Transsexual Experiences

Jason let out a soft despairing sigh. Swipe right. Swipe right. Swipe right. Swipe right.

His co-worker and friend Paul had suggested to him that he try out Tinder and, to begin with at least, he’d loved the idea of it, see a girl, read her profile and if you felt compatible, swipe right, if not, swipe left, easy right? But as days had passed and conversation with matches led nowhere but the occasional hookup he had, as many did, grown to dislike the nature of the beast, no longer bothering to read their profiles or checking for any compatibility, now, as he lay on his couch, the TV in the background playing some mindless sports he only barely glanced at each women’s pictures before he swiped right on them.

Jason was, he knew, not by any means unattractive, he had a slender build with warm friendly features, short brown hair and liked to consider himself quite open.

Tinder had netted him a few dates, a couple with women, a couple with dickgirls and though many had ended in a memorable night, sometimes with him on top, sometimes not, none had given him that spark he was really looking for.

He paused as he made a match, no longer feeling the thrill of surprise and excitement as he had initially been, but he was still curious to see who’d swiped right on him.

The girl that popped up on his feed was cute, a bright attractive smile, blue eyes and red hair, skin pale but with an adorable smattering of freckles, she looked to be plus sized, not something he’d experienced yet on the dating scene but certainly not something that put him off her. Beauty was beauty, and sometimes having a little extra made for a more pleasant experience, soft and warm, more relaxing and loving, or so he figured, anyway.

He checked her profile and was intrigued to find it was rather slim on details, listing her as being just shy of six and a half foot and a dickgirl.

He raised his eyebrows some, six and a half foot was tall, almost a foot taller than himself and yet another thing he’d never before experienced in a partner.

He leaned back and thought about what she would be like, as tall as she was and plus sized too she would be a figure to behold. Given the measurements he was aware of, after all, he couldn’t help but wonder just how well equipped she would likely be between her thighs too.

As he was scrolling through her pictures, all selfies from a low angle that mainly just showed her gorgeous smiling face, only a few snaps capturing a hint of the seemingly impressive size of her bust, a little bubble popped up in the lower corner of his screen.


He opened it and was surprised to see it was the redhead whos pictures he’d been browsing through, Sarah.

‘Hey,’ he wrote back, the standard opening of, ‘no I didn’t swipe right on accident’.

‘You ok? X’

He smiled, a girl who jumped straight to leaving x’s on their messages were usually interested, ‘Yeah, just chilling, wbu?’

‘I’m ok thx, just relaxing, watching TV x’

Me too, what you watching?’

‘Just the after talk from one of the centaur races x’

Jason glanced up at his screen, a centaur, roughly nine foot tall and built like a tank was grinning, speaking to a reporter who was stood on a set of steps holding a microphone up to him, discussing his win, ‘Me too lol, It’s crazy how fast they are.’

‘I know haha x’

He smiled a little and looked towards the TV, they were an interesting addition to society he thought, up until fifty or so years ago they had lived in their own cities and enclaves, but over the last few decades had integrated into society, becoming a recognisable part of daily life.

Sure there were challenges, after all their size and physical differences meant they needed unique housing and many facilities were labelled as human only, not out of any segregation, but simply because a nine foot tall muscled beast of a centaur simply couldn’t enter many human establishments. You couldn’t just take a stallion to the cinema or to a restaurant, after all.

However many places had opened, especially recently, run by centaurs and humans alike to cater to their needs, housing was built specially for them and, in a stroke of togetherness and unity, was no longer referred to as ‘stabling’.

‘Your profile said you liked new experiences x’

He read the message and smiled, most dickgirl’s assumed that meant he would be open to trying one of them out and the ones he had dated had felt special, each believing that they were his first, but in the end he meant what it said, he liked trying new things, new people, new food, new places, and the like.

‘Yeah, got something in mind?’ he wrote back.

She was cute and if a simple little date led to him trying out something new like a thick tall redhead dickgirl, why not, regardless of who topped who he’d have a memorable evening.

‘Maybe we could go for coffee? Or drinks? X’

He smirked, ‘So you’re the something new then?’ he asked.

‘I think I might be more than you’re expecting x’ she responded.

It was like she thought he hadn’t read that she was a dickgirl. But nevertheless, he enjoyed the game of cock cat and mouse, regardless of whether or not she was his first, letting her believe she was made it so much more fun for the both of them.

‘Sounds exciting, I get off of work at five tomorrow, is there anywhere city centre you’d like to go?’

‘Sure! I know a place, Send me your number and I’ll send you the details x’

He did and relaxed, a smile on his face, tomorrow he might find that spark. Worst case scenario he knew, at least he’d at least get laid.

Day rolled over into night and Jason fell asleep with thoughts of Sarah, imagining her soft body, her laying on her stomach, his cock slamming in and out of her hole, or of him laying on his back, her atop of him missionary, the softness of her body pressed against his form, her massive height and frame making him feel so small as they fucked.

Needless to say, he awoke with wood, but, thanks to the joys of modern life didn’t have time to sort himself out, instead needing to get himself ready to go to work, always hurried to do so.

He dressed and ate breakfast after showering, his food held in his mouth as he picked up his bag and scarf on the way out the door to begin his short commute from his flat to his office.

He checked his phone and found he had a text from an unknown number. After saving the contact as ‘Sarah (T)’ he checked the message. She had listed an address just a few streets over from where he worked and while he didn’t know the coffee shop by name, he at least knew whereabouts it was.

He texted back the okay and they agreed to meet there at half five, shortly after he got out of work.

He arrived dressed in his casual wear as he set about work with his co-workers, designing an app for their current client, discussing features, passing on builds, holding meetings, the whole thing was very laid back, though they conducted themselves seriously, taking pride in their work and in the success of their small organisation.

He was sat at his workspace when Paul came up, putting a black coffee down beside Jason as he worked, leaning on the desk, “Hey good job with talking down the client.”

“Eh it was nothing,” Jason smirked, picking up the cup, “I just explained that if we were going to make all the changes they wanted how much it would cost them. They saw our point of view rather quickly once they saw the numbers.”

Paul chuckled and shook his head, “How come they always want to change their minds on the base design like, a week from us finishing?”

