Accidental Introduction to Animal Sex

I am what I consider to be a normal housewife with
normal sexual needs. But after my husband offered to
look after his brother’s dog while they were on holiday
things started to change.

Hello My name is Susan and I live in the UK, I have
been married for over 20 years now to Mike and we enjoy
a very healthy sex life, we try most things once and
continue to this day to enjoy our sex.

About 6 months ago Mike was asked by his brother if we
would not mind looking after his dog for two weeks
while they went on holiday because they did not want to
put him in a kennel. Well about a week later Mike
walked in with a huge red setter his name was Roger
(dam silly name if you ask me).

Mike let the dog off his lead and he wandered round
exploring his new home sniffing here and there,

I shouted at Mike “I hope he is house trained”.

Mike told me not to worry he was about 5 years old and
I must say he did look an impressive animal. So we put
out his bowl and his toys and left him to wander round
the house but with one rule not up the stairs.

Well, for the first 4 days all was fine Roger seemed to
settle down and he was quite friendly with everyone
there was no problem with him barking at night I was
pleasantly surprised.

Every morning you would find the dog sitting there by
the kitchen door and as he spotted you his tail would
beat the floor he would run up to you and give you a
sloppy lick.

So on with the tale my husband Mike is a pilot and he
is away for days at a time, he had just left for a long
haul trip to the states and I was feeling a little
turned on after a lovely night of passion with hubby.

The kids were at school the house work was done and as
usual there was sod all on TV so I thought I would take
a nice hot bath. I slipped up stairs ran my bath went
in to our room and stripped off and no one being in the
house I wandered round in my birthday suite, when the
bath was full I was looking for a towel and realised
they was just ironed and I had left them down stairs so
off I went to get one.

Now call me silly if you like but I had totally forgot
about the dog down stairs, so I trotted down to get the
towel walked in the living room not seeing the dog in
the corner and walked over to the pile of washing and
hunted for a towel.

Now picture the scene It is the middle of the morning
and I am naked bending over the washing and I am still
feeling the warm fuzzy feelings between my legs we
girls have after a satisfying night of sex so my scent
was in the air. And there he is sitting a full blooded
male dog what is he to do but go and investigate the
scent. And moments later it hit me a sloppy wet tongue
slithering right between my pussy lips that was already
puffy and damp.

I was startled at the touch and jumped up with a shock
shouting, “OH MY GOD WHAT!?!” turning round there was
Roger sitting there with his tail slapping the floor
you know how they are with a silly look on his face and
his head tipped to one side as if to say, “I like that,
can I have some more please?” I turned to him and
sternly said, “You can keep your nose out of there, you

I grabbed my towel and went up to my bath. After an
hour long soak I moved back to my bedroom and dried my
body reached for my talcum powder and started to smooth
it all over.

Now I don’t know if it was the hot bath or smoothing
talc all over my skin or even thoughts of last nights
sex session but I was feeling very, very horny and I
really needed to take care of a need. So I grabbed one
of my favorite toys lay back on the bed and started to
play. It did not take long before I was dripping wet
because of the buzzing dildo sliding over my aching
clit my nipples were hard as I pinched them and wetting
my fingers I slid 2 between the lips of my swollen

You could hear the squelch of my cunt as my finger
manipulation worked it magic. Raising my fingers to my
mouth I licked them clean and dipped in for a second
helping of pussy juice. Between my fingers and my dildo
I was oblivious to anything around me and I was totally
unaware that the dog had wandered up stairs and was
sitting at the bedroom door watching me.

I can remember how deep the need to come was getting it
felt like it was in the pit of my soul you know that
need to come so bad you just have to keep going until
you explode and I was getting there fast. Lying on my
back I swung my legs up high and opened them wide
slamming the vibrating toy deep in my cunt I could feel
the vibrations right against my cervix I was shaking
with full on passion moaning loudly.

