Goddess Gives

When we returned from vacation Alan and I slipped right
back into our old life, which pretty much amounted to
work and more work. Alan was staying in the office late
nearly every night, and my boss had a bunch of new
assignments waiting for my attention.

As much as we had wanted to continue exploring the new
aspects of our sexuality – well – we just didn’t have
the time or energy. We had to make do with the memories
of lounging on the beach with my boobs hanging out, or
letting everything hang out with our friends in the

One of the new parts of my job was working more closely
with our suppliers. This involved a lot of direct
contact as well as analyzing the technical work. One
Friday I was asked to go into the city and spend the day
going over specs with a supplier’s geek team. The first
person I met when I got there was Shayla.

She had been my contact at the company, although we’d
never met face to face. She was a lot different in
person than I had expected. On the phone she always
seemed a little officious and stuffy. However in person
I found her to be a strong and likable woman, one of
those women who are more attractive than they are

She was slender with long brown hair and wore wire-rim
glasses. The attractiveness came from the air of
confidence about her – she was a woman who commanded
respect at the same time openly expressing her feminity.
She had the geeks eating out of her hand. Even the women
on the squad seemed eager to please her, treating her
with a deference that almost had a sexual overtone. It
certainly made my work easier because there was none of
the bullshit I usually have to put up with from techies.

After a morning with the geeks Shayla and I spent the
afternoon in her office going over the data I had
collected. As I sat across the desk from her I learned
something else about her – she wasn’t wearing a bra. No
wonder the guys loved her. In addition, I strongly
suspected that it was no accident when she gave me
glimpses down her blouse.

After all, I’m a show-off myself and I recognized the
moves: bending over just a little further than necessary
when showing me a document; using that little half-shrug
to ensure that her top hangs open; making certain that
every time I was looking at her in profile it was toward
the open side of her blouse; occasionally throwing her
shoulders back in a stretch that displayed her nipples
against the cloth. I enjoy doing that sometimes and I
discovered that I also enjoyed being the recipient of

The experiences I’d had with Marion and May while on
vacation had made me much more aware of other womens
bodies and Shayla was definitely flaunting hers. Somehow
I managed to understand the technical stuff that was the
reason for my visit – but it took a lot of willpower.

As we were wrapping up I mentioned that my husband would
be working late. “I probably won’t see him until eight
or nine. That’s when he’s been getting home lately since
we got back from vacation in Jamaica. But it’s a real
bummer on a Friday night”

“If you don’t have any plans,” Shayla said, “let’s have
dinner together.”

“Sounds good to me.”

As we talked I discovered that Shayla lived in a suburb
that I’d have to drive through to get home, and not far
from where Alan worked. “Why don’t you stop at my place
and we can order a pizza or something?” Was this lead-up
to a seduction, I wondered. “You could call your husband
and have him come over when he gets through at work,”
she added.

So maybe not, damn it. Briefly I thought of Marion, Alan
and I rolling around a’ trois on our bed in Jamaica.
“Cut that out lady,” I thought. “You’re gonna get all
hot and bothered for nothing. Get your mind out of your
panties – or Shayla’s panties.” I made a mental note to
demand that Alan fuck me good when we got home. I
obviously needed to get laid.

Shayla gave me directions to her house and I called Alan
about meeting us there when he got free. Then I told
Shayla that I’d be over in about an hour and I would
bring some wine. “Great, see you soon,” she told me as I

It was closer to an hour and a half before I got there.
I parked behind her car and noticed a bumper sticker
telling me that ‘Goddess Lives.’ A very interesting
woman, I thought as I knocked on her door. “Hi,” Shayla
said, holding the door open for me. “Let me go pour us
some of this,” she said as she took the wine from me and
walked away, not acknowledging that one of us (me) was
wearing a crumpled business suit and one (she) was
wearing a necklace – only a necklace.

“That’s a great idea. I think I really need a drink
right now,” I said to her bare little bottom as she
walked to the kitchen. As she was opening the wine I had
a chance to really observe her. Her breasts were smaller
than I had thought, but her nipples were larger. They
were hard and pointing straight out, so much so that I
wondered if, despite her nonchalance, she might be more
turned on by the situation than she let on. I also saw
her lack of pubes, she was shaved smooth. Was she just a
little bit moist, or was that more wishful thinking.