Jason shrugged, “They don’t put enough thought into how they want it all displayed. They only ever say what they want not how they want it presented. It’s hard to know that before you see the app, then once you do, it’s never how you envisioned it. But oh well.”

Paul shrugged, “I think it looks fine, should be a success for them.”

“Heres hoping,” Jason agreed, taking a sip of his coffee.

“Up for a few drinks with the team tonight? There’s a new club a few streets over that has the cutest centaur waitress.”

Jason chuckled, human and centaur relationships were rare but not unheard of, they mainly just served as eye candy for one another. Human girls for their petiteness and beauty were lusted after by centaur men while centaur woman, with their massive size, were often lusted after by human men, after all, their breasts were seldom smaller than the men’s heads.

However, the two were, on a sexual level, simply incompatible in Jason’s mind.

Female centaurs rarely showed an interest in men with their practically diminutive size and female women simply couldn’t handle centaur men, they were just too big, though there were exceptions, of course, love blossomed despite sex and some smaller centaurs could get with some larger humans, gods knew he’d seen a couple such porn videos online, but it was still a mismatch.

“Wish I could but I have a date,” he smirked.

“Oh?” Paul laughed, “Another tinder match huh?”

“You guessed it, we’re going for coffee then-“

“Then,” Paul continued for him, mimicking his voice, “Then you’ll go back to hers or she’ll come back to yours and someone will ride someone’s dick allllll night long and it’ll be amazing and you can come into work the next day and brag about it to Paul. How right was I?”

Jason laughed, “Yeah pretty much, hows your girlfriend doing?”

He smiled some, “She’s doing fine.”

“Still fighting?” Jason smirked and Paul rolled his eyes.

“Only about who gets to top.”

Jason laughed and Paul shook his head, smiling, returning to work as the two of them continued their efforts on the app, passing builds to and fro from coders to graphics, to testing to back again.

It was an endless cycle seemingly, but at the end, they almost always delivered a product that the client would be happy with, even if they didn’t realise that right away.

As it was, for today at least, they hit their targets, pulling the app together and sending off, what they hoped was, the final version of the app to the clients, where an email in the morning would give them the final verdict on whether any other changes needed to be made.

But for now at least, there was celebration, the satisfaction that came with completing a project, as Paul had said the team was getting together for a round of drinks at a bar, but Jason had other plans. As he checked the time on his phone he smiled, he’d be just in time for his date with Sarah. He glanced towards his bag and debated bringing it with him, it had many of his work files in as well as his laptop, but it would be a pain to drag it around all evening. Anyway, he had his keys and wallet in the pockets of his coat, if at any point over the weekend he needed his laptop it wasn’t exactly a long walk to pick it up.

After deciding to leave it he stepped outside he wrapped his coat around himself a little tighter, the winter months bringing with them an early night and a chill to the evening that made him shiver, hunching his shoulders and resetting his scarf to be a little snugger around his neck.

Popping his collar to further protect him from the cold he dug his hands into his pockets, his breath forming a mist as he began to walk the streets towards the coffee shop they had agreed to meet at.

Checking his phone as he drew close to where he thought the cafe was he checked the time, he would be a few minutes early, but it was better than being a few minutes late he reasoned, once again checking the text from Sarah, ‘Greyson Street’, he glanced up at the sign on the corner which at least confirmed he was in the right place, now he only had to find the Cafe in question ‘The Peace and Pace Cafe’.

He spotted it several buildings down and on the other side of the street, smiling as he did, making his way towards it. As he passed the other commercial buildings, shops, cafe’s, bars and restaurants he noticed that many of them were Centaur friendly, their doors taller and broader, the ceilings higher to accommodate.

He pursed his lips, feeling the cold air run through his short brown hair, sweeping it back and thought back to her profile, to their conversation. He’d barely seen any of her below the neckline and she had hinted strongly at being something new he likely hadn’t experienced before.

As he noticed the cafe he was heading towards sported the same broad tall door his mind made the likely connection.

He pushed open the door to the cafe, the warmth of the room hitting him, the cold fleeing as he drew in a deep breath, the scent of coffee and cake mixed with a less familiar scent, but one he recognised all the same.

About two-thirds of the customers in the cafe were Centaurs, male and female, standing at tall tables varying in height with large coffees and sweets, a scattering of humans using custom high chairs let the two intermingle.

Sitting at one of the smaller tables was a familiar face, Sarah, her elbow resting on the edge of the table, palm against the side of her head, fingers trailing absently through the wavy locks of her orange hair, her other hand resting on the rim of her cup, steam trailing in little tendrils through the spread of her fingers.

She was wearing a simple t-shirt, a logo from one of the centaur racing teams on the front, the curve of the shirt following the curve of her breasts, full and prominent, the shirt stretched so tightly around them that he was pretty sure he could see the outline of a bra, the shirt trailing down over the thickness of her figure. While her legs betrayed a sign of mottling on a white and orange coat she was mostly covered from the waist down in a warm casual gown that covered her back, rear and rear legs, the front two exposed with another slip of fabric trailing almost elegantly down the front.

As he started to wind his way between the tables towards her, passing a coat rack that, thanks to the cold of the evening, was laden with a few heavy looking jackets and coats, he started to unbutton his own heavy coat, settling the collar down and unwound his scarf.

He was a couple of tables away when she spotted him, her eyes lighting up with recognition from his picture and, as he smiled, so did she, delighted that he didn’t seem in the least bit bothered by the revelation of her nature.

“Hey,” he said, mimicking his first message to her on Tinder as he slipped his coat off from over his shoulder, laying it across the back of his high chair which he climbed up onto, a feat proving not to be too difficult given that she was certainly one of the smaller centaur, no nine foot behemoth as he had seen race the night before on tv, though six and a half foot was by no means small by his standards.

“Hey yourself,” she said, her voice rich and welcoming as he settled to sit opposite her, her eyes a radiant blue, scanning over him curiously, drinking in his slender form and genuine smile, the look of relief across her features tangible.

“Surprised I’m not turning tail?” he said with a smile as she picked up her wide-brimmed cup, taking a sip of her coffee before nodding a little, her hooves making a little clicking noise on the floor as she shuffled her stance.

“Mmhm, not going to lie, the last couple of dates I’ve been on never really got this far…”

Jason smiled a little, wanting to point out that her profile wasn’t exactly forthcoming about the fact that she was a centaur, but that hardly seemed polite conversation, “Their loss I suppose. Jason.” he said, holding out his hand to her, grinning a little.

