Lesbian, first time

I went out hoping to meet some of my friends out I stopped by this club where I knew there would be someone I knew. It’s not your ordinary club let’s call it a mixture of ppl…straights bisexual and lesbian.
Since I’m straight maybe a bit curious but no lesbian I went in..
The club was crowded but not that crowded where you couldn’t walk around. I got myself a drink and sat down taking in the scenery..
I’m dressed a short mid thigh skirt boots a nice top and I’m wearing my new leather coat….make up looks good I smell great now I wait and see.
I’m halfway through my drink and I get a hello I say hi back she sits down she is so pretty great body from where I’m sitting…her name is Liz she’s about if not the same age as me I’m 26.
Her dark hair is perfect her dark eyes so sexy she’s wearing all BLK skirt top boots..
We talk for a while and she says shell be back has to mingle some… so I order one more drink and walk around some..I’m standing by this partition looking into the crowd I feel this hand on my ass I turn around ready to punch who ever hand is on my ass it’s Liz…got you she says oh really funny.
We start talking again..
Off to the back now.
I’m speeding this up some.
We are sitting in a booth rather close I’m sorta drawn to Liz she’s so pretty and really easy to talk to. I tell her I just broken off with my so called bf I’m so over him…she says sorry to hear that….she puts her hand on my hand and asks Kimberly have you ever I stopped her and said NO!
But I’m not saying I wouldn’t either.
Now she’s putt her hand on my thigh I’m not stopping her it’s rather I’m being turned on…I uncross my legs she moves up my legs inner thigh then outer thigh..we are making eye contact I see the look in her eyes I open my legs slightly more up goes her hand I’m now turned on but still in control…I move up some in the booth open my legs more she’s right there…I feel her using her finger going over my asshole and pussy I’m stimulated….my legs now are wide open I’m constantly looking to see whose watching but nobody is…
Her finger now underneath my panties my asshole and vagina are now being teased…I kiss her we keep kissing gosh she kisses so nice…I tongue her she tongues me back I feel her pushing in her finger just the tip into my ass…I’m having my ass fingered..i jump some when she tries to go in further… ain’t happening..
She then insert her finger into me omg I grab her hand and push my pussy to meet her finger I kiss her and say don’t you dare stop she fingers my pussy and teases my asshole with another finger..I get off I’m cuming …
With a devilish look on her face she says we’ll you like would you like more I’d be a foolto say no so I say hell yes where…but keep in mind this is my very first time…I’m more into guys but I’m up for a new experience.
I told Liz be gentle but I want it all.
Liz was the first girl I kissed the first I let touch me…she was the first girl I touched later on..
She took me slowly to where I even beg her to eat me and she did…I lost count on how many times she got me off. I learned new things from Liz she made my body scream out and me as well…her tongue went to places I never thought of…I got the best toe sucking ever plus she licked and kissed every square inch of my body
She paid a considerable about of time on my ass…when I felt her tongue on my asshole I just pulled open my ass I’m being rimmed …loving it.
When it came to my turn I was hestitant but just did as she instructed I never tasted pussy well I’ve tasted my own I’ll admit I enjoyed going down I enjoyed licking her nipples fingering her and I did and I can’t believe I did I rimmed her ass.
Then the topping off the cake Liz breaks out toys ..the one that caught my attention was her strap on…
Boy oh boy if my ex bf could see me now he’d shit.
So being a good girl I suck her strap on I’m dying to feel what this is going to be like…she goes down on me again oh I’m so willing I have my legs so open I’m waiting and waiting she getting closer closer I can feel her she right by my opening then omg she’s in slowly working herself in me I’m being fucked by another girl I’m so into this I’m moving with her not missing a single thrust…she’s in me deep pumping me fucking me really good she’s say you like the way I’m fucking you I said oh yes don’t stop she didn’t I was soon cuming hard..
She then instructs me to turn over get on all fours in she goes in doggy omg it’s in deeper I’m moving my ass to match her pumping me…
She stops after I have orgasmed again.she says as she lubes up my ass hole I want your ass…I’ve had anal with my ex bf…but now wow well ok…she lubes up takes aim and slowly I feel her enter my ass I feel my asshole opening up to take her.. she’s in doing my butt I feel so occasional ass slap but more ass pumping from her…I’m working my clit I’m in heaven.
After a while we stop she asks me if I’m alright I’m say I’m fine now my turn.
I start at her lips down to her hard nipples to get stomach I’m face first between her legs licking drinking from her pussy turn over open up your ass for me I swear I tongued her asshole plus fingered it until she got off.
Stay right there iubrd her up put a condom on her strap on lubed that up took aim I’m in her ass…I fucked her ass she’d kick her ass back at me I drove the strapon deeper ..
After a good ass fucking I stopped took off the condom she sucked the strapon I went for her pussy once in I fucked her good talk about screams talk about cuming..
Afterwards we lay there so how was your first time Kimberly Liz I didn’t know how much I would enjoy sex with another girl it was heavenly.
We made out for a while longer felt each other up some got dressed had a drink at her apartment agreed we’d hook up again I left.
I felt new I felt like I was reborn some..I still like dick there’s is something about being with another girl it’s hot I’m liking it.
Now did Liz and I hook up again hell yea..after a few weeks I guess you can say I was talked into having my ever 1st girl on girl 3 some…
Now I’ve thought back what if I didn’t dump his ass…..this expireance would of past me by….
The 3 some was a one time only expireance Liz and I kept it after that to one on one…
Oh yea we’re still hooking up on occasion.

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