Amanda the hotwife

Amanda had been so excited when her husband Dan invited
her to go to Philadelphia with him on the business trip.
As a young woman from the South, Amanda had never
traveled up North before, especially not by plane. She
was fascinated by the size of the city. She and Dan had
a wonderful meal at the downtown hotel and that evening
Dan was so passionate with her. When Dan left for his
meeting, Amanda found his laptop computer opened and
still connected to the Internet.

Although she knew it was wrong, Amanda looked at the
history and found Dan had visited “Hotmail.” Amanda used
the “back” button to go to the web-mail page. There she
found the email that shattered her morning. It was from
one of Dan’s female co-workers. The words burned in
Amanda’s mind as she read how “Chole” described enjoying
Dan’s company at a hotel back home. Amanda could not
believe that a lady would discuss such things openly,
but the words did not lie.

At first Amanda was in shocked, but the shocked quickly
turned to hurt as the day worn on. When Dan did not call
or come back to the hotel for lunch, Amanda cried
herself to sleep. She felt so betrayed. Amanda married
Dan at just the age of 18. She was a virgin when she met
Dan and because of her strict Southern Baptist
background, Amanda did not let Dan have sex with her
until they were married. Now, 18 years later at age 36,
Amanda thought she and Dan had the perfect marriage.
They had three beautiful c******n and enjoyed a
prominent place in their community and church.

Amanda still looked much like she did when they married.
Her blond hair was shorter, but still just as blond. She
worked out with a group of church women and even after
three c******n, her 38C breasts were firm and perky. The
workouts kept her hips at a slim 34 and her waist at 23
inches which looked great on her 5 foot, six inch frame.
Matter the fact; it was the same as when she and Dan
were married. Amanda knew that Dan was sometimes
frustrated with her in bed.

With Amanda’s conservative up-bringing, she could not
bring herself to do anything more that have intercourse
in the missionary mission. Amanda tried to have oral sex
with Dan just once and was so disgusted with the entire
process that she nearly threw-up. Dan quit trying to
coax Amanda into being more adventurous in bed about
five years ago. After reading Chole’s tales of sexual
depravity with Dan, Amanda knew the reasons why.

“And he’s a Deacon in the Church,” Amanda cried to

Amanda’s tears quickly turned to anger as she looked at
the clock and saw it was after 5pm. Dan was nowhere to
be found and all Amanda’s hurt was now boiling in anger.
Amanda showered quickly, went through her suitcase and
threw on a pair of cotton panties, bra, and skirt and
pink cotton blouse. She found a pair of low heeled
shoes. Amanda checked herself in the full-length mirror
and decided she looked pretty awesome for a woman of 36.

“I bet other men will think so too,” Amanda mused as she
left the hotel room and went to the elevator.

The elevator opened on the lobby and Amanda quickly
walked outside to the front of the hotel. Amanda looked
around at the large buildings and the noise of the big
city of Philadelphia. Looking both ways, she decided on
left and Amanda started walking briskly down the street
determined to do something different, something that
would hurt Dan. Amanda was not sure what that
“something” would be, but after several blocks, she
turned down a side street and saw a sign that flashed in
neon the words “Kelly’s Bar.”

As a Southern Baptist, Amanda never drank or danced so
she decided that this would be the way she would get
back at Dan. Amanda paused momentarily in front of the
bar and her anger boiled inside her as she thought about
Chole and her husband. Amanda held her head up as she
walked into the bar.

It was about 6:30pm and the lighting in the bar was dim.
Amanda stood at the entrance and surveyed the
establishment. There was a long bar at the far end of
the very large room. At the right was a small stage that
would accommodate a band. In front of the stage Amanda
noticed the dance floor about 10 x 10 in size. There
were an assortment of table and chairs decorating the
reminder of the bar. Amanda was relieved that there were
only about ten people in the bar.

Someone started the jukebox and a tune Amanda recognized
as an old “Rolling Stones” song started to play. As
Amanda walked toward the bar, two couples glided out to
the dance floor. Amanda sat down and the bartender
approached her.

Amanda saw that he was in his fifties with a full head
of gray hair, about 5 and half feet tall and moderately
overweight. He wore a white apron that had multiple
colored stains on it. The bartender threw a cardboard
coaster on the bar in front of Amanda.

“What’ll it be, Lady?” the bartender asked.

Amanda stammered and hesitated and the bartender asked
her again.

“A beer, a… Michelob Lite,” Amanda finally said, her
Southern drawl clearly detectable to the bartender.

The bartender laughed and pulled the beer from
underneath the bar.

“You’se aren’t from around here are you?” he asked.

