Loving My Stepdad

When I was in highschool my dad worked from home and my mom was a nurse working the night shift from 6pm until 6am. With Mom working at night, it gave me and Stepdad plenty of quality time together. I would tease daddy wearing sexy clothes. Daddy would complain about the way I dressed but I know he enjoyed looking at me. I knew daddy would get aroused as I pranced around the house usually wearing only panties and a loose button up shirt. Sometimes I would sit on his lap while we watched movies. I acted nonchalant as my top would raise up above my thighs, exposing my soft, sexy legs and lace panties. Daddy would wrap his arms around me just under my developing breasts as I rested my head against his chest. Daddy obviously got excited when I wiggled my ass against his groin but all he would do was grab my hips and repositioned me so that his hard cock was comfortable.

I was a virgin but I wasn t naive. I had touched boys cocks and I let boys touch my little titties or let them touch my shaven pussy on many occasions but that is as far as I would let them go. I wanted daddy to touch my tits and pussy but he was always was a gentleman. The most he ever did was rub my belly and legs.

I wanted daddy to squeeze my breasts and gently pinch my nipples. I wanted him to touch my hairless, hot pussy so bad. I had to take matters in my own hands tho. One night while I sat on his lap I asked him to rub my belly. As I leaned back against his chest, I unbuttoned my shirt from the bottom up, leaving my shirt slightly opened. I moaned as daddy began massaging my tummy with one hand and his other hand rested on my smooth thigh. After enjoying his innocent touch, I grabbed his hand and pushed it up to my chest. Instinctively, daddy cupped my tiny breast and began squeezing and gently pinching my nipple. Daddy began breathing heavy as I took his other hand and brought it up to my other breast.

“Oh God, daddy, that that feels so good. ” I whispered. I felt his hot breath on my neck, causing my pussy to moisten. With my shirt completely open, I pushed my little tits into his firm hands. Daddy massaged and tweaked my nipples. I felt soft kisses on my neck and I could tell daddy was watching his hands molesting my budding tits.

“This is so wrong, baby girl. ” daddy whispered in my ear but he didn t stop. I didn t want him to stop. I made it quite clear I was enjoying his lustful touch. I spread my legs open in hopes that he would slip his hand down into my panties. In a few short minutes later I got my wish. Daddy slid his right hand down into my panties. He hesitantly paused before lifting up my undies. I almost orgasmed prematurely as his fingers slid up and down my hairless cunny. I reached back and ran my fingersthrough his hair. Daddy began sucking on my neck as I raised my legs up, giving daddy full access to my hot, wet cunt. I moaned loudly as to encourage him to continue.

I felt his hard cock pressing into my back so I lifted my ass so daddy could remove my panties. Almost immediately daddy was working to get my panties off. When they finally slipped over my feet, my undies fell to the floor in a heap. I leaned back again and let daddy have his way with my wet cunt. Daddy fingered my cunny but it wasn t until he massaged my clit when I uncontrollably let out a scream.

“Gonna cum, daddy!” I yelled out.

“Cum, baby girl” Daddy replied.

My body trembled and shook as I reached my climax but daddy didn t stop. A few minutes passed and found myself about to cum again. I came hard again sending a spray of pussy juice onto his legs. After regaining my composure I turned my head to kiss my daddy. He eagarly returned my kiss. Daddy kept his hand between my legs, gently smearing my nectar of love all over my cunt. We French kissed for a while and then I stood up.

I turned and dropped to my knees and began tugging his sweat pants off. Daddy gave in and lifted his ass off the couch. I pulled his sweats completely off and tossed them aside. A hard cock stood at attention before my eyes. Daddy groaned as my fingers wrapped around his manhood. I kissed and licked precum from his throbbing cock. I didn t realize how big his cock was until I attempted to take it into my mouth. I gagged a few times but I managed to get most of it between my lips. Daddy took hold of my head and began fucking my mouth. My head bobbed up and down causing my lips to go nunb.

I couldn t believe I was giving daddy a blowjob. Daddy grunted with each thrust. The head of his cock hit the back of my throat several times but I was no quitter. All of sudden I felt streams of cum shooting down my throat. I gurgled and gagged as my daddy ejaculated into my mouth. Daddy whispered that I was a good little girl. I removed his cock from my mouth and watched cum oozing from the mushroom head. I looked into his eyes as I licked and sucked his cock dry which was surprisingly still hard.

Daddy grabbed my wrist and spun me toward the couch. As I fell to my back, daddy pulled my knees apart and buried his face in my sopping, wet snatch. Daddy finger – fucked me while he sucked my clitoris and it wasn t long before I clamped my legs together tightly around his head.

I screamed that I was cumming as I ejaculated a stream of cum all over his hand. A little blood trickled down the crack of my pussy. Not wanting to stain the couch cushions, daddy sucked my cunt until I stopped cumming and bleeding.

With cum and blood on his mouth, daddy slid up my body and began sucking my tiny tits. Our bodies were covered in sweat but I wanted daddy to fuck me. I knew what we were doing was wrong but I didn t care.

“Fuck me, daddy. ” I whispered as he continued sucking my little nubs. I parted my legs as daddy positioned himself between my thighs. I felt the tip of his cock separating my cunt lips. I wrapped my legs around his waist in anticipation of his cock preparing to plunge deep into my pussy. I giggled with delight as I felt his hard dick slide inch by inch into my virgin vagina.

“If mom could see us now… ” I thought. Daddy was fucking my cunny with slow, deliberate strokes. My head began to spin as daddy increased the pace. I grunted with each thrust letting him know how much I was enjoying my first fuck. I tightened my young pussy as daddy reached deep inside my bald pussy. Both of us watched as his cock disappeared and reappeared into my cunny.

Daddy fucked me faster and faster. My pussy was on fire as my body began to gear up for another orgasm. My lower torso began to bounce off the bed as daddy pounded my hot, little cunt.

“Gonna cum, daddy!” gurgled from my throat.

“Me too, honey! daddy shouted.

I pinched my nipples as I felt his hard cock swell up inside me. Daddy pumped ropes of hot cum into my young snatch. Both of us were cumming at the same time. The aroma of sex filled the living room. Daddy finally collapsed on top me. Our sweaty bodies clung together. Daddy tried to keep fucking me but it was no use. Both of us were worn out. I felt his cock go soft and plopped out of my worn out pussy. Daddy hurriedly put his head between my legs.


“Yes, baby?”

“What are… you doing? You wanna make me cum again?”

As daddy licked my pussy he said “No, I don t want you to get pregnant. ”

I gasped and giggled as I watched daddy clean up my pussy with his tongue. He didn t leave a trace of sperm in my cunny.

“I can t wait until tomorrow night, daddy!”

My dad smiled and said “Me too, you naughty little girl. “