Husband visits ex-wife every Sunday and listens to her stories about her sex life with her black boyfriend

Lenny stroked his cock as he watched his wife suck his
cock. Jeannie was a pro when it came to sucking cock.
He watched as she carefully moved her tongue over the
tip of it then engulfed the entire length down her

He kept moving his hand on his cock as he felt his
balls swelling and about to explode. Lenny pointed the
remote at the screen and moved the scene a little
further ahead until he came to the part where his wife
was holding her head on his cock.

He clicked the remote to normal speed and watched the
screen. Lenny watched as his wife lifted her mouth off
his cock and smiled for the video camera. He watched as
she hammed it up and parted her lips for the camera
showing the gob of cum she was holding on her tongue.

Lenny kept stroking his cock as he watched Jeannie
close her mouth and smile for him. He knew she was
swallowing his load at that moment like any normal
housewife who loved to eat cum.

She was playfully making faces for him while he held
the camera on her. She brought up her left hand and
wiped off her lips. Her large diamond engagement ring
glistened in the scene as she held up that hand.

Jeannie started moving closer to the lens until the
picture went blurry. Lenny remembered how she always
loved to kiss him after swallowing his load of cum. She
got a kick out of it and always giggled for him.

The picture went blank and Lenny leaned back on the
pillow and began stroking his cock until his cum
blasted off across his legs and hit the blanket across
the bed spread.

Lenny kept stroking his cock and pressed his fingers
along the bottom of his cock making every last drop of
cum to come out. Lenny stroked his cock a while longer
then reached for the towel and wiped off his legs.

He quickly got off the bed and took the DVD out of the
player and placed it in the drawer with the others.

Lenny washed and got dressed and slipped on Jeannie’s
favorite shirt and starred at her picture on the
dresser. The photo was taken at their son’s graduation
last spring.

Lenny smiled to himself thinking that it was hard to
believe that the woman he married straight out of
college was turning forty years old this month. Lenny
laughed as he remembered one of the other parents
asking his son if that was his sister during the
graduation ceremony.

Lenny leaned closer and starred at the photograph.
Jeanie had worn her hair in a long curl for the past
five years and made her appear much younger then her
forty years.

Lenny pictured in his mind how they fucked after making
that short video he just watched. He could still feel
her ass moving and swaying above his legs like a belly

He remembered how he would to lay back on the pillow
and watch how her belly gyrated around while she rode
his cock. Jeannie actually took belly dancing lessons
one summer to learn how to move her body while having

Lenny also built her a poll in the bedroom where she
would practice her strip routine for him on weekends.
She had taken lessons from a stripper who she had met
while working at a club for a short period.

He glanced at the time and was running late. He only
had to drive about five blocks but got there just in
time as he switched the engine off on his truck. The
newspaper was lying in the driveway and leaned over to
pick it up and glanced at the headlines as he walked to
the front door.

He used his key to open the door and stepped inside.
The smell of bacon cooking filled his nostrils as he
shut the front door and wiped his feet on the mat.
Lenny walked into the kitchen and saw Jeannie in front
of the stove just taking the eggs out of the pan as he
tossed the paper onto the counter.

Jeannie turned her head around and smiled as Lenny
leaned over to kiss her lips.
She handed him his plate.

“Good morning, Honey. Billie called me around seven
this morning. He said he got his test scores back on
Friday and passed just about every question by one
hundred percent.”

Lenny walked over to the table with his plate and sat
down as he replied, “I’ll call him later this
afternoon. I’m just surprised he was up so early this

Jeanie laughed as she filled her plate.” Billie hadn’t
been to bed yet. I guess he was celebrating all night
with his friends and didn’t realize what time it was!”

Billie was in his freshman year at college and they
both missed him around the house. Lenny looked over at
Jeannie as he watched her moving around in front of the

She was wearing a tight pair of jeans. She had a nice
full round ass. Not a once of flab on it, only meat.
She exercised an hour each day to keep her figure and
it showed.

Lenny watched as she turned around to bring her plate
to the table. The top she was wearing was tight and
exposed her belly button. Her large breasts were
clearly visible underneath the thin material of the

Jeannie’s nipples were hard and pointed straight out at
him. She hardly ever wore a bra at home. Jeannie placed
her plate on the table then walked over to grab the
coffee pot and poured them both some coffee.