Amanda looked at the bottle and looked at the bartender,

“No, I’m visiting for a few days,” she replied.

“Well, welcome to Kelly’s,” the bartender said and
walked away laughing.

Amanda held the beer in her hand and looked at the
silver label on the bottle. She was not sure what she
was doing, but she was sure she was mad. Amanda took a
deep breath, put the end of the bottle to her lips and
slowly drank down two swallows of the liquid.

“Not bad,” Amanda thought and took a third drink.

Amanda turned on the barstool and watched as now there
were three couples dancing. She took a few more swallows
of beer and the bottle was empty. As Amanda sat the
bottle on the counter, the bartender asked if she wanted

Before Amanda could respond, a large man said it would
be “on” him and laid money on the counter. Amanda looked
at the man who bought her the drink. He was very tall,
over six feet, and very large. He wore faded jeans,
thick heavy black boots and a tee shirt and leather
vest. Amanda noticed his hair was long and pulled back
into a ponytail and his face showed at least a day’s
growth of beard.

“Let’s dance,” the man ordered and took Amanda’s hand.

Amanda started to protest, but as he pulled her from the
stool Amanda’s head started to spin from drinking the
beer so fast. Amanda absently followed him out to the
dance floor and was encased in his large arms to some
vaguely familiar slow song. Amanda allowed the man to
lead her around the dance floor. She was aware of his
heavy chest crushing her breasts, but since this was the
first time Amanda had danced with a man, she was not
sure if this was normal. The song ended and the man
released Amanda.

“Thank you,” he said, “you are about the prettiest thing
we have seen in here in a while.”

Amanda blushed at the compliment and answered with a
quiet “Thank you,” again with the thick, Southern
accent. The man smiled and walked back to the bar where
another beer awaited Amanda. Amanda was suddenly aware
that the bar was very warm and took the beer and drank
about half the bottle. Now the bar was almost filled
with people and several were on the floor dancing.

Another man, a little smaller, but dressed similarly
insisted that Amanda dance with him and she was led to
the dance floor for a fast song. Amanda watched the
women around her and tried to imitate their moves. She
felt she looked clumsy and awkward, but her partner did
not seem to mind as another song started and he insisted
they stay and dance more.

As that song ended Amanda could feel beads of sweat
running down her back. She returned to the bar and just
had time to finished her second beer when another man
pulled her onto the dance floor. Men bought Amanda more
beer and she danced with several different partners over
the next two or three hours. Amanda was laughing and
enjoying the attention. The men especially liked her
accent. Amanda finished her sixth beer. Someone took the
stage and announced that the weekly “contest” would
start in 15 minutes. Amanda glanced at the clock and saw
it was nearly 10 pm.

“I need to get back to the hotel,” Amanda said to no one
in particular and started for the door.

“Where do you think you’re going,” the first man said to
Amanda, “you’re entered in the contest.”

“No, I have to get back,” Amanda replied and tried to
move toward the exit on wobbly legs.

Amanda felt a firm hand grab her arm and she was spun
around to face the man who first bought her a drink. Her
head was fuzzy and Amanda felt like she was being pulled
toward the stage. Amanda was aware that the bar was now
very crowded and many of the men were dressed similarly
to the one pulling her toward the stage. As they got
near the stage, Amanda’s eyes focused on the design on
the back of leather vest.

“Fallen Angels MC,” she read to herself.

Amanda looked up at the stage where there were at least
five other women now standing and laughing. Amanda
weakly protested as she was lifted up onto the stage to
stand with the other five women. Amanda again announced
she needed to leave and tried to climb down and was met
by at least four men blocking her path. Amanda fell
unceremoniously backwards onto her bottom, legs spread

Acutely aware that her skirt was above her hips and her
cotton panties exposed, Amanda tried to clear her head
and pull her skirt down. She could hear the yells and
obscene comments as she stood up.

Unable to leave the stage, Amanda hung her head down
trying to figure a way out of her situation. The yells
and screams continued as another large man who the crowd
called “Big Steve” walked from woman to woman holding
his hand over their head. As he stood beside Amanda, the
yells from the crowd were the loudest.

Amanda never saw the bucket of iced water in his other
hand until Big Steve dumped it down the front of her
blouse. Amanda gasped as the screams became louder. She
looked down and the water soak through her pink, cotton
blouse and bra and the wet material clung to her 38C
breasts clearly outlining every dimple.

Sudden fear mixed with the coldness of the water caused
her nipples to become rock hard straining against the
pink material. Amanda tried to pull the blouse away from
her breasts and Big Steve slapped her hands away. Amanda
started to cry as the screams became louder.

