Italian fantasies

My fantasy begins with me walking up to where you are sitting at one of the tables, nervously looking around and occasionally checking your watch. You’re wearing a black, almost billowy, button-down shirt, black belt with an understated and simple silver buckle, black trousers, black socks, and expensive black Italian leather shoes. You look so incredibly sexy that I have to catch my breath before continuing on. You look up and finally notice me walking toward you as I step into the light. You aren’t aware, but you mouth the word “Damn” when you see me. I am wearing a red flamenco-inspired dress that dipped down in the front to show amazing cleavage, sheer nude stockings (with a black line going up the back), and sexy 3″ Italian patented leather stilettos. On my left wrist as a plain black bead bracelet, in my right hand a red clutch matching my dress. Dangling from my ears are black bead earrings, matching the bracelet. My make-up is simple: light eyeliner, one coat of mascara, and lip gloss. My hair is in a French twist, with a few tendrils framing my face.

“My God, you are beautiful!” you say, almost breathlessly, making me look down bashfully, a blush rising in my cheeks. “Thank you, my darling. You look amazing as well. If I weren’t so hungry, I’d skip the meal and have you take me to your room now!”

You swallow noticeably, then say to the waiter, “We’ll take the order to go, if you don’t mind.” You hand him a generous tip for remaining open after closing time, and for being so patient. This sweet gesture has me falling in love with you all over again. (Sweetness is my weakness!)

The ride to your hotel is quiet, but not awkward. Both of us are still in shock at seeing one another for the first time and find it hard to breathe. When nearly to our destination, you softly and timidly take my hand and intertwine your fingers with mine. “Your hand is so small, and soft,” you say quietly. I still cannot seem to catch my breath or slow my racing heart, so I merely smile and let out a “Mm.”

You’re prepared for my arrival. When I step into your room, I am blown away by the beauty. Everything is stark white, save for the red rose petals scattered about. White candles of all shapes and sizes are lit and placed in various spots around the room. There’s a fireplace on one side of the room, but it is unlit, seeing as it was Spring. There are slightly ajar French doors on the wall next to the fireplace, with white curtains that billow in the breeze. The doors open to a fairly large balcony that has a black wrought-iron glass-top table and two matching chairs. There is a vase of daisies in the center of the table. “My favorite!” I think to myself. There is also soft music playing, coming from an unknown source. The music makes me think of Faeries and magic, putting me even more into a romantic mood.

You are silent while I survey the room, smiling that my response is exactly what you were hoping for. When I turn around to face you once more, there are tears in my eyes. At first you are concerned because you don’t wish to upset me, but then you see my huge smile, so you know they are tears of pure joy. Nothing makes me happier than when the person I love knows me well enough to know how to give me the surprise of my life.

You take my trembling hand and lead me further into the room toward an empty space between the foot of the large King-size bed and the fireplace. “Stay right there,” you say as you walk to the balcony to put our food on the table. You walk back to me, smiling and pull me to you. The way you hold me to you makes me realize that you are wanting to slow dance with me for a while, to relax both our nerves. I don’t let it show, but as I lay my head on your chest, all that runs through my mind is, “I want him to kiss me so bad…” But being the Lady I am, I don’t force the situation to happen. I want you to be the one to kiss me, not the other way around.

You sense my complete relaxation and lift my head to yours, looking deep into my eyes. As I gaze into yours, I’m shocked that I see so much in them–love, lust, the future. Ever so slowly, you lean down and place the lightest of kisses on my eager lips. I nearly crumble to the floor right then and there, and am grateful that your strong arms are there to hold me up. I wrap my arms around your neck as our kiss deepens, mouths opening slightly to allow tongues to introduce themselves. You then lift me up, surprising me once again. I’ve never been lifted before and was amazed at your strength to do so. I giggle softly like a little girl at the surprise and lean in for more of your electric kisses.

You carry me to the bed and lay me down on the left side, my head on the fluffy white pillows. You let your hands slightly graze my body as they travel down to remove my stilettos. I wiggle my toes instinctively, letting the cool air refresh the ache caused by those uncomfortable (but gorgeous) shoes. You must have seen the relief on my face, because you sit down at the foot of the bed and start massaging first the left, then the right foot. An involuntary moan escapes my lips from the pleasure of your touch. You then start to massage my legs, inch by inch, pushing my dress up as you go, until you are dangerously close to my most private of areas. The lust in your eyes increases as you notice that my nude stockings are thigh-highs, topped with lace, and clasped with black garters. I feel oddly empowered by how much my choice of undergarments is affecting you. I casually pull my dress up more to reveal matching black thong panties, with a little green shamrock at the center of the waistband. You laugh softly and say even softer, “But of course there’d be a shamrock on your panties.” I grin from ear to ear, saying, “But of course” and start giggling again.

“You are so adorable and beautiful, Michaela. How did I ever get so lucky?” you say. “I’m the lucky one, my darling,” I reply. “It’s not every day I receive the love of an amazing man.”

You blush slightly before reaching down to remove your shoes. You then walk around to the other side of the bed and lie beside me, my dress still pushed up to the waistband of my panties. You timidly, and with one hand, push the dress up further, revealing the garter belt. Your mouth starts to water even more. You lean down and kiss me softly, but passionately, as you reach up to caress my stomach. “For someone who works with his hands, they are surprisingly soft,” I think to myself as our tongues dance. Your hands travel further up my dress and cup first my right, then my left breast through my bra. I feel more than hear your moan of pleasure, as it is drowned out by my own moaning. I reach up to caress your face as we kiss. I then let my hand wander down until I reach the buttons of your shirt, and one by one free them. After a short time, you break away from my lips and remove your shirt, followed by the unbuckling and removal of your belt. I raise up enough to pull the halter over my head, but I let the top part of the dress continue to cover me. I wait on you to take the lead on undressing me.