As I slowly pulled the dildo out I hit that magic spot
and tilting the plastic monster down I forced the end
hard against my G spot. Good god I was in heaven as the
ripples of the fast approaching orgasm began to build
in me. Roger had moved closer intently watching me god
know what might have been going through the dogs mind.

My cries became louder and louder and as the full force
of my orgasm hit me Roger made his move. He was up on
the bed and in one swift movement his tongue was again
tasting my dripping cunt. I was powerless at this point
now only another woman can understand that when one of
the supper powerful orgasms hits you your body takes on
a life of its own, Wave after wave of pure lustful
pleasure flows through you my breathing became erratic
my legs went stiff with each passing moment beads of
sweat was oozing from every inch of me I was locked in
that moment of total come lust and I was not going to

And there between my legs was a dog licking for all it
was worth savoring the taste of raw sex. I was
convulsing with lust by now and started to shout at the
animal, “Yes! Yes! YES! Lick me, fuck me, eat me!”

I have no real idea how long the dog kept my orgasm
going but one thing I do know it was one hell of a
powerful orgasm. By the end of it I was left shaking
and crying not with remorse but with lust pure lust.

I rolled over on to my tummy still with the toy buried
deep in my wet pussy I could still feel the plastic
vibrating I could feel the occasional wet lick from the
dogs tongue over my bum. I was lost in a haze as my
eyes closed and I drifted off to sleep.

I remember opening my eyes and staring at the clock I
had slept for 3 hours and as my brain engaged with my
body I became aware of something wet sliding over my
skin. I rolled over on to my back and letting my weak
legs fall open there was the dog Roger only to willing
to continue his onslaught of my already sensitive

I lay there for a moment or two just watching him his
head twisting this way and that as he lapped up all
traces of my pussy juice and when he had finished with
my pussy he turned his attention to my dildo. I heaved
myself up on to my elbows and watched him greedily
clean my toy the funny thing was I had left it turned
on when I drifted off so the batteries were almost flat
(DAM!) and every now and then when Roger swiped his
tongue over it the toy would buzz making him stop and
his big ears stand up (well it looked funny to me

Every other lick was aimed at my pussy making me get a
little damp again I could feel it coming on but I just
did not care at that point. The dog nudged the toy to
the edge of the bed until it finally fell to the floor
he turned to the side and looked down at it as it
occasionally buzzed, I smiled at the dog and then I saw
it my gaze was fixed I had never seen something as big
as that before.

Standing on the side I had a view of the dog’s huge
cock just hanging there below him it looked red and
very angry about 9 to 10 inches long and about 5 inches
round. Now you have to understand that I would never
consider doing what I was thinking I mean I was just an
average woman with normal sexual desires but this, What
the hell was I thinking?

Thinking back on it now it was just one of the moments
in life were you just have to experiment no that’s not
the right words one of them moments that only comes
once in a life time or so I thought. It was as if my
body had been disconnected from my brain it was as if I
was watching my self watching what was about to happen.

I got up and knelt at the side of the dog his tail
again began to swing causing a cool breeze to slip over
my breasts, the dog turned and looked at me his tongue
swiped across my face and lips. My lips felt damp I
instinctively ran my own tongue over my lips feeling
the moisture and then he did it he sealed my fate as to
what happened, He dipped his head and his wet tongue
slid over my already hard nipples as I looked down at
him licking my breasts my hand instinctively moved to
his side I could feel the warm fur slipping though my

My gaze was transfixed on that swaying dog cock hanging
there with a slight drip of clear fluid oozing from the
end, I thought to myself what would it feel like is
like Mike’s cock perhaps one touch just the one! I slid
my trembling hand up the back leg of the dog my fingers
inching closer to it goal momentarily I stopped but
after the dog once again licked my aching breasts my
hesitation was gone.

I held out my hand I was about an inch from his cock a
drop of fluid fell from the end of his cock on to my
finger I stared at it and finally I held him in my
hand. His dog cock was hot to the touch I was trembling
not knowing what to do I could feel the pulse of cock
as his blood surged through it. Now with my hand
wrapped round his cock, the dog took over instinctively
he began to thrust it in my hand and as he pulled back
his fluid began to soak my fingers.