“We have a winner,” Big Steve announced and the other
women quickly exited the stage leaving Amanda alone with
Big Steve. “Now, let’s get them clothes off you little,
Southern tart.”

Amanda heard the shouts and yells from the crowds. The
suggestions and comments were so vile and obscene. She
could not believe her ears. Amanda did not even hear Big
Steve’s orders and she started to move toward the edge
of the stage.

“God dammit,” Big Steve yelled, “get them damn clothes
off and get the show going.”

Amanda felt the meaty hands on her shoulders. She was
spun around quickly and the beer made her unsteady.
Before Amanda could react, Big Steve grabbed the front
of her wet blouse and in one motion ripped the front
sending buttons flying. He then slapped Amanda hard
across the face and repeated his order to strip.

Amanda’s head was spinning and she was disoriented. She
could heard the crowd of men and women and felt the cool
air against her bear chest. Dazed from the slap, Amanda
slowly removed her blouse. Apparently she was not moving
quick enough as Big Steve yelled into the crowd and two
rough looking women jumped up on the stage on either
side of Amanda.

While Big Steve held Amanda’s arms behind her back, the
two women stripped her blouse, bra, and pulled her skirt
from her body. Amanda struggled against the grip Big
Steve held on her as she realized she was left in only
her panties and shoes. Amanda’s chest rose and fell
rapidly as her fear turned to terror. Her 38C breasts
were hard and Amanda’s half-inch nipples stuck straight
out at the crowd. The screams, yells, and shouts were
fever pitched as one of the women hooked her fingers
into the waistband of Amanda’s panties and slowly rolled
them over her hips.

The crowd shouted their displeasure as the woman removed
Amanda’s panties and stood in front of her not allowing
them to see. Amanda was in shock. As a good, Southern
Baptist, no one but her husband had ever seen her naked.
But then, she thought, until this night, she had never
drank or danced before. Amanda watched in horror as the
woman moved and displayed Amanda’s naked body to the

With her hands pulled behind her back by Big Steve,
Amanda’s breasts stuck out looking even larger. Big
Steve pushed her to the edge of the stage just out of
reach of the crowd. Amanda was panicked and her huge
breasts rose and fell with her rapid respirations.

“Why, why did I come in here,” Amanda tried to reason.

Amanda twisted and turned trying to extract herself from
Big Steve without success.

“Look at her bush,” someone yelled. “She needs a shave
before we fuck her.”

Amanda realized their disgusting comments were about her
pubic hair. Amanda did not wear revealing clothes so she
never trimmed her pubic region. Now it was a source of
ridicule. More disturbing to Amanda was the four letter
word she heard, “fuck.” Although a Sunday school teacher
and good Baptist, Amanda was not ignorant. The sound of
that word renewed her struggles, as Amanda knew she was
going to be raped by this crowd. Amanda finally found
her tongue.

“Why, what is happening, you can’t do this to me!”
Amanda shouted as she felt Big Steve wrapping rope
around her wrist and securing her hands behind her back.
“Listen, you Southern bitch, we can do whatever we
want,” Big Steve shouted and pushed Amanda toward the
two women. “Jackie, Darla, get this pussy ready to be

Amanda stumbled as she was shoved across the stage into
the arms of Jackie and Darla. The women pulled Amanda
onto the dance floor and pushed her toward a door in the
back of the bar. Hands came from everywhere grabbing
Amanda’s breasts, her buttocks, and any private region
they could reach.

With her hands tied behind her, Amanda was f****d to
hurry toward the door with Darla and Jackie to avoid
being man-handled with the crowd. It was difficult for
Amanda to run with her hands tied behind her back. To
back things even more difficult, Darla and Jackie were
slapping Amanda’s bottom with their bare hands. Amanda
was so humiliated as Jackie opened the door and pushed
Amanda into the backroom.

Once inside the room, Amanda quickly looked around. The
room was small, with a small, square table in the center
and some chairs, a sink, and little else. These was one
light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Amanda was relieved
to be out of the crowd, but very conscious about her

“Up on the table you little bitch,” Jackie ordered, “on
your back.”

Amanda turned and faced the two women sobbing large

“Please, please, why are you doing this, just let me go
home,” Amanda begged as she backed away from the two
approaching women.

Amanda could see they were dressed in the same manner as
most of the men in the bar. Jeans, boots, tee-shirts,
and black vests. Amanda continued to plea at the same
time she backed up away from the women until her
buttocks were against the edge.

“Let you go,” Darla started, “you’re fresh meat, our
Bros’ out there haven’t had fresh meat in a while. Now
shut the fuck up cornpone and get up on the table.”

