Making A ‘Splash’ With My Aunt

I blasted bolt after bolt of jizz deep inside Mrs.
Hermaine [my science teacher]’s pussy as she came once
more simultaneously, her pussy walls clamping down
around my 9-inch cock. When her body went I pulled out
my half hard cock and stuffed it back into my jeans
and briefs. With a sob she pulled her white cotton
panties back over her small-to-medium butt then pulled
down her skirt and smoothed it out. She turned back to
me, a look of complete satisfaction crossed her face.

She tugged her nude color bra back down over her 38D
tits and re-buttoned her silk blouse [which always
gaped slightly giving me a view of the lower curve of
her bra during class since I sat in front].

“Thank you so much, Jimmy. My husband just hasn’t been
up for it lately and I would have screamed if I didn’t
get a cock inside of me. I still can’t believe how
thick yours is… It fills me up so unlike my
husband’s. So you’ll meet me in the park tomorrow at
11:45 at our favorite spot? I’m surprised no one else
has ever.

She grinned conspiratorially. “I love being able to
get completely naked for you and feeling our naked
bodies pressed together,” she added with a shudder.

Mrs. Hermaine was in her early 40s and was one of 2
teachers I was putting it to this school year. I felt
my cock grow hard again. I pulled her to me and kissed
her passionately, making her melt in my arms. She
finally giggled and pulled away. “You better go before
someone catches us. You go first and I’ll wait a few

I grabbed my stuff and opened the door. I loved how
each door was in an alcove so I can open it then peek
out into the hallway before anyone even knew the door
was open. I told her the hall was clear and slipped
down the stairs next to her class room to the first
floor. I’d missed my bus but it was worth it I thought
as I hoofed it home.

My sexy life started when I was 11; my parents love to
travel and I had a regular sitter each weekend. A tiny
college girl [okay, I was tiny myself back then], dark
brown hair always in a ponytail, hazel eyes, a slim
little body except for her large tits [not as large as
Mrs. Hermaine’s].

One night I couldn’t sleep. She told she knew how to
help me sleep with a mischievous grin if I promised to
keep it a secret. I promised and she slid her hand
under my covers and into my pajamas and briefs. She
took my cock in her hand and stroked it.

When I was hard she marveled at its size for my age.
She pulled back the covers and tugged down my pajamas
and briefs. She gasped. I got scared and asked what
was wrong. She said nothing. She said she had never
seen a cock as thick as mine… She took it into her
hand and stroked until I had my first orgasm [which
she explained to me later] and I fell asleep. The next
weekend she gave me my first blow job.

The weekend after she finally got the nerve to fuck me
[which was amazing] and told me after I was amazing
and she had never felt so full. We fucked every
weekend after that until I turned 14 and started high
school. My parents felt I was then old enough to be by
myself for 2 days.

But by then I’d fucked my first teacher. I was in 8th
grade when my teacher noticed my thick [and longer
from all that fucking] bulge in my jeans. She told me
she needed a strong young man to come over and do some
chores for her. I came over and found out the chores
involved her investigating said bulge then fucking it
in a variety of positions. She was in her early 40s,
too. I found much older women turned me on more. I
fucked her most Saturdays.

Then she had taken the principal aside one day and
told her what a great fuck I was. She was in her mid-
50s but didn’t look old. She had long dark hair [which
was always up] with some gray in it and wore glasses
[which I found sexier]. She was over 6 feet tall, used
to play basketball in college [I saw her photos and
trophies]. She got pregnant, later married and had a
few more children. She developed one of those ‘slim-n-
stacked’ you see in Score magazine. She went on to
coach high school basketball before becoming
principal. Her husband had passed away several years

There were no games with her. She had me come over one
day after school and met me at her door naked. She
dragged me to her bedroom, I quickly undressed and
when she saw my cock she marveled at its size [by then
it was over 8 inches long besides already being
thick]. Her pussy was tight [she said from all the
exercises she did] and I was surprised every time we
fucked I was able to last at least 15 minutes a
session… She knew I loved her in the glasses and
always wore them during sex for me.