As she handed me my drink she finally acknowledged her
state of undress. “Did I mention I was a nudist? I never
wear anything around the house.”

“No, I don’t believe you mentioned it,” I replied. “I
would have remembered that.”

“Hope it doesn’t make you uncomfortable,” she said. I
didn’t think she really meant that.

“No, not really, naked people don’t shock me,” I told
her before taking a big gulp of wine. I didn’t really
mean that either.

Shayla suggested that we go into the living room and sit
down. Once there, she settled on the couch, her legs
tucked under her. I sat in a recliner across from her.
In an effort to keep my eyes off her sexy body my gaze
settled on the necklace she was wearing. It was a
pendant hanging from a thin gold chain which looked like
three crescent moons entwined. Interesting necklace, “I
said.Very pretty.”

“Thanks,” she said, fingering it. “This is a Wiccan
symbol of femininity. The moons reflect the three
seasons of a woman’s life.”

“So, you’re a Wiccan? Is the nudity a part of your
religious beliefs?”

“Yes, I’m a Wiccan priestess. But no, nudity is not
really essential to the religion. Some Covens still hold
their rituals Skyclad – that is clad only by the light
of the sky. But not all even do that. I did get started
as a nudist at Wiccan ceremonies, but mainly I just like

“Aren’t Wiccans said to use virgins as their altar?”

“Virgins are getting too hard to find,” she said with a
laugh. “Actually we usually use a table. For instance I
use this coffee table as an altar sometimes,” indicating
the table in front of the sofa. “But I’ve also been
fucked on that table, which kind of blows the virgin

“Uh” I said, “why would you do it on the coffee table
when there’s a perfectly comfortable sofa right there?”

“The sofa was occupied at the time,” she responded.

“Well, there you go.” I said with a shrug. I wondered if
she thought she was shocking me. But after what Alan and
I had experienced, I was hard to shock. In fact, I had
my own shock in mind for her. “Why don’t you get us some
more wine while I go to the bathroom,” I said. I was
gonna need the wine.

“Sure, she said, getting up – giving me a great view of
her bare pussy when she did. The Little Man was peeking
out and he definitely looked a little swollen. “The bath
is down the hall there.”

When I returned to the living room she was sitting on
the sofa with our glasses on the end table next to her.
I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t show any reaction at
how I was dressed. I had on exactly what she had, minus
the pendant. I stopped a moment, letting her take in the
fact that my breasts were a little larger than hers,
although with smaller nipples. And that I too was
completely shaved down below. I walked over and as I
bent to pick up my glass my boobs hung directly in her
face. “Did I mention that I’m an exhibitionist?” I

“No,” she said. “But I’m glad you are.” I sat down next
to her. “So, tell me about Jamaica,” she said, as if a
naked woman sitting next to her was an every day thing.
“Did you get to any of their nude beaches?”

“No, just the topless ones,” I replied.

“Bet these were a big hit there,” she said as she
reached over and cupped one of my breasts in her hands.
I tried not to shiver as she ran her thumb over my

“The guys seemed to like them,” I said as she took her
hand away. “And some of the women too,” I added. “These
are nice also,” I said, reaching out and touching one of
her tits. “Very nice,” I said as I rolled the long tip
between my fingers. “We did spend a lot of time naked
there, though. With some new friends we made.”

“Oh yeah,” she said, her hand on my leg, her fingers
stroking the inside of my thigh “I want to hear more
about that,” Shayla said as she took her glasses off. I
closed my eyes and she sucked gently on my breast. Her
fingers were moving closer to my pussy. I wondered if
she could smell my desire. “Did you have sex with these
friends?” she asked before kissing my nipple again.


Kiss. “The women too?”


Kiss. “Did you like it?”


Kiss. “Do you want to have sex with me?” she asked.

“Yes,” I answered, pulling her face up to mine. We
looked each other in the eye a moment, and then I
pressed my mouth to hers. Her tongue was between my
lips, her hand moving between my legs. “Yes,” I
whispered once again as she penetrated me with her
fingers. “Oh yes I do.”