With those words Darla shoved Amanda hard in the chest
causing her to fall onto the table on her back and arms.
Jackie moved quickly and flipped Amanda over.

While Darla laid across Amanda’s back, Jackie untied
Amanda’s hands. The two women easily flipped the young
woman over again. Before Amanda could react and try to
escape Darla tied Amanda’s hands together again and
pulled them over her head. Amanda pulled against the
ropes as Darla stretched Amanda’s arms over her head and
attached each wrist to a leg of the table.

“Please, what are ya’ll doin’, just let me go home,”
Amanda begged.

Darla and Jackie laughed as Amanda tightly crossed her
legs. Darla grabbed Amanda’s right ankle while Jackie
grabbed her left.

“Make a wish!” Jackie laughed and the two women pulled
Amanda’s legs in opposite directions.

Amanda found her buttocks on the edge of the table with
her legs secured to the table legs tightly. Amanda
tested her bonds and found that she could not move. The
woman disappeared and Amanda twisted and tried to free
herself without success. Within moments they returned
with a bucket and Jackie pulled a chair between Amanda’s
legs while Darla came up to Amanda’s head.

“What are ya’ll goin’ do with me?” Amanda asked

Darla laughed, “This one is sure a dumb country girl.”

Amanda heard the sounds of scissors and tried to look
down where Jackie was sitting. She could feel the cool
metal against her pubic bone as Jackie clipped Amanda’s
pubic hair. At the same time Darla’s mouth went to
Amanda’s right nipple. Amanda began struggling again and
begging the women to stop.

Amanda could feel Darla biting and sucking at her nipple
and was not aware of the handiwork Jackie was doing on
her pubic region. Expertly Jackie removed the long hairs
and started soaping up the stubby residue of hair on the
country woman’s cunt. Darla continued to pull and tug at
Amanda’s right nipple causing it to ache and hardened.

“Please, God, help me,” Amanda screamed as Darla left
Amanda’s right nipple and started on the left.

Amanda started bucking her hips up and down when she
felt the razor on her vaginal labia.

“Bitch, be still or I’ll cut you,” Jackie ordered.

Amanda was panicked and continued to buck and move her
hips trying to avoid the razor.

“Make her stop,” Jackie said to Darla.

Darla grinned with Amanda’s left nipple between her
teeth. Amanda screamed as Darla bit down hard on the
nipple bringing a trickle of b***d from the sensitive

“She’ll bite the damn thing off if you don’t keep
still,” Jackie yell at Amanda.

Amanda froze and prayed silently as Darla released her
ravaged nipple. She looked down at her tormented nipples
and was amazed to see how long and hard they both were.
The woman sucked them so hard that Amanda could feel
that both of her nipples were engorged with b***d pulled
into them.

Amanda tried to hold still as she heard the razor
scraping away the hair on her labia, mons, and then
around her anus. She tried to watch Darla as she dug
into a bag and brought out a ominous looking chain.

“God, please, no more,” Amanda begged as Darla placed
the clamps attached to the chain to Amanda’s nipples.

The pain was intense as Amanda could pull her eyes from
the site of her nipples trapped between the two clamps
with a thick chain between them. She started to protest
when Amanda felt something wet between her labia.

“Ohhhhhh, please, I am begging ya’ll, don’t do that,
please stop,” Amanda pleaded.

Jackie worked her tongue around and around Amanda’s
clit. The now clean-shaven cunt was too inviting and
Jackie wanted to see if Amanda would respond. Within
seconds Jackie felt Amanda’s clit hardened in response
to her tongue. Jackie swirl her tongue lightly across
the end of the erect bud and was rewarded with a flood
of Amanda’s juices.

“Please, don’t do that, please not there,” Amanda

Jackie looked up from between Amanda’s legs and watched
as Darla pulled on the chain attached to Amanda’s
nipples. Jackie resumed her attention to the Southern
woman’s clit feeling Amanda’s now bald cunt lips filling
with b***d. Jackie could hear Amanda’s whimpering
protests as Darla pulled the chain harder and Amanda’s
38C tits followed, the clamps securely attached to her
nipples. Jackie took Amanda’s clit between her lips and
gently sucked as more of her cunt juices flowed.

“Please, stop touching me down there, please,” Amanda
half-heartedly begged.