Lenny started to eat as he watched his ex-wife sit down
across the table from him. They smiled at one another
as Jeanie took her first bit of her eggs. Lenny could
never really figure out why they divorced after sixteen

They were going through a tuff time when both of them
last there jobs a couple years ago. Jeannie got a
temporary job working at a strip club as a bartender.
Even though Lenny trusted his wife, she came home at
four in the morning after helping clean up the club and
they would end up in many arguments about it.

Jeannie finally quit working at the club but the damage
was done. They had filed for divorce after months of
arguments and when it was all said and done realized
the possibility that they made a mistake.

They had talked about getting back together in recent
months. Lenny signed a stupid three year lease on his
condo and was only half way through it. Jeannie’s
mother had passed away during the winter and she was
able to pay the mortgage off on the house with the
money she had inherited.

Jeannie spent her Saturday’s reading and Lenny would
come over and cut the grass on Saturday mornings.
Sunday morning was there day for breakfast. Sometimes
they would eat out and others at home like this

“What did you read last night? Did you start on that
new thriller that Silvia gave you last week?”

Jeannie took another bit of her food as she starred at
her plate. She took her time to reply as she sipped her
coffee and sort of glanced at the wall as she said, “I
actually went to see a movie last night.”

Lenny kept chewing as he watched Jeannie look

“Did you and Silva go and see that love story last

Jeannie kept eating as she hesitated giving her reply
to Lenny but finally answered as she picked with her

“We went and saw that new action thriller about the mob
last night.”

Lenny took another bit of his food as Jeannie got up to
get more coffee and poured some in Lenny’s cup.

“I thought Silvia didn’t like those b***d and guts type
of movies?”

Jeannie had her back turned as she put the pot back on
its warmer.” No. She doesn’t I didn’t go with Silvia
last night.”

Lenny got curious as he said, “Who did you go with last
night? Was it Ruth?”

Jeannie was fiddling around the counter and turned
around and said, “Would you like another slice of

“No. I’m ok with this one.”

Jeannie pooped the toaster then quickly walked back to
the table and changed the subject.

“I’d wait until this evening to give Billie a call.
He’s probably going to be sleeping most of the day

Lenny finished his breakfast and sat drinking coffee as
he watched Jeannie finish eating.

“Was the movie any good last night?”

Jeannie tried to act like she didn’t hear him and
replied, “What?”

“The movie you went and saw last night?”

“Oh. Yeah. It was good. I’d highly recommend it if you
like action.”

The music to Jeannie’s cell phone started to play as
she got up from the table. The phone was sitting out on
the counter as she walked over and picked it up.

Lenny listened.

“Hi. How are you this morning? I had a wonderful time

Lenny watched as Jeannie started to walk past him
while on the phone then disappeared out of the kitchen
to talk. Lenny could still faintly hear her

“Lenny is here right now. We had our Sunday breakfast.”

Lenny smiled as he took a sip of his coffee and kept

“You mean this afternoon? I never really thought about
it but that would be fine. What time will you pick me

That got Lenny’s attention when he heard something
about someone picking up Jeannie.

“That’ll be fine. I’ll see you around five.”

Jeannie walked back into the kitchen and put the phone
back on the counter. She walked over and got the coffee
pot and poured Lenny more coffee.

“Did you get enough to eat this morning?”

“Yes, I sure did. That was good. That will last me most
of the day.”

Jeannie picked up the plates and put them in the sink
as Lenny sipped his coffee then decided to ask about
the phone call.

“Was that one of your friends calling?”

Jeannie started to run water on the breakfast plates as
she casually replied, “That was just a friend.”

Lenny was sure dam curious to who was calling her this
morning. It sounded like they were planning on picking
her up this afternoon. Lenny came up with an idea how
he might find out who was calling her.

“How about taking a ride this morning over near the
pier? It’s nice and sunny this morning and thought you
would like to get out for a while.”

“I think I’ll have to pass on that ride today, Lenny. I
have to clean the house and have a few things I have to
do later this afternoon.”

Lenny looked disappointed as Jeannie turned and looked
at him.

“Aren’t you supposed to play card over at Bill and
Sue’s later this afternoon?”

“Yes but that’s not to around five and thought we’d
have time for a short drive.”

Jeannie wiped her hands dry and walked over to the
table and padded Lenny on the back.