Shayla pulled her face away from mine and eased my legs
apart. Then she began kissing me on the neck. I put my
hands on her shoulders and gently moved her head down.
She kissed both of my nipples, then moved on down,
running her tongue down my belly until it was just
teasing my slit. Looking up at me she said, “Tell me
what you want, Kim.”

“I want you. I want you to do me.”

“Do what? You have to tell me before I do it,” she

“I want you to make love to me, to eat my pussy.
Please,” I begged, “Eat my pussy, Shayla.” Immediately
she pressed her mouth against my lower lips, forcing her
tongue into my cunt. “Oh yes, yes, yes Shayla.” I put my
hands on the back of her head. Not to guide her, you
don’t need to guide another woman, she knows just where
you want to be touched and licked. But I wanted to feel
her, touch her as she pleased me.

And please me she did. Her tongue alternated between my
cunt and my clit, getting harder and deeper with each
exploration. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it any
longer she would back off and gently blow her breath
onto me, before plunging her face back to my pussy.

“Oh god, Shayla,” I murmured. “Make me cum, please, make
me cum.” Then, “OHSHITOHYESYESYES,” as she shoved her
fingers deep into me. My back arched, forcing me hard
against her face as the orgasm surged through my body.

I continued screaming as she sucked and licked and
fingered me through climax after climax. Finally I
pulled her face away from my crotch. She rose slightly
until I was kissing her open-mouthed. I could taste my
sex, my cum, on her mouth.

As we kissed we twisted around until she was lying on
her back on the sofa with me on top of her. My leg was
between hers and I could feel the heat and moisture of
her crotch against my thigh. “My turn now,” I whispered.
“Tell me what you want; what you want me to do.”

“Eat my pussy, please Kim. Do it.” I began trailing
kisses down her body until I was positioned on my knees
between her legs. I held her pussy lips open and ran my
nose over it, inhaling the strong aroma of her sex,
before flicking my tongue into her.

She let out a little sigh as I contacted her large
swollen nub. Her clit was as big around as my little
finger and just over an inch long, as it throbbed in
time with her pulse. Shoving my face against her, I
stuck my tongue as deeply into her as I could get it.
The smell and taste of her desire was overwhelming. I
licked at the moisture in her for a moment, and then
slowly began teasing her clit.

As she got more excited I sucked the Little Man between
my lips, at the same time exploring her insides with my
fingers. More and more honey was running out of her and
I lapped at it. My mouth slid down over her lips, then
on down. Pussy juice was running into her ass crack and
I licked at it, penetrating that tiny hole with my
tongue as well.

Shayla was making inarticulate noises, noises of pure
pleasure, telling me she was cumming – as if I couldn’t
tell that by what was flowing from her. Over and over
again she came, first with my tongue in her ass and my
fingers in her cunt, then with my tongue in her cunt and
a finger up her butt. The whole time I was rubbing her
clit with my thumb.

I don’t know how many orgasms she had, but eventually
she pulled my face away from her sex and we kissed
again, this time she got to taste her sex on my face. We
lay with our bodies pressed together a long time before
finally disengaging and sat up, reaching for our drinks.
We both downed our wine in a single gulp. “I better call
Alan,” I said.

“You’re not gonna tell him what to expect, are you?”
Shayla asked, sounding slightly disappointed

“Of course not, I’m going to tell him to pick up more

“Good idea,” she agreed. “I’ll go pour us another
round.” As she walked to the kitchen I watched that ass
of hers again. This time I could see it glistening with
the mixture of her cum and my saliva.

When Shayla came back with our glasses I called Alan. He
agreed to pick up more wine and I went over the
directions with him again. I tried to keep my voice
steady despite the fact Shayla was sucking on my tit the
whole time. When we hung up I told her, “He said he’ll
be at least an hour.”

“So,” she said, “Think we can come up with anything to
do while we wait?”

“I believe we can,” I said as I moved my hand between
her legs. We kissed and played with each other a while,
then she suggested we go to the bedroom. No argument
from me. As soon as we got there I laid down on my back
with Shayla on her knees next to me.

“Sixty-nine” I said. The words were no sooner out of my
mouth when she swung her leg over, her pussy directly
above my face. Slowly she lowered herself until my lips
were on hers. As I licked at her, she began licking at
me. Quickly we were pressed face to cunt, cunt to face –
sharing a massive orgasm.