After I finished 8th grade she quit and became a porn
star. She’s now the top ‘actress’ in mature female
fuck movies. And as I had started saying, I’ve been
fucking 2 teachers this year. I decided to take the
initiative and seduce Mrs. Hermaine. It was early in
the school year. Once I saw how sexy and busty she was
[though not as busty as the principal], I knew I had
to fuck her. She wasn’t hard to seduce. When we were
alone I’d see how ‘on edge’ she got. When I’d
‘accidently’ brush up against a tit or touch her leg
she would shiver.

One day I just grabbed her and kissed her. She turned
to jelly in my arms. When I broke the kiss she
collapsed into her chair. She motioned to the door and
breathlessly asked me to lock it and pull down the
curtain on it. I did and went back and lifted her onto
her desk.

I undid her blouse almost to the waist and pushed up
her bra. Her nipples and large oval-shaped areolae
were reddish-brown; I leaned down and sucked one hard
nipple then the other.

Mrs. Hermaine stifled a moan. She undid my jeans
meanwhile and pushed them down with my briefs exposing
my now 9 inch cock and huge balls. She stroked my hard
cock and massaged my balls as I pushed up her skirt
and tugged her panties to the side. Her pussy was
really hairy, a mass of dark brown curls. They were
soaked with her labial fluids. I moved forward and
Mrs. Hermaine guided me into her pussy.

She groaned and clung to me tight as I sunk most of my
length in her cauldron of heat. After I had brought
her to 9 or 10 orgasms and shot my own load deep
inside her, she gushed about how her husband never
satisfied her like that made her cum so much, and
still be hard inside her as I was. She also said with
a glint in her eye she loved feeling me cum inside her
even though it was dangerous… I just grinned and
fucked Mrs. Hermaine for the second time…


I’m 15 now. That was all backstory for what happened
next. It was the last day of school and I’d just
fucked Mrs. Hermaine 3 times. She clung to me
afterwards and giggled. “So what are your plans for
the summer?”

I kissed her. “I’m spending it with my aunt DC in the
Rocky Mountains.”


I grinned and remembered nostalgically why I called
her that. “I used to stay with her a lot when I was 4,
5 years old. Her name is Daryl but even then I knew it
was a boy’s name. She let me call her DC for Daryl
Christine. Now it’s just habit.”

A light dawned. “During report card night once your
mother said her maiden name was Hannah. Is your aunt
Daryl Hannah?” I nodded. “The actress?”

I felt confused and it must have shown on face.

“Hollywood’s ‘Blonde Goddess’? What? Were you living
in a cave?” Mrs. Hermaine teased. “Your aunt had been
making movies since the late 70s. She’s a bit of an

I must admit, I mean of a fan of action movies and I’m
only 15 so how many movies could I have seen? I told
her I’d look my aunt up on the internet. We made
ourselves presentable and kissed goodbye, both of us
looking forward to seeing [and fucking] each other in
the fall. As I walked home [missed my bus again…]

I thought about what I knew about Aunt DC. As I told
Mrs. Hermaine my aunt used to take care of me a lot
when I was 4, 5ish. I had lost touch with her until
this spring. I stayed with her for spring break. She
had lived somewhere else when I was little. Years ago
we visited grandma [my mom’s mom] and she had pictures
of Aunt DC all over; she was in her teens and 20s.

I remember thinking Aunt DC looked prettier back when
I used to stay with her when she was in her late 30s
[now she’s in her late 40s]. When I visited Aunt DC in
the spring I felt she had become even prettier. When I
got home I got on my computer and did an internet
search of Aunt DC. She had been in over 30 movies. In
’87’s she did Roxanne with Steve Martin and in ’88’s
High Spirits with Steve Guttenberg [I remember the
first Steve hosting SNL a few years back and he was
funny and I saw the second Steve in Police Academy
recently and thought he was funny and way cool].