She smirked playfully, her lips a lovely shade of red as she reached across, taking his hand in her own, much warmer hand, her grip soft despite the larger size of her hand, “Sarah, can I get you your first coffee?”

He tilted his head slightly as he pulled his hand back, resting his arms on the table, he’d been about to go get himself his own, but it would be rude to decline, “Please, black, no sugar.”

She smiled and nodded, taking a couple of steps back from the table before turning and making her way cautiously through the other generously spaced tables towards the counter where one of the aforementioned behemoths was being served.

He tilted his head, quite shamelessly watching her ass as she walked, trying to assess how he felt about his date being a centaur. He had to admit her butt was huge, her gown trailing down to the back of her knees, though at the bottom he could just see the end of her flowing tail, the same enchanting shade of orange as her hair.

As he watched her, wondering just where the night might lead, he realised that he was in fact completely okay with her being a centaur, though it did bring to mind the only other snippet of information he had gained from her profile. She was packing.

Biting his lip he sat a little straighter, thinking about the implications that entailed, beneath that simple gown lay something that was, in fact, completely new to him, as she had promised.

She returned to the table, smiling as she set the coffee in front of him, smaller than hers, large for a human he quickly clasped his still cold hands around it, letting the heat from the cup work into his fingers, warming him.

“Thanks,” he said softly, looking up at her and smiling, “So uh, what do you do for a living?”

“Oh, I’m a bartender, the hours are a little dodgy sometimes but I enjoy it, you?” she replied with a smile.

“I’m with a small firm, we design apps and stuff, It’s pretty fun work though it can be stressful sometimes, tight deadlines, annoying clients, the like.”

She nodded along, listening and watching him all the while, her look one of intrigue and interest, “Sounds pretty cool, you work near here?”

“Just a few streets over,” he confirmed with a little shrug, “on the corner with Smiths.”

“Ah, I know it.” She smiled, “I live just a few streets over the other way,” she continued before taking a sip of her coffee.

He smirked a little, a not so subtle hint on her part that her pad was a five-minute walk from here, he wondered just what she was looking for from this, though he figured she wasn’t looking to top, given their relative sizes.

“So you been with many centaurs before?” she asked, trailing a finger along the wood of the table top, a curious look on her face.

Jason raised an eyebrow, “Actually, you’re the first I’ve ever been on a date with. I knew a couple in University and I’ve worked with a couple, though.”

“Mm, I’m surprised. Usually, people tend to ask a thousand questions.”

He smiled, “Figured that might be rude. And it’s not like I don’t know things about centaurs in general. That, and I want to get to know who you are, that’s more important than what you are.”

Judging by the blush that formed across her cheeks under her light smattering of freckles and the warm little smile, that had been the right answer, “So no questions at all?” she asked as if fishing.

He took a sip of her coffee, maybe she just liked talking about centaur stuff, “Well…” he rested his chin on the back of his hand, contemplating for a moment, “You don’t mind?”

She shook her head, smiling.

“Okay, well,” he lowered his voice to an almost conspiratorial tone, “How do you, you know, clean? At the back?”

“Like how do I wipe my ass?” she asked, tilting her head.

It was his turn to blush now, caught off guard by her bluntness “Ah, that’s not what I meant, I just mean like-”

She laughed, a warm rich sound that was infectious, a smile creeping to his own lips as he realised she was teasing, “I know what you meant Jason, did you know you’re cute when you blush?”

“Ha, thanks,” he said, rubbing the back of his head a little as he chuckled bashfully, lowering his hand back to the table to smile.

“I’ve got a really big shower with really strong jets, gets almost everything it needs to, you just, like, put the liquid soap in the shower head and after a little while it runs out to just water and it rinses it out. But every few days I go to a groomer, trim the hair, get my hooves done, that sort of thing,” she explained, delighted to see just how attentively Jason was listening.

He thought about it for a moment, “Isn’t that, you know, a little awkward having people down there?”

“Only if I get hard.” she smirked, drawing out another of his blushes as he glanced around as if checking to see if anyone had overheard her before turning back to see her giggling gently again, “Ah you get used to it really and it’s nice! Like having a haircut, but all over.”

“And those little tufts at the back of your hooves?” he asked, curious since they stuck out a little longer than the rest of her coat.

She smiled brightly, clearly happy he’d noticed such a small detail, “I think they look cute.”

“They do,” he said, her smile deepening as they sipped from their drinks, Sarah draining the last of hers.

“So uhm… Should I get another coffee? Or…” she left the rest hanging, curious.

Or?…” he prompted her unhelpfully, smirking.

She rolled her eyes, but smiled, “Ooor, we could hit up a club? I know a good one just up the road.”

Jason thought for a moment then smiled, nodding, “Yeah that sounds good.”

She smiled brightly and he lifted his cup, finishing his own coffee in a long swig before setting down his cup, letting out a low sigh, “Shall we?”

“Mm!” she responded eagerly, taking a step back from the table, waiting for him to join her.

He stepped down from the chair and collected his scarf and coat from the back, of his chair, shrugging his coat on, subconsciously feeling for his keys and wallet, making sure both were in their assigned pockets before opting to stuff his scarf into an inside pocket, figuring he wouldn’t need it if it was such a short walk.

Regardless he buttoned up his coat, popped his collar and looked across to Sarah, who was stood there smirking, “What?” he asked, matching her smirk.

“You just look so cute popping your collar, trying to look like Sherlock hm?”

He laughed a little and shrugged, motioning with his head towards the cafe’s door, “I mean he’s got style?”

“True,” Sarah smirked and followed him towards the entrance of the cafe, pausing only briefly to retrieve her own heavy winter coat from the rack, pulling it over and around herself, joining him outside.

He looked up at her, able to properly size her for the first time now they were outside and it seemed she was doing the same, a quiet moment passing between them as they looked one another over.

The top of his head came up to her shoulders, conveniently, at least for him, putting her full swell of her breasts at just below his eye level. With her build, being taller and thicker than his, she seemed practically amazonian in proportion, making him feel smaller than he actually was.

“Shall we?” he said with a smile, offering her his arm which, with a smirk, she took, looping her own around his and glancing around.

