In Bed With Rachel

Nate Grey recovered a lot quicker than I would have suspected. Whilst we had
been busy… entertaining his “sister”, his incredible psionic powers were
working on repairing the damage the psionic resonance had inflicted on his
mind – now he had full access to his intelligence again, but I suspected that
his “openness” to commands would take a long while to be righted… if it
ever was again. I had maintained the link between us, deciding to stay behind
physically while Phoenix and Madelyne went to join him. There was only really
one thing on his mind as he awoke.

“My god… what was I drinking last night?” he cried, clutching his head,
running over the events in his mind. He remembered the girl, he remembered
getting sucked off, he definitely remembered the sensuous agony of easing his
cock into her… but then? Nothing.

He lay naked on the bed in another of the whore bedrooms within the Hellfire
Club. Stephanie watched over him with some amusement, knowing the power that
she now had over the so-called “most powerful mutant in the world”.

Pin-prick pains assaulted Nate as he opened his eyes. The room only had a dim
lighting, but it was enough to cause discomfort. Within seconds he’d regained
enough fortitude to make up Stephanie’s presence.

“You… what did you do to me?” he asked, still off-balance, desperately
trying to clear the cobwebs in his mind.

“What… you mean apart from giving you the sex of a lifetime?” Stephanie
replied sweetly, her eyes devouring Nate’s naked form, even the inhibitor
collar something of a turn-on for her. Despite the pain, Nate smiled at the

“Yeah… apart from that.”

“I almost put you in a coma, lover,” Stephanie smiled. “And I’ll do it again
if you cause us any trouble… not that you’re really in any position to do
that right now.”

Nate’s brow furrowed in pained concentration as he tried to access his
gargantuan store of psionic energy… but his mind was like clay, nothing
responded. Instead a swift pain in his neck alerted him to the presence of the
inhibitor collar.

“Who are you?” he hissed in anger, desperately trying to get onto his feet.

Stephanie stepped back and smiled in delight as the oak door next to her
opened, Phoenix and Madelyne entering the room.

“That is irrelevant,” stated Phoenix sharply, enjoying the look of shock on
Nate’s face as he saw the two identical women standing side-by-side. “Thank
you my dear. We can take things from here.”

Stephanie blew Nate a kiss as she left, giggling.

“Next time I’ll really blow your mind,” she taunted, before turning and

“Jean… Madelyne… together! I can’t believe this,” Nate exclaimed, trying
to reach a sheet with which to cover his nakedness. “The two of you are blood

“All conflict has been resolved, Nate,” Phoenix intoned without emotion.

“We are one. We co-exist,” stated Madelyne dispassionately.

“We move together, think together, love together…” Phoenix continued, her
smile instantly mirrored on Madelyne’s face.

“Fuck together,” finished Madelyne, a definite hunger evident in her voice

“Get away from me… the pair of you!” he cried, backing away.

“There is no resistance in you, Nate. Your powers have deserted you, we have
seen to that. To us your mind is like a blank slate; we can fill it as we
wish. Even as we speak, we are flooding your consciousness with sexual
desire. We are imprinting ourselves onto you. You will need us. Once we are
one, you will understand.”

Both Phoenix and Madelyne advanced upon Nate, both of them dropping to their
knees simultaneously, crawling on the bed towards their prey, the same look
in their eyes – a determined look of need and desire. I could sense Nate
beginning to respond, his eyes locked onto both women as they both removed
their flimsy gowns, revealing their full nakedness to the boy.

“W-why…? This isn’t right!”

“We’ve found your cure, Nate. Your mutant powers will no longer consume you,
you’ll be free of the curse that will eventually kill you. But this comes at a

He gulped visibly, trying to take in the words even as the two stunning
redheads began to reach out and caress his legs, four hands sizzling with
telekinetic power, his clothing shredding, melting beneath their

“The price is this… your complete obedience. Your deference to us and our
master on all matters.”

“No… you’re talking about slavery!”

“We will make you like us Nate,” Phoenix reassured him, her hand now brushing
over his genitals, laughing as his clothing gave way, exposing his half-hard

“We carry an evil inside of us Nate,” Madelyne whispered, her hands joining
Phoenix’s, stroking his scrotum, forcing a finger downwards towards his anus.