I downloaded both movies and watched them. Aunt DC was
a good actress. And sexy, especially in High Spirits.
I went back to her list of movies and decided to
download ’92’s Memoirs Of An Invisible Man [Chevy
Chase is amazing] and ’84’s Splash with Tom Hanks. The
Chevy Chase movie had me rolling on the floor.

But something happened when I watched Splash. I caught
glimpses of Aunt DC’s [which I later found out on
Google were 34B] tits and a great view of her butt.
You might have guessed I’m a ‘tit man’ [well, ‘tit
guy’, I’m still a kid] but my aunt’s butt had me hard!
It was the most perfect butt I’d seen…

I got curious about what other nudity Aunt DC might
have done. I got back on the internet and what caught
my eye was At Play In The Fields The Lord from ’91. I
downloaded her nude scene and watched. There was a
good view of her tits, a quick flash of her upper
pubes then more butt shots. Aunt DC had such a sexy
body! A logged off the internet and took a cold shower
to calm myself down.

I would be at Aunt DC’s tomorrow, and I was looking
forward to it with excitement but I also felt
trepidation. I was excited because my aunt and I were
getting to know each other again, I now knew what she
was a famous actress [I wonder why no one had ever
told me] and I also knew she was a hottie. That last
part is what bothered me so much. She was my AUNT and
she turned me on so fucking much… I couldn’t fuck my
own aunt! …No matter how much I wanted to…

I got off the plane and Aunt DC was waiting for me.
She wore blue jeans, a ‘wife beater’ shirt [hey, I
didn’t name it nor do I encourage the act] under a
flannel shirt [even though it was sweltering hot] and
a cowboy hat. She had one for me [she knew how much I
loved watching repeats of Walker, Texas Ranger]. She
gave me a big kiss and a big hug. I couldn’t help
noticing how big and nice Aunt DC’s tits felt crushed
between us. I felt my face grow hot and she noticed as
she pulled away.

“What is it?” She inquired.

I looked down bashfully [me. The ‘ladies’ man’ acting

“Come on. You can tell your favorite aunt.” [She
really was my favorite aunt.] I raise my eyes briefly
to her rack then averted them once more. Aunt DC
laughed. “You mean THESE?”

I looked up at her face to see her blushing, too, but
she seemed to like that I noticed. “I guess you could
call it a vanity issue this late in my life, but I
suddenly looked around and all my friends have bigger
boobs then me! Even mom and Yvette have bigger ones!”
Aunt DC giggled. [Yvette is my own mom.] “So I got
them pumped up from a 34B to a big 34D. Don’t tell
your mom!” She added the last sentence with a whisper,
winking at me.

We got in her truck and started catching up on each
other. “Do you want to hear something stupid, Aunt CD?
My aunt is famous and I never knew. Nobody in the
family told me and I never came across any of your
movies but still…”

Aunt DC blushed again but darker. “I’m not famous,”
She mumbled. “And you never saw “Kill Bill Part I?”

I shook my head. “I’ve heard of it, but I was only 7
or 8 when it came out. Besides, you know my parents
never let me watch those kinds of movies.”

“So how did you find out?” I blushed but she was too
busy driving to notice. “A-a… girlfriend figured it
out. She had heard mom say once her maiden name was

Aunt DC nodded. “Have you seen any of my movies yet?”

“I downloaded 4 of them.” I told her which ones,
leaving out that I had also downloaded her nude scene
from the ’91 movie.

“You saw me in Splash?” Aunt DC asked wide-eyed, blush
returning to her face.

“Um, yeah.”

“I was kinda, ummm, nude in there…”

“Not so much. A few boob flashes…”

“And a long scene with the camera right on my butt!”

“Best butt I’ve ever seen!”

We both laughed and Aunt DC relaxed.

“It really was, though.”