“This way,” she said, gently tugging on his arm as she urged him down the street.

He walked with her, finding himself smiling a little, enjoying her company and the pleasant warmth of their bodies so close together as they walked, just the right amount of intimacy.

“Can… I ask another question?” he asked, breaking the silence as they walked.

She looked down at him, smiling a little and nodding, “Sure?”

“…Even if it’s a little weird?”

She grinned, looking ahead, “Those are the best questions.”

He hesitated despite her agreeing, “So, like… How do you, you know?”

“What?” she asked, glancing back down at him.

He shrugged, “You know.”

“I really don’t,” she nudged him playfully as they walked, smiling, “Come on, out with it?”

He bit his lip, “…Jerk off?”

She let out a soft laugh and gave his arm a soft affectionate squeeze, “Asking the real questions now, hm?”

“Well you said I could ask anything.” he said a little defensively, but with a softness to his tone.

She giggled a little, “I don’t, I just go on dates with cute boys like you and see where it leads.”

He blushed brightly, which only caused her to laugh more, squeezing him again, enjoying his discomfort.

He walked alongside her, his arm looped with hers and found himself in a position he seldom came across, he was on the back foot, Sarah taking the lead it seemed, causing him to blush and feel uncertain as to whether or not she was teasing or being honest. He had, after all, come out here with the almost express intention of getting some action, how difficult would it be to believe that she had come out with the same intentions? The good girl vibes he’d gotten from her profile, with her warm friendly smile and freckle speckled cheeks seemed, increasingly he thought, to mask a not so innocent side to her.

They arrived at the, he thought, hilariously named, ‘Centaur of Attention’ and stepped in through the wide framed door into the familiar sensations that came with, Jason knew, any club, the scents of people and alcohol, the club thrumming to a beat that he’d heard before, but couldn’t name, the crowd, to his surprise, a pretty even mix of human and centaur, the space inside dominated by a mainly vacant dance floor in the middle, ringed with tables, booths and the ever present bar.

He looked up at Sarah who was smiling, nodding her head a little to the beat of the music before glancing down at him, catching his gaze, her eyes sparkling, “Hey! Wanna grab us some drinks if I find us a seat?”

“Yeah, sure! What do you drink?” He asked, raising his voice over the thumping of the music, unbuttoning his coat.

She pursed her lip a little thinking even as she looked around, giving the club a cursory glance to see if she could locate any obvious gaps, “Uh, I’ll just have a Canterbury Ale to start?”

He nodded and smiled, “Yeah sure,” he stepped away from her, glancing back only for a moment, giving himself a wide-angle view of her, strangely admiring of the equine figure under the gown draped over her.

He tore his eyes away from her, making his way towards the bar, finding one of the spots reserved for humans, a few steps leading him up so he could rest his elbows on the smooth polished surface of the bar where he set about the age old contest of trying to catch the barman’s eye, a challenge, given he was peaking over the edge of the counter practically like a child, stood next to a nine foot centaur guy, his palms on the counter and his arms straight as he peered forward.

Jason glanced the massive centaur over, quick and simple, sizing him up. He furrowed his brow a little glancing back to where Sarah was, making her way to a table that was just being vacated. If she was a bottom, like he hoped, surely she would go for someone like this guy, not him.

However, if she was a top-…

“Fuck, Jason! Hey! I thought you weren’t coming!” Jason blinked, his train of thought derailing at speed as he turned, surprised to hear his name, from a familiar voice, no less.

“Shit, Paul! Hey! What’re you doing here?” he asked, grinning as he clasped his hand with Paul’s, “Feels like forever since I last saw you!” It had in fact probably just been a couple hours.

“Pff, enjoying the break from me huh?” he chuckled, grinning back, “And what do you mean what am I doing here? I said the team was coming here for a drink! Isn’t that why you’re here?”

Jason peered around the club, his eyes going wide as he spotted Sarah at her table, glancing around he found his team, mercifully not right next to her, practically on the other side of the club, “Ah, I knew you were going clubbing but I didn’t know here! No, I’m here with my date!”

“Oh, no kidding? Which one is she, no wait! Let me figure it out!” he laughed and peered around the room, “This should be easy… Is she, oh, fuck!”

“What?” Jason asked, raising his eyebrows at his friend and co-worker.

“There!” Paul pointed across the club, right at Sarah. Jason opened his mouth, his brows furrowing, genuinely surprised that Paul had so easily picked out his date, “She’s the one! She’s the cute waitress here I was telling you about before!”

“No shit?” Jason responded, “She’s also my date.”

Paul turned to him, his eyes wide, surprise on his boyish features, “You’re kidding?”

A voice by Jason’s shoulder cleared his throat, “You ordered?”

Jason turned back to the bar, a mid-sized centaur peering across at him, questioning, “Oh er, no, can I get a Canterbury Ale, two pints and a Jack and coke, single?” The barman nodded and Jason turned his attention back to Paul, who had a grin on his face, “What’s with that look?”

“You’re on a date with a centaur! And a hot one too. Is she uh, you know?”

Jason glanced back towards Sarah, who was watching him curiously, doubtless wondering who he was speaking to, “She uh, yeah.”

Paul chuckled again, “Ah well if you’re walking funny on Monday I’ll know why.”

Jason laughed too and nudged him, “Ass.”

“Hey, it’s yours on the line tonight buddy,” Paul smirked.

“Oh yeah? Your girlfriend letting you top again?”

“Pff, not bloody likely.”

They shared a laugh and Paul grabbed his drink, seemingly having been served before Jason had arrived at the bar, “Hey, if the date goes bad come over and join us yeah? Don’t just get all sad and bounce.”

“Aye, I will, cheers Paul.”

“Cheers Jason,” Paul smirked, raising his glass as he stepped down from bar to make his way back towards their team.

Jason watched for a moment as Paul rejoined the group, biting his lip, wondering for a second whether or not he would point out Jason or Sarah, but he was pleased to see not, Paul just rejoined the conversation without so much as a nod his way.

Jason smiled. He was good people.

He turned back to the bar just as the centaur placed down a two-pint stein of Ale and a glass of Jack and coke, the two glasses looking comically different in size when placed side by side. He fished in his coat pocket and drew out his debit card which he booped against the proffered device, the contactless card quickly and simply making the necessary payment.