“We all carry the evil,” Phoenix continued, “All power corrupts, you should
know that. Our minds are linked now. What we do now will mould your destiny.”

Nate screwed his eyes shut and tried to ignore Phoenix’s words, the
sensations in his mind telling him to give in to his most primal needs, his
physical pleasure mounting as Phoenix continued rubbing his cock slowly,
Madelyne’s hands continued to melt away the remainder of his clothing.

“I… I won’t… submit!” he cried, desperately attempting to fight off the
sensations the women flooded him with.

“Submission is no longer the issue, darling,” Phoenix laughed. “The son of
Sinister cannot deny the evil inside of him. The evil we will give to you.”

“It’s just a matter of time, sweetheart,” Madelyne purred, her hands now
caressing his neck. “Just a matter of time until our cancer of evil overwhelms
you. Submission is irrelevant.”

“Open your mind to us Nate. Why fight it when it can be so pleasurable?”
Phoenix asked, her voice calm and reasonable. “Sex is the greatest best
conductor for this transfer. Mutual orgasm is like a super-conductor. Once we
are one you will feel like a god.”

“Then you will have your cure,” finished Madelyne, leaning forward into Nate’s
face. “An end to the pain, to the uncertainty of your own future. Open your

Nate’s gaze locked onto Madelyne’s eyes, green and fierce with intent. His
mouth opened slightly, issuing a low moan as he saw her part her lips, the
tip of her tongue moistening them as she leaned forwards, bringing her mouth
into contact with his.

“Kiss me,” she sighed as she brushed her lips across his.

Nate’s resistance crumbled and he crushed his lips against Madelyne’s, a
flood of dark evil flowing through his mind, body and soul as the connection
was made, his cock instantly jumping to erection in Phoenix’s grasp. As
Madelyne’s tongue tentatively dug into Nate’s mouth and brushed against his
own, the pleasure was exponentially increased as simultaneously, Phoenix
flicked her own tongue against the red, bloated head of his prick. Pleasure
raced through him, with each further wave bringing an even deeper darkness
surging into him. His pelvis began to shake uncontrollably, the last
resistance to the evil falling off as he thrust wildly, pushing his cock deep
into Phoenix’s mouth, his tongue duelling with Madelyne’s as her oral digit’s
movements were perfectly replicated by her “other” on the boy’s rock hard

“You’re wet…” Nate noted as Madelyne pulled away from him, feeling her cunt
juices flowing freely over his stomach.

“Soaking, lover…” smiled Madelyne. “And through my ‘other’ I can feel your
desire… your urge to spurt your cream all over us. We’ll make you cum,
lover. We’ll make you cum again and again. We both want it. On us… in us…
wherever you want. Do you want to fuck Phoenix’s face? Do you want to feel
her sucking your cum as you ejaculate? Do you want to smear it over her face,
shoot into her hair? Do you want that? Do you want to over-flow my cunt with
your sperm? Fuck my ass?”

“Yes… yes… YES!”

“Then you earn it!”

Nate gasped in dismay as both women quickly pulled away from him, leaving him
right on the edge of glorious orgasm. He looked down at his cock, beet red
with arousal, slick with saliva, the prick jerking with every heartbeat.

“W-what…?” he cried in disbelief. “What are you doing?”

“We need to establish the ground rules, lover,” Madelyne proclaimed. “We need
you to know what you’re doing. After all, both of us… genetically speaking
we’re your mother. Is that what you are, Nate? A mother fucker?”

“Is that really what you are Nate?” joined Phoenix. “Would you really fuck
your own mother? Would you really treat her like a whore… a cum-hungry
slut? That’s what will happen, lover, that’s what the evil will do to you.
Are you truly prepared for it?”

Nate turned away in confusion and despair as the last scintilla of goodness
in his soul warred with the all-consuming darkness that washed over him. He
wasn’t prepared and Phoenix knew it. Arms massaged his back as inwardly,
Phoenix laughed at the weak child, knowing he was lost. She pressed her
heaving bosom into his back, rubbing her breasts on the sensitive skin,
allowing her nipples to harden at the friction.