I was a little surprised when Kim called me about coming
by her friend’s house after work. Usually we were both
so tired when we got off that socializing was the last
thing on our minds. But I was glad to be doing something
besides going home and falling asleep. Then when she
called the second time to tell me to pick up some wine
it began to sound like an enjoyable evening. Maybe not
as much fun as the evenings we’d spent on vacation, but
at least something different.

“Shall I get a small bottle of expensive wine, or a
large bottle of the cheap stuff?” I asked.

“Definitely the large one,” she answered.

“Sounds good to me,” I said, hoping we wouldn’t both
have headaches the next morning.

I managed to find the house without much trouble. When I
knocked on the door Kim called out, “Come on in, Honey,
the doors unlocked.” As soon as I was inside, well, I
almost dropped the wine. There was Kim and a good
looking brunette sitting on the sofa. Kim had her arm
around the other woman’s shoulder and both were
completely naked. “Holy shit,” I thought. “I think I
just won the lottery.”

“Alan, this is Shayla. Shayla, Alan,” Kim said.

“Uh, glad to meet you, I stammered.” Do you offer to
shake hands with a naked woman you’ve just met? I was a
little fuzzy on the etiquette. Kim got up and took the
bottle out of my hand. I’d forgotten I was holding it.

“I’ll go pour us each a glass,” she said.

As Kim walked out of the room Shayla reached out and
took my hand in hers. “Kim didn’t exaggerate when she
said you were a hunk, did she?” Hunk. Me. I didn’t
really think so. But then I stopped thinking when Shayla
pulled me down until my face was nearly touching hers.
Somehow our lips were together and her tongue was in my
mouth. As we kissed I sank to my knees. Between her
knees actually. I broke the kiss, then leaned forward
and began kissing one of her nipples.

“Before I knew it Shayla’s beautiful pussy was right in
front of my face. She was shaved, just like Kim. I could
see her erect clit and moisture forming on her lips and
could smell her sex. Tentatively I ran my tongue over
those lips and large clit, and then pushed it inside
her. “Oooh, that’s nice,” she purred as I licked at her.
She put one leg behind my neck and pulled me tighter. I
teased her big clit with my tongue while easing two
fingers into her cunt. She was so hot, so wet I was sure
Kim had been there before me.

As I was feasting on Shayla’s pussy Kim returned. She
sat down next to us on the sofa. “Don’t stop, Alan.
Please don’t stop. I’m so close.” Her clit was swelling
against my tongue. I worked my fingers harder in and out
of her cunt. I felt a hand on the back of my head and
realized it was Kim’s. Looking up I could see that Kim
was sucking on one of Shayla’s nipples. Just then Shayla
screamed, “Oh yes oh fuck yes I’MCUMINGI’MCUMMING.” The
juice was flooding out of her, soaking my face and hand.

Finally she pushed me away and Kim leaned down and
kissed me. “God Alan, you taste like pussy.” Then she
kissed me again. “And I love it.”

Shayla then kissed me. “Oh yeah, I love the taste of my
sex on a man’s face.” Then turning to Kim she added,
“Almost as much as I loved tasting it on yours, lover.”
As I watched the two of them kissed passionately.

When they broke the kiss Kim said, “I think someone here
is overdressed.” She began opening my shirt while Shayla
worked on my pants. As soon as I was undressed both
women dropped to their knees. Kim held my dick up and
the women’s tongues met around it, then Shayla took me
completely into her mouth while Kim licked at my balls.

They continued licking and sucking and kissing me – and
kissing each other – a few minutes, then Kim pulled
away. “Enough of this, you’ve got a job to do honey.”
Smiling at Shayla, still sucking my cock, she went on,
“I think our new lover here needs to be fucked. Think
he’s up to it, Shayla?”

Shayla took me out of her mouth and shook me gently.
“Yep, I’m sure he’s up to it. Let’s go get in bed.”

As soon as we got to the bedroom Shayla laid down on her
back. Kim knelt beside her as I positioned myself on my
knees between Shayla’s legs. Kim took hold of my dick
and began rubbing the tip along Shayla’s wet slit before
forcing my head between the lips. I arched my back,
driving my cock deep into the warmth of Shayla’s cunt
where I could feel her biting at me.