Carefully, biting his lip and trying not to spill any he collected the two-pint stein in one hand and his slender glass in the other, the muscles on his arm carrying her drink straining a little as he made his way back towards her.

Successfully he placed the drink down before her, smiling as he climbed up into the seat opposite where she stood, “Hope two pints is your regular size!”

She smirked and nodded, lifting the stein with a worrying ease in one hand, leading him to wonder just how strong she was, taking that first satisfying sip, “Mm, It is, thanks, so um, a friend of yours? I think I’ve seen him here before.”

“Heh, yeah, pretty much my best friend, though I work with him too, he brought the work crowd out for drinks.”

She nodded curiously and smiled, “I saw him pointing at me?”

“Ahha, yeah,” he sipped his drink before continuing, “he was actually telling me before that a cute centaur was working here and he wanted to show her off to me… Turns out that was you, didn’t know you worked here?”

She laughed a little, “Ahh I see, that makes sense I suppose. He seemed nice! Full of smiles.”

He bit his lip for a moment, watching the way she so casually held up the stein he had struggled with, like it was nothing to her, “That’s just not fair,” he said with a grin.

She smirked, raising an eyebrow, “What isn’t?”

“I struggled to carry that stein and there you are, well, just holding it,” he said, laughing softly.

She laughed, shrugging casually and lifting the stein to her lips, taking another deep drink, as her head tilted back slightly he couldn’t help but glance down, admiring the fullness of her breasts against her shirt, straining to meet him.

“It’s not my fault being the biggest and the strongest. I don’t even exercise,” she giggled.

He glanced back up and laughed too, sipping his drink.

They soon fell into conversation, talking about drinks, about how much more it took to get a centaur wasted than a human because she likely weighed more than four times what he did. They talked about films, music, sport, their interests surprisingly aligning quite well, they enjoyed the same musicians, genres of film and, to their delight as they got in a new round, found out they had even once been to the same gig a couple of years back.

They refilled their drinks a couple of times and the club began to liven up, the dance floor becoming busier as the volume of the music began to sneak upwards, drowning out conversation leaving only the loudest shouters to continue to talk.

To hear one another Jason and Sarah had been forced to lean across the table, bringing themselves quite close to one another, allowing him to better admire her gorgeous features, the fullness of her lips, the depth of her eyes, the accentuating wonder of her freckles.

Lazily as they talked, one hand clasped around her stein, her other toyed with a lock of her glorious sunrise orange hair, fingers twirling the wavy length.

As they tried to discuss the race they had both watched that night gone, a song started to play that they both recognised as being the artist they had seen separately together at the gig.

In a long swig, Sarah drained the remaining two-thirds of her current two-pint of ale and set it down with a thunk and a content little sigh, her expression turning into one of glee as she registered his stunned expression with how quickly she had drained her glass.

“Come on!!!” she shouted over the swell of the beat, “come dance with me!”

He stared at her for a few long moments, mouth open, feeling his mind buzz with the alcohol from however many drinks he’d had, he looked down at his half-empty glass, then up into the hopeful face of his gorgeous centaur date.

“Why the hell not?!” he shouted back and she grinned, watching as he downed the rest of his own, feeling the whiskey settle in his stomach as he stood, taking a step towards the dance floor, his eyes glancing over to where Paul had been, no longer, apparently him and his team had bounced, much to his relief, not, he was happy to feel, because he was ashamed of his date, but because he would be ashamed of them seeing him dance. Not that he was any bad.

They hit the dance floor, the various centaurs, humans, men and women alike making a space for them without ever acknowledging their presence in that way people tend to do when ignoring what’s around you brings the potential of being stepped on by a literal tonne of centaur, and they began to dance together.

Slowly at first, their movements quickly came to match the beat of the music, syncing with it and one another, the world seeming to fall away leaving just the two of them together with the music dictating their moves.

He kept it simple, nothing fancy, but her dance was feminine, practised and astoundingly graceful, something he hadn’t expected from someone effectively with two left feet.

He stared at her, marveling in her simple unadulterated beauty, her eyes closed, her body swaying, feet stepping to the music, her waist gyrating as her hands traced up her sides to be held above her head, her hair with a wild edge to it as she opened her eyes, half-lidded, smirking at him, her cheeks flushed with colour, her expression sultry, desirous.

The tempo to the music changed with the song, so lost in her vision of beauty he almost stumbled, her hand reaching out to catch him, laughing as she steadied him, her eyes shining in the multi-coloured lights that flooded the dance floor, her skin shining with a little sweat.

“Hey! Wanna get out of here?” she shouted, biting at her lower lip, a needy expression her gaze.

Swallowing he nodded and she gave him a little squeeze, taking his arm once more in hers as they started to walk, albeit a little unsteadily from the dance floor towards the exit, her grip on him a little more possessive than he remembered it being on the walk over, not that he minded in the least, of course.

As they stepped outside into the cold of the evening he hardly felt it, warmed as he was by her company and the alcohol flowing through him, he left his coat unbuttoned as he walked alongside her, not paying attention to where his feet were taking him, following her lead.

“S-so,” he said, a little loudly, voice unadjusted from the yelling he’d had to do to be heard over the din of the club, “back to yours?”

She looked down at him, a sparkle in her eyes as she nodded, “Mmhm! We’re gonna have some fun, you and me.”

He blushed some and glanced back at the horse part of her sceptically, but even guessing at what she might have in mind, he found himself excited, not afraid, he wanted to explore her, to learn, to experience, to, he was surprised to find, make her feel good.

He swallowed as they walked, her hooves clipping beside him as they made their way through the streets, his heart beating a little faster, his senses a little heightened, he felt the thing he’d been missing with so many of his previous dates, a spark, a tiny little flame of romance.

He could hardly believe he was thinking about it, about them, as a couple, but when he thought about tonight being just a one night stand, it made him worry.

“Hey, uh, this is gonna sound weird,” he said, stumbling a little as he walked, blushing a little, he didn’t realise how much he’d had to drink.

“Not getting cold feet on me are ya?” she grinned, moving her hand from his arm around his waist, like he was hers.

“No! No, I, I just, you know, really like you, is all… I mean…”

She laughed a little, her fingers squeezing into the softness of his waist slightly, “Oooh so you’re an affectionate drunk?”