You know exactly what I want. You reach over and lower my dress to meet with the bottom part that has been raised up to my waist. Your moan sounds almost painful as you gaze at my black bra barely able to contain my full breasts. The same shamrock that appeared on my panties is also at the top of the low-cut bra. My undergarments are so simple, yet so enticing. I lift my hips off the bed slightly to allow you to pull my dress the rest of the way down and off of me. I’m very nervous about showing my stomach to you, but you immediately put me at ease by placing a kiss on it and mumbling, “So beautiful, baby.”

Instead of removing my bra first, like men tend to do, you pull down my thong panties (which were purposely put on after my garter belt–a bit cheeky on my part). Even though you are wearing black trousers, I can see your excitement growing inside of them. Loving the empowerment, I open my thighs to allow you a better view of my freshly-shaved lower lips. Without wasting a moment you crawl between my legs and start to lick up the moisture that has already started to drip out of me. I start moaning from the pleasure of your tongue on such a sensitive area. You spread my lips apart to give your tongue better access to the treasure inside. You take your time licking from bottom to top, pausing to circle around my clit a few times, and back down again. I then feel your tongue enter me, slowly at first, then gaining speed. You bring me to the brink and immediately pull away for a brief second as you replace your tongue with two of your fingers. You lower back down and flick my clit with your tongue at a fast pace, your finger moving even faster in and out of me. I am brought to the edge very quickly and soon come crashing over it, yelling out, “I’m cumming!” I throw my head back and let my orgasm wash over me. You lick up every drop of my juices as I start to come back down to earth, my legs shaking.

For a few brief moments, you think I have fallen asleep. My breathing was steady, my eyes were closed, and I wasn’t moving. Just as you’re about to attempt to cover me back up, my eyes flutter open. I look down at you and say with a flirtatious smile, “Do your talents ever end?” You return my smile and say seductively, “Baby, I’m just getting started.”

You slide up on top of me, not caring that my never-ending moisture down below is getting onto your trousers. You hug my breasts as you kiss the top of each one before giving my lips another one of your sweet kisses. I smell and taste myself on you, and find it oddly arousing. I wrap my legs and arms around you, writhing underneath you. I’m feeling insatiable! You raise me up to a reclined position in order to unclasp my bra in the back and proceed to slowly remove it. When my large, full breasts are exposed to the cool air, my nipples instantly harden. I develop goosebumps everywhere and shudder a bit. “Are you cold, my darling?” you ask, a look of concern in your face. “A bit, but we’ll need the cool air for the amount of heat we’re about to produce,” I reply with a wink. With an excited groan you almost roughly lie me back down and crush my mouth with yours. Your extreme passion and lust is not lost on me. I reach down. I unbutton and unzip your trousers and push them down to only discover that you aren’t wearing underwear. This turns me on more and I grab your ass and pull you even closer.

You quietly exclaim “Fuck” under your breath as you feel your bare cock pressed up against my very wet folds. “Fuck indeed,” I say in reply, with a shit-eating grin on my face. You laugh and say, “You’re a riot, Babe.” I bat my eyelashes and respond with, “Told ya.” Smiling down at me you lovingly kiss me again. By this point I’m dying to have you inside of me, but my shyness keeps me from saying so. I’ve always been the type of person who waits for the other person to make a move. As if you were reading my mind you reach down and gently rub your cock up and down my slit, getting it wet for easy penetration. You place the head at my entrance, look into my eyes, and say, “Are you ready, my love?” “I’ve been ready since the moment we met, Baby.”

I can feel you slowly enter me, bit by bit. It hurts me, which causes an involuntary grimace. You look alarmed and pull out of me carefully. “Baby I don’t want to hurt you. We don’t have to do this,” you say. “I want to do this, hon,” I say quietly but firmly. “It’s going to hurt for a bit, but I will relax soon enough. Don’t stop. Please.” You lean down to kiss me as you enter me once again. You take your time filling my tight hole, and before long your entire length is inside of me. You stop for a few moments and wait for my walls to get used to your girth. When you feel my hips start to move, you know I am ready for more.

Ever so gently, you thrust in and out, the head brushing my cervix each time. You feel so amazing inside of me. I put all of my passion into a heated kiss as you gradually increase your speed and force. I instinctively raise my legs up to either side of my head. You take the hint and hold my legs for me as you start to pound my pussy harder and faster. I use my free hand to reach down and rub my clit furiously. “Baby I’m going to cum soon!” I nearly shout out. “Cum for me, my love. Cum for me now!” you reply.

I feel my orgasm approaching closer and closer as you continue to fuck me senseless. Just when I think I can’t take it anymore, it hits. Wave after wave of pleasure rolls over me as I shout out your name. Hearing your name said in the throes of passion is enough to take you crashing over the edge as well. As you feel my pussy walls clench and tighten around your throbbing cock, you shoot out rope after rope of cum deep inside of me. “Oh, God, Michaela!!” you shout as the cum fills me up. A few more thrusts and you collapse on top of me, both of us panting heavily. When our hearts and breathing have slowed, still inside of me, you caress my face and say, “I love you with all my heart, Michaela. Always have, always will. No matter where life takes us or who life throws in our paths, you will always be my Michaela.” With happy tears running down my face I shakily respond, “I love you too, my darling. Always have, always will. I will always be yours and you will always be mine.” I seal my confession with a kiss.

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