Madelyne kneeled on the bed in front of him, pulling his face up, level with
her own breasts. Nate just sighed weakly as his field of vision was taken up
exclusively with the two most beautiful mammaries he’d ever seen. Twin mounds
of perfectly proportioned milky flesh, each topped with pink, plump nipples –
nubbins that screamed out for attention.

“You want them Nate,” Madelyne taunted. “You want to suck them, don’t you?”

“But you said… you… you’re my mother,” he sobbed, tears escaping his eyes,
blurring his view of the spectacular tit meat. “This can’t be right.”

Madelyne linked her hands behind Nate’s neck, grinning evilly as she pushed
his mouth ever closer to the teat.

“On the contrary, there’s nothing more natural than a mother… feeding… her

She sighed in pleasure as she felt his mouth encircle her nipple, slowly,
tentatively beginning to suck, opening her mind (and Phoenix’s) to the
sensations, allowing her milk to flow, crying out in ecstasy as jets of her
tit cream shot into his mouth, her other breast spurting onto his shoulder,
the issue running down his chest. Phoenix cried out simultaneously as she
continued to rub her own set of breasts on Nate’s back, the sympathetic
feeling sending out her own jets of milk, the liquid flowing down his spine
and into the crack of his ass.

On his knees, Nate continue to suckle on his mother’s teat, the boy’s
erection sticking out, an obscene defilement of this most natural act between
mother and son. A defilement compounded as Madelyne began to caress his cock
with purposeful strokes, raising herself onto her knees, positioning her
weeping snatch over his prick even as he continued to suckle voraciously.

White fluids dribbling from his mouth, Nate suddenly threw his head back,
roaring in ecstasy as Madelyne dropped herself into his lap, her sopping cunt
enveloping and devouring his cock in one sudden movement, Phoenix diving into
his neck and kissing it hard, the young mutant effectively sandwiched between
the two women, both working as one to intensify and reintensify his pleasure.
Nate’s eyes were screwed shut as Madelyne rose and fell onto his lap,
swivelling her hips in concert, smiling in satisfaction as she felt his
spastic jerks in her snatch, all control now lost, the boy now existing
purely for the sensation. Animalistic grunts escaped his mouth as she fucked
him, Phoenix’s hands reaching around Nate’s body to knead and pull on
Madelyne’s tits, both women squealing in pleasure as more white jets of
pleasure-intensifying cream spilled out onto the boy’s chest. Madelyne felt
Nate’s rapture increase as she ran her breasts over his torso, Phoenix doing
likewise over his back, cooing as she entered his mind and gained her
satisfaction for knowing what she was doing to him. Madelyne slowed her
fucking to a stop, anticipating Nate’s orgasm, ready to let the boy’s own
convulsive fucking motions take him agonisingly over the edge.

“Come on lover,” Madelyne urged. “Take me. Cream inside your mother’s cunt.
Fill me. Do it. One deep thrust and you’re in heaven.”


Nate’s buttocks responded to the commands, the one thrust causing him to howl
in pleasure, Phoenix and Madelyne smiling as both experienced the sensations
of tortured male orgasm taking place, Nate’s journey into evil one step
nearer its inevitable conclusion as his semen blasted into Madelyne’s womb,
coating her cunt before escaping and dripping down her thigh.

It was an interesting sensation that clouded Nate’s mind for the next hour or
so. There was no coherent thought there at all – just a numb warmth of post
orgasmic haze as his mind attempted to assimilate the changes that Phoenix
had wrought. I feared that she had not been completely successful in her
training of either Nate or Rachel… both of them should have been reduced to
the level of mindless slaves after the intensive treatments that she… they
have given them. But even now, peering into Nate’s mind I could still
perceive doubt that what he was doing was right.

Rachel’s conditioning was even less clear cut. As she lay alone in her room I
could sense her fear over-riding the sexual imperatives that Phoenix had given
her. She wept as she considered the future that awaited her. Concubine. Slut.
Whore. Hole.