He blushed brightly, feeling a little annoyance well up in him for not being taken seriously, “N-no!” he hesitated, “Well, yes, but, I mean it, I like you. Like like.”

Her laugh faded into a curious smirk as she glanced down at him, trying to read into him, “Mm… Well I like like you too, Jason. Now how about we stop worrying about stupid stuff like that and get you home to enjoy a face full of horse dick. We can save all those words for the morning when we’re sober.”

He opened his mouth to respond, but the words, ‘face full of horse dick’ swept through his mind. He really would have something to talk to Paul about, he realised in an odd moment of clarity.

“Here we are.”

He blinked, pulled from his thoughts and glancing around, realising he wasn’t quite sure where he was, but not caring, he was at Sarah’s.

He hadn’t known what to expect when it came to centaur housing, he had expected it to be huge rooms and sprawling single story complexes, so he was surprised to find that it was an especially tall building, the windows on the exterior indicating that each floor was maybe twice the size of each standard floor he was used to.

He’d seen buildings like this around before but never really thought anything of them, he’d never considered, or noticed that they were centaur apartments.

On the inside, he felt comically small. Where the club and cafe had at least been tailored for both humans and centaurs, in here it was strictly the latter, everything higher, taller and bigger, it felt like being a child again.

He must have been staring as he felt Sarah take him by the hand, “Come on!” she urged, tugging him along with a smile.

They waited for a lift at a row of four, another amenity he hadn’t expected and was given a surprised look by another Centauress as she stepped from the lift, making for the exit to the building.

He smiled meekly and followed Sarah into the huge elevator, designed to be able to accommodate, it seemed, two of the much larger Centaur’s there was enough room for Sarah to comfortably turn around in.

As the lift started to slowly rise, painfully slow he turned to Sarah, another question pressing at his mind, “So, like, what do you do if there’s a fire? Is there like, a-mm!”

She had rolled her eyes as he had started to speak, her hands moving under his arms and in an instant she had lifted him up into the air, his feet hanging off the ground as she took a step forward, pressing him into the mirror on the far wall of the lift, her lips pressing tight to his.

He arched his back against her, his hands moving to her shoulders, only pushing for a moment, surprised by the sudden intimacy and movement, but relaxed quickly, her head tilting as she pressed her full soft lips tight against his, her heavy full breasts pressed tight against his chest, her stomach to his, thick and wonderfully pillowy against his body.

He kissed her back eagerly, losing himself to the intimacy of it until, dimly, he heard a gently ‘ping’ of noise.

With a grin she stepped back, lowering him to his unsteady feet, he leaned back against the coolness of the elevator’s wall, panting softly as he looked to Sarah, who stood there, smirking gleefully.

“There is actually a staircase with big wide steps. We don’t like stairs, but in an emergency, we can use them,” she explained, innocently.

“W-wha?” he stammered, pushing himself off the wall to take a few uneasy steps her way.

“In case of a fire.” she nodded.

“O-oh, yeah, that.” he swallowed and she giggled, walking on ahead.

He watched the sway of her massive equine ass under her gown as she walked down the corridor, her glorious orangey red tail sweeping from side to side, the very tip just brushing the floor as she came to a broad door.

She glanced across at Jason and smirked, offering up a playful wink as she dipped a hand down the front of her T-shirt, fishing in her prominent cleavage for a moment before retrieving a single key.

She unlocked the door and swung it open, motioning with a hand gesture for Jason to proceed her, which he did, stepping into her apartment and gawping a little as he looked around.

The place was absolutely huge, high ceilinged throughout with more than enough space to be comfortable for Sarah to move about without having to constantly worry about spacing. The door opened into the living room and he noticed they were quite high up, not quite the top floor but the windows still offered a view over much of the city, a TV in one corner next to the biggest bean bag he’d ever seen joining onto a kitchen area, separated by a breakfast bar that, he assumed doubled as her dining table.

“Wow… Sarah this place is amazing! It’s like, three times the size of my place, it’s…” he hesitated, pursing his lips, “er, how can you, you know?”

“Afford this?” she grinned, closing the door behind them as she stepped inside, locking the door with the key, which she placed on top of a shelving unit by the door, well outside of his reach.

He nodded, not noticing.

“The government subsidizes our housing to entice more of us to come live and work in the city.” she explained then grinned, “You really pick sexy stuff to talk about, Jason.”

He grinned a little sheepishly, “Well I didn’t know it was that, for all I knew you could’ve had a moonlight job.”

“As what? A smut writer? Give me a break.” she laughed and stepped towards him, lifting him up as easily as before and placing him on the edge of the breakfast bar, bringing him to eye height with her.

He opened his mouth to respond, but bit his lip, he so close to her he could almost taste her lips on his, his gaze lost in her sparkling blue eyes.

“Wanna kiss again?” she asked, coy, wearing her gorgeous smirk.

He didn’t reply, he didn’t need to, he simply wrapped his hand in the collar of her T-shirt and tugged her forward, bring her lips to his. He felt his heart skip a beat as their lips met, small soft kisses, her hand trailing to his shoulders, pushing his coat off and down his body, making him release her tee, though not breaking the kiss so she could toss it aside, landing on the floor by her beanbag.

Once that was done she removed her own, tossing it alongside his a little more gently and careful since it likely had her phone in it, but once cast aside her hands returned to his, eager and wanting.

Their kiss deepened, heads tilting as her hand slid under the back of his shirt, tracing up his back, letting the smooth skin of his body pass under her fingertips as their tongues slowly danced and mingled, exploring one another.

Feeling emboldened by their kiss and her touch he slid his hands around her waist, fingers easing under the bottom of her shirt to caress slowly up, squeezing at the plushness of her stomach, her grip drawing him closer to her, urging him on, urging his hands up.

Her T-shirt raised as his hands strayed higher, brushing against the underside of her bra, which he had completely forgotten about in his desire for more.

He pulled his hands back and up, following the full swell of the cups until his fingers found their way to the edge of the half cups, fingertips finding soft flesh to press into, bringing a moan from her lips around his tongue.

She pulled her hands back from him, lifting her shirt off her head and grinning as he leaned back, lips parted, breathes heavy as he stared at her beauty.