She reached over and mussed my hair. “Why, thank you,

We talked about other stuff as we drove on. We finally
got back to her place and I went to the room she gave
me in the spring. Aunt DC had said that would always
be my room. I had a nice view of the Rockies from my
room. We had no mountains where I lived. I was
preparing to ‘rough it’, Aunt DC being a
conservationist [I read that on the internet, too],
big on saving the environment [I guess we all should
be], but even though her house didn’t have all the
latest stuff, it was comfortable and modern. It was
hot, too.

I changed into shorts and a muscle shirt [another
reason the ladies love me, my physique]. Aunt DC
teasingly whistled [it had been too cold in April to
wear this little so she hadn’t known]. The rest of the
day went by quick and even though I took a cold shower
before bed I spent most of the night dreaming of my
aunt naked in “Splash” but with big tits,

causing me to wake up with my biggest erection ever. I
dressed and slipped out, hoping a walk would get my
mind off of my hot, sexy aunt. Funny, I couldn’t help
thinking of how she was the only blonde I’ve ever had
the hots for… After a while I got caught up in the
beauty around me and my hard on subsided as I marveled
at it all. When I returned I felt so alive and so
relaxed. I went inside [using the keys Aunt DC had
given me] and looked for her.

“Aunt DC!” I called out several times as I scoured the
house. I heard a splash out back. I went out to the
patio door and saw the sliding door was opened and the
screen was shut. I slid open the screen and closed it
behind me. I saw a towel over the patio railing. But
no Aunt DC… I called out to her again.

“Over here!” I heard from beyond a stand of trees to
my right. I’d never realized there was anything there,
but I’d stayed in mostly during my spring visit. I
stepped down off the patio and found an opening
between the trees and bushes and slid through.

Aunt DC had a pool built into the natural rock face.
Two sides were rock rising high up with a diving board
at the other end. On the right the same type of wood
as the patio made a kind of deck. Aunt DC pulled
herself from the deep waters of her pool… Naked.

My erection returned with a vengeance. Aunt DC saw me
and called out “Come on in!”

“I-I… can’t,” I felt my face grow hotter. “I didn’t
bring a swimsuit.”

Aunt DC raised her arms, emphasizing her body more.
“I’m not wearing one! Come on!”

I don’t know what came over me but I blurted out
“You’re making my cock hard!” And rushed back through
the trees and back into the house. I ran into my room
and shut the door. I lay on the bed, my body shaking
all over. Without thinking I pulled my cock and
started stroking it. I’d been given hand jobs but I’d
never done it before so it felt awkward.

Aunt DC opened the door without knocking and [still
naked] came in. She was smiling. “I’m sorry about
that. But your reaction was flattering. Thank you.”

I just nodded and averted my eyes. Especially when she
sat next to me on the bed. My aunt was naked, sitting
on my bed, while I had my cock out but I didn’t have
the will do hide it or put it back in my jeans. I just
held it unmoving. “I really am sorry I made your penis
hard. The least I can do is take care of it since I
caused it.”

Her mind moved my hand from my cock and part me wanted
to protest, but I couldn’t speak. When Aunt DC’s hand
wrapped around it I melted.

“You have the thickest one I’ve ever seen,” She half-
whispered. “Probably the longest, too…” She giggled
as she started stroking my cock. “You are getting what
only a few men have gotten from me. A lot of famous
people have enjoyed this. If I told you their names
I’d have to kill you,” Aunt DC kidded.

As her hand moved up and down my cock I turned to look
at my aunt. She smiled at me and I smiled back
sheepishly. My eyes lowered and locked onto her full
tits. Her nipples were a pinkish-beige. Her areolaes
were oval-shaped and large.

My eyes delved lower, to her toned stomach, then the
lush mass of dark blonde pubes that hid her pussy. She
began to stroke faster and I couldn’t help but close
my eyes. Aunt DC’s free hand went worked my jeans and
briefs down to mid-thigh and pushed my shirt off of
me. Reaching between my thighs my aunt cupped my balls
gently and massaged them.

My mind wandered back to my first sexual experience,
the hand job from the college girl… It had felt
amazing, but Aunt DC’s was so much better at. Her
motion became more frenzied, making me gasp for
breath. Within 5 minutes my cock was spewing my seed
all over my chest, stomach, thighs but especially Aunt
DC’s hands and forearms.