Later, Nate’s mind finally brought him back into the present. Lying on the
bed, he was still surrounded on all sides by the flesh of Phoenix and
Madelyne Pryor, the women contemplating him silently with a look of triumph
on their faces. Phoenix ran her hand through his hair, kissing his cheek.
Madelyne was more craven, one hand rubbing his muscular torso, the other
attempting to knead his genitals back into arousal. Looking down, he saw her
masturbating hand covered in white cream. During the last hour, she had been
keeping him coming, milking the sperm from his prick. He didn’t feel at all
drained. On the contrary, he was more full of life than ever before, his cock
responding to Madelyne’s touch, slowly hardening, bringing about a sly grin
from his mother-lover.

“You were so beautiful just lying there,” Madelyne whispered hotly. “We’re
going to have so much fun together… all of us.”

Nate grunted as Madelyne upped the pace on his meat, stroking more
purposefully now, sharing in the shards of desire that shot through his mind
and body.

“You’ve got to learn to siphon off your power, honey,” Phoenix murmured into
his ear. “Let it flow from your sex, give it to your lover. Use your will to
penetrate their minds, use it to conquer your victims, make them your
playthings. You’re a god, Nate. A fucking god.”

Nate sighed and closed his eyes as Madelyne’s powerful masturbation was
further enhanced as the beautiful redhead dived down and began slow torturous
licks of his manhood, from the scrotum via the underside of his cock to the
engorged tip.

“Do you like the feeling, Nate?” questioned Phoenix earnestly. “Like the
feeling of a woman sucking you? Get used to it, you’ll have as many slaves as
you want to pleasure you. Perhaps we should go meet the first.”

“No!” shouted Nate as Madelyne’s sucking lips deserted his cock. “I need it. I
want to cum in your mouth you fucking slut!”

“Shhhh,” silenced Phoenix, placing her index finger over Nate’s mouth. “Save
yourself for your slave, darling.”

Two faceless Hellfire Club attendants brought Rachel Summers into the room,
clad only in a small robe that barely covered her breasts and pussy. Phoenix
noted immediately that she was not happy, her face reddened through tears,
her features downcast. She had anticipated some lack of effectiveness in her
sexual domination of the girl – after all, Rachel was a blood relative and
the implications of the Summers Principal here were unknown. Phoenix also
sensed some small amount of resistance still inherent in Nate himself.
However, his own primal urges to fuck were far more powerful than Rachel’s
own lesbian tendencies that Phoenix had brought to the surface. Nature was on
her side in Nate’s case… and to be honest, it didn’t matter how Rachel
resisted – the girl would not stand a chance against the combined talents of
all three of them.

“She’s… stunning,” breathed Nate as he caught sight of Rachel, admiring her
long red hair, her perfectly proportioned athletic figure.

“Allow me to introduce Rachel Summers,” Phoenix stated, moving behind the girl
and forcing her onto the bed as Madelyne toyed with Nate’s prick, returning to
stroking it purposefully. “She’s your cure… a mutant able to absorb your
fantastic powers… the same powers that are killing you.”

Nate stared into Rachel’s eyes, so similar to Phoenix’s. A new urgency shot
through his prick as he sensed his desire for her. He knew immediately that
Phoenix was telling the truth, that this girl would be able to “cure” him…
but there was more to it than that. She looked frightened, fearful of Nate’s
presence. And I could sense that the boy found that even more tantalising.
His mind raced with images – his cock pouring cum into her snatch, her
asshole stretching to accommodate his cock as he fucked it into her, her
screams for mercy going unheeded. He longed to fuck her senseless, to force
her orgasm from her, to make her his slave.

“For god’s sake, Nate,” whispered Rachel, looking up to challenge Nate’s
stare. “Don’t listen to them… they’ve been changed. You can’t trust them.
They just want to use you.”

Madelyne straightened up, removing Nate’s inhibitor collar from around his

“Trust me, it’s a lot more fun when they resist,” she sighed, massaging his
shoulders. “You can smell the bitch’s fear, can’t you? We can be in her mind
together, lover. We can experience the breaking point together, where her
mind snaps, her sensibilities giving way to fuck lust, where nothing has any
meaning, save her desire to service you with her mind and body… like a good
slave should.”

Nate rose up onto his knees and moved towards Rachel, a look of determination
on his face. His cock pointed forwards obscenely, the tip dripping precum,
the shaft slick with Madelyne’s saliva. Phoenix reached around Rachel’s body
and began to cup and knead her breasts through the thin material of the robe.