“Maybe we’ll take that ride a different day. I have to
get busy with the laundry. I’ve let it go all week

Lenny sat finishing his cup of coffee and heard the
washer motor start and decided to leave her to her
house work. Lenny found Jeannie in the laundry room
pulling out clothes from the basket as he kissed her

Lenny walked along the pier listening to the seagulls
as he thought about Jeannie. It still felt strange not
sharing every moment with her on weekends as they once
did. They had been talking about getting remarried
these past few weeks.

Lenny saw another couple walk past him holding hands.
He felt really lonely that day and wished that Jeannie
would have come out with him.

Lenny arrived on time at Bill and Sue’s house. Sue and
Jeannie had been friends for years and was the person
responsible for getting Jeannie her current job at her

Sue’s company actually shared the same high rise
building in town. Both companies’ took up much of the
space in the twenty four floors of the building with
Lenny’s company being on the upper floors.

Bill’s sister usually showed up to play cards but got
busy that afternoon so Lenny decided to stay for a
while and talk to Sue.

“How is everything going down stairs? Have you spoken
to Jeannie this week?”

Sue was drinking vodka as she normally did on Sunday’s.
Lenny knew she started talking more once she had a few
glasses of those behind her.

“Jeannie’s been busy with her new boss these past
couple weeks. He’s had her work through her normal
lunch our so we haven’t had much time to talk

“Jeannie has a new boss? She hasn’t spoken about him to
me. Is everything alright? Is he giving her some sort
of trouble or something?”

Sue sort of half smiled and laughed as she took another
sip of her vodka. She smiled and looked a little silly
at Lenny and replied, “I guess you could say he’s
giving her something anyway but I’m not sure if its
trouble or what you would call it.”

Lenny started to get curious to what she meant when
Bill cut her off saying.” I really don’t think we
should be talking about Jeannie and her boss with

Sue blurted out.” I don’t see anything wrong with Lenny
knowing what’s going on at the office.”

Bill corrected his wife.” You don’t know what’s really
going on. You’re only speculating and it’s only gossip
or rumors that you hear.”

Sue was taking another sip as she glanced at Lenny.
Lenny was more then curious to know what she was
talking about and said, “Is there something going on
that I should know about?”

Sue looked at her husband who didn’t approve of her
spreading gossip but turned back at Lenny and said,
“Jeannie is doing fine, Lenny. She has a new boss and
everyone knows what he’s been up to for the past couple
weeks. I just thought I’d warn you about it since you
both were talking about getting remarried.”

Bill interrupted again saying.” Why don’t you make
Lenny some coffee b before he leaves?”

Sue got up and smiled as she left the room.

“I’m, really sorry about Sue. She gets a little goofy
once she has a few of those.”

Lenny cracked a smile as he replied, “I understand. I
just hope everything is alright with Jeannie.”

Bill replied, “Everything is fine with her. Don’t worry
about any of that office gossip Sue is talking about.
They have nothing better to do there in their free time
but to start rumors.”

Sue came back a few minutes later holding a cup and
gave it to Lenny.

“You do take your coffee black?”

Lenny smiled and replied, “Black is fine!”

Sue started to giggle as she took another sip of the
vodka. She smiled as she looked over at Lenny and
muttered.” Jeannie likes it black too!”

Lenny was tired. He spent the later part of the evening
guessing what Sue was talking about that was going on
at their office. He’d just taken a shower and was still
naked as he opened the drawer and took out one of the
DVD’s that was stacked in the corner.

He placed the disk inside the player and got
comfortable on the bed as he fluffed up the pillow next
to the headboard. The picture came on and it cut right
into Jeannie standing in their bedroom next to the
stripper’s pole he had installed.

Jeannie was naked except for a tiny thong as the music
started and Jeannie began to grind her hips. Lenny
watched as she made all the moves with her body as she
rotated her hips making her ass sway to the song.

He watched as she grabbed hold of the pole and swung
around until she finally turned to face the camera and
stuck her tongue out and licked the pole. She was
absolutely gorgeous. Lenny watched as her breasts
giggled each time she moved around the pole.

She was rubbing her crotch now and looking at the
camera. She was motioning with her finger for Lenny to
zoom in on her pussy. The camera zoomed in and Lenny
remembered that evening as Jeannie lowered the thong
exposing her neatly trimmed pussy mound for the camera.