I just could not stop if anyone would have caught me
then just sitting on my bed naked holding a dogs cock
while he fucked my hand they would have probably locked
me away for life. But there I was I was in a bizarre
situation with no thought of anything else on my mind
but this moment.

The dogs fucking motions began to get more and more
urgent my whole hand was awash with his juices and
don’t even ask why I did what I did next it was just
instinct. I let go my hold on the dogs cock I lay back
again and raised my hand to my mouth closed my eyes and
put my fingers in my mouth, The taste was hard to
describe salty a little bitter but not as bad as one
would imagine. (But how can you imagine tasting dog

The dog was moving on the bed dipping his head to give
my skin the odd lick here and there and after licking
his come from my hand I looked up. The dog was standing
by my head just to the side of me his cock was only a
few inches from my face with a continual drip and spurt
of fluid from it. I could feel my mouth begin to water
as I licked my lips.

It would only take a slight movement to open my mouth
and move under him this thought was racing through my
mind and with out thinking I was sliding under him. The
first drips fell on my cheek, I tongued him a little
more then a spurt splashed by my lips pushing out my
tongue I tried to lick it up.

Then finally I was fully under him his hot cock swaying
just about my mouth spurt after spurt of his cock juice
splashed down on my lips and without a second thought I
opened my mouth to taste him I was acting like a real
slut flicking my tongue over my lips savouring his
taste my fingers again working on my swelling cunt

God knows for how long I was being the dog slut but I
soon wanted to know the feel of his hard cock on my
lips I raised my head a few inches and felt that hot
cock brush against my face still with my fingers
working on my now soaking cunt I moved my head around
to catch this dog cock with my lips.

Then it brushed over my wet mouth I stopped moving my
head and let the dog slide his wet cock over my lips
and closing my eyes and with out a second thought I
opened my mouth letting his slide in. I could feel the
dogs cock spurt warm fluid in my mouth it was flowing
over my tongue and running down to the back of my

I had no need to give the dog head he was thrusting his
cock in and out of my mouth he was doing what was
natural to him and with each thrust he squirted more
come in my mouth I swallowed with each spurt I could
hear his low growls with every other push of his cock.

I was loving every moment I was going to enjoy each
second of this perverted sex session knowing it would
never happen again. I pushed the dog down on to his
side and took on the role of the full on cock slut.
Holding his back leg up and with my other hand I took
hold of his big cock and went full in to the cock
sucking slut routine I sucked that dog cock just as I
would my husbands cock.

Sliding my lips all over it length lapping at it with
my tongue kissing it sucking it returning my attention
to the head until finally taking it in my mouth all the
way. But this cock was massive I even made myself gag
once in a while trying to deep throat him.

And all this time the dog was giving me spurt after
spurt of dog come I repositioned myself so that my cunt
was over his face so he would give me the occasional
licking but this was uncomfortable for both so I had to
be contented with kneeling by him and squeezing my legs
together in the hope of coming again.

All but to no avail after 20 minutes of our perverted
sex the dog cock began growing soft and after a few
more minutes and two more spurts of his come he was
spent his cock pulling back in to his sheath leaving
only the small pink end showing and he was content to
lick himself clean. I was left with a burning need in
my soaking cunt a need that no toy could satisfy but I
was left to finish off with my dog come soaked fingers
the dog did give me one last licking as I come but
sadly it was all over.

A day that started out as normal ended in me
discovering something in me I had never imagined a lust
for the perverted. I have never wanted to be fucked by
any other man but now I have discovered what pleasure
dog can give and I want more.

This is a true tale of what happened to me and like I
said at the start I really do consider myself to be of
a normal sexual person but now I am not so sure.
If you enjoyed reading this please do drop me an email
and I will continue with the rest of the dogs stay with

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  1. Susan, I enjoyed reading about your first sexual encounter with Roger. I would love to hear all about what else happened between the two of you during that visit.

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