“You won’t believe how hot she is once she’s been properly… motivated,”
Phoenix assured him, smiling evilly. “Her cunt almost… floods… when she
comes. You should have seen the three of us together, lover. We were on fire.”

Nate looked into Rachel’s eyes, the pair of them now inches apart. His hands
moved upwards, each grabbing a lapel, slowly drawing them apart, pulling the
robe away from Rachel’s silky flesh. He looked down and smiled at her exposed
tits. Nate’s eye flashed with power as he sensed his phenomenal mutant powers
mass in his body, pooling in his cock, yearning to be expelled into the body
of this beautiful young girl.

“You can’t do this, Nate,” Rachel sobbed, tears springing from the corners of
her eyes. “I’m your sister… it’s not right.”

“And Phoenix is my mother… and the best fuck I ever had,” spat Nate in
contempt. “I have the power to make you my slave, Rachel. You know that, don’t
you? I can make you want it… or I can just rape the shit out of you.”

His hands shot up to her tits, pulling on them hard, the young mutant smiling
at her pain. He crushed his torso against hers, rubbing his cock against her
as it spilt some its massive load onto her, his mouth forcing itself onto
hers, Nate savouring her resistance as she fought to escape his questing
tongue. He felt Madelyne’s hands on his buttocks, caressing them softly,
driving new urgency into him. He found himself moving his cock to the
entrance of Rachel’s womanhood, his slick cock easily nudging inside thanks
to Madelyne’s saliva and his own flowing juices.

The last tiny aspect of goodness in Nate’s soul finally deserted him as the
boy thrilled to the cries of his new slave as she was penetrated and raped.
The feel of Madelyne kissing his neck and rubbing her breasts against his
back was the final straw and he pushed hard into Rachel, his mouth seeking
out her neck where he bit into her savagely.

He could feel “the cure” working as he drove into her, the power flooding
from his body to hers with each ecstatic surge. He learned to control its
release, shaping it into energies that served to arouse Rachel’s abused
flesh, forcing her to experience pleasure against her will, knowing that his
power was changing her, making her dependant on it on order to feel the
incredible rush of pleasure that flowed through her as he fucked her hard.
All the while Phoenix and Madelyne urged him onwards.

“Fuck the slut!”

“Make the bitch come!”

“Cream in her fucking snatch.”

“Make her fucking want it!”



Rachel could see the look of evil in Nate’s eye, his mutant powers gathering,
ready to surge, ready to burst into her as he journeyed down the road to his
inevitable release. Her body betrayed her, each thrust into her soaking cunt
sending more pleasure shooting through her mind. She knew she was beaten, her
flesh responding to the frictions blasting through her snatch as Nate took her
roughly, her raptures intensifying as Phoenix’s hands sought out her most
sensitive areas, stroking her breasts expertly, massaging her clitoris. Nate’s
grunts gave way to sadistic laughter as he felt Rachel tighten in pre-orgasmic
tension, her breath ragged as she rose to her physical crescendo, cries of
pleasure ripped from her mouth.

She could feel her mind being penetrated – an almost phallic presence
lurching into her head as Nate took her mentally as well, her spirit
surrendering to the psychic thrusts. She sensed laughter – the dual taunts of
Phoenix and Madelyne who lurked in her mind as she finally surrendered, her
body shuddering in orgasmic release as she came hard over Nate’s cock, her
cunt gushing in response, her ecstasy heightening as Phoenix roughly stroked
her clit.

“Come for me you fucking whore!” screamed Nate, pushing into her as far as he
could, the savage thrust taking him over the edge, searing hot cum blasting
from his prick as he orgasmed, his mental phallus “ejaculating” pure,
distilled evil into Rachel’s mind.

The pair of them slumped onto the bed, temporarily sated, their first
incestuous fuck over. Nate sighed in contentment as though a huge weight had
been lifted from his shoulders. The plan had worked – the mutant energies
that threatened to consume him were gone… for the time being. Rachel had
absorbed it all.