I blushed but she just smiled at me. When my cock
started to soften Aunt DC let go of it and got up. My
eyes locked on to her butt as she left and closed the
door, blocking my view. I drifted off to sleep, this
time a dreamless sleep… But when I woke up I knew
what I wanted. I knew everything had changed [at least
in my mind] and I knew what I wanted…

It was dark out. I checked my watch and it was after
8pm. I got up and undressed, my cock rock hard once
more. I left my room and made my way to Aunt DC’s
bedroom. Like her, I opened the door without knocking.
She never heard me and it was better than I expected.
Aunt DC was naked and I slipped behind. I pressed my
cock into her butt crack and reached in front of her
and grabbed her tits. She gasped. “What are you

I humped my cock up and down her butt crack as I
kneaded her big tits. Aunt DC didn’t resist
physically. “I want you… I want to fuck you up your
perfect butt, Aunt DC…” I breathed in her ear.

“You can’t… I’m your aunt. It would be incest.”

I pinched her hardening nipples. It was incest the
moment you took my cock in your hand…” My aunt had
no reply at that. “You know you want to surrender your
butt to me.”

Aunt DC gasped again. “How did you know I was an anal
virgin?” She half-whispered. “That wasn’t how I had
meant it, but it’s nice to know. I’ve never had a
virgin of any kind.”

Aunt DC pressed her butt back against my hard cock.
“I’m glad I could be your ‘virgin’,” My aunt giggled.
I started kissing her neck. “Do you have any Vaseline
or KY Jelly, Aunt DC?”

She pointed into her bathroom. “Check in the medicine

I went in her bathroom and found some KY Jelly and
brought back into her room. Aunt DC was already on her
hands and knees on her bed. She was fingering her
hairy pussy and moaning. My cock throbbed at the
sight. I walked up behind my aunt and smacked her

She jumped, then swore under her breath with a giggle.
I smeared some of the jelly on my middle finger then
rubbed around her butt hole. My aunt groaned. I slid
my finger in slowly. When I had it in all the way I
started fucking her with my finger. She started
breathing heavier. I slid in another finger and my
aunt’s butt pushed back to meet my invasion. I smeared
some on my other middle finger and slid it in beside
the 2. Aunt DC was moaning loud now. I pulled out my
fingers and wiped them off on my cock.

I told Aunt DC to spread her butt cheeks wide. She did
and I guided my cock to her butthole and gently popped
and the head. My aunt gasped loudly. I grabbed her
hips and pressed my cock forward. Her butt was tight
but slowly opened for my cock. In minutes my cock was
fully embedded up her butt. I leaned down and grabbed
Aunt DC’s tits. Then I slid my cock back and slowly
began pumping in and out of her tight back doors.

My aunt reached back and grabbed my balls playfully. I
groaned. I started sawing in and out of her faster.
Aunt DC moaned that she was cumming. Moments later she
screamed out in orgasm. I fucked Aunt DC’s butt
roughly and she orgasmed several times in a row. I
slowed my pace and filled her butt, holding my cock

I kissed her and Aunt DC kissed me back passionately
as I twisted her nipples. I slid my cock in and out
slowly as we kissed. Then I pounded her butt hole
again making my aunt cum continuously. Aunt DC came
about 20 times before I blew my load into her at least
a half hour later..

I pulled out of my aunt, both of us all sweaty. I
flopped down beside her and she put her arms around me
and cuddled up against me. I kissed Aunt DC and she
smiled. She also looked like she was going to cry.
“What’s wrong, Aunt DC?” I asked.

“Nothing. I was just thinking about how much I love

I kissed her again. “I love you, too.”

She kissed me back. “And I was thinking about what a
great summer you’re making this for me and how happy I
am, happier than in a long time…”

I looked at her and she looked back quizzically. “I
was thinking maybe we should start with that skinny

Aunt DC just grinned mischievously.