She had it cut in a V shape and had the hair trimmed
back short. It was so sexy looking as Lenny wondered if
it were still trimmed the same way.

How long had it been since he last saw her pussy? Was
it fifteen months maybe? Maybe it was longer!

Lenny stroked his cock as he watched his wife lower the
thong down her hips and gave her ass a gentle wiggle as
the tiny thong hit the floor. Lenny watched the screen
as Jeannie parted her pussy lips with her finger then
licked the tip before she continued to dance.

Lenny kept stroking his cock as Jeannie danced around
the pole. She had her back turned toward the camera and
was slowly swaying to the beat of the music as her hips

Jeannie ass moved in circular motions as her body
lowered to the floor. She was pretending to bounce on
an imaginary cock as she moved her ass up and down near
the floor as she held onto the pole.

She stretched her arms way up on the pole and pushed
her ass out toward the camera. Lenny saw her large
diamond ring glistening in the room light. She still
wore it everyday to his knowledge so men wouldn’t hit
on her.

He faintly tried to recall back to that morning and
couldn’t remember seeing Jeannie wearing her wedding
ring. His eyes focused back to the screen as he watched
Jeannie fucking the pole.

She had her legs wrapped around it and was pretending
she was riding a cock. He stroked his cock as he
watched his wife move on the pole. The video soon ended
as Jeannie walked toward the camera.

Lenny clicked the remote as he remembered how she
climbed on top of his cock after turning off the video
camera. They fucked for hours that night as he recalled
while stroking his cock.

Lenny glanced at the phone on the night stand and had
an idea. Maybe it was a long shot but he decided to
give Jeannie a call. Maybe she would come over and they
could make love. Perhaps this would be the night to
rekindle their marriage and relationship.

Lenny dialed her cell phone number and put the phone up
to his ear as he stroked his cock. He didn’t want to
cum just yet for the possibility that Jeannie would
drive over and take care of it for him.

The phone was ringing. Lenny heard the forth ring then
the answering message came on. It was Jeannie’s voice
telling him to leave a message. Lenny didn’t leave any

Lenny put the phone back down and stroked his cock. He
glanced over at the time. It was after ten and perhaps
she was in bed reading. Lenny kept moving his hand on
his cock feeling his balls churning.

Lenny glanced at the phone again. Maybe Jeannie would
answer the house phone if she were reading in bed.
Perhaps the cell phone was in the kitchen where she
left it. Lenny picked up the phone and dialed that

Lenny was getting impatient as he heard the forth ring
then the fifth and was about to hang up when he heard
Jeannie’s voice.


Lenny could hear music playing in the back ground as he
replied, “It’s me, Jeannie. I was just calling to see
what you were doing.”

“Wait…. Take it back out for a minute!”

“Did you say something Jeannie?”

“No. I was just talking to myself. What did you want
this late?”

“Are you alright? Did I call at a bad time?”

“No. Wait a moment while I turn off this music.”

Lenny could hear Jeannie moving around on the bed then
the music went silent. Lenny could hear Jeannie
breathing into the phone then the sound of her moving
on the bed again.

“That’s it….”


“I’m sorry, Lenny. I must have been talking to myself.
Did you need something?”

“I was just calling to see what you were doing this

Lenny thought he heard a grunt or a moan.” Jeannie?
Are you ok there?”

“I’m fine, Lenny. I must have bumped my toe on the bed.
It’s late, Lenny. Can this wait until tomorrow?”

“I was just calling to see if you’d be interested in
coming over tonight.”

Lenny was waiting for a reply and thought he heard
Jeannie whispering. Then he heard her moan and yelp in
a high pitch.


“I’m sorry Lenny. It’s late and I’m sort of tired. Can
we talk tomorrow after work?”

“That would be fine. Maybe I’ll stop in your office and
see you at lunch.”

“OK. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Take care of that toe, Jeannie and try not to hit it

Lenny listened as he heard Jeannie put the phone down
in its cradle. This wasn’t exactly how he wanted this
phone conversation to end but he had to admit that it
wasn’t planned.

Maybe he’d have better luck coming right out with it
and ask Jeannie if he could move back into the house.
Whatever it was she appeared to be preoccupied tonight.
She may have gotten home late from the movies the night
before with her friends and was tired.

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