“Poor boy,” sighed Phoenix. “You never stood a chance against us, did you?
You were a creation of Mr Sinister. Biologically you are mine, but mentally
you are Sinister’s son… a product of evil. That’s why it was so easy to
seduce you… why you didn’t need to much convincing to fuck your ‘sister’…
and what a moving sight it was. Rachel was the product between the loving
union of Jean Grey and Scott Summers. To see you violate that was simply…

Nate seemed to regain some of his strength, the mutant power once again
flooding through his body. Groggily he turned to face Phoenix.

“I… I ain’t done yet… I can feel it rise within me… still.”

“Of course… don’t worry. We’ve barely begun.”

He smiled evilly as Madelyne reached down and turned Rachel onto her stomach,
her hands running down the girl’s perspiring flesh, cupping her buttocks. A
large gob of saliva drooled from her mouth, disappearing into Rachel’s ass

“She can take it all, lover,” reassured Phoenix, leaning over to stroke his
erection into full-blooded attention. “She’s your concubine, your whore, your

Madelyne smiled at Nate as he turned back to Rachel’s moaning body, the boy
looking at her rump as his ‘mother’ parted her ass cheeks and sent another
string of saliva down onto her puckered anus, following up by rimming the
small orifice with her finger, before easing into her asshole. A gasp of pain
escaped Rachel’s mouth as Madelyne pushed it knuckle deep, slowly starting a
thrusting motion. When she pulled out, Nate noted that the previously
tight-shut hole was now open slightly, her cheeks still held apart by
Madelyne’s massaging hands.

Phoenix leaned over and spat heavily into Rachel’s anus, all three of them
watching with curiosity as they watched the saliva slowly ooze into her

“She’ll need a little more lube before you… sodomise her,” advised Phoenix,
pulling Nate closer, satisfied as she saw the boy take his cue, sending his
own spit deep into her asshole. “Good… now you know what to do.”

“Yessss…” he hissed, drawing his cock up to the proffered hole, allowing its
dribbling precum to add further to Rachel’s rectal lubrication. “Let’s see how
this feels, whore!”

He guided his cockhead into the hole, smothering it with the fluids before
slowly, very slowly, pushing it into her.

“The first inch is always the most painful, darling,” Madelyne whispered into
Rachel’s ear as she screamed in pain at the horrible intrusion on her most
intimate orifice.

Nate slowed his penetration, and I could sense him doing so in order to drag
out his slave’s agony as much as possible. He grinned as he slid himself into
her, Phoenix reaching over to french kiss him deeply, a long kiss that lasted
until Nate was filling Rachel to the hilt. Then, without any mercy, he began
to fuck her brutally, her cries of pain at each intrusion finally giving way
to small sobs and then to whimpers of pleasure as Nate’s mutant powers began
to flood into her, turning the pain into pleasure. Madelyne pulled Rachel’s
face from the bed and studied her red face, stained with tears, her eyes
screwed tightly shut, her mouth open, small moans issuing from it as once
again her body betrayed her, more of the dark evil forcing its way into her

“Look at me, slave!” Madelyne demanded.

Rachel’s eyes opened just in time to see her tormentor spit in her face. She
shuddered as she saw Madelyne rise to her knees, opening them and pushing her
face towards the red-haired juicy cunt in front of her.

“Pleasure me,” she commanded, cooing in pleasure as Rachel was compelled to
obey, her tongue reaching out to burrow deeply into Madelyne’s cuntal

I knew that the job was done now and mentally left the scene, knowing that
this crucial part of the agenda was now complete. Later, Phoenix proudly told
me of how Rachel had finally broken, how she had willingly taken Nate into
her mouth and sucked him dry, even whilst Phoenix tongued her snatch and
Madelyne had sucked the fresh male seed from her ass. Her ultimate
acquiescence had come when Nate was finally sated, his ejaculate oozing from
each of her orifices. All three of them had stood over Rachel, sending warm
jets of piss flying over her body, the girl screaming for more as her body
was saturated.

Later I flicked on the shower monitor. Rachel had been ordered to clean
herself up, but even now I could see her lying face-down in the steamy room,
water cleansing her skin even as her body was being ravaged anew by the
whores of the establishment, Psylocke and Storm both pleasuring themselves on
her as a circle of my prostitutes looked on. Welcome to the Hellfire Club,