Amanda was unsure what was happening to her. Although
her tits were stretched outward with the nipples caught
in the clamps of the chain, the pain was almost
pleasurable. Amanda was most disturbed by the little
shocks of electrical excitement that coursed through her
body. The longer Jackie’s tongue was down in Amanda’s
private parts; Amanda’s resistance was lessening. Amanda
knew she had to escape, but Jackie’s tongue felt so

Amanda was not sure what Jackie was doing but she was
sure Dan never did anything like that before. Amanda
noticed her respirations were shallow and rapid. She
could feel her hips involuntary moving in a circular
motion with Jackie’s tongue. Amanda licked her lips and
felt a little bead of sweat on her upper lip. Darla was
pulling the chain harder almost tearing Amanda’s nipples
from her body, yet Amanda was enjoying the pain coupled
with Jackie’s attention to her nether regions.

“What is happening to me?” Amanda wondered as a moan
escaped her lips.

Jackie could feel the moisture increasing between
Amanda’s labia as she continued to torment the Southern
girl’s clit. Jackie listened as the groans of protest
turned to moans of enjoyment.

Amanda’s entire body glistened with sweat and Jackie
took noticed of Amanda’s hips starting to move and grind
toward Jackie’s tongue. Jackie started darting her
tongue in and out of Amanda’s wet hole. Amanda responded
by bouncing her hips and pushing herself against the
bonds trying to get more of Jackie’s tongue inside her.

“Oh noooooo,” Amanda screamed. “What’s happening,
ahhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, please
don’t stop, pleassssssee!”

Jackie stopped her tongue and laughed as Amanda thrust
her hips searching for the source of her pleasure. Now
it was Jackie’s turn to hear the church-going, proper
Southern woman beg.

“What, what do you want me to do?” Jackie asked Amanda

“Please don’t stop doing that, please do it some more,”
Amanda pleaded and moaned.

“Do what, lick your pussy?” Jackie laughed, “Then beg
me, bitch.”

“No, I can’t, I’ve never said words like that, just do
it some more, please,” Amanda replied.

Jackie started to get up. She told Darla to release
Amanda’s tits.

“No, no, please don’t stop, I’ll say it, just don’t
stop,” Amanda begged.

Darla and Jackie laughed and waited. Darla started to
release the tension on Amanda’s breasts.

“Please, lick it,” Amanda finally said.

“Not good enough,” Jackie reply and got up from between
Amanda’s thighs.

“No, okay, okay, please lick my… my pussy,” Amanda

“What, I didn’t hear you,” Amanda chuckled.

“Lick my pussy, please, lick my pussy, lick my pussy,”
Amanda repeated.

Jackie sat down again between Amanda’s legs and started
sucking Amanda’s clit again. Darla slowly pulled the
chain and pulled Amanda’s nipples stretching her tits.
Amanda started to twisted and jerk throwing her head
from side to side and screaming.

“Ohhhhh, that feels sooooo good, please lick my pussy,
lick my pussy, ahhhhhh, yes, yes, yes!” Amanda spasmed
with her very first orgasm. “Please stop, no don’t stop,
yes, yes, please stop, I can’t stand it,” Amanda started
begging as she experienced a second orgasm just as the
first subsided.

Amanda thought she was going crazy. The intense pain in
her nipples was heightening the pleasure she was feeling
from Jackie’s tongue. As Jackie and Darla left Amanda
along, Amanda moaned, somewhere between orgasm and
consciousness. Jackie and Darla just smiled at each
other as Jackie affixed cuffs to Amanda’s ankles.

The cuffs were attached by a 12 inch piece of chain to
stop Amanda from running and to provide a means of
controlling her. Darla next ran another chain from the
one between Amanda’s tits and underneath the ankle chain
to provide a lead. Amanda was oblivious to the actions
of the two women as she tried to recover from the first
and second orgasm of her life.

Darla and Jackie released Amanda and pulled her to her
feet. Amanda slowly returned to reality from her intense
pleasure. Amanda started to sob as she realized what she
allowed to happen to her. Not only was Amanda guilty of
experiencing pleasure, but she received that pleasure
from another woman. Amanda’s Southern Baptist past left
her racked with guilt and embarrassment as she stood up.

“Please, you have succeeded in humiliating me, please
let me go,” Amanda asked, head hanging down.

“Are you kidding,” Jackie responded, “you were the one
chosen, the winner, we’ve got you ready, now it’s time
to let the Fallen Angels have you.”

Amanda jerked suddenly as Darla yanked her chain. The
pain in Amanda’s tits was intense. The direction of the
chain pulled Amanda toward her feet bending her at the
waist. Amanda could see her clean shaven “pussy,” moist
now from her own juices. Amanda’s 38C tits were pulled
almost to her shoulders and Amanda could feel the
coolness of the room on her bare private parts. Just as
suddenly as the chain was pulled, Darla released it.

“Perfect,” said Jackie as the two led Amanda back into
the bar.

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