He’d never been with a plus-sized woman before and in an instant, he knew it was for him. Before she even had her shirt off over her head she felt his lips against the full swell of her breasts, kissing and exploring, his face pressing into the softness her breasts offered, his hands lower, caressing over the round softness of her stomach, his fingers sinking into it here and there.

She knew she was a big girl, something especially odd among a typically fit race and despite her unashamed confidence, she had always been self-conscious about her weight, to be with someone that not only didn’t mind her plushness but actively seemed to enjoy it made her hearts flutter.

She reached around behind her, her cheeks flushed with colour and a soft smirk on her full red lips as she looked down at him, his face pressed eagerly to her full bosom, kissing and nuzzling, his hands tracing over her soft stomach admiringly. Casually she cast the gown from her mottled white and orange body, mainly white at the front with an orange splotch on her left knee and white hip, her socks white and her ass mostly orange.

Following that she reached up behind herself, unhooking the powerful clasp to her sturdy bra, letting out a soft sigh of relief as she shuffled it off her shoulders, the straps no longer digging into her shoulders, Jason letting out a soft moan as her breasts slipped downwards slightly, away from his searching mouth, no longer held up and supported by her bra they laid naturally against her chest, her hard nipples not poking out far, a little wider than average.

“Jason, ah, why don’t- Ah!” She had been about to suggest he divert the attention of his lips lower to one of her sensitive nipples, but he’d seemingly had the same idea, drawing one of her warm pink nubs between his lips, suckling as his tongue flicked over it, sending little sparks of pleasure arcing through her chest.

He pressed his face into the swell of her breast, moaning into it as he felt its silky warmth against nose and chin, his hand subconsciously drifting down in a V over her abdomen, across her navel to where his mind was telling he’d find a womanhood or a cock, instead his hand traced across the smooth bristling of her coat, his eyes opening and he leaned back, blinking up at her.

They shared a brief moment before they both laughed, realising his error and she leaned back, starting to unbutton his shirt as he looked down, getting his first real look at her body, unclothed and bared before him.

Her stomach was full and slightly rounded, plush to his touch, but not out of place on her quite squat figure, more akin to that of a pony than a stallion. Her breasts weren’t as perky as they had appeared under her shirt, but her breasts, resting naturally still offered a valley of enticing cleavage he wanted to experience.

He felt her hands sweep across his shoulders, pushing his shirt back and off, drawing his attention back to her actions. He blinked, looking at her, just as he had been admiring her beautiful body, she was clearly drinking his in, eyes scanning down over the litheness of his form, half-lidded, sultry.

She looked up at him and their eyes met, her expression suddenly didn’t look so much sultry as it did horny, their gazes locked, her hands moving down to slid under his still trouser-clad pants to grip and squeeze his ass, lifting him up.

He let out a gasp as she picked up him in her arms, his arms laced over her shoulder behind her neck, his legs gripping her waist as she squeezed his ass, taking a step back around the counter then forward towards a doorway.

He kissed her as she walked, finding her full lips once more with his own, biting gently at her lower lip to tease her, enjoying the velvety texture of her lip between his gentle bite.

As he released her lip he noted her grin, deep and needy, “So… What now?” he asked as she held him.

She seemed to think for a moment, before pursing her lips and shrugging amicably, her tone soft and laced with sarcasm, “Oh I was thinking we could cuddle and talk about sports and flowers and stuff?”

Jason tilted his head, his mind still addled by their drinks before, “R…Really?”

“Pff, no,” she giggled and threw him.

He opened his mouth in surprise as he felt, for a second, weightless, closing his eyes as his body fell and landed, sinking into another, much more sizable beanbag, which he reasoned must be her bed.

He wriggled, it was incredibly comfy but he felt it shift, heard the beans move and as he opened his eyes, was presented with a wholly new sight.

She had stepped over him, the underbelly of her equine body above his head, and, as he looked down, he saw it, dispelling any doubt in his mind about her. She was packing heat and he absolutely wanted it.

Her cock was as hard as steel under her body, as big as her forearm and more than a little bit thicker, a gentle pink at the top deepening in shade half way down, typically equine in shape with a ridge halfway down the length, the texture seemingly changing to be softer, the tip, while flared, was only so a little bit.

Beyond and hanging low were two huge balls in a darker sack, each orb easily as big as his fist and he couldn’t help but wonder at what sort of load they could produce, he swallowed, they would produce.

“Well?” Came her voice from above and behind him, “It’s rude to keep a lady waiting.”

He glanced to his side and saw himself staring back, as well as Sarah’s own expectant gaze, one hand resting on the far wall as she leaned forward, the other cupping and massaging one of her full breasts. It was then that he realised that virtually the entire fourth wall of her bedroom was a floor to ceiling mirror which she stood side on to, allowing her to watch him beneath.

He nodded meekly and she shifted herself a little more, almost pressing herself against the wall as her cock loomed over him.

His inhibitions long since gone, leaving only a desire to explore and please he leaned up on his elbow, one hand reaching out to hook over her thick shaft, tugging it down slightly to bring the tip towards his lips.

He hesitated for a moment, not out of anxiety or nerves, but simply so he could admire it, take in its sheer size. He could feel the heat of her cock radiating against his face and he swallowed, parting his lips and leaning forward, kissing the very tip, drawing out a relieved sigh from Sarah who had gone too long without this kind of attention.

The tip seemed too big to wrap his lips around, but that didn’t stop him from trying, kissing licking and sucking on the slightly flared tip, his hand wrapped around the massive length, too girthy for his fingers to wrap fully around as he stroked, marveling in the sheer size, the unique taste and the sensuous experience assaulting his already beleaguered senses.

“Oh fuck, ah, Jason…” she panted softly, her eyes glued on the scene as she lowered herself slightly, the bulk of her frame looming lower until he no longer needed to support his height with his elbow, freeing his other hand to worship her equine length.

He wrapped both his hands around her cock, jerking her off against her spit-shined tip which he continued to kiss and lick eagerly at, pressing his face and lips into the spongy hot flesh of her meaty cock head, loving on it with everything he had to give.

Sarah had to steady herself against the wall, feeling her legs go weak as pleasure coursed through her, threatening to overwhelm her. While she was sure he would survive her falling on him, it was a very squishy beanbag after all, she doubted it would be comfortable, so she did the best she could to stay standing, utterly unable to tear her eyes away from the scene of the gorgeous guy beneath her, doing his very best to pleasure her unrelenting horse cock.