As I worked myself in and out Kim began sucking again on
Shayla’s nipple. Shayla slid her hand under Kim to her
crotch and I could see her penetrating my wife’s pussy
with her fingers while Kim caressed my balls. Soon we
were all making happy sex sounds. Shayla wrapped her
legs tight around my butt as she began cumming again.

I froze, buried as deeply as I could get in her body,
trying to delay my own orgasm.

“Give it to me,” Shayla demanded. “Cum with me, give it
to me.”

That’s when my wife shoved a finger up my butt and I
lost all control. My cock exploded inside the woman’s
cunt. Again and again I throbbed as my balls emptied
themselves until I was completely spent. My dick began
to shrink and soon it slipped out of its confinement.
Both women kissed me, then I lay down on Shayla’s left
side and Kim stretched out on her right.

After we caught our breath Shayla turned to Kim and
said, “Honey, I think your husband’s cum is leaking out
of me.” Kim reached down and touched the woman’s pussy.

“Yep, it sure is.”

“You wanna taste it?” Shayla asked.

“Uh huh,” Kim said, nodding. Shayla got on her knees,
straddling Kim’s face. As I watched, Kim pulled Shayla’s
lips apart and a string of spunk oozed out until it was
touching my wife’s lips. As Kim licked at the semen,
Shayla slowly lowered herself until Kim’s tongue was
inside her.

Slowly Shayla rubbed herself against Kim’s lips a few
times, and then dismounted. Kims face was glistening
with sex juices. Shayla licked Kim’s wet face then
looked up and rolled her eyes. “Mmm, that’s nice, thank
you Kim. And thank you too,” she said looking at me.

“You get a taste too,” Kim said as she turned and began
kissing me, letting me taste the combined man/woman cum
on her lips. “Now, Alan honey, go get our wine.”
Reluctantly I got out of the bed and headed to the
living room to fetch the drinks.

As Alan left the room I turned to Kim and said, “You’re
husband is great. I praise the Goddess for having you
share him with me.”

“It was a hell of a lot of fun. Maybe I should find out
more about this Goddess if she gives presents like

I leaned forward, dangling my tit so that it was teasing
Kim’s lips. “I assume he does seconds.”

“He better,” Kim said between licks at my nipple. “I
need to be fucked too.” I reached down and slid my
finger into her pussy. It was hot, wet and swollen.
“You’re ready for sure,” I told her, “But we’ll have to
work on him for a while.” Just then Alan returned to the
room, our glasses in one hand and the wine bottle in the
other. He stopped where he was, watching his wife
sucking on my tit while I fingered her pussy. I could
see that his cock was about half erect. It wasn’t going
to take much to get him ready again.

“Come here,” I said to him. “I want to taste myself on
you. He put the drinks down and got on the bed, holding
his dick in front of my face, letting me lick the sticky
residue of our sex off it. His balls were dangling in
front of Kim’s face and she licked at them. I sucked
Alan completely into my mouth and teased him with my
tongue. I could feel him growing. Hell, what man
wouldn’t with one woman sucking his cock and another
sucking his balls.

When Alan was completely hard I took him out. “Lay
down,” I ordered. Your wife wants to be fucked.” I got
no argument as he immediately lay down on his back. I
held his dick erect and Kim knelt over it. Slowly she
lowered herself and I inserted Tab A into Slot B. As she
impaled herself on the hard cock I leaned over and
flicked my tongue across her swollen clit before moving

Kim leaned over, dangling her tits over his husband’s
mouth. From what she had done to me earlier I knew what
she would like. I moved behind her and ran my tongue
down the crack of her ass, teasing the tiny hole and
squeezing Alan’s balls at the same time.

I had wanted this woman from the first time she walked
into my office that morning. And I had known she was
mine the first time she had looked down my blouse. No
long seduction was needed, just get naked and get down.
Alan was a bonus – a very welcome bonus. I continued
tongue-fucking Kim’s asshole while Alan was driving into
her cunt.

I smiled at the thought that soon he would be cumming
again – filling her with his sperm. And I’d get to suck
it out of her.

Thank you, Goddess.

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