Interrupted in the nicest way

We’ve come home from the Caribbean after a week of
great sexual explorations that help us to discover the
intense erotic needs that we both have hidden away too
long. You had to go back to work today, but I have one
more day off. So I’m unpacking my suitcase and I come
across the satin panties that I was wearing that dark
night a week ago. They haven’t been washed, and I know
that they carry the scent of my excitement.

Just thinking about it gets my juices flowing, but I
keep myself from reaching down to touch myself. All I’m
wearing is a long nightgown… nothing else. I’m
enjoying teasing myself with just these shivering
thoughts and the feel of the fabric rubbing over my

Now I’ve just finished doing the laundry left over from
the trip. It has evoked so many sexy memories of all
the crazy things we did last week. Each piece of
clothing I touch is whispering secret stories into my
ears. My whole body is getting charged up and alive.

Ironing is normally such a drag, but I get out the
ironing board. And that’s when I hear a knock on the
door to my apartment. It’s you! A computer failure at
the office gave you the rest of the day off. And right
away, you can tell from the look in my eyes what it is
that I have in mind.

As if I wasn’t obvious enough, I slowly lick my lips. I
can almost hear your mind churning; you’re looking
around the apartment looking for a prop to use for a
new sexual adventure. Whatever it is, I know that it
will be good.

Your gaze settles on the ironing board. What do you
have in mind, I wonder. You turn me around and gently
guide me over to the narrow end of the board. I hear
you pull down the zipper of your trousers, and then the
rustle of your pants dropping to the floor. Then you
reach around me to pull off the ironing board cover,
leaving only the vinyl protector.

Grasping the gown at my waist, you inch the material
upward gradually until I feel the room air on my rear
and on my cunt hair, which is soaking wet. It feels so
cool; it makes me shiver. I can’t help but clench the
muscles of my cunt, which squeezes out more of my
vaginal fluid. Your hands rise up my sides, knuckles
bumping along my ribs, lightly tickling, bringing a
giggle to my lips.

As your hands reach my armpits, I raise my arms, and
you lift the nightgown all the way up and off. I leave
my arms straight up in the air, and you toss the gown
aside and cup my breasts, gently pumping, fingers
straddling my nipples You push me forwards with your
hips… actually, it is your semi-hard cock that probes
at my ass and pushes me forward.

The blunt end of the ironing board bumps into my cunt,
and I can’t help but to push my mons against the cool
vinyl. Even through my thick labia, I can feel the
pressure against my enclosed clitoris. Mmmmm.

You step back from me and I turn my head to watch you
strip off your clothes. I’m sure I know what’s coming.
You are going to bend me forward and plunge your cock
into my cunt. I’m picturing it and anticipating it,
wondering if you are going to tease me by slowly going
in, a quarter inch at a time, or are you going to push
into me all in one stroke? I know that I’m wet enough
for you to do that easily if I concentrate on loosening
all my cunt muscles. I slowly wiggle and shimmy my ass
at you, and wink with my eye. If you could see my
crotch right now, you would probably see it winking,

But instead of accepting my wanton invitation, you
start walking away across the room. What do you have in
mind? Into the dining room you go, and then you come
back with a couple of dining chairs. You place one just
beside my right foot, and one beside the left. What on

On your instructions, I step on to the chairs, with my
legs spread. Then you step up behind me and lay your
cock straight out onto the tip of the ironing board,
which is at the perfect height. I can look straight
down between my breasts and below my sparse and matted
cunt hair to see your cock, which is drooling onto the

That is all I can see of you without turning around.
Your hands grab my waist and gently pull me down, and
down. I lean forward and grip the sides of the board,
and then settle down the last few inches so that my
cunt opens wide and my labia part around the length of
your shaft. I now can see only the head of your cock.
Your hands come up to my breasts and tweak my nipples,
and I can’t stop myself any longer.

I quickly discover that I can move forward and back and
rub my clit over the length of your cock. Your pre-cum
is mixing with my flowing juices, and there is plenty
of lubrication. My labia are literally swallowing your
cock, licking the sides like dual tongues. And best of
all for me is the feeling that I get as my clit pops
over the raised edge of the crown of your cock. It’s
like you were licking me and I was licking you at the
same time.

I’m glad that I bought this heavily-built ironing
board, because I’m really starting to rock back and
forth faster and harder. I can hear your encouraging
whispers and grunts, and I’m gasping and panting too.
My long blond hair hangs straight down and I start
whipping it around as my head dances. You remain
perfectly still as I caress your cock.

I don’t know how you have the discipline. My own body
is thrashing and pistoning with no way that I can
control it. I’m going to have my orgasm now, and you
can sense it, I’m sure, since you tell me that you too
are about to come.

And there it is. I stop pistoning and start vibrating
and squeezing my thighs together rhythmically. Looking
down between my breasts, as my eyelids flutter, I can
see the jets of your come spurting forward along the
ironing board. Fireworks are going off in my head, and
more of my juices are flowing down onto your cock. I
loose my ability to stand on my legs and fall forward
onto the ironing board and your pools of cum.

I’m so exhausted and satisfied. It’s too much for me,
and I loose consciousness, falling into a sleep that I
know will be as filled with erotic dreams as my cunt
will be filled with your rejuvenated cock later today.

I hope your post-orgasmic nap is as sweet as mine.

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