck to her chest, belly and legs. She tried to
wipe them off, but they pretty much just kind of moved
around instead. I enjoyed watching, though, as her
breasts moved around and her muscles tightened and
relaxed. After a few seconds of trying, Cathy recognized
the futility of her efforts and stopped.

It suddenly dawned on her that she was out in the open
and she sat up, covering herself with her arms and
quickly scanning the perimeter of the yard. As was the
case when I was out there without anything on, there was
no one around.

Then she surprised all of us. Apparently confident that
no one but us could see her, Cathy started running around
the yard with nothing on, like a three-year-old who gets
away from her parents and discovers the freedom of being

She ran right along the fence line, occasionally jumping
to look over to the other side for anyone that may be out
in the rain over there. There must have been no one,
though, as she worked her way around the yard, not
stopping once. She ran by the doorway, slowing slightly
and raising her arms, saying, “I’m free!” in a muted
shout of joy. Then she cut across the lawn diagonally
doing a couple of gymnastic leaps followed by a flip.

Boy, I thought to myself, if anyone is looking out of
that two-story house behind Becky’s, they were getting
quite a show. Hell, we were all getting quite a show.

Paying such close attention to Cathy’s gymnastics, I
didn’t realize what was going on right beside me. Becky
and Dawn were actually disrobing on either side of me,
urging me to do the same.

“Come ON, Phil,” Becky pleaded. “How often do you get a
chance to run around in a rainstorm naked?”

“You forget, I had my chance a little while ago and I
decided not to.”

Dawn was down to her bra and panties by now and grabbed
my by the arm.

“Don’t make us undress you and throw you out like

“No, no. You guys go ahead.” Deep inside, though, I
wanted to take this risk.

Becky was down to her underwear, too, by now, but neither
was going any further until I proceeded, as well. Out in
the backyard, Cathy was on her back, doing backward
somersaults over her head.

God love a gymnast!

Throwing caution to the wind (besides, I had told them
earlier that I’d stay naked if they all got naked; here
was my chance), I unbuckled my pants and started to
undress. When I had gotten down to my boxers, I paused
and put my thumbs inside my waistband, waiting for Becky
and Dawn to continue, as they had waited for me to catch
up. They both reached behind their backs and undid their
bras, holding them in place in anticipation of who was
going to make the next move.

We stood there for a second, looking at each other.
Finally, Dawn spoke up.

“Okay, one, two…THREE!”

With that, I slid my boxers down and Becky and Dawn
whipped off their bras. Standing naked with my shorts
around my ankles, I waited for each of them to pull down
their panties-which they did. Becky unlocked the door
wall and slid it open and the three of us darted into the
yard, three teenagers freed from the shackles of

We danced around the yard, Becky and Cathy doing their
gymnastic moves while Dawn and I just sort of improvised.

There was nothing sexual about our interaction in the
yard. We’d hold hands and swing each other around, a few
times one of the girls bounced into me or I into them,
but there was no groping or freebies. We were simply
having fun in the rain.

Stark naked.

After a while, I stopped and sat down, watching the other
three flit about me, dancing and bouncing. It was as I
was sitting that I grew quite excited, seeing various
female body parts bouncing, tensing, and relaxing. Their
young, nubile bodies put on a heluva show, and I found
myself again completely erect, enjoying myself immensely.

Becky soon discovered my “condition” and sat down next to
me to observe a little closer. I told her she could look,
but not touch, and I looked her over as well. We were
both sopping wet, and it really turned me on to see her
that way. Had there not been two other people in the
yard, I would have rolled over and taken her right there.
But because we were not alone, I controlled myself and
let her keep on looking.

After a few more minutes, Dawn and Cathy discovered that
Becky and I were just sitting and they joined us.
Everyone cooled down in the rain, no longer concerned
that the one neighbor’s house was still within view of
all of us. So what, we said. Let them look.

Once we had all cooled down enough, we went back inside,
drying off one by one with the towel Cathy had initially
brought down. Before getting dressed, though, the girls
sat on the couch and I faced them on the easy chair and
we talked about the experience. We all had felt very
free, running around like that. We were turned on by the
slight risk that was involved of being caught (thank God
Becky and Dawn’s parents hadn’t come home!).

I felt rather proud of myself as the three of them
complemented me first for having the nerve to go out and
do it, and second for having such a nice body. While it
had been obvious with Becky, Dawn and Cathy both
confessed that they had wanted to run up and hold me out
there, they were so turned on.

Of course, just hearing that made me stiffen up again
right there in front of them, and they giggled and
apologized, keeping their stares right on my crotch as my
eyes shifted from one bare chest to the next.

We finally decided not to tempt fate and further and get
dressed before the parents returned. As much of a thrill
as it is running around naked with three pretty young
women, I found myself just as turned on getting dressed
in front of them and watching them dress, as if I was
getting a sneak peek into their bedrooms.

Finally, we were all dressed, Cathy came down to rejoin
us, and we chatted some more. Our timing was very good,
as not five minutes after we sat down, Becky and Dawn’s
parents came in the door, asking us how our afternoon had

“Oh, okay,” we said in unison.

You might think that we went on to have other adventures
of this sort over coming weeks and months, but that was
the end of it. I dated Becky off and on for about another
year, and then that was it.

But what an experience!

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