He let out a surprised little sound as, with his lips pressed against the centre of her cockhead he felt a pulse of hot liquid between his lips, surprised for a moment he thought she was already losing her load, but, he realised, it was simply her pre, her balls so huge that even this diminutive amount for her was practically a mouthful for him.

He swirled the thick clear fluid around his mouth, with his tongue, coating her cock head in her own pre, making it slicker and wetter as he let the rest of the hot pre, a little salty, a little musky but enticing all the same, slide down his throat into his waiting stomach.

Panting softly he let the glistening tip fall from his lips, leaning up so he could run his spongy tongue down the length of her cock, shifting in the beanbag as he trailed the entire length, feeling each vein pass beneath his tongue. He passed over the medial ring in the centre of her length, to kiss at the more covered half of her length.

He released the length of her cock, eliciting a whine from her which quickly became an eager moan as she felt his hands on the thick sack of her balls.

He leaned in, feeling the odd softness of her massive pouch against his face as he nuzzled and kissed at them, each hand holding up one of the heavy orbs, weighing and gently rolling them over his hands.

“Jason, fuck, ah, suck on them…” she said, her voice coming out a little shaky, her voice heavy with lust, interspersed with pleasured gasps and moans as he complied.

He sucked on the huge balls in front of him, feeling the softness of her sack pull between his lips with each draw, cupping her testicles, admiring their weight, the promise that came with such massive orbs.

“Now back to the tip,” she commanded, swallowing as sweat began to form on her pale skin, her hooves shuffling against the soft embrace the sturdy beanbag offered as she struggled to stand still.

He gave each of her massive orbs one last longing kiss before he tilted his head back kissing the underside of her cock, leaving soft, teasing angel kisses up the veined length till he once more found her pre-dripping tip, which he instantly caught on his tongue, not wanting to be wasteful.

His hands worked at the last few inches of her thick hot shaft, squeezing and massaging it, stroking it into his mouth as he tried to take as much of her slightly flared tip between his lips as possible, never quite capturing it all, not that Sarah seemed to mind.

He found the tip bumping eagerly against his lips and tongue, which he swirled to enhance her pleasure, as her hips were urged forward slightly, Sarah unable to contain her lust, no longer even looking at him in the mirror, her hands against the wall, her head bowed as she panted and moaned hard.

Despite how long he suspected it might’ve been since her last release she was no quickfire, making him work for his ‘reward’. Jason might not have been laden with bulging muscles, but he was fit, yet even he was beginning to tire as the minutes passed, his lips, with her flat tip constantly being bumped against them were fuller and softer, slick with her pre and his spit, his arms tired but his grip firm, jerking her off.

By now her shaft was slick, his working, massaging fingers having spread their joined fluids over the steely equine length, allowing his fingers to quickly traverse over her cock, feeling each bump, each vein, each ridge as they passed under his fingers.

“G-god, fuck, Jason, I’m close…” he heard her voice, distant and weak between moaning gasps, a noise he could certainly get used to, her sounds of pleasure rich and full, warming even as he felt her already hard cock stiffen and jerk between his fingers, pulling up the tip flaring more as he tried to catch it between his lips.


He had intended to save them both a job and keep the mess of her climax contained to his mouth, eager and more than happy to swallow her equine load, but nothing could’ve ever prepared him for the first explosion of cum between his lips.

In an instant his mouth was full, cum spilling from his lips to fall in thick streams down over his chin and neck, hot and viscous it flowed across his skin like rivulets from a, particularly lewd, volcano.

He gulped down the seed that dominated his mouth, its taste unique and penetrating as he tried to swallow.

He closed his lips to gulp but as he did her massive cock twitched again, each twitch punctuated by a sharp gasp of pure bliss from Sarah. Her second pulse of horse cum slathered his face, painting him white in the lashing of thick cream, dripping down to coat his chest, spilling across his bare body and matting his hair.

He struggled to hold her cock, each pulse so forceful it almost jerked the slick shaft free from his tired grip, but he held on, his mental reasoning being to localise the mess, but he knew it was more intense, he wanted this, though his sex and alcohol addled mind couldn’t reason why.

Pulse after pulse jetted out of her cock, adding layers to the cum that glued his eyes shut, that filled his mouth each time he tried to clear it, swallowing greedily, so copious that he found himself running low on air, his face so smothered in it he couldn’t draw air in through his nose or mouth.

Sarah was in absolute heaven, the pleasure and relief intense as she managed to open her eyes, albeit to mere slits, looking out towards the mirror, watching as her distant cock pulsed, marking her territory as he, to her surprise, even now continued to try and stroke her shaft.

She felt a pleasurable shiver start at her tail and vibrate all the way up her spine to her neck, leaving her feeling so awash with endorphins that had he asked, she might even have returned the favour, not that he was in a state to receive.

Her cock stopped throbbing, it’s equine stream of cum slowing, no longer shooting out but merely trickling as, with surprising speed her cock wilted, going soft between his fingers, his arms falling alongside him as her shaft retreated away from him to her shaft.

He lay there, limp, his hair, face, chest and body coated with a thick layer of her addictive equine seed. He cleared his mouth, swallowing what little still filled it and licked his swollen lips, hearing her step away, sitting down beside him on the beanbag, her sudden weight on her half raising him slightly as the beans were displaced by her weight.

He felt her fingers against his bare navel, trailing up through her own cum, lifting and pressing two soiled digits between his lips.

With a little moan he closed his lips and she giggled and he cleaned them of her cum, her fingers caressing his cheek.

“You’re a mess…” she commented wryly, even though her skin was slick with sweat and her hair dishevelled into an almost picture perfect display of ‘sexy messy’.

“T-that… That was amazing…” he breathed a little weakly, a soft chuckle escaping his lips as he lay there, coated in her essence.

“Mm, you’re a keeper,” she all but purred, her hand caressing delicately over his once fine hair.

He grinned a little, eyes still closed and felt the exhaustion starting to seep in, he wanted to sleep, wanted to hold her, cuddle and kiss, but something was more pressing, “U-uh… Sarah?”

“Mm?” she asked curiously, running her other hand through her lush red hair, trying to settle the locks.

“Do you… Have a shower I could use?”

She giggled, bright and happy.

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